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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 26, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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we're at the beautiful boathouse in baltimore, maryland, one of five states people are taking time out of their busy day to vote in the primaries. it's been more than 13 months since the presidential race started in ernest. we know, it feels like 13 years. it's actually 13 months when ted cruz became the first presidential candidate to declare a run, 13 months ago. the field as welled up to two dozen total after that. by the end of next week from that enormous field we could have our final two. look at the new numbers from our nbc survey monkey poll. both hillary clinton and donald trump up big nationally. trump at 50% nationally for the first time. the front runners can't pivot to fight each other just yet, their party rivals are not giving up. the stop trump campaign has just seven days to force a contested
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convention. starting today the most crucial week determining whether the front-runner can reach the magic number of delegates to clench the nomination. five states vote today and indiana becomes a make or break battleground next week. the democrats are in a different step of the process. today, hillary clinton expected to widen her delegate lead over bernie sanders. the question becomes when if ever will bernie sanders concede the race. if you're paying attention to some clues in recent days, sanders and clinton may symbolically be negotiating the terms of that surrender. we have a super team with correspondents spread out across the northeast. we begin with donald trump, nbc katy tur covering it since last summer. how are they feeling about today? they have to be feeling good. >> they are feeling good about today. doing really well, actually an
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understated number. saying if they walk away tonight with 80 delegates they will feel they've done well. the expectations on the outside looking in are better than that. he could potentially walk away with, according to a lot of experts, 90 plus deg gats, perha -- delegates, and the northeast states resonating with his campaign and playing to his message quite well. kate. [ no sound ] >> sorry, katie, i couldn't hear you just then. you stopped and i apologize. hard to hear sometimes when you're in the field. i appreciate it. thanks for being with us. voters in indiana head to the polls next week. ted cruz is already there. as for the candidate who won't be in indiana, that's john kasich won't be there. he ceded indiana to cruz in exchange for cruz backing off
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oregon and new mexico part of the plan to force a contested convention. this morning when pressed to say whether he still wants indiana voters to support him, here's what he told nbc's matt lauer. >> just so we can end on a plain and simple note, the people in indiana watching this program right now, your message come primary day there is to vote for -- >> look, i'm not getting into that, matt. things are not so plain and simple. i don't tell my voters what to do. firstoff, i don't have voters. there are people who live in indiana who have to make a conclusion. is john kasich over here voting or not? if i'm not there campaigning i will get fewer votes than if i were over there campaigning, the same way ted cruz will get fewer votes in oregon if he's not there. i don't understand what's so -- what the big deal is about this other than the fact he and i
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would both prefer have an open convention where delegates can pick the person who can best defeat hillary clinton. >> polls show donald trump is poised to walk away as the big winner tonight if those polls hold true. what does that mean for his rivals in a last ditch effort trying to slow down the front-runner. kasie hunt is in philadelphia, following the stop trump movement. where does it stand today, ca y kasie? >> reporter: hi, kate. no question on the hole it will represent a setback for this movement. one number you might want to pay attention to tonight for those folks looking to see whether or not trump won't be able to get to this 1237 number is 100. that's the potential line in the sand on delegates he could pick up tonight. if he gets more than 100 of these delegates, he's going to be well on his way to hitting that 1237 number before the cleveland convention. if it's less than 100, though,
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there will be more window of opportunity for these stop trump force, that representing the outside groups working to try and make sure trump is not the nominee and the candidates running against trump, john kasich and ted cruz. the focus will shift pretty quickly to indiana, a week from today. john kasich, ceding that territory to ted cruz. the question, is it too little too late and what are kasich voters going to do? i have been talking to folks on the ground talking to their supporters both before and after this deal was announced. the kasich supporters seem to be breaking down into two camps. first the camp that seems pretty disappointed this is transpar t transparently happening but seem willing to consider an alternative, i will think through this and, yes, i can understand why voting for ted cruz will ultimately accomplish my goal, that's one set. the other set of people said i couldn't stomach voting for ted
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cruz. you think about the fact cruz and kasich have represented opposite wings of this republican party, there are definitely republicans who can't see themselves voting for ted cruz especially the role he's played in washington and senate in recent years. the question is which group is bigger the end of the day and is it enough to put ted cruz over the edge? he needs to win the state outright and play the game with the delegates in indiana, bound on the first ballot but not after that, kate. >> kasie hunt following this top trump movement. the end of the day in one week, the plan to force a contested convention. nbc's tony is out at a polling area long labeled as kasich country, he joins us now.
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hey, tony. >> reporter: hey, casey. this should be kasich country. beautiful affluent county, a dem grohhic john kasich should do well with. you recall in maryland county we were talking to voters about what to do with guidance from the campaign? should they switch their vote to cruz or stay with kasich? we came here to talk with a lot of the voters and it seems the confusion remains. the co-chair of his indiana election campaign, jim brainard, a mayor of a nearby town, he is running the show here and we wanted to talk to him about what he thinks voters should do, a conflicting message, kasich said voters ought to vote for me and then i won't tell voters what to do. his co-chair said i think voters should vote for cruz. we went one last time to the co-chair and said, mayor, who do you think the voters ought to
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vote for and he backed out, i don't want to get into it. that's clearly the new message from the kasich campaign and signal they are not going to campaign here but not willing to go the whole way and tell their vote others to cross over to cruz. the vote is quite chaotic, one family the mother voting kasich but wanting cruz. father voting for trump and the son wanting cruz but voting kasich. there is a lack of clarity and very fascinating to see where the numbers add up a week from now. back to you. >> wow, quite a story about the one family. since we have you, tony, we have that sound from the mayor. let's play that and we can talk a little more. >> i think voters are supposed to vote who they think will be the best candidate against the diabet democratic contender they need to looking through polling and see who can win in the fall.
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>> reporter: if the best path to stop donald trump is to vote for ted cruz, why not tell vote others to vote for ted cruz? >> i won't second-guess the campaign. i assume it's very smart people running the campaign. that's been their decision. they won't allocate resources in indiana and the cruz campaign apparently agreed not to allocate resources in oregon. it seems like a reasonable strategy you think about not splitting up that vote so we can get to the convention and make sure someone can win in the fall. clearly unorthodox but unorthodox times. >> do you sense a disconnect between what's happening on the local level and national level? >> reporter: hugely so. one day prior in an interview with "the indianapolis star" local newspaper, that co-chair of the campaign, jim brainard, said explicitly kasich voters in
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indiana should get on board and vote for cruz as a way to stop donald trump. clearly, the campaign reached out and changed his tune, not even telling us who he's voting for on the ground and the message is really a mess here, kate. >> all right. they have a week to figure out their messages. tony, thanks. still ahead, is it time for bernie sanders to negotiate the terms of surrender? >> reporter: what do you say to she's saying last night, hillary clinton saying, i'm winning. >> i think you have to count the votes before you make that declaration. >> a little too overconfident? >> we have five contests and we think we will do just fine. >> his wife, jane, will join me to discuss the path they see. first, if the cruz-kasich
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gy we're back at the boathouse in baltimore. today is the most crucial 7-day stretch in donald trump's quest for the magic number of delegates, 1237. here is his political road map. trump needs to win 90 to 95 of the 118 pledged delegates up for grabs today in the five states vo voting. second, about two-thirds of pennsylvania's 54 unbound
12:16 pm
delegates need to side with donald trump. here's the big one. he needs to win indiana, even if it's a delegate split with ted cruz next week. if he fails at any one of those three tasks, the stop trump movement has a chance at a contested convention moving forward. joining me now, ken blackwell, senior advisor for the anti-trump, our principles pack. nice to see you again. >> hi, kate. >> let me put that screen back again, to hammer this home. looking at those three goals that says, donald trump needs to meet, if he does those things, he wins the nomination. what is your strategy to stop him from any of those three? stop him from winning? >> we will put a real bright spotlight on donald trump's record and lack of commitment to the principles that have
12:17 pm
distinguished the republican party and conservative movement. most notably, here, you have a guy who is the master of cronyism trying to position himself as a reformer. here is a guy who has done business with governor mcauliffe in virginia. here is a guy who has done business with hillary clinton. here is a guy who's done business with every big government liberal in new york who wants to be the standard bearer for the republican party. we believe in fact we can shine that light on his record and use our resources, we will do two things, we will in fact win the day with the unbound delegates from pennsylvania and we will in fact defeat him in indiana. >> so you're pointing to pennsylvania and indiana. let's take a couple minutes to look at ad spending, if you will bear with me. not a lot of money today spent by the anti-trump groups, hardly any. 100,0$100,000 spent on ads in ts
12:18 pm
sta states, the five voting today. while the team behind the trump runner, trump, spending 1$1.3 million today. we're looking at a screen that shows indiana. here's the contrast with indiana on the right there. team trump spending just under a million dollars in indiana, together, team cruz and anti-trump force like yours spending four times that amount. you're spending a lot of money in indiana. can we assume, ken, by looking at those numbers on the screen, you are solely wholly focused blocking him in indiana? >> we are focused on winning delegate by delegate, we are concentrating on the delegates in pennsylvania, the unbound delegates and in fact we are focused our resources on defe defeating him in indiana. we're going to shine a light on this guy's record. he is not who he purports to be and we're not going to let him get the nomination with
12:19 pm
platitudes and false promises. >> is your pac going up with even more ads in indiana? >> we will in fact spend plenty. there will be efforts of multiplicity ofpacks and candidates. the cruz campaign most notably that will in fact work to defeat donald trump in indiana. we understand there are votes already baked in the cake through early voting. we understand there are folks supportive of kasich who will still vote for kasich. but by kasich retreating from indiana and giving the field to cruz, folks who have not made up their mind, folks who are in their easy chairs at home, you get them to the polls, you convince those workers, those voters, and in fact you win the day, you defeat donald trump.
12:20 pm
>> ken, are you telling them -- are you telling them in indiana to vote cruz? if you heard our last report from tony, folks are confused, coming in for early voting and not sure what they're supposed to do if they want to stop donald trump. >> we will let the cruz campaign advance their cause. we will shine a light on his record. again, he is the master, he is the king of cronyism. he is not a reformer. here is a guy who claims to want to be the standard bearer of the republican party who has gone after not only the leadership of the republican party, but the rank and file members of the republican party objectifying them as the bad guys. this is a crazy way to approach it and we are in fact going to underscore that craziness. i think, you know, donald trump will not -- will not win
12:21 pm
indiana. >> can i ask you a yes or no question finally? if you don't succeed, if trump goes on to be the nominee, what does your group -- what do you do? do you support hillary clinton? >> what do you mean? no. the answer to that question is no. >> in a general election. >> like i said, the answer is -- to the question is no. i am a conservative. i am a republican. we will -- our goal is to defeat hillary clinton. she will be a third term of barack obama and destroy all of the fundamentals of american exceptionalism. >> i understand that. i meant if your choice was trump or clinton. >> listen, listen. we're not going -- we're not going -- if trump gets 1237, trump will be the nominee. it won't be my father's republican party, it won't be my conservative movement but in fact it will be an alternative, i hope, to hillary clinton.
12:22 pm
we know what she stands for. we have to flush out what donald trump really stands for, but i think the best way is to defeat donald trump and give a true conservative standard bearer the opportunity to lead the party to victory in november. >> ken blackwell, thank you for your time, sir. thank you. >> thank you. >> let's turn to other news now, other news, we're getting new details today of the investigation into that execution style murder of eight family members in ohio. autopsy results just released are shedding new light into what happened the night eight family members were killed execution style. nbc's blake mccoy is live in piketon, ohio. this has been such a mystery. what are we learning from the autopsy results? >> reporter: unfortunately, kate, still no murder or suspects in this killing of
12:23 pm
eight family members that happened over three homes. what we have learned from the autopsy results, i spoke to the coroner personally, she said each of the victims was shot anywhere from 1 to 9 times and bruising on some of the bodies indicated some put up a struggle. investigators are coming through more than 300 leads and they have found evidence of illegal activity. the attorney general saw evidence of cock fighting and rooster breeding and at all three they found marijuana gr growing operations fueling speculation this is drug related although it is all speculation at this point, the investigation very much ongoing and no suspects as this community is on edge and we wait for word on who these killers may be. kate. >> blake mccoy, thank you so much. live pictures of hillary clinton at a steel company in hammond, indiana, spending part of her day there. when we come back, we turn to
12:24 pm
the increasingly testy democratic race as clinton seeks a sweep today and bernie sanders refusing to surrender saying clinton is too overconfident. >> i don't like either of the democratic candidates and not too pleased with the republicans either to be frank. this is the worst election i have ever seen in my life and i've seen many of them. >> reporter: why do you feel that way? >> too much personalities involved. not enough issues being discussed. everybody is attacking everybody else. ♪
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welcome back. we're live from the boathouse in baltimore just hours before polls start closing here. tonight, hillary clinton is poised to expand her delegate lead over bernie sanders if the pog ho polling holds true. regardless of the outcome, sanders vows to press on. hillary clinton heads back to pennsylvania tonight for her
12:28 pm
watch party. nbc's kelly o'donnell is covering the democratic field for us in indianapolis today. kelly, set the stage for us. what are the expectations out of both campaigns? what are you hearing? >> reporter: certainly on the clinton side they are seeking to expand a quiet inevitability for her to become the nominee. they want to be respectful of sanders and especially his voters believing he does not have the room left in the available states to mount a serious challenge to her likelihood of becoming the nominee. of course, bernie sanders and his very energized and devoted foll followers see this differently. sanders wants to play this out and give voters a chance to weigh in. we've seen how he has had stretches in this campaign season he has racked up win after win after win and he's brought some voters into the party who might not have
12:29 pm
otherwise been as engaged and interested this year. saying it's too soon to be co t counting the votes cast today or looking too far dn the line. as he points out, california is still to vote, the largest state with the most in play. it is this sort of quiet dance that you see between campaigns that want to keep the fight going and at the same time, there is some positioning within the party that needs to take place. there's definitely some in the sanders camp who feel the clinton team has been too sharp elbowed trying to get sanders to bow out of this race and wanting to extract from him now some pledge to back him and to try to bring his supporters along before the race has reached its conclusion. i was at an event this morning with bill clinton, former president, campaigning in indiana, looking ahead and he told an antidote about young voters.
12:30 pm
a sanders event and hillary clinton event choosing to register to vote for hillary clinton. key, he was talking about a young voter, that's been the demographic she has had difficulty attracting. back to you, kate. >> kelly o'donnell following the democrats. thanks. on the points she made, last night's town hall, clinton got a little fired up. rachel maddow asked clinton about sanders' statements, even if clinton beat him in the prir prima primaries, it wouldn't necess y necessarily be a given his supporters would work for her. here's part of how she po responded. >> i have 2.7 million more votes, real people showing up to cast their vote, to express their opinion than senator sanders. i have a bigger lead in pledged delegates than senator obama when i ran against him in 2008 ever had over me. i am winning and i'm winning because of what i stand for and what i've done and what my ideas
12:31 pm
are. >> i want to bring in jane sanders, wife of senator bernie sanders, one of his top advisors, nice to see you again. good to see you. let me ask you about what we just heard. hillary clinton last night, with really some sharp responses, y saying, i am winning. she certainly does not seem ready to concede that he has any strength in this election at all. >> well, it's clear that he's winning among those under 45, which is the future of the democratic party and the future of the nation. yes, she's right that in -- she's right a little bit, she's not winning by 2.7 million people, she's not counting the cauc caucuses, which bernie has won. so, i think that the fact is today there's five more contests and four of them are closed. so all of the people we're bringing into the democratic
12:32 pm
process, all the people that are excited about politics and haven't voted in the democratic party before, in four of those states will not have the option to do so then. that hurts us. that has hurt us throughout, that we have too many closed prima primaries. rhode island is an open primary and we hope to do well there. we hope to win there. we hope to do well in pennsylvania, connecticut and the other states. it's a proportional representation. in terms of delegates, we'll split the delegates. >> right. let me ask you about a memo that just came out, i think it came out last hour, 2:30 eastern time, sent out by jef weaver, your campaign manager for bernie sanders, written to people who support sanders, asking for donati donations. here's the key line. jef weaver says, talking about the clinton campaign, he says, they are saying that by continuing to campaign and fight for every vote, every delegate that we are helping donald
12:33 pm
trump. they've used language reserved for traitors to our country s saying we are quote giving aid and comfort to trump. he goes on to say, let me be clear, there is one candidate in this democratic primary donald trump said would make a great president and it's not bernie sanders. they show a picture here of hillary clinton standing next to donald trump. this is pretty fierce, jane. this is getting -- this is getting -- i don't know what the adjective is a little bit -- to accuse the clinton campaign of being traitors, using language that -- i'm sorry, not accusing them of that, accusing them of using language, calling bernie a traitor, are we getting to a whole new level in this race? >> i haven't seen jen's mf's me sent out. i do know we are in this race to the end. there's 10 states that haven't voted yet. 20% of america has not voted
12:34 pm
yet. so we need to play this out and have the different candidates -- have everybody have the option not only to choose their candidate but also to choose the direction which this country is going in. secretary clinton and bernie have very differing views about the future of our country. he got into this race because he thi thinks, and he knows from his experience down in washington, that too few people are making decisions about what is affe affecting everyday americans. we have lobbyists, big campaign contributors and corporate interests calling the tunes in washington. he's saying we have to get away from that. i think that that is something people need to be able to weigh in on. >> so the news is developing as i'm sitting here, jane, i'm just getting word from my producers the "new york times" is repo reporting, i think i have this right. the "new york times" is sugge
12:35 pm
suggesting bernie sanders tonight will reassess his campaign. is that something that you are privy to? >> no. >> are you going to have a reassessment tonight? >> no. no. we assess on an everyday basis. kate, you know that even if he had a string of wins, like eight in a row or he's won states by landslide victories, nobody in the media, and certainly not the "new york times" has ever said he has a chance to win. that's not right. it's kind of crazy that you don't understand that what he is offering and is resonating among young people is an alternative future. we are talking about transfo transforming this country, transforming america, so that people, regular people, working class, the disappearing middle class, are at the center of our policy making, dealing with the issue that 20% of our kids live in poverty, that our teenagers
12:36 pm
are not sure they can go to college and our college students are bankrupting their future being able to pay for it. there are a lot of issues we need to discuss and we -- i still hope springs eternal, i still hope that the mass media will actually start to discuss the issues instead of the horse race or whether somebody is assessing or reassessing getting out. since iowa, we have been asked at every election, are you getting out now? no. the answer is, no. we're in it until the convention. and after the convention, if bernie is the candidate or if he isn't the candidate, the political revolution, trying to transform this country, will go forward. >> i take your point completely. but i do want to read because i want to be accurate here, i want to read what the "new york times" is saying, quote senator bernie sanders and his campaign
12:37 pm
advisors plan to reassess aft after -- where his candidacy stands after five states vote this tuesday and will remain in the race until this summer. does that sound what your plans are tonight, you will reassess but stay in? >> we've been talking regularly about what to do. if you look at this race from the time he announced until now, he has been consistent. he's offering a vision for the future. he's running for the presidency and he's saying, even winning the presidency is not enough. we need a movement, we need a political revolution. we need to bring people's voices into the process. if he's the nominee, he's going to welcome that movement to help him move this country forward, not just in the white house but in congress, governor's seats, in legislators. if he's not, he's going to lead
12:38 pm
that movement. so i think we're not talking about reassessing anything. i heard at the beginning, you were talking about the fact some people are saying -- and jeff is s saying, you know, they're trying to push us out of the race and they keep on saying, secretary clinton says she supported barack obama. she supported him in the summer before the election and the fall. she did not support him in april. she stayed on until june, and then she negotiated with them. >> right. >> and then she came out for them. >> that's right. she made the point last night in her town hall here on msnbc, that the distance that she had between her and barack obama was smaller than the distance right now, she would say, between her and bernie sanders. >> well, i think, in a way, she's correct. but the distance in the general election between who can win the general election is quite wider. bernie in every poll for the
12:39 pm
last three months has led every one of the republicans. secretary clinton is barely b t beating trump and cruz and lo losing to kasich. that's been consistent. the difference is he's bringing independents into the process. he also wins some republicans, some old-fashioned common sense republicans. secretary clinton does not. the process, the closed prima primaries and the not -- you know, in new york, you had to register as a democrat in october to be able to vote for bernie this month. so those worked against us. he's a lot closer to winning a general than secretary clinton is. >> jane sanders, i'm glad we had you with us this hour as all this news is developing. thank you for being with us again. appreciate it. >> thanks, kate. sorry i wasn't aware of any of it beforehand. >> it's all happening as we're
12:40 pm
talking, i know. i appreciate you rolling with us and givine ining us your respon. thank you so much. >> no problem. >> after all the talk of a cruz-kasich alliance and the millions of dollars the stop trump movement has spent on ads, it may come down to 54 people we've been talking about today. they're called unbound delegates. they don't have to tell voters who they're going to support. this is in the state of pennsylvania where trump has led most public polls and could end up winni ning congress at distrs but maybe lose delegates. for more on those unbound delegates, let's go to delegate hunter jacob soboroff and try to find out what will happen. jacob, what do you know? >> reporter: hey, kate, this is elizabeth running for unbound delegate in the second district in pennsylvania. she's doing double duty picking up her kids, andrew and spencer.
12:41 pm
she already had a chance to vote for herself. she is remaining on the first ballot uncommitted but go with the residents of her districts. why did you make that decision? >> i think it's the most fair thing to do. my understanding of the rules prior to this particular election we were asked to vote for the candidate who won our congressional district. as i've gone out and talked to voters, that's what they want. they want their vote to count. on the first ballot at least i'll be voting for whoever won our district. >> reporter: you said on sequential ballots you will make up your own mind. there were people upset by this cruz-kasich alliance recently. you're hearing a little bit about that today. how is that manifesting itself at the polling place? >> interestingly, it seems the people leading cruz and trying to decide between cruz and trump have picked trump. seems to not have affected the kasich voters. i have heard from a number of people around the township they're getting similar
12:42 pm
feedback. >> reporter: i want to leave it there and ask the boys real quick, your mom could be a very powerful official picking the next president. how does that feel? >> awesome. >> reporter: how does that feel for you? >> cool. >> reporter: i would think it would be pretty cool if my mom was in that position also, kate. >> i would, too. thanks so much. she has a lot of power. appreciate it. for more on this, lets bring in dan, vice president of advocacy for the smoot group and director for the obama campaign in 2012, northeast. i say that because you know exactly what these democratic candidates are going through right now as we have five states voting today. let's focus in on pennsylvania, if i can. you worked pennsylvania for obama in 2012. you know the area. i want to play a clip, if i can, of sanders earlier today, talking to msnbc's andrea mitchell about his chances in pennsylvania. >> i think if there's a large
12:43 pm
voter turnout we will do just fine. our message we need to deal with income and wealth inequality in a corrupt campaign finance system is resonating throughout this state. looks to me like we have a lot of support here. >> is the senator right? will a large turnout help him today. you just heard jane sanders talking about this as well. they think they have a shot. >> i don't think it will help them today. it's a tough state for him. some parts of pennsylvania look like the parts of new york he did well in, erie and buffalo similar geographically but a lot of the state, philadelphia, looks like the kind of support there for secretary clinton, a closed primary, every poll has her up by double digits and some much more than that. maryland, let's not frorget tha state right below pennsylvania, those combined are more than the entire state of new york. she will do really well in maryland. i think mathematically she will
12:44 pm
probably come out stronger than a week ago and mag nnified by t fact we're a week further an contest deeper in the primary. i don't see mathematically a chance he has and been that way for a while. the question is, you saw that with jane sanders, they're messaging with what is the message of their supporters, what is the path of their campaign and what do they want this movement to be about, a tough question. >> she pushed back really hard on this "new york times" report that they will reassess the campaign tonight. she said it's not a reasse reassessment, we're moving forward and she could not have been more clear. you've been in this position, you're on the winning side. >> easier that way. >> you managed campaigns, easier when you're president obama going for the victory. what would be the discussions happening right now after tonight assuming bernie sanders can't pull off a victory in pennsylvania? >> i have a lot of sympathy from where they stand. they've been running a good hard strong campaign attracting a lot
12:45 pm
of support, bringing new people in the process. it feels to them very much like the movement they describe. i think that's authentic. it's hard to hit the brakes that fast. i think he saw in new york they weren't quite prepared to hit the brakes in transition and i've not heard any sources indicate new york, and it wouldn't surprise me if they say we know what the numbers look like on the primary today, it will be tough for us to make a mathematical claim. we can keep fighting and winning but we shouldn't attack her. this is a really important thing. he brought in millions of people in this political process, a great credit, great thing for his campaign and great thing for the party and the country. if they are set up for disappointment or led to believe there's a rigged system against them, they will leave the process. not only will they be lost, the movement will not go forward the way jane sanders indicated they wanted to go forward. i think it's really important after tonight they take a breath, they keep fighting.
12:46 pm
they will need time to close this out on a high note but do so in a way that allows them to ke this movement alive and keep people invested now part of that political process, not leaving it. >> dan, nice to have you with us again. appreciate it. >> thanks, kate. after the break, the long short list. we're talking veeps. >> would you have women on your cabinet? >> absolutely, i would. i would have women, the most capable people on my cabinet. >> would you agree carlify orr n orrinny would be a great vice president with you? carly fiorina would be a great vice president with you? >> i don't know. that reaction was not the most overwhelming i've ever heard. every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and thatnlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands
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12:50 pm
begin that process. we've begun examining a long list and shorter list that's been called and that naturally includes a vetting process. at this point, no decisionsn ma nominee would be or what the timing would be of the announcement. >> we're back here live at the boat house, canton, in baltimore, maryland. that was senator ted cruz yesterday talking about his vice presidential vetting process, this as a number of process are starting to talk about the issue. and for more, let's bring in senior editor beth fuohy. beth, we all love a good conversation about the veepstakes, about who's going to run for -- it's like, once we get the candidates, we want to know who the vice president's going to be. so today we learned -- or actually, yesterday we learned that carly fiorina is being vetted by the cruz campaign. if you look at that objectively, carly fiorina as a second to cruz, would that be a good combo, politically speak? >> she shares his hard-edge
12:51 pm
conservativism. we know she's from california, it's a nice geographic blend. but really what cruz is doing with floating that out there, it was more about him than carly fiorina. he wants to show that he's in this to the convention. he's pushing away any chatter that trump shortly will have the delegates wrapped up and will have the nomination. cruz is acting as though he's the nominee, that's why he had to float a name, to show that he's thinking about a ticket. he's not just trying to catch trump, he's going all the way. >> and donald trump answering a question about whether he might have women in his cabinet, potentially on the ticket. on sunday, south carolina's lieutenant governor said that mary fallin might be a good pick for trump's vice president. trump tweeted back, great job and address. what about that, mary fallin and donald trump?
12:52 pm
>> whoa, tea leaves. i think the bigger issue, who's going to want to serve as trump's vice president? it's a tricky place to be. number two to someone who relishes the spotlight, one could call a narcissist, doesn't share zero -- very well. he's pushed away so many students, women, persons of color, losers. to be associated with that brand as a political career person is going to be hard to do. it's not really where most people typically land when they run for vice president. it elevates them and makes the country look at them in this new way, in a positive way. this is going to make people look like, wow, number two to donald trump, is that a person i have a lot of confidence in? think about the fact that chris christie who endorsed trump has all but disappeared. it doesn't work well for anybody getting behind trump for their own personal brand.
12:53 pm
>> can we quickly talk about hillary clinton? there's a lot of names, sher yod brown of ohio, elizabeth warren, another woman on the ticket, new jersey's cory booker, what about all them? >> there's good reasons for all of those to be the named that are floated. sherrod brown, like bernie sanders, he's from ohio, he'd be a great pick. tim cane from virginia, another big swing state, fluent spanish speaker. many of people of color in the democratic coalition want to see a person of color on the ticket so she has a fair number of people who would probably help her to strengthen and reinforce some of the weaknesses she has in certain parts of the country. >> and speaking of hillary clinton, beth fuohy, thanks so much. i'm going to move over to indiana, where hillary clinton is actually speaking right now. we'll take a listen to what she's having to say on this primary day. >> workers like the assets they
12:54 pm
are, not costs to be cost, and it is important that we do everything possible to make any company that shifts jobs overseas, pay back any tax benefits they got from the american people. [ applause ] carrier in indianapolis plans to close down operations and lay off 1,400 workers. u tech in huntington is laying off around 700 more. and that is just six months after their parent company upon spent $12 billion on stock buybacks for shareholders. and i stress that point, because there are a lot of folks who think they know that all of this is caused by trade agreements and i believe trade agreements contribute to it, but it's also caused by quarterly capitalism,
12:55 pm
by quarterly shareholders, by company ceos who don't put their workers' success ahead of their own bonuses and the pressures they are facing from the analysts that evaluate their stock. so i'm saying to ceos who think they can make a quick buck by turning their backs on our country, the country, by the way, that made them successful in the first place -- >> hillary clinton speaking in hammond, indiana, on this day, as five states are voting. indiana votes a week from today. the polls close here in maryland just over four hours from now. voter turn-out expected to be higher than usual in part because the presidential nominations are still up for grabs. they got a lot of local races that are of interest. craig melvin is at a polling location in baltimore. what are you seeing out there? >> reporter: kate, you know, this is the same polling
12:56 pm
location where you were earlier, we're in the mt. vernon neighborhood, four different wards vote here. i'm going to step out of the way, so you can see democracy in action. i talked to a long-time poll worker a short time ago. he described turn-out as heavier than usual. said they had a huge rush this morning, literally out the door. they're expecting a huge rush this evening as well. we've also been conducting informal polling as well. i got to tell you, despite that being a diverse area in terms of race, age, and socio-economic status as well, this appears to be bernie sanders country. take a listen. >> you're aware the math is against him right now? >> i am. >> but you decided to vote for him anyway? >> definitely. i support the message and if hillary is the ultimate candidate, i want to make sure that she knows there's a strong progressive base out there who
12:57 pm
supports that message. >> reporter: okay, we should also note here former maryland governor martin o'malley, i walked up outside the polling location a short time ago, former maryland governor martin o'malley hanging out with his son, who is a chris van hollen volunteer. and we talked about "the new york times" article that you were referencing, suggesting that bernie sanders is going to reassess tonight. o'malley said that's not the best idea. he said he thinks sanders can win california, thinks he should stay in the race. kate? >> oh, that's interesting. nice job meeting up with martin o'malley on the street there. thanks so much. that's going to do it for this hour of msnbc live. i'm kate snow. join our special primary coverage at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. brian williams, rachel maddow, chuck todd will be with you, but for now, chris hayes picks things up right after a break. we've got that thing! you know...diarrhea?
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