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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 26, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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♪ good evening, i'm chuck todd right here at the red owl tavern in philadelphia. you couldn't pick a better spot for an election day. we are just a stone's throw from historical independence hall, covering a primary night where democracy was actually born. call me a little hokey, but walking around here today, i got even the cynical guy got a few chills thinking about that aspect. so it's the best place to welcome you to the start of
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msnbc's special coverage of tonight's wave of northeast primary contests. we're not naming it. a lot of you on twitter are trying to do that. we'll let you. we're less than three hours from polls closing from these five northeastern states, including right here in pennsylvania. lots of story lines, especially on the republican side, thanks to the state's crucially importantly unbound delegates. we are also just moments away from our first look at the early exit polls in three of tonight's key contests, pennsylvania, connect and maryland. sorry delaware and rhode island, we decided not to exit poll you. we'll have all of that in just a few seconds, but the stakes here, let's set them. pretty big on both sides. for republicans, these primaries mark the start of a make or break week in the republican race. we can look back on tonight as the end of a two-week run from trump won the nomination. no matter what happens next week
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in indiana. it's been that important for trump. for the democrats, clinton is poised to expand her lead over sanders tonight. a big clinton sweep could all but eradicate sanders' dwindling hopes of victory. in fact, if you factor in super delegate endorsements, there's a chance that sanders could be mathematically eliminated tonight. again, that's if you count super delegate endorsements as gospel, which of course we know everybody, including a lot of sanders supporters, do not. but we begin with the dire state of the stop trump movement on the republican side of the aisle. the countless missed opportunities against trump that have marred the past few weeks, and how two weeks in april could very well close the book on this contest. trump could pull off a sweep of tonight's contest. the polling averages have trump with massive leads in the big states voting tonight. if he wins 95 of the delegates, very real possibility, plus he
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gets a healthy chunk of pennsylvania's unbound delegates, 50 to 55% of them, he could be riding serious momentum next week in indiana. which has become an alamo of sorts for the stop trump efforts, particularly ted cruz. if trump does well, all he needs to do is split the vote with ted cruz in indiana and he'll have a narrow, but fairly clear path to the nomination. if you're in the stop trump movement, you've got to be asking yourself, what the heck happened? on april 5th, cruz had just given the never trump movement a big lift thanks to a dominant win in wisconsin. but the last two weeks, riddled with missed opportunities. what happened to kasich competing in the northeast? born and raised in the area. huge missed opportunity. second, the cruz-kasich alliance, crumbling on multiple fronts right now. this pact might have been much more effective six weeks ago.
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imagine what maryland and pennsylvania would mean tonight for kasich and stop trump. just saying, if this pact had been signed a month ago. call it too little, too late. but this morning, in what was nothing short of approaching a head-scratching interview, kasich refused to push voters toward ted cruz in indiana, which supposedly is the entire point of this alliance against trump in that do or die state. take a listen. >> on a plain and simple note, the people in indiana who are watching this program right now, your message come primary day there is to vote for? >> look, i'm not getting into that, matt. things are not so plain and simple. i don't tell my voters what to do. >> literally in that moment, i think we were all banging our head against the wall. couldn't believe that one. third, outside groups opposing trump have sat on their hands in
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the northeastern states, partially because cruz and kasich didn't decide to do this alliance until the very end. they spent nothing in new york where trump won every delegate that new york had. they spent zippy in connecticut, nothing in rhode island, or delaware. $10,000 in pennsylvania and $91,000 in maryland. they've run out the clock on themselves. which means, they think it's indiana or bust, but they could win indiana and still bust if tonight goes as well for trump as it looks. fourth missed opportunity. the rnc has also sat on his hands. last week's meeting of rule makers and delegates, why did they sit on their hands? due to threats that trump would attack them as crooked or rigged. and reince priebus used the meeting to reject the stop trump movement in its entirety. listen. >> it's essential to victory in november that we all support our candidate. politics is a team sport and we
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can't win unless we rally around whoever becomes our nominee. >> and the fifth missed opportunity, probably the party's best alternative to fire up the stop trump movement, to unite the republican party against trump and then eventually against hillary clinton decided to say no thanks. that was speaker paul ryan who loudly took himself out of the running about ten days ago. >> i do not want, nor will i accept the nomination for our party. count me out. if you want to be the nominee for our party to be the president, you should actually run for it. >> so if ryan won't save the party from trump, if the rnc chairman isn't going to save the party from trump, if cruz and kasich are going to wait until the very last minute to try to come up with an alliance, then who is? folks, all of those missed opportunities have happened in the last two weeks. and if trump rolls tonight, watch out.
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all right, let's get our fabulous team of correspondents on the program here. we have every angle of tonight's big contest covered, starting with katy tur, with the trump campaign at trump tower tonight where trump will speak following tonight's results. and then with me here in philadelphia, andrea mitchell, kristen welker and kasie hunt. but let's kick it off with katy tur outside trump tower. katy, obviously, on one hand, tonight could be a big night for trump, but i got to ask you a secondary story. because it's primary day, it hasn't gotten a lot of attention. who is running the trump campaign? and i feel like i can't believe i'm asking this late in the process again. >> reporter: i feel like that changes from day to day. there's this internal struggle that we've been reporting on for a couple weeks now between cory lewandowski who is trump's campaign manager and paul manafort who is his convention manager. a few weeks ago, it was paul manafort running things, and we
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saw that by trump not being on the sunday shows lately, also cleaning up his act a little bit on the campaign trail, starting to sound like he was tighter when it came to his stump speechings, hspeech in s, he's still doing the talking points to a degree, but now there's all this talk that cory lewandowski is getting more power because donald trump was chaffing at the idea of paul manafort telling him what to do, spending money, when donald trump has been winning with the idea of let trump be trump. i think we'll find out a lot tomorrow when it comes to the foreign policy speech he's giving in d.c. the speech, i'm told he'll be reading that from a teleprompter. he's re-written it, which means that somebody else wrote it to begin with. but we'll see how trump, it sounds like. i'm told basically it's going to be a lot of the talking points we've heard on the campaign trail when it comes to foreign policy, stuff like the wall and how he'll tackle isis, but in a more coherent and cohesive
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format. it's extraordinarily detailed, i think we'll have an answer to the question, which is that paul manafort is more in charge. if it sounds a lot like donald trump with the grand promises and less substance, i think we'll see that the lewandowski side has won out with the let trump be trump idea. so far that has worked, i have to say. >> well, that's true. and you can tell based on this reporting that maybe trump wants to be trump again. he doesn't like the shackles that have been put on him a little bit. katy tur in new york city, thank you very much. let's head now to indiana where we find hallie jackson, covering the cruz campaign. we know we've been having some trouble with your shot because of the weather, which is coming over here soon. so hallie, if you cut out, viewers now know why. but very quickly before you do, tell us about how cruz wants to handle tonight. and is there a definition of what a good night is? he could finish third and all five primaries tonight and it wouldn't be a shock.
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>> he could. so how does he want to get past tonight? quickly, i think, is the bottom line to get to tomorrow, to try to reset the narrative in this race. and even if the campaign comes in third, in let's say, pennsylvania, that's a state that the campaign has identified as key because of the unbound delegates. so there's a sense in the campaign i'm told by aides, that even if they were to come in behind trump, if they were to pick up a couple dozen delegates, they would feel like they're in good shape, and they can get on to the business of resetting the narrative. the way they had to do with wisconsin, drawing parallels there. they had more time to do it before wisconsin. they'll have less time to do it before the indiana primary. watch for ted cruz to basically move here and call the hoosiers basically his second home. you played that clip talking about the cruz-kasich alliance, we talked to cruz supporters about that here today.
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we showed them that clip. here's their reaction. >> i was not impressed. it sounded like he wouldn't even ask for the vote. he wouldn't even ask for my vote when given the opportunity to ask for my vote, which says to me, he doesn't really want it. >> which whole cruz-kasich alliance, does it confuse you? >> i don't like it. i see what they're doing, it's like they're playing a game. so, i mean, grow up. >> reporter: kasich meeting with governor pence in indiana tonight. i'm told by a source familiar with that meeting that it shouldn't be considered campaigning, it's just two governors talking while kasich is in the state doing a fund-raiser. and one more final note, look at the spending. cruz, $2.2 million. anti-trump forces, $2.2 million. it's four times as much as donald trump has spent in the state so far. >> and five times as much as anything that was spent in any of the primary states tonight. where the delegates are the same as what you earn in indiana.
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anyway, hallie jackson, thank you very much. late today, with an intriguing big headline from "the new york times." fired a lot of people up. it said, senator bernie sanders and his campaign advisers plan to reassess where his candidacy stands after five states vote on tuesday. though he is adamant that he will remain in the race until the democratic convention this summer. sanders' wife jane aggressely pushed back later today. >> we have been asked at every election, are you getting out now? no. the answer is no. we're in it until the convention. we're not talking about reassessing anything. >> a sanders' campaign aide is responding directly to "the new york times" saying, quote, he thinks voters in california, the biggest state in the country, and the other states and territories where democrats
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still haven't voted deserve a choice, and voice in the democratic process, he's going to give them that choice. i'm joined by three philadelphia natives, andrea mitchell, kasie hunt -- >> yes, i'm just helping today. >> we're missing mr. matthews. andrea, very quickly, i think what's interesting, jane, more defiant than the statement from the campaign. the statement from the campaign is like, we're going to finish the process, hard stop. >> jane and bernie sanders are defiant about this whole thing. i talked to bernie today. i was out and about as he was walking through philadelphia before he headed to west virginia tonight. he knows he's not going to do well here in pennsylvania, but he is in it until the end. he said he's in it until the last vote is counted in california. and i said what about the district of columbia, my new home, our new home -- >> your home. >> and he said until after the
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last vote in the district of columbia, of course which is june 14th. the sanders are determined to follow this through. if there's any reassessing, it's the tone, the strategy, where to put resources. >> that's what it's about. and i think "the times," people misread the headlines. >> our colleagues jumped all over this. >> buts it the worst type of headline in a day where people are dying for an anecdote. the clinton campaign normally the habit is what, be in the next state. so tonight it would be clinton in indiana. >> correct. >> but this is also the city that will be home to the democratic convention. not lost on team clinton. >> not lost at all. this was the state where she beat senator obama in 2008, and bill clinton won twice here. so this state is critical not only in a primary, but it would be in a general election. >> her brothers, penn staters
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too. >> correct. >> a lot of pennsylvania ties. >> and particularly in scranton. i think that this is, when you talk about reassessing, the clinton campaign has indicated if she has a big win tonight, they might be reassessing. the extent to which they pivot to the general election. we've already seen her start to do that in her campaign on the trail. she's been taking a number of shots against donald trump. >> does that mean west virginia might get a visit? >> i think democrats want her to stay in the race, fight to the end, they think it's important that she win a state like california, for example. but at the same time, i think you're going to see her, potentially if she has a really big night tonight, more aggressively shift to the general. >> it's interesting, sanders could win three states and it wouldn't shock people, or he could get shut out. rhode island and connecticut, something to watch. >> and she's been aggressively campaigning in connecticut, because she wants to win in a shut-out. >> no doubt about it. >> kasie, you have the stop
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trump beat. and what's interesting, this is ground zero for the 54 unbound delegates. what i found fascinating today, my inbox, as well as yours, was inundated here's the stop trump delegate slate, here's the trump delegate slate. everybody claims they know what some of these people are going to be. how are we going to watch the unbound results tonight? >> my sense is the same problem that's afflicted the stop trump movement as a whole is plaguing their efforts here to get the unbound delegates. >> let me push a quick pause button. individuals running for delegate are on the ballot today in pennsylvania. not just the candidates. these single individuals. >> no indication whatsoever of who they support. >> you have to know going in who you are, or you just randomly pick people, right? >> exactly. so unless there's somebody that's told you to vote for me, the trump campaign for example
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has done a better job here than in other places, but there are still some indications that what they're doing, robocalls that don't include the names for the district that the person is living in. so there's hairy issues and the stop trump movement has never been able to get together as one entity, whether it's two candidates not getting along, whether it's outside groups not getting along. so what you're left with is mass confusion about where to put ad dollars, who to call, who to educate, what to do. i think the kasich-cruz alliance was about trying to send a strong signal to help people get on the same page. i'm not convinced it's done that. >> and these 54 unbound delegates, had they made this decision a six weeks ago, they'd have an indication. >> but they can do anything they want. >> that's right. they're more powerful than super delegates. i want to be an unbound delegate in my next life. thank you all, our philadelphia
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trio. >> kasie hunt with the surprise philly cheese steak background. well done. upcoming ucoming up, we'll first look at exit poll data, including here in pennsylvania, and more live coverage from philadelphia, first place of our democracy, right after this.
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breaking news right now, we have the very first look at the exit polling coming out of pennsylvania. according to early nbc news exit poll results, 71% of pennsylvania democratic primary voters said the democratic campaign has energized the party. just 24% said the campaign has divided the party. now let's look at the other side. break it down by candidate. 82% of clinton voters in the pennsylvania democratic primary said that the democratic campaign has energized the party. 58% of the sanders voters said it's energized the party. sanders voters a little more demoralized if you want to call
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it that. we'll bring you more numbers, more analysis just ahead. you're watching msnbc's special coverage of the big five states here in the northeast. we'll be right back.
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well, let's do some more breaking down of what's going on, and we have two men with deep roots in two of the big states that are voting tonight. and they have both been national party chairs, former rnc chairman, former maryland senate governor, michael steele. >> good to see you. >> and former mayor of this great city, ed rendell. great to be in your town here. like right next to where it matters. i got to ask you, what would the founding fathers -- [ laughter ] what do you think they would think of the convention delegate selection process? >> they would be astounded. they'd want to roll over a couple of times. >> or at least hit a few bars. >> they probably would have been
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in a tavern right here. >> that's right. >> city tavern, a couple blocks away. >> let's start quickly on the democratic side, governor rendell. i think there was a time that sanders could make a play here, but i didn't get the sense that he actually put effort into the state the way you needed to if you were him, in order to overcome clinton. did you notice that? >> i noticed that. particularly in the last three days, sanders tv, which was dominating clinton tv, almost went off the air and left it to clinton tv. so i think they might have seen the tea leaves and decided to play in connecticut and rhode island, where they have a much better chance of winning. >> on your side of the aisle, obviously in maryland, i think a month ago i would have thought, maryland could be an interesting state. >> yeah. >> john kasich if he's ever going to find a second state, i thought pennsylvania would be one, maryland would be one. i didn't see any evidence of a
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campaign effort by anyone in maryland, including trump. >> funny you should say that, i was checking with the party leadership today and the reality of it, there was no ground game. there was no effort. i think they saw some polls and saw that trump had a strong lead and he does have a strong lead in the state. and there was no effort by the kasich team or the cruz team. cruz was a little bit better organized in maryland, but again, still behind what trump had done there, which was very little. that's the irony. trump didn't have a massive organization in maryland. it was cult of personality and popularity with him in many respects, but it's going to take him to, i think, a solid victory in the state because of that lack of organization, very much like sanders. >> and kasich should have done well in pennsylvania, born in western pennsylvania, ohio's next door, a lot of our western voters get ohio television and he's a perhaps candidate for the philadelphia suburbs. >> the philadelphia suburbs, the
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d.c. suburbs. you see rubio almost won virginia because of the northern virginia suburbs. you saw that opportunity there. on the democratic side, hillary clinton, it's clear they view tonight as a chance to declare victory. not saying that's what she's going to do, but they decided not to go to the next state ahead. they're staying here, home of the democratic convention. obviously this will be a place that she expected to give a very big speech in a few months. what do you expect her to say tonight? what do you advise her to say tonight? >> i would advise her not to declare ikt victory. i think from now on until after the convention, the most important thing to do is understand the sensibilities of the sanders' voters and not offend them. declaring victory tonight will offend a lot of sanders loyalists who we'll have to get in the fall. >> and what would you say, i mean, cruz and kasich, what do they say tonight? the smart thing was announcing their alliance and they could
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say it hasn't had time to take hold. >> yeah, right. that's the silliest thing in politics. this alliance at the 11th hour, thinking we're going to divide up indiana and a few other states. if i'm trump tonight, i declare victory and i ask everyone else to get out of the race. >> so you would? >> absolutely. it's just silly back and forth. if i'm the other two, you have to evaluate what this alliance and what all these other efforts are going to lead to, because right now with trump ahead in indiana, which is the next new battleground for everybody -- >> somebody declared it. i'm sorry -- [ laughter ] >> a delegate in delaware is worth just as much as one delegate in indiana. >> i agree with you, chuck. the trump team needs to make it definitive. >> the races i'm watching tonight the senate races in maryland and pennsylvania in particular. is katie mcginty going to win tonight?
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>> she's come on very -- she's got the momentum. the last poll had her five or six points up. >> i'm shocked. this is out of nowhere. started in third and now he's going to be first. >> terrific television. a big plus in her corner was emily's list that ran an i.e., very effective. >> speaking of emily's list, they were effective in your state for donna edwards until they weren't. one outside ad may have cost her this primary where the white house came down on the side of chris van hollen. >> that's right. and the establishment is clearly behind van hollen. donna edwards has a lot of ground support, but i don't think it will be enough to overcome -- and the misstep with elijah cummings didn't help. >> and then there's the house race, so intriguing. we'll be watching that as well. it's the most expensive house race, the one in the country this year. anyway -- >> you got it, man. >> we'll have fun all night tonight. >> looking forward to it.
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>> thank you both. we got our man, steve kornacki there, first round of exit polling, out of connecticut, maryland, and pennsylvania. mr. kornacki, you're at the big board in new york. i'm here drinking swill with a former lieutenant governor and former governor. >> i guess you got the better end of that deal. we're looking at the question of unity on the republican side. five states voting tonight, only three in the exit polling. one thing that's interesting, was your vote today for a candidate or against the opponents of that candidate? for trump, overwhelmingly for trump. less than 1/3 of the kasich-cruz vote saying it's against donald trump. more of those people saying i voted for ted cruz, i voted for john kasich. so at least this number suggesting the stop trump not motivating the vast majority of the kasich and cruz voters.
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oops, that's the wrong button. this is also interesting. would these candidates be acceptable as general election candidates. how many people said if cruz is the nominee they wouldn't vote for cruz? half of kasiches voters, almost half of trump's voters. that's surprising from kasich's. the idea that cruz could be positioned to be the consensus stop trump candidate, a lot of kasich voters don't like that idea. same thing here if trump is the nominee again. not surprisingly here, nearly half the cruz voters saying he wouldn't be acceptable. more than half of the kasich voters. if kasich is the nominee, he's got a little bit more potential to unite there, but he has the longest odds to get there. so it's clear, there's a lot of opposition to trump being the nominee. but the other story on the republican side, there's a lot of opposition to all these candidates being the nominee. >> it is. and the more there's alliances and deals and all of the insults back and forth, you get a sense that all three candidates are
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actually taking a hit right now in public opinion. steve, we'll be back a lot, all night tonight. thank you, steve. as we get more polling data that we feel comfortable releasing before polls are closed, we will share it with you. still ahead, tonight could be a big night for donald trump. by the way, could he add to the list of states? a bunch of them tonight where he gets over 50% and they're not from new york? meanwhile, is next week really a do or die primary for ted cruz, or did it already happen? we'll have an update from indiana straight ahead.
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well, voting is still under way in all five states voting today. delaware governor jack markel will join me next, talk expectations game from the democratic race moving forward. but first the cnbc market wrap. very applish. >> thanks, chuck, yeah, mixed
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close. dow adding 13, s&p adding 3. and apple shares are sinking after hours, earnings, revenue and guidance all missing estimates. ebay was climbing after data came in ahead of expectations, it is now flat. and chit oatly is also falling, a narrower loss, but revenue fell short. same-store sales were also below estimates. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide.
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and we are back at the beginning of our special msnbc
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primary coverage from probably one of the bigger tuesdays we've had in weeks. we are at the red owl tavern, right here in philadelphia, literally a stone's throw from independence hall. we're watching five states tonight, including the big one right here in pennsylvania. but as trump aims for a delegate sweep tonight, the do or die territory, at least as far as the stop trump movement is concerned, has become the state of indiana, where early voting began three weeks ago. cruz has basically put down a marker, he has to win there in order to make staying in the race a rational proposition. kasich has pledged not to campaign there, in an effort to help cruz stop trump. tony dokoupil is in indianapolis, after talking to officials and early voter in hamilton county. what did you learn? what do they make of the deal? >> reporter: hey, chuck, donald trump is going around the
2:39 pm
country right now, enjoys himself, saying that kasich and cruz are colluding against him. but if they are colluding against him, they want to collude a bit more, because the scene on the ground is chaotic and it's a deep discomfort with the alliance. there are some voters who are going along with it. we caught up with one. >> how did it feel voting for cruz today? >> it was interesting. i know that this will help in the long run. i really feel that the way they've decided that kasich isn't going to be campaigning here at all, that maybe there's hope for cruz to win this whole state. so i think this is important to vote for him. >> reporter: so, chuck, that's the best case scenario, that's a voter who woke up, got the message, got on board with the strategy. but just to illustrate the shortfalls, her son didn't get the message, and he cast his
2:40 pm
vote, absentee for kasich. but by far the largest population in indianapolis and hamilton county, a kasich stronghold, the largest group of voters are not sure what they're supposed to do and it's understandable. you have john kasich saying people ought to vote for me. the next day on the "today" show, saying i'm not going to tell people what to do. and there's a similar message at the local level. his co-chair for the election campaign here for kasich saying one day ago, people should vote for cruz if they want to support kasich. spelling it out for people. in today in conversation with me, he backs off it again. i'm not going to tell people what to do. so it's very confusing. going to be interesting to see how this all adds up one week from today. >> i think we have an idea and it may not be pretty for the stop trump crowd, but tony, thank you very much. on the democratic side, clinton is poised for big wins tonight. the question is how many and how big and could be it big enough that sanders decides to really
2:41 pm
ratchet back his candidacy? both candidates are facing questions about party unity, as this nomination race draws to a close. hillary clinton said her course of action in 2008 should be the model for bernie sanders. >> i did not put down conditions. i didn't say, you know what, if senator obama does x, y and z maybe i'll support him. at that time, 40% of my supporters said they would not support him. i spent an enormous amount of time, convincing my supporters to support him, and i'm happy to say, the vast majority did. that is what i think one does. >> but sanders says, quote/unquote, falling in line is not on his agenda. >> we're not a movement where i can snap my fingers and say to you or anybody else what you should do. because you won't listen to me, you shouldn't. you'll make these decisions yourself. it's incumbent on secretary
2:42 pm
clinton to reach out not only to my supporters, but to all of the american people with an agenda. >> well, that's going to be the challenge, it's pretty clear there. sanders did add that he will do what it takes to stop any republican from re-taking the white house. governor jack markel of delaware is a clinton supporter and made the trek over the state line to come over here. not too bad driving over here, is it? >> not bad at all. >> what do you want to hear from hillary clinton tonight? you know she's going to do well in enough states to put her on this path. what should she say tonight to sanders supporters in particular? >> so hillary clinton was actually in delaware yesterday and had a phenomenal rally. what she said yesterday is what i hope to continue to hear. she has a compelling vision for the country, and i think if she continues to articulate that vision, if she makes clear the contrasts between her and donald trump and ted cruz, she's doing her part. and then it's up to the rest of us to remind people of what can happen if you sit out because your favorite candidate doesn't go all the way.
2:43 pm
think back to 2000 and ralph nader. people think think the democrat was sufficiently liberal, voted for nader, didn't turn out so well. >> what do you make of vice president biden? you're very close to him, i'm heard you and senator coops were on the tarmac finding out what state are we supposed to go to to help out, mr. vice president? if he had decided to run. he's gone out of his way to say good things about bernie sanders. people have interpreted it as a shot against hillary clinton. should it be? >> no, i think he has great report for both of them. i'm heard him and the president say the democrats across this country are going to sort this out. he's being careful to give credit where credit's due, but in the end, we have to come congratulate and i belie together and i believe we will. >> i didn't see bernie sanders in your state. >> he did, though. he came on saturday. >> because it is delaware, where it's very easy to incorporate.
2:44 pm
obviously he fights corporations that he thinks that are going to certain places to hide tax dollars. what do you say to folks that don't like how delaware's laws are and that it's done in a way to prevent taxes from being collected in other states? >> first of all, it's just not true. people have a misunderstanding of why all these companies incorporate in delaware. they incorporate there because we have a law that's well understood, we have a great -- >> but that's pro-corporate america? >> it's just not true. there are incredibly skilled judg judges, they're timely and i think if you look at the body of cases over time that's what you'd see. but when he comes in bashes the banks, in delaware, we have tens and tens and tens of thousands of middle class people in the financial services industry and they go to work every day, they want to do a good thing for. >> translator: -- for their clients. then they want to go home and raise their families.
2:45 pm
>> you think the financial services industry pays their fair share or could they pay more into the government coffers? >> in our case, they're incredible corporate citizens. they employ a lot of people in really great jobs. if you look at the developments, investments in the arts, in doubt revitalization, a lot of that support is coming from our financial services institutions. >> do you worry this is splitting the democratic party from the business community, that sanders can do that? >> i think it's sort of what's happened. that being said, he's brought new energy, new people into the process. over the long run, it's going to be helpful. but we have to come together. it's the job of secretary clinton to articulate the vision, draw the contrast with trump and cruz and it's up to the rest of us to remind people, maybe she wasn't your first choice, but compared to the alternatives, she's going to be
2:46 pm
terrific. >> jack markel, appreciate it. coming up tonight, the biggest night yet for some down ballot races that i'm obsessing over. who is pat toomey, for instance, going to face in november? it's a big deal and it's a state that matters big time, in who controls the senate. that's next.
2:47 pm
tonight is arguably one of the more important nights in the primary calendar when it comes
2:48 pm
to down-ballot races. there are two very competitive senate primaries tonight. democrats are hoping the race in pennsylvania will help them win back the senate in november. joe sestak is facing off against katie mcginty who was most recently the chief of staff to governor tom wolf here. for the opportunity to take on senator toomey in the fall. the party establishment has lined up behind mcginty big time, including the president and vice president. vice president biden went on the trail with her yesterday. that's how much the establishment doesn't like joe sestak anymore. but even if the white house manages to get mcginty across the finish line tonight, she'll have a tough fight ahead of her against toomey in the fall. and if sestak wins tonight, it sets up a rematch. he lost to toomey in the general election in 2010. the other race we're watching, two members of congress racing to succeed retiring maryland senator barbara mikulski. it's got nasty in the last
2:49 pm
couple days. chris van hollen has the backing with the tacit support of the white house. he's up against donna edwards, who has the chance to become the first african american senator since moseley bron. in a state that's becoming increasingly more diverse. this has become far and away the most expensive house race in the country this cycle. that's because one of the candidates is the largest self-funder ever. a man by the name of david tron has put more than $12 million of his own money in a primary race for a house seat. it breaks the record for a self-funding house campaign. i think it was michael huffington that might have set that record -- '92. but in a crowded race, the
2:50 pm
prominent candidates are tron, and kathleen matthews, who is married to my colleague, and the host of m matthews. it's going to be a lot of interesting results. we'll be right back with more of msnbc special primetime primary coverage. we're here live in philadelphia. we'll be right back.
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there's only one place to watch primary night. if you want smart analysis and accurate results right here on msnbc. brian williams, rachel maddow
2:53 pm
with anchor our coverage from 30 rock. i'll be here in philadelphia. anoth at midnight, lawrence o'donnell will have special coverage. that said, we'll be right back.
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2:57 pm
i'm joined by larry cane and our own casey hunt is back with us who is also a pennsylvania native. you get to be from everywhere. larry, i start with you. to you guys electing delegates separately is something you've been doing for a long time. >> i was at the '76 convention. we're s >> we're saying what are you up to. >> cruz is targeting 24 delegates that he thinks supports him trump is targeting about 34. they are hapdsing out sample ballots for people to vote for them. they are starting to work for those 54 delegates. >> who are these people? when you look at this list, do you look at it and say, john smith runs every cycle and he's this guy? >> it doesn't matter what they do. they will be uncommitted until the election, until the convention.
2:58 pm
it can change. they can put them on -- there are no rules. gerald ford offered people trips on air force one. all kinds of goodness. >> it's interesting to hear cruz does have some ground game. it's been so quiet. it has been quiet. they have to be careful to play the expectations game with trump in the state. they have identified who their supporters are. the stop trump, never trump movement picked up on that as well. they are mostly cruz people. >> interesting. larry, i want to do some quick senate stuff with you with the senate primary. one name we didn't mention earlier because this has become about mcginty.
2:59 pm
he's small town mayor. he's really upset that bernie sanders didn't show him the same amount of love that he showed sanders. would it have made a difference? >> i think sanders made a big mistake. fedderman will get 8% of the votes. >> you don't think he can crack double digits? >> i don't. he's fascinated the people of state. this is wane-win for him. >> it's funny you say th. i got that sense that this is a guy to watch now. he may finish third but he came out people liking him. >> i think the sanders campaign might look back on some of these opportunities to play in primaries and regret the decisions that they made. i think they had chance to help out some people who could be allies and the question we're asking, what does bernie sanders want. these people could help them. >> when you do a revolution, you
3:00 pm
have a lot of scienigners. you don't do it by yourself. >> colleges were crazy about it. >> last time i heard, there's quite a few colleges here in pennsylvania. >> all right. good to see you. don't move, folks. we got a lot more to come up right here from philadelphia and across the northeast. our full special primary coverage starts right now. nobody's going to get enough delegates. >> this whole thing with dell gal delegates is rigged. >> with clinton surging ahead, is sandersut


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