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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 28, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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ted cruz stunned everybody -- >> the next vice president of the united states, carly fiorina. >> this is the fight of our time. >> cruz can't win. what is he doing picking vice
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presidents. >> will i be critical of donald trump and hillary clinton? you bet. >> folks, they are not going to do it for you. >> that means fiorina is just a heartbeat away from never being president, ever. ever. >> and good thursday morning to you. it is the first day of the cruz fiorina gop ticket. the cruz campaign machine adding an attack of a crucial contest. this time she is running for the number two position. he announced his vp pick in indianapolis five days before the indiana primary where it's say to save if cruz loses o on tuesday, his chances of stopping trump evaporate. the first major foreign policy speech by donald trump, used a teleprompter to read remarks. being criticized for its lack of
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specifics and praise by others, at least one senator, as a step in the right direction. >> my foreign policy will always put the interests of the american people and american security above all else. it has to be first. it has to be. both our friends and our enemies put their countries above ours and we while be fair to them, must start doing the same. >> our political team has the race covered from all across indiana. in washington this morning, however, lawmakers who are publicly backing trump are meeting again behind closed doors. this is the second such meeting and luke russert covers capitol hill for us and he's outside the capitol hill club in washington with news about new endorsements for trump this morning? >> reporter: good morning there, jose, we have new endorsements to announce for the donald
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trump. b bill shuster joined by mike kelly of pennsylvania. as we know that state went overwhelming for trump and chairman jeff miller, veteran affairs committee in the house is endorsing donald trump. he met before about foreign policy. he seems to be on board. paul manafort of the trump campaign was at this meeting on capitol hill and said that the members of congress who attended doubled from last week going from eight to 16 and they expect more endorsements to come this week. man afort also told me ted cruz's selection of carly fiorina was an act of desperation and the nail in the coffin for the cruz campaign was tuesday and indiana they feel good about but ted cruz cannot win in nomination. that echos what chris collins, trump's first congressional backer said from new york. take a listen how he makes light of what ted cruz has done
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recently. >> indiana will be the last nail in ted cruz's coffin, so to speak. we saw the desperation yesterday and heard the terms trying to grab the news cycle for one day in nominating or choosing carly fiorina as his running mate, did very poorly in presidential and in california. that was all desperation. donald trump is rock solid in indiana. he's surging. the momentum is behind him. people want to support a winner. >> reporter: so, jose, what will be interesting to see now after the big night that trump had on tuesday is all of these members who represent districts that voted overwhelmingly for trump. and there are many of them, will they now get on board because they believe that the -- it's inevitable for donald trump to become the nominee?
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if that happens and trump gets momentum from congress, it's the best thing for his campaign and puts a real dent in the never trump movement because then you divide capitol hill and that's the one thing that the gop leadership does not want to see happen. they do not want their members bickering back and forth between trump and cruz with allegations that the system will be rigged in favor of either one. the more congressional endorsements he can pick up, the more legitimately his campaign gains and more likely it is he becomes the eventual nominee. luke russert, thank you very much. hallie jackson is with us this morning. hallie, new york times says this announcement is like a student pulling the fire alarm to get out of an exam. >> reporter: yeah, you've got to get credit to jonathan martin for that one, who said it's kind of like the fire alarm getting pulled and makes a lot of noise, you just delay the ultimate
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reckoning. for the cruz/fiorina folks, a joint team now, for them the first day on the campaign trail out as a ticket. this is an opportunity to try to turn the page as they head into what is a key five days, not just for ted cruz and carly fiorina but entire stop trump movement. it's something i had a chance to talk with carly fiorina about after the announcement that she would be ted cruz's running mate if he gets the nomination. let's talk about it on the other side. >> reporter: how are two people who have not been able to beat donald trump yet better than one person? >> ted cruz has beaten donald trump a lot of times. >> still trailing the delegate counts. >> donald trump has lost to ted cruz in a lot of states and also importantly lost to ted cruz when only republicans are allowed to vote. >> reporter: so that is a way we may see fiorina and cruz combat
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what has become donald trump's line of attack. saw in the tweet this morning against the cruz/fiorina ticket. we're heading to the fort wayne rally that starts in 50 minutes in indiana. we'll see what both have to say. >> speaking of cruz, i understand john boehner made some news last night when he spoke about the senator from texas. >> reporter: yeah, he sure did. let me read you the quote. this is according to the stanford daily. l lucifer in the flesh, i have democratic friends and republican friends but i never worked with a more miserable son of b in my life and i'm paraphrasing a little bit. we asked the cruz campaign for their reaction to this. john boehner and ted cruz have no love lost between the two. it shouldn't be surprising he made these remarks in a session that was apparently not videotaped and made clear it was not being recorded at the time.
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and so still interesting to look at this when you see what lindsey graham said about ted cruz before he gave his endorsement, choosing between cruz and trump would be like being shot or poisoned. for ted cruz, he needs the support of members of establishment in order to coalesce folks behind the stop trump movement but he has run against the establishment and not made a lot of friends among his colleagues in washington. >> both cruz and trump not a lot of endorsements and it's not like they are the presidents of anybody's fan club it seems. >> neither of them, right. >> hallie jackson, good to see you as you drive through indiana. take care. >> of course the larger goal for both cruz and fellow republican john kasich is to prevent trump from getting the majority of delegates.
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kasie hunt is covering that story for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, to say ted cruz has not made friends in washington is an understatement. to say the least. and it's reflected in what his challenges are right now and what the challenges of the stop trump movement are on the whole. ted cruz is not the kind of candidate who has been able to coalesce frankly all of the pieces and bring together the pieces that need to be if in fact they are going to thread the needle and stop trump in indiana. for cruz, these donors for example, that are sitting on the sidelines after they gave money to jeb bush and marco rubio. they are sitting on the sidelines and not ready to get behind ted cruz. the challenge is particularly applicable here in indiana because of the way the politics of indiana are kind of set up. you have -- if you remember back to 2012, there was a nominee in the senate, richard murdoch who
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became somewhat well known for making disparaging remarks about women at tea party voted him as the senate nominee. for ted cruz the people that he needs are up in northeastern indiana, very social conservative area and where he's heading today, ft. wayne. you also have several districts here that are really blue collar and hit very hard by the decline of manufacturing in particular. those are places that had been voting together against the republican establishment in these primaries. the realitity, they are going for donald trump. the third piece of the puzzle is establishment republicans largely in indianapolis, the suburbs around who in the past have voted for people like richard lugar, known as a statesman type of republican. they do have a long history of those kinds of people being elected here in indiana. it's those people this alliance was supposed to help capture for ted cruz and it's just not clear
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it's happening because those establishment voters really don't like cruz, they are now kind of in this difficult bind. and i have to tell you, jose, being on the ground here, it very much feels like the momentum is on donald trump's side. sitting here right now ted cruz does have these five days to change the dynamic here, but the sense i get from my sources if this election was held today, donald trump would come out on top. >> and kasie, there's a whole question mark, was it smart to make that disagreement with kasich and cruz for him to be out of indiana when you would think that he would probably be more -- i don't no accessible or available to those voters you're talking about throughout the state. kasich is not even playing here. >> there's not enough of those voters, jose to be able to beat donald trump here. it's winner take all statewide and by congressional district. cruz does of the two of those candidates have the best hope of winning here.
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the question is whether that alliance and carly fiorina is part of this too. she's aimed at helping people to maybe moderate women republicans. she did a lot of work before when she was running for president especially with women. there's that dynamic as well. i will also say donald trump is making a play for some of those voters with an ad they have on the air that hasn't gotten a lot of attention, features donald trump jr. speaking straight to the camera and photos of donald trump with his grandchildren. clearly that's the push/pull there. not clear exactly whether or not that alliance will be something that motivates these guys to vote for cruz or whether they are going to decide, hey this is pretty transparent and i'm convinced trump should be the guy. >> great seeing you, thanks. >> jacob rascon is in evansville where donald trump will be shortly. imagine trump has a few things to say about the newest coalition against him?
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>> reporter: yes, of course they do. this crowd of course, very excited as are all of the crowds to see trump. we're here in evansville. he's ahead but there's an important aspect about indiana, a very smart political director and others did the math and donald trump should be shut out here and make it to 1237. his supporters are feeling so confident, very excited about bobby knight, for example, another topic of conversation of course, is how presidential trump is or isn't. here we have leslie wes. thank you for talking with us. he read from a teleprompter, does this take away from his brand or is this good for him? >> it adds to his brand. he uses a teleprompter to become presidential. >> you're okay with that. >> i'm okay with that because this man will set america right. he will work for america. he does not owe anyone for his position. when he gets elected president,
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he will not owe favors to people. he can go in and he can legs late however he sees fit and what he needs to do to make america great again and get us back on our feet and get us back as a respected nation in this country. that's what we need. we need somebody in the white house not afraid to ruffle feathers because feathers need to be ruffled. we need to be great again. >> another question, he said the other day, yesterday in fact, he accused hillary clinton of playing the woman card and he said that if she were a man, she wouldn't get nearly as many votes. a lot of people didn't like that tone, a lot of his critics. what do you make of that type of talk? >> anybody that looks at mrs. clinton's record as being a servant of the public to vote for her? no way. she does not earn to be able to go and run for president of the united states. she does not deserve that privilege.
7:17 am
>> thank you very much for your time, leslie. >> thank you. good luck to you. >> reporter: answers you might expect from the trump supporters, others will say and i'll end with this, that they are happy with a more presidential tone because they didn't agree with a lot of the things that trump says off the cuff and tha hope he'll have a more presidential tone going forward. jose? >> jacob rascon, good seeing you. for more, let me bring in fran chess ka chambers and ed o'keefe of the "washington post." let's talk about women. you know what trump said about fiorina in the past and said again this morning, hillary clinton is only where she is because she's a woman. how do you think this will continue to play in the future? >> this is exactly why ted cruz wanted to pick carly fiorina, to help bring more attention to trump's comments about women and cut into his lead with women. but it also has the dual purpose
7:18 am
if he does become the republican nominee and we've noted that increasingly unlikely. if cruz were the republican nominee, carly fiorina would be able to make comments about hillary clinton that he could not make as a man without getting the same sort of attacks lodged at him as donald trump is having come at him right now. >> that's a very good point. and ed, is this move by cruz about naming a vice president or getting the news headlines deprafing trump of some media oxygen? >> let's see, we're a few minutes into your show, right and we're still talking about ted cruz. we're fulfilling the goal to dominate the news cycle for a few days leading into indiana. if he can't win indiana, it's pretty much over. he's already been mathematically eliminated. and even as jacob pointed out a moment ago, if trump is shut out, he can still win everywhere else and win the nomination. this move to name a running mate before the convention in hopes of winning the convention, it
7:19 am
hasn't worked before. three other times, 1952, robert taft said he would pick mcarthur and reagan said i'll pick richard schweiker and lost to ford and jerry brown said i'll bring jesse jackson, caused him to lose in new york. it doesn't work, no reason to believe in this case it will work because already the math is working against cruz. >> let's talk a little bit about trump which ed says has been overshadowed by the fiorina pick. he's being criticized for lack of specifics and mixed messages. let's talk about what his message was successful in doing yesterday. fran
7:20 am
francesca? >> yesterday he was successful at showing he could have a different side and be more presidential as the campaign has been saying he would do if he was the republican nominee. now, there are plenty of his critics saying that they don't like what he had to say yesterday about being more unpredictable. madeleine albright said when she finally did hear what donald trump had to say on foreign policy when he was reading off a teleprompter and tim cain as well said the same thing, they were almost more worried because he wasn't just shooting from the hip. he was actually giving prepared remarks yesterday. so he's had plenty of critics of that speech as well. >> and you know, certainly the clinton people would be very critical whatever he said. ed you're reporting that the u.s. hispanic chamber is of congress is backing hillary clinton and john kasich? >> that's right. not a surprise on the democratic side perhaps but notable on the republican side in that they are
7:21 am
passing over cruz, who is hispanic, the senator isn't necessarily held in wide regard in most latino circles and it wasn't about supporting a latino but the most qualified person. he's been making the general election argument he's the one best poised to beat hillary clinton. the polling is backed up and what better way to do that than take an endorsement of the fastest growing group of americans in the country and kasich expected to tout that and notable it's coming when he does need that kind of support. >> see if it does actually have an impact on in the future. >> in new mexico and california, which are yet to vote, conceivably if he sticks around through then, it could. >> good point. great seeing you both. thanks for being with me. >> take care. >> breaking news from the white house this morning, the obama administration confirming vice president joe biden has arrived in iraq for a surprise visit.
7:22 am
ron allen joins me now from the north lawn with details of the trip. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jose. this has been a secret and urgent mission and we have some pictures now of the vice president arriving there in iraq. the problem is that iraq is in a political crisis now. the prime minister trying to form a new government and there are protesters in the streets and the concern of the administration is about stability at a time when the united states is making a lot of progress it says in the fight against isis, a lot of territory recaptured and top leaders of isis killed, hundreds and millions of dollars of cash that the organization uses to pay its fighters, destroy the administration claims, at this critical time, the united states needs the iraqi government to be on same page as the united states tries to make this big push against isis. that's why vice president biden is there now meeting with iraq's leaders trying to help them sort out this problem so that things can continue moving forward. it's so urgent now over the past
7:23 am
month the vice president is the third key administration official to go to iraq following the pentagon's leader ash carter and the secretary of state john kerry in recent weeks as well. iraq has been the vice president's portfolio during his time at the administration. this is a time of urgency. the united states and coalition partners feel they have some urgency and momentum in this fight. and they want to put isis as they put it on the path to defeat before the president leaves office in the coming months. that's why the vice president is there holding these urgent talks with iraqi leaders trying to make sure they are focused and stable on the same page of the united states continues to make this push against isis. jose? >> ron allen at the white house. thank you very much with that breaking news. next, big layoffs within the sanders campaign. what does that say about the state of his campaign despite the vermont senator's promise to keep fighting for the democratic nomination? >> as of today we have now won
7:24 am
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and let me also make it clear so there is no confusion, we are in this campaign to win and become the democratic nominee. >> despite the overwhelming odds, bernie sandsers is staying in the fight with hillary clinton for the democratic nomination for president. the numbers however don't look good for sanders. clinton holds a nearly 800 delegate lead. that means sanders needs 81% of
7:28 am
the remaining delegates in order to win the nomination and then you have these numbers, sanders campaign laying off 225 workers, including states with upcoming primaries. i want to bring in kristen welker who has been closely following the democratic race. what does the clinton campaign have to say about all of this? >> the clinton campaign has always said senator sander shuz stay in as long as he wants to and senator clinton stayed in until the end in 2008. they urging him to scale back the sharper attacks he's been making against secretary clinton. we're seeing a tael of two campaigns, senator sanders out on the campaign trail in indiana and secretary clinton off the trail taking a little bit of time to rest but reset. if you talk to democrats, one of their chief concerns is she's going to have a tough time unifying the party when she does ultimately become the nominee. 30% of sanders supporters are will not support her in a general election and there's also concern that some of
7:29 am
senator sanders attacks could be used by the gop by donald trump if he becomes the nominee. our own chris jansing asked senator sanders about that yesterday. take a listen to what he had to say. >> they will go after hillary clinton by the way in ways that i have never ever gone after hillary clinton. i mean, things like the clinton foundation or things like the e-mail situation. i don't talk about that. i never talked about it one word on this campaign. i suspect very much that donald trump and the republican party will go after her in many, many ways that we have not. >> jose, also underscoring this tale of two campaigns, look at the ad spending as of today, just confirmed this holds through till today. senator sanders spending bill in a number of these upcoming premare states, west virginia and kentucky and indiana. look at california, the big prize, secretary clinton not spending at all.
7:30 am
she has been campaigning in indiana and they are hiring staffers in california and will open up offices there. still, it really highlights the point that secretary clinton pivoting now to the general election. focusing her sights on donald trump and on ted cruz and on her strategy heading into the big convention this summer. jose? >> kristen welker, thanks for being with me. >> you too, thanks. >> perspective on trump's foreign policy, we'll take an in depth look what the gop front-runner had to say during his address yesterday and what it all means in the eyes of the international community.
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7:34 am
notable omissions from the speech and matt lauer asked trump about them on "today." >> you didn't talk about the wall with mexico and didn't talk about deporting 11 million undocumented immigrants and didn't talk about restoring torture and didn't talk about possibly allowing japan or south korea or saudi arabia to have nuclear weapons. are you backing off some of the key tenants of your kpant during the primary season? >> not at all. i put the wall and all of that -- i'm talking about immigration, doing a big speech on immigration shortly. i'm talking about that in more form of immigration, the wall, undocumented immigrants being having to brought out of the country. it's never been a worse situation than we have right now. you look at the crime and tremendous impact they have on our country, economically, but i can consider that really
7:35 am
immigration as far as foreign policy. i'm going to be doing a policy speech on immigration fairly soon. >> you said in your speech yesterday isis will be gone very quickly in a trump administration. so can you be more specific? are you envisioning a massive ground troop presence to get rid of isis? it seems that would be necessary if you want to get rid of them quickly. >> one of tenants of my speech yesterday and gotten great reviews from many people, one was unpredidability. >> people are casting votes, they should know whether it means a massive military presence in the middle east. >> if i get elected president, i don't want isis to know what i'm going to be doing. >> what about the american voters? >> and you know what, psych logically we need to -- and there's a country we need to. when president obama announced we're sending 250 soldiers and announced previous to that we're
7:36 am
sending 50 soldiers and then announces it to the world, they have a target on their back. he shouldn't be announcing that. he shouldn't be talking about what he's doing militarily. the enemy is watching every move we say and everything we do militarily we announce what we're doing. and they prepare for it. i don't want that. one of the big tenants of my speech was the fact that i said and very strongly, we need unpredictability. >> mr. trump -- >> we are so predictable. >> some american voters might be nervous that this call for unpredictability is a way of masking an understanding of the issues or grasp of the details. >> i'll give you -- i have a total grasp of the details, far greater than just about anybody else. that i can tell you. when i said take the oil and been saying it for a long time, i didn't want to tell that. but yourselves and everybody else was saying tell us what it is, tell us what it is. after three months they said, take the oil. now, i would have preferred not
7:37 am
doing that but politically i really had to because it got to a point where people just had to know. i would have preferred not saying take the oil and when you go in and surprise them. now they fortified oil reserves and they prepared. we'll still take the oil. >> would you rule out of use of nuclear weapons in the fight against isis? >> i don't want to rule out anything. i will be last to use nuclear weapon. it's a horror to use nuclear weapons, the power of weaponry is the single problem our world has and not global warming like our president said, the power of weapons in particular nuclear. i'll be the last to use it. i will not be a happy trigger like some people might be. i'll never ever rule it out. >> i want to bring in bill neely, spent years covering international news, particularly in the middle east and jim
7:38 am
gilmore who attended the trump event. governor, here's what you told the hill. i thought a lot of the speech talked about a pullback in a sense of america first and unwillingness to engage except under certain conditions but at the same time, how we're going to end the islamic state in iraq and syria immediately. a lot of interventionist kind of talk. people may want to know, do you thnk a trump presidency means likelihood of more or less overseas wars. >> jose, i put a lot of thought into this and red the notes and i was there and present because of the years i spent in foreign policy. this is what i think. the think the speech was very good. i thought about it a lot overnight and want to point out that he mentioned that he was putting american interests first six times in the speech. that's the point he's underscored over and over and talked about american workers and making sure they secure their jobs four times in the
7:39 am
speech. he's talked about american humiliation and weakness four times in the speech. these are the principle messages that donald trump gave in the speech. i think the talking heads around washington and criticizing the speech are not right here. i think that donald actually laid out actually the vision he wants to do and unpredictability is a main element of that. i think our adversaries overseas and sometimes our allies might benefit from a little healthy unpredictable in american policy. i think that donald trump projected great strength. >> governor, going back to something he said he kind of harped on more than anything else, putting american interests first, is there do you think any american politician, running for president, that wouldn't do that? >> yeah, actually i do. i think if you look at the last eight years of the obama administration, there are many americans, most americans
7:40 am
possibly who believe that the president has a political philosophy and that is that if we accommodate other people sma that somehow america will be better off. i think the people of the united states are rejecting that and donald trump is speaking to that concern very decisively, after thinking about it and reviewing notes overnight, that's where i come away from. i think donald trump is speaking within his campaign themes to the concerns and humiliations and insecurity that american workers have and americans have with the rise of islamic terrorism and russia and china. people talk about his lack of specificity didn't hear the speech. there was a lot of specificity in the speech. >> bill, let's talk about the other aspect of it. what do you think international -- have international leaders reacted to the speech and to his foreign policies? >> if they didn't hear it, they'll be reading from london
7:41 am
to tehran, because everybody has to take donald trump seriously. whatever they thought for many countries abroad, it was amusement that he was a candidate. they are not amused anymore. they have to take this man seriously. when governor gil more says donald trump said he would put america's interests first, that's what any leader would do and what a british leader will do and german leader will put german interests first but he meant something else by that. what he was talking about was american disengagement from the world and that has alarmed people this morning. the german foreign minister has said america first is no answer and questioning whether donald trump is for real. what europe wants, for example, what america's allies want is american engagement and american leadership and some degree of certainty that america still adheres to the post world war ii values.
7:42 am
donald trump seems to want to tear all of that up and casting doubt on nato's value. that will be music to the ears of vladimir putin and russia whose aim is to destroy nato and discord in europe. so i think that in many respects donald trump's speech yesterday will be greeted with some alarm in some of the western world capitals at least. >> and governor, let's talk about those small states that are part of nato that used to be part of the iron curtain, a term that winston churchill created, the term i should say. what about those countries that live within nato and that fear the russians and former soviet union and imperialism of that. what do you think they hear when they see donald trump talking about maybe nato's value is not what it once was? >> i remind you, united states army veteran and i was stationed with nato in the united states
7:43 am
army intelligence in europe during the cold war and had the pleasure of sitting next to the russian ambassador during the speech yesterday and he's a pretty cool customer. listening very closely. i think that donald trump is trying to respond to the concerns of the american people that say that the status quo is not acceptable and wants to send a stronger message that america is going to project its strength much more across the world not less. i think that's not a bad message right now. i thought about it a lot overnight and all of a sudden as i studied the speech, i began to realize he's actually responding to the concerns of the american people. that begins to explain wise he's having such a surge at the polls. >> thank you for being with me, i so appreciate your time. next, indiana voters weigh in. who will they be picking? cal perry is a pretty unusual way of thinking about this.
7:44 am
it has to do with what you see on your screen. cal will explain a little bit of that when we come back. before earning enough cash back from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league.
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in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain. tell 'em cedric sent you. just five days until the crucial indiana primary. the star newspaper says it all. donald trump returns to indy, hopes to deal ted cruz a fatal blow. cal perry is live in indianapolis and cal, you're taking a sweet poll of your own. >> reporter: we had candy corn for day one. we have jelly beans for day two. democrats in this jar and donald trump here in the middle one and your cruz/kasich alliance, three folks who are going to live fake vote. this is going to be the majestic fake civil duty. grab a jelly bean. let me get your name. >> anna martin. >> linda brewer.
7:48 am
>> trace yaits. >> donald trump, what is it about the trump message? >> he's very to the point and direct. >> reporter: very to the point and direct. here we go. linda, you're up. another trump -- >> ditto. >> reporter: same. trace? >> reluctantly into that jar. >> reporter: why? >> sadly i'm looking for the jar that -- where's the next group of folks we can choose from. i'm not crazy about any of these candidates to be honest with you, not to be insulting towards anyone. i feel that that jelly bean cast is the vote is probably the less kad ral. >> i didn't want to give anyone that option. if i can ask you ladies, is there anything that cruz or kasich could do or say that would change your vote? i know you've already voted but in theory? >> no. >> no. >> i think trump -- they are all criticizing each other and
7:49 am
wanting everybody's vote and say this and that. let's see what happens when the real one gets in there and i trump would be it. >> reporter: thank you very much. jose, voting picks up at this polling station around lunch. we'll be here all day. trump at about a 2-1 margin on the cruz/kasich alliance and wrote in fiorinfiorina. if we have other candidates pop up, we'll put them in. >> votes you can eat. we'll be right back. tive. i can draw lightly, just like i would with a real pencil. i've been a forensic artist for over 30 years. i do the composite sketches which are the bad guy sketches. you need good resolution, powerful processor because the computer has to start thinking as fast as my brain does. i do this because i want my artwork to help people. try your favorite ranch with a fresh taste so crisp,
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a rare scare in the skies above seattle. take a look and listen. >> departure american 2310, we're going 3.5 up to 4 up to niner, looks like we hit some birds on takeoff, we're going to need to go back and have the airplane looked like. >> the bird strike forced an emergency landing of this flight bound for dallas. it landed safely in seattle. check out the dent in the nose
7:53 am
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8:00 am
indiana's next primary is on tuesday and it's seen as a must win for ted cruz in order to stop donald trump from clinching the republican nomination. on "morning joe", carly fiorina talked about teaming up with her formal rival. >> we began to have serious conversations with this over the past week or so. i think ted cruz wants to be sure that the people of indiana and people of this nation understand the choice in front of them. on the one hand you have cruz and fiorina and the other hand you have donald trump and hillary clinton and i put them in the same category because they are the same category. >> harsh words about cruz from former house speaker john boehner. he tore into the candidate during a speech at stanford university calling the texas senator quote lucifer in the flesh and quoted as saying, i get


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