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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 20, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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do we finally have our two presidential nominees? if you ask the front runners today, they say yes. donald trump tweeted earlier, ted cruz is mathematically out of winning the race. now, all he can do is be a sp l spoiler, never a nice thing to do. that's not entirely correct but it's close. after winning exactly zero delegates in new york state, ted cruz now needs 98% of the remaining delegates to reach the magic number. we're waiting for donald trump's 3:00 p.m. rally, expecting him in indianapolis this hour. unless he shocks the world and says he's quitting the race, ted cruz is probably not going to catch up on the numbers. his only realistic hope right now a contested convention. >> we are headed to a contested convention. at this point, nobody is getting 1237. donald is going to talk all the time about nobody getting to 1237, none of us are getting to
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1237. >> bernie sanders needs 71% of the remaining delegates to reach the democrats' magic number, especially tall order considering delegates are awarded proportionally for the democrats, one of president obama's former senior advisors put it in sports terms last night. if this were basketball, sanders is down 30 with five minutes to go, no three-point shot and no shot clock and no extra free-thr free-throws. as i mentioned, we're awaiting donald trump in naindiana, wher he will hold his first rally since winning new york. jacob is there now. what are we expecting this afternoon? >> reporter: it is. cruz is so confident he will not reach 1237, cruz projecting 1300 delegates by the time they reach california. they have big expectations.
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we have a big crowd in indiana. minutes away probably from trump coming to the stage. this is, of course, his first visit to indiana. it's important the timing of it, if you think about it, right after new york, even if they don't vote here for another couple of weeks, that tells you how important indiana is to them. lots of delegates and they don't vote for another two weeks but he's already here. we want to bring in one of my most favorite trump supporters yet at all the rallies not only because of your suit, his name is jake america, i checked his driver's license, that's his last name. you're only 17 and eligible to vote because you're turning 18 in may. why not kasich or cruz? >> i like trump because he will do the best for our country. i think he's the best for us and supports us, comes out, a big supporter of the second amendment and i think he can defend the constitution better than any other president.
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>> you yourself are planning to go to the millimetitary and sai that's a deciding factor for you? >> the next president will be my boss for about half my military career especially if they get eight years. i want to president who will stand up for people in the military and talks about veterans and stand up for veterans. if another country hanes ppens conflict. >> reporter: like isis? >> nobody will want to mess with trump rather than other candidates. >> thank you. i will say a lot of people at this rally admitted they're a little afraid even on facebook for example to talk about supporting trump. they don't feel like trump has overwhelming support here. very unofficial. there is no polling here but it will be interesting to see how trump does, especially if he wins five, six in a row coming into indiana. >> jacob rascon, and as soon as
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it begins, get past the introductions we'll bring you donald trump live. let's get to ted cruz. the republican primary expands in the northeast next week, connecticut, delaware, maryland, pennsylvania and rhode island voting next week. let's talk about how the cruz campaign sees its path forward. hallie jackson joins me with more on that. you were able to stop a candidate today and get a word with him about his path forward. >> reporter: yeah. on the rope line here, kate. that is the big question. you said it exactly right. no use dwelling on new york if you're the cruz campaign. they want to look at places where the wins are more favorable for them. winds at their back, places like indiana, at the republican dinner and generally western states like montana and new mexico. that said, cruz's loss in new york and expected defeats in connecticut and rolled yhode is
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you look at polling will be a blow to him especially if you look at the math, it's virtually impossible for him to lock up the republican nomination outright. showing he has to win 98% remaining delegates to win outright. i had a chance to ask the senator today. >> the nominee will be one of two people. it will either be me or donald trump. nobody is getting 1237. donald knows that. we're heading to a contested convention. >> reporter: this is the most definitive cruz has been about heading to a contested convention. you're seeing his top staff e o echoing talk about how you get to a contested convention and once you're in cleveland in july. the cruz campaign manager, jeff roe, spoke with reporters at the national committee meeting in florida the last couple of hours and talked about there's two y ways to lock up a republican nomination, either do it early in the primary system or majority of delegates at a contested convention. he says, that is democracy.
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that is the message the cruz campaign is trying to sell to people who may be concerned donald trump is winning the popular vote, at least right now, this is how the system work, this is still democracy, not a, as trump calls it, a rigged system. this is the argument the cruz camp is making and we will see as we turn to in kdiana and the rest of those states. >> thank you so much, halle. to the democrats now, hillary clinton building on her delegate lead after last night's win in new york. 1,887 delegates to bernie sanders 1191. those include superdelegates. according to the analysis, the earliest clinton could reach the magic number for democrats to clench the nomination could be after kentucky and oregon vote, may 17th. the latest would be june 7th, when a number of states head to the polls including new jersey
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and california. sanders has vowed to stay in the race until the ends. last night, hillary clinton made this pitch to his supporters. >> and to all the people who supported senator sanders, i believe there is much more that unites us than divides us. >> joining me now here in new york, nbc news political analyst and former pennsylvania governor, ed rendell, supporting the clinton campaign. nice to see you in person. >> i'm one of those awful superdelegates. >> you are. i want to talk about the super delegates. you want to start there. last night, jef weaver with the bernie sanders campaign said on our air, they are going after super delegates, people like you. >> sure. they could make a case to the super delegates if they had the highest number of elected delegates or highest number of popular votes? >> not without that? he was asked that by steve
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kornacki, they would make the case anyway, the 2000 convention. >> i tried to make the case to superdelegates, i was governor at the time, that senator clinton got the highest number of popular votes but senator obama got the highest number of elected delegates and the superdelegates thought you couldn't take it away from the person who earned through the electoral process the most number of delegates. >> you were trying to do what the sanders campaign are trying to do now. >> except he's almost 3 million popular votes behind secretary clinton. he won't have either the elected delegate lead or popular vote lead. >> given that, why do you think bernie sanders is still in this race? >> tworeasons. i ran 15-2, 17 times. i thought i was going to win. i was getting great crowds, people loved me. they applauded. candidates' disease. he still believes lightning can
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strike. more importantly, he has every right to be there all the way through the last primary. remember, senator clinton went to the last primary of south dakota back in 2008, before she announced she was withdrawing. the thing that we would ask as democrats, not even clinton suppo supporters, we would ask senator sanders to do is tone down the negative attacks on secretary clinton. she should do the same. >> you're not asking him to get out tomorrow. >> no. he has every right to stay. >> be nicer about it. >> not make it impossible for him an incredible fashion to endorse secretary clinton down the road. >> last night, weaver, for sanders went over the map. they ended up conceding certainly pennsylvania becomes a very important state for bernie sanders. he was in state college, pennsylvania, right in the middle of the state last night, working hard for those votes. he had a lot of strength with rural new york state voters
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upstate. what's to say bernie sanders can't win your home state of pennsylvania? >> nothing. we have the highest number of colleges and universities higher than any state in the union and they're good fertile ground for senator sanders. about 67 counties, about 40 of them are rural. he has an excellent chance there. the vote in pennsylvania is in the philadelphia metropolitan area and pittsburgh metropolitan area. remember, and the scranton metropolitan area. remember, hillary clinton is the daughter of scranton. spent a lot of her youth there. >> people forget that, from scranton. >> clintons always had a great relationship with philadelphia, she carried the philadelphia region even against senator obama. in pittsburgh, she's endorsed by every elected official. it will be tough to overcome the urban vote. hey, we're taking nothing for granted. secretary clinton beat -- if senator clinton beat senator obama by 10 points in 2008, i think it's going to be a stretch for us to do that this time because i don't underinterstaes
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senator sanders appeal. >> they say he's more electable than hillary clinton, can more easily beat donald trump. clear politics has sanders winning by 15% on average over donald trump. >> there's an answer to that. >> what's the answer? >> bernie sanders has yet to receive one negative ad on tv. hillary clinton has had 23 years of negatives. when senator sanders, let's assuming he's the nominee, first ad, socialist, second ad, wants to increase spending by 33%, wants to raise federal taxes. do you think his numbers will stay the same? >> ed rendell, always good to have you with us. can't wait to spend a lot of time in pennsylvania next week. thanks so much. >> we're looking to have a big press turnout because the ldrin tax goes to the schools. >> what a thing to say to
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saving humanity from high insurance rates. president obama arrived in saudi arabia today, a trip that comes with the relationship the u.s. has with its long-time ally has become strained. at the same time, there's a new push from some in the u.s. to declassify 28 pages. excuse me one moment because we have some breaking news from flint, michigan. we've been following this all day long. the state's attorney general had announced today the first
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criminal charges in connection with the water and toxic levels of lead in flint, now we're hearing from the governor. >> one of the things we clearly want to pursue is the truth. the citizens of michigan deserve it, the citizens of flint deserve it. we've been fully cooperating with this investigation and will continue to do so. we'll pursue any wrongdoing and hold people accountable. already today, director cray has suspended without pay the two individuals that work for the state of michigan. in terms of the context of that, we have constraints on our actions due to civil service. with respect to director cray himself, when he was appointed to head the deq, he made sure that the people that are mention in these charges were not involved with the flint water situation anymore. in addition, director cray asked
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the michigan state police to investigate employees involved in the flint water crisis and deq. that investigation has been ongoing and has been focused in on looking for any potential cases of misconduct and will be continuing through this procesp. he's actually asked the state police to incorporate any new evidence that may be coming out of the investigations going on with the attorney general. one of the other things i'd want to note is we have tens of thousands of dedicated hard working state employees and i hope this doesn't put a tarnish on the great work they're doing everyday, to serve the citizens of michigan. i very much appreciate their hard work and this is a case where hopefully the accused misconduct of a handful will not create issues with tens of thousands of good hard working people doing the right thing to make michigan a better state. with that, i'll stop and see what questions you have. >> governor, were you questioned
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as part of this investigation, and if so, by whom? >> with respect to this investigation, i have not been questioned or been interviewed at this point in time. our office has been cooperating. as i mentioned earlier, with this investigation. >> sinclair broadcast group. do you believe these three government employees failed michigan families? >> again, i don't want to speculate. this is a process of investigations going on. we already had one of the individuals under investigation with respect to steven bush. that process hasn't been completed yet. we're going to continue with that investigation and although include the investigation of mike prysby. >> governor, jonathan karl son with wxyz, detroit, with all due respect including lawmakers in washington have called on you and some in your administration to face charges. do you think that is still fair and do you think other people should face charges in addition to the people charged today?
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>> again, that's the point of having these investigations happen and cooperating with them. there's an an investigation by the attorney general and investigation by the u.s. attorney. again, we're fully cooperating andsupporting those two investigations in particular. >> governor, if i can follow up on that question, do you feel you did anything criminally wrong here? >> again, i don't want to get into that kind of speculation. i don't believe so. the point here is, this is my point about how i ended this, about saying i'm concerned about how this could go over with 47,000 employees in the state of michigan. that are working hard everyday to do good things. i think it's critically important these investigations go forward. as they find potential issues of wrongdoing they be brought forward, that we go through the due diligence and due process of determining what actually happened because people deserve the truth and deserve the answers.
12:21 pm
they want accountable government and they should get it. at the same time, i also want to make sure that we're not casting a cloud over tens of thousands of state employees that are working very hard. the same thing would be true of any in government service, because they're playing important roles helping people. >> governor, do you know how many state employees have been advised to obtain criminal defense attorneys and what do you say to a large number of state employees starting to voice -- they're very very worried this net is going to catch them, they could be charged and how do you deal with potential morale issues? >> that is one of the challenge point and what director cray is doing as we speak. he's making sure to communicate with the deq both in terms of addressing the suspension issues but also talking to employees about making sure that we continue to do good work for the state of michigan, for the people of michigan. >> governor, fox 2 news in
12:22 pm
detroit, clearly, there were bryourcrattic break-downs in this process. what was your reaction when you heard there may be criminality? >> it takes it to a whole new level as i said. you never want to see that happen. you never want to see a situation like flint happen, to say there are criminal charges but these are initial parts of this, these are charges and we need to let due process work. >> were you surprised? >> again, i'm not going to speculate on all this. i want to make sure we're following through to make sure the investigations are cooper e cooperated fully and we get truth for the citizens and we see justice is done. >> governor, as i understand it, the state has to provide legal representation during civil proceedings involving state employees but is not required to during criminal proceedings. none of these employees have been criminally charged. do you think the state should continue to pay for their legal representation, and if so, why?
12:23 pm
and if not, why not? >> to put that in context, our ability to actually suspend them without pay was triggered by the criminal charges being filed, as provided under civil service. with respect to the legal council question, my understanding is that's a function of the department director. the ways this is being viewed is the investigation is not complete. so those costs are being covered at this point in time. that was a function of the state police investigation. that was previously began back in january. as those investigations get completed, i am working under the assumption director cray would be revisiting the appropriateness of continuing to pay. >> elena, tv 5 out of flint and saginaw. now that there's charges of flint employees and taken to this level, what's that speak to the level of lack of trust and what this has done to the
12:24 pm
residents of flint? >> again, it will again cause concern and should. criminal charges are very serious ones. at the same time, you would hope there's due process involved in this and let's go through the due process piece before people draw conclusions. >> governor, a lot of the speculation, obviously and the observations have been around you. but now that we've got charges against three state and one city employee, do you feel a level of vindication that you didn't do anything wrong? >> well, i think, what i've said consistently from the beginning is this tragic situation was the result of bad decisions by bureaucr bureaucrats. again, i always described it in terms of people lacking common sense. this puts it in the context of criminal behavior. in either case, there's a tragic situation that's happened. now, we need to wait and see and let due process work to see was
12:25 pm
it actually criminal or poor decision making. i'm not looking for vindication, this is about getting to the truth and accountability. >> last question. zack. >> governor, have the text messages from your staff cell phones either been obtained by the investigating group with the attorney general or via lawsuits and have those been provided, if they were requested? >> i can't specifically answer that. we've been doing a lot on document requests, but if you ask me, we're literally in tens of thousands of e-mails and other documents, how broad that is, i assume it's fairly broad but i can't specifically answer your question. >> thank you, governor. >> thank you. >> brian williams with you in new york, to backtrack why we interrupted our regular progr programming, today is the first day we saw the three criminal
12:26 pm
charges in this case of the poisoned water system in flint, michigan, two of them, state employees with the council almost ironically named environmental quality in that state, the governor says he doesn't believe he did anything criminally wrong. let's be completely honest here, a good number of people in flint and michigan and elsewhere would like very much for this investigation to subsumed even the governor in this case, because they believe he is culpable ultimately. our own tenney dow c own tony, who has been covering this story since snow was flying in the dead of winter, the only named victim in the case we saw out today. tony. >> reporter: that's right, brian. we were looking at the criminal charges filed earlier. there is a box there for victi s s description and it's left
12:27 pm
empty because you can't fit an entire city into that space on the form. there is a separate box, another kind of victim. and the stand-in for this giant town of flint, 100,000 people the thing to talk about you as a stand-in was the amount of lead in your water in your home. remind us of the severe situation you faced. >> it was 104,000 parts per billion and 397 parts per billion. when i did it with virginia tech doing it properly my average was 2500. my maximum was 13,500 parts per billion. >> reporter: 13,500 parts per billion, 15 is considered the safe level. anything above 15 there has to be action. that is a very very large number. now that you've seen charges filed, we haven't spoken to you since these charges were unveiled, two state officials facing up to 20 years in prison, a pretty heavy sentence and
12:28 pm
state official facing up to five years and the attorney general says that's only the beginning, more to come. do you feel like justice is being done? >> i feel like it's the first step in the right direction for justice. as far as the city official, i feel he's in a tough place, when the epa didn't do their job and apologized to the city and state, where was he supposed to go. >> reporter: the epa is tarni tarnished in this as well. the governor of michigan has put a lot of blame on their doorstep. you were listening to the governor taking questions and deflected some blame and basked a bit he has not been named in this probe. did you feel more confident in him as a governor? your reaction? >> my thing on deq is 90% to blame here. that's where i lay that. i don't feel more confident because two people still have their jobs that were just charged today. the state should have already handled that. >> reporter: the governor has
12:29 pm
embarked on what he says is a 30 day all flint water all the time experiment, trying to prove to people this water is in fact safe to drink, they can start using it again if they use a filter. we were speaking earlier and you don't seem to think the 30 day pledge goes far enough. >> it's not 30 day all flint water all the time. is he here showering in it? no, he's not. 30 days, come live in flint, shower in it and have it be your lifestyle and see how it truly impacts every citizen here and impacting us the last year and a half. >> thank you very much. back to you, brian. >> thank you. we want to let our viewers know we'll have more coverage on this tonight on "the rachel maddow show." lawrence o'donnell will also have more, both those broadcasts in primetime on msnbc, those topic is in flint and the governor's statement interrupted kate snow's broadcast we can now return to. >> all right, brian.
12:30 pm
thanks so much. we have a lot this afternoon. we also keep an eye out for donald trump expected very shortly. while we wait let's go back to the story we were talking about before that break. president obama arrived in saudi arabia today, a trip that comes as the u.s. relationship with its long-time ally has become stra strained. at the same time, we were mentioning a renewed push for some in the u.s. to declassify 28 pages of a 2002 congressional report about 9/11. those 28 pages reportedly contain information that may yield new tidbits about a possible role by some saudis in aiding the hijackers on 9/11. the pages are currently being reviewed by the director of national intelligence, james clapper and will be released only if they can be declassified. for more i want to bring in former senator bob graham of florida, he was the co-chair of the 9/11 congressional inquiry commission and the author of the novel, "keys to the kingdom." senator, thanks for being with us and your patience this
12:31 pm
afternoon. >> thank you very much, kate. >> the president is in saudi arabia today. he's trying to work on repairing the relationship between these two countries. we say it's become strained. should the u.s. continue to have the alliance we have with saudi arabia. i don't think we have the alliance we have had in the past. too many things caused fractu fractures, allegations saudi arabia was part of the 9/11 plot is one of those. they also extend to has saudi arabia been sufficiently engaged in the war on terror against isis or has it allowed itself to be diverted to a proxy war against iran being fought in yemen? there are a lot of reasons why we are now recalibrating our relationship with saudi arabia. and i hope one of those will be transparency, that information that has been withheld from the american people now almost 15
12:32 pm
years would finally be made available. >> let me quickly ask you about that. those 28 classified pages came from the congressional panel report you co-chaired, what's in those 20 -- i know you can't be specific. what in general is in those 28 pages makes you believe the rest of the world ought to see them? >> kate, this chapter relates to the question, who paid for 9/11? who financed 9/11. it points a strong finger of suspicion at saudi arabia. that is why i think they should be released. the official position of the united states government is that the 9/11 hijackers, 19 of them, a operate alone without any support. i and most other people who have look at this carefully, think it's implausible 19 people who couldn't speak english, had not been in the united states before, many of them were poorly educated, could have carried out such a complicated plot. >> all right.
12:33 pm
senator bob graham, former senator from florida. thank you for being with us, i appreciate your time. >> thanks, kate. >> let's head to indiana now where donald trump is speaking already and we've been listening and talking to senator graham, some protesters ejected from the rally, his first rally since the win last night. >> holds the bible high and puts it down, lies, the evangelicals have been supporting donald trump. it's been great. it's been great. we've won a lot. i will say this, look. you're looking at a situation in our country where our jobs are being ripped out of our states. i'm not just talking here, they're being ripped out of our states, being ripped out of our country. like i say, like candy from a baby. they're going to mexico, they're going all over. china has been doing numbers on us. i don't mind china. they have been doing numbers on
12:34 pm
us for years. we're going to lose 5$500 billin in terms of trade, in terms of balance. look at the balance. we are -- it's a one way street. we have rebuild china with the trade deficit that is unsustainable and it's amazing that it's been going on so long. i told the story the other day, to show you how incredible our country is, i have a friend, he's very sick. he was supposed to pass away a year ago, a great guy, tough guy, strong guy, tough, like a lot of the people from indiana, tough. [ applause ] >> not as tough as a true hoosier, but he's tough. i will tell you. so he keeps lingering and lingering and he's lingering, and i say, wow, and i call him every day, every other day, say, how you doing? he goes, i'm okay, i'm okay, i'm
12:35 pm
doing good. an amazing guy, strong. that's our country, because when you're losing the kind of money we do on trade, when we're defending the world on military and paying for it and don't get the respect, don't get the proper treatment, don't get anything, you look at what happens with these countries that we take care of, it is absolutely horrible. when our country continues to go forward, even though it's got massive problems, massive defic deficits, it reminds me of him. our country is being taken advantage of and eventually our country is going to be in such trouble, and i'm not going to use, because i would never use the word that our country is going to die, but it going to be a much different place if we don't get smart very very quickly on trade, on defense. we have to build our military
12:36 pm
strong. c [ cheers and applause ] . m . >> we have to build it strong and powerful so we're not messed with. you look what putin is doing in russia with nukes. you look what putin is doing in russia with his military. it's modernized. they're building all over, wherever they feel they need they put. we don't do that. we're getting smaller, smaller, weaker, weaker. we have to build up our military. we have to make it strong! [ applause ] >> our country right now is so vulnerable. when general soriano left about a year ago, he said our country is very ill prepared. and he said never has he seen it like this. and we're talking abot a time wn probably we have to be more prepared than any time before. so we're going to build up our
12:37 pm
military, we're going to have a great and powerful military that hopefully we don't have to use. [ cheers and applause ] >> and by the way, and we're going to take care of our veterans, because our veterans have not been taken care of prop properly. c [ cheers and applause ] >> so one of the reasons i had this incredible victory last night, everybody's talking about. it's really nice, you know, a great feeling, build a wall, he wants to build a wall. we are going to build a wall, believe me. believe me, that wall is getting built [ chanting ] >> build that wall, build that wall, build that wall! build that wall! >> i love you, too. i love you, too. no, no. we're going to have strong borders, we're going to build a wall. and you know when that carrier
12:38 pm
that left here goes to mexico and they want to sell their product across the border, no tax no nothing, we're going to say, sorry, folks, we have a nice strong border, a nice beautiful wall, you will bring it across the border and we will charge you a 35% tax after what you did. [ cheers and applause ] >> no good. it's no good. i mean, i'm looking at statistics. one of the reasons new york gave me such an incredible vote, a vote far beyond what the polls said. i wasn't surprised. when you look, the vote was incredible. it was record-setting. it's new york. you know what is nice, i have to say. the place that knows me best gives us that kind of whatever. you know, it's really nice. they know me. they know the good, the bad, they know everything, they know me. and they're tough. they're tough, like you, they're tough. we had a great evening, really a
12:39 pm
great evening. it was an amazing evening. here's the thing. all over new york state, we're losing our jobs. all over new york state, long island, the whole place, we're losing jobs. we're losing them to mexico, losing them to so many other plac places. we cannot, as a country, allow this to happen again, and it's happening to you and it's happening to every state. this isn't unique. you know what i did, i always did, i go to places and i say, give me some of the statistical information on the different pla places. this is you. by the way, i have to tell you, you have a governor, governor pens w pence really fighting hard for you. go, get him out. get him out! he's got a trump mask on. got a trump mask. it's all right. now, if he took the mask off, people would know who he is.
12:40 pm
boy, these protesters aren't very tough around here. that's good. i don't know. i'm a little disappointed. i'm a little disappointed at indiana. said, get him out and he walks out. that's pretty easy. you don't even need our great police. by the way, the police force of this nation have to be given far more credit than they're given. okay? [ cheers and applause ] >> they're great. they're great. another -- before i forget, i have to say, i have two friends in the audience, two great people. steve hilbert and tommy. where are you, steve? where is my steve and tommy? the greatest people. i have to give them a shout-out, not a big deal, takes only a second. they're too special. everybody knows who they are, incredible people, thank you thank you very much. so before i come up to different
12:41 pm
pla places, and i did it all last week, i went to syracuse, new york, rochester and albany, i get these statistical workouts. here we go, because if you look at what's happened to your coal industry, folks, we're going to bring it back, okay? clean coal. we will bring steel back to indiana. big league, big league. [ cheers and applause ] >> but you look and it says few states in america have seen income declines more than indiana. one of the reasons is because our jobs are gone. indiana has lost 1 in five manufacturing jobs since china joined the world trade organization, 2002. ted cruz supports chinese currency eating. that's how they kill us. i have to say, you know i'm self-funding my campaign so when i come here, i come here.
12:42 pm
got a lot of money in it. i'm proud of the fact i have a lot of money in it. i spent much less money than these politicians, i'm proud of it. if i spend more, i'm just another guy. i spent a lot less. it was interesting, in new hampshire, i spent a million and a half dollars. jeb bush spent, oh, m jrk, 20, something. i was first in a landslide. we won new hampshire, which is a great place. my first win was new hampshire. i love new hampshire. we won. and by the way, they have a massive drug problem, they have a massive cocaine problem. i told them if i get elected, i'm going to stop that problem. it's poisoning our youth. and you have it, too. we're stopping. you know where the problem is emanating from, and everybody does. [ cheers and applause ] >> and it just keeps happening happening happening. so we're going to stop that problem. it's sort of nice when somebody can spend less and get more?
12:43 pm
isn't it nice? it's like i'm building in washington, d.c. on pennsylvania avenue, the old post office one of the most sought after jobs in the history of the general services administration. i got it. in fact, i put ivanka in charge. does everybody know ivanka? yes. [ cheers and applause ] >> i got it because we have a great statement and great plan. everybody wanted it. one of the most sought after ever in the history. right now, the building is way ahead of schedule. it will open up like a year and a half ahead of schedule and under budget substantially and i actually increased the scope. i went from linoleum to marble. this is going to be one of the great hotels of the world. i was looking at the numbers, wow, we're under budget, ahead of schedule and the job is better than i ever promised the country it would be. it's on pennsylvania avenue. that was very important to me
12:44 pm
because if i don't win the white house on pennsylvania avenue, then i'm just going to stay at my hotel and it's practically -- i want to be on pennsylvania avenue! [ applause ] >> so we -- i know i have you, but this guy is shouting, i have your vote. i appreciate it. i think i have a lot of votes in this room? do i have everybody? [ cheers and applause ] >> we will bring our country back, folks. we're like the people with the incompetent leaders that don't know what they're doing, they have know idea what's happening, they don't know about currency che cheating, monitor and manipulation, they don't understand devaluation of their currencies just absolutely ea eating us alive. and it's not going to happen anymore, folks. we have to be the smart people. you know, i'm a free trader. some of these people would say, he is not a free trader. i say, folks, i want to be smart, we want to have smart
12:45 pm
trade. you know, somebody would say, he is not a true conservative. i am so conservative. we have to make great deals, right? right now, when we have free trade, that's fine if you have smart leaders. we have dummies, we don't have smart leaders, we don't have smart leaders. so what happens, as an example, is china. china sends all its stuff over here. by the way, they're dumping steel all over the place and knocking out your steel, you understand that. but china sends stuff over here, no tax, no nothing, no problem, come on in, folks, we don't care if it's good product, bad product, when we want to go to china with your companies from indiana, it's impossible to get the product in. if you do get it in, they tax you right through the hilt. i thank you. we love it.
12:46 pm
do we love this? [ cheers and applause ] >> you know, the only problem, the great thing is the cameras will turn. that's the only time they turn. they always keep the wamp camer my face an never say how big -- look at the size of this crowd. but when they have somebody over there, they show the crowd. so, look, so friends of mine in manufacturing cannot get their product in to china. that is not fair trade, it's not free trade, it's stupid trade for our country, and we're not going to do it anymore, folks, we're not going to do it anymore. now, let's talk because this hits home. as some of you know, i've been talking for a long time about carrier, yeah, get them out, get them out. [ cheers and applause ] you know, they all came at the same time in the same little section and they go one at a
12:47 pm
time, raise their hand. i have to tell you, we have the safest rallies and probably the safest places to be anywhere in the country. the safety here is incredible. you know, when i first started this, we're getting massive crowds, we had 35,000 people in alabama, 25,000 in tampa and orlando. we have big crowds. when i first started, when there's be somebody like this, wise guys, when i first started, i'd say, get them out! get them out! and the next day, the press was like, oh, he was terrible the way he talked to those people. you have these people screaming shouting and punching people. so i said get them out. next day, i said i will do them differe differently. we had a protesters. they're agitators, protesters, most of them. do you ever see their signs made at a factory, probably in china, not made here, made in china. they hold up a sign that's
12:48 pm
factory made. i want the ones that make the signs in the garage, right? that's the ones. the next day we had a protester and i said very gently, okay, get him out, be easy, don't hurt him. of course, we never want any to be hurt, do we agree? no? what are you talking about. what happened? i said, easy, very easy. the next day. they criticized me for being too tough the first day, the second day they said, donald trump is not as tough as we thought. you can't win with these people. those people, look at all those cameras zooming, they are the most dishonest people in the world, the media. [ cheers and applause ] >> they are the worst. they are the worst. they are very dishonest people. they are terrible. honestly, and i don't mean all, but i mean like 75, 80%.
12:49 pm
and they know it. they know it. they know. these are not stupid people but they're very dishonest people, in many cases. do we like the media? >> no! >> do we hate the media? >> yes. >> okay. i don't hate anybody. i love the nemedia, they're wonderful. i guess we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the media, maybe we shouldn't be complaining. let's talk about what happened, i can use ford, they're moving massive operations to new mexico. nabisco, massive factory to mexico, ripping it right out of chicago. here, we have carrier, so we will talk about it, okay. carrier fired the 1400 people. are any of those people in the audience? you got to be kidding! are you? you were both fired? how long did you work there?
12:50 pm
>> 26 years. you look like you're 26 years old. and 17. 26 years and 17 years. will you tell me if i'm right. they 26 years old. 26 years, 17 years. you tell me if i'm right. so they get fired rather ruthlessly by somebody that looked like he was upper mid level management, and somebody had their cell phone going and most of you saw the deal. and i thought it was terrible. i was sitting home, i'm watching the news, and i see 1,400 people get fir from carrier. and the man said, we're going to mexico, essentially, you're fired. yeah, i did well with you, but you're fired. that's right. we'll fire hillary. hillary, you're fired! she'll be fired. if she ever gets a chance to
12:51 pm
run. i think she's being protected. one of your local newscasters, a great person actually said to me, what do you think of hillary, do you think she'll be allowed to run, because she's going to win, because you know it's a rigged system. by the way, just so you know, the democrat system is rigged, but the republican system is even worse, i will tell you. because with the democrats, you have the super delegates and, you know, that's obvious. because you'd read all the time, other than last night, sanders wins, wins, wins, wins. and you then you see, sanders can't win. the reason, look, we got a rigged system, folks. we got a rigged system. the republicans are worse. i'm millions of votes ahead. millions of votes ahead of lion ted cruz. i'm about 300 delegates ahead of lying ted, and you know it started when i looked and i
12:52 pm
won -- and we have a great team, we have a great team. but it started when i looked at louisiana. i win louisiana. we had rallies like this, tremendous crowd, and i win, and i go home. that election was at a saturday. friday night i'm at a massive airport hangar, tremendous, thousands and thousands of people, i made a speech, everybody was crazy. i loved it, everybody loved it. i leave. next state i go, i win. then i find out i get less delegates than the guy i beat. i said there's something wrong with the system, the system is not working too well. and even my enemies up there in the media agree with me in almost all cases. it's a rigged, crooked system, it's designed so that the bosses can pick whoever they want and that people like me can't run and can't defend you against foreign nonsense and can't defend you against china and
12:53 pm
japan and mexico and vietnam and india and every single country you can name, because we lose with every -- we lose, believe me, with every deal we do. so it's a rigged system. it's rigged for the donors and the special interests. it's dishonest. and when you win the vote, you win. you don't go and win the vote. i mean, we have a situation in pennsylvania, where i'm doing great. and if you win pennsylvania, you get 17 delegates. and the rest of them are up for grabs. what does that mean? and then they can take the delegates, they can put them in airplanes and fly them to resorts, they can have dinners with them. they can put them in hotels. essentially what they're saying, they can buy the election. and i can buy more elections than any ever thought of. believe me, but i think it's such a bad system.
12:54 pm
it's so unfair and it really is. i call her crooked hillary, and i can tell you, this is a crooked system. this is a bad, bad system. and we're going to get it changed. we're going to get it straightened out. now, despite what i just said, because it's so volume announce and our victories are so big, like last night, when you get more than 61% of the vote with, remember this, with two people running. now, they're not the best people, but they're people. but two people are running. it's hard to get over 50%. they wanted me so much, the media. they wanted me so much to go below that 50% mark. i would have had -- if i had 49.99, i would have had headlines in every newspaper, trump defeated, even though i beat them by 25, 30 points each, trump defeated. we can't do that in new york. the only way we can really beat
12:55 pm
the system, we have a movement going, folks. we're on the cover of "time" magazine, this is a movement. the only way we can beat the dishonest, rigged system is by you continuing to come out and vote. you're gonna get your chance in a few weeks. come out and vote, and vote big league. and here's the thing. i'm not controlled by somebody that gave me $10 million and he represents the pharmaceutical industry. i'm not controlled by people that represent energy and lumber and all of the others. i'm controlled by you. i'm going to do the right thing. i'm going to do the right thing. and the truth is, our country can never, ever come back with these politicians. because you have lobbyists in washington and they have on their foreheads stamped, it says "cruz," it says "crooked
12:56 pm
hillary," it says all sorts. because you have lobbyists that take care of cruz. you have a company that wants to leave indiana and go someplace. they say you can't do it. they go and they see cruz, or they see this one or that one, any one of them, and you know what happens, a hundred percent, go ahead, folks. so it's not in the best interest of our country. they're all bought off with campaign contributions and super pac money, and we're not going to let it happen anymore. because you're being affected. and then you wonder why do we have these deficits when we shouldn't? why are we taking such good care of other nations and why are we taking care of their military? why do we take care of saudi arabia, one of the richest countries in the world, making during the higher prices, a billion dollars a day, and we defend saudi arabia. we know saudi arabia, i have a lot of friends in saudi arabia. they would not be there for a
12:57 pm
week if we didn't defend them. so why aren't they paying us a fair price. we're losing our shirts on every single thing we do and we're going to stop it, okay? we're going to stop it. did you ever hear, we spend more than any military in the world? i hear it all the time. we spend more money than any military in the world, by many times. you know what? we're defending germany. we're defending japan. we're defending south korea. we're defending saudi arabia. we're defending many places. then we take care of nato. we have 28 countries in nato, it's an obsolete deal. i don't mean get rid of nato. i mean modernize it. because we have to make something for terror. we have a new enemy, it's called radical islamic terrorism and we have to do something about it.
12:58 pm
and we take care of many of those countries, many of whom which are rich countries and they're delinquent, they don't pay. you know why? because we're not led by people that have any clue as to what's happening. either you pay, or bye-bye, enjoy yourself defending yourself, okay? enjoy it. we have countries that are known delinquents, you know, in our business, they're delinquent, they don't pay their bills. why aren't they paying? they're not paying because the united states has weak leadership. and i'll be firm. i'll be fair. and we will have better relationships with our allies than we do right now, believe me, better. and they will pay and be and do what they're supposed to do. because we don't have good relationships with china.
12:59 pm
look, we've rebuilt china. we have rebuilt -- it's the greatest theft what they've done to us, the greatest theft in the history of the world. what they've done to us, they've taken our jobs. they've taken our base. they've taken our money. we've rebuilt china. and you hear that when you look at the deficit, just look at the trade deficits, look at the money you're talking about. you go to china, they're building bridges, roadways, they have trains that go 250 miles an hour. we have nothing. we have obsolete
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