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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 25, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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use caution when driving or operating machinery. most common side-affect is nausea. being a non-smoker feels great. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. m i'm kate snow live at the inner harbor of baltimore, maryland. beautiful out today. one of five states voting. desperate times for desperate measu measures. the bombshell, john kasich and ted cruz united to take down donald trump. the two underdogs have a bold new plan, split up some upcoming conte contests. >> it is big news today, john kasich decided to pull out of indiana to give us a head to head with donald trump good for the country.
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>> i love campaigning in indiana and he loves campaigning in these other states. >> in return, kasich push es had in oregon and new mexico all to stop trump with delegates. you look at it, this agreement is really more of a truce than alliance. they're not exactly endorsing each other or even telling voters to vote for the other guy. to trump supporters, it may all read like a shadowy back door deal. that's exactly what donald trump wants the appearance of, as he puts it, collusion, that the party is out to get him. while this could work very well for cruz and kasich to force a contested convention, it could backfire. either way, it will have a profound effect on an already unconventional gop race. the rnc named mitt romney the party's presumptive nominee.
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what a long way we've come and long way to go. john kasich is speaking in maryland right now. let's see if we can listen to that. >> better known as our green card. if you propose we are going to help all these illegal immigrants, which i still support, with a path to legalization -- >> you could have a path to citizenship. they can never have that. >> okay. thank you. >> good. that took care of that, i mean -- you know what, young man, there is always an element of unfairness in our lives, okay, it just is. so we have two ways to think about it. we can either get furious and angry or we can say, i'm going to count my blessings. it's the job of public officials to try to sort this thing out and try to bring more fairness to people who sometimes get the shaft. my grandfather was a coal miner.
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he would go into the mine all day long and bring it up and they would say, we can only pay you for half because you brought to much peat and not enough coal. who stuck up for my grandfather? nobody. i look at this guy that lived across from us, he would get up early, come home late and be dirty. he was a fix-it man. he didn't have anybody sticking up for him. our job is to try to make sure we have a sense of fairness in our country, but what do you think? we're going to get the most f r fairness and just on the other side of the grave. if we get it here, be thankful. that whole protest how you get path to citizenship, all these things need to be looked at because sometimes we're using early 20th century technology to live in a 21st century world.
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there are probably ways to improve this whole system, which we should do. just remember, count your ble blessings. okay? was there somebody behind me that had a -- [ applause ] >> why are you not in school, young man, is my question. >> today -- >> you're kind of stumbling there a little bit. >> sorry. today, we have phi beta kappa day, so. >> john kasich talking to a schoolchild there, teasing him a little bit about not being in school on a monday afternoon. that's john kasich talking in rockville, maryland this afternoon, a suburb outside washington, d.c. >> i decided not to really make my decision this early. >> and what are you leaning towards? >> i was listening to see what the little boy would say. it's john kasich speaking in rockville, maryland. let's go to katie, back to the
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news of the day. donald trump holding a rally a bit earlier but the big news, john kasich pairing up with ted cruz, forming an alliance of sorts trying to take down donald trump. what's trump saying about this? >> reporter: the trump campaign feels this is playing into their hands, a talking point they've been hitting hard that the system is rigged to an outsider and not fair to someone like donald trump, more fair to an insider, to washington regular, like ted cruz or john kasich. the idea they're worki ing together to keep donald trump off the ballot at the convention to force an open convention all allows donald trump to go on the campaign trail and say, hey, i've got this proof. i spoke to a senior aide this morning. they told me the word of the day is collusion. you heard them in rhode island a little while ago. he used that word or some form
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of that word 10 times, trying to drill into the minds of his supporters that this system is rigged. there's potentially shady dealings going on. collude is a very strong term, denotes some sort of criminal activity. that is what donald trump is trying to do wout overtly acc e accusing them of criminal activi activity, he wants to plant in the minds of his supporters and those that might be paying attention out there they are trying to work together to keep somebody like him off the ballot at the convention in july. take a listen how he framed it for his supporters. >> it shows such total weakness and it's pathetic, when two long time insider politicians establish guys, whether you like it or not, have to collude and get together to try and beat a guy that really speaks what the people want. >> reporter: a little bit earlier at indianapolis, speaking to supporters out there, msnbc found out two of
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john kasich supporters out in indianapolis are actually now going to be voting for donald trump because they said they didn't like the idea of this sort of back room dealing going on. already, this is backfiring to at least a very small degree. antidotal degree out in indian indiana. we will see how it plays out. mocking john kasich for the way he ate pancakes this morning, giving him a new nickname, 1 for 41 kasich. we haven't heard a nickname for him on the campaign trail. donald trump so far feeling happy about this idea because it allows them to further their own talking points. kate. >> quickly on a busy news day, a little bit of news about his leadership team, right? a new addition to trump's team. >> reporter: they added another senior member of the team, another former campaign manager. this time former campaign manager to chris christie, also somebody that did work in the
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rnc, another example how they're layering this campaign to smooth things over with the establish and rnc. donald trump on one hand going out at his rallies and saying to his supporters this system isn't fair, rigged, they're out to get me. on the other hand, his team is working furiously behind the scenes to make sure they can do whatever they can to make sure the rnc works with them and enables them to get the nomination if it becomes an open convention. kate. >> katy tur at wilkes-barre, pennsylvania. and to give you an idea how important a win for indiana has become for ted cruz. five states vote tomorrow. pennsylvania, maryland, delaware, connecticut and rhode island, yet cruz is not in any of those states, in "the hoosier" state hoping to get a head start on donald trump. ally jacks ally -- hallie jackson joins me now.
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this has to be an all hands on deck must win for him. >> reporter: this is a place he has been focusing on for days, even with the primaries coming up tomorrow, cruz has been doing retail stops right now, just wrapped up at this ice cream parlor. eating somize cream from cruz's stop. he has been talking about donald trump. he said as we walk back to the sune light sunlight to see some supporters and some trump supporters calling him a sore loser. this is how he is combatting those attacks. and trying to bait donald trump to a one-on-one debate with him in indiana. said donald trump, if he wants to talk about this, he should come at me in a face to face or town hall setting. this is not new to cruz and called on donald trump to do for
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weeks now in various states he visited. i want to share you cruz's confidence level. here's what he said a couple hours ago about what will happen he believes after the indiana primary may 3rd. >> at the end of the day we'll have the indy 500. beginning of may, the indiana primary is going to have even greater impact on the direction of this country. and if and when we win it, we may feature like the in500, a campaign crashing and burning on fire. >> it is clear whose campaign cruz is talking about crashing and burning is donald trump. what's not clear, this so-called alliance between kasich and cruz and how stable it is. we've been talking about this, kasich said, hey, people in indiana should still vote for me. on the other hand, cruz's campaign said we will not tell people who to vote for and never
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instruct somebody to do that in their view. the question is, what kind of alliance it was. i tried to ask cruz in the campaign stop talking with voters and he moved on past the question and it raises questions how firm this pact is and in a state like california coming up june 7. that's important when it comes to the math here even if cruz has a dominant victory that does not knock donald trump out of the race, and looks like it comes to c and what will kasich and cruz do there. >> hallie jackson in indiana. thanks so much. over the past nine months there have been quite a few efforts to deny donald trump the nomination. this news about cruz and kasich joining force, it may be the biggest news. i'm joined by kasie hunt covering the stop cruz movement where there is a rally.
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there is an agreement and principle between the campaigns. how does it translate into action by these stop trump groups. >> reporter: forgive me if i have to keep my voice a little low. the governor is talking right behind us. this movement and signals sent by both of these campaigns earlier today is really about sending a message to these third party groups that are going to try to stop trump. they both have limited resources. they had a hard time raising money. the establish of the republican party feels like they got burned early when jeb bush and marco rubio both crashed and burned and many reluctant to give money to groups supporting cruz and kasich. you heard kasich talking earlier today how this was about limited resources, simply that people supporting him don't have the money to play everywhere. if cruz and kasich don't figure out a way to stretch that cash farther than it would otherwise go, it looks like donald trump
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is something on a path straight to that 1237 and nomination and they're both interested making sure the convention is open. the general sense is if donald trump gets to 1237 he will walk to that nomination. if he can't win on that first ballot, that's where cruz and kasich will have their shots. the idea that alliance would continue into a scenario like that pretty far-fetched, kate. >> kasie hunt in rockville, maryland, north of washington, d.c. >> this cruz and kasich alliance might not work out as planned starting in indiana where there is no guarantee kasich supporters would shift their vote to support donald trump. welcome to the world 2116, you can fly across town in minutes or across the globe in under an hour.
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we're back. look at this picture, will you? beautiful downtown baltimore, maryland. we have plenty of time to talk about the primaries here and four other states. the big news, john kasich and ted cruz teaming up to try to take down donald trump and force a contested convention. joining me now, msnbc political analyst, rick tyler, former member of the circle. good to see you. i have to ask you to put your cruz hat on. is this a conversation going on for a while between kasich and cruz campaign. would you have advised, when you were there with ted cruz, would you have advised him to do this, to coordinate? >> it's a little unprecedented,
12:18 pm
no benchmarks to look at. it's another twist and turn in this amazing election cycle, nothing to measure it against. i think it's smart actually, a smart thing for the cruz team to do. indiana is going to be so important. winner take all, 57 delegates at stake, if he can deny trump that it will make it much more difficult for trump to get to 1237. i don't know i'd call this alliance or teaming up, i think i'd call it a temporary detant. >> okay. fair enough. the idea is, kasich leaves indiana to cruz and cruz lets him go out west. we looked an at recent fox news indiana poll that includes voters second choice, you look where kasich support could go, reallocate his support, trump still holds a three point lead. some kasich supporters will go to trump. is there a chance this maneuver ends up backfiring against and helping trump? >> i don't know exactly how it
12:19 pm
backfires or hurts trump. there will be a lot of vocal people who echo what trump is s saying, somehow the insiders are fixing the game. i don't think you would call either john kasich, if you look at his career, he's always been an outsider. cruz only in his second term in the senate, you know he's been an outsider since he's been there. there's only upside for cruz because most kasich supporters would go for cruz and that seems to be the way to end indiana. seems like a pragmatic and very smart move. >> that's what i meant. you think kasich supporters will vote for cruz and understand the math and not just be attracted to donald trump? >> no. it's a step too far. i do think there are a certain number of voters that would
12:20 pm
support kasich and rather go to cruz than trump. kasich more represents the establish wing of the party. that wing is not very attracted to trump. the polling that i've seen, most of the kasich supporters would go over to cruz. the fact that kasich is not campaigning in indiana, that's what's significant. cruz is spending a lot of time in indiana. we've shown in the past when cruz spends time, like in wisconsin, he can turn the numbers around and do very well. i think that's what they're counting on. >> here's the other little twist today. i want to play sound from john kasich a few hours ago when he was talking about indiana. take a listen. >> i've never told them not support me. they ought to vote for me. i'm not over there campaigning and spend reg sources. we have limited resources. >> okay. he said they ought to vote for
12:21 pm
me. is he backing off indiana or not? >> i think he's giving an outline whatever agreement between the cruz campaign and kasich campaign was. it appears the agreement was kasich wouldn't spend resources or his time in indiana, bit that did not apparently include s saying, i wish people would vote for me in media. i think it's circuit kasich will not go to indiana and let cruz -- it's significant kasich will not go to indiana and give cruz a straight shot at voters. >> do you think they should have done this a long time ago? >> i'm not sure. i think going into new england, it might have helped. look, i'm not here to second-guess it. i think it's a very smart move, does have potential to do what it's supposed to do, which is to stop trump. it's all within the rules. trump doesn't like it but it's another twist in this amazing
12:22 pm
election. >> it sure is. rick tyler, thanks so much. good to see you. >> good to be here. >> r. he was and wasn't and now is again. new england patriots quarterback, tom brady suspended for four games over the deflategate legal scandal. donald trump is weighing in. >> leave tom brady alone. leave him alone. leave him alone, he's a great guy. it's enough. it's enough. vo: across america, people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza®.
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benched, a federal appeals court is reinstating the nfl's suspension on patriots quarterback, tom brady. the suspension and deflategate came about because of the 2015 afc championship game and whether or not brady knew about the deflation or inflation of the game balls. with more, i'm joined by on the phone with daily news columnist and contributor.
12:26 pm
mike, good to talk to you about this. tell me how surprised people are to reinstate the penalty. >> when they were in front of these judges not long ago, people who listened to the questions from the judges felt this was the way this was going to go. judge parker and judge chen found that goodell had the right to do this. they weren't talking about the air in the footballs, they weren't talking about the length of the suspension even though it was ref reynolds in judge ca katzm katzman's dissent, they were talking whether goodell was exercising powers legally given to him by the players' soekced. that is how they ruled and why this ridiculous suspension got reinstated. we are still talking about air a year and half after a game. by the way, kate, when the balls were deems gorgeous by the nfl
12:27 pm
at halftime of that championship game, after that the score was 28-0 for the patriots. i'm still wondering how the integrity of the competition was affected. >> i think we get your point of view since you call it a ridiculous suspension. has the clock run out for brady or can he appeal this appeal or is that it, he has to go? >> legal experts are saying maybe there's a 1% chance they could throw it back to this court and have all 13 judges in this particular court decide whether they wanted to hear this case. you kind of think brady knew this was come because he redid his contract so if he does miss these four games he will lose a lot less money than it originally looked like he would lose. for everybody who's watched this and the amount of time we have spent talking about psi, pounds per square inch in football, from the start, i thought this
12:28 pm
was a misdemeanor that got treated like a felony. and then, literally and figu figuratively got turned into a federal case. >> there's going to be a lots of fans on the other side glad to see what they see as justice. mike, thanks so much for being with us, appreciate it. >> thank you very much. up next, jacob soboff takes us on the hunt for delegates where it could make the difference for the convention in cleveland. and one year later, whurhuns march following the civil unrest and freddie gray's death and how that and baltimore's history could affect tuesday's vote.
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we're back live from baltimore's inner harbor. we are covering all the angles. jacob is out in pennsylvania and tony in pennsylvania where early voting started there three weeks ago and cal is looking at the intersection of politics and policing in maryland. pennsylvania is the biggest number of delegates up for grabs but of the 71 only 17 go to whenever candidate wins the whole state tomorrow and 54 are unbound meaning they can vote for whoever they want in the july convention in cleveland. jacob is in the city of brother-in-law love in philadelphia where -- fiduciary of brotherly love in philadelphia, tell us about the delegates you met. >> reporter: these are the most famous people in american
12:33 pm
politics nobody knows about, probably the most powerful ones. they're called unbound delegates, i've been chasing from north dakota to colorado and 54 are on the line. they're called unbound because they can do whatever they want once they get to the convention in cleveland this july. only 17 are tied to the popular vote and the rest up for grabs. i have been chasing them like a wild man and met some new ones rechbtly in pennsylvania. let me introduce you to them. i made it to andy's diner in pennsylvania and i am here not because i'm starving for a slice of pie even though i am. this is delegate hunting, there are so many because a radio program has them all in here to see who they support if they make to it the republican convention in cleveland. come on. you are a delegate and you guys are voters, is that correct? >> that's correct. >> looks like you are supporting somebody? >> i am a trump supporter and looks like he will win the 13th
12:34 pm
congressional. >> reporter: you desisigned the paperwork? >> no paperwork. i don't know how to do anything other than those tell you who i'm for. >> barry casper. >> i'm pretty much unopposed. >> reporter: this guy is going to the convention we know an unbound delegate going in july. who will you support? >> i'm uncommitted. can't we let the voters vote for who we will vote for? >> reporter: who are you voting for? >> basically voting for trump but waiting to see what the constituents do. pretty much, donald trump. >> i'm also unfunded. >> how much is your campaign co costing? >> 30,0$30,000. >> something that will be for two days in cleveland and the end of my political career. >> i see a cruz pin and in the second district. will you pledge to ted cruz no
12:35 pm
matter what happens? >> that's correct. >> reporter: even if your constituents vote the other way? >> that's correct. whether it's a small minority or large minority, i'm voting to represent the people of the second district that are supp t supporting senator cruz. i've been public about it. any that wants to support cruz can vote for me. >> reporter: is it going to say who you support on the ballot? >> no, it doesn't say that. >> reporter: have you ever thought about you might stop trump? you might be one of the folks that stops trump if he's just short of 1237? >> yeah, i've thought about that. >> reporter: you're probably one of the most important people in american politics nobody knows about. >> yeah. i will be a celebrity about 10 minutes. >> reporter: celebrity, you said it. >> yeah. >> kate, i guarantee you, it's weird to think about, tomorrow, when all the ballots are cast, donald trump, john kasich and ted cruz will not be looking at the results who voted for them, results about these 54 unbound delegates really closely, strange thing to think about when they're the ones running
12:36 pm
for president. >> yeah. they really are the celebrities. you will not find ted cruz in any states holding primaries tomorrow because their focusing efforts on the indiana primary being held next week. tony is at indianapolis at the marion county clerk's office where early voting is already under way. hey, tony. >> hey, kate. the story out here the cruz and kasich alliance may be a little too late. the real reason is right here, absentee ballots. there are already a lot of these. the rush has slowed down a little bit. we're at twice the pace we were in 2012. 64,000 republican ballots, republican votes have already been cast. if the polling is any indication, 21,000 are john kasich votes. those are sunk votes, even if they want to get on board and change alliance to cruz, they
12:37 pm
can't. kasich will continue to be on the ballot. the other issue is trump voters, we've been talking to them all day long and they come in and vote in there. one after the other tells us we love this, confirms what we suspected all day long, it gavelnizes them and will talk to their friends to drive them to the polls almost like a rallying effort. and then the kasich voters hearing their candidate is pulling out of indiana and crs d seeding the vote to ted cruz. >> i voted for kasich, i believe what he's all about. saw the news that cruz and kasich were teaming up, but really wanted to vote my conscience rather than the game. >> i didn't want to sacrifice what i believed in or the right candidate for me and play the game and get behind both candidates. i'm not a cruz voter, i'm a kasich voter. i voted kasich. >> how about that line, kate? i wanted to vote for the guy not
12:38 pm
the game. that sums it up here. kasich voter after kasich voter tells us we believe in john kasich, not ted cruz. we recognize the politics but want to vote our conscience. two kasich voters came in here today, told us they heard about the alliance, thought it was so disgusting and wreaked of desperation and changed their vote not to ted cruz but donald trump. >> that's exactly what we were talking about with rick tyler a few moments ago. appreciate it. let's pivot back to where we are in maryland also voting tomorrow. msnbc senior editor of video has been here exploring the relationship between the cops and the community here. he joins me now. hi. >> reporter: hey, kate. good afternoon. we're at this rally outside city hall. this is a rally almost exclus e exclusively for television came
12:39 pm
cameras. this is a rally about getting the vote out tomorrow. here is music coming. about getting the vote out tomorrow. ♪ >> reporter: it's a very tenuous variance one year after the death of gray. a lot hasn't changed you talk to some people where you and i are the inner harbor. this is almost two different city, the inner harbor, downtown area and east and west baltimore. they're policed very differe differently, as we're remembering now, policed very differe differently, something we hear from the police chief and owner of baltimore orioles and people who live in these neighborhoods, people say there has been a lot of progress made. part of that is those video came cameras. police will all be wearing video cameras by next year and asked if it's making your job more difficult or easier? they said easier, a bit of insurance and something to keep an eye on tomorrow as they go to the polls.
12:40 pm
>> over by city hall, thanks so much. there was a reminder of that tension between the community and police cal has been talking about here in baltimore yesterday, a march organized to mark the one year anniversary of freddie gray's death, the 25-year-old who died from injuries he sustained while being transported in the back of a police van. >> the pastor that organized that march today and the pastor here and delivered the eulogy at the freddie gray funeral and we should note you're a supporter of bernie sanders in the present election. >> nice to see you. >> thanks for coming to the harbor for a few minutes. >> my delight. >> let's talk about that march yesterday, definitely a moment. we were there, saw it on camera. there were some who thought maybe it was more of a moment
12:41 pm
for tv cameras and maybe didn't really symbolize there's been progress made over the past year. what's your take on that? >> the call for the march was for unity, that the city would come together. we wanted the world to see baltimore not just angry but focused, resolved and determined, that the blood that spewed through the streets last summer would not be replicated. this was not a march against the police, it wasn't a march against any elected official, it was march to bring the city together. >> if people say and i heard voters said this to me in the past few days in baltimore, not enough progress has been made. do you agree? >> oh, no. absolutely not enough. we still have 16,000 abandoned homes. 70,000 heroin addicts, means 1 out of 10. we still have a -- >> 1 out of 10 people? >> 1 out of 10. you look at a 43% high school dropout rate, we have a long way to go. the best thing that has happened this is band-aid has been ripped off and we know where the blight
12:42 pm
is and problems are. there are pockets of progress but there needs to be a full overhaul of the city. >> you have said if not for what happened last year as tragic and horrible it was these elections tomorrow would be quite different at least on a local level. you might not be elect agnew mayor right now? >> exactly we've not had an uprising since 1968 with the killing of dr. king. within that year the mayor decided not run again because the pressure was heavy and the polls were down. the police commissioner was relieved of his responsibility. we have a new one who's really working tirelessly to try to heal and build the bridge between policing and community. >> i have to ask you about politics. you supported bernie sanders. >> yes. >> people might be surprised by that. why him? he's not expected to do all that well here in maryland tomorrow. >> i think he res nates with what we're been talking about. free education for our
12:43 pm
community. the fact that freddie gray was killed six blocks away from historically black college but didn't have access to get in. to talk about reversing mass incarceration, in which hillary clinton is the mother co-founder of. those issues really pick the harm of where we have been fi t fighting over the last year. i invited all the candidates to come and bernie sanders, was the first to respond and walk through that community. to hear the cries of people, y saying, please bring us jobs. we're 45 minutes away from the white house and it feels as if in many pockets we're a third world nation. >> the clinton campaign would say they've done a lot of outreach and lot of success h p helping african-american communities not just here but all over baltimore. you don't see that? >> they've done a lot of campaigning when we talk about legacy. two different things. bernie sanders doesn't carry hot sauce in his pocket but speaks to the issues where it is we are
12:44 pm
and didn't begin in the election cycle when he was in congress, he was speaking about it as far back as 1988. >> can ask you quickly about something in the news today in cleveland, i know you know this case, the city of cleveland settled a $6 million lawsuit brought by tamir rice's family. is that justice for that family? >> i think it's a symbolic admission that we hold some culpability. why we march is not simply for freddie gray for tamir rice but there are so many nameless and faceless people victimized by aggressive and militarized poli policing. we don't want to deal just with the one but do a clean of the whole. >> pastor jamal bryant, nice to have you here. >> i appreciate it. >> a quick programming note for all of you. be sure to tune into msnbc tonight at 8:00 p.m. we begin with a bernie sanders town hall hosted by chris hayes and followed by hillary clinton, town hall hosted by rachel
12:45 pm
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here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority: you so tomorrow, voters in five states will head out to the polls for the latest primaries, delaware, pennsylvania, connecticut, rhode island and maryland. maryland voters are a big mix. there's rural areas, wealthy subu suburbs, cities here. what will those voters do tomorrow? joining me now, john fritzi, the weight correspondent for the baltimore sun. in the inner harbor. thanks for having us with you in your fair city. love this. this cruz-kasich alliance, right? maybe too strong a word, they're sort of cooperating now trying to beat back donald trump. in maryland it looks like trump might run away with most or all of the delegates.
12:49 pm
we were talking to the gop chair in maryland one of my colleagues, saying he says one of the places trump may not win, two districts, congressional districts 3 and 6 in maryland. if you look at the map, you can tell us better. that's around the cities, right? >> 6 is in western maryland. interesting the places donald trump came to, two visits to maryland, the 6th district and places that are rural areas that tend to support donald trump and kasich came to the central part of the state where you tend to have more democratic voters and maybe hope a guy like kasich or cruz could pick up delegates in the central districts. >> for the most part are we looking at a trump win statewide? >> trump has never not won. maybe they're hoping to pick off a few delegates here or there. >> you have a new governor,
12:50 pm
larry hogan, electeded in 2014, a republican governor, supported chris christie, he has not said who he supports in this race. why not? >> totally maryland, republicand to be centrist republicans. and short-lived gubernatorial terms. i think is makes sense for him not to be jumping in on this. and also a big septembnate race. and the longest serving senate woman, barbara mikulski, i used to cover her. she's retiring. so there's a race battling for her seat. it's interesting that the democrats in the national race, bernie sanders and hillary clinton have stayed out of it. they're not endorsing, not getting involved. why is that? >> well, i think it's rare to
12:51 pm
see those guys jumping in on senate races. it is a great senate race. in some ways, there's been a parallel. chris van hollen is sometimes thought of as an establishment guy, certainly in leadership in the house. whereas donna has tried to run kind of an outsider race. donna edwards has endorsed hillary clinton. they both are endorsing hillary clinton. so they're both hitching their wagon to clinton is doing well in polls in maryland. >> great to see you, thanks so much for sharing your insight on maryland voters. >> thanks for having me on. >> when we come back, i'll talk to the people who really control what's going on happen in the primary, and that is the voters. we're live from baltimore's inner harbor. stay with us. i have a blog called "daddy doing work", it's funny that i've been in the news for being a dad. windows 10 is great because i need to keep organized. school, grocery shopping. my face can unlock this computer.
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>> so it's down to the wire,
12:55 pm
maryland voters, one of five states voting tomorrow. we thought we'd talk to a couple of real live voters. you were telling me, you're supporting bernie sanders. you're going to vote tomorrow. you fit the demographic. you're young, we find that a lot, as we travel around. but what is it about bernie sanders that attracts you? >> i feel like he's the only candidate that wants to make a difference. he's not like everyone else that we see. i feel like he could actually make a change with the united states. >> were you glad to see him on saturday? >> i have family visiting, though. >> and you are a republican, thinking ted cruz. >> ted cruz, yes. from having governor hogan, really changed things around a lot, especially from an economic standpoint. as a republican, ted cruz is someone that can make that happen for us here. >> because you support cruz, are you part of the stop trump movement, or it's not so much a protest vote? >> definitely not a protest
12:56 pm
vote. i think he has smart things to say, but when it comes down to getting us where we need to be, i think cruz is the guy. >> if it were to be trump, would you switch to trump in a general election? >> most definitely. >> what's the big issue are for you, erica? you mentioned economic opportunities, but what drives you the most? >> i think the education and the health care. i work in health care, so i think that i don't want obamacare to die. i think he could help it thrive. >> thank you for having us in this beautiful city on a gorgeous day. nice to get your thoughts. appreciate it so much. that's going to do it for this hour of msnbc, and i'll see you back here in beautiful baltimore tomorrow. my colleague thomas roberts will pick up our coverage right after a quick break. to arrive. and with her, a flood of potential patients. a deluge of digital records. x-rays, mris.
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1:00 pm
my hometown of preliminabaltimo maryland. it's a gorgeous day, balmy 69 degrees. officially the motto of this state, strong deeds, gentle words. the theme in the political word, just the opposite. gentle deeds, strong words. ted cruz and john kasich are playing nice, uniting to take down the gop front-runner in donald trump. gentle deeds. but the front-runner's response, strong words. a short time ago, he went after his two opponents, even getting so personal, he attacked the way john kasich eats. trump furthering the narrative, the establishment is trying to hold him back. see if you can sense a theme here. >> where they band together. you know it's collusion. if you collude in business, or if you collude in the stock market, they put you in jail. in politics, you're allowed to


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