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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 2, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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trump if he's the nominee. instead, he's betting on a buzzer meter in the hoosier state. >> say it, for him or against him? >> chuck, you are welcome to love me for support for trump as much as possible. we are going to beat trump. i am in for the distance as long as we have a viable path to victory. do you want to turn on the television and see a president, republican or democrat who embarrasses you? our latest nbc news giving donald trump a 15 point advantage in indiana. paving away looks like to be a nearing unstoppable part. trump is trailing most of his attack on hillary clinton challenging her use that's offensive to native americans.
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>> i had a lot of experience dealing with men who get off the reservation and the way they behave and how they speak. >> now, if i were to use that expression, maybe in the opposite form, it would have been at the front page story. that's a demeaning remark to men. i am not going to deal with their tantrums or bullying or efforts trying to provoke me. >> you know that, okay? >> the can say whatever he want to say about me, i can careless. >> our political team is on the ground covering all the count down action. let's begin with jacob rascon in and indiana where donald trump will be. what have they been telling you, jacob? >> reporter: they have been telling me, we have talked to a lot of people from the head of
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state. you know a lot of the rallies, we have seen hundreds or thousands of people who don't get in. a lot of people who come here and we have been to as far as new york and missouri. this is a state where right now supporters are feeling confident. they know about the nbc's poll and everybody has been talking about it and up by 15 points. that would mean that ted cruz would not get out but to them it would be over. that's partly trump's line. if i win indiana, well, it trickles down to his supporters. if he wins in indiana, it is over. what do you guys think? the cruz-kasich alliance, has it backfired? >> absolutely. america is not tolerating i. we want to vote on who we want
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to vote for. >> reporter: in the state of indiana, his support has changed a little bit. have you felt it, what has it been like? >> it is as mixture. >> reporter: meaning that you have ultimately of friends to support cruz or kasich. >> let's say the people i know support trump. i have a sister who supports bernie. >> reporter: how about you over here? go ahead sir. >> i don't think the eye license made any difference or anybody paid any attention to it. this is just people voting for whoever they want. i don't think it made any difference one way or the other. >> reporter: are there any concerns for some of the statements that trump made about women? >> i don't think so. that's the best they can find. i don't think so. >> reporter: thank you, that's a
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wrap. >> jacob rascon, that's a wrap in indiana. let's take a live look at a shot where ted cruz is campaigning. he's in maryland, indiana, with him is mike pence endorsed cruz last week. he's on a five stops in the north and traditional parts of indiana for the cruz campaigns today. today, he spoke to reporter where he sounded upbeat ahead of tomorrow's primary. >> absolutely, we intend to do everything possible to win. it is going to be up to the people in indiana. the polls have been all over the place. >> you heard ted cruz talked about the polls. he said it is been all over the place. the four most recent polls indicated trump's lead heading into tomorrow. nbc's halie jackson has been tracking that state with the
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hoosier campaign. >> reporter: we came out of that rally. leaving here, there is a moment earlier on where cruz was confronted by somebody who said to him, basically, why are you staying in this race. this person says he's not a republican and a democratic and he has not voted for democratic since jimmy carter. it is mathematically impossible for you to get the nomination so why not just drop out and bat trump? >> we spoke with this gentleman, he says hey, i think he's the only one with a shot of the nomination and a shot of potentially beating hillary clinton. he didn't want to vote for hillary clinton or sanders and he felt that donald trump was his only option left. it is a sense that you are getting from people on the ground here in indiana. if cruz does not win tomorrow night, donald trump will be on
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the path to the nomination and the idea that if in fact trump does get close to that magic number to 1237 and even if he does not hit it, the question is how could he go against the will of the people if it works in contested convention. >> i am so sorry. >> reporter: back to you. >> halie lost her connection with me. i want to listen to what ted cruz is saying. this is happening live in the area. >> you are the problem. >> can i ask you something? >> of all the candidates with millions of dollars that won, they won donald trump. >> where is your goldsman's sack
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jacket. we know your wife works there. [ inaudible ] you know what he's doing in florida? ask yourself two questions, why exactly does the mainstream media wants donald trump? did you agree with john boehner? do you agree with nancy pelosi? >> he's the only one as good of a story he could be. >> what are you going to do about it then?
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>> this is happening as we speak, folks. you are listening to ted cruz. it is a little hard to hear him. clearly, those are trump supporters confronting him and asking him tough questions about why he's still in this race. you heard ted cruz said, if you support donald trump, he's playing you for a chump. he's in indiana today. that, of course, the critical race tomorrow. let's bring in scotty who's a trump's supporter, she's joining us here on staton york. >> my head hurt watching that. >> you look at those folks in indiana right now and you have to understand the crowd that you are dealing with. in 2008, indiana went for barack obama. this is a heavily red state. they went in the idea of hope
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and wanted something different and barack obama offered it to him and they delivered it in 2008. in 2012, those frustrated people went back to the republican party and now 2016 with the issue like carrier, they're going to be leaving jobs and economy. these folks are angry. when we talk about the angry americans, that's who we are talking about. >> let's go ahead and listen in closer. >> in fact, he says i will pay your fees. donald trump has confused everyone in this race of me being a liar. donald cannot tell the truth. >> sir, america is a better place.
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>> without you. >> let me point out -- the question that every here should ask. >> are you canadian? >> do you want your kids repeating the words of donald trump? would you proud if your kids does that? yelling and insulting and let me give you an example of donnald' problem with the troops. yesterday, he was asked on support from mike tyson of a convicted rapist. his response was he's as rapist that's why we call him lying ted. sir, facts mattered. >> that's really interesting. >> that's what you will be
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doing. >> it is interesting that you added women and children. your candidate, donald trump, would order a military that would kill women and children of a war crime. what about when soldiers don't want to commit a war crime. he's the one that says women and children. he thinks he's going to order america's soldiers to commit war crime. he's a president that does not respect americans. take out their control and oil refineries. nobody would target women and children except for a bully like donald trump. >> that's all right with me. >> i respect your rights but i am going say in america, we are a nation.
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i believe that the people in indiana have common sense and good judgment. >> oh, vote for trump. >> okay, we were listening in. and this is what happens during campaigns season. obviously, there are reporters and you see halie jackson in yellow there trying to talk to ted cruz as he walks away from that. i believe that was originally meant to be ted cruz taking questions from the press and then you saw that from trump's supporter questioning of ted cruz about his support in indiana. at one point you heard the man said "indiana don't want you." you heard ted cruz trying to convince him and others in the crowd that in fact, he wants to be the next president of the united states. it is an interesting moment, live on our campaigns trail. this is a pivotal moment for ted
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cruz as we head into that indiana vote. we have scotty nel hughes that she's been listening along. that was confrontational. was it appropriate for him to be questioning senator ted cruz a candidate for president in that direct fashion? >> well, senator ted cruz should have walked over there. there was a lot of people. i thought anybody would get in between the media and the candidate. here is what i think the missed opportunity. when you are sitting there and you immediately answer back negative and you immediately throw out insults towards the campaign signs that those folks are holding, you are insulting those folks. when you are surrounded by cameras, i don't know how smart that would be. i would say, i will tell you why
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my policies are better than trump. >> let me push back a little bit. viewers know that donald trump was not polite when he was confronted with people. >> right. >> i want to play a couple of clips where people have called trump out. >> we cannot continue to allow china to rape our country and that's what they are doing. >> the only card she has is the woman card. frankly, if hillary clinton were a man, i don't think he can get 5% of the vote. the only thing she got going is the woman card. >> she eats like a big. i look at that fat, ugly face of her. the face of a dog. >> let me explain what that was. one over the weekend of two sounds accusing china raping our
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country and the other was from last week talking about hillary clinton playing the woman card and the last one that you are about to see is a new ad in arkansas which is running, one of the party races running against donald trump. look at the language he's using. the point is he's making statements that's getting a lot of attention for being crashed and he's being inappropriate all the time. how can he continue to say things like that and win the presidency against hillary clinton. you have to look at why he's saying it. yeah, she has a great resume on paper. he's pointing out what have you actually accomplish? >> he does not want the emotions being played. we have seen her, she demonized sanders. let's play on an even plainfield to compare policy verses policy
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and play for the future and not hide behind anything whether it is a female or anything. >> as a woman, there is a lot of women voters who don't like that turn. they don't like it when he said "woman card, woman card." you have to look at the party as a whole. >> on favorability with women is 69% right now. >> hillary clinton is not f favorable either. >> i give women a lot more credit. they'll put more faiths in things like my economy and keeping my family safe. those kind of policies speak better to women and men as an me american. >> thank you for being with us today. don't miss our special live coverage primary, polls closed 6:00 p.m. local time.
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chuck todd is going to take a chair and followed by brian williams and rachel maddow and that's all here on msnbc. today, we are asking the question, "should ted cruz drop out of the race if he loses to indiana"? the poll is live, cast your votes on polls >> up next, bernie sanders discounted the math, his new battle with hillary clinton's voters and dollars. moderate to severe crohn's disease is tough, but i've managed. except that managing my symptoms was all i was doing. and when i finally told my doctor, he said humira is for adults like me who have tried other medications
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a new nbc wall street journal polls show, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are neck and neck. the first time in months new funds numbers showing clinton handout raised bernie sanders. bernie sanders is willing to take the fight all the way to philadelphia. >> she will need super delegates to take her over the top and the convention in philadelphia. in other words, the convention will be a contested contest. >> or correspondence are following every development of
10:22 am
this on the ground, let's get in with kristin welker. any moment now hillary clinton is set to appear at the event where you are. why is she in kentucky and what is her campaign saying of the tight race set four point spread in indiana? >> reporter: well, secretary clinton has arrived and she just started speaking here. in term of why he's here, campaign officials reporting about that very question. they are not taking anything for granted that they are fighting for any single city. coming up to your point the race is very tight. it is possible that senator sanders could win there. secretary clinton was in indiana. she's been campaigning vigorously there. she's not spending any ad money here indiana or any of the primaries. that tells you all you need to know.
10:23 am
the clinton campaign reallocating its resources. now, i have been talking to democrats who say it is vitally important that secretary clinton fights for as many delegates as possible and my votes as possible before the convention this summer. they said heshe's heading to th convention on strong footing. so that's why we are watching indiana very closely. if sanders win could give him more momentum. a lot of focus on california which carries the most delegates. >> kristin, donald trump got in this eck chanxchange over the w where he called her crooked and the most dishonest person who ever run for the presidency. here is some of that back and forth. >> i had a lot of experience dealing with men who sometimes
10:24 am
get off the reservation in the way they behave and how they speak. i am not going to deal with their temper-tantrums or their efforts to try to provoke me. >> she used certain words, and i thought that was a horrible expression of reservation. if i were to use that in the opposite form, it would be in the front page. that was very demeaning. >> what is the clinton campaigning saying all this? >> reporter: the clinton campaign thinks she has this upper hand when it comes to this ender maybe. she out paces trump when it comes to woman voters by more than 20 points. these latest comments heading
10:25 am
into the general election which is trump beats her among white men. that's something he has to work on as she heads into the general election. >> we'll have to see how all of that plays out. the clinton campaign insists that she was not talking about anyone in particular. of course, in her days as secretary of state. >> kristin welker is following the clinton campaign. let's toss things over to chris jansing. he h >> reporter: yes, kate, he out performed her in fund raising and this time she came very close to him and beat him a
10:26 am
little bit and when you add in almost ten billion dollars she raised for the democratic candidate. having said that, you are looking at $26 million a month, there is a lot of folks would love to have that kind of money. he's going to the convention and it is this whole thing of getting super delegates particularly he made the argument in states where he won but she still gets all the super delegat delegates. he's going to make the case that you are going against the will of people and voters. he wants to push for thesose sur delegates to go for him, take a listen of those arguments. >> you have establishment candidates who wins all the super delegates, it makes it hard for candidate like ours to win. you know what?
10:27 am
we'll fight for every last vote. >> reporter: now here is the problem. the problem is even if he turns all those super delegates and wins the remaining states, it is an upward climb for him. that's how far ahead clinton is. these stores have been opened for almost two hours and the line still stretches all the way down here. it is raining and drizzling and people are leaving their water bottles and umbrellas behind and yet they come out. let's find some intelligent looking people. he's moving away. >> do you still think bernie sanders will win this? >> i just hope he does. for the turn out, i am really surprised of the turn out. the turn out was not as large. >> reporter: yesterday when he was in town. how about you guys?
10:28 am
why are you out here today? >> i am retired at the time. >> you know -- i am not going to count anybody out yet. that's a problem this time i think. >> reporter: thank you very much. let me tell you, when you talk to a lot of the folks here, they hold out some hope but they realize that bernie sanders, it is also about what he stands for. last week kate which is to get ideas into the platform. >> chris jansing, you got a lot of people out indiana. >> thank you very much. 19 million people in the path of severe weather, we'll talk about that in a bit. coming up next, with donald trump holding 15 points in nadi.
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we have got to win in november and we got to stand with a campaign that's based on substance and issues and not simply anger and assaults and attacks. >> absolutely, we intend to do everything possible to win. it is going to be up to the people of indiana. >> so that was ted cruz sounding confident but only one day until the decisive indiana primary. the movement stopping trump could be on live support. if you have been watching us, you saw something live a few moments ago with ted cruz walking over and talking with and having an exchange with trump's supporters. before he was leaving he decided to talk to them. we saw a bit of it live, here is the full confrontation in its
10:33 am
entirety. >> i appreciate you coming out today. nour now i think this entire process -- now, i am running to be everyone president. >> we don't like you. >> you are entitled to your own perspective. >> pick your own words. time to drop out, sir. >> donald is definitely going to get more than the votes. >> let me ask you something, what do you like about donald trump? >> everything? >> can you give me one. >> donald trump! >> the wall? >> that's the main thing. [ inaudible ] >> lying ted.
10:34 am
>> you are telling -- [ inaudible ] >> let me ask you something -- >> you are the problem. >> so you like rich people and buying politicians. >> we know your wife works there. on immigration, you know donald
10:35 am
trump, he's hiring -- he's bringing in hundreds of foreign workers instead of hiring americans. sir, with all due respect, he's playing you. ask yourself -- [ inaudible ] >> do you agree with john boehner and nancy pelosi? >> do you agree with everybody? >> what do you think? >> great question. >> the second amendment. all right, i have plenty of second amendment. in fact, he said i hate guns.
10:36 am
that's a quote from donald trump. i have spent 20 years fighting, if donald trump ever become president, he will cut a deal and trump said that. which means he's going to put a liberal on the supreme court and take away your second amendment rights. there is a reason why gun owners of america is endorsed in campaigns. this man is lying to you and he's taking advantage of you. i encourage you, i appreciate you're being out here speaking. if i were donald trump, i would not have shown that perspective. [ inaudible ] >> lying like always. >> okay, stop, what word was i
10:37 am
saying lying? >> let me ask you sir, donald is a punch in the face protester. this is national television. >> i will pay your legal fees when he punched him in the face. there is a problem. donald trump abuccused everyonen that race of being a liar. he cannot tell the truth in one minute. >> sir, you are entitled to have your own opinion. >> america is a better country without you. >> thank you for those nice comments. the kquestion that everyone her should ask. do you want your kids repeating the words of donald trump?
10:38 am
would you be proud, your kids are yelling and insulting. let me give you examples of donald's problems with the troops. he was asking his support of mike tyson. >> mike tyson was convicted and served three years in prison. and yet donald says it is a lie that mike tyson is a rapist. >> that's what you will be doing. >> sir, it is interesting that you added women and children because your candidate, donald trump, came out and say he would order a military to kill wives and children of terrorists which is a war crime. when he was asked in the debate,
10:39 am
what about when soldiers don't want to commit a murder crime. he's the one that says i will tell them to do it and they'll obey me. he thinks he's going to order america's soldiers to commit war crime. >> i said we are going to target isis and take out their oil refineries. no body would target women and children except for a bully like donald trump. i respect your rights but i am also going to say in america we are a nation that's better than anger and insults. i believe people in indiana has common sense and with good judgment. >> oh, wait for trump. >> thank you. sir. >> all right, so we have been watching there, just happened within the past hour in anand.
10:40 am
ted cruz approached trump's supporters. the man refused to give his name. the man you heard talking to ted cruz but interrupted cruz and was called him "lying ted" and chant and yelling chants like "do the math." as you saw for quite a while engaged with this trump supporter and trying to convince him that the right path was to vote for him, ted cruz. you can hear from that man he was talking to, a lot of resistance, and he said it at one point, you will find out tomorrow, indiana don't want you. let's bring in our leader of the stop trump campaign, ken blackwell. he's a senior advisor. ken, you have been listening to what we just played on the air. as i watched that, that was unique. it is unique to see and exchange
10:41 am
between a candidate and one individual voter who are dead set in voting for the opposition. ken, hold on for one moment because i believe halie jackson is able to get with ted cruz and talking to him live. >> it is a fundamentally choice, do we get through campaigns through yelling and insulting or unifying based on real policy solutions to bring manufacturing jobs back to america and raise wages for working men and women. i am encouraged by saying republicans reunited behind your campaign and tremendous to have the honor of pence and carly fiorina and earning the support of hoosiers across the state.
10:42 am
>> reporter: if it does not go your way, are you in the state? >> as long as we have a viable path. >> reporter: what does it mean? >> nobody permissive going to get to 1237. so when you are headed at the contested convention, the battle is who could earn the support the reason donald trump is so desperate to get everyone to call this race over. the reason why so many of us echo that sediments is that donald knows that he cannot earn the majority. if he cannot earn a majority, you cannot be the nominee because it means you cannot unit the party and you would be an incredibly weak general election candidate. i am competing because i believe that america, i believe that we got to change the path we are on. the way to do so, is to get behind a positive conservative message of jobs and freedom and
10:43 am
security. those are my priorities and they're the priorities of hoosier state. >> reporter: if donald trump gets close, 1235 or 1236, what does that mean? >> halie, with all respect, i think the process story drives people crazy. you know what people in this state care about? they care about their paychecks and it is stuck in the mud because obama administration is hammering small businesses. >> reporter: a guy in indiana who came up to you right there and he said i was a rand paul support. >> you are right, we just had an event that had 300 or 400 supporters and donald trump's supporters came out. he was one of them. he was one of the six. i am telling you who i am
10:44 am
fighting for, for the single moms who's working. i am fighting for the steel workers and the union members. i am fighting for the young people. one of the amazing things that i have seen on any of the story networks about is the young people showing up in our rallies. the polling shows that i am beating clinton by double digits by young people. young people are getting hammered by what is happening in the obama/clinton economy. my number one priority as president will be jobs and economic growth, cutting taxes and reducing regulations and pass a simple flat tax and abolishing the irs and repealing obamacare. we'll see small businesses growing and creating millions of
10:45 am
new jobs and wages rising again and coming back from mexico and china. i will tell you this. all of the news will be talking about this version right now, we talk about them when companies leave, americans go to other country. corporate in versions will come to america. we'll create the most attractive environment. that's what this election is about. >> reporter: a couple of questions for you. you know i have been with you for a long time. for months i heard you make the argument and your campaign made the argument that in a head to head match up, you are the one to beat donald trump. you argued that in january. john kasich is feseffectively making indiana ahead match up. what is the argument uyou that you make? >> the argument is the republican party stands for
10:46 am
something that we actually believe something. this is a moment where the entire country relying on i indiana to save us from going over the cliff. >> i was looking where you are, if you lose, mary do you come back to that. i think the question that viewers at home asking, yesterday, i was on your network who i think nine times try to get me to say to support donald trump. he seems really frantic to get me to say that. one question that a lot of people are saying at home is why mainstream media are so desperate in supporting donald trump. virtually all of the networks are part of some liberal democrats and if donald trump is the nominee for partisan democratic. if by some miracle donald gets
10:47 am
elected, he's a big government new york liberal. he supports planned parenthood just like hillary clinton and bl banning guns and just like hillary clinton and banning some of the most powerful plants in america and a massive tax increase. donald trump is campaigning on 40% tax increase and a massive tariff on any hoosier and any time you go to the store, i think the people here in indiana are taxed too much and as president, i am going to cut their taxes. you ought to ask what does it tell thaw the media is so desperately want you to get behind donald trump. what does it tell you that boehner wants you to get behind trump? that you are fed up with washington and politicians selling us down in the river then i would encourage people indiana across the country.
10:48 am
my priorities are jobs and freedom and security, protecting the bill of rights and our religious liberties and second amendment and keeping us safe and secure. i will stand with israel and i have a long record of doing that and we'll defeat radical islamic terrorism. >> let me point out last week on donald trump's speech. where he said he agrees to hillary clinton and would leave the deal in place. they would leave this deal in place. i will rip it to shred. >> a radical islam to death in america and have nuclear weapons is profloundly found yodangerou. >> reporter: i want to ask you governor, you are standing side by side with the governor today
10:49 am
and out campaigning. in our initial comment, you commended donald trump. you said you liked and respected all three candidates. are you hedging your bets. >> i am proud to stand with ted cruz and the primary tomorrow. >> reporter: but in november, you will stand with donald trump? >> we'll let the process work. i will support the republican nominee from the president of the united states. indiana needs a partner in washington dc. we see tremendous growth in the state of indiana the last three years and more than 130,000 new jobs. our work force is growing but that's all been in spite of the policies coming out of washington dc, whether it is a war on coal and putting thousands of jobs at risk or carrier announcing pulling out of states and going to mexico. these direct resolves are not good business. it is results coming out of
10:50 am
washington dc. i am standing next to a principle conservative who like me, has been advocating the agenda throughout his career of less taxes andtaxes, less regulation, traditional values, and a strong military. that's why i'm proud to stand with ted cruz, and i'm proud to be able to campaign with him today, all across the state of indiana. >> and hallie, let me make an interesting observation on this. so we're here with governor pence. very popular conservative governor in indiana. every candidate running for president tried very hard to earn his support. he endorsed me, he's campaigning with me, barnstorming the state. >> is it an endorsement, by the way? there's been a question -- >> let me finish this point, hallie. very popular, very well-respected, very conservative governor of indiana endorsed me, is barnstorming the state, campaigning with me. and yet the first question you ask him is, so, tell me about donald trump. how about, governor, why did you endorse ted cruz. you could have endorsed any of the candidates. that's why people are so --
10:51 am
>> but the governor brought -- i've got to push back respectfully -- >> no, you brought donald trump up. >> donald trump was the first person you mentioned when you endorsed ted cruz. >> how about, why did you endorse ted cruz? tell me why you think ted cruz is the best choice for hoosiers. tell me why you think ted cruz is the best choice for president. that actually would be -- i guarantee you if we were here and a democratic governor actually endorsed hillary clinton, the first question would be, governor, tell me how hillary clinton is fantastic. this is an illustration. principles matter. >> and i know how the national media plays it. you know, majoring in the minors, all right, i believe in the 11th commandment. i like and respect all of the men that are still in the field for president. and i would support any one of them over hillary clinton or bernie sanders. but what i announced last friday was that i am supporting and voting for and endorsing ted cruz for president of the united states in the indiana primary, because i see him as a principled conservative, who's shown the courage of his convictions. you know, hallie, i've been
10:52 am
governor for three years win served in congress for 12. i know what it's like to take on the big spenders in your own party. it's tough, it's lonely. this is an individual who's been willing to do that. willing to pay that price. and i've also been extremely impressed with his knowledge and his devotion to the constitution. the liberties that are enshrined there, the second amendment. and his commitment to the sanctity of life. all of these reasons are why i've chosen to support ted cruz. now, hoosiers across this state are in the process of making up their own minds. and hoosiers have a tendency to do that. and i respect that. but for me, for my part, i want people to know, i'm supporting ted cruz in the indiana primary. >> your staff is wrapping me, senator, so i have to let you go, but one last one on your message to delegates who may be looking to support donald trump based on the mood of the country, and the interaction you just had with those protesters you saw. then i've got to let you get out of here. >> listen, enough about donald trump. i am campaigning to earn the vote of hoosiers across this
10:53 am
state. you're right, there were some protesters there. there were a half a dozen protesters. i went over and communicated with them. and i said, i respect your right to speak, even if you disagree with me. i'm going to protect your first amendment rights, because i'm running to be the president of everybody, not just conservatives, not just republicans, i'm running to be the president of democrats, of independents, of libertarians. we've got to bring this country together. there has been such a long period of ripping us apart, of vitriol, of hatred, of angry, personal attacks. when others attack me, i don't respond in kind. my issue with trump is of substance on issues. it's things like israel and taxes. it's not personal and i believe we need a country that unifies america and appeals to our better angels. and if you look at the issues i'm campaigning on, jobs, freedom, security, not a one of those is a narrow 51% wedge issue. every one of those are broadly
10:54 am
unifying 60, 70, 80% issue. every american wants to see jobs coming back, wants to see wages going up, wants to see prosperity return. every american wants to see the bill of rights protected. and every american wants to keep us safe and secure from radical islamic terrorism. and that's why he's been such a successful governor in indiana, that he sought to bring people together. that's whoo i'm campaigning to do. i believe that's what hoosiers are looking for. and i believe that's what's americans are looking for across this country. >> senator governor, thank you so much. i appreciate you giving us a couple of minutes. we're going to walk with you this way was you get in the car. >> so we've been watching this live. marion, indiana. hallie jackson, our reporter, intrepid correspondent, who's been on the cruz campaign all this while, interviewing governor ted cruz and mike pence of indiana, who clarified that he has, indeed, endorsed ted cruz. i want to bring back ken
10:55 am
blackwell, who was with us just before we broke away. part of the stop-trump movement. i'm going to guess a you were encouraged by what you just heard from senator cruz and mike pence. >> first, let me say, that was an extraordinary exchange between senator cruz and the trump supporters. he was courteous, he was -- the trump supporters. he was courteous, he, in fact, was forthright. and i think he crystalized what the choice is tomorrow. >> but, can i say -- >> donald trump -- donald trump is not a conservative and he's barely a republican and he hasn't embraced the republican platform and i think that's the choice tomorrow. do you want a principled conservative or do you want the king of cronyism. >> ken, there's another way to read that exchange that's playing on the left side of your screen. if they didn't see it live, it was this six to seven-minute
10:56 am
exchange between ted cruz and trump supporters, with the trump supporters pushing back and saying, indiana doesn't want you here, senator. so, ken, the other way to read that is evidence that things are not going to go well for ted cruz tomorrow. >> i think what you would expect, rapid trump supporters to say, they are parroting what they have heard from their leader. i thought it was a courteous exchange. i thought what it should signal is that trump has side-stepped a debate where, in fact, issues could have been debated and he, in fact, didn't want that. what he wanted was a reality show. and he's generally gotten it. look, this is all going to come out tomorrow. this is a delicate by delicate campaign.
10:57 am
the goal line here is 1,237. it would be a mistake for anybody to surrender before -- i mean, it would be like peyton manning and the denver broncos having given up in the third quarter. fight the fight to the last buzzer, and in fact, sometimes champions do win. >> ken blackwell, thanks for sticking with us here throughout the hour. that's going to do it for this hour of msnbc. my colleague, erica hill, picks up on the other side of this break. it's time for the "your business" entrepreneur of the week. in 2009, the country was in recession, and many builders went bust. but at anthony wilder design build, the owners opened up their books for the employees and everyone took a pay cut to save the company. it worked. today, the company is growing. for more, watch "your business," sunday mornings at 7:30 on msnbc. what if one piecof kale
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♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ we don't want you. >> well, you're entitled to your views, sir, and i respect it -- >> do the math! >> you asked kasich to drop out. it's your turn! >> well -- >> take your own words! >> i'm curious -- >> take your own words!