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tv   With All Due Respect  MSNBC  April 28, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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rest of his life. it will be in his obit. >> there's a prediction. there's a prediction. >> this is real problem for him going forward. >> thanks for being here today. chuck will be back tomorrow with more mtp daily. "with all due respect" starts right now. with all due respect to john boehner, so, a fleshyl lucifer. >> he called him lucifer in the flesh. ♪ ♪
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>> happy night of the living ted. demonology fans. carly's deal with the devil and the stop trump folks try one last exorcism. over the past 24 hours the republican front-runner has been doubling down on his testosterone. trump tweeted clinton wouldn't be a viable candidate if she weren't playing the woman card. they pushed the tough guy tone even further with the basketball coach and ranter, bobby knight. >> bobby called me up. he called me up about a year ago. he said to me, hey, donald.
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i didn't know him. you don't get any better. tough, tough. would you say he was tough enough? not just tough. smart. tactical. he was a winner. he was a winner and still is a winner. the best. >> let me first tell you that i was very, very selective with players during the time i was here. i'll tell you one thing that man that was just up here a moment ago, i tell you, he could play for me. >> trump's campaign has a new tv ad up in indiana featuring donald trump junior talking about how tough, tough his dad is. smart, dumb, somewhere in between? >> somewhere in between. i think it needs to be calibr e calibrated. that ad with donald trump junior
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also puts a little flash of him playing with his grand kids. this is letting trump be trump. this is the kind of personality he has. it plays to his strength. clear asome women might find this appealing. i think they need to use ivanka and mrs. trump to soften it. it may not work but when they try to make him back down or sand off the rough edge, it's not going to work. he's going to win or lose as machismo. >> that's great. fabulous. i said yesterday on our show that donald trump has a huge problem with women voters. if he doesn't solve that problem, he can't be president of the united states. i don't think the things he did in these instances is offensive. he's going to do something in some substantial degree. maybe he'll do it later. maybe he'll do it now. i remember a guy named mitt
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romney who refused to do it and he stuck to his principles too. i think trump needs to fix this problem. >> there's tens of millions of americans who love hillary clinton. they love her personality, what she stands for and the prospect of her being american. there's tens of millions of american women who don't feel this way. any other campaign they could not have followed tuesday night with this display. >> when i say he needs to fix this problem, i don't mean he needs to swing 180 degrees and pander to women. i don't think anything he did this day was offensive. i think there's still a lot of the sense of like we're going to be tough. we're not going to back down. i'm never going to admit a mistake or sand off a rough edge. >> back to press, they obsess
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about the gender gap. trump will do well with men. it's our time to say it. lucifer in flesh. that's the political phrase of the day. former speak of the house, john boehner, a republican, called ted cruz an event last night at stanford. that reminds us all how much some dislike, intensely, the gentleman from texas. while boehner called himself and donald trump quote, texting buddies who have golfed in the past. he did not hold back his feelings about cruz. he said also, quote, i have democrat friends and republican friends. i get along with almost everyone, but i have never worked with a more miserable son of a [ expletive ] in my life speaking about ted cruz. here is how cruz responded to this at an event this morning. >> when john boehner calls me
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lucifer. he's not directing that at me. he's directing that at you. what boehner is angry with me for is not anything i've said to him. i haven't said much of anything to him. what he's angry with me for is standing with the american people and energizing and encouraging house conservatives to stand with the american people and honor the commitments we've made. >> this comes at a pretty pivotal moment for the republican party. the central question is whether the balance of power in the gop is becoming increasingly resigned to coalesces around trump for their candidate for the fall or if the stroump faction cstop trump faction can hold its ground. trump got another congressional endorsement. this one from pennsylvania congressman bill schuster. the already fragile alliance between ted cruz and john kasich
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key to any success the stop trump movement might have seems to be fraying even more. when asked about the alliance, cruz denied there was collusion between the two campaign, immediately after which kasich's top strategist tweeted i can't stand liars. >> thin that tone? >> i read tone into it. the stop trump movement growing or shrinking? >> well, i don't know that it's shrinking but there's a lot of people in the stop trump movement nor the pro-trump movement. people who have been holding their fire slowly, gradually. right now there's a small trickle going into the pro-trump. the stop trump movement is
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static. it hasn't been effective. >> everything i'm hearing is there's a lot of people who are poised to give up and throw in the towel after tuesday if trump wins indiana. >> could be true. could be true. one of the things that all of this has pointed out, the boehner comments about cruz, the back and forth with weaver. this stop trump movement, it will be hard to stop them. this group is so rag tag and so ineffective. ted cruz and john kasich. kasich has performed miserably. cruz is incredibly disliked. it's never been far from the surface. he's the worst possible person for trying to stop a locomotive front-runner.
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>> donald trump is a likable, interesting personality to a lot of people and ted cruz not so much. >> his wife likes him a lot. >> when we come back, our review of carly fiorina's first full day as ted cruz running mate. more after this quick break. that come from pets, pollen and dust. just one claritin provides 24-hour relief of symptoms that can be triggered by over 200 allergens. yeah, over 200 allergens! with claritin, she's not focused on her allergy symptoms. she's focused on winning. with powerful, 24-hour, non-drowsy claritin, my allergies don't come between me and victory. live claritin clear.
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mplgt today was carly fiorina's first full day as a hypothetical have the presidential candidate. three events in hoosier state with ted cruz attacking donald trump and hillary clinton and talking up her new bff/running mate ted cruz. here is a representative samp sampling of some of the things she said. >> hillary clinton's made her millions selling access and influence and donald trump has made billions buying people like hillary clinton off. they will not fight the system although they claim to do so to win a job that they aspire to. they are the system. >> it works for people like donald trump. he's big and powerful and
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wealthy and well connected. it doesn't work for most of us. what you have here is a fearless fighter who as conservative understands that the thing that ails us is too much money and too much power concentrating in the hands of too few. >> the cruz campaign is featuring fiorina on the air with campaign ad complete with this amusing ending. >> i'm ted cruz. >> i'm carly fiorina. >> and we approve this message. >> adorable. >> how is carly fiorina doing so far as ted cruz's hypothetical running mate. >> as far as i can see having watched these interview, she's doing about as well as she did as a presidential candidate. she's not really making a mark. i thought yesterday she couldn't have hurt or help him. there's nothing she has done
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this morning that changes my cal c calculation about how much she will hurt or help. >> there's no substance here. >> if they had not campaigned together and if they hadn't telegraphed, i think this would have more of an impact. carly fiorina doing cable interviews and introducing ted cruz, we have seen this. >> for weeks before. >> i think it's helping. i think it's energizing the cruz campaign but it's not transforming the race. this is like a medium length pass down the field. put someone on the ticket that would have shocked the world. some woman who would have been game changer. >> like julia childs.
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>> or julia louis-dreyfuss. >> they're still 20 yards short of a goal line. it's not going be pretty in indiana. bernie sand ers and his team fo sending out mixed signals. yesterday, as we mentioned on the show, the new york times reported that the campaign, sanders campaign is laying off a couple hundred staff members across the country and refocusing on california which votes on june 7th. bernie and his wife was out on the cable shows saying that her husband is absolutely in it to win end quote. fund raising never been a problem for sanders. quite the contrary. he has more than $17 million sitting in his bank account. mark, my question for you, given all that will dough, why is
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sanders laying off staff? what's necessary and what does that mean? >> you can say they are laying off staff because there's fewer contests coming up. they don't need as many people. this campaign has mishandled big symbolic moments. if you want to convince people you're still in it, you cannot lay off this minute people. figure out a way or be ready to explain it better than they did. they spent a lot of money. there's new washington post story how they spent a lot of money on consultants which may not sit well with small dollar donors. it shows that first as good as they have been on so many things, they haven't handled this well. >> they have been very good on very big things. in many ways more than the trump campaign. it's a miracle what they have accomplished. p they have done an amazing job.
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they've been leapfrogging people from state to at a time. now they are running out of runway. in some sense it's the most natural thing in the world. the day it happens to be the day after your lost four out of five and cutting your staff by nearly half just because the proportions, you got to figure out some way to tell the story that doesn't make it look like you're giving up. >> california, really big. those people could have gone to california and done something. >> explain it better. >> they've also spent a lot more money in the last couple of weeks. >> up next, more on the gop race and donald trump's path to the nomination after this quick break. pencil and paper. the surface pro is very intuitive. i can draw lightly, just like i would with a real pencil. i've been a forensic artist for over 30 years. i do the composite sketches
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their business becomes our business. that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority: you welcome back. joining us now msnbc correspondent. ladies, thank you for joining us. there's been very little polling in indiana on the republican side. you've been out there for a while. what's your sense from talking to folks about where trump stands vis-a-vis cruz on tuesday. >> the people i've been talking to on the ground the last couple
3:20 pm
of days say there's some data they were looking at early in the week. kind of internal polling, sufficient the party was doing that showed trump on the rise. that was before those big victories early in the vehicle and before cruz stepped in it a little bit and called it a basketball ring. people i've talked to are a little skeptical he'll be able to pull this out against donald trump. there's a sense on the ground there's a combination of things that are limiting cruz at this point. kr i think you're right about the lack of wow factor with carly f fiorina. >> my reaction with the trump folks tuesday have led me to feel they feel pretty confident. >> same thing. they believe they have an evening in indiana because they went on the air a week before ted cruz.
3:21 pm
they haven't spent that much money. i don't think they feel like they need indiana as much as they might have needed it. i think they are feeling confident. i think indiana would be the cherry on top of their sundae. it's not something they are necessarily banking. >> it's almost as if they are liberated. they can go free and easy. >> i'm amazed by how much the attitude of that world has changed. obviously big things have happened not just new york but size of their victories here and the primary on tuesday. the whole attitude of we'll get there. >> the notion is kasich said he wasn't going to campaign there.
3:22 pm
that opens up for cruz. who are the targeted voters now between cruz and trump? >> cruz is in a little bit of a d difficult spot. he's got religious conservatives. that's been the backbone of his c candidacy. they assume they will be with him. then you have some districts that have been hit hard by the recession. those two groups of people might have voted the same way. what that leaves are these indianapolis urban voters. i might call them richard leugar type republicans. these are mostly moderate and part of the party establishment. it's pretty strong in indiana. it's been around a long time. those are the people inclined to go for kasich.
3:23 pm
there are some who are strategic and say i'm going to vote for ted cruz. there's a lot who feel like they can't stomach that. i've been hearing that sentiment. i'm not convinced that cruz will be able to get enough of those voters to make up the ground that he needs. i think that's what the trump folks are counting on. >> let me raise a name with you, mike pence. all these candidates would love the endorsement of governor pence. what do you know about the trump campaign's efforts to make that happen for them? >> i know they have reached out to him. i know there's some things they have in common when it comes to immigration. carrier has been something donald trump has been hitting on the campaign trail and resonating in state like indiana. then again pence has a natural fit with ted cruz as well. he's very evangelical and
3:24 pm
socially conservative. there's reasons why he would go to either one of the candidates. i think what donald trump has going for him is the momentum. i think more folks are going to come out and start endorsing him and embracing him once they realize he's going to be the one to get the nomination and they will get closer to the source of power. >> what did you hear out there in terms of the pence primary? >> pence is in a bit of a difficult spot. it's more solid as of late but he's still being cautious with a an eye toward his own political fortunes. he got in the middle of some tough fights. for him, getting involved in this is exactly the wrong thing and really all he needed to do was to be convinced not to endorse cruz by the trump folks.
3:25 pm
anyone who knows pence and i covered his brief presidential bid knows he lines up relatively well with ted cruz. it would seem natural and the republicans here feel like if pence put his finger on the scale in favor of cruz, it would make a real difference. as long as he stays on the sidelines that's really all the trump campaign needs. >> your gut says that pence is neutral? >> i'm pretty sure she will stay neutral. chris christie was at the meeting and chris christie made it clear what he wanted to do and they're pretty close and pretty strong political. >> mitch daniels will stay out of this? >> he's an academic. he doesn't do politics. daniels matters a lot. >> who is the formal stop trump
3:26 pm
movement? are they on the air or contacting voters or are they on the ground there? >> they are on the air. they say they are contacting voters. it's tough to see their presence here where as i've felt the impact just kind of watching tv, reading local papers, talking to folks that the cruz super pac and cruz campaign, you can feel their presences here. you can definitely feel trump's campaign. they're up on the air with this ad featuring don junior. he's talking about donald trump's toughness but it's showing pictures of him with his grand kids. very clear effort to try to soften trump's image. women are key issue here for them. that tells you about the
3:27 pm
presence they have hiere. there are some stop trump groups out in the field. either a couple of days or tonight. >> thank you, both. appreciate it. we're going to keep this up with a difference perspective. republican strategist steve schimdt joins us when we come back. if a denture were to be
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he's trying to change the story line from trump's domination of these contests every tuesday night. he's trying to get some energy into the campaign ahead of indiana. i think it went fine. carly fiorina isn't a surprise when they talked about we're going to unveil the running mate. i think a lot of people who follow this stuff would have bet with not very long odds that it's likely to be carly fiorina.
3:32 pm
she's been road tested out there out over the course of the last month. the net effect is a nothing burger as we wrap up this week and go into next week. >> i thought one of the biggest things of the week kind of overshadowed it. tuesday night trump was asked are you the nominee. he said yes. he clearly want those two guys out of the race. >> if he wins indiana, and they don't get out, which is possible. what can he do? are there people to endorse? if they wanted to engineer that, what are some steps they could take to pressure them? >> the title of presumptive nominee is not proclaimed. it's bestowed. in 2008 when it was clear that john mccain was going to be the nominee, he had a meeting with the president of the united states. in this case the head of the
3:33 pm
party is either mitt romney the past nominee or paul ryan, the ranking elected republican in the country or perhaps reince priebus. it's some combination of them saying the obvious which is donald trump will be the first nominee. >> given how contentious this will, is it possible they will say that or send that kind of signal until trump goes over? >> i think reince priebus and speaker ryan, there's no up side for the speaker wants to maintain control of the house and leader mcconnel in the senate to damage unnecessarily the person who will be the nominee of the party. piling on, denying the obvious when he is on the precipice of hitting that magic number serves nobody's purpose. >> in he wins indiana, could you
3:34 pm
imagine a world where trump could call reince priebus and say i'm getting this. you should send out a signal it's over. >> it could be totally appropriate for him to do. then reince priebus would check with a lot of his constituency. if you look at where donald trump is today. let's say roughly he's at 1,000 delegates with the uncommitted in pennsylvania. he's going to win new jersey, winner take all. let's be stingy in our allocation in california. we'll say he gets 150 in california. if he wins indiana then he's clearly going to be the nominee on the first ballot in cleveland and the party should begin to bestow the trappings on any nominee. >> last time you were on this
3:35 pm
show you talked about the fact there were a lot of republicans that privately, that trump is unqualified, unseated to be president. the never trump movement, regardless of whether he gets to 1237, there are people in never trump movement like they're not going to vote for him. mitt romney, doesn't show up to your convention. john mccain has said he's not going sthhow up. there are plenty of other leaders that made it clear that they will not ever vote for him. how do you manage that if -- some people will endorse him. what do you do about that? >> once he becomes the nominee, we're going to see the d disinnocence of what people have been saying. that moment is quickly approving. i think you will see some republicans who say no. i won't be able to support the nominee or the party.
3:36 pm
i think he is unfit. >> not real republican. not a real conservative. >> i don't think that's going to be a majority. i think the prominent members of the elected leadership of the republican party, the number that won't support him will be few and far between. you have an elected class in washington that was terrified of the tea party movement. it wasn't exactly profiled encourage to stand up over the last years among the elected republican leadership and the notion that these elected republican congressmen or senators will take on the trump constituen constituency. they have to been able to attack him while he's trying to get the nomination. >> does mitt romney go to the convention? >> no. >> how do you manage that?
3:37 pm
if the past party nominees, george w. bush not going to be there. what do you do if you're trump, how do you bring the party together? >> if trump wins on tuesday we'll go back to these people who have said i'm not going to vote for trump but he's not going to be our nominee. i think they will go about 80/20, 90/10. bush xli, we'll have that. once he gets bush xli, which i predict will the soon, if they don't show up and he's in p protest, what does it matter. >> you indict all that's wrong in the world and america on the other party. history begins for republicans in this se narp ocenario that b
3:38 pm
obama took office. he's going to indict the failures of both parties, multiple administrations going back to the 1980s. >> that's not a recipe for party unity. >> i think the arguably successful president that we had was ronald reagan. he's going to say there's an upside to doing that with the millions of democratic voters who are as upset as republican voters that can cross over and that reagan democrat. >> you're saying that for him, by his calculation, party unity may be over rated. if you play that game, that's way to alienate large parts of the republican party. >> i think you'll see him way
3:39 pm
welcome aboard, want everybody on the team but he's not going to go out of his way to make enormous concessions. i think he should try to win paul ryan. what does the legislative package i send up to the congress on january 21st look like? what does the first 100 days of legislation you can pass and i'd like you to partner with me and draft those packages. that's how he does the reach out to establishment republicans through paul ryan and the policy operation. granting the favor of the washington, getting the favor of the washington lobbying class, the political establishment such as it is, it's not really important. >> i said before i thought he would get bush xli, and he may get some others. who are people he may be worried about that they would follow romney's course and say i'm going strothe vote for hillary write in.
3:40 pm
>> a petraeus? >> general petraeus. >> mccrystal. >> stan mccrystal. the generals of our most recent wars. if they raise a temperament issue. >> meet me at this camera. i'm telling you right now in brooklyn, they're going hard for many of the people on the list that steve mentioned. the clinton campaign will try to get endorsements from the very kind of people you're talking about early onto break trump. >> we have 30 seconds. just coming right out of that, is it imperative that trump put someone on the ticket with him with national experience? >> he can send an important
3:41 pm
signal of who he picks to be the vice president. i think it's absolutely blue skies, open space about who credentials that the person will have that he gets on the ticket. you just have no idea. is it going to be a governor. someone outside of politics. is it going to be someone out of military. >> i think it's got to be someone with national security experience. he does not have that in his portfol portfolio. >> he's have to counter pep the key will be these debates in the fall. we'll have three 90-minute debates. i think they will be the most watched global television programs probably since the moon landing. those will be determined -- we'll determine who the president is. >> you are awesome. schimdt just happened. up next, we go down to washington away for a reporter
3:42 pm
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i feel really bad about shouting at you. oh, you weren't shouting. you were just speaking in all caps. at discover, we treat you like you'd treat you. 100% u.s.-based customer service. here to help, not to sell. joining us now, two people to speech truth to power on a
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regular basis. as the weekends, who should be happier about how the week has gone? donald trump or hillary clinton? who's having a better week so far? >> i'd say hillary clinton only because it seems more certain she will be the nominee than trump at this point given the changes we have seen in the last 24 hours from the sanders campaign. trump had really good week. he had some crushing victories on tuesday and we're hearing more and more from republicans establishment figures that they see him as the nominee that the deal is almost done. >> interesting article about how the democrats are getting big head start in some of the key battleground states, building up infrastructure. the republican pushback didn't
3:46 pm
blow me away but the rnc has argued for a while they are building a bit of a turnkey operation. how much behind do you think the republicans are plan and building the infrastructure. >> you know, i think the bigger factor on the republican side other than infrastructure on the ground and the ground game will be how enthusiastic people are about the ticket and i think that's the real question mark. you can have all the structure and ground game in the world and if people aren't excited about the ticket, they're in the going to go out and vote. i think there's real question mark as to whether either of the potential tickets either with trump at the top or cruz at the top can generate sufficient enthusiasm i among republicans, conservatives and independents to overtiake hillary clinton ina general election. >> you've had ted cruz with this alliance and you had carly
3:47 pm
fiorina announcement. you've had kasich not messaging the alliance well. john weaver calling ted cruz a liar. it seems to me like utter chaos. not only a desperate moment for the stop trump forces but totally ramping competence unfoaling left and rig inin ini right. >> i think people have been generous in calling this a stop trump movement. it's been a series of independent efforts with no koor coordination from the out set. to think the candidates who are barely running campaigns on their own would do something together. there hasn't been a coherent stop trump movement with any sort of strategy at all. it's just been independently organized efforts that haven't worked together.
3:48 pm
when they have it's by accident. >> phil, i'm going to ask you about the democrats. i saw the very good piece you just published in which the headline reads clinton is the insider who is surviving in the year of outside. it's clearly the year of the outsider and yet clinton is surviving. explain that. how is that the case? she's the ultimate insider and she's survived in this ultimate year of the outsider. >> that's right. all yearlong in both parties we have seen this anti-establishment anger, energy take shape in the grass roots. hillary clinton has been able to convince democrats that they may be angry but angry at institutions outside of government. they're angry at the big banks, corporations, what they see as inherent unfairness in the economic system. they have not lost faith in their elected leaders. they still support barack obama. these are voters. she's saying i have the experience and can make change from within the system.
3:49 pm
that's totally different from what we see on the republican side, which is more of a full out revolt. we see people, a will the of voters losing faith not only with the system but the leadership in the system. that's why you see this support for donald trump and ted cruz. >> either of you like the sing anything at this point or you'll pass on that? >> i'll go to phil on that. >> explain what you think the match was in his mind with carly fiorina. >> i think they have a real intellectual connection. she's a smart woman. the thing that really sealed the deal is she an incredibly effective attack dog. cruz hasn't connected with somebody that can go out and defend him strongly. that's what carly has done for him and brought to the ticket. >> nice to have your own
3:50 pm
personal attack dog if you're trying to get elected president. thank you. both of them have great pieces up on their respective websites at this hour. >> neither of them remotely likes like lucifer in the flesh. neither wanted to sing. sing us to break. go ahead. thank you both. up next, who is winning the indiana ad war? we'll look at the data. if you like our last guest and watching us from washington you can listen us to on the radio at bloomberg 99.1 fm. we'll be right back. e you going we've got that thing! you know...diarrhea? abdominal pain? but we said we'd be there... woap, who makes the decisions around here? it's me. don't think i'll make it. stomach again...send! if you're living with frequent, unpredictable diarrhea and abdominal pain, you may have irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea or ibs-d - a condition that can be really frustrating. talk to your doctor about new viberzi. a different way to treat ibs-d. viberzi is a prescription medication you take every day that helps proactively manage
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john kasich not spending my money on the air waves in indiana but ted cruz and donald trump and a lot of super pacs are not taking any chances. the same goes on the democrat side for bernie sanders who is out spending hillary clinton in the hoosier state.
3:54 pm
this weeks by the numbers segment we called in our addman maestro to give us an update on the media wars at this particular point in this state in the midwest. >> a lot of people think my father is a tough guy. >> it's the latest trump ad. >> he will make an incredible president. >> so far playing over 200 times. >> they just don't get it. ted cruz does. >> it's part of the last minute burst in hoosier ads tallying over 8 million bucks so far. the front runners aren't buying big. >> bernie sanders, people before pollution. >> they are spending over $2 million in tv and radio. the clinton camp, nothing on air and zero in the pipeline. >> trump scammed students. he'll scam america too. >> they're shelling out $5 million in indiana. trump just a meager million. zooming out nationally, it's
3:55 pm
right in line with this cycle's up side down trend. front-runner spending much less. of the $442 million shelled out on radio and tv ads, trump has only chipped in 21 million. 12 million less than ted cruz and his allies. hillary clinton spent 15 million less than bernie sanders. >> it cannot be said enough times that this race is confounded. the expectations for how money would play and who it would help and hurt have been obliterated to large extent to what we have seen. >> ken does a great job of tracking this stuff but he would agree the earned media has did a great job of tracking this. the ad with simon was great. at the time it was duck tailing with the momentum he felt.
3:56 pm
i think that trump is going to be able to win this without a serious change. paid immediate y will matter. >> it matters for sure. all that money on the republican side, all those candidates, all those super pacs, there's not a single memorable republican ad. there's not an ad i could cite that i thought moved the needle in my primary or caucus state. >> the kasich campaign they don't have a lot of money. >> all right. our thanks again to the great ken goldstein. he is great. we'll be right back. ightly, just like i would with a real pencil. i've been a forensic artist for over 30 years. i do the composite sketches which are the bad guy sketches. you need good resolution, powerful processor because the computer has to start thinking
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4:00 pm see you tomorrow. hardball with chris matthews is next. trump at the gates. let's play hardball. good evening. i'm chris matthews. has donald trump broken through the gate on the citizens of republican establishment getting ready the cheer. this is what it looks like in washington. donald trump is well on his way to the nomination with ted cruz and his allies having just five days left to stop him. what was once a stop trump movement seems like a movement to accept trump. john boehner used strong language against trump's rival


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