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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 26, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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american politics that nobody knows about. >> tonight, trump will we think get his delegates. >> how weak or pathetic is it. >> voters are smart enough to figure out what they want to do. >> indiana get as straight and direct choice between our campaign and donald trump. >> if you win indiana, it is over. >> i never told them to vote for me. >> this guy is shoving pancakes. >> come out from that tower and actually talk and listen to people. >> it is incumbent for secretary clinton to reach out not only to my supporters but to all the american people. welcome to tuesday, i am craig melvin, it is primary day, we are live in maryland, baltimore. maryland is one o f the five states voting today.
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by all accounts tonight begins a meet or break week for the nomination fight. two big question, the first question is the ted cruz/john kasich collusion, as donald trump likes to call it. is it unraveling? our latest nbc's tracking polls showing donald trump is tracking that critical 50% mark. the other question is bernie sanders' last stand. he's not going down quietly. now, he appears to have a new cheer leader. donald trump moments ago, trying to stir up trouble tweeting he should show them and run as an independent. >> we'll check in with our msnbc's teams camped out at p l polling locations.
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we start with nbc's halie jackson. he's in minneapolis. john kasich said that he won't tell people for whom to vote, how is the cruz campaign explaining that this afternoon? >> reporter: well, we are here from cruz himself, craig. even though cruz is not out visibly on camera. he's over at the hooser gym about 40 minutes away from us for his rally this evening. he's doing a bunch of radios. one of his shows he talked about this. cruz is not telling anyone to vote for somebody else. he's asking for the support of people backing john kasich here in indiana. it is interesting, you talk about this alliance and pact that was made public on sunday. it seems as though on neither kidnapped da candidate is coming out and say vote for the other guy. we took our i-pad and we show
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people these clip of john kasich and matt lauer and savannah guthrie. one person says hey, i don't like they are playing this game. i understand why they are doing it but i wish they are not quite public about it craig. >> do we know, halie, if the candidates ever spoke to each other about joining forces or did they leave it to their staffs to work out the details. >> this is from the campaign manager and the top strategyist interaki interacting over the weekend. but, really became a viable reality after it became virtually impossible for cruz to lock up the nomination out right after the new york primary. >> halie jackson is for us in indianapolis, thank you. katy tur is covering the
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trump campaign today. what are they saying tonight? >> they feel really good tonight. if they get more than 80 delegates then it is a good night. these are five state that are friendly to donald trump. they want to have much momentum as they can leading into indiana. the most important part tonight is pennsylvania. the 54 unbound delegates that are there. the trump campaign unrealistically is on top of their games there. they have the slate that they are presenting. remember these delegates are free agents and they can decide whoever they want to vote for and they can change their minds over and over regardless of how their states vote. the donald trump campaign is hoping win a majority as well. they feel like they out organized ted cruz on that
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front. other than that, tonight is looking like a big night for them and they are expecting to look forward on a more towards general election campaign after this evening. >> i want to talk to you about something that trump said this morning. he was asked for an interview of clinton. here is what he says. >> the only card she got is to play the women card card. it maybe good enough. >> what about your cabinet? would you have women on your cabinet? >> absolutely, i would have the most capable people on my cabinet. i will certainly have women. >> is that donald trump trying to repair his image on women? >> i don't think so. before, he never said that he would exclude women from any sort of office. he said it over and over again
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that he would pick the most capable candidate. i don't think hit is him trying to reach out to the female votes when it come to the unfavorab s unfavorables. they also think they're going to mitigate quite a bit of that, too. >> nbc's katy tur, in new york with donald trump poised to win the all five states today. the front runner enjoying a 280 lead right now. kasie hunt, is the officials stop trump movement in any way
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connected to this kasich/cruz's alliance? >> that's going to be on indiana. a bit on pennsylvania, first, craig, the never trump movement today have published a list of what they called their slate. many stated they would support ted cruz, those unbound delegates here in pennsylvania are critical piece of this overall puzzle but the question for tonight, craig, for people who want to stop trump is whether or not he's over or under that 100 delegate park. if he's able to get more than 100 delegates tonight, it really significantly narrows the path for people who are trying to stop donald trump and of course, then the key battlegrounds are going to noouf indiamove to ind nebraska and california. the thing at this point, the
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stop trump movement as a careful needle to thread. it seems at this point there is more way for donald trump to get to 1237 and for them to stop them, craig. >> kasie hunt for us in florida, thank you. she just mentioned it. it could be the most important tests for the republican race. the hooser state could play a bigger roll than any other states so far in deciding the outcome of the gop race. ted cruz, nothing is short of a must win race, the only place where he will be able to stop donald trump for reaching that 1237. take a look at the numbers. $2 million, $2 million spent so far to beat trump. are the voters playing along. this cruz/alliance turning in today at the polling station that would have and would have likely be a stronghold for john kasich, what are they saying
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there, tony dokoupil ? >> reporter: yes, hello craig, i have a special guest. the state of that campaign is uncertain. what i want to ask you first, john kasich said people ought to vote for him here in indiana. can you clarify what voters should be doing here in indiana? >> i don't think we should tell voters how to vote, what we are pointing out to voters is what will happen is the anti-trump vote was being divided bean governor cruz and john kasich. mr. cruz is going to concentrate in indiana. >> reporter: if the point is to stop donald trump and the way to do that here in indiana to vote
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for ted cruz, why not just say to vote for ted cruz. >> i don't think we should tell voters how to vote. >> i would encourage a republican taking office of january 27, to think carefully of how it can happen. all the polling shows that mr. trump loses to bernie sanders and hillary clinton by a huge margin, he just cannot win. >> the campaign essentially has been publicly eliminated, what's going on privately. what's the state of the campaign here? >> i think there is still some fund raising going on and the focus is on hillary clinton. abraham lincoln was not nominated until the third ballot. and the same thing with roosevelt, he did not get one primary. we have conventions when somebody does not meet that minimum number.
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i have two questions to ask. one is who can beat democrat contender? >> reporter: are you going to play ball with us today. are you voting for ted cruz? >> i am going to do what i think is best to make sure we gate republican. >> reporter: sounds like ted cruz to me? >> i am not going to say that, i am going to do what's best for the united states. >> reporter: back to you, craig. >> tony dokoupil . thank you very much. >> don't miss tonight's coverage it starts at 6:00. it is only here on msnbc. we like for you to join the discussions as well. here is today's polls question. is the john kasich/cruz alliance too little too late? we'll bring you results later in the show. extreme storms are hammering from the plains to the midwest.
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take a look at this video, lightning bolts and pearcing clouds, pounding rains and powerful winds and cars trying to navigate their way to flooded streets. 50 million people are in the path of severe thunderstorms and parts of oklahoma and kansas will get walled up strong tornados and also expected in some areas as well. nbc's new york meteorologist, steve, is joining me live. >> nothing is really that severe with it. tl mean show comes later on today. i am going to walk you over to the severe. it is in the red zone that you see here from dallas and all the way to oklahoma city and hastings nebraska, that's where we'll see the biggest threat for our storms.
10:13 am
huge hail with these. we are talking about baseball to softball size. if off car, you want to put it in the carport here. last but not least, showers and thunderstorms coming in from pennsylvania and maryland and delaware. some of these storms will be on the strong side. the real show is out in the midwest this evening. steve sosna, thank you, sir. >> you guys are the ones that's confuse and upset. we are not. i am going to be going to thursday to oregon and ted cruz is not going to oregon. >> deal or no deal, collusion confusion, call it what you like of ted cruz/john kasich alliance. we'll hear more from today's show. all of that and. more coming up from the boat house of beautiful, baltimore,
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trump. . this is this grand strategy. >> you guys, listen, you guys
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are the ones that's confused and upset. i am going to be going on thursday to oregon. ted cruz is not going to oregon. he maybe in indiana. i am not going to indiana. i am not spending resources there. i am not going on television. >> governor, just to be clear though. >> if all of your supporters still vote for you in indiana and then the cruz's supporters voting for cruz then trump will win, what's the point of this deal. >> i think you are having a hard time figuring this out. >> i am. >> i am not. we are not. you may be but we are not. the fact that the matter is, i am not over there doing town halls and i am not running television adds. we'll see how it all turns out. i think you will understand that when somebody is not over campaigning and putting their efforts in and spending money on television, you guys are hung up on the process. here is the bottom line. the bottom line is donald trump cannot beat hillary clinton. if we don't beat hillary
10:21 am
clinton, the republican party is going to give up the supreme court and we'll lose the united states senate and all the survey indicated. the fact is we are going to go to an open convention where people are going to consider, who is it that has the record of creating jobs and giving hopes to families and who is it that could beat hillary clinton. plain and simple. >> just as we can end on a simple note, the people who are watching, your message come prime da primary day, to vote for. >> i don't tell my voters what to do. first of all, i don't have voters. there are people who live in indiana will have to make the conclusion. if i am not there campaigning, i will steal votes. the same way will get votes in
10:22 am
oregon if he's not there. i don't understand what the big deal is about other than the fact that he and i preferred to have an open convention and picking the person who can best defeat. >> i have never heard a presidential candidate unwilling to go on television to tell people on the states to say "vote for me." >> this whole business is stopping hillary clinton to be president. i have not told anybody to not vote for me. i am not there campaigning. when you are not there campaign in any of the race, your turn out goes down. i don't tell people how to vote. i am not in that state right now. i will be in other states and i will be at the convention, trying to become the president of united states because i have the record and the capability to carry out the job and win in the
10:23 am
fall. >> let us end on that governor. you are nice to spend the time with us. >> oh, you guys are the best. >> oh, thank you. >> john kasich there on the "today show" this morning. tonight, brian williams and chuck todd and rachel maddow have that coverage. >> the latest on the democrats routes to the nomination.
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from the time i withdrew and the time i nominated him, i nominated him at the convention in denver. i spent an enormous amount of time convincing my supporters to support him. i am happy to say that the vast majority did. i hope we'll see the same this year. >> it is unincumbent for secretary hillary clinton to reach out. those of us who are concerned of the environment and not just big money interests. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders last night on msnbc essentially saying it is the others' responsibilities to bring the parties together once the nominee is determined. it is increasingly looking like that the nominee will be clinton. donald trump is getting involved this the democratic race suggesting sanders run as an
10:28 am
independent. bernie has been treated terribly by the democrats. both with delegates and otherwise. our political team is following every development in this democratic race. we start with msnbc chris jansing, does the sanders campaign think they could pull off any surprises at all tonight? >> reporter: i think their best chance is probably in rhode island with providence being large in progressive cities. they also like what they are seeing in ketel marte nut and in new haven, they drew 14,000 people to a rally there. those are a couple of possibilities. they know they are behind and generally, you heard bernie sanders said this in fact, it is a tremendous long shot and having said that, you heard him earlier, the question that's being asked is does he need to
10:29 am
convince his followers to go with her. listen to this exchange with andrea earlier. >> what do you say of what she's saying last night that "i am winning"? >> i think you got to count the votes before you make that declaration. >> and a little bit too confident? >> a little. there are five contests tonight. >> reporter: bernie sanders will not be in any of the five states though, he's moving onto west virginia, they are looking ahead to where they might find fertile ground. there is no indications at all that he will get through. >> thank you, chris jansing. christian welker, this is more
10:30 am
of clinton last night and sanders earlier with andrea mitchell. >> that's a yes? >> you said today that elizabeth warren has the potential to run? >> well, i was asked if i thought a woman should be on the ticket and i think if that's the case, certainly, elizabeth is one of the strongest side and the hardest working people in our country. >> why the focus on the potential women on the ticket right now? >> reporter: well, i think a couple of reasons, they're getting asked about it in the wake of the canadian prime minister putting a focus on the women in his cabinet. remember a number of female names have surfaced for potential vp picks. but, this is also a critical issue. it is an area where they can draw a sharp contrast with donald trump.
10:31 am
we have increasingly see secretary clinton do just that. if you look at the poll number, she far out paces women when it comes to support in general election. this is a point that she's going to hit hard over a number of weeks and pomonths to come if h does make it to the general election. tonight, i can tell you the clinton campaign is feeling confident for all of those reasons that chris just mapped out. the polls show she's very strong here in pennsylvania and delaware and mare lyland. tonight, i think you will see the campaign pivots more to the general election. we have seen her taking on donald trump if commercials. that's only going to ramp up in the coming days. >> christikristen welker for us. thank you, let's get out to the news of prince.
10:32 am
this is about his estate. really hard to believe that prince did not have a will. >> reporter: it is hard to believe. that's what we can say about this. his sister is in court. i did not know of the kpexisten of the will. >> in other words, prince's only biological full sibling saying in court today, we just got the documents that she ask tg court to appoints someone to help deal with this. if there is no will then those materials, his assets and the rights to his music and fortune estimated in the tens of millions of dollars, all would be handed out to those surviving siblings. in the document that i got a hold of and reviewed. most of them have called half
10:33 am
siblings or half sister or brother, we can tell you prince does not have a surviving spouse or surviving children or surviving parents. so under minnesota's law, if there is no will, that's where all those assets should go. the final thing i want to tell folks who may have the same reactions, should there be a will for someone who had this level of assets but we know thoughtful on the legal domain around his music. it is possible that there is a lawyer holding a will or sometimes wealthy individuals filed a will in secret which they allowed to do in court. right now, his sister is saying no will and is asking the assets to be distributed. >> our chief correspondence. thank you, sir. >> up next, we'll check in with
10:34 am
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it's hard to stop a trane. ally hard. from all the talk of these newly formed cruz/kasich pact. tonight in pennsylvania, it may come down to 54 people who could decide the republican nominees. the most powerful people on the ballot, not the candidates but the 54 unbound delegates. their names are listed on the ballot. they can vote for the candidate of their choosing regardless of the popular vote. msn msnbc's delegate hunter, jacob soboroff with one of those. you got delegates running their
10:38 am
own campaign of sorts to get voters to vote for them. what are they telling you, jacob. >> reporter: you know, one of them is telling me right now, this is chris in northeast philadelphia, he's one of three unbound delegates, he's virtually guaranteed to go to the convention in cleveland. you are running as uncommitted, is that right? >> yes, that's correct. >> reporter: why is that? >> i want to see how the district votes today and i am going to take that into serious consideration as to what my decision will be in cleveland. >> reporter: you are telling me you are going to go all the way in cleveland and make up your mind. >> that's a possibility. >> reporter: you heard the campaign, they have all been in touch with you and what are they saying to you and what's the craziest things you have heard from these candidates? >> i have met with all three and they made their case individually why they feel they're the best candidates?
10:39 am
>> reporter: fair system? >> i think it is a fair system because, how delegates are chosen in pennsylvania has been the same for the past 40 years. this time, it matters because the primaries have been competitive. >> reporter: i know you want to vote, i will let you go ahead and do that. 17 delegates coming out of this state. chris signed in for vote for himself as an unbound delegate. as chris gets signed in here, i am going to throw it back to you, craig. >> jacob soboroff, the delegate hunter continuing his streak of success. thank you, sir. always appreciate your work. former senior policy advisor of senator rand paul.
10:40 am
donald trump, looks like he can run up the table 20 points and depending on the polls you are looking at. is this is the last stand for the anti-trump forces tonight? >> we are looking at indiana in terms of is donald trump is going to be stopped or not. it is an interesting primary because there are 57 delegates totaled and 27 of them are given you know by popular vote but the other 30 are proportional. trump is getting down to crazy numbers here but he needs to pull 40 delegates. i don't think that he will in next week of indiana baecause i is so similar in wisconsin. do you think john kasich and cruz have decided to join forces sooner, the impact would be more measurab measurable? >> certainly, they could have somehow gotten marco rubio to stay in the race, that would help them.
10:41 am
but, you know, this is quite the year no one really has seen how it could have predicted how this is all going to unfold. so i think forming an alliance like this is politically risky. you don't ever see a single vote anywhere. that shows how high the stakes are now and how john kasich and cruz really feel they have to join forces to stop trump from getting 1237 delegates. >> there is something from our nbc's survey that caught my eye tension and i wa s and attention. >> i want to bring it to our u viewers. these are not independent minded voters. are these voters who have seen the light and have an epiphany of sort?
10:42 am
>> i think these polls fluctuated so much over the course of campaign that i really don't want to speculate one direction or another there. donald trump really has been around the same in favorable since december. he has not moved that much. while it is a slight uptake, really by this point in the game when he's the front runner, he should be doing a lot better. >> elise jordan, thank you. let's update your microsoft question now, is the kasich-cruz eye license too little or too late? you can say 88% saying yes. >> it is not too late for you to vote. you can vote on lets get to a new development out of ohio where autopsy results just released in the investigation of eight family members who were executed. nbc's blake mccoy is in ohio
10:43 am
with details. do results give any new insights of what may have happened there? >> reporter: i got off the phone with the coroner. the victims were shot to nine times each. >> potential struggles before those victims were killed. the biggest question remains the eras motive and we do not have an answer. the three homes where these eight people found killed is coming out. the generals saw signs of potential cock fighting at one of the homes. a lot of speculations here in the community that it may have been drug related. no named suspects either leaving this community in south eastern ohio on edge, craig.
10:44 am
>> blake mccoy on the scene for us in ohio, thank you, up next, upsets alliances and make or break. steve is at the big board next with the preview of what to be watching tonight. why primary day is a big day for maryland's politics. you are watching live from the boat house in canton, in baltimore, maryland.
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10:48 am
different kinds of dell gaegate pennsylvania. this is the simple one. you win the state and you get all 17. maryland is complicated. you get some to win the state but you got to win the eight congressional districts around washington dc. he could have a little trouble there. ideally for trump, he takes off 38. delaware is straightforward, winner takes all. connecticut, the key number here is 50%. trump if he's breaking 50% statewide, he has a chance to take all 28 of these. rhode island, this looks like it will be a strong trump state. the problem for trump is they give out these delegates in such a proportional way. we'll see how close to that he will get and the other question is how many of these states does he break 50%. that's one of the things his
10:49 am
opponents held against. so far, he has only done it in his home state and he maybe able to do it in three more states. >> steve, as he mentioned one of the states tonight is right here in maryland. i am joined now by a guy who knows mo knows politics from the baltimore sun. what are you been seeing and hearing? tru trump's as motive lemassive lea. >> yeah, despite efforts by john kasich and ted cruz to make the play here, the polls suggest that trump is going to have it. >> hillary clinton has a sizable lead as you know up to 25 points according to one poll, i spent
10:50 am
last week in freddie gray's neighborhood. more than a dozen folks say they can careless of who's the nominee for the president of the united states but they are watching the race here in baltimore, specifically, baltim. what are you seeing and hearing in regards to the democratic side? >> that's absolutely right. i think the democrats moved on from maryland. this was always clinton territory in a way. high african-american turnout, the kind of state clinton has done well. the mayoral race is driving a lot of turnout. what that means is higher african-american turnout and could certainly help hillary clinton. >> let's talk about the senate race, you have the congressman and donna edwards vying to be the first black woman in the u.s. senate since carol moseley braun. i talked to congressman last week in baltimore and about gender race and the role they're pl playing. here's what he said.
10:51 am
>> reporter: congressman edwards, if he elected, becomes the first black woman elected to the upper chamber since the '90s i believe. gender and race have been talked about a fair amount in this election. do you think they're talked about too much. >> no. i think we should have a very healthy conversation. here's what i hear from african-american leaders in this state of maryland, men and women, they want somebody with a track record having delivered results for the african-american community and the entire community. if you look at what we call the area in prince george's community it's currently represented by congressman edwards and the mayors of other areas, all african-american women all endorsed me because when i represented that area we got money for the community center, after school programs and money for public safety and transportation. when i talk to people of all different races and backgrounds in both genders, they're looking
10:52 am
for somebody who has a track record working with them and getting results. >> who's got the edge tonight? >> i mean, look. it's a very powerful message from donna edwards particularly give in barbara mikulski was the first woman elected in 1976. it's a powerful message. what van hollen says, he has a lot of endorsements from the african-american community and made the argument it's not about race. somebody who can get something done for everybody. >> i'm not sure anybody has the edge. >> thank you. we will be right back. windows 10 is great because i need to keep organized. school, grocery shopping. my face can unlock this computer. that's crazy. macbooks are not able to do that. "hey cortana, remind me we have a play date tomorrow at noon" i need that in my world. anything that makes my life easier, i'm using.
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welcome back to baltimore in the inner harbor. a runner as well. hello, sir. really quickly, can we show them the view we have in baltimore. this is what makes this city so doggone beautiful. i want to introduce you to two voters, one voter made up his mind, already voted and the
10:56 am
other voter we will get to you in a second. joe, i can tell by the sticker you did it. >> i did. i headed out to my polling station and voted. >> reporter: first, how was the line? >> it was not huge. i was kind of expecting lots of people waiting but pretty quick to get in and out. >> reporter: if you don't mind me asking, for whom did you cast your vote. >> i'm not sure i should say. half of my friends will be mad no matter what. i was split between clinton and sanders and went with one of them. >> reporter: how did you make up your mind? >> i did not flip a coin but i almost did. it was a last minute thing. >> reporter: corey, you're still undecided. >> yes, sir. >> reporter: how will you decide? >> i'm not quite sure. listening to a bunch of friends, reading and looking on the internet trying to figure out what i think will be best. i don't know what will be best. i don't know if coming from where we're coming from not sure what to do but it's very important for people to vote and very important to vote for
10:57 am
baltimore as well. >> reporter: two issues really important to you. >> put me on the spot here, i was undecided. i had all day to figure this out. obviously, i'm still trying to pay off student loan, trying to figure out what we will do with helping people pay for college is important and also healthcare. >> reporter: thank you, corey and joey. appreciate you and do appreciate you as well. thanks for joining us. here from baltimore. up next, my friend and colleague, erica hill, from pittsburgh, pennsylvania.
10:58 am
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cruz and kasich have just joined force. that's called collusion. collusion. how pathetic is it when they use collusion. >> i don't respond to donald trump. what are you kidding me? >> a stubborn guy who either like a


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