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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 28, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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if it would exonerate it, but it wouldn't. he said the same thing to the "new york times" that his lobbyist campaign manager said. >> he did in fact respond to those comments about being called lucifer in the flesh by john boehner. hallie jackson asking him about it earlier this morning. we will dive deeper into those responses. meantime, donald trump is taking aim at hillary clinton, continuing down this path as he's firing up a crowd today in evansville, indiana. we'll have more on what is shaping up to be a heated general election battle. our political team has it all covered from indiana to washington today. we want to begin with jacob rascone on the road. in evans vil, indiana this hour, where a trump rally wrapped up moments ago, with some big names, especially in the hoosier
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state. >> reporter: in fact, he's still going behind me. there was a lengthy introduction by coach bobby knight. he's giving his normal pitch. he's talking a lot about manufacturing and jobs. he's been talking about carrier air-conditioning. talked about that a lot at rallies throughout the country. he called it just now his baby, because he heard ted cruz had been talking about this plant. it's a plant that announced in february that it should shut down and relocate to mexico, 1,400 employees losing their jobs. here's a note on that plant. i've been talking to the person who represents most of those workers who lost their job. that union just decided to endorse bernie sanders. trump folks approached him and asked if trump could come and talk to their employees. but this person, chuck jones, who represents these people, he made it very clear that mr. trump would not be invited. he said it was because mr.
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trump, he heard him say things about american workers not making enough money and that it was his understanding that trump as well had a business in china that made ties and so he said, in general, he just was not a fan and the union instead decided to endorse mr. trump. in addition he said in indiana, carrier actually doesn't make air conditioners. they make furnaces instead. it's an interesting back and forth on a stroir that has been pretty central to mr. trump's trade narrative, these manufacturing plants closing and then relocating. the fact that this one, carrier, that he talks about so often doesn't actually make air conditioners and that the union representing all these workers that lost their jobs is not endorsing trump is interesting and telling. >> that it is. one of the things we'll continue to follow throughout the next five days in indiana. while we are focused on indiana, jacob, it's tough to ignore the
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rhetoric from both sides of the aisle here, from both camps of candidates, as we seem to be really pivoting pretty quickly toward more general election attacks and donald trump going very squarely after hillary clinton correct? >> reporter: right, and this morning in fact, he not only didn't back away, he really went and doubled down. he was bringing up the obvious, but he went further and said without the woman card, hillary clinton wouldn't qualify for a city council position. this seems to be part of the hillary plan he's laying out. he first gave her a nickname, crooked hillary. now he's talking about the woman card and more than just the woman card, again, that she wouldn't even qualify for a city council seat. it's something that will come as no surprise that his supporters fully agree with. he said many times on the trail for months that he'd be surprised if hillary was even allowed to run for president. a reference of course the e-mail
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controversy. we probably will hear more of it. >> i think you're right. jacob rascone joining us from evansville, indiana. we talked about ted cruz's reaction to john boehner's comment. he very clearly wanted to talk about the relationship between the two, stressing there wasn't one because cruz wasn't part of boehner's washington. >> when john boehner calls me lucifer, he's not directing that at me. he's directing that at you. what boehner is angry with me for is not anything i've ever said to him. i haven't said much of anything to him. >> mark murray who spends his da days on capitol hill has been following the boehner/cruz
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relationship for years. it's not a huge surprise there is no love lost between these two men. in ted cruz really trying to repaint -- i shouldn't say repaint, but really trying to frame the relationship. he went out of his way to say maybe i met him three times, we never had a substantive discussion. how much does that help ted cruz with his base and the people he's looking to bring along with him? >> ted cruz is really trying to take advantage of this and turn lemons into lemonade, john boehner along with nancy pelosi, harry reid, kind of looping them into all of washington, saying washington is against me. in a lot of ways, that is very consistent with ted cruz's tea party type message. message to the house freedom caucus. he has so many endorsements from so many members of the house
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freedom caucus. but one of the limitations going toe to toe with john boehner here as well as the washington establishment is that for ted cruz to be able to beat donald trump and unite the other parts of the republican party, he's going to need to win over folks like john boehner. win over people part of the arms twisting brigade on capitol hill. but right now, ted cruz is clearly going after all of the establishment and we'll see how far that message gets him in indiana which is really going to be a crucial contest for him on tuesday. >> mark murray joining us from washington, thank you. momentum for a trump candidacy appears to be building on capitol hill today. the trump campaign out there, new endorsements coming out of this weekly meeting trump campaign officials are holding while congress is in session.
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luke russert spoke with some of them after. this is the first time manafort has attended these meetings. he told luke cruz's campaign is not just dead, it is buried. >> reporter: can indiana be the nail in the coffin for ted cruz like chris collins said it could be? >> last tuesday was the nail in the coffin. >> and luke is with us now. you've been reporting on every one of these weekly meetings for us. the trump camp seems very happy with the meetings this week. are you sensing a shift in the tide on capitol hill? >> reporter: yes, and the reason why is because of the large win that donald trump had last tuesday, specifically in the state of pennsylvania, where he managed to win i believe every single county. there is now immense pressure being put on members in the house, and i would assume some in the senate, with the idea of,
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look, this domination is all but inevitable. your constituents went overwhelmingly for donald trump. it's time for you to get on board. that's really what paul manafort and the trump campaign is trying to push ahead of this showdown in indiana and onwards to the west coast. i want to reference two endorsements that trump got today. they're both important for different reasons. jeff miller, mike kelly from pennsylvania. take a listen to what they said. >> without question, donald trump's been the one person focused on trying to fix a broken system at the department of veterans affairs. >> it's never hillary for me. we got to win, get across the finish line. donald trump's the best guy to get us there. >> reporter: so there you have the chairman of the veterans affairs committee in the house
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saying donald trump is the best candidate for veterans. it gives him some legitimacy when he goes on stage and says nobody knows the military and the veterans better than i do. then you have somebody from pennsylvania just getting on board saying, look, to stop hillary clinton, we need to unite behind donald trump to stop hillary. as more momentum comes to trump's side, he's able to push forward messages like these, his campaign only gets stronger, especially in the face of a very divided republican party. speaker ryan said today, it's to try to unify the party. the more you hear those types of comments like from kelly and miller, the more that the inevitability factor becomes more the norm on alcohocapitol . >> luke, thanks. >> roadway coy cooper is a seni
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advisor for the stop trump camp. nice to see you this afternoon. >> good to see you. we talked a lot about this stop trurp movement and how it seems to have stalled sincemy i -- wisconsin. what is the impact ultimately that you think you will have in indiana as you see the tides start to shift? >> let's set aside the idea that the movement has stalled. the five states donald trump won were states we said for a long time he was going to win. so certainly that was the inevitable result. indiana's much different. in fact, you see the poll numbers tightening in indiana. low single digits, cruz within the margin of error. i think ted cruz has a real opportunity if he puts the foot on the gas pedal for the next several days. change the idea that a handful of congressional endorsements
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or, you know, any of these rather insignificant things actually mean there's an inevitability when in fact the path remains very narrow. >> would you not have been more effective instead of going never trump to throw your weight behind a candidate? >> we are throwing our weight behind ted cruz in indiana. if you're asking whether or not we should support one candidate across the nation, we're looking at the landscape as it stands. our primary objective is of course,, is to keep donald trump under 1,237 delegates. that person will have an opportunity to get voted on in the second ballot. right now, as it stands, that wouldn't be the case if trump were to win on the first ballot. we're looking at playing with the cards that we're dealt, making sure donald trump is withheld from under that 1,237 number so republicans can have a candidate that actually reflects
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the principles positions and the values of our party. >> let me get your comments on this from john boehner, calling ted cruz lucifer, the most miserable s.o.b. he's ever met. do you think they'll have any impact at all? >> i think speaker boehner is enjoying his retirement and he deserves it. and i think ted cruz probably enjoyed those comments as well because he's running on a platform of being an outsider to washington. while donald trump today is touting endorsements of members of congress, ted cruz is able to play the outsider. from a perspective of winning indiana, for ted cruz's efforts here, it's probably a good thing. >> roy cooper from the never trump pac, thanks for your time today. donald trump doubling down on his woman card comments against hillary clinton. jacob rascone telling us more about that earlier.
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whether that line of attack could backfire as trump looks ahead to november. >> ted cruz saz carly fiorina is his running mate. also might get him some more support with women voters. you on the other hand seem to continue to say things that alienate women voters. you said hillary clinton is playing the woman card and that if she were a man, she would only have 5% of the vote. 70% of women in this country say they have a negative view of you. do you even care? >> of course i care. >> more on that to come. but first, a look at today's microsoft pulse question, can carly fiorina help ted cruz stop trump in indiana? here's a look at your results at just about quarter past the hour now. the pulse remains live. still time for us to hear from you. weigh in at the, you learn what makes our heating and cooling systems so reliable.
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i won the women in new york by a tremendous margin. i mean, there's nobody going to -- nobody cherishing and nobody respects women more than donald trump. that i can tell you. nobody, nobody. >> donald trump speaking moments ago in evansville, indiana. the comment raising questions about the republican frontrunner's standing with female voters. nearly 70% of republican women have an unfavorable view of the candidate. earlier today, he doubled down on his assessment of hillary clinton and her own standing in the race for the white house. >> for you to say that if she were not a woman she would be getting 5% suggests that the only thing she has going for her is that she's a woman, not that she was a former secretary of
11:18 am
state and a lawyer. do you understand why some people find that to be a demeaning comment? >> no. i find it is true common. the only thing she's got going is the fact that she's a woman. >> kristen welker has followed hillary clinton since the beginning of her campaign and joins us now with more. it's actually not a surprise and one would imagine that the clinton campaign has been preparing for this. after that first comment about the 5%. >> they sent out a fundraising e-mail, they were clearly prepared for that comment, just hours before donald trump first made those comments on tuesday. secretary clinton said, if you want to accuse me of playing the woman's card, deal me in. this is something that the clinton campaign sees as a political gift. i have been talking to them for months really about their strategy to take on donald trump and they have always come back to this issue, to the woman's issue, and they believe he has
11:19 am
made offensive comments toward women. they are saving all of those comments up. you're going to see them played back in ads and she's going to use it out on the campaign trail. as you point out, donald trump has an unfavorable rating, close to 70%. but also important to point out, this is not the only part of the strategy to take on donald trump. clinton campaign officials saying they're looking through his business practices and they're also going to really emphasize the policy differences between the two of them. we saw that yesterday when he delivered that speech on foreign policy and secretary clinton's top surrogates came back with a very forceful defense of her foreign policy. this all plays into their strategy in a general election. we're increasingly seeing her pivot to the general election, particularly after this past tuesday when she won a number of states including the big state of pennsylvania. >> that we are. is there a renewed focus now this morning from the clinton campaign also on carly fiorina,
11:20 am
who said in an interview she doesn't actually like talking about women's issues. she finds that demeaning. is that going to influence at all the way that the clinton campaign talks about things moving forward? >> look, we know that secretary clinton has taken on ted cruz almost as much as donald trump on the trail. she's off the trail right now, so she hasn't weighed in on that. i don't think you would hear her go toe to toe with carly fiorina. but i do think you're going to see her try to draw a sharp contrast. she again has made the argument on the trail that she's fighting for a whole host of issues that women care and all democrats i care about. particularly with this new running mate. >> kristen welker, we don't let you have a day off even if hillary clinton is. >> not until november. >> and then you're getting a
11:21 am
vacation. thank you. >> thanks. >> a short time ago, senator ted cruz waded into the controversy with this. >> it is not surprising that donald trump attacks hillary for being a woman. donald has a problem with strong women. this is not subtle. it's not complicated. he has a real problem with strong women. it's one of the reasons he cannot win a election. >> i want to bring in now msnbc senior editor to help us parse through some of these comments. we know after 2012, there was a very much a lot of concern within the republican party about women, about making sure that the republican party did not forget them, but instead brought them back into the fold. at this point, who is actually playing better out there with women? is it donald trump or is it ted cruz? >> you know, it's fascinating to look at that sound bite that you just played of ted cruz. suddenly -- only donald trump could make ted cruz look like a feminist.
11:22 am
this is a disaster for the republican party and they know it. in fact, women -- there's certain segments of women voters who have supported republicans in the past, married women in particular. now you have donald trump basically driving away women of all types and ages, not just because of what he's saying about hillary clinton, it's the litany of things over the course of several months. demeaning women for their looks we were, for their face. he talked about carly fiorina's face, talking about megyn kelly having blood coming out of her wherever. he's very blunt about it. this comment about hillary clinton bodes for what the next several months of the campaign are going to look like and not at all out of character for him. >> and not at all really off the cuff. it's clear that this is going to be sort of a line moving forward. when we talk about carly fiorina, she spoke yesterday
11:23 am
with hallie jackson. i want to listen to a little bit of what she had to say and get your take. >> you know, i think donald trump clearly has a problem with women. clearly. i mean, the week we had a terrorist attack in brussels, he attacked heidi cruz. so i think hillary clinton sometimes says to people vote for me because i'm a woman. i'm offended, frankly, when democrats talk about womens issues because we're the majority of the nation. and every issue that faces this nation is a woman's issue. >> hearing carly fiorina speak like that versus of course donald trump and in some ways against hillary clinton, how well will that argument play? will her argument play with those female republican voters that are so desperately needed and wanted? >> that's certainly an argument that many on the right make, that all issues are womens issues and womens issues are not relegated to issues of
11:24 am
reproductive health and equal pay. what carly fiorina said there is quite in keeping with many conservatives. she was very tough on hillary clinton when she was on the campaign. she took it on herself to say i am the only one who could really run against hillary clinton because i am also a woman candidate and i can take her on in ways that men can't. she was the one out there saying basically hillary clinton's record in the state was that she'd flown around a lot. she's very willing and very ready to take on hillary clinton. if ted cruz were to advance somehow and win this nomination, seems kind of hard to imagine now, but i suppose it's still possible, that's very much the reason that carly fiorina's on his ticket. she's the one who can go after hillary clinton. >> hallie jackson asked her yesterday if she was the attack dog, she said no. >> of course. but she's the one who's done it before with hillary clinton and can be expected to do so again.
11:25 am
>> really, there's just no chart for any of this, what we're seeing in 2016. we're following breaking news at this hour out of syria. an air strike has destroyed a hospital supported by doctors without borders in aleppo. also ahead, joe biden's surprise visit to iraq. the goal of his unscheduled stop in that country next. ♪ one coat, yes! ♪ there is a day, for every number. ♪ ♪ there is a time, for all my slumbers. ♪ ♪ and i can see, that i can't run and hide. ♪
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use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. as promised, more now on this breaking news, deadly air strikes on a syrian hospital. secretary of state john kerry releasing a statement saying he is outraged by the attacks and that russia has and your gent responsibility to press the
11:29 am
regime to stop attacking civilians. at least 14 doctors and patients were killed in those air strikes. kelly, of course, the big question at this hour is still, who is responsible for this attack. anymore clarity? >> right, well, the state department says they're pretty sure, this appears to be the work of the syrian regime, saying they're solely responsible for this air strike. secretary of state john kerry went so far as to call this a deliberate strike on a known medical facility and calling on russia to use its influence to stop the regime from attacking facilities and civilians. the syrian regime is flat out denying it bombed the hospital. this is what john occur by had to say just a little while ago. >> the facts and circumstances are still coming in.
11:30 am
the indications that we have now, and again this just happened, are that these strikes were conducted by the regime. solely by the regime. >> doctors without borders says that was a main referral hospital for children, primarily serving children in aleppo. we've seen these heartbreaking videos, the search for victims now over. two doctors were also among the dead including apparently one of the city's last pediatricians. this is part of a larger escalation in aleppo. six straight days of fighting. more than 100 civilians killed in air strikes and shelling. the white house speaking out about this as well, saying at least 60 have died in shelling and air strikes over the past 24 hours alone. the red cross saying this city is being pushed to the brink of a humanitarian disaster.
11:31 am
>> just terrible when you hear all of that and see those pictures of children. it also does bring to mind, of course, the attack that happened in kunduz last october. now the pentagon is actually talking about disciplinary action related to that deadly air strike. what more do we know about that? >> that's right. the pentagon set to release a heavily redacted report on the investigation into this air strike back in october. they're releasing that tomorrow. what we understand from our sources at the pentagon is that 16 military personnel will be administerti administratively punished. no criminal charges. we understand some of these punishments will be career-ending. only one of the people who will be punished will be named publicly. the rest of the names being held privately. we also understand that this report will say that there was
11:32 am
no intention on the part of the u.s. military, that they did not intentionally strike the hospital back in october. >> nbc's kelly koeb ya ya for us with the latest on that. vice president joe biden arrived in iraq today to try to help resolve the political crisis that's been hindering efforts there to stop isis. the vice president is expected to meet with iraqi leaders. they say the trip was actually scheduled months ago. we're just hearing about it now for security reasons. we'll be right back.
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try your favorite ranch with a fresh taste so crisp, you'll be surprised it doesn't crunch. hidden valley cucumber ranch. just one of our delicious ranch flavors. [ laughter ] >> lucifer in the flesh. [ cheers and applause ] >> along with almost everybody.
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i have republican friends, democrat friends. i never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch. >> so a little tough to make out there. you could hear the laughter clearly. what you were listening to was the actual audio of those comments from john boehner that every one's been talking about today where he compared ted cruz to lucifer in the flesh, his direct words there. ted cruz this morning fired back. he was asked what he thought of those comments at a campaign event with his running mate carly fiorina. take a listen. >> donald's writing checks to boehner, writing checks to hillary. he's funding the corrupt system. it is unaccountable to the people. donald trump is playing a role, pretending to be an outsider. donald trump is the ultimate washington insider.
11:37 am
he's gotten rich exploiting government power. >> ted cruz there in part of his reaction to the comments, turning it around there to paint himself as an outsider in washington saying that he never really worked with the former speaker and hadn't really talked with him at all either. joining us now, congressman luke messer of indiana. nice to have you with us today, sir. >> great to be on. >> those comments are getting a lot of traction on both sides. how closely have you worked with ted cruz in washington? >> well, i've worked with them both. i've worked on education reform issues with senator ted cruz. professionally, i respect them both. i think that kind of personality politics doesn't help us win this presidential campaign. at one level here, you laugh it off as another day in the crazy life of this very unique campaign. as republicans, we better be focused on policies and principles. when we get into personality
11:38 am
battles, we almost always lose. >> you mention the importance of turning it back to the issues. it's not happening. how do you turn that conversation around? >> i think it's -- our leaders matter. i'm actually in the middle of a congressional campaign too in just a few days. we're trying to focus on what can we do to get america going again. when we do that, we win because the policies of personal responsibility, fiscal responsibility, strong national defense are policies america flocks to. i think a lot of this personality silliness in the end doesn't help us with the ultimate goal here. >> a lot of focus of course on indiana with the primary coming up on tuesday. folks looking at who could take this state. there was this so-called alliance between ted cruz and john kasich to try to keep indiana away from donald trump. ted cruz of course had that gaffe when it came to hoosiers in the basketball ring.
11:39 am
he said in an interview, you can't help but withence. it's a basketball hoop or a basketball goal. when you see these kind of gaffes on the campaign trail, that's serious. does that have an impact on ted cruz? >> listen, it's hard to run for president. it's hard to speak thousands and thousands of words and not at least misspeak. in indiana, it is a basketball goal or a basketball hoop, not a ring. it's the kind of thing people talk about in coffee shops. if you want to appeal to hoosiers, you got to appeal based on policy and principle. they're not impressed by politics. i think this pact between governor kasich and senator cruz is something that won't sway it. not only have i not endorsed, i'm frankly an undecided voter that's going to decide in the next five days. and it's going to be based on
11:40 am
what i hear from these candidates on policy and principles in the final five days. >> do you think though in the final five days, sir, you're going to hear anything different? >> i can always hope. >> so there's that. >> i can always hope. >> we've been talking today throughout the day with luke russert about the weekly meetings. paul manafort, understandably, feeling pretty confident in talking to luke earlier today about how those meetings are going and talking about the shifting of the support in washington for donald trump. is that what you're seeing among your colleagues? >> i think more than anything there is a reawakening of the understanding of the importance of this campaign. it's going to define this country. we have big challenges internationally with our national security. i think most republicans are understanding we're sure not for hillary clinton and bernie sanders, so we're going to have
11:41 am
to come behind our candidate. i think we all have a responsibility to be part of that solution. that of course is the leadership here in the house. it will be these presidential candidates as well. they've got to reach out across and bring people together, whoever our victor is. >> when you decide who you're voting for, feel free to give us a call. >> i've got a few days left. >> we'll let you have a few days. want to get an update now on today's microsoft pulse question. can carly fiorina help ted cruz stop donald trump in indiana? here's a look at your results now. the pulse remains live and you can keep that conversation going. just log ton to to cast your vote. we'll be right back.
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(vo) on the trane test range, you learn what makes our heating and cooling systems so reliable. if there's a breaking point, we'll find it. it's hard to stop a trane. really hard. trane. the most reliable for a reason. we've been following this breaking news. weather related. a flash flood emergency now declared for gulf port and bill
11:45 am
luckscy, mississippi. you see some of this new video we have. folks battling chest deep water, as you can see there, to come to the rescue. more than a dozen stranded gulf port resident rescues, we're told. rivers are expected to crest 4 feet above flood stage levels tomorrow morning. we'll continue to keep an eye on the situation there. meantime, the michigan civil rights commission is holding the first in a series of public hearings in flint to see if racial bias factored into the decision-making process that led to the water contamination that has now affected some 100,000 residents. this as the white house announced president obama will be traveling to the city next week to hear firsthand from those impacted. >> thank you, it's good to be on. >> we know that the president is coming. a lot of that is because of this letter that he got of course from an 8-year-old girl. but the governor has said, telling the detroit news, and
11:46 am
i'm quoting here, i've got a pretty full schedule next week. there's not currently a day i'm scheduled to be in flint. would it help if the governor and president were able to sit down and talk about this. >> i think it certainly says something about the priorities of each that the president of the united states, the leader of the free world, is coming to flint because it is facing the greatest crisis the city has ever faced and the governor cannot rearrange his schedule to sit down with the president and talk about how the federal and state government might solve this problem. the president is working hard on this. he's coming himself. so far what we've seen from the governor of the state of michigan is a very serious effort to deal with a public relations problem for himself, but really not the kind of response that you would expect from the governor of a state whose state government itself caused the problem. it's a little bit hard to take. >> for a lot of people around the country, it's kind of tough
11:47 am
to wrap your head around the fact that this is still going on. people in flint are still dealing with bottled water every single day. i want to play a little bit of sound from the little girl who wrote the letter, how her mom sums up what daily life is like. >> it's been hell. it's been frustrating. every time we come in contact with this water, it gives us rashes, headaches, having to live on bottled water con standpoint constantly, it's irritates. >> what do you tell people in flint when they ask, when is this going to be over? >> we turn to the state government and we can't get an answer to that question. while we do have legislation at the federal level that would supply direct and immediate help, we have republicans in the senate blocking it. we can't get a commitment from house republicans to take up flint relief. it just seems like there's a lot of people pointing at one
11:48 am
another saying it's not our fault, we're not going to fix it. the way i think of it, if there's an emergency, the first thing you do is solve the problem. get the people the help they need. then we can figure out what the problem is. if your house is on fire, you don't call a city council meeting to debate cause of the fire and determine whether or not we should pay the firefighters to put out the fire. you go to the house, you deal with the problem. the people in flint need help and they need help right now. there is no good excuse for the state government's response and there's no excuse for those in congress who continue to block direct relief from the federal government either. >> as we mentioned just before we came to you, there are public hearings happening now to figure out whether racial bias factored into the decision-making here. what do you expect to come out of these hearings? >> i think it would be based on what most people in michigan
11:49 am
think is logical. if this had taken place in a wealthy, more affluent, majority community, you would see a much more robust response. that's not to say that it's intentional or explicit bias, but there just is a different way in this country and certainly in the state of michigan that people respond to a crisis that takes place when it's a very poor minority community. it's a sad reality, and it just shows that we have a long way to go in this country. >> we'll be watching and listening to more of what comes out of those hearings. and we'll continue to follow this story. representative dan kildee, thank you. >> thank you very much. as we continue to follow the race for 2016, bernie sanders is scheduled to hold a rally any minute now in oregon. this after announcing his campaign is scaling back staff. we are joined from oregon with a message the senator will bring to oregon. all that is just ahead. but first, is it one giant
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11:53 am saving humanity from high insurance rates. we are following some breaking news out of baltimore. our affiliate in baltimore reporting that the building where the fox and cw tv affiliates are located has been evacuated. we know the building itself was cleared about two hours ago.
11:54 am
baltimore police, as you can see, tweeting here they were headed to the scene. station officials do confirm everyone is quote, a little worried but safe. the news director of that station, we're learning from our station that the news director said, and i'm quoting, i would say i've never had to evacuate because of a threat. again, though, he said everyone is safe. and went onto say that it's not unusual. and many of us in the news business know this. it's not unusual for someone to visit a station wanting to get their message across. that's why a lot of these stations have such good security. and the security guard, his flag was raised. apparently, the man who came up there had some sort of a flash drive. said he wanted to talk to someone about it. the security guard, as i understand, did not let him in, saw something that he was concerned about, alerted the station. about 1:00 eastern, the station
11:55 am
was in fact evacuated. the important thing here is that everyone is safe as we are learning. we'll let you know as we learn more details. >> we also continue to follow the breaking weather story and situation in the south. a flash flood emergency as we mentioned before the break declared for gulf port and biloxi, mississippi. these are some of the pictures we've been getting in. residents being rescued in chest-high water in gulf port. with us now on the phone is the mayor of gulf port, mississippi, bil billy hughes. what is the situation on the ground right now in gulf port? >> good afternoon. we've had our folks out since about 5:00 this morning in anticipation of the storm. the lightning was just off the charts. it was just nonstop popping. folks have responded well.
11:56 am
people have taken very good precautions as far as trying to stay out of the water. i know you're seeing video of some of the swift water there. our culverts and rivers are overrun. people are taking pretty good precaution. some things you can plan for. but our emergency personnel got out ahead of this and are doing a good job. we have a network of residents who report problems when we see them. this rain event was pretty severe. >> i've been in that area after some of those hurricanes. you-all certainly know what you're doing down there. you mention they've been out since 5:00 a.m. are things starting to quiet down in terms of rescues for them or only ramping up? >> right now, what we're looking at is the flash flooding. we think we had a little over 10 inches in four-hour cycle of time. we are anticipating some more. most of the system is offshore.
11:57 am
so that's break for us. but for the next day, we'll still deal with a lot of runoff which consolidates in the rivers and streams. so we're seeing very high levels in conjunction with some high tides. so flooding is a major concern right now. we think most of the rain threat has moved on. but overall, the worst is past. >> that is the good news, the worst has passed, and you said, you have a great team on it. thanks for your time, sir. that is going to wrap up our coverage this hour on msnbc. kate snow picks it up next. you're watching msnbc, the place for politics. it's time for the your business entrepreneur of the week. scott was on the verge of losing all his money when his company failed to take off. but he switched gears to let people make their own designs and now the company is flying
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