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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 29, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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for the privilege of flying higher and higher, together. ♪ good morning. i'm jose diaz-balart and we are now just four days away from that all-important indiana primary, essentially the last hope for ted cruz and his allies to derail donald trump. but it's trump that seems to be gaining new support. it's coming from the most unlikely of places, washington, d.c. >> we talked about how to unify the party, what we needed to do to get congress on board and i think we'll see things grow exponentially over the course of the next two weeks. >> multiple headlines over the past 24 hours pretty much tell the same story.
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the republican establishment is coming around to the reality that donald trump is going to be the nominee, whether they like it or not. while trump still has less than a dozen congressional endorsements, he picked up two big ones on thursday. house committee affairs chairman jeff miller and the head of the transportation committee, bill schuster. ted cruz's campaign seems to be losing steam. it took another hit when john painer called him lucifer in the flesh. when a former party leader uses that kind of language, it's not hard to imagine that other lawmakers will harbor similar feelings. >> i get along with almost everybody. but i have never worked with a more miserable son of a [ bleep ] in my life. over my dead body will he be president. >> the thing to understand about washington, actually boehner's comments reveal everything that is wrong and corrupt with
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washington, everything that you're angry with. when john boehner calls me lucifer, he's not directing that at me. he's directing that at you. >> i'm joined now by katy tur and kasie hunt. ted cruz is going to be speaking to a reporter any minute and i'll bring you that as soon as that begins and we're just setting up our camera there. this is in indianapolis. we're expected to see ted cruz in just seconds, so ladies, i may have to interrupt you while our conversation starts. but katy, let me start with you outside of trump tower in new york city. does the trump campaign expect to start seeing more support from capitol hill now? >> reporter: the trump campaign has been saying this about a month. as we get closer to the convention and becomes clearer donald trump is going to get the nomination, you'll see more folks from the establishment and from capitol hill start lining up behind donald trump and that is what we have been seeing the
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last 24 hours. remember donald trump has been a lightning rod on the campaign trail and it's been anything but certain that he would be able to get this sort of support, but as he has come out with these increasingly landslide wins in the northeast especially, we are seeing more support come out, especially as ted cruz's ability to catch him, ability to get close to his delegate count or his vote count becomes harder and harder. we are seeing more establishment folks start to line up for donald trump. remember, this is a camp of people that have said never trump for a long time, and now we're starting to hear that message change to instead of never trump, never hillary. i've spoken to a number of top rnc strategists who said they expected this to happen once we get closer, that this is coming as no surprise. the foreign policy speech that donald trump delivered the other day was met with a good amount of support from folks in washington. there were those like lindsey
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graham who completely trashed it and said it was awful, but others, including bob corker, who's the chair of the senate foreign relations committee came out and said it's a pretty good speech. now he's saying he might reconsider who he will endorse or if he will endorse for the presidency. and that seems to be a not-so-subtle hint that he could could come out for donald trump. as for governor pence, we're hearing there could be a big announcement later that could could be an endorsement. the trump campaign hopes it's going to them. they had a meeting with governor pence, chris christie was there, including donald trump. they say it went well. donald trump has spoke very glowingly about governor pence on the campaign trail. they have a little bit in common about jobs moving from indiana to mexico. donald trump has hit the carrier air conditioning theme on the campaign trail over and over again, trashing carrier for taking jobs out of indiana. governor pence has said much of the same. he's also been very against
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immigration. donald trump obviously coming out very strongly against illegal immigration. but at the same time, governor pence lines up very well ideologically with ted cruz. he is evangelical, he is very much against lgbt rights and equality in marriage, so there's definitely an ideological bend there that suits more ted cruz. john kasich, working class, we'll see what he says, but the trump campaign obviously looking to get that nomination. it would be huge for them. >> i want to ask you about the protests outside trump's california rally last night. it got violent there, right? >> reporter: it did get some violence. donald trump is still very much a lightning rod candidate when it comes to a general electorate and he's in costa mesa, california, orange county. two things about that area. one, it's orange county where the majority of california's republicans do live. but it's also southern california. it is a very mixed area.
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and there are a lot of immigrants out there, there's a lot of minorities out there, and that's what you saw happening last night. we saw this in the south as well. when you have two very different ideological bents coming towards each other, especially at a donald trump rally, where there are the donald trump true believers and the progressive true believers outside, it has gotten very violent. i will say that in los angeles, having grown up there, that sort of violence isn't necessarily that surprising. you see a lot of that sort of thing, people jumping on cop cars after sports games out there. still, at a political rally it is certainly disturbing, especially when you consider what donald trump's campaign may look like in a general election. if he starts going to these bigger cities and more populated areas where there are a variety of different ethnicities and a variety of different social classes. >> katy tur, thanks for being with me this friday morning. the clock is ticking and there
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are four days left for the stop trump movement to help ted cruz pull off a win in indiana, but even if they do, then what? msnbc's kasie hunt is in washington, d.c. so where do things stand for them this morning? >> reporter: jose, good morning. it's a tough morning again for the stop trump movement. it seems like we had another day of stories about how the republican party is in many ways coalescing around donald trump. katy mentioned bob corker, among others who have started to be more conciliatory and it really is going to come down to indiana. i spent the last day and a half on the ground in indiana talking to long-time republicans there, observers, and many of them say right now that donald trump has the upper hand. there was some polling that was circulating, some data early in the week brf trump won those five states in a really big way, before ted cruz made reference to a basketball ring, before he
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announced the carly fiorina pick and it seemed to fall a little flat. he's had a rough couple of days. so the question now, can he do anything to turn it around or is donald trump on the way to locking this down. and it is going to be interesting to see whether or not this announcement planned for noon from governor pence is in fact an endorsement, if it's something totally unrelated. right now you caught me texting with sources in indiana, they're still not -- we've not nailed down exactly what this might be, but governor pence very much a republican out of the cruz section of this republican party. they share conservative social values. i actually covered mike pence's brief flirtation with a presidential run back in 2012. mitt romney, of course, ultimately getting that nomination, but mike pence thought a lot about it. and they really in many ways draw from the same group of voters. pence, of course, got elected statewide in indiana eventually, but the coalition that he put together to win that seat
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involves, frankly, the cruz voters and the people we expect to be the trump voters this time in indiana. so cruz's challenge has been to try to get kasich voters onto his side to get enough to get over 50% there. not clear that's going to happen. it's also not clear that an endorsement from governor pence would convince those kasich voters to vote for cruz instead, jose. >> it's a very tough road ahead for both of those candidates. kasie, thanks. good to see you. jeb bush is now weighing in on the stop trump movement. he spoke to cnn. >> do you think there's still a viable stop trump movement? >> my personal belief is, if donald trump is the nominee, look, my views have been pretty consistent about this, we'll lose the senate and we'll lose the presidency in a landslide and our country can't afford that. >> i'm joined boy msnbc political analyst elise jordan
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and also with me communications strategist erin mcpike. elise, let me start with you. when you hear what jeb bush is saying about, oh, my gosh, it's all lost if trump is the nominee and then you see boehner say that the gop is now coming around to the idea of a trump nomination after the lucifer comment, is a stop trump movement still around? >> well, i think the contrast between jeb bush and john boehner is interesting. jeb bush is speaking out of principle and about the good of the country and what he sees would happen under a trump presidency. and i think that john boehner is following the power and really helped out -- and hurt ted cruz and helped donald trump with that comment. you know, i do think that the stop trump movement is clearly on life support. the only success that they have had has been in drawing attention to donald trump's misogynistic comments. other attacks have really fallen flat, i feel, and i wish there had been more of a focus on his
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financials. this is tough, though. it started late, it was funded late, and everybody was caught off guard by donald trump's success. >> erin, let me play part of what senator mike lee had to say in response to boehner for a minute. >> the fact that he has done this is appalling and he should be ashamed of himself and i demand that he apologize. but more importantly, mark, this is a wake-up call to the american people. this is a wake-up call to people who are supporting donald trump thinking that he's the guy who's going to rail against the establishment. he's not. he is the establishment. >> that's pretty much what cruz said in response to boehner, right? he said this is what's wrong with washington. he's not calling me lucifer, he's calling all of you lucifer. could this actually help cruz in some odd way? >> no, jose, not at all. that's because that message is very whiney. ted cruz and mike lee are complaining a lot and that's a negative message versus trump who's rolling out bobby knight
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who's talking about winning, who's talking about success, who's talking about make america great again. and donald trump, if you step back and think about it, has a much more positive message than ted cruz, who's talking about the washington cartel and complaining about john boehner. that kinds of message really only appeals to conservative fire brand activists, the kind of voters who vote in those small caucus states, as opposed to big primaries like we'll see in indiana on tuesday. donald trump usually overperforms his poll numbers in big states like that so i think it's pretty clear we'll see donald trump win in indiana on tuesday and this race will effective lly be over on wednesday. >> elise, i want to read a quote from an article you wrote in "time" magazine. you wrote cruz is banking that my elevating one of the women most savagely demeaned by trump he can literally bring out the very worst of trump over the next week and dissuade anyone even remotely on the fence. is this essentially about
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baiting donald trump, you think, not about indiana or anything else? >> well, it's about indiana in the sense that indiana is tuesday and it's make or break in some sense. the likelihood of ted cruz being able to take california six weeks later. the race will go on, but it's very unlikely that he would be able to sweep a huge victory there. so yes, i do think it was an attempt to bait trump. trump really is at his absolute worst going up against strong women. trump has been very restrained this week. he's referred to carly fiorina in very glowing -- not glowing, but nice terms. he hasn't disparaged her looks as he very famously, ugly, he did earlier last fall. so i think he's been restrained so they haven't really gotten a breakout moment, misstep from trump this week. >> erin, looking forward to next week's primary, indiana's largest paper, the "indianapolis star" just put out an editorial. a president trump would be a danger to the united states and to the world. it also backed kasich although
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withheld a formal endorsement. do you think this changes the race at all? >> i sure don't because there have been plenty of editorials before from many papers throughout the country giving trump these nonendorsements saying anybody but trump. what happens? he keeps on winning. he keeps on winning those big states. i don't think it changes a thing. like i said, i think donald trump will win indiana on tuesday. >> thank you both, it's great seeing you this friday. thanks for being with me. >> thank you. neither hillary clinton nor donald trump have claimed their party's nominations yet but it hasn't stopped the 2016 front-runners from taking aim at each other as they fight to win indiana's all-important delegates. the latest on trump versus clinton, next. zulu-6-9er... clear for take off. roger that! see ya! we are outta here! woo! when you're living with diabetes.
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as the war of words over women heats up between donald trump and hillary clinton, the trump campaign in the past hour said it won't rule out using bill clinton's sex scandals against hillary clinton in a potential november showdown. >> if hillary clinton or her team wants to go after donald trump as a sexist, then he will absolutely bring up that topic because there is a lot to discuss that was not brought out into the public. >> and then there's this tweet from donald trump just moments ago. crooked hillary clinton, perhaps the most dishonest person to have ever run for the presidency, is also one of the all-time great enablers. kristen welker is covering the democratic race. kristen, is the clinton campaign ready for this kind of attack from the trump people? >> reporter: oh, they are, jose and of course he went after them on this line of attack over the summer. what you saw was secretary clinton, bill clinton
7:20 am
essentially ignoring what he was saying. i am told they will likely take a similar tactic this time around. remember, she hasn't been really engaging with him on some of these more personal attacks but, jose, i am also told if he raises the lewinsky issue, you can also expect to see her surrogates jump to her defense making arguments like how can you blame her for her husband's actions so many years ago. so they're prepared for this line of attack. some democrats privately telling me it does make them nervous if secretary clinton does face off against donald trump in a general election. of course we have also seen donald trump take aim at secretary clinton over playing what he has called the women card. the clinton campaign ready with a response there as well, saying that she's fighting for things like equal pay, equal rights for women. so if that's playing the women's card, deal me in. of course those are her words. they have even been fund-raising off of his comments. but donald trump continuing to double down. take a listen to what he had to say just last night.
7:21 am
>> the only thing she's got going is the woman's card. >> she is playing that card like i have never seen anybody play it. >> if fighting for women's health care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me in. >> reporter: and it's a real risk for donald trump to take that line of attack, because if you look at the numbers, jose, his unfavorable ratings are sky high among women, close to 70%. secretary clinton right now beats him among women by nearly 20 points. he's making the calculation that by going after her on that he's somehow taking air out of the balloon on that issue. but the question is will he wind up alienating more women. that's the strategic risk he's taking.
7:22 am
clearly the clinton campaign hitting him head on on that point, jose. >> is calculations in the past have always been i don't care what happens, i'm going to go after this person and hit as hard as i can. so far it's worked for him. so maybe he thinks that it's going to work for him in a general election. >> reporter: well, it's possible, jose, but here's what's very different. what you saw during the primary is a number of his gop challengers essentially take the tactic that he's going to eventually self-destruct. the clinton campaign watched this primary race unfold. they think that was a major tactical error, so they are essentially doing the exact opposite. they're hitting him hard on those points, drawing sharp distinctions with him over policy issues. that was more difficult for his republican challengers to do because they ran the risk of alienating the republican base. clinton doesn't have to worry about that. so i think that that's the aggressive tack tatic that you expect to see from her. the question is will it have a different outcome. of course both of these
7:23 am
candidates still locked in their own primary battles, jose. >> let's change the subject a little bit. tomorrow is president obama's last white house correspondents dinner. i saw you there last year. what can you tell us about this year? >> reporter: well, i've been told by a white house official that the speech is almost done, the president very much looking forward to delivering his last speech at the white house correspondents dinner. it's a chance, of course, for him to get the last laugh. and this speech comes against the backdrop of this heated 2016 race. so what does that mean? it means that you'll likely hear him make a few mentions of hillary clinton. i am told wouldn't be too surprising if you saw him take some jabs at republican front-runner donald trump. of course he memorably did that back in 2011 when donald trump was in the audience. that was also the year of the bin laden raid. we aren't expecting donald trump to be there tomorrow night, but his name will be mentioned. of course larry wilmore will be there as well. it should be a lot of fun.
7:24 am
this is a collaborative process with the president, his top speechwriter cody keenan leading the charge but welcoming input from all of the staffers as well as former speech writers. so it should be a fun night. >> kristen, it's great seeing you. last year that angry translator was great, wasn't he? >> reporter: he was fantastic. i wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't have another trick like that up his sleeve. >> angry translator is on twitter at least three times a week. >> reporter: you should speak, jose. you've got a comedic side as well. >> stick with msnbc tomorrow night for the white house correspondents dinner. the last one for president obama. our craig melvin will anchor a live two-hour special from washington tomorrow night beginning at 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on msnbc. it's a great time always. you see a lot of friends there. new developments in minnesota where investigators continue their probe into the death of prince. detectives now reportedly working to determine if drugs played a role in the pop icon's
7:25 am
death. what we know on that. also we'll have the very latest on ted cruz. he's speaking right now in indianapolis. >> at a crossroads of the nation making a decision, a decision that's going to impact not only the republican party but the nation. indiana faces a choice, a choice between one campaign that is based on yelling and screaming and cursing and insults and another campaign that is a positive, optimistic, forward-looking, conservative campaign with real policy solutions for the problems facing this country, with real policy solutions to bring jobs back to america, to bring manufacturing jobs back to the state of indiana, to raise wajds for working men and women, to expand opportunity for young people. at this point the two critical issues are, number one, positive solutions to jobs, freedom and security, and number two, unity.
7:26 am
we are seeing the republican party unite behind this campaign this week. i announced my vice presidential nominee, carly fiorina, an incredibly well respected business leader. someone who rose from being a secretary all the way to being the ceo of the largest technology company in the world, the first woman ceo of a fortune 20 company in history. carly is someone who has shattered glass ceilings her entire life. she is someone that is ready to step in and lead and to be an integral part of this team, providing a vision to bring jobs back to america, to raise wages, to expand opportunity, turn around the disaster of the obama-clinton economy, and also to defend the constitution and bill of rights and to keep america safe, to defeat radical islamic terrorism. we need a commander in chief who is up to the task, who understands the threats facing this world and is prepared to do everything necessary to keep
7:27 am
america safe. carly. >> well, thank you. i was so delighted to be in indianapolis when i accepted with great humility and pride both at the same time the offer to serve as ted cruz's running mate. i think we are engaged in a fight for the soul of our party. i think values and principles and policies actually matter. and i don't think you can just slap an "r" on your jersey and say you're a republican much less a conservative. donald trump doesn't represent me, doesn't represent my party and i don't think he represents the people of the hoosier state. and both he and hillary clinton will be disastrous for this nation. so i think we're engaged in a fight for the soul of our party and the future of our nation. and i am so delighted to stand with the man who i think must be our nominee and must be our president. so i call on the people of the hoosier state to stand with us, to fight with us, because we are
7:28 am
at a crossroads for our party and for our nation and the hoosier state is right at that crossroads. >> senator, is governor pence going endorse you today? >> well, i don't know that. i did see the tweet of a major announcement at 12:06 p.m. today. i know i'm going to be listening. i would encourage other folks to listen as well. i will say this, i have tremendous respect for governor mike pence. he has been an incredible leader for the state of indiana. he's really demonstrated that when you cut taxes, when you reduce regulations, the result is that jobs follow. we've seen jobs, we've seen private sector jobs growing in indiana, even as the rest of the country has been suffering. indiana has seen remarkable growth. imagine how much better the job growth would be in indiana if you didn't have the federal government like an 800-pound weight holding down job creation, if you didn't have the
7:29 am
federal government driving jobs overseas, jobs like the jobs at carrier that are going to mexico because of the obama administration's taxes and regulations driving jobs overseas. i think governor mike pence is an optimistic, positive, unifying force. a strong leader who i respect. you know, when he was in congress, he was a strong leader in congress standing up and defending conservative principles, defending the constitution, and as governor he's been an extraordinary governor. so i look forward with anticipation to seeing whatever announcement he makes today, just after noon. >> what would an endorsement mean to your campaign? >> as i said, i respect governor pence a great deal. i would enthusiastically welcome his support. and i will say that what we are seeing happening across the country, as we're seeing republicans unifying. of the 17 republicans who started this campaign, five have endorsed our campaign.
7:30 am
obviously carly is my running mate, but we also have the support of rick perry, of lindsey graham, of jeb bush and governor scott walker. i mean that is a wonderfully diverse array of the entire republican party, of principled conservatives, of people who love this nation. and we have got to unite. listen, our party is divided right now. if we remain divided, we will lose. and if you look at one of the things that gives me great comfort is that this race is going to be decided not in the media newsrooms in new york city, not in the lobbyists conference rooms in washington, d.c., this race is going to be decided, the indiana race is going to be decided by the common sense good judgment, the midwestern common sense of hoosiers. that gives me a great deal of comfort. i think the people of indiana they want to unite, they want our party to come together and i think the people of indiana want a positive, optimistic campaign,
7:31 am
not a campaign based on insults and attacks and cursing. and i'm encouraged by that. >> by the way, if i could just add, i was actually interested to see an endorsement the other day by mike tyson for donald trump. you know donald trump, saying, wow all the tough guys are endorsing me. sorry, i don't consider a convicted rapist a tough guy. and i think it says a lot about donald trump's campaign and his character that he is standing up and cheering for an endorsement by mike tyson. >> senator, you've said previously that governor kasich has pulled out of indiana. are you saying that you also have withdrawn from new mexico and oregon as well? >> well, as we announced last week, governor kasich and i agreed to focus our energy on the respective states where we thought it made sense. so the media did a lot of reports about this grand alliance. there never was a grand alliance. but we made a decision that governor kasich was going to pull out of indiana and we were
7:32 am
going to go all in in indiana. the other end of that agreement was we were not going to focus our time and resources on oregon and new mexico and kasich was going to go all in in those states. i think that made sense from our campaign's perspective and made sense from his campaign's perspective. the media did everything they could to breathlessly describe it as some sort of grand alliance. it was simply a decision where to focus time and resources. and i'll tell you the reason we made that decision is because i think indiana is incredibly important. i think the people of this state -- the country is depending on hoosiers right now. listen, as a party and as a nation, we're at the edge of a cliff. we are close to going over that cliff. and i think the consequences of this party making the wrong nomination, nominating a candidate who agrees with hillary clinton on issue after issue after issue, if we get this wrong, if we go to november and the choice on the ballot in
7:33 am
november for the country consists of two big government new york liberals, two rich, elite liberals who believe in washington, both of whom support planned parenthood. donald trump and hillary clinton both support planned parenthood. both of whom supported bill clinton's ban on many of the most popular firearms in america. both of whom are campaigning on raising taxes on americans. both of whom support the individual mandate in obamacare. both of whom have said they would be neutral between israel and the palestinians, and both of whom would keep in place this disastrous iranian nuclear deal. i think if the republican party ends up nominating a candidate who just like hillary clinton is a washington insider, donald trump and hillary clinton are both the essence of the washington establishment. both of them have gotten rich buying and selling influence in washington. you know, there was a reason
7:34 am
yesterday that john boehner praised both donald trump and hillary clinton. if you want to see more leaders in the republican party like john boehner, then donald trump is your guy. if you want to see more leaders like harry reid and nancy pelosi, both of whom donald trump has given very, very big checks to, then donald trump is your guy. but whether it is donald trump or hillary clinton or john boehner, people are fed up with the corruption of washington, that they all get rich and the working men and women of this country get left behind. i believe the people of indiana want someone who stands with the working men, who don't look at indiana as flyover country, the way donald trump and hillary clinton to, but instead look at it as america's heartland, the values we need to get back to. if we get back to indiana values, this country turns around. >> one more thing on this, just to be clear. a vote for john kasich is a vote for donald trump because john kasich has absolutely no path to
7:35 am
the nomination, not now, not at a contested convention. so i think the people of this state need to understand, if you want to beat hillary clinton and you want a conservative who's going to stand in the white house for you and fight with you, then you've got to vote for ted cruz. john kasich is throwing your vote away. >> all right, thank you all. >> can we talk about radical islam for a second. this is an issue where you seem to be in sync with donald trump and not hillary clinton. where do you see daylight between the two of you and what is step two? >> well, thank you for that question, it's a very important question. the threat of radical islam, and sadly, no, donald trump and i are not in sync on this issue. donald's views on foreign policy are dangerously naive, weak and isolationist. it's worth remembering donald trump advocated america withdrawing from nato. he did that the day before the
7:36 am
brussels attack. nato is headquartered in brussels. if we did what donald trump suggests, it would be handing a huge victory to putin and a huge victory to isis. isis would dance in the street celebrating that donald trump has caused america to turn tail and run from europe and abandon europe. donald trump cagave a speech th week on foreign policy, it was supposed to be a grand foreign policy speech. by all appearances it was written by washington lobbyists which shouldn't be surprising because donald trump's campaign is run by washington lobbyists. his lobbyist campaign manager has lobbied for some of the worst dictators and torturers in the world. a corrupt dictator was donald trump campaign manager's client for many, many years. indeed, donald trump's lobbyist campaign manager was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by the saudis to lobby against israel and against moving the american embassy to jerusalem. and if you look at this foreign
7:37 am
policy speech, it is a woefully naive speech. now, donald was reading it. there's no indication that he knows anything that was in it. he did talk to us helpfully about the country of tanzania which i will be curious to hear him explain to me what exactly tanzania is. that's not a country with which i'm familiar. but in that speech he said on isis, he had a plan for isis. he's just not going to tell us. now, sadly, that's almost word for word what obama says. obama stands up and says we don't have a strategy on isis. donald trump and obama have the same nonstrategy. the secret plan to win that's so double super secret that he's not going to tell anybody. i know it is surprising to donald trump, but tweeting ugly pictures at isis is not going to cause them to go away. yelling and screaming and cursing at them and telling them
7:38 am
what big hands you have is not going to cause isis to go away. what will cause isis to go away is a commander in chief who unleashes the full force and fury of an american military might on them. and donald trump's comments on the iranian nuclear deal, donald trump and hillary clinton agree on the iranian nuclear deal. just this week in the speech donald said he would keep this agreement in place because we have to honor our commitments. no, donald, we do not have to honor barack obama's misguided commitments that endanger america and endanger israel. that is purely an executive agreement. i'm not sure donald knows what executive agreement is. but it was not confirmed by the senate, it wasn't passed into law, which means the next executive can change it. you want a clear difference between donald and me? on day one, i will rip to shreds this catastrophic nuclear deal because when the ayatollah khamenei chants "death to america" he means it. and the threat of an iranian
7:39 am
nuclear weapon, 1 nuclear weapon in the atmosphere over america could set off an emp, electromagnetic pulse, take down the electrical grid along the eastern seaboard and cost tens of millions of lives. we need a president that understands those threats. let me make one final point on this. it's now been 49 days since the last republican debate. the democrats have debated, hillary clinton has debated, bernie sanders has debated. what does it say that hillary clinton and bernie sanders respect the voters more than donald trump does? i think the people of indiana deserve a debate here in indiana. i've accepted two debate invitations here in indiana. and what donald is saying to hoosiers is he doesn't respect you enough. he doesn't care enough about the opinion of the men and women in this state to show up and debate. you know what, we ought to talk about foreign policy. we ought to let donald stand up and explain why he believes we should cut the military aid to israel. that's what he's advocated. that we should make israel pay
7:40 am
big-time. i think that's profoundly misguided. but yet donald doesn't respect the voters enough to give them a debate. what carly and i are doing, we're barn storming the state. we're on a bus tour traveling the state asking for the support of the men and women of indiana. and i believe that any candidate before he and she is elected needs to look people in the eyes, needs to answer their questions, needs to show the humility to subject yourself to the scrutiny of the people. that is what we are doing. and i hope and believe that the good judgment of hoosiers will pull this country back from the brink. i believe the country is depending on indiana to bring some sober, common sense. some careful, considered judgment instead of going down a rash course of action that is endangering this country. >> all right, thank you all, appreciate it. >> okay. we heard there from senator ted cruz and carly fiorina in
7:41 am
indianapolis. and this we're getting in right now from our own hallie jackson, a source tells her that governor mike pence will back ted cruz in his noon radio announcement in indiana. and staying in indiana, jobs and the economy are issues that especially resonate in elkhart county, the rv capital of the world. it suffered the highest unemployment rate in the nation during the great recession in 2009. ron mott is at one of the rv assembly lines. ron, great seeing you. you've been talking to employees there. what are they telling you? >> reporter: hey, jose, good morning to you. i think a lot of folks here who identify as republican or conservative are saying the same things we're hearing around the country, that they're not particularly enamored with the finalists on the republican side. of course donald trump and senator cruz and governor john kasich. they are going to go to the polls on tuesday. some of them still undecided. now, we're at the keystone rv plant. you see these beautiful rvs
7:42 am
here. this is a real american success story. they were hit hard in '09, they had to hire 300 to 400 people. they were down to 1900 employees. look at today. i was just told by the president of the company it is up to almost 5,000 around the country, 4,000 here in indiana. now, kevin cooksey is an employee here. we're talking about the election on tuesday. have you made a decision about who you're going to vote for? >> we are a republican base here in indiana. we like his policies and attitude -- >> you didn't tell me who. >> oh, trump. yes, sir. >> reporter: any reservations about his style? >> it's a little wild sometimes, but he seems to get his point across. >> reporter: what's the big issue here in this county? i know this county was hit hard. you had real high unemployment seven years ago. president obama was in office at that time. all these jobs have come back. do democrats deserve come credit
7:43 am
for the rebound of the economy here? >> yeah, i believe so. but i mean i think once we get everything going, we should be in good shape. everything is picking up here, the gas prices are down and it looks like we're going to have a good future. >> reporter: all right, thank you, kevin. so like we said, this was a hard-hit area, unemployment 20% in '09. down to 3.5% today. so the folks here are working hard. they can't keep these rvs on the line very long because there's a lot of demand for them. obviously when discretionary income dries up, this industry is one that gets hit pretty hard but they are cooking right now, turning out about 65,000 rvs every year. >> what a change, huh, ron, in such a short period of time. ron mott in elkhart county, indiana. we're going to head back to minnesota next where investigators continue their probe into the death of prince. what we know when we come back. stay with us.
7:44 am
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now to the latest on the death of prince. investigators reportedly looking into a new twist in the case and actions taken weeks before the star was found dead in his home. at the same time, the late singer's family grapples with a settlement of his estate, which had no will. my colleague, stephanie gosk, is live in chanhassen, minnesota, with the very latest. stephanie, good morning. >> reporter: jose, good morning. well, there is still no official cause of death, but details of the investigation continue to trickle out. now the associated press is reporting that investigators are looking into whether or not a doctor prescribed drugs for him that led to an overdose. they're also looking into whether or not a doctor was on that plane that made an emergency landing just days before prince died. meanwhile, his family has had their first meeting about the estate and let's just say it could get complicated. no will, no spouse, and no
7:48 am
children. prince's estate, which is estimated to be worth as much as $300 million, will be split among his surviving siblings. they all met for the first time on thursday in minneapolis, including his half brother, alfred jackson, who afterwards spoke with nbc news exclusively. >> how was it to see everybody? >> pretty good. >> reporter: jackson's lawyer admitted an estate as large and complicated as prince's is not easily divided. >> everything was everywhere. i have a theory that perhaps he intended it this way so he could in a very unbiased way share with all of his siblings. >> reporter: is this going to be tough? >> well, not from our end. >> reporter: jackson says it has been years since he was in contact with his brother. he saw pays lisley park for the first time this week. >> i knew he built it. he built it with his own hands. so i just wanted to essee it.
7:49 am
>> reporter: the sheriff's office worries the intense public scrutiny could jeopardize the investigation. a judge granted a request to seal a search warrant that police filed the day prince died, but the sheriff's department did release a list of calls for service at paisley park in the last five years. police were requested for suspicious activity, alarms and fires. twice last year in august and then in september, the reason was listed as medical with no further details. ♪ purple rain >> reporter: so the mystery remains. fans like heidi barker was lucky enough to catch prince in atlanta for his final performance. >> as he left the stage, the backdrop behind him was a younger photo of himself. and he turned around and he sort of saluted that photo to his younger self. as he left, he put his fist in the air. it was very triumphant.
7:50 am
>> reporter: you know, jose, it's interesting, we just got here about 24 hours ago and i'm really sort of impressed by the scene out here. you have -- it's been more than a week and you're still seeing a steady stream of people coming to this house, stopping by, dropping flowers and balloons. most of these people are locals. and when you come out here for the first time, what really impresses you is how this estate just pops out of nowhere. i mean he had such a footprint in this community and a positive one, because as you can see, people here coming here to pay their respects even now. jose? >> yeah, he decided that regardless of how big he got, how successful he got, he would stay in his hometown, and that says a lot. stephanie, thanks. it's great seeing you. appreciate it. overnight, vice president joe biden touched down in rome for a meeting with the pope. we're live in vatican city with what they discussed and the new initiative he's promoting, after a short break.
7:51 am
7:52 am
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7:54 am
vice president joe biden met with pope francis this morning after delivering remarks on the obama administration's moon shot initiative to tackle cancer. nbc's anne thompson is at the vatican. anne, great seeing you. tell us about this meeting between the pope and the vice president. >> reporter: well, actually there were two meetings, jose. the first meeting took place backstage at the auditorium. it was a private meeting between pope francis and vice president biden. it happened after vice president biden spoke to a vatican conference on regenerative medicine and before the pope did. then they met publicly after the pope's remarks and the pope came down the stairs at the auditorium and shook the vice president's hand and the vice president introduced him to his son, hunter. now, the purpose of both those speeches was to talk about cancer. vice president biden challenged the world to come up with a
7:55 am
cancer moon shot of its own, saying that the world needs to tackle cancer the same way, with the same kind of urgency that it does when it comes to infectious diseases. and he called on the world to find a cure for cancer, to end cancer as we know it. now, as you know, cancer is very personal to the vice president. he lost his son, beau, last year. in his speech, he thanked pope francis for the kindness that he showed the biden family during his trip to philadelphia last september. the vice president said the pope took time to sit with his family, to offer them comfort. and he said he did more for them than he would ever know. it was a very emotional speech, a very strong speech, but again, vice president biden is asking the world to do what the u.s. is trying to do, and that is find a way to end cancer. jose. >> anne thompson in vatican city. it's great seeing you, anne.
7:56 am
thanks for being with me. appreciate it. take care. >> reporter: good to see you too. >> that wraps up this hour of msnbc live. thank you for the privilege of your time. erica hill picks up our coverage next. i'll see you on monday. you can fly across welcome town in minutes16,
7:57 am
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good friday, everyone, i'm craig melvin in for tamron hall coming to you live from our msnbc election headquarters in new york. we are following two breaking stories right now. sources tell nbc news that indiana governor mike pence is about to give that coveted endorsement to ted cruz ahead of the state's critical primary tuesday. that after meeting with all three of the gop candidates. the official announcement expected in the next hour. >> i have tremendous respect for governor mike pence. he has been an incredible leader for the state of indiana. >> that was ted cruz just a few moments ago in indianapolis, so we're following that breaking story and also this one as well. a live look inside the briefing
8:00 am
roof there at the pentagon. officials are about to release the long-awaited report or one of the most infamous episodes of the war in afghanistan, that u.s. air strike on a doctors without borders hospital last october. 42 civilians were killed. the organization has called the strike by an ac-130 gunship a deliberate act tantamount to a war crime. general john campbell called it a tragic but avoidable accident caused primarily by human error. u.s. officials say the hospital was mistaken for a taliban compound nearby. we're talking about the release of this report as fallout intensifies from another just two days ago. another attack on a doctors without borders compound, hospital supported in the syrian city of aleppo, the largest city in sear yachlt tyri


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