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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 24, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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super tuesday when voters for five states will head to the polls. there are fresh story lines in the fight for the white house today. ted cruz dominated donald trump in another delegate fight over the weekend. as cruz keeps busting out his new line of attack against the gop front runner. >> trump and hillary clinton both support letting grown adult men use bathrooms with little girls. >> i'll talk to a member from the cruz camp for reaction to that. toning it down, donald trump says he doesn't plan on doing that. but even if he did, would gop establishment types jump on board his campaign. and one of american's leading conservative donors in an exclusive interview. his surprising remarks right here on msnbc, the place for politics. ♪ we begin with that explosive
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interview with conservative billionaire charles koch who this morning stopped short of endorsing hillary clinton for president over one of the republican candidates. >> another clinton could be better than another republican? >> it's possible. >> you couldn't see yourself supporting hillary clinton, could you? >> well, the -- her -- we would have to believe her actions would be quite different than her rhetoric. let me put it that way. some of the republican candidates before we could support them, we have to believe their actions will be quite different than the rhetoric we've heard so far. >> meanwhile, new reaction from a top trump aid clarifying what he said about the republican front runner becoming more presidential. >> campaigns are a process. and trump recognizes us trump's attitude has been first he needed to establish the
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credibility of his candidacy, which he did. and now as people are looking at him as the republican nominee and potentially the next president of the united states, there's another stage in the process. and that's what this is. >> while ted cruz looks ahead to indiana, donald trump is campaigning in md todaaryland t. trump is leading in the four states we have polling for, including the delegate rich state of pennsylvania where 71 delegates are up for grabs. a brand new poll of pennsylva a pennsylvanians this morning shows trump with an 18 point lead over cruz. it shows clinton beating sanders by 15 points. 210 delegates are at stake in pennsylvania, the most of any states holding primaries on tuesday. sanders will hold a rally in providence, rhode island as we bring you a live picture of all
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of those supporters awaiting his arrival any minute now. >> that is totally dependent on what the clinton platform is and how she responds to the needs of millions of americans who are sick and tired of establishment politics and establishment economics. you know, i can't snap my finger and tell people what to do. but what i will do is do everything that i can to make sure that somebody like a donald trump or some other right wing president does not become president of the united states. >> but that is not all bernie sanders is saying today. in fact, any minute now he will be speaking at a campaign rally in providence rhode island. so chris, with a good day to you, i know senator sanders talked today about how long he plans on staying in the race, right. >> reporter: yeah. he says he's not getting out. he's in it to win it
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essentially. rhode island has a 50% registration of independents and that's something that favors him. that means they can vote on the democratic side and often they have voted his way. the question is what is the past going forward. i just happened to run into ted devine. welcome home. five states you're behind in every state in the polls. realistically, do you have a path to victory? let's talk tuesday for starters. >> yes, is the answer to that. we were 21 points behind on the day of the michigan primary. well, the polls -- listen, we'll see what happens on tuesday. we feel good about rhode island. i think we've got a good shot at pennsylvania and connecticut. >> reporter: our poll shows you down double additionals digits pennsylvania. >> we were down double digits in
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wisconsin before we won. it's people coming into the process. it's new people come into the process. where the rules are more open like they are here in rhode island where independents can choose to come in, we're bringing them in. that's one of the great contributions of bernie sanders's campaign, the young pe people registering. tlnch >> reporter: there's a big story about how people are desperate to get their hands on your donor base, which is 7 million people now. you think you can register how many young people in california? >> potentially hundreds of,0 thousands. >> reporter: that sounds like a candidate who's looking beyond being a candidate. >> no, no. what this candidate has been about from the beginning is a cause much bigger than his campaign. it's changing politics in
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america. it's offering a new way forward for this country and a new set of policies, ending the income and wealth inequality that's at the heart of our problems in america. that's what he's talking about from the beginning. >> reporter: if things don't swing your way on tuesday and you go 0 for 5, what will we hear from bernie sanders, reassessment? >> right now we think we have a path to victory. and we'll see what happens on tuesday. like i said before, we've been behind in every single state. we started off 60 points behind nationally. now we're tied. in iowa we had a virtual tie. in new hampshire we had a historic victory. >> reporter: would you change your tone in this race? >> i think there's going to continue to be a debate about the issues. >> reporter: and attacks. >> i don't think we've attacked
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at all. we've never done a negative ad in that sense. there are differences on issues. what bernie's trying to do is really change the democratic party. he's trying to move it to a turf where all these people are start coming into it regularly as opposed to not participating. >> reporter: on a percentage basis, chances bernie sanders whatever happens tuesday gets out of the race before california or d.c.? >> zero. is that good enough? >> reporter: yeah. that's pretty clear. good to see you. >> thanks, chris. >> reporter: it is a beautiful day. i think that pretty much refl t reflects what we've heard from his campaign. what i've heard from his supporters is this realistic optimism. it would take one of the biggest come backs in political history for bernie sanders to get the nomination. >> a very fortuitous encounter
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there. thank you for bringing that great entire to us. let's go to the gop now and the donald trump campaign employing a surrogate very close to the candidate, this ahead of a trump rally in hagerstown, maryland. ka katy tur, what was the message? >> reporter: the message was donald trump is not different behind the scenes than he is on stage. they've been trying to combat the idea that he might be pretending to be someone who he is not on the campaign trail, that he's been pretending to be somebody this entire time, somebody more extreme, somebody more right wing, somebody more outrageous. the ted cruz campaign has certainly been hitting him on that, saying that basically he's a secret liberal speak directly to the idea that he wants to allow transgendered folks to use
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whatever bathroom they want to, looking to expand the platform for the republican party. he said that donald trump was different in private. that's been the attack line against donald trump right now. donald trump junior is coming out and saying, no, that's not necessarily the case, but he is evolving as a candidate. take a listen. >> it's that it's an act. sometimes he does have to talk about things in a certain way in order to draw the requisite attention. for him this is a natural evolution mep's switching over, getting focused on the general election where he's going to have to talk to that broader audience. >> reporter: sources close to the candidate that i've been speaking to for quite some time now have sprtressed that the social issues are not the most important thing for donald trump. if he gets to a general
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election, then he will focus on more of his wheelhouse which is job creation, trade, the economy, the stuff that is more naturally a fit for donald trump. let's start with you and your take on this shift in tone donald trump is going to have as the convention draws more. he mocked the idea big time while campaigning in connecticut yesterday. trump says he knows how to be presidential behind closed doors. but what about how he has presented himself to the voters and the republican leaders up to this point? >> it's not unique for a candidate to say one thing when they're trying to win a primary election to feed out that red meat to the base and then shift more towards the center when they're going to the general election. the difference here for donald trump is that he's having to do both concurrently because of how
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long this republican primary has drawn out. he still needs to win these upcoming primaries in order to get to the requisite amount of delegates before the convention so he can clench that nomination on the first ballot. he has to start convincing general election voters that he is worth voting for in november against hillary clinton. that's very difficult for him to do right now. >> it's something that hillary clinton is focusing on right now. let's all take a look at this brand new ad by the clinton campaign that knocks down the idea that trump is going to change his tone. here's that. ♪ >> they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists. i'll use the word anchor baby. this is a country where we speak english, not spanish. i will get rid of gun free zones on schools. my first day, it gets signed. i want surveillance of certain mosques, okay?
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>> is it necessary for hillary clinton to start looking ahead to the general election right now at this juncture? >> yeah. i think it's a smart move from her part. it plays both towards the general and towards the primary. she is in the primary positioning herself as the best candidate to represent the democratic party in november to go up against donald trump or ted cruz. by already hitting donald trump, by already reminding voters of the more extreme things he's already said, she is saying she's ready to take that fight, while bernie sanders is more concentrated on hitting hillary clinton. at the same time, her campaign is very much looking ahead toward the general election. can never plan too early for that. they just expanded from one floor in their campaign headquarters in brooklyn to a second floor to bring in more staff raand get into that gener election mode. they're going to spend a lot of this time reminding voters of the things he said in the
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primary to try to remind them he's not who he might present himself in the general. >> also hillary clinton in terms of focusing more on the general election, all of these stories about possible vp candidates, is it the right time for that too? >> they don't want those stories out. the campaign pushing back saying anyone who knows isn't talking and those who are talking don't know. but these conversations have certainly be going on for a long time even before the primary campaign was wrapped up. you know, i think it's a natural tendency when you're so far ahead the way she is to start looking ahead and try to get your ducks in a row as early as possible. >> even though donald trump is beating ted cruz in pennsylvania, there has been talk that cruz might have a chance to sway some of the 54 unbound delegates. in fact, as of friday afternoon the pittsburgh tribune review had reached 135 of those 162
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delegate candidates on the ballot. they were trying to survey them about their intentions is. many candidates apparently said they would support the presidential candidate who wins the vote at the top of the ballot in their respective districts. do you think ted cruz missed an opportunity to pick up delegates in pennsylvania now that he's pretty much moved onto indiana? >> indiana has to be a big focus for him as well. he needs the delegates in both of those states, frankly, if he is going to try to pursue this strategy at the convention of getting the nomination from donald trump. he has been out saying that week, that look, neither donald trump nor himself are going to get to the requisite number of delegates, so this is going to go to a floor fight at the convention. if that is the strategy he's pursuing, he needs as many delegates as he can get to go into that convention and pull off that strategy and not have to worry about picking as many up as it seems he would have to
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on the floor in that second, third and fourth round of ballo ballots. >> on the democrat side i want to get with you about bernie sanders and what he said to chuck todd about why he thinks he has not won more states. >> poor people don't vote. that's just a fact. that's a sad reality of american soet society. that's what we have to transform. we have one of the lowest voter turnouts of any place on earth. if we could significantly increase voter turnouts, this country would be radically transformed. >> that's your assessment there, alex? >> i think this is one of those cases of a candidate playing political analyst when maybe it's not the smartest move to do so. what he said is correct. you look at the numbers and lower income people do tend to vote in lower numbers. but he's already gotten some pushback on that.
9:16 am
the question from chuck was about states with higher levels of income inequality. most of those went to hillary clinton. why was that? sanders' response was poor people don't vote. by him saying that, he's also kind of acknowledging that he hasn't been able to bring those people into the fold and really change the dynamic and the voter makeup of the country. well, a new report says the white house is poised to release at least some of the 28 secret pages of a government inquiry into the september 11th attacks. the associated press says the pages could spread light on any possible saudi connection to the attackers involved in 9/11. so you have been in favor of releasing these so-called 28 pages that's a portion of the bush administration inquiry into
9:17 am
the september 11th attacks. why do you think it should be released and why now? >> well, i don't think it should have been classified in the first place. i usually want to err on the side of disclosing what we can to the american people. tim roamer i think summarized best what's involved in these 28 pages. it's like a police report in that it contains some facts, a lot of allegations, leads to be followed. it's important to remember that the 9/11 commission followed up on these leads and was not able to prove direct links to officials within the saudi government. i think it ought to be released because people's suspicions are probably worse than the actual facts. it's important to get out the information so people can make their own evaluations. there may very well be things that we can gather new information on that wasn't available at the time. >> how might that release affect
9:18 am
the u.s.-saudi relationship? >> i do have concerns about the relationship certainly. i think it's at a low nader in its multidecade long history. the saudis have said in the past they favor the release of these 28 pages. i think there is a substantial degree to which the saudis think that those pages are not as damning as people's suspicions are and if they're released it would give the saudis a chance to directly rebut the allegations contained in them. the pages are not as significant as some of the other issues we're facing. in particular, there's a bill in congress that would allow the 9/11 families to sue saudi arabia. that would strip away saudi arabia's immunity from suit. >> do you support that? >> you know, i would like to see the families be able to pursue whatever relief from those responsible. the question i think is can this
9:19 am
bill be written in a way that doesn't simply open up the united states to having its sovereign immunity to be stripped away to be sued for the iraq war, the violence in afghanistan. can it be written narrowly enough to avoid those kind of repercussions? the short answer is, i don't know. this is a very direct collision between our values and wanting these families to be able to pursue relief and our interests and not have in the u.s. subject to all kinds of litigation or our service members opened up to potential liability as well. >> in terms of repercussions, sir, you know that the saudi government has lobbied against this bill. the "new york times" telling lawmakers saudi arabia would be forced to sell up to 750 billion bucks in the u.s. before they could be in danger of being frozen by american courts. does that have the ring of a threat to you? >> it's certainly a threat. now, whether they could or would
9:20 am
actually follow through with that i think is probably unlikely. they would certainly have to sell those assets at a real discount. it could cause great uncertainty in the global markets which would not only hurt us but the saudis as well at a time when their oil prices are low and the economy is already suffering. it clearly is an indication of just how seriously the saudis take this. i think the bigger damage will be the kind of body employee bl relationship. there are profound differences in our scrview of the world and that of the saudis. going after al qaeda in yemen. we still have a lot of common interests with the saudis that are going to bind our nations together, sometimes whether the citizens of both like it or not, we just have these profound common interests that have to be
9:21 am
pursued in some part together. >> do you get a sense that during the president's meeting on wednesday with the saudi, he was able to mend fences? >> i don't think he was probably able to mend fences. the administration interestingly described it as clearing the air. it must have been a pretty tough meeting. there's clearly not a seeing eye to eye on a lot of things on how we should confront the threat posed by iran, how we ought to pursue the defeat of isis, what the war in yemen looks like and how to make sure that we do a better job in terms of avoiding civilian casualties. a lot of profound disagreements there. i'm not sure they could have been resolved in a short meeting like that. but i do think it's vitally important that this administration and the next work harder to continue to maintain a positive relationship with the saudis because of those common interests that i mentioned. part of that is merely a
9:22 am
continuing dialogue, a showing of respect between the leadership of both countries. and i think that really needs to continue. >> kind of sounds like the air in that meeting might have been a little bit thick. >> i'm sure it was tense. msnbc's delegate hunter goes back in time to see what happened at past contested conventions. it's a fascinating look. it's coming your way next. not . i accept i do a shorter set these days. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. but i won't play anything less than my best. so if there's something better than warfarin, i'm going for it. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin, plus it had significantly less major bleeding than warfarin... eliquis had both... that's what i wanted to hear. don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to, as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding.
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it is looking more and more like donald trump is going to get very close to, if not reach, the 1237 delegate threshold. the best hope for his opponents could be a contested convention. how might that play out this summer in cleveland?
9:26 am
tonight, you vote, they decides, the secret campaigns for president. this is such an intricate process. i mean, every state, the differences. it's kind of head spinning. >> they say history repeats itself, i guess. we have seen two. i didn't know, i guess, a ton about this before we started to look into it. two contested conventions that have a lot of importance, 1976 on the republican side, 1968 on the democrat side. in particular because of how tight it is on the republican side going for these 1237, donald trump has said at least once we could see some sort of violence or rioting or anger and animosity should he not win because of what he calls a rigged or corrupt system. there's a precedent for that. 1968 at the democratic convention, that's something we're going to look at in our special tonight. here's a little preview.
9:27 am
as night falls, thousands of protesters gather in front of the hilton hotel where the delegates are staying. >> there were a large crowd on michigan avenue. and the police contained them. they used motorcycles. they built a human perimeter. then they started to push. >> chaos unfolds in front of the cameras. >> it was not a pretty scene. it was like, you know, a bad accident and you know kids were crying and furious and everything else. >> glassware was being thrown down from the upper floors and hitting people below. it was just chaotic. it was terrible. tear gas on top of it. i never expected to see it at a party convention. >> the whole world is watching becomes the protesters' defiant
9:28 am
refra refrain. >> we thought, well, everybody will see this and they'll understand. we're not the perpetrators. the police were. well, before too long, we learned that wasn't true. the majority of them went with the cops. >> i went home to south dakota. my dad was a dirt road democrat. i thought he would be sympathetic to the young demonstrators and we had a huge argument that night. and before it was all over i began to understand more clearly what the tenor of the country was. my father hated the idea of these kids using expletives. raising the middle finger in front of the camera. that was not his idea about how america should operate. >> people take this stuff so seriously. of course in 1968 it got frankly dangerous. we don't want to see that happen this time around. part of the reason they take it so seriouslily and pay lis peope their vote is not counting
9:29 am
particularly again in this primary system where really it's about delegate math more than anything else. 20 million people on the republican side, 15 million plus people on the democratic side have voted. and when you see the history of these elections and they understand the system today the be frustrated with the process. >> do you carry a calculator? >> i have to. my head hurts. >> thank you so much. a reminder for all of you you vote they decide airs tonight on msnbc. still ahead one of the country's top deserve donors giving hillary clinton a nod? sure, we cor put them stacked on a rack.s. but the specialists at ford like to show off their strengths: 13 name brands. all backed by our low price tire guarantee. yeah, we're strong when it comes to tires.
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welcome back, everyone. i'm alex witt here at msnbc world headquarters in new york, the place for politics. billionaire conservative charles koch suggesting this morning hillary clinton might make a better president than any republican in the race. and he went further, slamming donald trump and ted cruz and questioning whether he can support either of them. >> i tell you why. we said, here are the issues. you've got to be like ronald reagan and compete on making the country better rather than tearing down your opponents. right off the bat, they didn't do it. more of these personal attacks and pitting one person against the other. that's the message you're sending the country. you're role models and you're terrible role models. >> joining me now elise jordan
9:37 am
and msnbc contribute howard dean former chair of the dnc. let's get right to this. what we just heard there, come on, the koch brothers are synonymous with conservatism. what are you interpreting here. >> charles koch has really been anything but a libertarian as he claims. he could have put a lot of money behind rand paul and he didn't. clearly i have a stake in that game. marco rubio he ended up supporting and rubio's a neo con more big government kind of republican. i just frankly don't know what charles koch really believes anymore. >> do you think the koch brothers want to put their money behind both belief and victory? >> they're spending so much money and it's so many disperate efforts they're funding.
9:38 am
they were going to buy pass the rnc and set up their own apparatus to distribute money. it quite frankly hasn't been going that well. >> are the democrats kind of like the koch brothers now? >> no. we do not believe billionaires should influence elections. it's a very bad thing for the supreme court to have decided that some people -- there are some people who are more equal than others, which is essentially what citizens united did. i think the problem is they really are libertarians. they basically think business should be able to do whatever they want. but they also think individuals should be able to do whatever they want. and cruz and trump are both authoritarians. that bothers them quite a bit. i agree with you about rand paul. he's much closer to a true libertarian. i am totally confused by this. but it's interesting and it's not a good thing for cruz or trump. >> yeah certainly eyebrow
9:39 am
racing. >> yeah. >> four of the five gop primary races happening on tuesday. it shows donald trump with a pretty solid lead. you can look at the numbers there. then you look ahead to the poll numbers for indiana and california, same story, six races, six polls, trump at the top of all of them. is it safe to say that the stop trump movement is on life support? >> i think it's really going to come down to what happens on tuesday on some level just to see pennsylvania in particular, if he can improve his performance with the delegates. he brought in a new campaign strategist. let's see if they've been able to ramp up this game at all. in pennsylvania it's about organization and whether of 71 delegates that there are, i believe that only 17 are bound. the rest are unbound. and so can trump get his people in those unbound spots? >> let's look ahead to what happened on meet the press in which chuck todd spoke with bernie sanders and asked him if
9:40 am
hillary clinton wins the nomination, will sanders feel obligated to support her? let's take a listen. >> i will do everything that i can to make certain that donald trump is not elected president. but if that scenario plays out the major responsibility will be on secretary clinton to convince all people, not just my supporters that she is the kind of president this country needs to represent working people in this country, to take on the big money interests who have so much power. >> interesting that he says i'm first going to do everything that i can to make sure donald trump does not get elected instead of the converse. >> this is bernie's opening negotiating position. this is an enormous movement for him. today was the first time i've ever seen him talk about the possibility of hillary being president or getting the nomination. this is progress. we've got a long way to go. the truth is that the person who
9:41 am
we most need to consolidate his supporters to support hillary is bernie sanders. he's probably the only one that can make that sale as i had to make that sale 12 years ago of john kerry to my very, very strong supporters. he's the one. it's in his hand. this is the opening shot of a long negotiation depending on what happens obviously tuesday. but the poll numbers don't look good for him tuesday. they don't look good in california. so i'm interested to see this. he's a very bright guy, bernie. i think he probably more than his supporters sees the handwriting on the wall. >> i just said it when nick says in my ear we have to go. if i don't, it could be ugly. good to see you. trump and cruz are looked in a fierce battle over indiana right now where 57 dell gategate up for grabs in the may 3
9:42 am
primary. donald trump is opening four campaign offices in the state. i understand you have encountered some super fans for donald trump. >> reporter: quite a few super fans out here. both ted cruz and donald trump have three offices in the state in the major population centers. only trump has one way up here in northwest indiana in griffith. it opened yesterday. there's a bar owner next door named michelle cretes. she loves donald trump. when she heard he was running for president, she immediately donated her space to him. $1 beers right next door. we caught up with shelly yesterday. how did you come to own a building that donald trump has his campaign headquarters in? >> i had an extra store front. i cleaned it out and i wanted to get him here. >> when did you start to like
9:43 am
donald trump? >> i've always loved donald trump. >> take me back to the beginning. go way back. >> i've loved donald trump since i was 20 years old. i've always wanted to marry donald trump. finally figured out that wasn't going to happen. so it's important to note that shelly has donated the space not only through the tuesday primary but all the way through november. she's looking ahead. >> that was an interesting interview there. new polling from pennsylvania shows john kasich beat hillary clinton in a general election. so why is the republican establishment not backing him? that discussion next. ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently.
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presidential is easy. you know what presidential is? i walk on. here. >> that was donald trump at a
9:47 am
rally in connecticut yesterday mocking the idea of becoming presidential, something his top aide says he will start doing as the republican convention draws mer near. joining me is armstrong williams. he's a long time conservative radio talk show host and a long time ben carson supporter. let's start with the charm offensive from the trump campaign. is it really as simple as changing his tone out on the campaign trail? >> alex, believe it or not, it's not just changing his tone, showing that he's not petty and temperamental, showing that he has class and that he's noble, that he doesn't take things personally, that he can control a crowd that is about to get out of control when there could be protests. they just want him to become presidential. it's just that simple. one thing that i think many people can agree on is that the american people new york ci, no
9:48 am
you may think about this election cycle, they don't want intellectual insider candidate. they want a wildcard. donald trump has something that no outsider has that we've seen in a long time. donald trump has this gangsta personality where he says things that are rough and tougher a an mean and degrading and outrageous. donald trump has represented that very well. he's got to shed that gangster personality. now people want a leader. they want him to give them a real reason to vote for him. and also the establishment of the republican party has been very afraid of his demeanor and his past. trump is givbeginning to show t he can learn, he can listen, he can be managed, he can say the right things and he doesn't say
9:49 am
things that are very toxic. >> do you think people can forget these ten months? i mean, he announced his candidacy in quite a notorious way, shall we say, back in june. and look what's happened to all the bombastic rhetoric since then. >> alex, the numbers don't lie. no matter what he said, whether it's about women or whatever, people still want to believe in him. he did very well in new york. he's doing well in california. he'll probably pull out indiana. there's no pathway for ted cruz or the republican establishment or the rnc to stop him. they're giving him the professionalism that he needs to convince the establishment republicans that he's someone that can lead this country and not going to set us back 20 or 30 ways. all that is in place. donald has shown that he's willing to listen.
9:50 am
my candidate dr. ben carson talks to him on a weekly basis. through these conversations he's let it be known that he wants to get better and he doesn't want to let the voters done and there's too much at stake including the supreme court. we cannot afford to have another four years of a democrat in the white house. he has to do better, not for himself, it's about the party, it's about the nominating process, the convention is before us. if mr. trump is able to show that he's willing to grow and become the leader that people want him become, you will not see a contested convention in july. >> couple questions here. i'm taking donald trump at his word. we showed that clip coming into this interview where he's mocking the concept of becoming presidential. how do you interpret that? and also to your point when you answered my question about the numbers not lying, i get it that it's the republican primary voters right now that are supporting him.
9:51 am
but does that translate to the general election? according to the numbers and polls there, it does not. >> the thing that you cannot ignore is that mrs. clinton's negatives are just as high and if not higher than mr. trump's. while we may focus on mr. trump and the things that he needs to work on, the person that will likely challenge him for the white house will be mrs. clinton. she's a polarizing figure. there are many issues that have not been vetted for here that still remain in the pipeline. if mr. trump convinces everybody he can stand on the stage with a former first lady, if he can show that he can challenge her on intellect, challenge her on her policies, he can challenge her on things that other people cannot bring to the table but do it in a respectful way that people see the donald trump is not the same donald trump when he was in the primaries with these other candidates like cruz
9:52 am
and carson and rubio. all he has to do, because the american people are very forgiving. not forgetful but forgiving. if donald trump shows them that he can turn that corner -- which he can. this is a new arena for him. this is a new science for him. i have seen personally over the last two weeks a donald trump that i said, he's making progress. as long as he continues to make that progress, more and more people, women, latinos and blacks who have said under no conditions will i support him because they find him to be very charming, very strong, very gangster, that they really like that he ree's going to stand up us he recollec us, he's going to turn the economy around. if he can show them to give them a reason to support him, they're going to change their minds again. >> thank you so much. we'll see you again.
9:53 am
>> thank you, alex. snl pays tribute to prince. coming up, the never before scene footage of a surprise prince performance. these guys represent bod cells. if you have afib not caused by a heart valve problem, pradaxa helps stop blood cells from pooling in the heart... forming a clot... which can travel to the brain and cause a stroke. pradaxa was better than warfarin at reducing stroke risk in a study. in the rare event of an emergency, pradaxa has a specific reversal treatment to help you clot normally again. pradaxa is not for people who have had a heart valve replement. don't stop taking pradaxa without talking to your doctor. stopping increases your risk of stroke or blood clots.
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other people may have performed more frequently, but there was something different about a prince performance. it was special. it was an event. it was prince. times have changed, styles have come and gone, but no matter what prince has never not been cool. >> that was tonight show host jimmy fallon sharing how important prince was to him. instead of airing a scheduled rerun snl decided to host a special episode featuring prince performances from 1981 to last year, including this never before seen footage of prince performing at the 40th anniversary after party. ♪
9:57 am
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welcome, everyone. i'm alex witt. at the top of this hour, here's what's happening. we begin with an explosive new interview with conservative billionaire charles koch who explained why he's not supporting ted cruz or donald trump at the moment. >> is it possible another clinton could be better than another republican? >> it's possible. it's possible.


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