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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 2, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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sir, this alien life form at an alarming rate. growing fast, you say? we can't contain it any long... oh! you know, that reminds me of how geico's been the fastest-growing auto insurer for over 10 years straight. over ten years? mhm, geico's the company your friends and neighbors trust. and deservedly so. indeed. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. if we win indiana, it's over. >> we will not give in to evil. >> i am not against anybody, but i will be voting for ted cruz. >> if you really take a look at mike pence, i think he gave me more of an endorsement than he gave cruz. >> donald and hillary, they're flip sides of the same coin. >> she will need super delegates to take her over the top. >> i'm going to do everything i can to finally get the
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nomination wrapped up. >> the convention will be a contested contest. >> good monday morning, i'm jose diaz-bala diaz-balart. up first this morning, are we just one day away from the end of the stop trump movement? donald trump could deliver a knockout blow to his opponents tomorrow in indiana. the front-runner is saying the nomination is his, if he wins. our latest nbc news/"wall street journal" marist poll shows him up by double digits. the race on the other side you can see hillary clinton leading bernie sanders by four points. just barely outside the margin of error. despite those numbers, the clinton campaign over the weekend began to officially shift focus to the general election, beefing up their operation and staff in key battleground states. we're also following violent clashes overnight between mayday protesters and police in seattle where flares, bricks and molotov
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cocktails were thrown. and dramatic rescues in louisiana, as water washed out roads and threatened homes. and a historic cruise to cuba. we're live with more on the first u.s. voyage to set sail in decades. more on that in just moments. but i want to start this morning with our campaign reporters who are standing by across the state of indiana. first to jacob rascon who's in carmel, indiana, with the trump campaign. trump says indiana can wrap this thing up for him. is he right? >> reporter: i think he's right really for the first time because he said that many times before. this is why an nbc news analysis shows that he could be shut out in indiana and he would still have a path to 1,237, that majority of delegates. the issue was that last week he won so big, bigger than anybody predicted, that he now has plenty of delegates. if he wins by double digits here, as our poll suggests that he might, he really -- it's a
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cake walk going forward for him to get to up wit1,237. here we are in front of our performing arts center. we have our ten or so folks in line. again, the rally doesn't start for seven hours now. we're going to come over here and talk to jason. jason, you're not from indiana, you're from missouri. in fact you're a delegate there. >> from jefferson county. >> but you've tried to go to a number of rallies and tried to get in and this is your shot. >> yes, it is. >> why is it so important to you to get to one of these rallies and talk about some of the issue as a delegate you've had. >> well, i just thought that it was my chance to do so. it's pretty unfair how missouri voted for cruz -- or for trump, i should say. >> they voted for trump but the delegate -- >> the delegate selection managed to go for cruz. we were overrun by the largest county in our district. we basically got voted out because of that. they brought 79 cruz supporters with them. that's their delegate count.
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actually they didn't have them all, they had alternatives to fill them in. of course everything we voted on, they voted against us. basically what they ended up with was an all cruz slate for missouri, even though missouri voted strictly for trump. especially in delegate 3, we were all for trump. now our county is sending a cruz supporter to the convention. which we won't have to worry about because we'll easily hit 1,237. indiana is going to win in a landslide. >> that's what trump says, they don't even need to play the delegate wrangling because they believe they can get to the majority. terrance, you were actually a cruz supporter and voted for cruz in ohio and yet you've switched. is this because you'r confidenc that cruz can make it has dropped? >> no, i have not changed my support from cruz, but if he does not -- if trump does get to
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1,237, i'm going to gladly support donald trump. enthusiastically. the only reason i voted for ted cruz over donald trump was because of the south carolina flag issue. and i told him that. that's the only reason. otherwise i would have voted for trump in ohio. >> and here you are now first in line for trump. so this is a make-or-break state for cruz. i talked to one of the aides and the aide for cruz said they believe cruz is doing better here than polling suggests and they better be right. his survival here may depend on it. jose. >> jacob rascon with an interesting number of interviews for us this morning. thanks. let's go now to kasie hunt. good seeing you. with all these poll numbers and delegate math, what's going on in the so-called stop trump movement, or is that stopped as well? >> reporter: jose, the reality is this could be the last full day of campaigning for the stop trump movement. it really has all come down to indiana. if in fact these poll numbers
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are right and donald trump is on track to beat ted cruz here, the path forward for stopping trump is just so, so narrow. it was already difficult and it's going to be that much harder. now, of course you talked to people who are attempting to stop trump from getting this nomination and they insist that they are continuing forward, that they want to try to go on to states that are further down the line, california in particular is what they are talking about. there's also discussion of whether or not there is a path on the floor in the convention in cleveland. now, that, of course, kind of the focus today. we're starting to hear that maybe some delegates who have been supporting cruz who had the option to pick their -- which candidate that they wanted to go with, despite what their state may have voted for, they may have been with cruz. they're starting to feel more pressure to go to donald trump. and i think that that is the broader picture here. when i talk to especially establishment republicans who
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have been very, very reluctant to get on board with donald trump, there's a lot of suggestion that, you know what, this is just coming to an end. of course the challenge is they potentially do still have a way to stop him in cleveland and there are people who are still discussing what that path would be. the problem is that it's going to take serious backbone to do that at this point. it would take a lot of will, effort, a lot of frankly political strength that the movement hasn't really shown to date and that even candidates running against donald trump haven't shown to date. so if the question is do they have the political will to do it, and i think that that's an important piece heading into cleveland. there still are possibilities where donald trump might not reach 1,237, he might be at 1100, he might be a little short and that's where these questions come into play. i think you've really felt the opposition or the opposition to changing what the voters want,
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if you will, increasing. and there's a lot more reluctance to kind of thwart what has frankly been a series of pretty commanding wins from trump recently, jose. >> kasie, we were just hearing from that missouri delegate in jacob rascon's delegate saying that he was frustrated that his county and his district had gone trump and yet all the delegates went for cruz because of the negotiations and how that went. but, kasie, on the telemundo sunday show that i host, one of the spokespersons for the trump campaign -- i mean for the stop trump movement recognized that if indiana, they're not able to do a lot there, the future is very slim. i mean, what, california is the only thing. you just mentioned that. is that the next step? where have all the efforts gone? >> reporter: if you're the cruz campaign, you're looking at nebraska. that's another place they really
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need to play. if you are the stop trump movement it really is all about california. but if you look at the way the results played out a week ago, where you had those five states in the northeast voting and we were all a little bit surprised to step back and look at the math and see that donald trump won every county in many of these states, california is winner take all by congressional district. so if you're going to stop trump, you have to identify the districts where you have a chance to beat him and then you have to make sure that you're working hard to do that. in the case of obviously john kasich and ted cruz, they have different sets of appeal in different places. so we saw how quickly their pact fell apart. it's not clear that they could work together enough to figure out a way to make the map of california look like something that isn't just donald trump country. i think a lot of the stop trump movement groups that i've talked to as well saw what happened in all of those counties across places like pennsylvania and are worried that the same thing could happen across california, jose. >> kasie hunt, thank you. it's good seeing you.
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well, it's donald trump who attracts the most protests. there was one activist who confronted ted cruz on sunday. a 10-year-old boy. the audio at times difficult to hear, but here's what happened. >> apparently there's a young man who's having some problems. >> yeah, you suck. >> thank you, son. you know, i appreciate you sharing your views. one of the things that hopefully someone has told you is that children should actually speak with respect. imagine what a different world it would be if someone had told donald trump that years ago. >> hallie jackson is traveling across indiana today covering the cruz campaign. hallie, it's good to see you.
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this is a traditionally conservative state that should be friendly to ted cruz, so what's the problem for him there? >> reporter: donald trump, jose. it's been ted cruz's problem for months now. he's not going away. so for cruz, indiana is becoming a make-or-break state. you look at those poll numbers. privately i'm told by campaign aides that the race is tighter than our poll numbers show, which is that cruz is trailing trump by 15 points. dig into the numbers a little bit here. even if you reallocate the second choice voters, people who support john kasich, who is not competing in this state. cruz still doesn't have enough based on this polling to overtake donald trump and nearly 60% of likely republican voters in indiana believe that that so-called alliance that was unrolled a week ago by these two candidates backfired. they disapprove of the idea that kasich would all but concede indiana and cruz would all but concede oregon and new mexico. a couple of issues for cruz in indiana. first of all, we are in the car
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where we sort of live now. so is cruz, he's on his bus. he is heading to five different stops today in the hoosier state. his surrogates are doing another five. this is an all out, flat-out effort to try to blanket indiana, this last-ditch push to pick up some momentum heading into tomorrow when voting begins. so cruz is out, he's going to be out in the next couple of hours with governor mike pence of indiana, who gave him his backing on friday. even in doing that pence was tepid about it and still said, hey, i think donald trump is great, i commend trump for the conversation he's implemented among conservatives here in indiana but i'm going to be voting for ted cruz. now that pence is out on the trail today is significant, especially after his op-i.d. in the "indianapolis star" over the weekend. for cruz, number one, if he cannot win in indiana it undercuts his argument that he can take on donald trump in a head-to-head matchup given that kasich is not competing here. number two, if he cannot win in indiana, how does he go to these delegates that we're talking
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about and say you should back me because i can beat donald trump. it makes his argument that much more difficult. when you talk to campaign aides, they would say, hey, we're looking to california. you asked about the next state. the cruz camp is very confident about nebraska but looking to california because that is where donald trump could potentially lock up the republican nomination. that goes to show you just how they're feeling about the hoosier state when they're already looking ahead to the june 7th contest in california that could be critical to the republican race. indiana of course is where a lot of the marbles are tomorrow night, jose. >> hallie jackson, great seeing you in that automobile crisscrossing the state. take care. former spokesman for the ted cruz campaign, rick tyler. rick, great seeing you. >> good morning, jose. >> so let's talk a little about these poll numbers. if these poll numbers hold and trump wins by double digits, where does the stop trump movement go from there? >> look, i think the stop trump movement in a sense was flawed from the beginning. people want to be for something
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and the stop trump movement has only been against trump and they never fully endorsed or supported ted cruz or anybody else. i think that was a mistake. people want to know what the vision is forward and what the positive vision is. that means you can also be against trump, but what is it you're for. stop trump, people just get exhausted being against. i think a lot of people, voters now are exhausted with this whole process and are wanting it to wrap up fairly quickly here. >> and talking about the process, take a look at our newest poll out of indiana. it looks like that cruz-kasich alliance was a flop. i mean hallie jackson was talking about it possibly having misfired in that state. take a look at the numbers. was it a mistake for these two to publicly announce that they were going into this agreement to stay in some states. and boy the way, i presume cruz was hoping oregon wasn't in the deal because that's somewhere he could probably be stronger at. >> i think the communication about the pact or alliance or i called it a temporary detente,
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it actually worked. the idea was that kasich would stay out of indiana and that certainly has worked. in return, cruz would stay out of oregon and new mexico. those are still coming up. but i think it got sort of reported or miscommunicated that somehow this alliance meant they couldn't criticize each other or kasich wouldn't tell people in indiana to still vote for him. look, it was an allocation of resources. we don't have enough money to compete in all these states, you don't either. we'll take indiana and they made a deal. the deal has held. as a deal it actually held. i think the communication on it probably could have been done better or maybe they should have just kept it to themselves. i'm not sure. >> so if cruz does lose and gets beaten pretty badly, double digits, in indiana, is there a way forward? >> look, i think if trump sweeps indiana like he did new york style, yeah, i think it's going to be very, very difficult and could be over. if, however, they split the
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delegates or somehow cruz comes out of it with more delegates than donald trump, my guess is he would definitely stay in the race until california. the reason is, is donald trump is still mathematically ineligible for the nomination. he has to get to 1,237. he has not done that yet. and in a normal election cycle, the presumptive front-runner, which he has now self declared, would have locked up those delegates and have the majority. he does not have the majority. he's still mathematically ineligible. so there's no real reason for cruz to get out if he is competitive in indiana. he would have an argument to go forward. because he will do well, i think, in nebraska, south dakota in particular. and he's got from what i can see a pretty good ground game in california. he also this weekend swept the delegates in virginia for the second ballot, got all the at large and did the same in arizona. >> rick tyler, thanks. it's good to see you. >> thanks. >> now to seattle where mayday
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demonstrations got dangerously out of control. there you see the video of several police officers were hurt and nine protesters were arrested in yesterday's violent confrontations there. let's get the very latest from seattle. gadi, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, jose. yeah, it was a very wild night last night here in seattle. you can see there is still boarded-up property, boarded-up windows. this is a starbucks here in seattle along the route those protesters took. all of this started off as a peaceful protest to celebrate and to mark may day which was supposed to be about immigrants, about working class and the labor force. around 6:30, 7:00, masked men and women, people that had their faces disguised, they were wearing scarves, came in and started clashing with police. we are told many of them started
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throwing things at police. they were holding signs that said things like we are ungovernable and they were throwing things like bricks, flares, rocks. they were throwing sticks. and so police responded with pepper spray. they also responded with stun guns and they formed a human wall with their bikes and they started moving those protesters, marching them into the direction that they needed them to go. all of this lasted for about two or three hours until finally the crowd was somewhat contained. we are told that there were nine protesters that were arrested. five officers were actually injured. two of those officers were injured when they were hit by things that were thrown. one of those officers was actually injured when they were bitten by a protester, but all of those officers are expected to be okay. jose. >> gadi schwartz, thank you very much. good to see you this morning. this morning we're also keeping an eye on the south where another round of potentially dangerous storms are in the forecast following a deadly weekend. take a look at these pictures.
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what can we expect today? msnbc live continues on this monday morning. we'll have that for you just seconds from now.
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the polls have been all over the place -- >> this is indiana where ted cruz is speaking now. >> we are neck in neck right now in the state of indiana, and so for anyone here, hoosiers, this is an opportunity where the entire country is looking to the state of indiana. i could not be more encouraged that this election is turning on the good judgment, on the midwestern sensibility of the people of indiana, because the stakes are enormous errmously h. we cannot make the same mistakes over and over again.
7:23 am
we cannot nominate another washington insider. if we get to november and the american people have a choice between two rich new york big government liberals, both of whom, hillary clinton and donald trump, support planned parenthood, both of whom, hillary clinton and donald trump, have supported banning guns across america, both of whom, hillary clinton and donald trump, are campaigning on raising taxes and on allowing people here illegally to become u.s. citizens, then as the republican party, we will have failed the voters. let's take the issue of taxes, an incredibly important issue for the voters here in indiana. donald trump's sole economic policy proposal is a massive 40% tax increase on every american. a tariff that would be paid by every consumer when you go to the store and shop. i don't think the people of indiana need a 40% tax increase. i don't think the hard-working hoosiers in this state can afford seeing their taxes going up 40%. in contrast to donald trump's
7:24 am
massive tax increase, as president i'm going to cut your taxes. we're going to pass a simple flat tax where every american pays 10%. you fill out your taxes on a postcard. and we're going to abolish the irs. that's what this election is about. it's not about more power in washington. that is the hillary clinton approach, that is the donald trump approach. more and more power in washington over your lives. instead, i think this election is about getting washington off of your back, getting it off of the back of small businesses and unchaining the incredible ability of small business to generate jobs and raise wages. >> is there any circumstance under which you would drop from the race before cleveland? >> i am in for the distance as long as we have a viable path to victory. i am competing to the end. and the reason is simple. listen, this isn't about me, it isn't about donald trump, it isn't about any of the candidates. this is about our country and
7:25 am
our future. i'm not willing to give up on the constitution and bill of rights. if hillary clinton or donald trump become president, we will see liberals on the u.s. supreme court and we will see the heller decision overruled, which means the second amendment right to keep and bear arms will be stripped away from every law-abiding american. if we allow the next president to be hillary clinton or donald trump, we will see the same economic stagnation, we will see taxes rising on the american people, we will see jobs going overseas. donald trump's massive tax increase would put us into a recession. i'm fighting for the working men and women of this country. if we allow hillary clinton or donald trump to become president, we will see america continue to abandon israel. both hillary and donald say they will be neutral between israel and the palestinians. i think it's high time we had a president who stands with israel. and both hillary and donald say they will keep in place this iranian nuclear deal. if you agree with the iranian
7:26 am
nuclear deal, if you think it's a good idea to send $100 billion to the ayatollah khamenei, a radical islamist terrorist who chants "death to america" then you should vote for donald or hillary. as president i will rip to shreds this iranian nuclear deal. this election is about fundamental issues. and at the end of the day, it is about the good people of indiana. let me ask every parent at home, think forward to the next four years. do you want to turn on the television and see a president, republican or democrat, who embarrasses you, who would make you feel embarrassed if your children came and spoke the words uttered by the president. you know, the presidency, we have had leaders who inspired us. fdr told us the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.
7:27 am
john f. kennedy told us ask not what your country can do for you, can what you can do for your country. the president has a unique role was a bully pulpit to speak out for our shared values. now ask yourself, do you really want to go through the next four years with a president who if your child came home and simply uttered the words coming out of that president's mouth would make you punish your child, would make you embarrassed for your child. we need a president who unifies us, who speaks to our better angels, who speaks to our shared values. my priorities as president are jobs, freedom and security. not a one of those is a narrow 51% wedge issue. every one of those issues are broad, unifying issues. 60, 70, 80%, every american wants to see more jobs in america, wants to see wages rising. that's why we're seeing such
7:28 am
support from not just republicans but libertarians, independents, democrats. democrats come up and say i've been a democrat my whole life, now i'm with you because these are the values of america and we need to bring americans together. >> last question. >> your remarks yesterday, you spent six minutes talking about the race and then suggested that the country can't give in to evil. that evil you were talking about, was that donald trump or what was that? >> you know what, i trust the good people of indiana to differentiate. we are not a country built on hate red. we are not a country built on anger, on pettiness. we are not a country built on bullying. we are not a country about selfishness. no country in the history of the world has spilled more blood saving the lives of others, preserving freedom than has america. i'll tell you, my most fundamental belief, i believe in
7:29 am
america. i believe in the american people. we are not a bitter, angry, petty, bigoted people. that is not america. i reject that vision of america. we are the land that 1957 gave my father as an immigrant from cuba hope and a dream. a teenage immigrant with $100 in his underwear washing dishes with nothing could achieve anything. that's who we are. that is who we are as americans. >> so who is this evil? >> we are not -- we are not an angry, ugly people. and the people of indiana, the people of indiana have good judgment, have good values. the people of indiana are the heartland of this country. and we have a choice. we have a choice about our national character, who we will be. and i believe in the people of this nation with all my heart. it's why i'm so proud this week to be standing shoulder to
7:30 am
shoulder with indiana's governor, mike pence. that's why i'm so proud this week to be standing shoulder to shoulder with my vice presidential nominee, carly fiorina. we are seeing the republican party unite. we are seeing us unite behind positive values and real solutions to bring jobs back to america. if you care about jobs, if you care about wages, if you want to see manufacturing jobs coming back to indiana, there is only one campaign that has real economic policy solutions to make that happen. there is only one campaign who has been fighting for the working men and women over and over and over again. this is a fundamental decision for our nation, and i have tremendous faith in hoosiers across this great state. >> well, there we heard it. ted cruz in osceola, indiana, just 24 hours from deciding how that state will vote. we're going to take a short
7:31 am
break. we'll be right back. there's a lot more to talk with you this morning. the push for pledged delegates is becoming a big issue, it's a focus for the bernie sanders campaign as well. the vermont senator adding that his path to beating hillary clinton is narrow, but he says not impossible. what exactly that means when we come back, next. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day fl alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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it'sand your doctor at yoto maintain your health.a because in 5 days, 10 hours and 2 minutes yoare gointo be 67. and on that day you will walk into a room where 15 people will be waiting...
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7:35 am
>> that was bernie sanders on sunday admitting he has a steep climb to win the democratic nomination, but still promising to stay in the race until july. sanders is encouraging superdelegates in states where he has won big to follow the will of the voters and switch their support to him. but today sanders will be focusing on the 83 delegates at stake in tuesday's crucial primary in indiana, where the latest nbc/"wall street journal" marist poll shows him statistically tied with clinton. joining me now is nbc's chris jansing from ft. wayne where sanders will continue making his argument today. chris, good seeing you this morning. >> reporter: good to see you. >> what do we expect from sanders today? it seems as though it is a very big hill to climb. >> reporter: yeah, it's almost straight vertical, let's not kid ourselves. even if he convinces all those superdelegates to come over, look, he's still behind. and so he would have to, as he
7:36 am
pointed out, so overperform what he has done so far in places like here in indiana, looking toward to some of the western states and then of course california. what keeps him going? let's start with fund-raising. for the first three months of this year, he outfund-raised hillary clinton. it was only last month his fund-raising after his losses, especially the big loss in new york, dropped off 40%. he's about even with her, though, for last month even though she raised another $9.5 million for democratic candidates. it's definitely enough money to keep him going to the convention. and here's the other thing that keeps him going. i want you to look, wrapping all the way around, it is hours and hours before this event starts. and these people have been lining up since i got here from about 8:00 in the morning. what keeps them motivated? well, when you talk to crowds like this, one of the things that they will tell you is that they understand the delegate count, they understand the
7:37 am
superdelegate count, they understand the fund-raising. in fact when he will say do you know what our average donation is? they shout out $27. his supporters know exactly what's going on. i've got a group here of folks, they're all from ft. wayne, who i talked to just a few minutes ago. good to see all of you fine people. >> hello. >> we were talking about the fact that bernie sanders, and he admits this, the chances of him winning the nomination are so small. >> yes. >> so what brings you out today? >> the chances of him are highly unlikely, but i feel that his ideals could be inspiring for future political generations to come and carry on his message. there haven't been many politicians in the past who have campaigned based on love as opposed to large corporations, and he has more interest in the needs of everyone as opposed to a select few. >> i just think it's nice to finally see a candidate that will return the government back to the people. you know, i think we've been
7:38 am
needing that for a long time so i'm excited to give my vote to him and see if he can rally back and do it. >> what do you think the chances are he could win here in indiana? are you still holding out even a little bit of hope? >> always, always holding out hope that we can have a candidate that will inspire others, inspire our future generation as well as our older generation to come together as americans and with love and not hatred and racism. >> absolutely. >> math isn't done yet so till the last vote, he may win it. >> he says he's going to stick with it through the campaign. one of the things we'll hear from him today is an argument he's been making, look at the head-to-head matchups in national polls. he does better against donald trump than hillary clinton. he's going to make the argument again today he is the one who can keep the white house in democratic hands, as long of a shot as it is, jose. >> you know what, chris, it's also pretty amazing when you have a bad month and you get $26 million. you know? that's like -- that's pretty
7:39 am
amazing. >> reporter: and add to that that he laid off some campaign workers. he laid off a couple hundred campaign workers in states that have already passed. so strategically they're looking ahead to have the money to continue to california. he's going to do a big barnstorm through there so he is definitely working the math on the numbers side as well. that's a significant amount of money. he has kept pace in a way that nobody would have predicted. >> chris jansing, it's great to see you this monday. thank you for being with me. also happening right now, michigan governor rick snyder discussing the water crisis in flint and the president's visit to the city this coming wednesday. speaking just a couple of minutes ago, he said he wants to make sure the conversation looks forward, not backwards. >> it's really a question of how we can work together. it's not to get into the history of all this, charlie, you know that. it's really to have a dialogue about saying there's major challenges here given the water crisis. there are significant challenges
7:40 am
in flint prior to that. how can we all work together to make flint a stronger, better community. >> governor snyder also says they're still testing the tap water in flint but refused to put a timeline on when it may be safe to drink it. he's encouraging people to continue to use filtered or bottled water. years, years into this crisis. also puerto rico's debt crisis going from bad to worse. defaulting on a key debt payment due today. this as the first zika death reported on the island. we'll take you there live for the latest on both fronts, next right here. "i'm tired." or, "i'm hungry." at if your body said something else might be wrong? gynecologic cancers - cervical, ovarian and uterine cancers - have symptoms. so pay attention. if your dy ss something may be wrong.... please lisn if it goesn for two weeks, see doctor, itaye noth but find out. learn the symptoms. get the inside kwledge
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7:44 am
>> reporter: jose, good morning. we're here at a hospital just outside san juan and we spoke with a few doctors who really are on the front lines on this fight against zika. some of them are calling this a perfect storm, this financial crisis as well as a health care crisis. some hospitals have been forced to layoff many employees, resources are stretched thin throughout the island. all this as puerto rico faces its largest default on a debt payment yet. on the island of enchantment, there's trouble in paradise. >> you know, it's just devastating. >> reporter: alejandro doubts he'll find a job once he finishes his master's degree in boston. >> it looks very bad for a young person like me who really wants to go back home and live here and establish my life here. >> reporter: the island expects to default on its largest debt payment yet, $422 million. the total debt stands at more than a staggering $70 billion. unemployment is at a crushing 12% and nearly half the island lives below the poverty line.
7:45 am
now at least four hospitals are in danger. this one briefly had its power shut off when it failed to make payments. >> it has gotten very difficult at this very moment. right now we really have a crisis. i think we're hanging on the cliff already. >> reporter: a cliff hanger that could impact unsuspecting u.s. investors with a retirement account filled with puerto rican bonds. as the island battles the zika virus, it's losing a doctor a day. >> it's basically tearing me apa apart. >> reporter: among them yolanda pagan, packing up and moving to the mainland. >> it's such a beautiful, wonderful treasure in the caribbean. it's gorgeous and it's so sick right now. >> reporter: to help cure it, the government here has raised the sales tax to 11.5%, higher than anystate. but because it's a commonwealth, puerto rico can't declare bankruptcy like detroit, and the bill to rescue the island has stalled in congress.
7:46 am
now, the next big hurdle is a debt payment due on july 1st. late yesterday the governor of puerto rico issued an executive order to withhold most of today's payment. he called it a painful decision, jose. >> so meanwhile, gabe, you have people on capitol hill just not able to get to any kind of agreement that would help puerto rico out of its crisis, and this is causing suffering, massive suffering for that island, and it seems as though that bill in the house is not going anywhere soon. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. it's stalled, particularly with no end in sight. late last year speaker of the house paul ryan said he would have liked to have seen congress get to some resolution in the first three months of the year. that has not happened. yesterday the governor of puerto rico said that he did not want a bailout. a bailout has not been offered. there's a lot of controversy
7:47 am
surrounding whether the united states taxpayers should bail out puerto rico. right now the discussion under way is some sort of fiscal control oversight board to help puerto rico restructure some of its debt. puerto rico is a commonwealth. unlike cities in the u.s., it cannot declare bankruptcy. so as this debate rages on in congress, yes, the people here, many of them say that they are suffering quite a bit and they want some resolution to this crisis. jose. >> gabe gutierrez, thank you. good seeing you. less than two hours ago the first u.s. cruise ship in over 50 years left miami and arrived to havana, cuba. kerry sanders is live for us from that cruise ship. kerry, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jose. we arrived here in the port of havana. we're not fully docked yet, but it was very smooth sailing. let me point over there and show you the way we came in. 262 miles from miami on board
7:48 am
adonia, the name of the cruise ship, came in and around here and then you can see down here at the street level some people have gathered. there was a larger crowd here earlier but still plenty of people out here welcoming the vessel with more than 700 passengers. many of them would call themselves tourists, but as you know officially they're not tourists. this is all about what the new policy between the u.s. government and cuba allows for and that's what they call a people-to-people exchange. some of those on board certainly thrilled to get an opportunity to finally step onto cuban soil. >> i think you'll see some of the telltale signs of the embargo and the kinds of economic hardship that has come with the isolation and with the communist regime. >> warm, friendly people, a beautiful culture, a lot of history, a lot of warmth and sun
7:49 am
and mojitos and good food. i mean, you know, good stuff. >> reporter: so as we stand here and look down, we'll see if we can spot what so many people say that they like to see here in cuba, those old cars. the cars that date back to 1959, which of course when the cuban revolution, when fidel castro came to power here, sometimes you see the cars, sometimes you don't. as i look up there, i can see a nice green one followed by a blue one. jose, of course you know a lot about cuba. there is a very torn community between cuba and cuban americans. those who were exiled. on board this vessel there are some cuban americans. it had been somewhat controversial that it appeared because of an old cuban law that the cruise ship would not allow cuban-born passengers, but that law was changed. there are about a half dozen or so cuban-born passengers who are coming here. one of them says that she's going to get off and for the first time get a chance to meet
7:50 am
relatives. a historic day on something that will be repeated now every other week out of miami. >> kerry, how long are these tourists going to be allowed into havana? what are they allowed to see? i know there's a couple of other stops on this trip. >> reporter: let's talk about what they can't do. they can't go to the beach and sit there and drink mojitos. they have to do those people-to-people exchanges. some people will be getting off and walking with cubans through old havana getting an architectural tour. the ship will not only be here to havana but two other places. if you are coming here because there are ways for people to come to cuba other than just on a cruise ship, it would be very complicated to get that sort of territory covered in cuba. of course the other thing is as this country is beginning to see a buildup of americans coming here, there's a certain standard of hotel room that americans expect and the hotel rooms here
7:51 am
are maybe not all up to standard, so coming on a cruise ship makes it a little bit easier especially for older americans who just have certain expectations, jose. >> kerry sanders in havana, thank you. it's good to see you. what a weekend in washington, d.c. the annual white house correspondents' dinner in the books for 2016. president obama became comedian in chief. take a listen. >> despite the churn, in my final year, my approval ratings keep going up. [ applause ] the last time i was this high, i was trying to decide on my major. gop chairman reince priebus is here at well. glad to see that you feel that you've earned a night off. congratulations on all your success. the republican party, the
7:52 am
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call or go online today. less than two weeks since the death of prince, the first hearing over his estate just wrapping up. nbc's blake mccoy is outside the court house in minnesota. blake, what do we know this morning? >> reporter: jose, good morning. prince's siblings arrived here in court in chaska, minnesota, all of them dressed in black ready to stake their claim for a
7:56 am
piece of prince's estimated $300 million estate. we should caution it's just an estimate at this point because even in court this morning, there was no breakdown of assets. we do know that prince's estate includes money, property, the paisley park estate as well as other properties around minnesota, that much talked-about vault of unreleased music. the value of that is anyone's guess and any future royalties prince'sgarnish. the estate falls to any surviving siblings. he has one sister, five half-siblings. they will split his estate evenly. in court this morning the two big takeaways, bremmer was affirmed as a special administrator of the trust while all of this is sorted out and the judge asked the attorney for bremmer bank is the search for a will continuing. he said yes. even though no will has popped up yet, the search is continuing and this could take some time. >> blake mccoy, thank you very much. that wraps up this hour of
7:57 am
"msnbc live." thank you for the privilege of your time. tamron hall is up next. see you soon.
7:58 am
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good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall coming to you live from our msnbc election headquarters in new york. the question, are we a day away from seeing donald trump all but seal the deal in becoming what he's already called himself, the presumptive republican nominee. that is the question. he certainly has a big lead in the polls in indiana, but trump today still criticizing the system. >> the bosses have delegates, they have a crooked delegate system where they go in and try to get delegates so they can play games. but i tell you what, the voters wouldn't stand for it. when you win by millions of votes and that's