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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 28, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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wrely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business. that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority: you and good morning from new york. i'm steve kornacki. topping our agenda right now, desperate times, desperate measures. ted cruz teams up with carly fiorina. is it going to get him anything, though, in do or die indiana?
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>> donald trump and hillary clinton, they are two sides of the same coin. they're both liberal. we know that. >> fiorina waste nothing time going straight after donald trump yesterday, but donald trump so far not really taking the bait. our own hallie jackson has an interview with ted cruz's new running mate. that's coming up in just a minute. also, on our agenda this morning, cruz may have fiorina with him but trump says he's the one who just landed the biggest endorsement of them all in indiana. >> i think the most important thing in the world is that we vote for the best man there is for this job, and you've already met him. >> the general, robert montgomery knight, a basketball legend in a basketball crazed state. won three national titles at indiana. now he wants to put trump over the top in the hoosier state. and rounding out our agenda this
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morning -- >> i am very good in arithmetic and i can count delegates and we are behind today. but you know what? unusual things happen in politics. >> the delegate count doesn't look good and now the sanders campaign shrinking this morning. word of some layoffs as the landscape turns bleak for hillary clinton's challenger. the question now isn't just what sanders wants out of all of this, it's what can he get? all of that, much more still to come this morning but we're going the begin with the top story. ted cruz with a surprise move yesterday picking a running mate as the stop trump movement gasps for life in indiana. and top republican lawmakers maybe, just maybe beginning to warm up to the idea of their possible nominee being donald trump. this morning senior members of the trump campaign traveling to capitol hill to meet with
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republican lawmakers. this as trump tries to woo establishment washington. a coordinated effort that was preceded yesterday afternoon when trump delivered that foreign policy speech that received surprising accolades from the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee. republican senator bob corker. >> i was very pleased with what i heard. i thought it was a great step in the right direction. i'll thought it was full of substance. i thought it laid out a vision for america. obviously some details need to be filled in, but i thought it was very, very good and was pleased at what he had to say. >> positive words there for trump from a top republican. and then last night at a rally trump returned the favor to the republican establishment giving a shoutout to mitch mcconnell. >> he does -- for two days he filibusters. doesn't get anything except he makes the top man, who is actually a good guy, mitch mcconnell, he calls him a liar.
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i mean, you know what? you don't do things that way. >> bashing ted cruz there for his altercations with mitch mcconnell. and get this, more news on this front. at speech last night at stanford university out in california former house speaker john boehner, he is about as establishment republican as it gets. he absolutely tore into ted cruz last night calling him, quote, lucifer in the flesh. and saying, quote, i have democrat friends, i have republican friends, i get along with almost everyone. but i have never worked with a more miserable s.o.b., not quite what he said there but you get the idea, in my life. boehner in the interview said he would vote for trump if trump is the republican nominee. and that he is, quote, texti ii buddies with trump and he added he would never vote for cruz. strong words there from john boehner. hallie jackson is following the
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cruz and now the cruz/fiorina campaign we're calling it in ft. wayne, indiana. luke russert is on capitol hill. ahead of the big meetings between the trump campaign and top republicans there. hallie jackson, we're going to start with you though. you got a chance to sit down with carly fiorina. we know there's a history there between quarter cary fiorina an trump. it was not pleasant between them. now she's teaming up trying to stop him. what did she tell you? >> yes, listen, she has been an attack dog against donald trump during her own primary. she is continuing to do that we're seeing already with ted cruz on his ticket. she was doing that as a surrogate for cruz. also we had this interesting moment during that interview right before he began she was signing autograph, new posters with the new logo, cruz/carly logo. you're signing this new thing. how does it feel? she said i've been signing posters for ted cruz for seven
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weeks now because she's been on the trail pushing his message as she has been surrogate out there. in our interview though we talked a little bit about how she thinks she can actually help ted cruz in indiana, given that if you look at some of the headlines today it's hail mary or the words of some, hail carly, this move that critics say is a desperate one. here's what carly fiorina and i talked about. listen. how are two people who have not been able to beat donald trump yet better that than one person who -- >> actually ted cruz has beaten donald trump a lot of times. >> not nationally yet. still trailing the delegate count. >> but he's won in a lot of states. the media wants to forget about that. donald trump has lost to ted cruz in a lot of states. and also importantly, he's lost to ted cruz when only republicans are allowed to vote. so, donald trump has lost. yes, he's racking up the delegates, so is ted cruz. i actually think the person you should be asking this question to is john kasich. he didn't get the memo.
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when you can't win you need to get out. >> fiorina with sharp words against governor kasich there just a couple days after that so-called alliance between the cruz/kasich team. something that a cruz campaign aide acknowledges to me was really more about media, was about trying to manipulate the their ty or maneuver the narrative a little bit given we were heat heading into what was predicted to be a dominant trump have beenry and it was. as far as the veep state, steve, i can tell you many my conversation with sources the cruz campaign began looking at a potential vice presidential pick after their win in iowa. they had a list of maybe 40 people that was eventually narrowed down to five that underwent what i'm told is a deep vetting process that sort of became more concrete over the last couple of weeks as the campaign saw cruz and fiorina out on the campaign trail together and saw their chemistry that is a big part of why the two of them are campaigning together today. and why cruz picked fiorina on
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his ticket. it seems as though he genuinely likes being in her company. he obviously likes being around his family. remember in that moment where she's saying yesterday talking about the songs that she since to his children. so cruz headed up to ft. wayne, steve, to be with them on the campaign trail as they spend their first day out as a ticket, campaigned together before but obviously not as running mates. we will keep you posted from up in ft. wayne. >> hallie jackson on her way to ft. wayne. going to turn now to msnbc's kasie hunt in indianapolis. kasie, one of the theories that's floating around out there about why ted cruz turned to carly fiorina is maybe that in a way he was trying to bait donald trump. donald trump had said that very nasty thing about carly fiorina before. he's gotten into trouble for the way he talks at women before. maybe this would make him slip up again. get into trouble. talking about a female opponent again. trump talking about issues again this torning on the "today"
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show. what are you hearing? >> hi, steve. that's right. of course, donald trump way underwater in all of our polling with women who seem to basically tell us -- tell pollsters they don't like donald trump. of course, as we know women make up the majority of the electorate in the united states. that's a little bit of a challenge. donald trump was on the "today" show this morning with matt lauer talking about it. >> 70% of women in this country say they have a negative view of you. do you even care? >> of course i care. nobody respects women more than i do. and i wasn't playing the women's card. it's true. she is playing the woman's card. she said everything she says is about the woman's card. and frankly all i'm doing is bringing out the obvious. without the woman's card hillary would not even be a viable person run for -- >> are you saying the country volt based simply on gender? >> well, i don't think they vote on gender, no. i think they vote for security. i think they vote for jobs.
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and that's why i'm doing so well. >> of course donald trump does have to care about this if he hopes to ultimately win a general election. now, of course, to get that far trump does need to get to that 1237 number at the republican convention. and right now stopping him from doing that is coming all down to here in indiana. this is the place where essentially it's ted cruz's last chance to make sure that trump's pat is so narrow to getting those delegates that he can't -- that it would force a contested convention. and i've been talking to sources here on the ground in indiana and the reality seems to be that this is a very, very close race. if you think about the kind of mix of politics here in this state, remember back in 2012 when richard murdoch won the republican senate nom makes, that was a combination of tea party sloat voters and social conservatives in the ft. wayne area where cruz is campaigning. that's getting splintered away. and then you also have establishment republicans. many of whom are here in e
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indianapol indianapolis. many of whom are delegates to the republican national convention. it's not clear to me that cruz will be able to unite them to beat donald trump. as donald trump does try to run against this new cruz/fiorina ticket here in indiana they're up with an ad on tv hasn't gotten very much notice. donald trump jr., trump's son, talking straight to the camera about his dad and showing pictures of trump with his grandchildren. they know they try to need to soften his image a little bit and spending money to do that. >> interesting doings on the ground there. absolutely. do or die for that stop trump movement there in indiana. kasie hunt, thanks for that. head over to capitol hill now. members of trump's campaign team once again going to be there meeting with members of congress trying to make inroads with the republican establishment. luke russert joins us on what i guess is a rainy day there in washington. but, luke, we started the show with this big news from time to time, these transcripts leak out
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when john boehner gives these speeches. he says very interesting things. is this a window i'm wondering into the way the washington republican establishment is looking at this race, that may be coming around to trump a little bit and they still just can't get onboard with ted cruz? >> well, i think that's the big divide. but one thing that i have said all along, steve, is that from the republican members who i have spoken to, we forget now because politics is such a daily 24-hour feed the beast machine. there is still a lot of grudges held against ted cruz by not only establishment republicans but also some conservative republicans over the government shut down in 2013 because ted cruz instructed his followers to go after the establishment, go after the leadership, go after some conservatives who may have vote with the leadership in the past and they don't forget that because a lot of them had to raise money to try and offset a primary fight, a lot of them had to go back to angry town halls about why they weren't doing enough to defeat obamacare in 2013.
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there is still a lot of an mossity and anger here on capitol hill. i'll give you two quick an dotes. i asked one member about the carly fiorina pick. he said, what, michele bachmann wasn't available? another time i asked about ted cruz, morning in america, and the member said it would be mourning in america, as in mourning at a funeral. so there is a lot of dislike and hatred of ted cruz. reflected in what you heard from john boehner. lucifer in the flesh. remember, this is a guy who made their lives miserable for the entire fall of 2013 and continue to be a thorn in their side for quite a while as he did lead meetings with members of the house to try and go against legislation that boehner was in support of. why i'm out here in front of the capitol hill club because donald trump's campaign continues to have meetings with congressional members of congress who have endorsed his campaign. i spoke to scott of tennessee as he walked in. what's the topic today? indiana. what can they do to try and help the trump campaign there?
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what can they do to be on message. and an interesting nugget for you, you're a politics guy. pennsylvania, donald trump did very well. won nearly every county, i believe. a lot of delegates going his way. i saw some republican members of the pennsylvania delegation, remember 13 out of the 18 gerrymandered republican in pennsylvania walk into this meeting. it wouldn't shock me if you saw some new endorsements in the coming days from members of congress who are republicans from pennsylvania because they realize they pretty much have to get onboard because the state won overwhelmingly for trump and it's the white working class voters that propelled them there and they need those guys in their races come november, steve. >> very interesting nugget there. luke russert on capitol hill, thanks for that. going to bring in michael steele, msnbc contributor, former republican contributor. michael, let's pick up on that theme. the republican. it seems to me in a way the theory of the ted cruz campaign at the beginning wasn't prepared for a moment like this. he's basically turning to the
6:15 am
republican establishment saying you guys need me to save you from trump. if luke's reporting bears out there, the republican establishment saying back to him, no, we would still rather have trump than you. >> yeah, that's okay. never mind. we're good. and, in fact, i think based on what luke is saying and what i've been hearing and talking to folks around town and across the country they're getting better with this idea. i think yesterday's speech with donald -- by donald trump, while it was nuanced and not as nuanced as some would like and certainly not full of the specifics, when you have corker and others, you know, saying that this was solid, that this was, you know, foundational for trump, that's a move towards him that i think is a very positive step for his campaign heading into indiana. you can always do the politics on the ground but there's nothing like having that sort of air cover by party leadership at some point in some way.
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i think donald trump is beginning to see a lot of that. >> so what about the ted cruz's move here with carly fiorina. it looks like a desperation move and the stakes are desperate for ted cruz right now and everybody who wants to stop donald trump, they have to beat him in indiana. indiana looks like a fair fight. on paper either one of them could win it. teaming up with carly fiorina like this, do you see when you look at indiana, do you see ted cruz getting any kind of advantage there because of this? >> well, if some of the early focus groups that were done after this announcement yesterday and i know that there were some that were on the ground watched a couple of them, the response basically fell flatt. i think a lot of voters see this as cynical. a lot of voters do not buy in to it. they see it as you used the word, desperation. and when you get to this point in politics it will bring out desperate acts. a lot of people see this as this. look, you have not been able to prosecute the case against
6:17 am
donald trump for eight, nine, ten months. bringing carly fiorina on to your campaign three, four, five days before a primary like indiana is not going to change that prosecution. i think a lot of people see that for what it is. the other thing is i think in many respects folks feel it fell flat. it just, coming off the heels of a big night, five-state win by trump, a very well received in a lot of circles speech policy speech, foreign policy speech by trump, this didn't book end it, it didn't push it in a different direction. the trump news still kind of dominated the news that day and i think a lot of people walked away thinking, why? >> yeah, is this something we're going to talk about later in to hour though. ted cruz got carly fiorina with him yesterday? donald trump got bob knight. knight could help more in
6:18 am
indiana than fiorina. >> i think you're right. >> thanks very for that. >> all right. ted cruz not making his vice presidential pick without laying out a road map for where he sees the next few weeks going for his campaign. >> i make this announcement today so that you the voters, the voters in indiana, the voters in nebraska, the voters in south dakota and washington state and california and across the country, so that you will know what you will get. >> and he mentioned california there. california on june 7th, final contest, it brings us to our most important number of the day. and that number is sometimes these are very act. 22.5. 22 1/2 is our most important number of the day. why is it our most important number of the day? because all the talk about how critical indiana is to ted cruz in the stop trump movement, california will be just as critical. if we get there in this race is still alive, cruz is going to have to win there. the stop trump forces are going
6:19 am
to have to win there. guess what, right now the average of the two most recent polls we have out of california has donald trump beating ted cruz by 22 1/2 points. these came out a couple days ago. these came out before trump's big wins this week. some people would say if that's giving him extra momentum, maybe these could be higher. others would say, maybe they're flukes. maybe the reality is closer. if donald trump is anywhere near ahead by this margin in california, that would put away, if we got to california in this race was competitive, that would put away cruz. that would put away the stop trump movement. this is how they do the delegates in california. this is a pretty busy map. you have 53 districts group get three delegates for every one of them that you win. if you win statewide you get 13. you get 13 for winning the entire state. you get three for each of these districts. again, if donald trump is up ten points, is a points, 20 points or more in california, it's basically impossible to see how he's not going to be winning the
6:20 am
lion's share of these districts, the lion's share of delegates. that number 1237 is way back in the rearview mirror and donald trump will be your nominee easily. win indiana first. but even if they pull that out they've got a lot of work to do out in golden state. coming up, appears more and more likely the race for president is going to come down to two candidates who call new york home. so who better to talk to than a new york institution? mike lupica is going to join me on the other side to offer insight into this battle the whole country is now getting ready for but as we go to break, a brief look at carly fiorina's attempt to impress voters through music. ♪ i know two girls that i just adore ♪ ♪ i'm so happy i can see them more ♪ ♪ because we travel on the bus all day ♪ ♪ we get to play ♪ we get to play ♪
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loose cannons tend to misfire. and what we have with him is a t. loosest of all cannons. and -- >> good afternoon, bridgeport. how are you? this is crooked hillary clinton. people start yawning, leaving, the whole thing is a disaster. she will be a disaster as president. >> all right. it's not official yet but after tuesday it's looking more and more like the main event this fall will be donald trump against hillary clinton. two big names, two big personalities, two new yorkers. this will be first time since 1944 when it was fdr against thomas dewey that both parties'
6:25 am
candidates called new york home. trump and clinton have both co-existed for years in the glare of the world's biggest media spotlight. their paths have crossed more than a few times. here are the clintons at the trump's wedding in 2005. someone who has hadn't up close view of these two out sized characters as they've made their way to this moment. mike lupica, columnist for the "new york daily news," espn personality. watching that clip of trump in connecticut last saturday doing his hillary clinton impersonation. you sit there and you're shocked but you can't help but chuckle, too. >> to me the unknowable thing, if it ends up being trump versus clinton, we kind of think of hillary as a new yorker but we more think of her as somebody who the candidate from the state of clinton. trump actually is a new yorker. the unknowable thing is how much of this is he going to do when it's just the two of them on the stage in the fall? how hard is he going to come at a former first lady, former secretary of state, former united states senator? that to me -- you don't know how
6:26 am
people are going to reacts. are they going to think he finally has gone too far or is it going to work for him the way little marco worked and lying ted worked and low energy jeb worked. >> i think that's one of the questions, too, one thing that surprised people me had a big night this week and everybody is really saying this is it. he's going to be the nominee now after his big win this weekend. comes out there and i think people were expecting sort of a presidential moment from him. and instead he says, you know what? if she weren't a woman she would be at 5% right now. i think people were surprised. wow. raised the question of is it strategic or a guy who can't help himself? >> i think he is who he is. i have known this guy a long time. i've known him since the 1980s. early on in this campaign i said to him one day on the phone, why can't you just be the guy i'm talking to and the answer is always the same, because the guy you're just describing, it's working for him. and what i will always wonder about this campaign, and i wonder if you think about this, too, would he be where he is if
6:27 am
he hadn't talked about walls and he hadn't talked about muslim bans or did that -- was that sort of the fuel that has propelled him to this moment where we're setting up a first debate, if it happens in the fall, that will be the most watched political event of all time. >> can you imagine, if we've had 25 million watches the republican with him donald trump versus hillary, how do you think hillary clinton would handle that match-up being on stage with him? that's -- it's weird because the clinton campaign on the one hand are itching for this match-up. they want trump because they think they can beat him but that's a huge wild card. >> if it's a straight debate, she will win. if you look at the metrics of how obama beat romney four years ago with asian-american, hispanic, african-american, women, you don't see where he can take a big bite of that. but trump is an ultimate fighter. and in a way he's a bar fighter. if 4th doesn't beat you on the stage he gives you the sense that he will wait for you in the
6:28 am
parking lot afterwards. so will it be robert's rules of order when they are on that stage or is he -- it's going to continue to be trump being trump. because one of the reasons why i think bernie sanders ought to get out of this now because he's only helping trump. of all the odd things that have happened in this campaign, the unspoken alliance right now between the old socialist from vermont and donald trump, trump wants him to stay in forever. trump wants him to be a third party candidate because bernie is helping him not that he needs talking points about hillary's weak spots but he's helping him. >> and he's signaling to people on the left, it's not time to unite and come together against donald trump. you said something interesting there. the trump you see who is not the trump we see necessarily, what is that guy like? >> no, he's extremely charming. he's extremely likable. and i really think that so much of this he made up as he went along. and even the stuff i hate. i think he got out there one day
6:29 am
and talked about the wall and people screamed me said, wow, that's working for me. and then before long he's talking about a ban on muslims that will never be put into effect, that couldn't possibly be enforced, except the people started screaming gab. >> do you think he got into the race thinking he could win or got into the race, it will be a fun thing to do? >> i don't think he knew that his campaign would take off the way it did. and his message would resonate with this space. now, the question is, he's gotten, what, whatever it is, 9 million votes, whatever it is so far. okay, if he gets like 55 million more votes he's going to be president of the united states. that's a lot of votes. and the question is, can this message be expanded to get him elected president of the united states? but, you know, in all ways now, if you're a democrat and you're watching bernie stay in there and continue to go after her, in always, literal and
6:30 am
figuratively, the threat level is orange now and not just because of the color of trump's hair. >> you want to get on the main event as fas as you can. it will take another reinvention of trumping i think if he's going to have a shot in the fall. he's had reinventions before publicly and they've worked. >> he is a bit of a shape shifter. >> mike lupica, "new york daily news." appreciate that. have breaking news we want to tell you about right now. vice president joe biden has just landed in iraq for a surprise visit there. ron allen is going to join me now. ron, why is joe biden in iraq? >> well, steve, this is a top secret mission with a lot of urgency attached to it. the vice president just landed there this morning. we are not revealing his where abilities. this mission was not revealed because of urgency. iraq is involved in a political crisis. the prime minister there is trying to form a new government. the concern the united states administration is that that is a big distraction from america's main octoberive in iraq which is to destroy and ultimately defeat isis. and this comes at a time when the president has been saying
6:31 am
that the united states and coalition partners have been making a lot of progress in that argument against isis. they have recaptured 40% of the territory that isis once held. the u.s. feels they have momentum and the president is concerned this political crisis inning iraq where the prime minister is trying to form a new government. we know about the infight that takes place there when this sort of thing happens is distracting the iraqi government from supporting the american effort there to defeet isis. that's why the vice president has gone. he is the administration official most responsible for iraq. he is the third administration official following the secretary of defense and secretary of state kerry to go to iraq in the past month or so. again, because of the urgency of this matter. we were just on the trip with president obama to saudi arabia and other allies and there he emphasized he wants our gulf partners, saudis as well, to kick in more investment into areas of iraq that have been taken from isis to strengthen
6:32 am
those areas economically and politically so that, again, they can remain in the hands of the u.s. and coalition. this has been one of the big problems in the fight against isis, not just recapturing territory but holding on to it. the bottom line is that this is a moment the administration sees as defining moment, key time to really make a big push against isis not only in iraq but also in syria. you recall that a week or so ago the united states announced 200 troops are being sent to iraq to beef up the operations there and just a couple days we heard that 200 more troops -- 250 or more troops were being sent to syria as well to strengthen those operations. again, that's why the vice president has gone there now buzz this is off a critical time where the president sees an opportunity to really make a decisive move in the fight against isis. coming up, bernie sanders being boxed out for the democratic nomination after announcing staff layoffs. it seems like his campaign is in foul trouble. can they rebound and steal the nomination or will it take a
6:33 am
half court shot for sanders to have a chance? why all of these tortured basketball metaphors? he got to play hoops with our very own chris jansing. she says he threw an elbow, i think. anyway, watch out, bernie. watch out, chris. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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unusual things happen in politics. and with your help, we are going to win the pledged delegates and with your help super delegates may well reach the conclusion that bernie sanders will be the strongest candidate against donald trump or any other republican. >> unusual things happen in politics. that's pretty much the only hope left right now for bernie sanders. the odds facing him against hillary clinton. take a look at the democratic delegate count, what would be involved there. sanders would need to win 81% of
6:37 am
the remaining delegates. if he's going to clinch the nomination. another sobering reality, sanders campaign plans to cut 225 campaign staffers. that includes more than 40 in california. that's the big grand prize on june 7th. one the sanders campaign has been pointing to for a long time now. it doesn't mean they're officially throwing in the towel. this as we heard from bernie sanders' wife jane on "morning joe." >> absolutely in it to win it. you know, you remember in mid march after a string of losses the media wrote his political obituary and we came back to win eight in a row. so we're expecting to do the same here. >> let's bring in my colleague kristen welker, she's been following the democratic race closely. kristen, we've reached sort of an interesting point in this race. the realities of the math, i think they're clear to everybody including bernie sanders right now. you got that downsizing going on with his campaign at the same time when you look ahead to the
6:38 am
map of the states to come, it still seems likely he's going to pick up a couple states between here and june 7th. he will still win states. so what does that mean and what does he do with that? >> well, there's no doubt about that, steve. the sanders campaign think they could have a strong may. oregon is looking good. dakotas are looking good. potentially west virginia. you heard it in that statement that he released me wants to amass as many delegates as possible to ultimately impact the party's platform. you're right, reality is starting to set in. the staffers say, look, we're just being realistic. we've gone through 40 states and this makes sense to scale back at this point in time. still, this clearly signals that the campaign is ramping down. one of the starkest examples of what we're seeing in these two campaign shs sanders versus clinton. secretary clinton is off the campaign trail today.
6:39 am
senator sanders is stumping in indiana. if he does want to amass more delegates that's going to be a critical state for him. in the democratic party, if senator sanders stays on the trail does he only continue to give fodder to republican, to donald trump, if he becomes the party's nominee. are chris jansing asked senator sanders about that yesterday. take a listen. >> the republican party will have dozens of oppositional researchers. they don't need my speeches to talk about hillary clinton. i mean, things like the clinton foundation or things like the e-mail situation. i don't talk about that. i have never talked about it. one word on this campaign. i suspect very much that donald trump and the republican party will go after her in many, many ways than we have not. >> now, steve, take a look at the ad spending as of tuesday in some of these upcoming states. this also helps to tell the story. senator sanders spending in states like indiana, oregon, kentucky, west virginia, and the
6:40 am
big one, california. that big prize that you have been talking about. secretary clinton, well, in fact, those numbers are flipped. secretary clinton is spending $0 and senator sanders is spending big in all of those states. again, it's an indication that secretary clinton is pivoting to the general election. sanders fighting this primary battle. clinton is looking ahead to the convention. how she wants that to be unveiled. and of course, her strategy to take on donald trump if he's the nominee. steve? >> kristen, that will be a story, if hillary clinton does get the nomination that will be a story we follow, what will bernie sanders' role at that convention be? thachin thanks for that. coming up, donald trump and the general. robert montgomery knight campaigning with donald trump in the state where he won three national titles before being fired amidst great controversy 16 years ago. does the general have the juice to put trump over the top? we'll talk about that next.
6:41 am
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you switch to geico. oh ohhhhh it's what you do. ohhhhhh! do you have to do that right in my ear? my foreign policy will always put the interests of the american people and american security above all else. has to be first. has to be. >> donald trump yesterday laying out his foreign policy vision on twit there morning trump says it is one of many speeches like that to come. he tweets, thank you to all for the wonderful reviews of my foreign policy speech. i will soon be speaking in great detail on numerous other topics. jacob ras scone is in indian narks home of the purple aces. you're talking to people on the ground out there. what are they saying about this donald trump? >> well, it would come to no surprise of course in a crowd of thousands ready for one of his rallies, they're of course all supporters.
6:45 am
a lot of them will say that in indiana they're not sure whether trump will be overwhelming support come tard pared to cruz. they say a lot of their friends are cruz supporters. as far as that speech you talked about a lot of us notice that he didn't talk about building the wall and about immigration. and that's because he said this morning he's planning on another speech much like the one he just gave on the topic of immigration. i've been talking to folks out here about bobby knight. we've been talking to folks about carly fiorina and they laugh when we try to talk about comparison. let's see if we can grab a couple tom talk just about that. this is chad. we spoke earlier, chad. and steve, we have him as well. we talked about bobby knight and what that might mean here compared to cruz who is bringing carly fiorina and he will be around the state. what do you think? >> well, bobby knight has a lot to do with indiana and hoosier hysteria. he's got a good attitude. one of the power attitudes.
6:46 am
i think it goes together with trump. >> though not universally alike, do you admit it? >> yes, yes, jr. much so. >> why is that? >> he speaks the truth, i think, and attitude. they got, you know, they got the naw, the say and do stuff. and i don't know. it's a good endorsement for trump, i think. >> wait a second. we've got carly fiorina on the other hand, do you think she's going going to do well for mr. cruz? be honest. >> she really matter? no. she's crazy. i think she's crazy. i mean -- i thought hillary was bad but this woman is now trying to do this. i think the ship s. hhas done s for cruz. maybe he's got wishful thinking. but i think it's done. >> all right, chad, thank you. thank you, steve. thank you all. and those are the opinions of the trump crowd on bobby knight and carly fiorina.
6:47 am
>> jacob rascon in evansville outside a trump event. trump used to drawing big crowds at his rallies but he was more than happy to see the spotlight yesterday to bob knight. someone arguably even more popular at least in indiana. maybe not even that arguable there. hall of fame basketball coach emphatically threw his support behind trump last night predicting that trump would become one of the greatest leaders in american history. the two of them then did a town hall on fox and knight explained exactly why the two men see eye to eye. >> if we're involved in something where we want to win, and particularly something that's necessary, if there's something out there where we need to win, we're going the try and beat your ass every time we can. >> and trump called that quote the greatest endorsement in indian in history. now joined by veteran indian in sports talk radio host kent sterling, host of the "kent sterling show" on 1430 in
6:48 am
indianapolis. knows the knight story, indiana basketball story better than anyone. kent, let me ask you. 16 years ago bob knight was fired as indiana's coach. we know h we won't go back to the school but me had the red sweater on yesterday. what was that like for indiiana fans to see? >> it wasn't the v-neck with the adidas logo but it evoked a happier time in indian in history and indiana basketball history. >> he went out of his way, it seemed in this speech to thank indiana fans. was this also an opportunity for knight in addition to campaigning for trump to maybe try to make peace with some of the iu fans? >> he's no stranger to the indian a state. when people write him a check he shows up and he's gracious. he says the right things. he's not a fool. you know, bob knight fans and indiana fans there's a lot of demographic similarity there and bob knight is going to not go
6:49 am
out of his way to impugn indiana university who this state really holds dear. >> i want to play a clip from this -- this is from the rally yesterday afternoon. this moment seemed sort of vintage knight to me, before he was at indiana he was the coach at west point at the u.s. military academy. they played the naval academy every year and made a point to talk about that to some veterans in the crowd. let's listen to that. >> i want all of your navy people to please raise your hands. all navy people, raise your hands. i want you to know that i spent eight years teaching soldiers at the united states military academy and we played navy eight straight years, folks, and we beat your ass every time we played you. >> so, kent, he's a little bit older now but how recognizable was that knight you saw yesterday? >> you know what, the physical being of bob knight is unchanged. but the kind of presence of bob knight, i thought was different.
6:50 am
i thought a lot of what he had to say particularly the story about the long-haired kid, i didn't understand how it was germane and it really kind of didn't make sense. i thought it was kind of like, you germane and didn't make sense. it was kind of like if pearl jam brought out bill haley and the comets to open. that's kind of what this was sort of like. they look the same and evoke the same thought, but i thought that the message was weaker and really in some places just didn't make a lot of sense. >> i have to say, i say lifelong bob knight fan but i agree with you, it almost felt dated, some of the stuff he was saying and the style. ken sterling, appreciate it. >> thank you, steve. >> coming up, we'll do a little throwback thursday, to a simpler time when a republican candidate way behind in the polls picked a vp candidate early to try to gain momentum for a contested convention. it didn't work out so well for
6:51 am
him or the party back then.
6:52 am
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it's thursday and you know what, we're going to make it a throwback thursday to the summer of 1976. 40 years ago, tell me if any of this sounds familiar, a candidate for the republican presidential nomination, trying to win in a contested convention and needs something dramatic and so he picks a running mate. ted cruz right now, well, kind of but not really. we're talking about ronald reagan. he took on president gerald ford in the 1976 republican primaries and caught fire late and was heading to the convention in kansas city with a real shot of pulling it out and this, this is what he thought would put him over the top. >> good evening, the news tonight begins with a big surprise, ronald reagan says he
6:55 am
wants richard schweiker of pennsylvania as his running mate if he gets the presidential nomination. tom brokaw was there when the announcement was made. >> reporter: reagan's announcement came after a series of interviews when he hadn't decided of a running mate. by this morning he made a decision. >> i'm announcing my selection. i have chosen the distinguished united states senator from pennsylvania, the honorable richard schweiker. >> he thought it would get critical delegates from pennsylvania. but pennsylvania stayed with ford and by picking a liberal, he cost himself conservative delegates from mississippi. ford won the nomination and picked and up and coming senator named bob dole. that was the last contested republican convention, 40 years ago and also the last time until
6:56 am
ted cruz teamed up with carly fiorina yesterday that a presidential candidate named a running mate without at least being the presumptive nominee. the situations aren't exactly the same and for cruz that's probably a good thing. he's going to need a different ending as he tries that reagan gam bit 40 years later. indiana obviously the first key test in whether it will work out for ted cruz. let's go back to the ground in indianapolis, cal perry is standing by. what is going on? you've got jars, you've got candy corn, in a mall, taking a poll. tell me what's going on and what this has to do with the primary? >> reporter: we needed i am per cal data as to whether the alliance is working. we put a really bad pun up here. we're not separating, trying to get to the kasich voter.
6:57 am
here's trump. i have live voters standing by. come on in, i have not prompted them for who they are voting for. please do your fake democratic duty. what's your name. >> roderick. >> grab a jelly bean, day two is the jelly bean, democratic vote. kayla? please. trump. i'll ask your name. >> pat. >> pat. chris, let me ask you pat, why cruz/kasich, i'm a big kasich fan and i believe in what they stand for, what john kasich stands for and ted cruz and kasich have aligned themselves and that's what i'm here to do. >> that's the anti-trump movement. why are you a trump supporter? >> i really don't want to say that. the fact he's willing to give our jobs back. >> sir, you're part of the run
6:58 am
away democratic ticket here in indianapolis. it was a liberal area of indiana, that's a rarity. >> not necessarily, but you have hampton county predominantly republican. >> reporter: steve, it's two to one, so far the trump ticket versus cruz kasich, we of course added fiorina. we'll see how it works out and i'll let you know. >> i've got a question there, kayla was her name. why is she -- can you ask her why is she wearing a north carolina -- we did this talk about bobby knight -- >> this is a really good point. why the tar heels, you're in indiana? now he's embarrassed. >> reporter: i will tell you one thing, everyone i've spoken to here is really upset with cruz about the circular basketball reference, it's a basketball hoop. people here in indiana are big on basketball.
6:59 am
>> i've just got to say, one of bobby knight's all time greatest win, shut down michael juror dodan and the sweelt 16. i've been a jerk enough. >> i've been outed on national television. i wear the wrong school teams all the time where i am. >> let's see through the day how that goes. that will wrap up this hour at msnbc. i've steve kornacki. we were boro into a new american century. born with a hunger to fly and a passion to build something better. and what an amazing time it's been, decade after decade of innovation, inspiration and wonder. so, we say thank you america for a century of trust, for the privilege of flying higher and higher, together. ♪
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