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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 26, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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it's hard to stop a trane. really hard. trane. the most reliable for a reason. hi, everybody, good morning from baltimore. i'm thomas roberts in for tamron. we're at the boat house. my family set down roots here in this city generations ago and when you open a bar at 11:00 a.m., who do you call? your family. maryland is one of the five states holding primaries along
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with pennsylvania, connecticut, rhode island and delaware. there are a total of 384 pledged delegates at stake for the republicans 172. po both hillary clinton and donald trump appear poised to add to their delegate leads with some polls suggesting each could pull off a five-state sweep today. donald trump, for the first time has reached 50% support among republicans in our weekly nbc news survey monkey online poll. he is off the campaign trail, he'll be watching results tonight at home in new york. ted cruz will do that from indiana while john kasich is not planning a primary night appearance. hillary clinton is campaigning in indiana this afternoon before heading on to philadelphia for a primary night watch party and bernie sanders holds a rally tonight in west virginia ahead of that state's primary on may 10th. all after another very heated day on the campaign trail where the focus is on division before unity.
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>> lyin' ted announced that he can't win by himself. he cannot do it. you know, he's a joker. he cannot do it. so he said let me form a partnership, which i call -- what do we call it? go ahead. go ahead. what do we call it? let me form -- it's called collusion, folks. >> i understand that donald will whine. that's what he does. donald is a sore loser. >> i'm not going to spend resources in indiana, he's not going to spend them in other places, so what? what's the big deal? >> if we end up losing, and i hope we do not. and if secretary clinton wins, it is incumbent upon secretary clinton to reach out not only to my supporters but to all of the american people with an agenda that they believe will represent the interest of working families, lower income people, the middle class, those of us who are concerned about the environment and not just big money interests. >> i am winning, and i'm winning
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because of what i stand for and what i've done and what my ideas are. >> all right, so let's get to work on this super tuesday. as always, we have today's vote covered with our correspondents in the field, including polling locations in several cities. i want to begin with kate snow, who has a location in baltimore mapped out for us. kate, what are you seeing so far? are voters coming out this morning? it's a little cloudy so far in baltimore, but we expect a big turnout, right? >> reporter: yeah. yeah, a big turnout so far, thomas. i love your city, by the way. we're over in west baltimore. let me show you, this is the line for one of the wards here. there are four wards voting in this one polling location, precinct 11 in west baltimore. these folks are filling out their paper ballots and then they come over to this machine over here, it's all new, and putting the ballot in that machine for counting. i've got to tell you, this is a very diverse area but it is a very democratic area that i'm
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standing in. so i'll show you the sample ballot that i've got. there's no president hillary clinton, bernie sanders, they get to choose. but there's also a senate race going on here. barbara mikulski is retiring. also a primary for the mayor's race here, which if i remember a year ago with everything that happened in this city with the uprising that we saw after the death of freddie gray, the mayor's race has become very, very important. a lot of folks here are talking about that. thomas, this is a democratic area. so far i'm meeting a lot of bernie sanders' supporters which might surprise people because maryland is polling heavily for hillary clinton. i'm going to toss it now up the way to pennsylvania, erica hill is standing by in pittsburgh, voting today as well. erica. >> reporter: kate, good morning. we're actually seeing what you just referenced, a lot of bernie sanders supporters. we're on the south side of pittsburgh, just across the river. the monongahela river from downtown pittsburgh.
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we're in an area that was industrial and is going through a revitalization here. east carson street, a number of bars, popular night life area, a number of shops. as for this polling place, it's actually a senior center normally and seniors are two of the biggest voting blocks we are told we will see her today so mainly young people which the ages of 25 and 35. keep in mind there are a number of universities here in the area and also seniors. and among the people that we've spoken with today, we're not allowed inside, but the people that we've spoken with coming in and going out are not voting for the same ticket or the same people. not only do they take their vote very seriously but they're all saying this is an unprecedented election, something they have not seen before. pennsylvania, of course, is also polling more for hillary clinton. but of the democratic voters who we met this morning, they were all voting for bernie sanders. there's actually a sanders office just down the street from us here. we also met one republican voter who said he voted for john
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kasich. not really a fan of that appliance but that is where he is at today. one of the headlines out of pennsylvania are the republican delegates. with more on that, i'll hand it over to jacob soboroff in philadelphia. >> reporter: thank you so much, erica. i'm here with seth kaufer, one of these unbound delegate candidates from pennsylvania. we are in queen village here in the first congressional district in philadelphia. he's running unopposed so he is going to the republican national convention in cleveland this july, but you are uncommitted and you are not necessarily tied to the vote of your skpiconstits in your district. how do you explain that to them? >> today is the day everyone votes so i'm saying being uncommitted puts our district in our state at a beneficial position at the convention so i'm trying to explain to them how it's helpful for us -- >> reporter: i don't believe everybody believes that. i saw you get into it with one voter at the diner a couple of
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days ago. 17 delegates from here are tied to the popular vote, 54 are unbound. that's a heck of a lot of power to have when you walk into cleveland. how do you feel about that? >> i don't think it's a power position, i think it's just making the right choice for the party to pick the right candidate. >> reporter: just to stress, it's so important, these 54 bound delegates, because of the kasich-cruz alliance. in places like indiana, i want to toss it over to tony dokoupil, my friend in indiana. >> reporter: thank you very much, jacob. voting is under way early here in indiana and is moving at an incredible clip. three times as many voters have come through in 2016 as came through in 2008 or 2012. this is hamilton county. this should be a john kasich strong hold. it's an educated population, a relatively wealthy population. his co-chair of the re-election committee for indiana is located nearby. also he's supposed to have three events here today, all of those have been cancelled. so we came to see if the post
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cruz-kasich alliance is having an impact. not so much. there are two kinds of john kasich voters that we're discovering today. there are the voters who are die heard john kasich believers. they know the strategy but in their heart and scenes they believe in kasich and will vote for them of the and then the people that are politically savvy enough already and they switched their vote to ted cruz. so you've got kind of a noneffect here. it's not having the impact that the kasich and cruz campaign might have hoped and it might have a backfiring effect because trump voters come through almost gleeful because they have always suspected politics is rigged, that it's unfair, and this underscores it for them. indiana, home of bob knight, bob knight is going to be on the campaign trail with trump starting this week. the former head coach of indiana university's basketball team. people here bring him up without us even referencing it. but they don't like him. they remember the chair throwing more than the national
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championship, so in terms of political endorsements here in indiana, that could be a case of one plus one equals one. back to you, thomas. >> tony dokoupil, jacob soboroff, erica hill and kate snow, thanks to all. peter alexander is covering the trump campaign and he joins us now from philadelphia. peter, this is expected to be another big night for the republican front-runner, but is the trump campaign trying to set expectations for the results this evening? >> reporter: well, if the projections hold, thomas, this should be a big and significant night for donald trump. today is as important with these five battleground voting as is one week from today in indiana. as tony just communicated a moment ago. here's what we're going to be watching for. the way that we projected at nbc news politics, to call it a big night and to keep him on this path toward the nomination, he needs to win about 90 to 95 of these 118 pledged delegates up for grabs between the five states today. here in pennsylvania we've been talking about, as jacob did,
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those 54 unbound delegates. success for him would be locking up about two-thirds of them, locking up effectively means because they are free agents. getting them either to be individuals who say they will support donald trump or individuals who say they will likely go the way of their district. of course trump is supposed to do well in many, if not all of the districts across this state today. and finally in indiana, what donald trump needs there is to win outright. it is a state that's winner take most, not winner take all. if it's basically an even haul between him and ted cruz next week in indiana, that would be a big night for donald trump. of course ted cruz has been casting this as his first real head-to-head matchup with trump. so if trump prevails, that would be significant too. >> everybody turns their attention beyond today to indiana and that's where we're going to find nbc's hallie jackson. hallie is covering the ted cruz campaign and she joins me now from indianapolis. this is where the senator is this morning and where he will
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watch the results this evening. hallie, this is really expected to be another big day for donald trump. how is the cruz campaign hoping that indiana can salvage their campaign with those 57 delegates on may 3rd? >> reporter: they're hoping the momentum shifts after tonight. tonight they're hoping to peel off some of those delegates in pennsylvania, some of those unbound delegates peter and tony and the gang have been talking about. but tomorrow, thursday, going to be really important for the campaign. let's talk about today and then we'll break it down for next week. today, you're already seeing, for example, cruz getting support from pennsylvania senator pat toomey, who is in his own re-election battle. toomey told the local paper that cruz is a solid conservative and has a chance to beat hillary clinton in the general election. this is interesting because just moments ago cruz was on philadelphia radio. he called in and he talked about this. he said if he's the nominee, if cruz is the nominee, then pat toomey gets re-elected.
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if donald trump is the nominee, the senate is gone and there's nothing you can do about it. cruz is trying to make the argument with donald trump at the top of the ticket, down ballot races won't be successful for the republicans. he's acknowledging openly that both he and john kasich could potentially beat hillary clinton, although polling doesn't necessarily correlate with that. he's trying to argue that he can beat donald trump and move into the fall. there's a lot of arguments cruz is trying to make, but so far it doesn't look like they will be successful for him in these northeastern and mid-atlantic states that vote tonight. the campaign is aware of that. they are looking to turn the corn tore indiana and that's why cruz will be over at the hoosier gym in knightstown. talk about a classic indiana location, we'll be heading over there in just a little bit. >> hallie, real fast, cruz, is he trying to insulate his campaign, his ticket, by the talk of the vp pick and the vetting that goes into that? >> reporter: he's talking openly
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about it. on a different radio show in indiana he was asked about whether this kasich-cruz alliance is the beginnings of a presidential-vice presidential ticket and he said it's a little too early to talk about that. we do know that his campaign is vetting carly fiorina as a vice presidential pick. no timeline on when the vetting may end. >> hallie jackson reporting in indiana. thanks so much. i want to bring in hayley baumgartner. do you think this alliance will help? >> the two losers in the race currently are colluding so i think it's going to be helpful. i think the american voters can see it for what it is. >> this is all about the delegate math with 54 unbound delegates. most are saying that they are
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going to stay aligned with who the state picks today, the beauty contest basically. but paul manafort was brought onto the trump campaign to be the convention manager, basically the delegate wrangler. this morning politico is reporting that multiple sources are saying that trump is, quote, bristling at efforts to implement a more conventional presidential campaign strategy, has expressed misgivings about paul manafort for overstepping his bounds and also it talks about the fact that maybe some power is shifting back to campaign manager corey lewandowski. is that true? >> you know, i'm not going to speculate about an article that basically has sources that have leaked information. we have brought on the right people to supplement and grow our team in order to pave the path to victory. and mr. trump is focused on running a winning campaign, making america great again, and earning the vote of every hard-working american out there. that's exactly what we're doing and we're bringing on the right people to do that. >> but do you think it will be another misstep within the
8:15 am
campaign if, say, in pennsylvania and a lot of those delegates have openly courted to win the election today to be a delegate, by saying that they support cruz and kasich, would it be a misstep and paul manafort, his problem the fact that he's supposed to be a delegate wrangler if they lose a bunch of delegates today to ted cruz or john kasich? >> well, i think the fact of the matter is, is that we are up in the polls in pennsylvania. we have a very robust ground game in pennsylvania and the other states where the primaries are taking place today. ted cruz has basically folded up camp in pennsylvania so i think that speaks for itself and that's what we're focused on. >> healy, great to have you on. thanks for your time. >> thanks for having me. coming up next, the new anti-trump alliance. is it already showing signs of strain? some cracks in this cooperation? i'm going to talk live with representatives from both the cruz and kasich campaigns.
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we are back here in baltimore. the polls are open now in maryland, one of five states holdings primaries today. while john kasich is in the state spending time here meeting with voters, ted cruz is doing that in indiana. indiana is a key state that was part of this deal between their campaigns. less than 24 hours after that alliance was announced, there were already signs that it could
8:20 am
be unraveling. i'm joined by congressman mark meadows of north carolina, a surrogate for the cruz campaign. we're also joined by ron christey with the kasich campaign, a former special assistant to former president george w. bush. i want to play you part of governor kasich's interview from the "today" show when he was pressed multiple times about this deal and what it means going forward. take a listen. >> i'm telling people -- i'm not telling anybody anything in indiana because i'm not campaigning in indiana. but i don't tell voters what to do. voters are smart enough to figure out what they want to do. >> but what's the point. there's this grand strategy -- >> you guys, you guys -- listen, listen, you guys are the ones that are confused and upset. we're not. >> on a plain and simple note, the people in indiana who are watching this program right now, your message come primary day there is to vote for -- >> look, i'm not getting into that, matt.
8:21 am
things are not so plain and simple. i don't tell my voters what to do. >> so, ron, donald trump is definitely on message about whatever this alliance or the talk of this alliance with his collusion line. is governor kasich not on message about what this team or partnership really means about going forward and actually doing damage to his campaign? >> i think governor kasich has been very consistent. he's not going to spend resources in indiana when he has a limited amount of time and a limited amount of resources where he can go to other states. he can go to oregon, he can go to new mexico, he can also make the deal of here's why you need to support me. and what he's saying to voters is you know what to do when you get in the election booth and you vote. it's very simple. there's nothing more than that. i think a lot in the media are trying to make a lot of this alliance as if there's some sort of collusion as mr. trump says. no. it's about putting forth the
8:22 am
best candidate who can win, who can get those 1237 delegates and that's what we're going to do this summer at the convention. >> well, it really is about the reaction of the voters. congressman, yesterday my colleague, tony dokoupil, was speaking with two kasich supporters who said they'd rather vote for trump than cruz in indiana. are you worried that you could be pushing more voters to donald trump instead of enticing them ted cruz's way? >> well, i think there are people who are going to be the late deciders and see the investment senator cruz is making in indiana. obviously the resources are there, he's there today, as you mentioned. as you start to look at the focus of the cruz campaign, it's all about the emphasis and where governor kasich is putting his emphasis, where senator cruz is putting his. and so i'm not really worried about that as much as i am those undecided voters who are making those last-minute decisions. i think that they will get a very clear message that senator cruz is investing in indiana and
8:23 am
deserves their conservative vote and i'm looking forward to a great day next tuesday. >> so meanwhile we have governor kasich saying one thing about the agreement and it seems to differ from what we're hearing from senator cruz about how he is explaining it. i want to remind everybody how he framed it. take a listen. >> last night the john kasich campaign announced that they're pulling out of indiana. leaving this as a direct one-on-one choice for the people of indiana between our campaign and donald trump. >> so, congressman, do you think that is a distortion of the truth with ted cruz saying they are pulling out of indiana? that's not true? >> no, i don't think that it's inconsistent with what governor kasich had just mentioned, even in the clip coming up. what he's saying is he's not telling people how to vote. but the message is very clear. i think the campaign has spoke for themselves. really it's all about individuals making up their own
8:24 am
mind. but when you start to look at it, we've got a lot of people that are trying to make their decision on a head-to-head battle in indiana. right now that head-to-head battle is between senator cruz and donald trump. in other states, obviously today on tuesday in other states senator cruz is not actually in that head-to-head, so, you know, the two top people perhaps in connecticut wouldn't include senator cruz. so i think it's just maybe a matter of semantics, but i don't think that they're saying anything different other than the investment is going to be in indiana. we expect great results. and with those late-deciding voters, we're hopeful to earn their support. >> ron, is that how you would explain it, this is just a messaging issue, semantics, or is kasich really pulling out of indiana with no hopes of securing any votes there? >> no, i think the good congressman has phrased that exactly right. i think what you're seeing is
8:25 am
the opportunity for senator cruz to go one-on-one with donald trump in indiana. you're going to see governor kasich go one-on-one in other states. with limited resources and limited time, these candidates want to position themselves to collect votes. that's exactly what governor kasich is doing, what senator cruz is doing and i think it's a smart strategy because we need to put forth the best candidate that can beat secretary clinton, the presumptive nominee, and that is not donald trump. >> ron christie and congressman mark meadows, gentlemen, thanks for your time. appreciate it. coming up, the latest polling giving hillary clinton the edge over bernie sanders in today's primaries. so what is the path forward for bernie sanders? up next, what sanders is saying about that this morning. you owned your car for four years,
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good morning again from baltimore. we are here live at the boat house in canton along the river and having some fun here this morning. let's talk about what's going on on the democratic side. we have the front-runner, hillary clinton, looking to put away her rival, bernie sanders, with another strong showing with another slate of northeastern primaries. clinton locked up much of the political establishment last year when martin o'malley was still in this race. recent polls have her leading sanders by 20 points here and she also leads in every other state voting today, including the big delegate prize of pennsylvania. so by the time all of the votes are counted in 90, clinton could have 90% of the delegates she needs to secure the nomination. i'm joined by clinton campaign deputy communications director christina shockey. good to have you with me today. if this is the big night that so many people are predicting based on the polls for hillary clinton
8:30 am
and that delegate lead widens, do you anticipate that this primary is essentially a done deal as far as the campaign considers it? >> no, you know, we are just going to continue to work. today there are five really important contests. she's been working her heart out in each of these states and has been campaigning in all of them. she's going to continue to campaign in the upcoming contests. we feel really confident that we're going to come out of night with a gain, adding to our lead in the popular vote. she's ahead by 2.7 votes at this point and around 240 delegates. we feel really confident we'll come out building on both of those but continue in the primaries ahead. >> meanwhile bernie sanders is not giving any sense that he's willing to bow out any time soon. what is the relationship between secretary clinton and senator sanders right now? how fractured is it? >> you know, she has so much respect for senator sanders, he's run a great campaign. and she really admires how he's
8:31 am
brought so much energy and enthusiasm into this race. she thinks it's a really good thing. so, you know, she is just going to continue to work hard in the primaries ahead. it's a really personal decision for him in terms of continuing and she expects him to continue to compete in the contests ahead. >> i think, kristina, it would be fair to characterize what bernie sanders has been able to achieve in just over a year's time is truly a remarkable political uprising for a lot of political observers in all of this, and so many voters are interested in the message that he has taken across the country. do you think that there is a role for senator sanders when it comes to hillary clinton if she were the presumptive nominee? >> well, we're getting ahead of ourselves. hillary is not taking anything for granted. she's just working hard for the upcoming primaries. but i think what's really important here is that her message is the one that's really been resonating by voters. she's ahead by 2.7 million votes
8:32 am
because her message has mattered to voters about breaking down barriers. she believes it's not enough to diagnose a problem, you have to have real solutions that will make a difference in families' lives. voters have responded to that and have been supporting her overwhelmingly. >> what's the strategy to convert sanders support to hillary clinton if she does become the nominee? have you gamed that out to think about how she would be able to bridge the gap? >> you know, thomas, i think that's really important here is that there's so much more that unites us than divides us. when you look ahead whenever this primary is over, we're all going to have a role to play to remind voters just what's at stake in this election and how much as democrats we share the common values and what we need our next president to do, to fight climate change, to hold wall street accountable, to raise the minimum wage, so we're all going to have a role to play in that. and i think what's really important is in 2008, you know,
8:33 am
hillary lost a very, very close and contentious election to be the democratic nominee and she really felt it was important to come out and support senator barack obama and she worked her heart out to get him elected president. and i think that's just a reflection of what was at stake in that election and for us in this election, what's at stake when you look at who might be the republican nominee. we as democrats really have to fight to keep the white house and build on president obama's legacy. >> clinton campaign deputy communications director kristina schake, thanks for your time. we turn our attention to the bernie sanders' campaign this morning. sanders told andrea mitchell that he's still confident heading into today's contests. take a listen. >> saying last night, hillary clinton said i'm winning. >> well, i think you've got to count the votes before you make that declaration. >> a little too overconfident? >> a little bit too over. there are five contests today.
8:34 am
we think we're going to do just fine. >> so joining me now is bernie sanders supporter and former ohio state senator nina turner. nina, it's good to have you with me. i'm sure you heard kristina there. what do you make of kristina schake's explanation of and compliment that was to sanders campaign, that he's run a good campaign. did you find that authentic? >> well, you know, i'm not going to judge her authenticity, but i will say this, senator sanders, whether they admit it or not has run a heck of a campaign. when he first started this race. he was only 3% in the polls. nobody believed he would be where he is today. when you have him and the secretary side by side among democrats, they are in a statistical dead heat. so senator sanders whether they admit it or not has been amazing in this process and really has given not just democrats but americans something else to believe in, fighting for the working poor and the middle class.
8:35 am
thomas, i don't believe and a lot of democrats across this country do not believe that these issues of income inequality, universal health care, climate change would have been raised to the level they are without senator bernie sanders in this race. >> but if we look at what his message has been for the campaign trail so far through this primary and just look at the basic math out of this and the delegate math and when you count the superdelegates, hillary clinton leads sanders by nearly 700 delegates, so clinton has big leads in two states that we're talking about today, pennsylvania and maryland. sanders would need 71% of the remaining delegates to get the nomination. so in your eyes, what is the path forward? that seems daunting. >> thomas, yes, the path is narrow, we've been saying this. but he's going to stay in this race. again, he did not have the same type of national profile that the secretary enjoys, and so he 11 months into this race has done a tremendous job of getting his message out there. so just because the path is narrow does not mean that there is not a path. so we're going to compete in all
8:36 am
five states tonight and we're going to go all the way to california. and i've got some breaking news, thomas. senator bernie sanders is not getting out of this race. he is going all the way to the convention and as much as the clinton campaign and other folks want to see voters who have yet to vote not have a choice, they are going to have a choice. we're going all the way. >> okay. so that is not the unifying message probably the clinton camp wants to hear at this point. if we remind everybody back in '08, she got behind the candidacy of barack obama at that point when it became clear that he was loading in the delegate battle and that was in advance, well in advance of the convention by june. but here's what secretary clinton said last night in a town hall hosted by msnbc. i just want to get your reaction. >> at that time 40% of my supporters said they would not support him. so from the time i withdrew until the time i nominated him, i nominated him at the convention in denver.
8:37 am
i spent an enormous amount of time convincing my supporters to support him and i'm happy to say the vast majority did. that is what i think one does. >> all right. so leaving out any hypotheticals of what bernie sanders would do and talking about the campaign moving forward and you, would you be able to support hillary clinton if bernie sanders is not the democratic nominee and without conditions placed on that support? >> thomas, i'm not even -- i'm not getting into that because senator sanders is still in this race and he is in this race to win. he is not the sparring partner for the secretary. and i was a delegate in 2008. i talked to other folks who are high up in the dnc and it wasn't as rosy as the secretary is painting it right now. the fact of the matter is we have to give people something to vote for. as senator bernie sanders said, it is time out for establishment politics, people want a different way. as we saw that harvard poll that shows that the millennials
8:38 am
overwhelmingly support senator bernie sanders and his vision, and women, young women under the age of 30 believe that senator bernie sanders would be a much better president. so this is not about the party in and of itself. it really is about the party upholding its values and giving people something to vote for, whether it's senator bernie sanders or secretary clinton. it's not just about unifying the party, it's about having a message that gives people the excitement and the confidence that they need and then the willingness, the political courage to execute that value proposition. that is what voters are looking for in 2016, thomas. no more of the okie-doke. people want to have elected officials that will step up and fight for them and not just millionaires and billionaires in the united states of america. that is what time it is. >> sanders supporter and former ohio state senator nina turner. always great to have you on. thanks for your time. >> thanks, thomas. so coming up, we return to the republican side on this primary day and the confusion over what donald trump calls the collusion between ted cruz and john kasich. is their alliance too little too
8:39 am
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more brush movements versus oral b. get healthier gums in 2 weeks guaranteed. innovation and you. philips sonicare. save when you buy the most loved rechargeable toothbrush brand in america. well, remain here in baltimore with our campaign coverage on the road and the cruz/kasich alliance has been touted as this potential game-changer in the gop race. it's also the first sign of unity in the gop primary. as we said, cracks have started to appear. this morning trump railed against the establishment and primarily his competitors. >> i think it's collusion. i think it's pathetic. it makes them both look weak. they were both doing very badly, losing my millions of votes to me. when i first heard about it, i said you've got to be kidding. that's going to make them look very weak, it looks like collusion. and it proves my words that it's a rigged system. >> proves his words. i want to bring in msnbc
8:43 am
political analyst and former senior advisor to rand paul's campaign, elise jordan and howard fineman. howard, let me start with with you. as we've been covering this deal, this alliance, it seems to be weakening by the moment. does it really have a chance of working or won't we know until after indiana? >> i don't think it has much chance of working and it may not matter in indiana. keep in mind the context, which is today. donald trump is going to clean up big time in the five states along the line in the acela primaries, so-called, and that's the context here. it's going to be a big night and big headlines and big momentum in the morning for donald trump, which is just going to underscore the weakness of that alliance, indiana notwithstanding. >> so, elise, this morning donald trump weighed in on what he says is the deal's ultimate demise and we heard him there in that interview, but of course he also takes to twitter and sent out a tweet saying the
8:44 am
cruz/kasi cruz/kasich pact is under great strain. the joke of a deal is falling apart, not being honored and almost dead. very dumb. do you think they gained anything after the potential of it backfiring? >> it clearly would have been better if they had their messaging straight and how they were going to approach this if it did become public, which i think is to the detriment to any so-called deal that it's public. what i do think is funny about donald trump's behavior already on twitter is that his so-called presidential revamp that he's going to start acting more presidential and more serious and getting off of twitter clearly hasn't lasted very long and there are new reports of tension in the trump campaign between those who want trump to step up his game and start behaving like a real contender and not like a first grader. actually that's an insult to a first grader. and those who want to let donald be donald. so it will be -- he has so much division within his campaign that his complicating as he
8:45 am
really needs to start honing in on these delegates and making sure that these unbound delegates are potentially going to look his way and keep his delegates that are pledged to him. that's where they should be focusing right now, not on this insults in twitter. >> elise, didn't they need to make it public so that the super pacs could follow tone and know what the heads of the campaign, what their will is? >> well, yes, to some extent it did need to be public but they should have had their messaging straight and not looking like they're being wishy-washy at all. i think kasich has tried to navigate that line, throwing votes to his competitor while making enclosure that they are trying to disrupt the delegate allocation game that trump has been leading at. so i think showing we're not talking about the acela corridor, we're talking about indiana, which is the second most important state after california in these upcoming
8:46 am
states. i do think that that is a victory for kasich and cruz. >> let's talk about messaging and look at what's going on on the democratic side of things. hillary clinton could really shut down the sanders campaign day. she's favored in all five of the states that are voting in the northeastern primaries, but it was during msnbc's town hall when sanders and clinton, each candidate, was asked about whether they would support the other's campaigns. take a look at this. >> if we end up losing, and i hope we do not, and if secretary clinton wins, it is incumbent upon secretary clinton to reach out not only to my supporters but to all of the american people with an agenda. >> i did not put down conditions. i didn't say, you know what, if senator obama does x, y and z, maybe i'll support him. i said i am supporting senator obama. that is what i think one does. >> so, howard, if hillary clinton wins the nomination, what does she need to do to gain the sanders supporters? >> well, what you saw last night
8:47 am
on the two msnbc town halls back-to-back i think was the beginning of the public side of negotiations in diplomacy that are going to go on from now until the democratic party is back here where i am in philadelphia in july. basically hillary clinton said last night i don't have to do anything. i'm winning, bernie, i don't have to do a blessed thing for you or with you. and bernie sanders is essentially saying you've got to do everything, hillary, if you want my support, more important if you want the support of my voters. i was at a bernie rally last night at drexel university right near where i'm speaking to you from and i talked to a lot of people there. a lot of them at this point are saying they won't vote for hillary clinton. they're just not going to vote at all if she's the nominee. that's the challenge that she faces. bernie sanders also said last night that bottom line, he will do everything that he can to
8:48 am
make sure that there's no republican in the white house, which i think is leaving the door open to some kind of deal down the road. but hillary is irritated right now. you can see she's angry, she's upset, she wished she locked this thing up a long time ago. she's not in a good mood about bernie. that's going to have to change. >> howard and elise, great to have you both on. thank you. when we come back, we return to other news of the day. details in the country's deadliest mass murder this year. authorities in ohio asking for help across the state as they investigate the execution-style murders of eight members from one family. that's next. why do so many businesses rely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business. that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere.
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. in another twist, the attorney general's office tells nbc news that investigators found cases. >> the one thing i saw was chickens out there. >> chickens? >> yeah, cock fighting chickens. >> leaving this tight knit community stunned. >> all right, that was msnbc reporting. we got much more coming up here live on baltimore. msnbc live continues today, we are at the boat house in canton. families and friends have come. you can see long lines for
8:54 am
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