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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 29, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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hey kevin. hey, fancy seeing you here. uh, i live right over there actually. you've been to my ace. no, i wasn't...oh look, you dropped something. it's your resume with a 20 dollar bill taped to it. that's weird. you want to work for ge too. hahaha, what? well we're always looking for developers who are up for big world changing challenges like making planes, trains and hospitals run better. why don't you check your new watch and tell me what time i should be there. oh, i don't hire people. i'm a developer. i'm gonna need monday off. again, not my call. good friday afternoon. i'm erica hill, broadcasting live from washington today, up first this hour, pence picks a side in the critical battleground for the critical nomination.
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today, indiana governor, mike pence announcing this afternoon sh he is voting for ted cruz. >> i've come to my decision about who i'm supporting. i'm not against anybody but i will be voting for ted cruz in the upcoming primary. i see ted cruz as a principled conservative who's dedicated his career advocating the reagan agenda. i'm pleased to support him. >> ahead have that announcement. cruz said he would welcome that endorsement claiming the party is unifying behind his candidacy. >> at 12:06 p.m. today, will be listening and encourage other folks to listen swell. i respect governor pence a great deal and enthusiastically welcome his support. i will say what we are seeing happening across the country is we're seeing republicans unify. >> now, donald trump had also reached out to indiana's
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governor, meeting with pence at his residence during a recent visit and also brought along new jersey's chris christie to that meeting. donald trump will been california the next hour and stopping by the state convention there. here's images for protesters now gathering outside that venue. police there to make sure there is not a repeat of the violence that unfolded at donald trump's rally last night. we're in place to hash out the potential impact of governor pence's endorsement and everything on this fairly busy friday. hallie jackson covering the cruz campaign crisscrossing and following the stop trump movement maybe with its last hopes in "the hoosier" state. donald trump will appear in the state convention in the next hour. a treat to have halle and casey in washington in one place. halle just ran in. >> off the plane from chicago, and going to indiana. hello. >> thanks for coming and nice to
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have you here. do you have any more sense at this hour as to what pushed governor pence to back senator cruz? he was lukewarm. >> yet another tepid response from people like mitt romney and lindsey graham and came out and supported him and didn't do much on the campaign trail. graham did fund-raising and nikki, also backing him. look what he did today. talking about his praise for trump, commending trump on his comments for carrier and looking ahead to what could be a general election fight in the fall that involves donald trump and he will still vigorously support whoever the nominee is. he's not wanting to affect the supporters in indiana jobs maybe walk the line. >> my sources say he was nailing
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down the national group. and still trying to find out what that means. there was some pressure to do this. you could tell from his body language his heart wasn't really in this. the back half i've been talking to in indiana today they don't really understand why he did this. this is the kind of thing if anything, it makes him look like he's trying to be political and have it both ways. it could potentially all right him for his election. we have unique circumstances on the ground in indiana, democrats on the left very fired up about a law passed viewed as restri restricting lbgt rights and a couple years ago pence was seen as part of that and there was backlash against him even for moderate republicans. kind of odd move if you're going for cruz and take that risk for your own re-election and going to potentially alienate these moderate republicans ted cruz needs, why only go halfway there? i think it reflects a growing fear among republican electives
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alienating trump voters. >> that's the bigger picture, how do you do this if trump is the nominee in the fall, how do you back ted cruz and still survive if it is a trump show-down. >> and we heard him praising donald trump and saying he would vote ted cruz but i will get behind whoever is on the ticket in november and fight for them. i will bring in allie. you are out there in california set to cover donald trump there. we see pictures of people ama amassing outside the venue ahead of donald trump's speech a little later this afternoon. have there been any reactions so far in terms of this pence technically endorsement, more of i'm voting ted cruz statement? >> i just spoke to a cruz aide sayi ining they would have love have this endorsement and not that unhappy they don't have it.
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the word is ingagnostic. they had the support of bobby knight and if they had to choose they would pick bobby knight all day, not surprising as he's been appearing on camera with him several days something they are doubling down on and saying knight is strong and knows how to win and that's what they're doubling down on so far. nikki haley endorsed marco r rubio. that didn't necessarily help r b rubio in south carolina. i think the way the trump campaign is looking at this, it would have been nice if we could get it. not all that surprising he didn't come our way and hasn't been all that persuasive in the past and i don't think it's changing their strategy in the state all that much. >> can you give us a sense. what are we seeing? aerial shots of people amassing. what are you seeing on the
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ground? >> if you look behind me we have roads blocked off and protesters carrying mexican flags, i'm ashamed trump is here saying this bay area is not the bay area they feel endorses the kind of hate donald trump seems to preach they feel he preaches on the trail. we see someone next to us setting a stage on crates with wood over it. it seems like they will be gathering to my left right outside the entrance to the convention. something we just saw, too, was a trump supporter who came into the convention, had to walk down this road and he was mobbed by prote protesters. he actually had to jump over hedges to get away. we asked him later what he thought of the reaction being mobbed in that way. he said he was bunched and kicked. he said, this is a movement, still something he feels very strongly about, still here as a trump supporter and plans to attend the convention. we did see a pretty huge mob come around him at that point. law enforcement helped him get in the door to the hyatt where we are for the convention. >> we will continue to monitor
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that situation. we have that shot up. we hear from them saying we're part of a movement and trump supporters and the stop trump movement and you've been following closely, is there anything left of it at this point? >> they are trying in indiana. we saw them stay out of the northeastern states. some people saying maybe we shouldn't have approached it quite the way we did. i think trump came out of those five big wins with more momentum than any might have expected and made it much harder for them in indiana. they are up on the air wave, club for growth with a new ad today backing cruz. i will say when you watch and flip on the local tv in indiana, the cruz super pacs and campaign, very visible. the trump campaign also visible. many groups anti-trump was less clear what the impact of their
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activities was, you didn't see it on the airways, people not talking to me about mailers they were getting or voter contact. there is some question here. the problem is -- i think you've seen this greater narrative you've seen publicly elected officials, senator bob corker seem to start to warm up to trump. the stop trump movement has never been unified and that kind of thing only splinters it further. on the flip side, ted cruz, this is where his history with a lot of people in washington is ing back to bite him, if they were able to unify behind him this would be a different story. the reality is everything is so fractured and cruz has squand squandered some of the campaign time in indiana people feel and that's problematic. >> we heard ted cruz say people are unifying now. >> he wants them to, even if he is to fight against the washington cartel he would love the support to come out and publicly back him.
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i had an aide say who would we call for endorsements, given cruz' history on capitol hill and how supports have been built. kay bailey hutchison, you heard her say that was a step in the right direction with trump's views on women and how he will go after hillary clinton. the stop trump wants to keep fig fighting. they want to pick up the fight and make indiana a battleground. do they have enough juice left to make a difference. they're arguing we can't get a candidate over the line when they're not close to the line. >> a circular firing squad, where's my help? and the group saying, where's my candidate? >> that's been one of the things. our own political thing, chuck todd wrote about it, one of the biggest issues with the stop trump movement, all you're doing is promoting negative, you're not giving people one alternative and that's one thing that stalled momentum. >> in many ways, that's politics
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101. people want to vote for someone, something they can get behind. the idea you will just sell people on a negative. >> the idea is donald trump is so unique he can be the person you want to vote against. >> those were fervently for him and those against him. this is happening in burlingame, california. if you're familiar with the san francisco bay area, that's south of san francisco. this is all happening a shore distance from where donald trump's plane is arriving making his way to the state convention. i also want to bring in pengu s penguinsbupenguins bu bring in ben ginsberg, with us. as we continue to monitor these events on the ground in california in anticipation of donald trump's arrival and his speech, we were touching on here the issue happening in washington, we're seeing yesterday, ben, more people come out and endorse deficit.we're
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hearing more about the meetings paul manafort had on capitol hill and at the same time, we're hearing from elected officials better to focus on bipartisan efforts and more down ballot races than tie yourself to the top of a ticket, which could hurt both a ted cruz and a donald trump. what's your read today on washington and where this town sits with these two men? >> the town is one where people are going to be for what's going to happen, so i think you will have to see what happens in indiana. that would actually create more of a tidal wave one way or the other, either to the donald trump side or the stop trump side. i think what is also true is what you said is about the down ticket race. in fact, if you look at the spending reports, republican national committee is not going to be able to fund the ground game, simply because they haven't been able to raise the money because it's taken so
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throng find a nominee. that means members of the senate and members of the house are very aware of what they need to do for themselves to maintain the majorities on each side. that's a little bit of why you're seeing these equivocating statements and not seeing more for one candidate or the other. >> we're looking at a live picture of donald trump's plane arriving there. would we see images like this of people amassing for protests outside an event where donald trump will be, how much of a concern is there among establish republicans how this will play out? >> there may be a concern amongst establish republicans how it will play out. 100 people gathering in san francisco is probably not going to be part of that factor. so, again, what people in washington will be thinking about is what this means for individual races in individual states. honestly, that's not going to be impacted by 100 protesters in
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the bay area. allie, as you're watching this, too, i would imagine, the refrain we've heard the last several months, any sort of protests really play into donald trump's message. >> on one hand, yes, he says he loves the protesters to force the crowd. last night he said i wish we had protesters in here so the media would pan the crowd to show the people. there were not that many. >> on the outside there were hundreds of protesters and a shattered windshield on a police car was what i saw that showed how tense that protest was outside that rally. i think that goes against what donald trump wants despite the fact he says the wants the protesters inside his rallies because it means more crowd s w showing, it also shows he's attracting a certainly amount of
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violence to his rallies evident everywhere you go across the country in multiple places in chicago and last night, people coming out and pushing back against his message in a tense violent way. those escalate when you put trump supporters and protesters in the same place. i think that's what you will see today. our camera is looking at a shot at the hotel with a banner in the hotel that says stop hate. they're not only outside but inside swell. that just goes to show the scope of how many people are out here really coalescing against this candidate drawing so much controversy who they feel is bringing so much hate and such a hateful message to the republican party right now. >> you mentioned that image we have of that banner and we're seeing the wider aerial shot from the people amassing there. how tense it was last night. does it feel the same way today?
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>> i think to a certain extent, not to say day and night makes a difference. the fact it was late at night last night really did make it feel a little bit more daunting in terms of what the police presence was. last night we saw cops on horses as well as in riot gear as well as backup trucks that they were using to keep the peace and shuttle people down the road. here, we're seeing a blocked off-road that does keep people away from the hotel and prote protesters not as much. as much as there has been a little bit of violence in terms how the one convention-goer was treated when he walked through the crowd, a little more pea peaceful much less tense vibe. we were seeing people burning in sense earlier, silent protests, people sitting on the ground trying to silently block people from entering the convention. definitely not, at least from what i've seen yet as tense as last night, not to say that
11:17 am
we've seen, in a moment, anything can change, one person shout the wrong way and elicit a response and definitely something you have to look for and something we're looking at when you cover all these prot t protests outside trump rallies and events and lingering along the edges and will pop up any moment. >> we know you will cover it as we monitor the situation and protesters descending on the convention and happening in buehrle game in san francisco and thanks to all of you, as we continue to cover the latest developments today. stay with us and take a short break and be back, msnbc the place for politics. draw ligly , just like i would with a real pencil. i've been a forensic artist for over 30 years. i do the composite sketches which are the bad guy sketches. you need good resolution, powerful processor because the computer has to start thinking
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the trump campaign says if the gender feud between himself and hillary clinton doesn't end, president bill clinton's past sexual in discretions could be fair game on the campaign trail. we will talk a little bit more about that in a moment. i want to give you a better sense what you're seeing right now. this is a closer look, tighter shot of the protesters gathering in california. these are the protesters gathering. donald trump is set to talk in a while. this is a picture of donald trump's plane landing. ering is pretty close. you can see the hotel at the convention center happening where people are speaker and they have hung that banner that says stop hate. allie batali was on the ground and she was actually there last night when violence erupted with
11:22 am
prote protesters. she said today felt less tense than tonight but certain energy in the air. daytime is different than nighttime and it can unroll in a different fashion. this is something we will continue to follow throughout this hour and donald trump's speech that will be happening later and more and more people gathering in the area and law enforcement is on the ground there. when it comes to the trump campaign. the campaign along with hillary clinton's campaign have both clearly been looking toward a general election. that's happening more and more in these days, as we approach those important numbers of delegates for each of the candidates. the trump campaign, as i ment n mentioned, saying bill clinton's past sexual indiscretions will be on the table on the campaign tra trail. take a listen. >> is that something, katrina, you guys are getting ready to
11:23 am
bring back, bringing up monica lewinsky. >> if hillary clinton or her team wants to go after donald trump as a sexist he will absolutely bring up that topic. there is a lot to discuss that was not brought out to the public. >> not backing down, the clinton campaign earlier today released this web video. donald trump took his own shot on clinton earlier this morning saying crooked hillary clinton, perhaps the most dishonest person to have ever run for the presidency is also one of the all time great enablers. in close contact with the clinton campaign and following the campaign, she joins us from washington. what are you hearing from the campaign, something i imagine neither side is backing down on. >> that's right. clinton campaign officials say they're not going to engage with donald trump over these personal attack, the enabler comment. that is something you might hear clinton's surrogates take on but
11:24 am
the candidate not going to get into it. they are hitting back hard on the women card comments you brought up. they released that ad. they're fund-raising off those comments he made. interesti interestingly, i've been talking to a number of republicans scratching their heads, can't believe he made those comments when his unfavorable ratings are so high with women, close to 70% and she beats him with all women by more than 20 points. that makes republicans jittery you think about a general election and if donald trump does become the party's nominee. i've been talking to the clinton campaign for months to take on donald trump, they have always said they will stress, contrast over the issues, at the same time, they welcome these controversial comments he makes about women. they see this as a political gift. >> they see it as a political gift. our survey shows 51% of wom sf
11:25 am
say they felt gender discrimination. is there any sense hillary clinton has to play this delicately, she could in fact overplay her hand and alienate other voters? >> i think there athat's a grea. there is concerns among democrats about crossover voters, independents and suburban voters and bernie sanders voters, will they sit home on election night? she wants to make sure she doesn't alienate those voters and winning those voters over walking a fine line on these top topics. you heard nancy pelosi say she thinks secretary clinton is p y playing the experience card, not the women's card. she has largely focused as secretary of state as senator and of course secretary of state opens her up to criticism swell. i think that's where she's le leading in this campaign and think you will see that
11:26 am
particularly if and when she does make to it the general election. >> kris skin welker, thank you. >> thanks. still to come, the fight for the republican nomination. we head to indiana for reaction to ted cruz's big endorsement today. indiana governor, mike pence. will it be enough to help ted cruz stop donald trump? here are a look at the results. log onto coming up this weekend. ted cruz sits down with moderator, chuck todd, right here on "meet the press." see it sunday morning on nbc. check your local listings. (vo) on the trane test range, you learn what makes our
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just past san francisco, where donald trump is to arrive very soon speaking addressing the california state republican convention. we're seeing more and more protesters amass outside, a number of law enforcement on hand. those are satellite trucks, too. plenty of interest. allie is on the ground descri describing the event for us. we have seen pictures inside the convention center, some prote protesters getting inside, a large banner dropped, saying stop hate. things got a little tense, there was violence last night outside a trump rally and the concern is that there not be more violence outside this event today. we'll continue to monitor this for you as we watch live pict e pictures coming out of california ahead of donald trump's speech just a little bit, coming up a little bit from now. four days out from the indiana primary, there's talk about senator ted cruz today who picked up an endorsement from that state's governor, mike pence, saying he's not against anybody but he'll be voting for
11:31 am
cruz he called a principled conservative. >> this is about choosing between three good men, all of whom i like and respect, and identifying that individual who i think best articulates and would best advance the principles that have made our prosperity possible, and that for me is ted cruz. >> governor pence says he has met with all the candidates, meeting with front-runner donald trump last week, despite his endorsement of cruz pence commended trump and called for the party to come together. >> it's clear, this is a time for choosing. all of america is looking to indiana to make a choice. i'm very confident our party is going to come together around our nominee, whoever that might be, and we're going to deliver a great victory for the people of the united states this fall. >> joining me now in washington,
11:32 am
ken vogel and indianapolis, republican strategist, pete. pete, i want to start off with you, which is a bigger endorsement in "the hoosier" state, having bobby night back you or governor mike pence? >> that's a good question. there are plenty of people in "the hoosier" state not that fond of bobby night. ask people who attend eed purdu university what they think about bobby night. with governor pence's endorsement, i think they're y saying, why not? and others, whatever, who they expected he would endorse in this race. and the timing seems off. >> timing seems off? ken, would you agree talking about folks in washington starting to come together behind donald trump? >> whatever you call it, if it's resignation or exhaustion fig fighting this never trump movement and seeing very little indicators it's making any inroads with voters, i think
11:33 am
people are starting to come together. i think you heard that tone in governor pence's endorsement. he spent almost as much time prai praising donald trump as ted cruz. the feeling is trump is going to be the nominee and there is sort of a path of least resistance where you're trying to do what you can to support him as an elected office holder like mike pence, leaving that possibility of supporting him open, also looking down ballot that you will have to take extraordinary steps to prevent a blowout, not just the presidential level, all the way through congress and governor's races. >> that is a concern, these down ballot races. as you pointed out, there's talk about unifying. being you're in indiana, being you have served as communications director for the indiana republican party, who is your party in the state of indiana more likely to come together behind? is there more of a chance that indiana republicans would unite behind ted cruz or behind donald
11:34 am
trump? >> first, let me jump in on the mike pence thing, and add context knowing mike pence on the ground and personally. the way he did the endorsement is just mike pence. he doesn't want to anger folks, he wants to keep the peace. this is his personality. it's hard to equivocate when you make an endorsement like this, that's what he tried to do, have it both ways. >> what's the point of an endorsement? >> i didn't think he would do it. he is in a tight re-election battle. didn't think he would weigh in. in the end, he was pushed to do it for whatever reason. my thought originally before he commended donald trump, that it was a long term strategy to be able to distance himself in the event trump was at the top of the ticket with pence in november. i turned out to be wrong when i heard what he said. >> it is yet another twist and turn we've seen in this race. we will have to leave it there.
11:35 am
appreciate you both joining us this afternoon. >> thank you. a big day this friday at the vatican, vice president joe biden there today to meet with the pope and speak about cancer, part of the white house's moon shot initiative. the vice president spoke about meeting with pope francis in philadelphia not long after the death of his son, bo. >> and i wish every grieving parent, brother, sister, mother, father would have had the benefit of his words, his pra r prayers, his presence. he provided us with more comfort than even he, i think, will ever understand. >> vice president joe biden speaking there today. stay with us. we'll be right back. this is joanne.
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celebrating last night. instead he was blitzed about questions of his personal life. a 2-year-old video was posted to his twitter account showing him doing a bomb hit out of a gas mask. >> somebody hacks my account and i made that mistake several years ago and somehow somebody got in my photos and hacked my twitter account and apparently somebody hacked my instagram account. it's getting crazy. >> also posted online are screen shots of hisinstagram account asking a coach at ole miss about money for his mother. he said he did accept the benefits. >> like i said, i made a mistake of it happening and it happened. i have to say, yeah. >> ole miss is investigating the allegati allegations. the embattled player was quickly ushered out of the news conference. blake mccoy is in chicago where
11:40 am
the nfl draft resumes tonight. he was actually forced a wait a lot longer. he was considered to be one of the top draft picks but had to wait a little while to hear his name called. what's the thinking today? how much is this impacting him and his future career? >> it was a stunning chain of events last night. keep in mind that bong video was posted to his own twitter account 10 minutes before the draft started. from there things unravelled, went from being the top draft prospects all the way to number 13 by the time the miami dolphins s picked him up. a fall-like that could cost 7 to $10 million in a contract, a huge hit. the big question today is who is behind the hacked accounts. speculation has been swirling around his stepfather, the two have had legal drama this year, the stepfather telling tmz it wasn't him. we heard the dolphins called a 3 3:00 p.m. press conference today and tunsil is expected to speak at that press conference. we're expecting more clarification and more apologies
11:41 am
as he tries to put all this behind him. wow, it's what really has the draft here talking today, just 10 minutes before the draft pick, it all unravels like this. >> incredible. interesting to hear what comes out of that press conference a little later, blake mccoy out of chicago. thank you. before we head to break, there's smack talk going on between britain's royals and the white house over the upcoming in vi invictas games. >> a message from the show. music. let's watch it together? >> yes. >> let's have a look. >> prince harry, remember when you told us to bring it at the invictus games. careful what you wish for. >> really? please. >> boom. ntrols your thumbs,
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say what you will about mr. trump, he certainly would bring some change to the white house. let's see what we've got up there. in my first term, we passed healthcare reform. in my second term, i guess i'll pass it again. why don't you get a drink with mitch mcconnell, they ask. really? why don't you get a drink with mitch mcconnell. these days, the house republicans actually give john boehner a harder time than they give me, which means orange really is the new brack. >> the supreme court ruled the donor who gave ted cruz $6 million was just exercising free speech. >> yeah, the kind of speech like this, i just wasted $6 million. >> president obama there over the years, at the white house correspondents dinner. this will be his final one which he'll attend as president.
11:46 am
the host tonight will be comedian larry wilmore. everyone should be in for a rauks night. and peter gross written for seth meyers and the colbert report and recurring role on the show "veep" and may look familiar. and a stand-up comedian swell, great to have you with us, this is the final white house correspondents dinner for president obama. there is a lot of fodder out there on both sides of the aisle this year. what do you think will be one of his main targets? >> i would expect everybody's main target will be the target of the entire comedy world, which is donald trump, especially considering obama has eviscerated trump so effectively in the past, not that it has done anything to his presidential prospects, i'm sure, at least it's a lot of fun to make fun of donald trump and
11:47 am
i think they will pull no pun punches, as they say. >> be having a bit of a field day with that one. who else do you think is fair game, i shouldn't say fair game, we know everyone is fair game at this event, in terms of other people or moments that really stand out this year, what do you have your money on? >> he'll definitely address -- we're expecting he would address the presidential campaign right now, not just donald trump, ted cruz, hillary clinton and bernie sanders, who bernie sanders will actually be at the event. if you look at the previous years, every year he tends to joke about the birthers, whether he was born in kenya, being a secret muslim, he always jokes about joe biden and he always cracks a joke about john boehner's tan and john boehner is no longer speaker of the house so i'm wondering what new material we will hear from president obama this year. >> do you think since he's speaker of the house, paul ryan
11:48 am
be a target? >> i'm sure congressional gridlock will be addressed by him. this was his last dinner. increasingly every year, he goes after his opponents. i don't think any is going to come away unscathed. i really think he is going to go after folks. >> peter, you have written for stephen cobert and he hosted the dinner in 2006. what kind of pressure is there on the host? >> there's quite a bit, i think, because it's not as much of a comedy venue, per se. i wrote for seth meyers when he hosted the emmy's and he was nervous but a traditional sense what you expect out of a comedian at the emmy's, keep it light. at the correspondence dinner, you kind of have to bring a very very smart comedy game. i think a lot of people who have hosted larry wilmore, no exception, very good at that thing. all self-imposed pressure to not make crass jokes or blue jokes which can play with a certain kind of crowd but you want to do
11:49 am
the as smart as possible humor. it's difficult but definitely doable for a lot of people who host it. >> for people who aren't familiar with larry and his show, what are you expecting from him as host tomorrow? how will he be different? >> i think he is going to attack or -- not attack -- i think he will crazy everyone including the president. he is not known for being shy on going after controversial top topics. i'm imagining police where talent for instance is going to be something that will be addressed. if you watch his show you see all the topics he's not hesitant to touch upon. i'm also expecting for larry wilmore to not hold anything back. also, another note, the way those jokes play in the room might be very different how those jokes play at home. while some of the folks in the audience, journalists and celebrities who are being skew r skewered might feel uncomfortable, people around the country watching, those clips
11:50 am
might go viral the next day and be deemed as very funny and spot on. >> i think larry will make a lot of people in that room very uncomfortable the way chris rock made a lot of people at the oscars very uncomfortable. as somebody who watched chris rock from home it was amazing and think he will bring cutting dark satirical humor to that room because frankly, they probably deserve it. >> thanks for your insight. thanks for being with us. in terms of watching it from home, you're in luck because you can do that on msnbc. our coverage of the president's final white house correspondent dinner kicks off tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. eastern. we do want to continue to monitor this event for you now. we still have live pictures c e coming out of burlingame, california. on the left side of the screen, what you're seeing on the right side of the screen, aerials of prote protesters, see this shot from on high of protesters gathered
11:51 am
outside the california state gop convention. on the left side of your screen -- we have one screen, eventu eventually, we'll be seeing donald trump and where he'll be delivering his remarks. that is happening moments from now. we should point out today, the protests have been peaceful. police are on hand trying to avoid a replay of last night where the anti-trump protest did turn violent. steve patterson is on the ground among those protesters covering the event. as i understand it our cameras caught images of a trump prot t protester earlier being jostled by protesters. how did that all go down? >> reporter: that's right. we were right in the middle of the protest under the convention center where trump is scheduled to speak in about 10 minutes but may be held up. we've seen the protests grow over time. we've been here since 9:00 pacific time. since then it's gotten louder and much more boisterous and volatile. does it look anything like it looked like last night?
11:52 am
the answer to that is, no. so far, mostly peaceful but it has been picking up hour after hour until what we have now, a lot of protesters and new element coming in, blocking off the road. you see over here, people te tearing down the barrier, as it looks like they're trying to push in swell. the plan, what we've heard from the leadership, is to block donald trump from getting in, so they chained off a large portion of this street, excuse me, it's very hard to hear, as they're kicking down some barriers, a large police presence here swell. here they go starting to get a little violent here, they are trying to break through. we're watching this live, they are breaking through the barrier and they have broken down ru rushing into the front of the hyatt regency. we are following them right now and here come the police, the s.w.a.t. team. >> i was about to ask where the police are in relation. we see them jumping in and seems they're grabbing some protesters
11:53 am
now. before they were breaking down the barricades and we have a high shot now to see this aerial, did it seem they were unified what they were prote protesting against. what was the message out there? >> the message really was anti-trump, anti-republican establish and anti-rhetoric that they feel like is being preached here, which is kind of a message of racism and hatred and they feel they are victims of that. certainly, it was much more peaceful than this just a few hours ago. you see now the tension that is building as they've broken down that barrier and they continue to push inside. we can hear now on both sides of us, people trying to break in the front entrance, as well as continuing to push down barri barriers, and police continuing now to push back with batons out. we're continuing to watch this situation develop. very tense, i can tell you, very very tense. if you want to pan around to the right there, we can see the
11:54 am
entrance to the hotel. you can see the protesters trying to push in there. there is a police line formed on both sides all around us, they're doing their best to keep the protesters out although they are struggling at this point. we're watching this build and really, it's starting to be a bad situation here. >> understandably so. we want to make sure you stay safe and our crew in a place where they are not obviously too much in the thick of it. you mentioned the two police lines. they've got the barriers back in place. you can see on the shot on the screen, the line of officers in front of protesters and then you showed us the entrance to the hotel. is there another line of police officer s up against those doors that lead into the hotel? >> yeah. that's correct, erica. there is another line that's fo formed. they have regrouped here, looks like the police pressure is mou mounting. if we turn around, we are starting to see people jump over the barrier here.
11:55 am
>> jumping over pushes there. >> yes. they're jumping over bushes and hed hedges, anything really to get to the entrance where the crowd is now swelling and getting violent. >> what about. >> we see the police pushing back. >> there we go, we see them pushing back from the door. do you know how many -- in terms of a police presence, in terms of law enforcement, there is always a concern, and we've been talking about the concern. we are months out from the convention in cleveland, the concern there. do you know what the numbers are on the ground today in terms of law enforcement? was there any change in the numbers of officers after last night? >> this is my first time covering a trump event. i asked the people senior to us what the presence looked like. from what i understood, this is pretty standard, which may not be enough. people are spilling out all around us, in the press area here, we are surrounded by
11:56 am
prote protesters. the police line is now pushing back towards us, and this is a very tense situation. we've got more people coming over the hedge line and people are extremely upset, as they push towards the police. police now pushing back towards us. >> its remarkable to see, steve, patterson, as you're giving us great reporting on the ground outside the convention hall. inside, we have our ownally, covering the trump campaign. give us a sense. inside, i know you're hearing about it, of course. how much are people there in talking about, do they have much information about what we are seeing unfold and patterson s w showing us just outside those doors? >> hi there. i'm standing outside the hotel in the entrance, officers with helmeting on batons out in case anybody does break through. at this point what we're seeing, people inside the convention hall have lined this stairwell
11:57 am
looking out and have their ph e phones out interested what's going on outside. there is a line of police officer s we are seeing out front trying to keep people from getting inside the hotel. of course, there's a large large cluster of protesters i'm seeing, some holding flags, some holding anti-trump signs, i'm sorry, i'm being cleared from the area they're in, trying to keep a safe perimeter around the front of the building, it seems. really, what we're seeing is people trying to break through the police line and get into the hotel. what they were chanting before i came inside was stop trump. this is something we heard in chicago when they actually did cancel his rally because of violence and felt it would be too violent and unsafe and something we saw there and here. their goal is to make sure he does not appear to speak here and does not get on. the police barricade here is preventing them from achieving that goal at least for right now. police are ready just in case
11:58 am
the crowd is able to push through and get into the hotel to eventually achieve their goal. >> as we mentioned, you are inside the hotel. earlier, we were showing a picture, shot of a banner unf l unfurled inside that said, stop hate. are there many protesters inside at this point? was anybody able to get in, even in that rush of folks? >> reporter: i'm not seeing protesters from inside, i just came out of the banquet hall and front of the hotel to get a sense what was going on. it looks like one or two prot t protesters managed to get through and are being escorted by police right now and being pushed away, towards the side away from where the entrance to the hotel is. massive police presence out here, just trying to make sure nobody is able to slip through and get into the hotel. there's music playing right now, dogs barking, police dogs ba barking, definitely a scene very tense out here. i'm standing on the hotel side
11:59 am
of it. the inside where you were talking before was the outside. i'm looking out and seeing protesters facing me and the backs off the policemen. that's where i'm coming at it right now. >> you spent a long time now on the campaign trail, covering the trump campaign. how does this compare to some protests you've seen at other events the past couple of months? >> reporter: the protests you talk about among the most intense are chicago. i would put last night in terms of intensity and violence in chicago, that was definitely comparable last night in costa mesa. i think what we're seeing right now is that same kind of level. hundreds of people really impassioned here to stop trump, here with that goal swell. that's something we've seen in both cities i just mentioned. as you come into a place like california where his immigration message he knows is strong and a hot button in this state i think you will see more protests of this nature, the second event in california in two days, the
12:00 pm
second protest of a pretty large magnitude in that many days swell. this is definitely something resonating in the state. a lot of people outside have signs in spanish, a lot of people holding mexican flags, signs that insinuate trump's rhetoric is hateful and his immigration policies. that's something he talked about last night because he knows that's something important here and what protesters are here to protest and they see his language as hateful and say that's not what they're about. some saying, this is not their bay area, this is not the kind of rhetoric they endorse and why they're out here protesting him. that's definitely something we will see and monitoring here for the next however long we're out here. >> allie and steve swell on the grou ground in burlingame, california, happening outside the hyatt hotel just south of san francisco. kate snow is at nbc world headquarters inew


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