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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  April 28, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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decision desk decided to call indiana based on your jelly beans five days early. >> reporter: very good. there you go. no point in counting votes on tuesday. we figured it out. >> cal perry, thank you very much. that does it for us. i'm chris hayes. i will be back tonight, live, in this building with "all in with chris hayes" a look at new push for automatic registration. mtp daily starts right now. if it's thursday, the devil is in the details. ted cruz and bernie sanders are pressing on, but the math is all about gone. and the deal is all about done. this is "mtp daily" and it starts right now. good evening. i'm steve kornacki, in for chuck todd.
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welcome to "mtp daily." 81 days now until the republican convention in cleveland but the clock is about to strike midnight on the stop trump movement. they don't have months they don't have weeks to figure this out. barely talking days for them. just over 120 hours now until the voting is done in the state of indiana. if trump wins the hoosier state, this republican race is basically over. the map and the math do not lie. we are going to game it out on the big board in just a moment. let me tell you, the devil is in the details on this one. you are looking live, mean while, at south bend, indiana, it's the home of the university of notre dame. also, carly fiorina speaking now and where ted cruz is about to take the stage as his campaign, as their campaign now, fights for survival. they are desperately trying to unite conservatives in a last-ditch alamo-style stand against donald trump. we begin with, perhaps, the
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furthest thing from unity. the former republican speaker of the house of representatives, john boehner, delivering a blistering attack on cruz at an event last night at stanford university in california. when it came to cruz, boehner did not mince words. >> yeah. how about ted cruz. >> lucifer in the flesh. >> in washington, i have democratic friends and republican friends. i get along with almost everyone. but i have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life. >> boehner said he would vote for trump in a general election, but that if ted cruz is the republican nominee, he will not vote for him. in a moment, we're going to speak with boehner's former top spokesman. you don't want to miss that interview. the cruz campaign firing back at former house speaker, first on social media, attacking him for
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comments boehner made about texting and golfing with trump. and then that was followed by a press conference in indiana, where nbc's hallie jackson asked cruz for his reaction to what john boehner had to say. >> if you're happy with john boehner, speakinger of the house and want a president like john boehner, donald trump's your man. boehner's comments, he said something like he's the worst s.o.b. i've ever worked with, something like that. >> lucifer in the flesh. >> there was that, too. but the interesting thing is, he said that i've ever worked with. i've never worked with john boehner. truth of the matter is i don't know the man. boehner's comments reveal everything that is wrong and corrupt with washington, everything you're angry with. when sbrooin cajohn boehner cal lucifer, he's not directing that at me. he's directing that at you. >> the guy who holds boehner's
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old job weighed in during his weekly briefing with reporters. here's ryan's exchange. >> lucifer in the flesh, i have democrat friends and republican friends -- >> there are children here, watch what you say. >> but i've never worked with a more miserable son -- i heard. >> your relationship with senator cruz. >> i have a much better relationship with senator cruz. i have a very good relationship with both men and i'm going to take it that way. >> take your child to workday, luke editing comments were there were, as speaker pointed out, some children. troubling signs for cruz, after the primary sweep, some holdouts on capitol hill now appear to be falling in line with donald trump. trump winning support from three members of congress today. and in an interview with andrea mitchell, senator bob corker from tennessee, chairman of the senate foreign relations
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committee praised trump for yesterday's toned down speech on foreign policy. >> i thought it was a very good step forward. i enjoyed the speech. i like the speech. i think what you're seeing is someone who is evolving. i was building shopping centers in my previous life and was a mayor, came here, been in foreign policy nine years, three months know a lot today i didn't know then. >> we should note that trump told supporters in indiana today that he spoke with corker today, he called corker, quote, fantastic. corker told msnbc he may change his mind about not endorsing a presidential candidate. a good sign there potentially for donald trump. finally, for ted cruz, that shaky alliance, the deal with john kasich, against donald trump, well, that appears to be dead now, after kasich's campaign attacked cruz for picking fiorina as a running mate. fiorina called on kasich to get out of the race. and today, cruz told reporters, quote, there is no alliance.
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"the washington post" chris cillizza wrote the epitaph for that, born sunday night, died thursday morning, rest in peace. let's kick things off with luke russert, all over capitol hill today. he spoke with speaker ryan and spoke with trump's convention manager, paul manafort, outside a capitol hill meeting between the campaigns and members of the congress. luke, start with you, big day for the republican race on capitol hill. you got the trump forces in town trying to make friends there at the same time, you've got john boehner sending signals if ted cruz is looking for the republican establishment to rally around him, he may have some trouble there. what are you finding out today? >> reporter: i think there's two things. number one is that if the immediate narrative there was a strong, never trump movement here on capitol hill and the establishment would fall into line, get behind ted cruz, i think we may have gone too far down that story line over the
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last few months. people forget how toxic ted cruz was in october 2013. he was a thorn in the side of not only john boehner but mitch mcconnell and routinely prohibited boehner and mcconnell getting legislation forward because they'd have to negotiate with nancy pelosi or harry reid because their conservative caucuses and conferences couldn't stand in line behind them because they didn't have enough members for the 218 votes on the house floor and moving forward in the senate. that's the first thing. two, i also think you're starting to see a real movement that, okay, trump has won in connecticut, massachusetts, and also in places like alabama, south carolina, and mississippi. this is real. someone who has that type of pull around the country, it behooves us to get on the train sooner rather than later. i think the real movement, though, steve, came with
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pennsylvania, all of those committed delegates that have come out saying they're more likely than not going to trump or could go for trump. you look at endorsements today, kelly, shuster from pennsylvania, you're starting to see, gosh, he won every count any the state. maybe i don't want to be so against my constituents. if he wins indiana, he pulls up big numbers out west in california, a lot of the members say, back home, my people like trump, maybe i should get on board and stop being silent. that's a real possibility here in the next few weeks which would be wild, considering where we were a few months ago. >> luke russert on capitol hill. great report. five days to he go now until indiana. you might think that both of trump's rivals would be joined by a financial cavalry of big gop donors, at least to judge from what the stop trump movement has been promising. but the associated press is reporting many republican rainmakers have fled the scene,
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denying cruz and kasich needed funds to mount effective offensive against trump. kasie hunt has been working the stop trump beat for us. she joins us from indianapolis. kasie, pick up on that point. luke was making there. something i've been thinking for a while, too, to listen to stop trump forces, they'd have you believe anybody that wasn't on board with donald trump a month ago, is automatically on board with pulling out all of the stops through the convention to stop him. some of the things we're seeing and hearing on capitol hill indicate there's a lot of wiggle room for trump to make inroads with people who may not be supporting him yet. >> reporter: there's plenty of room. and part of this is because the stop trump forces are frustrated with the candidates runling against trump, candidates are frustrated with the stop trump forces. it's almost as though they're turning their guns on each other. part of this in that a.p. report you pointed to is about money,
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right? john kasich, a candidate who a lot of the more establishment types could get on board with and of course kasich feeling like they should get on bort with him. they're not giving money to him. the donors that gave to jeb bush, they gave to marco rubio, they maybe gave thousands or millions of dollars to right to rise, super pac run by mike murphy that did next to nothing from what we can tell to help jeb bush get elected to the presidency. all the donors are feeling burned and they're, frankly, not ponying up for the stop trump efforts. a lot of the don'ts, in particular, they don't necessarily want to be out there publicly saying that they're against trump necessarily. but at the same time they don't see necessarily a viable alternative. there's a sense on the ground in indiana, steve, that this race is moving towards trump, not away interest him. >> kasie hunt on the stop trump beat out there in indiana. thanks for that.
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going to bring in michael steele. the michael steele the top spokesman to former house speaker john boehner, not the other michael steele, the former rnc chairman. more recently adviser to the super pac backing jeb bush's presidential bid. thanks for taking a few minutes. you know john boehner as well as anyone. the perfect person to ask about this today. let's start on comments from john boehner for people out there who only follow this stuff at a passing leveling a glancing level in washington, tell us when john boehner says something about ted cruz like that, where is that coming from? give us a real good sense of why ted cruz's name gets that kind of reaction from john boehner. >> there's a huge amount of frustration with senator cruz among many republicans on capitol hill, particularly in the fall of 2013, as luke discussed. look, john boehner wants to repeal obamacare, he worked very hard to repeal obamacare. he and ted cruz had
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adisagreement over tactics. ted cruz texas senator believed if we just shut down the government, somehow, magically president obama will agree to repeal obamacare. it was a dumb and ineffective tactic, damaged the party's standing with the american people. speaker boehner knew it was a bad idea. it was clear he always knew it united states and doomed to failure and we had better tools to dismantle the president's health care law. >> there's that strategic aspect where ted cruz pushed the party into a direction that boehner and others thought was strategically disastrous in 2013 with the shutdown. tell me this, whether boehner or other republicans like boehner who feel what you're talking about there toward ted cruz, is there another aspect to this where they think there's ins insincerity with ted cruz, playing the conservative hero, playing crusader, purist and they think it's an act to get himself ahead in politics? >> no, i don't think anyone
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questions sincerity of senator cruz. beliefs. this is a period of time when he seemed to be putting his own ambition above effectively using majorities in the house to fight the president's health care law. >> tell us what happens now, this dilemma for the republican establishment. an interesting place that ted cruz finds himself. he defined himself in opposition to john boehner tactically, in opposition to the republican establishment. now he sort of counting on them to help him stop donald trump. boehner sending out a signal, i'm not going to be part of than how much of the republican establishment is boehner speaking for here, do you think? >> i think the former speaker's speaking for the former speaker himself and that's about it. this was his personal opinion offered at a speech in california. >> how many would agree with him, with the sentiment he's putting out there? >> i think it is an ironic position for senator cruz, who defined himself in opposition to
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the establishment to be in some senses the establishment alternative to donald trump. but that's how far out of the republican mainstream donald trump is. because he's not a republican, because he's not a conservative, there are a lot of people turning to the least bad option even though that option is not their favorite. >> so talk about trump, another detail here that boehner let out at this speech at stanford, he's been texting, texting buddies with donald trump. you worked with boehner. was trump on john boehner's radar at all before this campaign? was that somebody who was in his orbit in think way before the last year? >> sure. never underestimate the bond of a good round of golf. they've known each or for some years now. >> washington republican, when they look at donald trump, bob dole said this a while ago, bob dole said, i think he's the kind of guy we could make a deal with. do you think a lot of washington republicans feel that way. >> i think in this situation with trump having a series of
2:15 pm
huge wins this week and seeming to inch closer to the nomination, not there yet, i think that a lot of republicans in washington and across the country are hoping that he will in some form or fashion evolve from his pugnacious comments, from attitudes that drive people away from our party to become someone that more republicans can support. but right now, it's a hope and nothing more than that. >> all right. i've got to ask you this, too. the term he used, boehner used, lucifer in the flesh, i know a lot of people, i think of his age, who went to catholic school. correct me if i'm wrong, i was hearing a catholic education from the '50 and '60s there, does that sound about right? >> i think that's entirely possible. >> michael steel, appreciate it. we are waiting for a john kasich event that's going to be taking place this hour. getting word that kasich is going to be making comments, his campaign saying, on the state of the race. curiosity there. we'll bring you what he has to
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say live. next, three's company, why the time could be right for third party candidate this year. bill kristol joins us. the end game, we'll look at what the sanders campaign wants to accomplish, as his path to the democratic. abo nomination narrows. poor mouth breather. allergies? stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight,
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as hillary clinton take as few days off from the campaign trail, new evidence showing how seriously the clinton camp is pivoting to the general election. latest nbc news numbers show team clinton isn't spending any money on ads in the upcoming primary contest. not a single dollar in indiana oregon, west virginia, kentucky, even california. team sanders, meanwhile, spending about $1 million on ads in all of the upcoming states. the clinton camp tells nbc news it does have staff in california, indiana, and clinton
2:19 pm
does plan to campaign there. as of now, clinton is no longer advertising in the contest against bernie sanders. this is the first time since august of last year that the clinton campaign has been totally dark on the airwaves. still ahead here on "mtp daily," we're going to dig into the end game for bernie sanders. >> we are in this campaign to win, but if we do not win, we intend to win every delegate that we can. so that when we go to philadelphia in july, we're going to have the votes to put together the strongest progressive agenda that any political party has ever seen. r. can i help you? yes! great. correct! ma'am. this isn't an automated computer... operator! ma'am. i'm here. i'm live. wait. you're real? yeah. with discover card, you can talk to a real person in the u.s. day or night. plus, we're not going to wte your time trying to sell you a bunch of other products you don't really need.
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indiana next week, he still, still, would have a viable path to that magic number, 1,237. let's game it out here on the big board. so, where do things stand right now? trump has 991 delegates by our estimate. remember, trying to get to 1,237. so let's play this out a bit and show you what we mean. we got indiana nextweek. now the way they do it, get a big chunk of them if you win staid state wide and then do it by district. say trump loses statewide. wins three congressional districts, that's a fair low side estimate. he gets nine delegates out of indiana. that would put him at an even 1,000. then further into may, what happens? west virginia, nebraska. say he takes a lot in nebraska, that's a winner take all state. that could be a cruz state. west virginia, looking like a trump state. 1030s the number we're going to give him, two more states to come in may. washington and oregon, these are
2:22 pm
pretty straightforward, pretty proportional, not winner take all. if we give trump 32 from those two states combined, end may with 1062, there would be one day left. you got five states on june 7th. take you through numbers. easy part is this. new jersey winner take all. that looks like it's a trump state. new mexico's up proportional state. say he could pick off 12 half of the delegates from there. where would that leave him? 63 to his total. sitting there at 1125. give him a loss in montana, call it a cruz state. you see one state left on the board. california. where would trump be going to california? 1125. he'd be 112 delegates, that what he would need to squeeze out of california in the scenario. keep that number in mind. take a look at the lay of the land in california. this, excuse me, the single, biggest piece of bad news for the stop trump movement. forget what happened tuesday,
2:23 pm
indiana polls. it california, two polls in california in the last week have trump crushing ted cruz, 27 in the fox news poll, nearly 20 in the cbs news poll, average over 20 points. if anything remotely like that happens, even if it's just ten points for donald trump, he's going to get the lion's share -- wrong button -- get the lion's share of the delegates. remember in california, real simple, 13 if he wins statewide, then 53 districts, 3 each for every district you win. trump's putting a double digit win on the board in california he gets the l lion's share. if he wins the state, wins 13, it knocks him down to 99. what would he need then? need 33, he'd need to win 33 of the 53 congressional districts. that's a very, very doable number. given what the polls are showing now. again, this is the conservative estimate. this is saying donald trump loses indiana. this is saying ted cruz holds serve in states like montana.
2:24 pm
this is a good scenario for cruz, and we're still getting trump over that number, just barely. so you can see when people say donald trump's path opened wide this week, this is why. give him a loss in indiana, we can still get him to 1,237. that is the current state of play, as they say, desperate times call for desperate measures. some in the stop trump move. are renewing calls for a third party candidate to jump into the race. time is running out. filing deadlines for independent candidates, fast approaching in states like texas. look at that, about ten days away now in texas. in north carolina, talk more about this, bill kristol, editor of "the week"the weekly standar the never trump camp. still time to mount a third party challenge against trump. but let me ask you, a lot of people have likened what republicans like you are going through with donald trump to the stages of grief. where are you in that process? are you accepting that he's likely to be the republican
2:25 pm
nominee, or do you still think there's a chance to stop him here? >> i think both things are true, steve. likely things don't always happen. the media seems to have invested a lot in glorying in the fact it's likely to be the case that trump is the nominee and then somehow ridiculing people who out of principle are trying to stop him from being the nominee because he's bad for the party. of course he's likely to be the nominee and of course people like me are going to fight hard for cruz/fiorina, kasich if he does better in certain districts to stop trump. we don't think he should be president of the united states and those that are republicans don't think the republican party should nominate him. is that hard to understand? does that make the never trump people look ridiculous. sometimes a bad person gets nominated by a party. but if it's a party you've been involved with and worth the two major parties and someone not fit to be president of the united states that's a pretty bad thing. i admire carly fiorina for taking ted cruz's off somewhere admire ted cruz fighting hard.
2:26 pm
it's nice for john boehner, having left the house, to be giving well-paid speeches and make fun of ted cruz and he's a golfing buddy of donald trump. does john boehner think donald trump should be president of the united states? if he does, i've lost what respect i had for john boehner. >> strategically, if you want to stop trump from getting the republican nomination, you seem to be saying, if i heard you right, targeting kasich takes this district or this state, cruz takes this district or that state. they had a deal but it looks like the deal has been blown to smithereens. kasich telling people, voter to me anyway. cruz saying there is no alliance. a saw a poll, orr 0, supposed to be the state that creseeded to kasich. cruz is ahead of kasich in or oregon do you see a strategy. >> only strategy for cruz/fiorina. i wish john kasich would get out. but some of us, ted cruz, tried to bend over backwards to say, maybe there's room for john
2:27 pm
kasich here. look, ted cruz isn't that popular among his fellow senators. but all of the whining. did he personally have the votes to shut down the government in 2013? was he so fowerful, john boehner, being willing to stand up to him, could john boehner not rolled over a freshman senator who had been there one year. >> what happened in the 2014 elections? kind of blurry in my mind. i have somehow the feeling that republicans won the senate and gained seats in the house. there's a lot of people in a petty way taking out their unhappiness, dislikes, and i guess entitled to. but i think, for me, maybe i'm just this is my own view, donald trump should not be president. you think that in a strong way, you're willing to put other things aside and do your best to stop donald trump from being president. >> my next question, this idea of a third party candidacy. if donald trump is likely to be the republican nominee if
2:28 pm
there's another option on the ballot fall for people like you, the planning has to be happening now. looking at ballot deadlines looming. is this something you want to pursue? >> yes, planning is happening. it's tough. but i wouldn't overstate the deadline. right, texas comes up first and then north carolina. there's no other deadline before june 27th. worst case, you could run in 48 states plus district of columbia. texas and north carolina susceptible to a legal challenge which people are preparing. the supreme court threw out other early deadlines in the '80s. there's the reform party on the ballot. you get in a pinch do a write-in in two states. it's urgent, it's difficult. i don't want to make it seem as if it's easy to get a credible person to run, but him or her on the ballot in 50 states and run an well-finances and effective campaign. with hillary clinton and donald trump there's more of a chance than usually, ever in my lifetime i would say, i've been amazed and touting this and
2:29 pm
making private phone calls and meetings and i have no organization behind me, but i've been amazes at the people getting in touch saying if there's a serious effort by a credible candidate, count me in. people don't want, especially on the republican conservative side, really doesn't want to either vote for donald trump or have to vote for hillary clinton or just stay home. you know, i'm sure you're hearing this, what you'll hear from trump forces at that point, you're only going to help elect hillary clinton president. would you be okay with that, if that was the effect of a rump movement on the right. >> i think nominating donald trump's going to elect hillary clinton president honestly. that's why the media is complacent and happy about the notion that donald trump is the republican nominee. i will take no responsibility. a good, independent candidate, something you'vic todd about in the past, could take democratic and republican votes. people are a little sick of the establishments of both parties and someone new, with a real,
2:30 pm
impressive character, someone who is a person of stature, i don't rule out, i don't agree that person could only take republican votes. you'd have to work hard. there are democratic, independent, republican votes to be gotten by a good independent nominee. it's uphill. it's not easy. it's not easy. but a lot of good things aren't easy. >> bill kristol, thanks for the time. >> thanks, steve. >> still ahead -- bernie sanders campaign slimming down. find out why the candidate says he's going to still make a major splash at the summer's democratic convention, even if he doesn't have the delegates to win. plus -- hillary clinton jumps on the stop trump bandwagon. how she's pivoting to the general election fight. any moment, john kasich set to take the stage in oregon. his campaign is telling us he's going to have new comments to make about the state of the race. we'll be bringing you that live. pet moments are beautiful,
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john kasich about to speak in oregon on the state of the race. we're keeping an eye on that. we'll bring it to you live. but first, hampton pearson has the cnbc market wrap. >> thanks, steve. stocks sliding after a weaker than expected gdp report. dow dropping 210 points. the s&p falling by 19. nasdaq shedding 57 points. shares surging after hours. the company's revenue and earnings easily beat estimates. a similar story for linked in. abbott labs buying medical device maker st. jude medical for more than $19 billion. comcast parent of this network says nbc universal is buying dreamworks animation for $3.8 billion. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide.
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all right. the kasich campaign telling us that john kasich has thoughts on the state of the race in these remarks in oregon. let's listen in. >> -- ran for president, there wouldn't be enough oxygen to rise. it's interesting. i started at zero. you know, in new york, i actually won manhattan island, frankie says if you can do it there, you can do it anywhere. i talked to one of my buddies about new york and he said, you know, john, when you think about it, you know, your dad carried mail on his back and you got 25% of the vote in the state of new york. he said, you know, there's all kinds of ways to look at that. now we had a bunch of elections, i finished in second in four of
2:39 pm
the five stated i had we had decent returns and then i looked at -- have not looked at numbers. it was very close in pennsylvania for second but we didn't win. tiger woods says that, you know, second place is first loser. i always thought that was very interesting comment he made. you know, in some respects, he's right. so i thought about should i keep going? should i carry on? what is this all about? and i thought deeply about it. in a couple weeks ago i made a speech in new york, entitled "two paths in this country." do we take a path that basically says that we are losers, ripped off, things are terrible, that, you know, nothing works in america, we should withdraw from the world and chart our own
2:40 pm
course, or the way that i kind of feel that we need to go, that we can have hope in this country, that we do have our share of problems. we have a problem with the security of our jobs. we worry about our wages. what we really worry about more than anything else there, grandpa, is will our kids have a better life than what we receive from our parents and will our grandchildren have a life better than our kids? you see, the american legacy, i think, is exactly that. that each generation lists the next generation to a higher plain. i'm also a believer while we recognize we have problems, these problems are pretty easy to fix. what has gotten in the way is politics, partisanship, vitriol, anger, division, polarization,
2:41 pm
in almost our entire political system. it's sort of new to me. see, when i went to congress, i was 30 years old, and the first thing i found myself on was the defense committee, and the defense committee was made up of republicans and democrat whose had one goal and that was defeat the communist. we never kind of looked at things like republicans or democrats in those days, and we worked together, and as a result, america's military strength was rebuilt and i was there in part of the early period of the reagan presidency. we saw the berlin wall fall. we saw saddam hussein be pushed out of kuwait by a coalition of the westerners and our friends in the muslim arab world, and it was very, very interesting. so we didn't function much as partisans. and then after ten long years, fighting not just democrats, but
2:42 pm
republicans as well, i was able to finally push that rock up the hill -- >> listening in there on john kasich in portland, oregon. his campaign told us at the start of the remashes he was going to have something to say about the state of the race. as you heard there, he was going down that road, he seemed to be saying he considered if i was hearing him right, he'd considered ending his candidacy after finishing second in a bunch of states in recent weeks, quoting tiger woods, saying second place is first loser. he's segued into a lengthy bit here about his service in congress and broader themes about the state of american politics. we're going to keep listening to that, bring you back, if he picks up that thought and says anything about where his candidacy's going from here. it's an open question now. while that's playing out there in portland, oregon, we'll bring in our panel.
2:43 pm
beth fouhy, jonathan alter, and elise jordan, former adviser to the rand paul campaign and msnbc analyst. anybody think we might be hearing something here? >> for a second i did think so because he sounded so listful and nostalgic and it seemed like he was almost about to drop but then the tone shifted and i think he's still in the race. who knows, it could change. >> you're seeing it right there, this is what it's like to listen to him. it wanders from place to place and you never know until you get there where you were going. >> i've been to a few-his town meetings and they're good. he's an effective political speaker. to me, one of the great mysteries of the whole year is john kasich, and i expected, after he finished second in new hampshire, there would be a rush
2:44 pm
to kasich. certainly after he won ohio that the remnants of the republican establishment would coalesce behind him. and various other points. and it didn't happen. >> certainly didn't. in fact, i have to say, steve, the utter implausibility of the candidacy is mystifying to me, he's managed to stay in the race, managed to raise enough money to keep chugging along, series of second place, third place, 0 for 41 now, as trump likes to say about kasich. >> 1 for -- >> we can tell you, he did pick the thought back up there about ten seconds ago and he said i have decided to keep going. >> okay. >> not building up to anything -- >> not about kasich and what kind of candidate he is what happen does it say about the republican party that they didn't do what so many people expected, which was to get behind the candidate who had the best chance of being the next
2:45 pm
president. >> i think there was a broad appetite. jeb bush, roughly the same wing of the party as john kasich, wasn't an appetite there. wasn't an appetite for kasich. really, this is a party interested in trump and cruz. it seems that's the bulk of the vote. there's remnants of that old moderate establishment behind kasich. it will pop up. he won manhattan, it will pop up in the upper east side but not other places. >> newspaper endorsements, the old ways people used to advance their candidacy. >> he's killing it with newspaper endorsements. >> it didn't matter this year. >> exactly. >> other elected officials, that was part of the problem, a huge problem with this massive field of 16 candidates, that no endorsements came in. so, everyone was still playing separate and we never winnowed the field. now we're left with -- the feel was winnowed. kasich was the last governor
2:46 pm
standing. you would have expected a rush to kasich. what are political parties for? >> we'll squeeze a quick break in here. we wanted to make sure we figured out what the news was that was coming out of there. again, john kasich saying he thought about the state of his candidacy after results this week but he is staying in the race. stick around. more to come with you. as the presidential path narrows for bernie sanders, on the democratic side, he holds top spot in one new poll. we'll have details in the ws next. mary buys a little lamb. one of millions of orders on this company's servers. accessible by thousands of suppliers and employees globally. but with cyber threats on the rise, mary's data could be under attack. with the help of the at&t network, a network that senses and mitigates cyber threats, their critical data is safer than ever. giving them the agility to be open & secure. because no one knows & like at&t.
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donald trump was back on the trail today with legendary college basketball coach bob knight, the general. but trump strength isn't the most dominance in bobby knight's big ten conference. it is in the acc actually. take a look at this. trump has won every state that has a team in the acc football conference. you start in massachusetts, bc is, new york, pennsylvania, virginia, kentucky, north carolina, south carolina, georgia, florida, every single one of those a trump state. there's one acc team that's a member for every sport except football. of course, that is the notre dame fighting irish. trump will have a chance for the complete and full acc football/basketball sweep tuesday when indiana heads to the polls. we'll see if bobby knight endorsement plays well in bloomington. they need a digger phelps endorsement if you want south bend. e.t. phone home.
2:49 pm
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2:52 pm
house. the foundation has been unearthed of the actual mansion on the same property. the when. it's tonight. first round of the nfl draft. we like to tie sports the politics. quarterbacks are expected to be the top two picks. that's only happened once in an election year. that was 2012. president obama was reelected this same year. democrats can read the tea leaves however they want. the why, it's home state love for bernie sanders. 80% of the vermonters approve of the job he's doing as senator. that's the highest rating in the country. here's why it matters. for the most part americans prove of their individual senators but a gallop poll shows that just 17% of the people approve of congress as a whole. you like your individual senator but you dislike congress itself. political scientists have a term for this. they call it finos paradox.
2:53 pm
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he has zero chance of getting elected. he announced who his vice president will be. he can't get elected. >> time now for the lid. the panel back with us. let me ask you about this battle between john boehner, his words
2:57 pm
about ted cruz today. we had his former communications director on earlier today. how many people you think in the washington republican establishment agree with what john boehner was saying which is i can be okay with trump but not cruz? >> i'm starting to think it's more like 90 to 10. i really think that there's such a -- that's the reason cruz hasn't picked up more steam. because he's so loathed and so despised. it's going to such a ridiculous level of everyone talking about how much they hate ted cruz that it's starting to just get a bit mean girls. i know that he -- he did shut down the government and cause a lot of problem, but it's gotten into this point of like an urban myth. >> we had bill crystal on earlier an he was not happy with the remarks from john boehner. he was looking back and saying
2:58 pm
you're the speaker of the house. you got bullied around by a freshman senator from texas. >> boehner is loving his freedom to say whatever he wants. to me, asides from the remarks that i think john thinks are epic and will live with cruz forever. the most important nail in the never trump movement. if boehner, the former house speaker can say he would vote for trump but not cruz, a member of the senate, that's devastating. how enearon earth can cruz go forward. >> he actually said it a week before. >> maybe addi ining lucifer inte mix. >> it shows you that ted cruz, the degree he's been forced to be improvised in this campaign. the shut down, the war with boehner. that was part of the plan to make himself mr. conservative. he's like i need to get the establishment on my side to
2:59 pm
fight trump and he's so ill prepared. >> i love the mean girls analogy. that's what's it's been, 7th grade girls, basically. it's certain pieces of language that stick, that linger in the mind. way, way, way past this election year, we will think of that when we think of ted cruz. he's a young guy. he's going to be running for president in 2020 and 2024, in in 2032. you know what he's like. if he lose, he's not going to quit presidential politics. it will be like tricky dick, which is what nixon was called. that was coined by democrat in 1950. this is coined by a republican. a former speaker of the house. it's going to be wrung around
3:00 pm
ted cruz' neck literally for the rest of his life. it will be in his obit. >> there's a prediction. there's a prediction. >> this is real problem for him going forward. >> thanks for being here today. chuck will be back tomorrow with more mtp daily. "with all due respect" starts right now. with all due respect to john boehner, so, a fleshyl lucifer. >> he called him lucifer in the flesh. ♪ ♪


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