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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  April 30, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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a reporter under attack. a referee goes down on the mat. >> the next thing you know, it's going the wrong way. >> it sends the camera man to recover. >> they're on the job. facing unbelievable situations. >> all of a sudden i just feel a glass of water hit me and that it was it. >> this guy isn't who he says he
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was. >> to death defying. >> i just wanted to save myself. . >> caught on camera occupational hazard. >> certain careers come with real hazards. some are expected and others turn out to be quite a surprise. in our next hour we'll meet people faced with incredible situations that happened on the job. like the referee we meet in our first video. he makes a call during a high school wrestling match and then he goes down for the count. >> it starts off like any other high school wrestling match.
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two opponents locked in a fierce battle. one is pinned and he doesn't like the call. that's not unusual in a heated sports competition. but watch what happens next. >> bob lives in washington with his wife and daughter. he's caught on camera making a routine call one second. >> completely blind sided me. knocked unconscious the next. >> it was a wrestling match between calville high school and west valley high school. >> chad is on the left. his opponent on the right in black is west valley's. >> the hype of the match was
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extensive. this would determine who the league champion was going to be. i think that both teams were undefeated at this particular point. >> both students are seniors and both weigh 190 pounds. >> it started out aggressive and shoving and things but not unusual for a wrestling match but didn't raise to the level of penalizing. more of just a verbal warning to keep it clean type of thing. >> at one point 17-year-old chad appears to gauge the eyes of his competitor. >> i didn't actually see it so i couldn't penalize for it but after viewing the tape it was pretty obvious so it was an aggressive match. the aggressive behavior is about to escalate. >> we're in the third period and he was on his back. what i'm looking for is to see that both shoulder blades are down for a two second count. >> when he sees the pin he slaps
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the floor to end the round. he is not happy with the call. >> he jumps up and throws a shoulder against his opponent trying to intimidate him and i step in between and put a finger up and tell him back off. that's enough. that just cost you a team point and as i turn to the coach to notify him that he was penalized he head butted me in the left temple and it was lights out. >> he is knocked out cold. >> a paramedic came down on the mat immediately and said my eyes rolled back in my head and i quit breathing for ten seconds. >> it's several agonizing minutes for spectators and paramedics attend to west and then finally he comes too. >> i remember turning to the coach and then i don't remember anything after that until being raised up off the mat. >> west is eventually helped to his feet and the crowd cheers.
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>> i just remember a bunch of people around me and then they escorted me back in the principal's office. he leaves the gymnasium and then -- >> the match was stopped. it was called. i couldn't continue. >> he doesn't appear to be injured at first. but looks are deceiving. >> i had some intense headaches. the next morning went to the emergency room and they said i had a concussion. >> he also has a broken rib. >> if you look at the tape not only did he head butt me but pushed accelerating the force backward which i think caused the broken rib. >> soon after the assault the video goes public. >> i got hundreds of e-mails after the event happened. people saw it on video and i think is probably the first time that they have actually caught that type of assault on video
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and there was a lot of out rage. >> he is convicted of 4th degree assault and sentenced to 30 days in jail a year of probation and 100 hour of community service. that's not the last time he'll have a run in with the law. in 1997, he is charged and later convicted of vehicular assault. west who works in law enforcement tries to visit him in jail. >> i tried to contact him and he refused to see me. >> 12 years later, in april 2008, he makes news again when he is arrested charged with felony domestic violence against his wife. he pleads guilty and serves 27 months in prison. meanwhile west says he will never forget that day in 1996 when command changed his life.
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>> to date i've had two neck surgeries and a lot of bad memories. >> he hopes no other referee will ever endure this occupational hazard. >> most officials are out there for the love of the game and the last thing that they would expect is to be assaulted. >> an implosion turns to disaster. and it's one huge occupational hazard for a photographer. >> your life is flashing before your eyes. >> it's november, 2010 and the countdown begins. a smokestack is set to implode. samantha sommers, a reporter with the springfield news sun in ohio. her colleague is a photographer and videographer. the two are assigned to cover the implosion story.
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>> they're normally cut and dry and you show up and, you know what to expect. >> like a christmas present for us. we were going to get there and shoot something like that. >> there was about 25 to 30 people assembled. it was mostly media. >> everyone is a few hundred feet from where the tower is supposed to fall including the children seen here. >> they tour the country doing large scale demolitions with their children in tow. >> other stations didn't want them in front of the camera because they wanted to see the tower fall and i didn't mind so they started counting. next thing you heard was poof, poof, and then they're standing there and looking at it and pause as you're waiting for the next round of charges. >> you hear another little poof. >> and you start to see it teeter. >> and the next thing you know you hear somebody yell it's going the wrong way. >> it started to lean more
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dramatically to the south. it was the wrong direction. >> one little girl takes off running like arab bit and that should have been my first clue if she was smart enough to run and i wasn't that smart. >> but there's an even greater danger they haven't seen. >> the electric company realize we're all standing underneath the power lines and started screaming for everyone to get back. >> get out of here. >> amazingly marshall isn't thinking about himself but his camera. >> i had my camera set up for it to fall right and i took my time to turn my camera a little bit. >> i turned around and took off running. >> get out of here. >> the tower comes crashing down on a power station and snaps electrical lines. >> and as it hits i saw explosions and then i saw lines falling. i felt something strike my arm and that's when i realized i was
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probably not in a good spot. >> that something is a power line. luckily for marshall it's a dead wire. >> and you could hear the impact of the power hitting the ground and i turned around and looked over my shoulder and you could see just dust billowing up. >> fortunately for everyone involved there are no injuries. >> those power lines are flying through the air. if people hadn't moved they could have been injured. >> when marshall reviews his video he's stunned. >> i said my god. i had no idea i was that close. >> so what went wrong with the demolition? why did the tower fall in the wrong direction? samantha starts making calls? >> the crews at the scene declined to talk with us. later that evening i was able to get the company on the phone and what they believed happened was there was an undetected crack in the tower and the structural integrity of it was weak r than
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they thought. >> marshall says he was relieved he was able to keep his witts about him during the ordeal. >> i'm glad i was smart enough to move my camera to see it happen. it's incredible video and all toi over the country and the world. it's like catching a little piece of history. coming up a reporter investigation turns into an all out brawl. >> later news anchors dooped. wait until you see this, yo yo champ? when caught on camera, occupational hazard continues. if a denture were to be
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choose the lowest, and hit purchase. so you can get back to whatever it is you civilians do when you're not thinking about car insurance. a store owner in a fit of
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rage. a television reporter physically attacked. and then the arrival of police. february 2007, toronto canada. he goes to confront the local optician about claims of shady dealings with sunglasses. >> a guy sent us an e-mail saying that he bought these oakley glasses, frames from him. he had broken them which he felt was a bit unusual because oakley had a reputation of being unbreakable. >> so he sends the glasses in question off to oakley. >> and they said these are not our frames.
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>> he gets a complaint about gucci frames from the shop as well. >> they definitely reported back to us that these are phony. they were counterfeit. >> he denies that accusation and before this february 2007 attack, silverman has several conversations with him both on the phone and face to face. >> he refused to acknowledge what he was doing. >> then one morning silverman receives an unusual call. >> we got that famous phone call on the morning of saying he had found god. he found religion. he was going to pay restitution. he wanted to talk to me. >> silverman arrives and is blind sided by what follows. >> oh, oh, i'm sorry. did i hit you? >> he opens it up and just slams it in my face. then he grabs the papers out of my arm and starts whacking me
2:17 pm
with those. and it just escalated. >> he even spits on silverman. and every time he comes out he seems a little more enranged. >> at one point he tries to keep him inside his store hoping he will calm down. >> i didn't want him to get out in the street because i was worried that he might really lose it. the real issue was i didn't want to get into a brawl with this guy because as a reporter there is a line. but write think i was at a point where this guy was going to try to really kill me and then he makes a big mistake. he starts throwing snowballs as a transit commission inspector standing on the corner. >> he also takes a shot at the camera man. >> the inspector immediately calls the cops. seeing the police upsets him
2:18 pm
even more. >> when they go to get him he slams the door in their face and barricades himself inside. >> then the emergency task force is called in. canada's version of the s.w.a.t. team. >> the etf has to be deployed because you could have a hostage situation. who knows what he has inside there. >> cops tell him he can come out the easy way or the hard way. >> he took about 30 or 40 seconds and said okay he's coming out. so he came out and they smashed the cuffs on him and took him out in a car. >> and just as quickly the video makes it's way to the television airways and beyond. >> and a tv reporter's run in with a store owner lead to criminal charges in canada. >> hit youtube and apparently got hundreds of thousands of hits. i was flattered by the fact that people were viewing this all over the world. >> in november 2008, he is convicted of assaulting
2:19 pm
silverman and his camera man and is ordered to undergo psychological counseling. his business soon folds. silverman says bringing down adam plimmer was never his intention. >> my goal was restitution. that he would refund the money. i didn't want him to be lead away in handcuffs. that was the option of the exercise. he went overboard and ended up in the situation where he ended up in court. which is a shame. >> if you thought that canadian reporter had a tough day on the job, check this out. an out of control car crashes through the window of a building in pennsylvania. it may seem like your typical vehicle gone astray but it's not. the guy inside this car is
2:20 pm
taking his driving test and an employee for the department of motor vehicles is living out an occupational hazard nightmare. 34-year-old robert keller pulls up to park and goes to hit the break but instead hits the gas pedal. the car races forward smashing will you the glass as it enters the building. people inside the dmv scatter. ultimately keller is okay and so is the employee in the car with him. keller did however fail his driver's test. >> coming up, a real yoyo. >> everybody in the studio was just looking at each other like what just happened? >> and later a state trooper takes a terrible tumble. when caught on camera,
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he even has a cool nickname. >> hey, good morning. thanks for coming on. >> but these television anchors are about to find out the only yoco in this group is him himself. >> oh, are you all right? >> yeah. >> so i'm here with -- >> lisa is the host of sunday morning on wfrv in green bay, wisconsin. the yo-yo champion is booked on the show in april 2010. >> well, i have been all around doing my yo-yo tricks. >> there's only one problem. he arrives with his yo-yo but says he can't use it. >> we had a little miscommunication because we're not going to get a helesson but that's all right. >> i thought it was a sit down interview and i had this greased
2:25 pm
yesterday and it takes 48 for it to set. >> the interview goes from strange. >> so you also do juggling. >> i don't know why he puts that in there because i don't juggle. >> to down right bizarre. >> i do one where it's all of my fingers and i shoot out with the left hand first and i'm not wrr yo-yoing but i'm whirling. and it makes a loud buzzing found. >> too bad the good folks missed that show. just a month later they too will endure the experience. >> thanks for coming on. >> thanks. >> may, 2010 they are the anchors and producers of hometown this morning. >> we had a lot of freedom doing the morning show and it was a lot of fun. >> being a small market we're limited to so many resources. so when a yo-yo champion passes through the area and pitches himself to the show they jump on
2:26 pm
it. >> i do remember he e-mails going back and forth from kyle and i with the company. so we thought it was a legit company. >> but when k-strass shows up on the set the red flags start flying. >> he comes walking down the stairs to get ready to go on and i saw him and i was like, his outfit. >> i'll never forget that yellow hat and those green shorts and the suspenders. >> not only is the outfit outlandish but so is he. >> we went on the air and i thought he was for real. >> in the whole 2.5 years i did the morning show we never had a guest that wasn't legit. >> i go around and i have been teaching kids about the environment. actually i have only been in one school so far and i'll be honest, it didn't go so hot. in fact it was literally a major disaster. >> he started going off on another tangent about how the
2:27 pm
kids weren't cooperating at a school he was at. >> then he started about spankings and beatings. >> i come from a home that believes in spanking, okay? so when i was being bad, you know, daddy would get a switch or a belt and i would get it and i would get it good. >> but we wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt so that's why we let him proceed with the interview. >> he has another surprise in store. he announces his so-called sponsor zimzam productions has fired him. >> i have breaking news. this may literally be the last time you see me in this shirt. they are going in a different direction and it's a direction without me and am i angry about this? yes i am. >> so that was another thing but what do you do when you're in a live segment. say, well we're going to go to commercial right now. >> it's now time to show off some champion yo-yo tricks but
2:28 pm
he is some what lacking in the skills department. >> then he said he a trick named after the station. >> go ahead and show the move. >> you have the up and down. >> pretty basic. and then -- >> oh, are you all right? >> yeah. >> and then he hits himself in the face with the yo-yo. i wanted to fall out laughing literally on the set. >> i was speechless. the first time ever as a reporter and anchor that i didn't have something to ask or say. >> he tries the trick again and this time the anchors get out of the way. >> my first one -- >> well, the up and down is the basic move. that's pretty basic. don't hurt yourself. >> at that moment i was like all right. we have to wrap this interview up because obviously this guy season who he says he was. >> all right well we're going to take a quick break. >> and literally everybody in
2:29 pm
the studio was looking at each other like what just happened. that was the end of k-strass until everything started popping up on youtube. >> it then takes on a whole new life on the internet. >> i was getting e-mails from people in australia and overseas saying that they have seen it. >> and then when we found out he had been doing this to other stations in the midwest that's when we were like oh, it was a gotcha moment. >> the big question is why did he do it? and the answer, no one knows. we contacted zimzam productions but got no reply. it seems he has disappeared sort of. >> maybe he wanted to get noticed. maybe we were just the ladder of getting him there. and obviously it worked. >> that brings us to the nbc hit comedy series the office. in october 2010, actor raine wilson's character hires an
2:30 pm
assistant named nate. look familiar? >> i would definitely say that's the same guy. >> the man playing nate on the office is an activities coor th admitted to being him but several reports say he's one in the same. maybe we'll learn the truth about him. until then, tv stations be warned. coming up. >> i'm just thinking how long is this going to go on. >> a police officer has a close encounter with an out of control chimp. and later, firefighter rush to save one of their own. when caught on camera, occupational hazard continues. allergies.
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iraqi officials declared a state of emergency in baghdad after hundreds of antigovernment protestors carrying flags and
2:34 pm
chanting knocked down the wall surrounding the green zone. and tonight a special live coverage of the annual white house correspondents dinner. president obama's 8th and final nerd prom as it's called beginning at 9:00 p.m. eastern here on msnbc. for now, back to caught on camera. >> welcome back to caught on camera. so far we have seen a few different kinds of occupational hazards but certainly one of the most dangerous jobs is that of a police officer. cops never know what to expect when they arrive on the scene and you're about to see woman standing officers who learned that the hard way. a wild animal is on the loose. terrorizing a neighborhood. >> he opens it up and starts doing this. >> and becoming an occupational hazard for one unfortunate cop.
2:35 pm
>> i'm just thinking how long is this going to go on. >> october 2010, sue escapes from her owner and is making all kinds of trouble around the kansas city neighborhood. >> he's a smart monkey and starts smiling and laughing and is like pointing at us. >> he comes out of nowhere and i'm just thinking get to the house. >> he is on routine patrol when he gets the strange call. >> when i rounded the corner, there were a couple of work trucks out there. i think they were stunned and they were watching this chimp going around. >> neighbors record the action as the 300 pound chimp has a field day. >> came up and jumped up on top of my explorer and looked through the window and got on top and started punching the sunroof. >> he must now figure out his next move. >> the last thing i wanted to do was shoot the chimp. i know they can be dangerous
2:36 pm
animals. they have five times the strength of a human. >> that point was proven in february 2009 when a chimp got loose from a connecticut home and attacked the owner's friend horribly disfiguring her. >> he's killing my friend. >> what is? >> my chimpanze. >> i'm not an expert but to me it did not appear he was being aggressive. >> still he knows he has to get sue under control. >> our job is to, you know, protect people. protect property. >> little does he know it's nowhere near ready to call it a day. >> and i yelled for the animal control guy to get in on my passenger side of the car and i said we'll zip down the street here and you try to get a shot at the chimp and we'll go from there. >> he hoped to tranquilize the chimp but sue spots the police
2:37 pm
car and decides to pick play time into high gear. the dash cam records her as she pushes a trash bin down the street but what happens next surprises even bloomquist. >> about that time is when the chimp saw us and then proceeded to jump up on the hood and started banking star started banging on the roof of the car and i had someone ask me what was the animal control guy doing. are you kidding me? do you think i'm watching the animal control guy's face while this chimp is going ape on my car. >> sue then proves to everyone she's not monkeying around. and the next thing i know it jumps off and jumps back on to the hood and kicks the windshield twice and it breaks. >> after breaking the windshield sue decides she's had enough fun and wanders off. >> we exited the police car. we had other officers arriving at that time and we then began to follow the chimp.
2:38 pm
>> sue heads for the trees. animal control fires a tranquilizer at her but misses. soon after, the chimp spots her owner's van. >> they open the doors to the van. and the chimp went inside the van. >> that's where her adventure ends for now. >> it all ended well. very well. except for the car. >> the chimp's tirade on the squad car cost the kansas city police department about $2,000 and it cost sergeant bloomquist a little policeman pride. >> what i'm dealing with now are names like monkey boy, gorilla boy. king of the jungle which i kind of like that. or bubbles bloomquist. >> and sue gets a new home after her owner is cited for keeping a wild animal within city limits. >> sue has been transferred to the kansas city zoo. >> the kansas city zoo has one of the largest primate habitats
2:39 pm
in north america. looking back the incident is a little funny but it could have had an entirely different outcome. >> approximate his fist or leg would have come through there at that point something a little more serious might have happened. >> for police dealing with a chimp is an unusual occurrence. but dealing with speeding cars, that's an every day hazard. this state trooper is about to meet his hazard head on. it's june, 2005 and tennessee state trooper rodney redmond is working a crash investigation. he's about to become part of another one. >> i heard a tire squealing on an suv and saw a grey suv coming toward me. and trying to get out of its way. >> but he can't respond quickly
2:40 pm
enough. >> i got one step and the vehicle struck me and flipped me in the air. >> he hits the highway hard and knows he's in trouble. >> and i said if i don't get up and get out of here i'm going to get run over again and i stood up and stumbled back over to the guard rail. from the time i heard the tire squeal from the time i got to the guard rail was 11 seconds but seemed like an eternity. >> it's nothing short of a miracle that he sustains only minor injuries. >> i felt no pain through all of it. until i got to the side of the road and i thought i had broken my ankle. >> his ankle is fine but when he collides with the concrete he gets a massive cut on his forehead. as for the suv that struck him. >> three young people were in the car. they were have pennsylvania and the vehicle was found with lsd and two bags of mushrooms.
2:41 pm
they were all charged with it and they were arrested and transported to the jail. >> it's not until the next day that he realizes there's video of his terrifying accident. >> there was another trooper close by that i called for assistance to help with traffic control and it's his vehicle that caught it on tape. i was shocked. it was like a stunt man in a movie. i don't know that i'll ever accept and truly believe that that was me. >> he's laughing now but he's constantly reminded of that day in june 2005. >> i hurt still every day. doctors can't find anything wrong with my hips or why my hips would hurt. but my hips still hurt every day. >> he also says the fear still lives with him. something like this could happen again. >> even today i still have fear
2:42 pm
of getting back on the highway and being struck again. it's part of the job. i have to. >> coming up a firefighter's life hangs in the balance. >> he had to get a ladder up to me. >> later. >> i hear this sound and i couldn't tell what it was. >> he is about to find out when caught on camera, occupational hazard continues.
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>> a new jersey home is a blazing inferno and he dangles from the window while his colleagues try to save him. >> i wanted to save myself. i wanted to do everything possible to hold on but i
2:46 pm
couldn't physically do it. >> january, 2010, a two story home in the town of randolph new jersey is on fire and it's a life or death call. >> when they called us they called and said house fire with people post player bhi trapped. >> he is a veteran of the fire department. his partner is also on the scene. >> we saw a lot of smoke coming from the first floor and the second floor. >> morales learns a woman is trapped on the second floor. he and his team quickly assess the situation. >> when i arrived i saw them on the scene to be able to make a rescue. >> shortly after arriving there
2:47 pm
was a helmet camera giving a rare glimpse of what fire fighting is like up close. >> i got it for christmas of 2009. so probably six weeks before the fire. that was the first time that i used the camera. >> because of a change in regulations it's the first and only time he'll use his camera on scene. he turns it on and goes about his job for the day. >> it's initially a rapid intervention team. >> morales is part of another team. one that will enter the burning home. >> we started to go into the front of the house. we noticed that all the entrances were blocked in. >> the firefighters then moved to the back of the house hoping they have better access to the trapped woman. >> i was just thinking of getting this lady out. first priority was getting this person out and to safety.
2:48 pm
>> morales makes his way inside. >> there was a lot of smoke. the room got bright real quick and started to get really, really hot. i have been in prior fires and i have never experienced the type of experience i did that day. >> meanwhile outside at the back of the house allen bell is assisting other firefighters. >> we were making entry and climbing up on the roof and there was a ladder extended there. >> but suddenly morales signals that he is in trouble. >> police officer went by and i yelled at him that, you know, he needed to get a ladder to me. >> a couple of other guys went
2:49 pm
up to the top of the ladder and i stayed down there. when police officers and a couple of people started screaming for a ladder. >> we grabbed the ladder and ran around the other side. >> what he then captures is unreal. he reaches the side of the house and sees morales hanging out of the window. >> i remember seeing lots of people coming toward me and police officers, firefighters. >> we don't always run into this. we train for it. you don't expect it to happen. >> i recognized at that point that it was the firefighter allen bell on the scene and i felt really glad that he was there. >> bell and the others raced to get a ladder up to morales and they don't have a moment to spare. >> i have to be honest with you, once i started to come out the window i was exhausted. >> being that he was outside and
2:50 pm
able to breathe i knew it was better than being inside and stuck in there. >> the plan is for morales to bailout of the window head first and work his way down the ladder. >> we have to try to get him down legs gave out from under me and i rolled down the ladder. >> he just fell. >> come on down head first. we just tried to do what we could to break his fall so that he wouldn't fall on his neck. >> i remember hitting my head really hard, and that's when i went unconscious and i don't remember anything from there. >> mayday. firefighter down. >> fellow firefighters drag morales to safety. fortunately, his injuries are considered minor. >> i was knocked unconscious, had a head concussion. >> morales is lucky. sadly, the fire claims the life of the woman trapped inside. >> she tried to come out of the room and she obviously couldn't make it because the fire and the
2:51 pm
smoke caught up to her. >> it's not until alan bell is able to catch his breath that he remembers he's wearing a camera on his helmet. >> once you settle down and all your adrenaline's over, then is when i realized i think i was filming all this. >> the first time i watched it, it was scary, you know, because you see yourself going through this. this is not a good experience. >> come on down head first! >> both firefighters hope others can learn from the video captured by alan bell's helmet camera. >> my primary goal of the video was to use for training. and that we all should train for the highest level possible. you can see what happens. it's all on camera. >> mayday. firefighter down. >> coming up, h2 -- whoa! >> all of a sudden i just feel the blast of water hit me and that was it. >> i think the sprinklers came on. >> when "caught on camera:
2:52 pm
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when you're a television reporter, going live, you learn to prepare for anything. >> brandon lewis joins us live. now from columbia. >> occupational hazards can be lurking anywhere. >> most tested fuel additive in the history of the epa. >> even underneath your feet. brandon lewis is a reporter at wndu in south bend, indiana. but in his very first tv job at komu in missouri, not only is he wet behind the ears but just about everywhere else, too. it's june 2009. brandon is live reporting on ethanol in gasoline. >> my photographer was late that day so they told me to take the truck out to the location and set up the live shot so we decided to go to the gas station
2:56 pm
for the morning show, and just use that as a backdrop for our story. the truck was in the parking lot and i was standing in a field between the gas station and bank. >> before going live, brandon and his photographer look around for obstacles. >> we always check for live wires, any sort of dangerous items and also things like sprinklers. >> but it's nearly 5:00 a.m. and pitch black outside. >> i couldn't see them because they were in-ground sprinklers that shoot out from the ground. they tossed to me like usual and i started saying the news, this is the noon news about ethanol. >> look over brandon's shoulder. the sprinklers turn on just seconds into his live shot. >> eventually i hear this sound, i couldn't tell what it was. will not harm emissions or harm engines. i really didn't think anything of it until i started hearing this tick, tick, tick, tick just start coming closer and closer and closer to me. i started hearing water. i assume it's the sprinklers but i couldn't tell where it was coming from. >> brandon's about to find out. live on television.
2:57 pm
>> all of a sudden, i just feel the blast of water hit me. that was it. >> in the history of the epa, car concerns aside, researchers -- >> like a trooper, brandon doesn't let a little water get in the way of his story. >> i'm like i got to keep doing what i'm doing. i don't have a choice. i have to keep telling the news, regardless. maybe it will just hit me once and that's it and i can get out of this. at this point, i know i can't toss back to the studio because while i'm doing my part, the anchors are shifting to different parts of the set, the crew isn't ready. it's just me on air and i just took that step back just to try and get out of the stream of water, and then it came around a second time. >> while brandon's trying to keep his composure, his cameraman is scrambling. >> that's why the camera goes up and down, he's taking the camera back to try and protect the equipment. i'm sitting there trying to maintain composure and read the news and find out what's going on. >> when brandon finally tosses
2:58 pm
back to the studio, all bets are off. >> brandon, you are a dedicated reporter. >> of course, brandon's station puts his morning shower online. >> our new media director comes in, sees the live shot and instantly, it's online. >> i think the sprinklers came on. >> and brandon's video goes viral. >> i could not believe the response that it got from people. i was in chicago the weekend after it happened and i'm in the line to get my ticket for the train and a woman comes up to me and says aren't you that guy from the sprinkler video? >> i'm a little wet but it's okay. >> it just goes to show you that no matter the job, there's bound to be a hazard hidden or otherwise. >> oh, i'm sorry, did i hit you? >> so if your job has you beaten up -- >> get out of here! get out of here! >> -- knocked down -- dealing with irrational types -- or complete yo-yos -- has you hitting a wall --
2:59 pm
or has you run down, then you only have to look to the spanish for a little relief. believe it or not, this is spain's first national siesta championship. the country was once famous for shutting down in the afternoon so people could get a little shut-eye. now people spend the time shopping or working, not sleeping, so the competition hopes to bring back one of spain's oldest traditions by finding the country's best napper. the siesta is limited to 20 minutes, but points are awarded for duration of sleep, unusual positions and even eye-catching pjs. after all, the only hazard here is not wanting to wake up. as the hard-working folks in this hour have shown us, even an everyday task or situation can turn into one tough day on the job. i'm contessa brewer. that's all for this edition of "caught on camera."
3:00 pm
a race car driver hits the wall. >> he's out! >> he's out. >> a kite boarder slams into steel poles. >> it felt like i got hit by a truck. >> motorcycle riders scrape the street. >> whoa! >> super athletes push the limits. >> i just remember hitting the horse. >> oh, man! >> and a huge amount of pain. >> daredevils goes for broke. >> i practically almost died


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