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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 27, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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broadcasting live from msnbc headquarters in new york. fresh from a five state sweep, donald trump delivering a rare speech on foreign policy. it happened just within the last hour or so. >> our foreign policy is a complete and total disaster. no vision, no purpose, no direction, no strategy. i'm the only person running for the presidency who understands this, and this is a serious problem. i'm the only one, believe me, i know them all. i'm the only one that knows how to fix it. >> trump and hillary clinton both clearly focusing on november today. they've been trading fire like never before. trump's latest line of attack is hillary clinton is playing the quote women's card. >> if hillary clinton were a man, i don't think she'd get 5% of the vote. the only thing she's got going is the woman's card. >> well, if fighting for women's
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healthcare and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the women card, then deal me in! >> the way she shouted that message was not -- ooh -- that's the way she said it. i guess i'll have to get used to a lot of that over the next four or five months. >> ted cruz meantime is insi insisting the race for the nomination is not over teasing what he calls a major announcement at 4:00 p.m., just two hours from now. our political team has this 2016 race covered in the battleground state of indiana and beyond. we will begin this hour with a detailed analysis of a foreign policy speech we did just hear from donald trump, those remarks made before a crowd of conservative policy experts in d.c., lasted just over 40 minutes, the republican front-runner touching on economic security, border security, muslim-americans and isis. here are highlights. >> america first will be the
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major and overriding theme of my administration. we went from mistakes in iraq to egypt to libya to president obama's line in the sand in syria. the country's we are defending must pay for the cost of this defense. if not, the u.s. must be prepared to let these countries defend themselves. a trump administration will lead a free world that is properly armed and funded and funded beautif beautifully. iran cannot be allowed to have a nuclear weapon, cannot be allowed. remember that, cannot be allowed to have a nuclear weapon. president obama has not been a friend to israel. he's treated iran with tender love and care and made it a great power. the legacy of the obama-clinton interventions will be weakness, confusion and disarray, a mess.
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we must stop importing extremism through senseless immigration policies. we are totally predictable. we tell everything, we're se sending troops, we tell them, we're sending something else, we have a news conference. we have to be unpredictable. isis will be gone if i'm elected president and they'll be gone quickly. i believe an easing of tensions and improved relations from russia from a position of strength only is possible. china respects strength. nafta, as an example, has been a total disaster for the united states with president obama and secretary clinton, we've had the exact opposite, a reckless a aimless foreign policy. >> nbc's katy tur has been covering the trump campaign from the very beginning.
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she was in the room for that speech. one of the things that really stood out are his tone. give us a sense what are we hearing now? >> reporter: hey there, erica, so far if you loved donald trump before you will love this speech. if you didn't like donald trump before this you will not like this speech. we saw senator lindsey graham who has been no friend of him come out and say no wonder he didn't release any of the names of the foreign policy advisors who helped write the speech, y saying it didn't make sense. those in the room relatively good reception. grover norquist described it as powerful and well put together and rejection of some of the bush policies overseas that didn't work and senator jeff sessions a trump supporter says trump understands america. steve clemmons says the speech was totally jacksonian. and we got a statement from senator jack corker of the
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foreign relations committee and said it was a strong peach and laid out his vision for american engagement in the world. the reality is this speech is much of the same stuff we've been hearing on the campaign trail. putting it concisely, this is the same present, just different wrapping paper. we saw donald trump take everything he's been saying out there to voters and put it into a cohesive and comprehensive speech that was relatively measured. he also distanced himself from the republican hawks, saying many of the bush policies overs overseas, this nation building, promoting western democracy in regions that don't want western democracy didn't work it only led to instability. the interesting part of that he didn't directly name check george w. bush and place the plame on him. he had been doing that in south carolina, even placing the blame on him at least somewhat
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for 9/11. he got trashed for that among the republican establish. that could be an indication paul manna tort fort is work -- paul manafort is working behind the scenes and noted he only hit president obama and hillary clinton in this speech. this was more forward-looking general election policy address we have seen in the past with donald trump and certainly an indication they are planning to go to the convention if not the nominee, then in a strong position to become the nominee. >> nbc katy tur for us in washington this afternoon. thank you. rick tyler is an nbc political analyst who previously worked for the cruz campaign and contributor and editor at large for "the atlantic." i want to start with you. as you're looking at this and katy summed it up. not a lot of new, packaged
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differently but the tone was different. if you're grading this speech, what are the strengths and miss. >> donald trump is not comfortable with the teleprompter, needs a lot of practice with it. he was not able to make this speech his own. he missed a lot of obvious applause lines because he doesn't understand the cadence of a speech because he's not used to giving a speech that way. he's someone that needs the energy of the audience and biofeedback. that's what drives him on the speech. in a sense donald trump wasn't there and you got the sense he was just reading a speech. on the substance, i thought it was fairly rambling, incoherent, contradictory and surprisingl l vague. >> would you say he hit the obama administration several ta times saying there's not a clear strategy in foreign policy? did you see a clear strategy? >> no. the nation building is a populous theme i actually agree with. he hit on populous themes. he never mentioned i will defeat
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isis overnight, no strategy. obama doesn't have a strategy, and he never mentioned a clear strategy to fight isis and never mentioned a clear strategy to keep nato together and never said he would absolutely defend israel. i assume he meant all nations have to pay the fair price of their defense. we have to unequivocally defend israel and never gave assurances he would defend israel. what is his plan for not all allowing iran to have a nuclear weapon. he's saying we must keep our deals? will he rip up the deal with iran or keep it? he never mentioned it. >> steve, from a practical standpoint, what did this speech achieve domestically or internation internationally. >> domestically, this was not a thinking man's speech, an emotional speech that appeals to those people who think in the problems they had around their lives the nations have helped
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cheat and undermine the interest of quality in the american way of life. in that sense, donald trump in that first frame was very inconsiin k inconsist isnin k inconsistent despite the technical parts missing and those feeling they've been left behind others. hard to tell who were our friends. donald trump wanted to talk about our friends and enemies. i wanted to ask who would be on the friends list or enemies list. the friends have to pay up to be the friends and some like china and russia he said need to be engaged and thought he could bring them around if the united states was in a strong position. that's not different from other presidents out there but talking about turning them into friends swe as well. it was a bizarre mishmash but he made very clear the united states is all about the united states and when other nations hear that, there's not a lot of place for them to think that we will be there for them in their
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time of need. i think that probably sent some shock waves internationally while still appealing to people in the heartland. >> one of the things that really stood out to me, rick, i want to get your take on this, we just heard i believe grover norquist saying this is a rejection of bush policies. very clearly, donald trump did not mention the name bush at all. is that going to be effective? >> he didn't mention the name bush because the last time he did it it overwhelmingly hurt him. people do believe bush protected us. after 9/11, he made a stand and protected us and we didn't have another terrorist attack. you can argue other foreign policy s and i will be there arguing with you. i agree with nation building. donald trump is not steeped in foreign policy. this is not his subject. he's not deep on it. he doesn't understand it and overarchingly doesn't understand america's role in the world.
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how did we get to japan and stay in korea so long? he acts like there's no context for that. we're there because we provide stability for the world and force for good. we don't want to be intervent n interventionists and want to make sure our allies are prot t protected. he's talking about letting them go on their own. talking about stability, they're already talking in the pacific about a nuclear arms race. this is crazy. >> there is the substance of the speech we have taken apart and the part we saw, rick mentioned he was uncomfortable with the teleprompter. i noticed the tone was far more subdued and focused for that. would that be effective for him as a candidate from an appearance standpoint? >> i was in the room when he gave the speech and disagree with my colleague. i thought he sounded presidential. i didn't see the problems with the teleprompter others may have seen.
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you have a lot of reagan real t realists in the room but a lot of serious media not applauding because it's not their role to, sitting in those chairs including myself. i think he basically tried to demonstrate a facility and knowledge of a lot of american's foreign policy plays and started out america could not be counted on by its friends because it had been overextended in military debacles around the world. that's not an entirely dumb position, something that resonates with a lot of people in that room and a lot of reagan reali realists, in that room helping him now, not the conservatives, that comes from the realist school are those advising. for those people, that was a powerful speech. >> steve clemmons, rick tiler, appreciate you both joining us. we are following breaking news this hour.
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in the race for 2016, ted cruz expected to make a major announcement as he looks to indiana and his efforts to slow donald trump's advance. >> it was donald trump's night and today is indiana's day. indiana now has the chance to speak. not only for hoosiers across this state but the people across this country that value midwestern common sense, that value good judgment. >> we'll look ahead to this afternoon's announcement and cruz's strategy in indiana next. as we head to break, update on microsoft pulse question will trump's "women's card" against clinton backfire against him in the general election? we'll be right back. facturer. well that's why i dug this out for you. it's your grandpappy's hammer and he would have wanted you to have it. it meant a lot to him... yes, ge makes powerful machines.
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asnowmt nnouncement at 4:00 p.m. i encourage folks come join us at 4:00 p.m. >> that major announcement. ted cruz creating anticipation where next week could be the make or break night for the texas senator. hallie jackson is covering the cruz campaign and joins us live from indianapolis. i know, as you always do, you tried very hard to get him to tell us what that major announcement was. you are always there with the right question. he did not want to answer you, did he? >> reporter: his point is if he talks about it now nobody will show up when he makes the announcement on stage. if you look at the speculation, there is talk he will be announcing some kind of ticket with carly fiorina and our
11:18 am
cameras have caught images of her in and out of the hotel room and she has been on the campaign trail and a surrogate of his the last six weeks or so. if in fact -- it's still an if at this point cruz were to name carly fiorina on some kind of ticket, it could raise questions and bolser cruz and the question is why now and why today in indiana? the answer cruz is coming off a walloping from donald trump, not just winning, winning to a degree undercutting saying donald trump cannot get a majority of support. this is an opportunity for cruz to try to change the subject, change the narrative and make the turn into the indiana campaign rush that he's hoping to do over the next six days as he barnstorms the state. fiorina could help bolser him
11:19 am
with women. she is popular in indiana and well received by women in indiana. if she were to come on board the campaign as a ticket, she could help cruz out. she's also a strong member in some spots in california. she has ties there. vulnerabilities talking to sources outside the campaign, the idea of her business record, those layoffs at huh le let pac, something that dogged her during her campaign and already they are starting to do that as she is being vetted. it should be laid to rest in just about an hour and half from now. >> the big count-down is on. thank you. we will have complete coverage of that quote-unquote major announcement with chris matthews today at 4:00 p.m. eastern on
11:20 am
msnbc. i want to turn attention to the stop trump movement. i want to say hi to the former member of the bush campaign and trying to block the trump nomination before the convention. as we look at the stop trump movement, it really seems to have stalled in many ways. we didn't see a lot of advert e advertising in the last few states. what's the game plan in indiana? >> sure, erica. you guys at cable news need to have the ups and downs every week of this campaign. we're taking the long view. we've seen these would be two weeks states donald trump was strong in. we have been spending our resources in states where he could be beaten, why we're in wisconsin, where ted cruz won a big victory and will be in indiana and moving to nebraska and california. there is still a clear path to beat donald trump especially with his unforced error, a long way to go. >> a long way to go but are you
11:21 am
missing an opportunity here by not trying to get to those voters? there's a long time between wisconsin and indiana. california's not until june. >> he won with big margins last night and had a good night, what we anticipated. the folks in indiana next week, i think it's really winnable. you saw him just this afternoon, giving a foreign policy speech, he sounds like sergeant slaug slaughter after a couple of beers. he's not completely sense capitol. on one hand, let's do trade with china and lets be better friends with china and let's pull out all thecountries the biggest threat to israel. and his past comments about women, i think there's a lot of opportunities to stop him. he's still quite ways away from 1237. >> quite a ways away but inching closer. you say he won with big margins
11:22 am
yesterday, which is true. >> he did. >> one of the things donald trump frequently brings up on the trail he feels the system is rigged, as we know. millions of voters, like it or not, have come out and cast their ballots and voiced supreme court for donald trump. d.c. d. and cast their votes fo s fos f trump. are you telling those people their voices don't matter here? >> no. >> how you're not telling them that? >> donald trump has hired the former chief of staff and political director of the republican national committee. he is the system. he knows the system. look, here's the deal. in the republican party has a right to nominate a nominee that can get to half of the delegates to get a majority of support. if donald trump can't get a majority of the support, the convention would go to a nominee that can. if we nominate somebody that
11:23 am
can't get a majority of support, what are we saying to over half of republicans who said no to donald trump throughout this process? we're disenfranchising them and their voice counts as much. >> thanks very much. >> thanks, erica. >> i want to turn our attention to washington and the announcement the president will visit flint, michigan next week to highlight the water crisis and a visit that was prompted by a plea from a little girl who lives there. that's next. just like i would with a real pencil. i've been a forensic artist for over 30 years. i do the composite sketches which are the bad guy sketches. you need good resolution, powerful processor because the computer has to start thinking as fast as my brain does. i do this because i want my artwork to help people. your hair is still thinning.
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>> welcome back to msnbc. we have breaking news for you at this hour. as we have been speculating, as was the thought of many throughout the day once ted cruz said he would be making a major announcement at 4:00 p.m. today, the thinki ining was he would b naming carly fiorina as his running mate. our cameras captured her arri
11:27 am
arriving in indianapolis. hallie jackson tried to get ted cruz to confirm it as he always does. he dodged that question but i think we have hallie jackson on the phone right now. now, we are confirming the fact this is going to happen at 4:00. it seems interesting he would announce a running mate the day after having a loss at these five primary elections. >> reporter: right, erica. a high level source familiar with these discussions is confirming it will be fiorina to be rolled out as part of the ticket with ted cruz. that will be the announcement in indianapolis. the timing is interesting. the timing raised eyebrows within the republican circles. this is an opportunity potent l potentially for cruz to change the conversation away from donald trump's dominant win. you might ask the last time this happened a running mate was announced so relatively early before somebody has locked up the republican nomination, the last time it happened, one of
11:28 am
the more famous types it happened was 1976, with ronald reagan when the campaign made that pick the focus of their opening rules at the convention then, my colleague is reporting. there is some context here and precedence here. fiorina has been out on the campaign trail with cruz quite a bit. she's taken on the role of kind of attack dog with him. she's done it going after donald trump and hillary clinton and the unsuccessful primary by herself. the candidacy that ended when she dropped out late last year. for fiorina, she does have vulnerabilities that opens up essentially cruz and his campaign. number one, her business record, the layoffs at hp dogged her at her campaign are likely to do so again. number two, the fact she was unsuccessful, i wouldn't be surprised to see donald trump take aim at her for that and the timing for this some operatives said could potentially be seen as a hail mary at this point.
11:29 am
that said, fiorina has been instrumental in cruz's delegate hunting. we know cruz and fiorina will be headed to california this weekend to the convention to try to make sure they lock down delegates if this does go to a contested convention. now that cruz has been mathematically eliminated from locking up the nomination outright, a contested convention is his only hope and has to turn around delegates on a seconds ballot. fiorina has been helping him on that and will continue to help him on that. interesting you look where they're headed, california, optics on this new ticket being rolled out this week and california, if cruz wins in indiana, will be the next and last real battleground state. that is where trump might be able to lock up the nomination, that is where cruz might be able to stop him. 172 delegates in california but cruz has to get to indiana first and maybe why you're seeing him with the timing today with the announcement with fiorina. >> it's also fascinating because
11:30 am
we started talking this week about the quote-unquote alliance the cruz and kasich campaign worked out not with the candidates but amongst the campaigns over the weekend and did not seem to play the way they want it to. one of the early questions on monday as we were trying to figure out how this deal would work is whether or not there was talk of cruz and kasich, the two of them teaming up on the ticket. all of this puts that to rest in addition to the fact that deal seemed to fall through and john kasich effectively out of the picture after he said he would drop out of indiana and now ted cruz really taking back the headlines. >> reporter: yeah, trying to at least especially with donald trump giving that foreign policy speech in washington and dominating the political spotlight. you talk about the possibility of cruz and kasich on a ticket. kasich had said all along they were uninterested in that, they were headed to a contested convention and wanted to make sure kasich could compete in a
11:31 am
contested convention and cruz had no intention of becoming where kasich's vice president looking at where cruz is in the delegate count with donald trump but a question mark how that plays out over the next two months, june 7th. you look at this political week, we've been through a lot this week and we will go through a lot through the next week, too. indiana primaries happening on tuesday. after that, you have nebraska, a place where the cruz campaign hopes to be successful. then the turn of the west cruz calls favorable territory for him, much more favorable than eastern states donald trump dominated in. south dakota and new mexico, obviously cruz will not campaign there if that alliance or so-called pact with john kasich holds up and all the marbles in california. >> maurbrbles in california. i want to bring in our senior
11:32 am
analyst. the last time we saw a running mate named so early in a contest was during the reagan days. how effective do you think this will be for ted cruz to roll out a full ticket at this point in the race? >> we will see six days from now because indiana is so important to ted cruz and his running mate, carly fiorina. if they can't stop donald trump in indiana, it's hard to see where else they can stop him. this is a make or break moment for ted cruz and his campaign and shows you why they resorted to announcing their vice-presidential pick just the day after losing five consecutive presidential prim y primaries to donald trump. so the stakes are very big. as halle whallie was just mentin 1996, in that election, had his running mate picked going into the republican convention.
11:33 am
he was in second place to gerald ford in the delegate count, to try to shake things up. as my colleague, who's been following cruz's campaign the last several months, ted cruz loves the parallels he has with ronald reagan, always invokes ronald reagan in his history. in a lot of ways, i think you can see him trying to rekindle sof some of the 1976 magic, the problem, it didn't work then and gerald ford became the president and then ronald reagan becoming the nominee and then two term president. you usually are not doing this move from a position of strength. this is a position of weakness. he needs things to shake things up in indiana. it will be interesting to see where those indiana polls are after what we saw in the last five states last night. >> it will be interesting to see the reaction from donald trump we know is not one likely to follow and i'm not expecting him
11:34 am
to make an announcement about a running mate. does this in any way put the pressure on someone like a donald trump to narrow down his picks? >> no. i think it gives him more flexibility to see what he needs in order to maybe get past that 1237 magic number that he needs. it is interesting ted cruz is coming out with this pick right now and someone like carly fiorina. we look back at that 1976 history with ronald reagan, the reason he did that, he needed votes from pennsylvania's delegation and thought that could be his way to upset gerald ford at the 1976 convention. carly fiorina isn't coming in with a boat load of delegates to help ted cruz erase donald trump. in some ways, tread cruz has limited -- ted cruz has limited his options, if he had waited a month later teaming up with john kasich, would that give him more
11:35 am
leverage at a republican convention if it comes to that. you mentioned donald trump's reaction. we did see his reaction from the last interesting gamut from ted cruz, his alliance from john kasich, who will campaign where and when and john kasich not going to campaign in indiana at all and donald trump eviscerated that, calling it a sign of desperation and sign of weakness. he might do something similar in reacting to this. i think donald trump will more tout his victories than anything else when he campaigns in indiana tonight. >> hallie, are you hearing any more on this? and ted cruz said he couldn't confirm anything to you or no one would show up for the announcement. is the campaign at this hour0 minutes out from that, what guidance other than naming carly fiorina as his pick, what else we may hear from ted cruz?
11:36 am
>> reporter: just a little difficulty hearing you. i know you're asking about the news we're talking about with cruz and fiorina appearing at the pan am pavilion in indianapolis. i will show you as we chat a little bit the line of media waiting to get in and will step out of the shot. i will tell you about reaction from donald trump. trump has reacted already to this news to reports cruz and fiorina might team up. trump says he believes it will hurt ted cruz and shouldn't be naming anybody and doesn't have a chance and millions of votes behind and unimpressed by cruz's pick of fiorina saying naming carly is dumb because she didn't do too well. that gives us a little bit of a hint how he will go after this more than a hint because he's saying it now. saying because carly fiorina did not do well she and ted cruz teaming up would not be a successful ticket. unsurprising that's what we're
11:37 am
hearing from donald trump pai painting himself as the presumptive nominee at this point. you heard him talk about that last night and foreign policy speech today. for trump, expect him in indiana rail against this news after cruz and fiorina appeared together in indianapolis. >> hallie jackson and mark murray, thank you very much. this news of ted cruz calling on carly fiorina as his running mate comes as donald trump and hillary clinton have been trading fire. donald trump slamming hillary clinton saying she's playing the "woman card" all when she responded to one of donald trump's criticisms of him. >> mr. trump accused me of pl playing the quote woman card. well, if fighting for women's healthcare and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me in! >> i think the only card she has is the woman's card.
11:38 am
she's got nothing else going and fra frankly, if hillary clinton were a man, i don't think she'd get 5% of the vote. the only thing she's got going is the woman's card and the beautiful thing is women don't like her, okay? look how well i did with women tonight. okay. >> this morning the clinton campaigned fired off a fund-raising memo saying his rhetoric has created a volatile atmosphere. let's bring in emily, supporting pro-choice democratic women. first, i have to get your take on this announcement we are going to hear in just about 90 minutes, ted cruz naming carly fiorina as his running mate. your take? >> if ted cruz thinks he will fix his problem with women voters with carly fiorina, he's making a huge mistake. voters aren't looking just for a photo-op, they're looking for candidates who support, particularly w lly women candid
11:39 am
are looking for policies that help women. this candidacy is against equal pay and don't think it's a problem and want to dismantle parenthood, and one they won't be taking a serious look at. >> is it effective saying hillary clinton saying, sure, sign me up i will go for equal pay and family leave. is it helpful to set those up as women's issue or mandatoore eff to say it affects family? >> i think women see those as family issues. those are family issues. when we're looking at the incredible contrast between hillary clinton and her support for women and families, whether equal pay or healthcare or the list goes on and on versus donald trump and his decades of just atrocious statements about women and his embrace of the republican policies that really hold women back, this contrast
11:40 am
is clear. we will see women voters standing with hillary and the democrats this year. >> what do you think as we've seen and talking about on msnbc these jabs that hillary clinton and donald trump are throwing back and forth at one another. a lot of talk how they seem to be very focused on november. if you were advising hillary clinton because we know you want to get her there, how would you advise she go after donald trump? >> i think hillary clinton is doing exactly the right thing here. it is really really important to talk about the differences really between these two political parties. what we see as hillary clinton as the leader of the democratic party is someone who's been a champion her entire life for women and families from her very first job and up against donald trump who continues to say outrageous things about women in particular and also the republican party's continuation
11:41 am
of policies that really are not good for women and families. we saw the biggest gender gap in 2012, we may not see anything yet the way 2016 is playing out. >> interesting, there will be a lot more talk as we hear from carly fiorina from the other side of the aisle and ticket. appreciate your time today, thank you. >> any time. thanks. a look at today's microsoft pulse question asking will trump's women's card against hillary clinton backfire against him in the general election, your take so far. log onto still to come, our exclusive interview with bernie sanders, a big change coming to your phone with 30 seconds on the verge. >> by 2017 all mobile phones in indiana will have to have a panic button. the country's telecommunications industry ordered a feature on phones that will let users hold
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mobility is very important to me. that's why i use e*trade mobile. it's on all my mobile devices, so it suits my mobile lifestyle. and it keeps my investments fully mobile... even when i'm on the move... ahhh. despite losing 4 of 5 primaries to hillary clinton last night, bernie sanders v vowing today to fight on. my colleague, chris jansing just spoke with the candidate moments ago and joins me with more on that interview. chris in west latest, indiana today, what specifically is bernie sanders saying about why he wants to stay in this race? >> reporter: he says he's in it to win it despite the fact that hillary clinton has 85% of delegates she needs. he came into this with an agenda no doubt. he and his campaign have gotten farther than they thought they would. the numbers are stacked against
11:46 am
him. if he's not the nominee, then what. here's what he told me. >> if i'm not the nominee we will fight for every last vote and hope to become the nominee. we have run this campaign on a set of principles. the principles are we have to take on the billionaire class whose greed and recklessness are doing terrible damage to working families all over this country, join the rest of the industrialized world, guarantee healthcare and paid medical leave and make colleges and universities tuition-free among many other issues. >> how much influence should you have on the platform? >> depends obviously if we have a majority of delegates that will be the platform. if we do not have majority of delegates i would think any smart presidential candidate will say, hmm, millions of people are supporting bernie sanders, they want an agenda that goes beyond economics and establish politics. i'm smart and will listen to
11:47 am
those people and created a progressive agenda, not just to apiece bernie sanders and his supporters but to win this election. it is far more important to speak to the middle class and working class in this country than just a billionaire campaign contribut contributors. >> do you believe hillary clinton is smart? >> oh, god yes, she is very smart. >> let me ask you something about donald trump said today because he looks more and more. >> donald trump, the media -- the function of media is to follow the donald trump quote of the day. >> but more and more it does look like he's going to be the nominee on the republican side. either you or hillary clinton is going to have to run against him. >> be my pleasure. >> he said he would look to your speeches for very good material against hillary clinton starting with she has bad judgment. >> well, look, the republican party will have dozens of oppositional researchers. they don't need my speeches to talk about hillary clinton.
11:48 am
they will do after hillary clinton, by the way, in ways i have never ever gone after hillary clinton. >> reporter: he said unequivocally he thinks the democrats have to do everything they can to defeat donald trump. if that means he will help hillary clinton, so be it. he says he will support the democratic nominee, again, he hasn't given up hope. he said politics is strange especially this year and will continue to fight on. erica. >> i think that's a statement people in both parties could get behind. politics is strange this year. you're in west latest, indiana, the home of purdue university. my mother-in-law is a proud alum. >> reporter: yes. >> i understand there was a friendly game of basketball that happened? >> reporter: yeah. i'm sorry people will have to see this. i thought it was a friendly game. i think he elbowed me, you know, just really, i was minding my own business pretty much, not making any baskets and he went after me, i don't know.
11:49 am
>> here's the thing. >> reporter: politics is a tough business. so is journalism, if you can't take the heat you ought to get off the court. >> ain't that the truth, my friend. craig melvin was kind of giving you a hard time about your skills on the basketball court. my first question to you being i had a hard time wealking to the studio in my heels i have on now. what were you wearing on your feet? >> i had on flats but they have a nick in them i will charge the company for. not only did i lose a shoe but my ring went flying. this was serious stuff. we weren't messing around. >> i would like to see that expense report when you're done with it. will be an interesting one. >> reporter: thank you, erica. >> i think you have a future, maybe we could work on this basketball thing maybe a little. thanks. stay with us. it's how i try to live... how i stay active. so i need nutrition... that won't weigh me down. for the nutrition you want
11:50 am
without the calories you don't... try boost® 100 calories. each delicious snack size drink gives you... 25 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. and it's available in two new flavors, vanilla caramel and double chocolate fudge. i'm not about to swim in the slow lane. stay strong. stay active with boost®.
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these are live pictures from the white house, that's the
11:53 am
naval football team to visit president obama. the commander in chief's trophy, all lined up behind the president to celebrate their win over army. sorry to all the army fans out there. we are just about 100 days out from the opening ceremony of the rio 2016 olympics. leading up to the games, our very own matt lauer did something he does at least once a week on "today," get an incredible headline out of a dwes. the guest this morning was record setting michael phelps and talked about the sport and personal demons he faced leading to his dui arrest in 2014. >> i didn't want anything to do with the sport. >> going into london? >> i think i was just over it. pers personally, i had a lot of struggle getting through the four years after '08. i don't think i knew what i w t wanted to do. >> history in beijing for michael phelps! >> with no other choice, phelps tried to put up a good front. the truth was he had lost
11:54 am
interest in swimming and began to miss practices, a lot of them, causing a tense relationship with long time coach, bobom bowman. >> i was rather surprised to pick up a copy of sports magazine how it described in the months leading up to london you and bob were not getting along all that well and at one time in particular you had a brutal fight. he said, we go at it. world war iii, i smash my watch against the wall. we go in the parking lot. i flip him the bird and he flips me the bird and don't get back together for 10 days, in the prime of your training for the olympic games and you don't show up for 10 days. what's going on? >> i didn't care. >> phelps walked away from london with six more medals, four of those gold. his demons were catching up with him. after leaving a casino september
11:55 am
29th, 2014, phelps was pulled over and arrested for dui. let's go back to september 29th, the night you were arrested, dui arrest, not your first time with that subject? >> i sent myself on a downward spiral. it was more a sign than something else i had to get control over whatever it was. i look back to that night and everything happened for a reason. >> was this a cry for help. i believe so, i really do. >> with mounting pressure from family and friends phelps would eventually check himself in a rehab clinic in arizona. >> in listening to and reading some of the things people close to you have said about that incident, nobody uses the words alcoholic or drinking problem. so are you an alcoholic? >> i don't know. i honestly don't know. i know i have probably moments i have gone off the deep end where i shouldn't. i would say binge more than
11:56 am
anything else. >> so drinking problem. >> no. like, you can put a beer in front of me or an alcoholic drink in front of me and i won't feel the urge to drink it. >> since completing 45 days in rehab, phelps says he's a changed man, ready to do what it takes to compete in his fifth olympic games. >> how's training going now? what's the difference? >> i want to be here. that's the difference. i have no desire to go to workout before. i want to retire how i want to retire. i have a great opportunity to do that. >> you can catch michael phelps hunt for the gold and our exclusive coverage of the rio games on all our nbc tv and digital platforms. 100 days to go. that will wrap up our hour and kate snow next on msnbc, the place for politics.
11:57 am
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hi. i'm kate snow. imagine yourself the top dog in the stop trump movement. you're in an expensive suit in a corner office on k-street. the headlines you're facing today, trump swept all five sta states, won every county and every congressional district yesterday, his smallest margin of victory was 30 points. he has now surpassed 10 million votes this election. what do you do? to answer that, remember that bullet list trump needed to do to clench the nomination, his 109 delegate haul yesterday was well beyond the goal of 90 to 95. msnbc is doing research into those unbound delegates from pennsylvania to see what's up with them and looks like he will win more than two-thir


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