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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 27, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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exact same distance, ten feet, and here in indiana, the people of indiana have good sense. the people of indiana have good judgment. the people of indiana i don't believe are simply going to say manhattan has spoken. therefore, we must get behind a new york liberal. i don't believe the people of indiana want to do that. and i think anyone who wants to be elected president owes it to the voters to do what i'm doing here. heidi and i, we are barnstorming the state. we are on a bus tour traveling throughout the state to look voters in the eyes, to answer their questions, to show the humility to subject yourself to the scrutiny of hoosiers. donald trump doesn't like to do that. donald trump likes to parachute in like mick jagger, show up at a football stadium, give some performance and then leave.
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well, this country isn't a reality show. and if donald trump thinks he's too good to answer questions from the men and women of indiana, that conveys something. it's now been 48 days since the last republican debate. 48 days. the democrats have debated. hillary clinton and bernie sanders have both demonstrated more humility than donald trump in that they have subjected themselves to the scrutiny of the voters. i believe the people of indiana deserve a debate. i've accepted two debate invitations here in indiana to be hosted here in indiana to give hoosiers the chance to compare. to make this choice. i think that is a simple act of respect to the voters. but it's been 48 days. and i would note, by the way, every time there's been a debate, whichever network has hosted it, has made millions of dollars. has anyone noticed that even though the networks stand to lose millions of dollars by not
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having a debate, that the news is utterly silent on there being no debates? have you noticed that, that fox news, cnn, nbc, abc, cbs, they withstand to make millions and yet they do not say a word about the absence of debates. it almost makes you think the network executives are happy with donald trump being the front-runner and they know that in a debate he doesn't have any answers to how you bring jobs back to america. he doesn't have any answers as to how you keep this country safe. since the network execs want hillary clinton to be the president, they're perfectly happy not to have a debate, which would generate enormous revenue to them. at the end of the day, this is about the people of indiana. and let me say this afternoon, 4:00 p.m., at pan am at the pavilion, the pavilion at pan am, i would ask folks to come out. we're going to have a major
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announcement, a rally, and i could not be more encouraged that the people of indiana will be making this decision. >> donald trump is not coalescing conservatives, senator? how is he not doing that? >> that was senator ted cruz arriving at a restaurant in indianapolis. he will be there campaigning today, the hoosier state voting next week and cruz teasing what he is calling a major announcement at 4:00 today. we will be following that story, what the developments are in indiana with cruz and in the entire presidential race throughout the day here on msnbc. that's going to do it for me right now. i'll send it over to jose diaz-balart right now. jose, take it away. >> steve, good morning. thank you so much and good wednesday morning to you. as we just heard from ted cruz, the republican race for the presidency is not over, despite a nominating sweep dominated by donald trump in all five primaries last night. cruz is pressing on in indiana. we heard him just a second ago. he's comparing donald trump to mick jagger parachuting into a
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football stadium. he said he's going to make a major announcement at 4:00 p.m. eastern time. just what that announcement is unclear but likely to be something to get trump out of the headlines and cruz into the headlines. >> i recognize that the new york media executives and the washington lobbyists running donald trump's campaign both want the campaign to be over. they're desperate for it to be over. because they recognize that this campaign has now moved onto much more favorable territory. >> our political team is up and running across the country this morning. msnbc political correspondent steve kornacki is at the big board with all the numbers. steve, let's go back to you and take us through what was a big night for both front-runners, huge for donald trump. >> yeah, absolutely. we knew it would be a big night going in for trump. we didn't know how big. let's take you through the scale of what he pulled off last night. these are the states, these are the delegates up for grabs, two different kinds in pennsylvania. we'll handle them separately.
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let's put these 54 aside for a second. just by winning pennsylvania, he got all 17 there. maryland, he takes all 38. that was a total sweep of every congressional district. delaware, he gets all 16. connecticut, he hit the magic number of 50% there, that means winner take all, he gets all 28. rhode island, actually he got the most votes, the most percentage in any state in rhode island. the way the delegate rules work there is more complicated at best. we're still calculating these this morning, at best he'll grab 111 there. the bottom line is from everything i just circled, donald trump could end up with 111 delegates. there was a total of 118 he got have gotten, almost a complete sweep, and these 54 are the unbound delegates in pennsylvania. they ran individual lly on the ballot, they're free agents at the convention, they can vote for whoever they want. but it looks like about two-thirds of those 54 are either people who right now say they support donald trump or people who say they will go to the convention and volt the way
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their district voted. and donald trump swept every district in pennsylvania last night so it looks like he might pick up two-thirds of those. if you had ayou add it altogethd trump looks like he'll come out with 990 delegates, nearly 1,000. 1,237 the magic number. quickly we can take you through the democratic side. bernie sanders won rhode island, picked up a few delegates there. hillary clinton won delaware, they cancelled each other out. the delegate situation in connecticut is roughly a crdraw between the two of them. here's the difference. landslide for hillary clinton in maryland. she gains a net total of about 30 delegates from that. big win for her in pennsylvania, gains a net total of about 20 from that. bottom line, last night we started the night, hillary clinton was leading bernie sanders by about 240 pledged delegates. you factor in what happened, you come out of last night, hillary clinton is pushing 300, nearly a lead of 300 in the pledged delegate race. when people say it's impossible for bernie sanders to overcome
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that the rest of the way, it's because he's just run out of options, run out of opportunities. that's a huge lead at this point in the race, jose. >> steve, let's go back to the republican side. you just saw cruz there a second ago talking about that the future really is indiana, indiana, indiana. let's say that he brings carly fiorina in to the campaign as a vice presidential running mate, even though he's not the nominee. talk to me about the importance of indiana, and specifically for cruz, does he have a shot at it? >> look, it looks -- in terms of winning, yeah, he's got a shot in a way he didn't have a shot to win any of these states. why it's so important is there are 57 delegates up for grabs in indiana. the way they give these delegates out in the state, if you win the state at all, by even one vote. if it's like 42% for trump and 41% for cruz, just by doing that, you get 30 of those 57. the others are given out by congressional district. nine congressional districts, three delegates each.
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what that basically means is if you're winning the state, you're getting most, maybe all of those 57 delegates. if you lose the state, even by a couple points, you're getting barely any of those 57 delegates. so from a delegate standpoint, and so much of this is about the delegate math. from a delegate standpoint, the difference between winning indiana by a whisker and losing it by a whisker is massive. so they need a headline. if you're ted cruz and the stop trump movement, you need the headline to show you beat him somewhere and are still viable. you want to stop him from 1,237, he can't walk away with 48, 51, delegates, something like that. you've got to do everything in your power to make sure you win that state next week. >> and there are winner-take-all states coming up. >> new jersey, for instance, comes on the last day. that looks by all measures if trump is winning all these states right here by landslides. when you get to new jersey, that's going to be 51 delegates, winner take all. that looks like donald trump. you go out into the middle of
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the country. you'll have nebraska, south dakota, montana. these are winner-take-all primaries. ted cruz has been counting on those three states, south dakota, nebraska, montana. when you see donald trump winning last night by the margins he's winning by, it raises the possibility that something big has changed in this race nationally, that voters who were not with trump before are now coming aboard with donald trump. if that is happening, he could win some of those other states. >> i was listening to you in the earlier hour, because i listen any time you're on. but i was listening to you in the other hour and you were saying that that stronghold or expected stronghold of cruz in those states may not hold. explain to me why you're seeing that, because i know you've been studying this for weeks. >> exactly. so we look and there's sort of patterns you start to notice in these results. if you look in that part of the country, nebraska, south dakota, montana, if you look at the states around there, like in iowa, like kansas, colorado at the state convention, wyoming with their caucuses, these have been the weakest states for
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donald trump. these have been the best states for ted cruz. these sort of plains states, these middle -- smack in the middle of the country states. so you looked at those and said on paper these look like ted cruz states. and the really good news if that's true for ted cruz, they're all winner-take-all states so just win by a small amount and he gets all the delegates. but if you look at these states last night, donald trump is breaking 60% in some of these states. we knew trump was going to be strong here. the expectation, though, a week ago in pennsylvania, was donald trump wins pennsylvania with maybe 45%, 46% of the vote, something like that. we weren't talking about 60%. in connecticut we were saying, hey, maybe on a really good day he could come close to 50%. instead he goes over 60%. rhode island, he got nearly two-thirds of the vote so it suggests that in addition to the basic strength we already knew trump had that in the last couple days maybe, because of the deal, maybe a backlash against that, maybe something else, but something has changed where he is now getting more
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votes. he's getting sort of extra votes than we would normally expect. if that's happening and that's a national story, then our assumptions about how other states are going to vote down the line have to be thrown out the window. so what looks like a cruz stronghold a week ago may after last night be in play for trump. if that's true, by the way, and we're looking at indiana before last night, indiana looked like a toss-up. if there's been a surge toward trump that's happening right now nationally, then indiana would move from toss-up to the trump column. if indiana goes to the trump column, that's going to pretty much do it for this thing. >> always interesting, always learn something from you, steve. thanks for being with me. i want to go now to nbc's hallie jackson who's right there beside ted cruz as we speak. hallie, good morning. >> reporter: hey there, guys. senator cruz is at this restaurant in indianapolis here. this is heidi cruz right next to us, she's talking with some voters here, the senator himself is right around the corner and he just previewed that major announcement, 4:00 p.m. happening today. not saying what that
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announcement will be, but there is some speculation that perhaps he will name a vice presidential pick. carly fiorina we know has been being vetted as on that short list. as we sort of talk about what may come for him in indiana, an essential state, a must-win state some argue for ted cruz just given that he has been mathematically eliminated from contention. we're going to sneak in and see if we can throw a question live to one of these guys as we wait for them to chat with voters. but i see a lot of people at this restaurant. this was similar to what kroou was doing in iowa, getting boots on the ground. i asked him about that as we were walking in. he said, hey, this is us getting out here talking with voters. the challenge for cruz will be to make the argument that he's been trying to make against trump, that trump cannot coalesce a majority of conservatives. but after trump's dominant performances last night, that may be a tough argument to make. it undercuts the argument cruz has been trying to get at. we heard us and we asked about that today and cruz simply said that he believes that people
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want to call this race for trump right now. when you look at the math, though, trump if he does as well as expected in pennsylvania would need like 48% of remaining delegates to win out in order to lock up the nomination outright. that's obviously below a majority and that's something that could be doable for donald trump. i'm going to see if i can sneak in over here and listen in, jose, to this conversation between heidi cruz and this is a voter, a supporter who has come out here in indianapolis. one of the questions that we heard one of these voters ask, one of these supporters ask ted cruz was about the drug epidemic and he talked emotionally about his sister. he talked about the struggles that his family has gone through. and now i think this is some health care discussion, jose, if you can bear with us to listen in for one second. >> in ohio actually. i think one of the hardest -- >> i've got to shake his hand.
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>> we're just listening in live on msnbc, talking with voters. i talked to your husband. this feels like the kind of politicking you did in iowa. is that fair? just talking with folks? >> we're talking with voters so feel free to take pictures. >> the senator out here talking with voters. they don't want to talk with the media, they did that outside and that is where you heard cruz talk about that 4:00 p.m. announcement. his family has been with him today and recently this week you saw the girls out with him at his rally at hoosiers gym. they stopped at ice cream parlors throughout the state. he's got the bus here planning to barnstorm the state but it's a difficult challenge for him. donald trump is leading in polls right now in indiana, jose, so we'll see if cruz is able to in the next six days turn the corner, change the momentum, change the narrative. it is essential for him and essential for the stop trump movement as well. >> hallie, just thinking about the possibility of carly fiorina being brought into the campaign and being more than just one of the spokes people there, why her
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and indiana, would it be important to bring her in then? >> reporter: well, to change the discussion, right, to change the conversation. if cruz is tieable to come out make a big announcement, the hope one would think is it would change the narrative and not get people talking about the speech that trump was making and the dominant wins and instead talk about carly fiorina. there's a challenge inherent in that in that it is clear what the strategy and the timing would be for the cruz campaign as they roll that out in indiana if that is in fact what is happening at 4:00 later today later in indianapolis. so there's some question marks around what we will see. fiorina has been a surrogate for him for a while now ever since she endorsed him in early march. kind of a surprise endorsement. but she has done more than just campaign for him, she's also been instrumental in that delegate hunt. she's heading out to california to try to lock down some delegates there in case this does go to a contested
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convention. she has also been somebody who could potentially shore up an argument against donald trump when it comes to women, for example. that is a vulnerability for trump, so fiorina being on the campaign trail could speak to that. we will see if all of that comes into play. the senator was asked just moments ago what qualities he looks for in a running mate and he said somebody who is prepared to be president, somebody who is ready to step into the office on day one. it's sort of the answer that every presidential candidate looking for a running mate gives. we will see what happens at 4:00 p.m. in indianapolis, jose. we will be there. >> yeah, and by the way, it looks like there are more cameras than human beings in this building. but we have not only a camera on you, we have a camera on the senator, so let's see if we can listen in a little bit on what the senator is talking about now. >> donald trump is not willing to show hoosiers the respect that they deserve of coming and answering questions, i suggested if donald is afraid of the moderators, he was apparently very frightened by megyn kelly,
7:17 am
we ought to have a town hall. let's have a town hall and just have voters from indiana asking the questions. and that is what i'm doing every day. he is traveling the state answering the questions from the voters. donald doesn't do that. i think the voters of indiana deserve that, and i hope he will show them the respect that they deserve. >> senator -- >> i'll go with the chorizo el toro omlette. do you want anything, sweetie? >> some pancakes, scrambled eggs and fruit. >> they're ordering el toro in the morning and between the two of them, hallie jackson in
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between them. >> look, i'm a texan. it's chorizo omlette. >> you have a choice with your omlette. mini waffle, pancakes or toast. >> get toast because i got pancakes. >> apparently i'm getting toast. >> senator cruz -- >> what kind of toast am i getting? >> wheat would be great. and some black coffee. >> this is my friend, george. and that's his daughter, please. >> what's your name? >> susan. >> susan, great to see you. >> hallie, could we get nick a chance to meet ted real quick. he's a hard working senior in high school, he just graduated early. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> he's been working since he was a teenager to support both of his parents who lost their jobs. >> oh, wow. >> and his sister, who's a freshman, is supporting her. >> my younger sister, she's a freshman in high school and when
7:19 am
i was in middle school, both my parents lost their jobs shortly after obama took office. but it was really hard on my family and stuff so i got a job when i just turned 16. >> so what kind of job, what do you do? >> right now i just got laid off today actually. >> oh, nick, i'm sorry. >> but i'm in the hiring process at a sheriff's office. >> terrific. >> in southeastern indiana to be a corrections officer. >> he's going into the army. >> yeah, i've been in the national guard since last june. i'm getting ready to leave for ft. benning, georgia. >> well, congratulations and thank you for serving. >> i was telling your wife just thank you for like all you're doing out here. i feel like a lot of it is unappreciative because everybody gives donald trump the spotlight, but to people like me, it's made me want to have a career in politics one day. not be like your typical politician, but i actually want to help people, whether it's on the local level or something
7:20 am
higher than that, so i just want to say thank you very much. >> thank you very much. thank you for sharing that. thank you for serving both in the guard and going to ft. benning. and thank you for also stepping up with your family. that's not an easy thing to do. you know, i know what it was like when i was in high school. my parents went bankrupt. and so i had the same experience. we lost our home, we lost everything. so i know very much what that's like. >> i was telling heidi that it's really hard right now like working a job, making minimum wage, and then paying so much in taxes. which it's nice getting it back in april and like i have an extra check to go out and spend stuff. but like i would say like the biggest thing affecting my family and everything right now is the economy and then taxes is the biggest thing. i was just telling heidi, like i hope that you can become president and i hope the american people want tax change
7:21 am
and that the other politicians -- >> i told him about your tax plan and that the first -- the 10% flat tax will cause wages to go up by about 12%. we've done all the studies and the first $36,000 is tax-free. >> tax-free and then 10% above that. >> for a family of four. >> that would be nice for my family. so thank you very much for your time. >> nick, you mentioned mr. trump being the spotlight. senator, does it frustrate you -- >> we're visiting with voters right now. >> you just saw a little bit of retail politics in indianapolis with the senator speaking to a young man whose parents were unemployed and who today was laid off but he has plans for the future. you saw hallie jackson, she's the best in the business. she just doesn't take no for an answer. we'll be back after a short break. stay with us. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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i want to go back now to indianapolis. there you see senator ted cruz speaking with voters in indiana. right before the break i saw hallie jackson, who was not leaving the senator's side for one second. hallie, i had to go to a commercial break so i want to apologize to you because it looked like i was cutting you off, which i guess i was, but it's because we had to go to a commercial break. the time is yours. >> reporter: thanks, pal. listen, you heard us try to talk with the senator. he is focused on the voters here, he says. he doesn't want to necessarily talk to members of the media while he's doing some of this retail politicking since he did hold a little media availability outside. nick, you are one of the folks we saw live on our air talking with senator cruz here at this restaurant in indianapolis. you told me during that commercial break jose referenced that you used to work for ben carson's campaign as a volunteer. ben carson is somebody who you know is now backing donald trump. was there any consideration for you of going to donald trump
7:26 am
instead of cruz once carson dropped out of this race? >> there was a little bit. i actually attended his rally in dayton, ohio. >> reporter: trump's rally? >> yeah, and i did like some of the things that he had to say but i just think he's all talk and no show. and then i started looking at the remaining candidates and who was left. speaking to people in the area that i lived, especially people in my church, they supported ted cruz. and i got on his website and started to read his policies and that's when i really started to realize i liked ted cruz. it was just the field used to be so big that i didn't really realize that all his policies and different things like that. >> you are registered as a republican here in indiana. you say you plan to vote for senator cruz. do you think he has a shot in this state to win? >> i do. >> why? >> because it's situations like right now, he's out here talking to people an there's people out here coming to visit him. they're going to go and tell their friends about him.
7:27 am
yeah, donald trump, he has a lot of popularity, but i think like here in indiana, like we hold our values and we're just not going to follow the same path as the other states where trump might be getting a percentage of it. like everything he says, especially the taxes, the economic growth, that's things we need here in indiana. >> trump called himself the presumptive nominee last night, i'm sure you heard after his primary wins. how do you take that when you hear that, what do you think? >> i just don't think it's like really professional. it hasn't been set until the last vote is cast. i think donald trump of course the media likes to hear donald trump say things like that, but i just don't think it's true. if he doesn't get to 1,237, then we're going to a convention and then it's up to the people at that convention to pick who the republican nominee is. it's always been that way and it's not changing. >> the last one for you and then i promise i'll let you go.
7:28 am
but you talked a little bit about your support for senator cruz. he and john kasich have made kind of an alliance here in indiana as well as in new mexico and oregon. how does that strike you? does it bother you, do you understand why he did it or what's your take on that? >> no, i understand why he did it. i think they could have well planned it because john kasich was kind of confusing me, the responses he was giving to the alliance. but i understand why they did it and i think it's a good idea. it helps -- it doesn't necessarily help cruz more or kasich, but it helps both of them together. so that way donald trump just doesn't flat out get the nomination. they can go to the convention and we can let the people that we picked to be the delegates make their minds up on who they wanted to be a republican nominee. >> nick, thank you so much for being live on our air. i appreciate it. you were telling the senator you were laid off, economic issues incredibly important to you and a lot of folks in indiana. it is something that we expect to hear from senator cruz over the next six days as he
7:29 am
campaigns here as well as donald trump as he heads to the state later in the week. jose, back to you for now. >> hallie jackson in indiana, thank you very much. i appreciate that. donald trump won big majorities in all five states last night, his victories downsizing the possibility of a brokered convention. here's what he said on "morning joe." >> i think we're going to do great in indiana, i think we're going to do great in california and ike there's some states in between that we're going to get. >> are you going to start turning your attention now to hillary clinton and the general election? >> a little bit. i want to finish off the final two leftovers. two guys that shouldn't be here and, you know, for the sake of the republican party they shouldn't because we want to unify the republican party. but i have two people that are still here hanging around, as the expression goes, and not going to get anywhere. but it's going to take time. >> let me bring in rory cooper, a senior advisor to the never trump super pac along with msnbc political analyst and former senior advisor to rand paul,
7:30 am
elise jordan. rory, looking at the results last night and the delegate count, tell me why this gop race is not already over? >> listen, i'm not going to spin last night as a good night for people who are looking to stop donald trump but i'm going to spin it as a night that we expected. we have been banking on him sweeping delegates in these northeast states for some time. we have publicly been saying that that's baked into our calculation on him being able to have this narrow path to 1,237. the real race now moves out west in the states where donald trump is clearly more vulnerable and i do hope he focuses his attention on the general while ted cruz is retail politicking in indiana because that's going to make it much more difficult for trump and much more favorable for ted cruz to get those delegates and change the narrative. a lot of folks in the media wanted to declare this race over, it's far from it. indiana is where the spotlight is right now and the ted cruz campaign has to put their foot on the gas pedal. >> rory, but you do -- and you
7:31 am
say very clearly, this was a very good night for donald trump last night. >> right. >> the fact that he got five out of five, cinco de cinco and broke a 60 plus margin in a few of those states, i just don't know what the narrative is going to be going forward when you have that reality last night. >> well, jose, let's put this in perspective. none of those states were seriously contested by john kasich or ted cruz. they basically were in the campaigns and that's what you get as a result. if you look at the states going forward, i don't think you're going to have the same landscape. if you look at the math and look at the numbers, look at steve kornacki earlier point out that donald trump is still under 1,000. and with several states to go that look unfavorable to him, our job at and the never trump pac is to continue to rally grassroots support in those states to keep him under 1,237. if that happens, then what happened last night is
7:32 am
irrelevant. >> rory, so tell me what states are must stop trump states, so that we're taking notes and say, all right, rory said that these are the states that are key for those that want who stop trump. give me the list. >> right. first off let's start with indiana. clearly the delegate math there. and then you're going to see a change in narrative and landscape after that. so i do think that when you start looking into the plains and start looking out west towards new mexico and oregon, you are going to have some opportunities. really it's going to come down to california. that's going to be where ground zero becomes, as we get closer to the end of this primary and going towards cleveland and that's where we're going to know exactly the numbers that are necessary for us to be successful on the to be sure that a republican reflects the vision and values and principles of the party is nominated on the second ballot. >> elise, there's a huge gender gap between women and donald trump. you heard him last night say hillary clinton wouldn't be where she is unless it was for her gender, on a night when this race seemed to pivot to the general election. why did he choose do you think
7:33 am
to go down that path last night? >> i think donald trump genuinely can't help himself when it comes to saying offensive things about women. he has a misogynistic streak that has been present this entire campaign and i think it's going to be the downfall of the republican party against hillary clinton if donald trump does persevere and get the nomination. that's why i'm so concerned about donald trump getting the nomination. when 50% of the population isn't going to vote for you, it's really tough to win a general election. and, you know, maybe donald trump is banking on, oh, he can change his reputation over the course of the general. he can change those unfavorables and hillary clinton has such entrenched -- such an entrenched reputation as being dishonest, but i think that's such a huge gamble and really a mistake for the republican party if we do want to retake the white house. >> i mean trump said as much last night, right? he was talking about, oh, people like bush, jeb bush spent $100 million plus in negative
7:34 am
advertisements against him, although it wasn't all against him but he said so last night. elise, can he pivot if he does get that top spot? >> i think trump has done too much damage so far to women. as a young republican woman, i just quite frankly have never seen anyone in public life on either side of the aisle who is so consistently anti-women. no, i think too much damage has been done, especially against hillary clinton. and if she even chose a woman, a strong woman as his vice presidential pick, that would be even more tough to combat. >> elise jordan and rory cooper, thank you both for being with me this morning. appreciate your time. good to see you both. state of indiana next on the calendar for democrats and republicans, but it's especially crucial for ted cruz. that deal with kasich makes it a two-way race between cruz and trump. at least that's how it's supposed to work, and it could be the last stand for anti-trump forces. we were just talking about that with rory. with me now from indianapolis is jeff cardwell, the chairman of the indiana republican party.
7:35 am
chairman, good to see you. >> good to see you. thank you for having me. >> let's talk first about this cruz-kasich alliance. how much sense does it make for kasich, the governor of a neighboring state, to forego the state instead of cruz? >> well, i think the hoosier voters all across our state were looking forward to his visit here, traveling the state and it's retail politics. so i think the person that really spends a lot of time on the ground here meeting the voters i think is going to have an influence on the outcome of this race. and so i think it's good to see all of the candidates focused on indiana and this is the first time in my lifetime that indiana has really had a say in a presidential election. >> let's talk a little bit about the delegate allotment process in the state, because just last week the indy star said john kasich had gotten support from a majority of delegates. if trump gets to or close to the 1,237 before the convention, what do you think cruz and kasich should do? >> well, first of all, all the
7:36 am
delegates, we've got 57 delegates. we have 27 at-large, three that's automatic, the chairman and then two rnc people, and then we also have 27 by district. the 57 delegates are all paying very close attention and going to pay very close attention to may 3rd, the outcome on may 3rd. i don't think that any one of them at this particular time has set their feet in concrete. so for those who are saying that someone has all of the delegates locked up, i would say we're ready to listen to the voice of the people across the state of indiana and we're ready for the main results on may 3rd, on tuesday, may thr3rd. >> thank you so much for being with me, i so appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> we'll take a short break but on the way back a deeper look at the democrats. hillary clinton racking up another round of wins in last night's primaries, pivoting her closer to the nomination. a look at where the numbers stand and what they mean for bernie sanders' campaign, next.
7:37 am
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mr. trump accused me of playing the, quote, woman card. well, if fighting for women's health care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me in! >> after another big night, hillary clinton sets her sights on donald trump, as she pivots to the november election. secretary clinton surged ahead in the delegate count after winning four out of the five primaries last night. pennsylvania, maryland, delaware and connecticut. senator sanders had one win, rhode island, which puts him
7:41 am
even farther behind in the delegate count. clinton added nearly 200 delegates to her total last night. sanders managed to get 132. according to our nbc political unit, sanders now needs to win 80% of the remaining delegates to secure the democratic nomination. let's go now to philadelphia where nbc's kristen welker is. kristen, good morning. despite the grim numbers for sanders, he's promising to fight on this morning. >> reporter: he is vowing to fight on, jose, but the language is important here. the statement that he released last night stresses the fact that he's fighting to the convention to fight for his party's platform. let me read you a little bit of what he released. he says, quote, we are in the race until the last vote is cast. that is why this campaign is going to the democratic national convention in philadelphia with as many delegates as possible to fight for a progressive party platform. again, jose, the way that he's characterizing that very important, because you hear him fighting for his principles, his
7:42 am
ideals. you don't hear him necessarily calling for winning the nomination. that's a shift. the question is today, jose, will his language match that statement last night or will he continue to hit secretary clinton. of course he's been hitting her on a whole host of issues. the speeches that she gave, super pac money that she's accepted. will he continue to do that or will he scale back his rhetoric as the clinton campaign has been calling for. of course secretary clinton does have a challenge on her hands in terms of unifying the party. 30% of sanders supporters saying they won't back her in a general election. the clinton campaign very confident, though, that they can win over those voters. she started to begin that process last night, jose. she really focused her speech on the importance of party unity. she stressed the fact that she and senator sanders see eye to eye on a whole host of issues, but they have differing views about how to achieve things like universal health care and reduced costs for college education. so i think we're going to hear a
7:43 am
whole lot more of that from secretary clinton. she is off the trail today, jose, but senator sanders will be on the trail and again we'll be listening very closely to see what his tone says about where he's heading in this race. jose. >> kristen welker, thank you very much. and i have breaking news out of chicago. former house speaker dennis hastert set to appear in federal court within the hour where he will be learning his fate after pleading guilty in a case that had revealed sex abuse allegations. we'll take you there live for the very latest and a whole lot more. c-o-gram for an "owen." that's me. ♪ you should hire stacy drew. ♪ ♪ she wants to change the world with you. ♪ ♪ she can program jet engines to talk and such. ♪ ♪ her biggest weakness is she cares too much. ♪ thank you. my friend really wants a job at ge. mine too. ♪ i'm a wise elf from a far off shire. ♪ and sanjay patel is who you should hire. ♪ thank you. seriously though, stacy went to a great school and she's really loyal. you should give her a shot. sanjay's a team player and uh... this is lloyd.
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♪ (music pl ♪ throughout) uh oh. what's up? ♪ ♪ ♪ does nobody use a turn signal anymore? ♪ former house speaker dennis hastert will soon appear before a judge in chicago to face sentencing in a hush money case revealing sex abuse allegations. let's go live to chicago. nbc's ron mott is with us. ron, good morning. what are we expecting in court today? hey, ron, can you hear me?
7:47 am
ron? i think we're having some audio problems. we're going to try to re-establish communication with ron. as a matter of fact, he actually just got back on in front of the camera because there was a security sweep that he had to move so we're going to re-establish -- we're going to be right back. stay with us. the call just came in. she's about to arrive. and with her, a flood of potential patients. a deluge of digital records. x-rays, mris. all on account...of penelope. but with the help of at&t, and a network that scales up and down
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breaking news out of washington, d.c. the white house confirming president obama will head to flint, michigan, to hear from the community that continues to deal with the toxic water crisis. joining me on the phone is white house correspondent ron allen. ron, what do we know this morning? >> reporter: we know the president is going this week on may 4th to focus the nation's attention on this problem. this is something that he's been asked about many times before and he met with the mayor of flint when she was here in washington for another event some time ago. but we've just received confirmation that in fact he will go. the federal government, of course, plays a big role in all of this. the epa role has been called
7:51 am
into question. unclear exactly who the president will meet with. we believe he will probably meet with residents, families, trying to hear their stories firsthand about their fears and their concerns about drinking water, about whether in fact the crisis is being addressed to their -- as they would like to see it. we know there's a lot of frustration, a lot of anger out there. unclear whether the president will meet with the republican governor, rick snyder, who is also under fire. that sort of crossing over partisan lines is perhaps not likely, but we will see as the community there tries to come together to get around this problem. but again, it's significant because the president has been asked about this many times before since the crisis started evolving many months ago, and their position as always been to some extent that the state and local authorities should be sorting this out, even though again the epa does have a significant role to play in all of this. but the president going out there will certainly draw more attention to the problem. he's always been concerned, we understand, about how the
7:52 am
residents have been responded to. and we know that there's a big concern about the fact that this is a relatively poor and minority community and whether they are in fact getting the attention to this problem that they deserve. >> yeah, because, ron, it's important to mention that this is continuing, this crisis is continuing. there have been little children who have been affected by this and that are going to have long-term impacts on their health because of this. this is not something that, you know, is not going to fade in the near future. and i understand, ron, that he's been exchanging letters with an 8-year-old girl from flint. >> reporter: he's received a lot of letters from residents there, jose, over the months, explaining what exactly they're feeling and what exactly they're fearing. you're right, an 8-year-old resident of flint who asked to meet with him. she's talking about coming to washington to attend congressional hearings about the city's water issues last month. she was here to attend hearings last month and now she's followed up with a letter asking the president for a meeting.
7:53 am
so clearly a lot of concern about the children there who have been affected already probably and what the future is for that community. and again, the president has been -- he's been asked numerous times to weigh in. he's been invited there by residents who have wanted him to step into the situation and now he's going to do it, turning up the pressure on the authorities there who are investigating to really get something done, to find some solutions faster. >> ron, thank you very much for being with me. i want to go back and show you, we showed you just a few seconds ago the letter that president obama wrote back to the young 8-year-old girl who had written him. it's dated 25 april 2016. there's a great -- it's a great letter. i just want to read part of it. it says i want to make sure people like you and your family are receiving the help that you need and deserve. like you, i'll use my voice to call for change and help lift up your community. letters from kids like you are what make me so optimistic for the future. i hope to meet you next week,
7:54 am
little miss flint. sincerely barack obama. the letter that the president sent back to that 8-year-old girl who had written him with the intention of asking if they could meet in washington, d.c., but apparently they're going to be meeting in flint, michigan, soon. donald trump has been blasting the last two administrations for its foreign policy. today he gets to turn to explain what he would do differently, delivering a rare policy speech in just about an hour from now. p.j. crowley is a former spokesperson under president obama. it's good to see you. >> hello, jose. >> let's start with the middle east. trump wants to destroy isis but he has been critical of the strategy so far. is it clear what he would do differently? >> in fact i don't think he would do a lot differently. you know, what he's described in various debates resembles a lot of what president obama is already doing. he says he'll do it more intensively or better, but the reality is i think that a
7:55 am
dominant narrative from the campaign has been no boots on the ground and so you're talking about the very kind of incremental increase in special forces, more intensive air operations, but at the end of the day i don't think he's going to do anything differently. >> this incremental use of special operations forces in syria, the president announced 250 additional. p.j., what kind of impact does 250 have, 250 plus special operations forces in syria have on that battle? >> i think the real key is gaining greater intelligence about what's happening on the ground, more effective targeting, and there are some special operations -- operations operations that are taking out more and more of the islamic state leadership and cutting into the islamic state sources of economics. it's not that the united states has to dominate this battlefield. ultimately the region has to resolve this. but you're softening the -- that perception of invincibility and
7:56 am
as you defeat the islamic state, we're already seeing that it's becoming less and less popular among muslims around the world. >> yeah, i'm just wondering, p.j., with this supposed agreement in syria, the slaughtering has not stopped. the regime continues to bomb its own cities, civilians, little kids are dying almost every single day there. is there something that could be done there? it just seems like the world is not really turning its attention on how brutal, how bloody things are in syria. >> i would disagree about that. i think we recognize that hundreds of thousands have been killed, millions have been displaced, but the dilemma is that the combatants on the ground, and understand this is not one conflict, it's multiple conflicts. whether you're talking about the proxy war that's going on, the war among the insurgents, the war between the insurgents and the coalition at this particular point in time, those who are
7:57 am
fighting the civil war within syria still believe that they can succeed. and so while the united states and others are doing the right thing in terms of creating the conditions for it ultimately for a political settlement, we have to recognize that we're not there yet. >> yeah. p.j. crowley, thank you very much for being with me. i appreciate your time. >> okay. >> that wraps up this hour of msnbc live. thank you for the privilege of your time. thomas roberts picks up our coverage live from indianapolis next. i'll see you tomorrow. our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in.
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hey, everybody, let's get to work. good morning, i'm thomas roberts in for tamron today. we hustled overnight to the next battleground state in indiana and we are live here in shapiro's deli in indianapolis. we've got pastrami


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