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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  May 2, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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company officials to try to keep that plant here. bernie sanders got their endorsement, couple of them. >> terrible to lose highly skilled jobs. why are we doing it? that does it for us. "mtp daily" starts right now with steve kornacki. there he is. if it's monday, in the land of the indy 500, donald trump looks to be in cruise control. and the stop trump pace car has no gas and four flat tires. this is "mtp daily" and it starts right now. ♪ ♪ good evening, i'm steve kornacki in for chuck todd. welcome to "mtp daily." it is a tale of two campaigns on the trail today, one seemingly
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speeding toward the finish line, the other one sputtering and stalling out. less than 13 hours now until the polls open in indiana, and donald trump is ascending. he's on the verge of a knockout blow. meanwhile, it is mayday for the cruz campaign and the entire stop trump movement. you're looking live right now at pictures of donald trump, addressing a capacity crowd in carmel, indiana. trump firing up the faithful with a speech largely focusing on the economy, also taking a few jabs at ted cruz and also starting to look ahead to the general election, at hillary clinton as well. in just a few hours, donald trump is going to hit south bend, indiana, the home of notre dame. as many as 12,000 people expected to attend a rally there on the eve of the indiana primary. trump is shifting, as we said a second ago, his campaign into general election mode. he is saying that a win in indiana means, quote, the end of it. on the trail today in the hoosier state, trump had lunch
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with the author ed klein. he's written a series of incendiary and often very thinly sourced books that target hillary clinton and her husband bill. and there's the cruz campaign today. their frustrations becoming evident as the voting hour nears. cruz dove head first into the belly of the beast this afternoon. he went and confronted a hostile crowd of trump supporters in merion, indiana. they were shouting things like, do the math, and lying ted. so cruz went right up to them and it led to this heated exchange. >> i'm running to be everyone's president. those who vote for me and those who don't. >> we don't want you here. >> you're entitled to your view, i'll respect it -- >> do the math. you asked kasich to drop out. it's your turn. take your own words. where's your goldman sachs jacket at? we know your wife works there. >> i'm supported by 1.3 million contributions all over the country. our average contribution is $60. donald trump is deceiving. he's playing you for a chump.
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sir, america is a better country -- >> without you. >> thank you for those kind sentiments. let me point out, i have treated you respectfully the entire time and a question here that everybody here should ask -- >> are you canadian? are you canadian? >> do you want your kids repeating the words of donald trump? sir, i respect your right to speak, but i'm also go to say. in america, we're better than anger and cursing and insults. >> nbc's hallie jackson spoke to cruz this afternoon about that confrontation you just watched a clip of. here's what cruz said about what happened. >> there were half a dozen protesters. i went over and communicated with them and i said i respect your right to speak even if you disagree with me. i'm going to protect your first amendment rights because i'm running to be the president of everybody, not just conservatives, of democrats of
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independents, of libertarians. we've got to bring this country together. >> and just moments ago, trump weighed in on the skirmish between his supporters and cruz, took some shots at cruz while hyping indiana as cruz's last stop. >> they're not going to be buffaloed by lies. lying ted. it's unbelievable. it's unbelievable. honestly, if we win indiana, it's over. it's over. [ cheers and applause ] they're finished. they're gone. they're gone. >> now, in just a minute, we're going to see how all of this is playing with an uncommitted convention delegate. he's part of a select group of free agents, the unbound delegates, they're going to be free agents at the convention this summer, and they could have an enormous influence, if this race, that's a big if, if this race is still tight come convention time. here's the big picture now. our poll has trump dominating
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indiana. this is where a cruz loss would be devastating to his campaign and to the stop trump movement. trump's lead, 15 points over cruz. he's pushing 50%, trump is, in our nearest poll. we should note that our number is higher than other recent polling, but that's hardly a comfort for the cruz campaign. the average indiana poll has trump ahead by about 8 points heading into tomorrow's primary. the aura of inevitability around trump, through the roof now, according to a cnn/orc poll released just in the last hour. 91% of republican voters now think that trump will be their nominee. 84% of voters nationwide believe that trump will win the republican nomination for president. let's kick things off with nbc's katy tur in south bend, indiana, the site of a major trump rally tonight. south bend the home of notre dame, lou holtz just came on board the trump train. but katy, this idea of donald trump trying to put a period at
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the end of the sentence, or maybe an exclamation mark at the end of the sentence that is the republican primary process and move ahead to the general election. what's he doing on that front today? >> reporter: they'd like to do that today. you saw him campaigning in two places here in indiana. but even if they are not able to win here in indiana, and it's increasingly looking like they will win, they tell me that they're going to start running a general election campaign as of tomorrow, whether or not ted cruz or john kasich are still in this race. and in many ways, they've already started doing that. you've heard him talk about bernie sanders, saying the system was rigged unfairly against him, trying to woo over some of his support. there's some crossover appeal there with sanders supporters and donald trump supporters. i don't know how widespread it's going to be, but they are trying to woo whoever they can from that camp. and they're also trying to frame their hillary clinton attacks more. today he was having lunch down
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in indianapolis with ed klein, who is the infamous anti-clinton author. so that's just an indication that they are looking at all of the ways they can try and take down hillary clinton, when they get to the general election. because the campaign feels extraordinarily confident that this nomination is theirs. >> all right, katy tur. look at that scene behind you too, katy. that crowd gathered there. we see on the other side of the screen, trump at a rally somewhere else and look at the response. but katy tur, thank you for that report. appreciate it. hallie jackson, she's been nbc's road warrior with the inside scoop on the cruz campaign, joins me now from indianapolis. he talked to cruz and mike pence today. she joins us now. hallie, that scene, we played the clip of it, ted cruz going face to face with the hecklers who are supporting donald trump. i really think that sums up the primary in a nutshell right there. this is what ted cruz is up against. >> reporter: it was like a
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microcosm of what he's doing here in indiana. you're right, he's going and trying to make his case to people that are increasingly looking like they want to talk about donald trump. what's interesting about that moment, i think ted cruz supporters saw somebody in their candidate who went up and approached these hecklers on his own and went up to try to talk to them. if you don't support ted cruz, what you saw potentially is somebody who was getting a lot of heat. you heard lying ted, you heard heckling about goldman sachs from these people who had gathered across the street from where his rally or retail stop was. he has another rally later tonight, this will be his fifth stop of the day, right around 7:30 eastern time as he goes all out, all over the hoosier state, not just ted cruz, but he's sending out his surrogates as well. he's with governor mike pence. i asked the governor if he's hedging his bets and the governor said, no, it was a full endorsement he was giving ted cruz, which is interesting, because when he first came out and talked about how he would vote for cruz, he also praised
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donald trump, commending him for the conversation that he started within the campaign. you're also seeing heidi cruz, carly fiorina, all of them on the campaign trail for cruz as well as he tries to pull out all the stops, less than 24 hours to go. >> hallie jackson on the ted cruz beat. thanks for that. and the writing is on the wall for the struggling cruz campaign. the national review reports that cruz's preferred delegate choices in some states are wavering in their support for cruz. this after trump's sweep of five states. five have expressed serious reservations about backing the texas senator on that crucial first ballot. one of those is dick dever. he said, what i have said, i'm leaning toward cruz, but i'm not committed to anybody. and after tuesday's vote, i think trump had the momentum going forward, i think that was a real shift.
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dick dever joins me now. we have spent a lot of time this primary season talking about the unbound delegates, the free agents like you. based on the comments we just put up on the screen from you, if the polling in indiana is right, and this is a big donald trump win tomorrow, are you saying, okay, i can go with trump now? >> well, i think at some point it's likely to be trump. the probability is there, especially after tomorrow, and i think ted cruz probably knows that as well. >> because the word we're getting from the cruz campaign, the stop trump movement, it's on to california, june 7th, that's what it's all coming down to. sounds like you're saying, he's not going to have that much time. >> i'm not gonna commit myself tomorrow, but i will likely commit myself before the convention in july. we'll see where it goes from here. the numbers are just not coming it the for ted cruz.
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>> and what does it say if he's unable to win indiana tomorrow? >> i think the likelihood is that he's not going anywhere. when i look at the numbers, there are 571 delegates left, and it appears to me that if he was to try to not get to 1,237, but to tie donald trump, that he'd need 568 of those delegates, and that's just not happening. >> you know, ted cruz himself, the cruz campaign, stop trump forces, they say, hey, a majority of republicans, if you look at all the states that have voted so far, they say they have voted against donald trump. they say they are on the side of the majority of the party that doesn't want trump to be the nomin nominee. do you agree with that? does a majority of the party doesn't want trump to be the nominee, or is it possible they do? >> new york was the first state that trump got a majority in, and last week he got it in five states. so those are the only places.
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the question is, how close does he need to be to 1,237 in order tor secure the nomination? i think he's likely to be at that number, but in order for cruz to be viable, he needs to be close to that number, or close to trump. >> and right now, he's down by four than 400 in the delegate count. dick dever, appreciate the time. i'm joined now by cruz campaign surrogate jack kingston. congressman, let's pick it up on what we just heard. this is somebody who the cruz campaign is counting on. the cruz campaign organized the heck out of north dakota and he's saying he doesn't think cruz has much time left and he's going nowhere if he loses tomorrow. what do you say to that? >> i don't think he's saying anything original. and saying i'm coming out for trump. i will say this, i've spoken to the cruz people who are in indiana on the ground.
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they think the synergy feels like wisconsin. mike pence's activism particularly in the last 48 hours is really big. carly fiorina is there. congressman louie gohmert, standards of the conservative cause are on the ground and fanned out over indiana right now and saying, this is so much like wisconsin. the numbers are trending. so many of the polls that we're hearing that shows the big gap were taken before mike pence got actively involved in the campaign and before carly fiorina was announced as the veep. so we feel like indiana is a great battleground. we're feeling good about it, as you just showed. you had ted cruz calmly talking to trump supporters about the issues. their refusal to go there. i do agree with you, it's like a microcosm and what they're doing is mimicking their leader who speaks in pronouncements, rather than engaging.
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where is the indiana debate that people wanted to have? there wasn't one because trump cut and ran. >> let me ask you this, on the subject of that confrontation there between cruz and the trump supporters, one thing that struck me, watching that, he's basically trying to warn them, saying, donald trump is a danger to the republican party, a danger to conservativism. it struck me ted cruz wasn't saying this for so long in this campaign. we put a clip together. this is ted cruz and what he was saying about donald trump, basically for all of 2015. >> it seems the favorite sport of the washington media is to encourage some republicans to attack other republicans. i ain't gonna do this. >> i'll say this, i think donald trump is bringing a bold, brash voice on this presidential race. >> i'm very glad that donald trump's being in this race has forced the mainstream media, finally, to talk about illegal immigration. >> so congressman, when we see
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ted cruz today come face to face with what he's up against, didn't he help create that? >> well, i think that as we focus more on donald trump, we see that, in fact, donald trump and hillary clinton are two sides of the same coin. for example, they both support universal health care, they both have been wishy washy on coun y country -- gun control, and neutral on israel -- >> but what about, he wasn't saying any of this, cruz wasn't saying any of this for six months in 2015. into 2016, the subject of donald trump came up and cruz had opportunities to say, hey, republicans, we don't want to go down this road, hey conservatives, we don't want to go down this road. instead he said the kinds of things we just showed. didn't that help create the danger of what he could lose to now? >> i think part of this is the competition of the home stretch, where you have it narrowed down
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to two campaigns, both trying to win. but also, there's been more spotlight on donald trump than there was before. he did not come out in favor of planned parenthood at the beginning of his campaign. but the more we learn about donald trump, the more worried we are. and i think it's very important for republican primary voters to know that statistics and polls show that it cannot win in november. so a vote for the hoosiers tomorrow, for donald trump is a vote for hillary clinton. and i think people need to be aware about how high the stakes are before they go to the polls tomorrow. >> if donald trump is the republican nominee, though, will you support him? >> i think he would be a lot better than hillary clinton. because hillary clinton is absolutely more of the failed policies of barack obama. but that's why we are going to fight to the very finish. we believe that this is going to go to the convention. we don't think that the math is in donald trump's favor. he's got to get to 1,237. we don't believe he will do that in california. so we're ready to go to the
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convention and finish the business there. >> all right, jack kingston, former congressman, supporter of ted cruz, thanks for the time. >> thank you. later this hour, could key members of team cruz be ready to jump on the trump bandwagon? we'll have fresh insight from the trail. and just ahead, bernie sanders is also betting on a contested convention, but do the numbers really add up? can they add up for him? we'll check the math on that one and talk live with the sanders campaign after this break.
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for the first time this year, hillary clinton's presidential campaign has out-raised bernie sanders. sanders raised $25.8 million in april. clinton brought in $26.4 mill n million. it had been the opposite of that, sanders out-pacing her. in march, he bested her by almost $20 million.
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while clinton's fund-raising pace held steady, sanders' slowed considerably. team sanders didn't disclose its cache on hand number. clinton said hers is about $30 million. we'll be right back. a fair price, quality service, and that horrible smells are really good at hiding. oh, boy. there it is. ♪ ohh. ooh. [ gags ] so when you need a house cleaner or an exterminator, we can help you get the job done right, guaranteed. get started today at angie's list, because your home is where our heart is. ♪
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the way the system works is, you have establishment candidates who win virtually all of the super delegates. it makes it hard for insurgent candidacies like ours to win. but you know what, we're going to fight for every last vote. >> that was bernie sanders today in evansville, indiana. he's not going silent when it comes to taking on his opponent on the trail. he's making three stops in indiana today, ahead of that state's primary tomorrow. hillary clinton meanwhile has skipped over both indiana and
2:22 pm
sanders as a talking point as she pivots her focus on the general election. on sunday, sanders held a news conference to say, not so fast, hillary. >> it is virtually impossible for secretary clinton to reach the majority of convention delegates by june 14th, with pledged delegates alone. she will need super delegates to take her over the top at the convention in philadelphia. in other words, the convention will be a contested contest. >> so bernie sanders is saying, this thing is going all the way to the convention, that nobody will have a majority of pledged delegates at the end of the primary process on june 14th. let's take you through some of the numbers and what he means here. this is the difference right now in pledged delegates. not super delegates. just the delegates you win in the primaries and caucuses. you can see sanders is running behind, but when you don't have the super delegates in, the margin is closer than some of
2:23 pm
the other numbers you see out there. hillary would need 2,383. so sanders has a point. tough to see clinton getting over that amount during the primary process. but does that automatically mean it's a fight to the convention, where super delegates will be changing loyalties and courted by both sides? well, there's some precedent that maybe sanders doesn't want to be talking about, the last time there was a democratic primary, 2008, hillary clinton, barack obama. they got all the way through their primary process and let me show you. this is what the score board looked like in pledged delegates. after the last primary in 2008, you can see, barack obama led. he had 1,764. but the magic number of the 2,118. so the exact scenario that bernie sanders was talking about, we get to the end, nobody has a majority. so it's an open convention, it's a fight all the way to the convention. did that happen in 2008? the answer is no.
2:24 pm
when the primary process ended in 2008, hillary clinton, you see a little bit more than a hundred pledge delegates behind barack obama. she made a decision, she said it's futile to try to flip super delegates, there isn't an argument to be made it's going to win them over. she would only alienate the party and fighting it to the convention. soon as the primary ended in 2008, this is what hillary clinton said. >> today, as i suspend my campaign, i congratulate him on the victory he has won and the extraordinary race he has run. i endorse him and throw my full support behind him. >> sanders made another argument yesterday. it had to do with how the super delegates are awarded. take a listen. >> in the state of washington, we won that caucus with almost 73% of this vote.
2:25 pm
but at this point, secretary clinton has ten super delegates from the state of washington. we have zero. the minnesota, we won the caucus there with 61% of the vote. hillary clinton has 11 super delegates. we have three. in colorado, we won that state with 59% of the vote, pretty strong margin. secretary clinton has ten super delegates. we have zero. >> so again, right now hillary clinton has a big lead with the super delegates. none of the commitments are etched in stone. sanders is saying, look at all the states i won. he said, i'm basically getting no super delegates from all these states. if you gave me those super delegates, if they honored the will of the voters, maybe it would be a different story. so we took all the states sanders won and all the states
2:26 pm
hillary clinton won and said this, how about if you win the state, you get all the super delegates. what would that do to the math? would this be a totally different race? sanders gets the dark blue. clinton gets all the light blue super delegates. what happens? we crunch the numbers. here's what we come up with. hillary clinton beats him among the super delegates by a little bit more than 250. 386-134 margin, from the states that have voted so far. if you add that in, with the pledged delegate count so far, hillary still has a sizeable lead. the pledge plus the super. it would be a little different, but it wouldn't make sanders the front-runner and the math would still be very steep for him. two bits of numbers to run by you, but let's talk now to somebody directly from the campaign about what exactly they're seeing and looking for here. jeff weaver joins me now. let me just ask you, what do you guys want to accomplish from this point forward? how do you win this thing? >> well, how we win it, steve is
2:27 pm
how you win any election. you get more votes and you get more delegates. and that's what we're working on. the senator is in indiana, working very hard. there's a bunch of states coming up, california, which is the biggest state, with 475 delegates in that state alone. so there's a lot of room left to get pledge delegates and we're fighting, as the senator has said, for every vote and every delegate. we are going to close the delegate lead on secretary clinton substantially by the end of this process. >> you say close, we put the example up from 2008. barack obama had the lead in pledge delegates and hillary clinton said, that's it, he wins, i'm backing out, i'm endorsing him. if we get to the end of this process this time around and bernie sanders has not caught hillary clinton in pledge delegates, do you end the campaign as well? >> there's another factor about 2008 which you also didn't raise. in 2008, over 120 super
2:28 pm
delegates switched allegiance during that process. so there's a lot of movement among super delegates in the contest. if you look at the general election polling, it is clear and consistent almost exception, bernie sanders does better against almost every single one of the republicans, including a moderate republican like kasich, who beats hillary clinton in many polls, and ted cruz. bernie sanders beats them all by more. and these super delegates, who are party officials and electeds, they're going to have to look at these two candidates and decide who is best able to win for democrats in november and it's pretty clear at this point, that it's bernie sanders. he's brought in millions of young people into this process, he's overwhelmingly popular with independents. and democrats can't win with democrats alone. if you don't win independents, you're not going to win. >> but you're talking about something different here. because in 2008, when those super delegates switched from clinton to obama, they did it in response to obama winning, to obama taking the lead in pledge delegates. and in a lot of ways, that he
2:29 pm
leads the pledge delegates, he's winning the race, we need to respect and honor the intent of democratic voters out there. you're not saying that. you're saying even if he's behind in the pledged delegates, they should be looking at electability, and saying, we know what the primary process produced, but we want to pick somebody else. >> that's not the case with all the super delegates. many of them switched throughout the process of the primaries and caucuses in 2008. including some very prominent ones. but met me say this, we could have a discussion about whether there should be super delegates at all. that's a separate discussion. the question is, if you're going to have super delegates, if they're just a rubber stamp for the pledge delegate process, then they don't serve a purpose. their purpose is supposed to be that they reflect on the candidates before them, which is best able to advance the cause, in terms of electing the president and democrats up and down the ballot. and the people that bernie sanders has brought in, that's the candidate who can energize
2:30 pm
those people and bring them out in november. barack obama won indiana in north carolina, 2008, two states not in contention twr democrfor. he won them with strong support with young voters. that's what bernie sanders brings to this race. he can energize young people and people who don't traditionally vote democrat. he is the guy who can beat trump. >> do you have any pause about taking this campaign through the summer and to the convention, when you say donald trump saying, i'm going to start taking sanders' attacks against clinton and making them my own, and the republican party may be starting to unite behind a candidate, behind donald trump, the idea that if you take this thing to the convention, you're keeping the democratic party from uniting? >> no, what we're doing is helping the democratic party. the democratic party needs too reach out to young people, working people, to independents. the message that bernie sanders is delivering is obviously a
2:31 pm
message resonating with those people. the democratic party has to reflect that and that's what the process is about, making sure the views of those people are represented in the democratic party. and we'll do that with reforming the electoral process, in nominating a candidate for president. >> thank you for the time. >> thanks, steve. happy to do it. still ahead, a stop trump trilogy. we have the inside scoop on the three things that have to happen to keep donald trump from capturing the republican nomination. and later, why democratic underdogs could be reshaping capital hill after this election. stay tuned. one coat, yes! ♪ there is a day, for every number. ♪ ♪ there is a time, for all my slumbers. ♪ ♪ and i can see, that i can't run and hide. ♪
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indiana looks like it might be out of reach for ted cruz. that cruz-kasich pact or alliance or deal, whatever you want to call it, it appears to have backfired. just 34% of indiana republicans say in our new poll that they approve of cruz and kasich teaming up against trump. nbc's kasie hunt has been working her sources inside the stop trump movement and joins us now from indianapolis. kasie, it sure feels like there were a lot of republican voters out there, who were not with trump at the beginning, who are climbing on the bandwagon now. how can the stop trump forces still pull this out with that happening? >> reporter: i'm not sure they can, and either are many of the people i've talked to over the course of the last day. there was, a three-pronged approach, win in indiana, go on in nebraska and play ball in california. strip away some of the congressional districts that are winner take all from donald trump and have ted cruz or kasich prevent him or them
2:40 pm
together prevent him from reaching 1,237. but at this point, it's hard to see how any of that happens. cruz is far behind here in indiana. he still could win nebraska or other states down the line. but that pact with kasich completely fell apart, they don't have the money, the stop trump movement, or either of these campaigns to really compete aggressively in california, which as you know, is really expensive. and then the third piece of the strategy was the convention floor and that, of course is the one that a lot of republican insiders, establishment folks, have been talking about over the course of the past couple of weeks. and the reality is that there doesn't seem to be the stomach for the backlash that would surely come from trump and his supporters if some of these people were to try to deny trump the nomination. you saw a microcosm of this up in new hampshire over the last 48 hours, when the party establishment up there tried to stack the committee assignments to include the two committee people who were delegates for kasich and for jeb bush,
2:41 pm
respectively. so that quickly shut down voting left open there. it's unclear how that will resolve itself. it just doesn't seem as though republicans have the stomach to do this the way they did even a week ago, steve. >> kasie hunt in indianapolis, thank you for that. let's turn to beth furry, senior editor, tamra drought, the vp of plss and research and carrie sheffield, senior writer with "opportunity lives." you have voiced skepticism of donald trump. are you saying, it looks like he'll be the nominee? >> it looks that way. when you're competing against a $2 billion juggernaut of free media for trump. trump was complaining about the ads against him. that's nothing compared to the free media he's gotten. so you know, i think that heading into indiana, the
2:42 pm
polling, as you've been repeatedly showing, it's -- >> but this is what's confused me. what was the message? did you ever pick up the message of the stop trump movement? they say he's not going to win in the fall, so they're trying to make the electability argument. i've seen that argument used against the candidates that excite the passion of the base for a long time. but besides that, what is the argument? >> i think the biggest problem, they didn't have a good alternative. ted cruz never proved to be a palatable alternative for republicans. john kasich, who polls the best of all of them in terms of electability was never even considered. it seems as if the party slid that guy off to the side. that deal that they tried to arrange, the cruz-kasich deal that fell apart so quickly and caused a backlash in the polling. this effort to consolidate behind cruz, cruz wasn't the guy that anybody wanted. i don't think money would have made the difference. i don't think starting earlier would have made the difference
2:43 pm
if you don't have a good alternative to trump, why wouldn't everybody get behind him? >> when you have less moon ves saying, we love donald trump, this is great for democracy. the fact that out of 319 million americans, the can't find a candidate that doesn't call women bimbos and dogs. >> we can have the argument about the media all you want. people say it's been free media. i say, we're talking about donald trump going into the general election with the worse numbers we've seen for any prospective nominee ever. so that tells me also, what he has said, whether the majority of the country has turned against him for it, it has resonated with a major chunk of one party. >> it has. he's tapped into a frustration that the republican party has ignored for a very long time. i will give him credit for that.
2:44 pm
that said, what i want to know, what is the stop trump movement going to do to stop trump from becoming president when we does going to win the nomination? because we're going to need help then too. this is a dangerous circumstance we find ourselves in, where a man is running for president of the free world. the whole world is watching what is happening with this election and the idea of a trump presidency, i hope, is enough for some of our conservative friends to make sure that doesn't happen. >> that's the big question in politics for the months ahead. stay with us. up next in the ws, virginia becomes the battleground for a new voting rights issue. stay tuned. ♪ [female narrator] you listen when your body says: "i'm tired." or, "i'm hungry." what if your body said something else might be wrong? gynecologic cancers - cervical, ovarian
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all right, time now for the ws, starting with a who. it's former purdue basketball coach gene katie and lou holtz, hoosier state coaching royalty, both endorsing donald trump today. holtz actually gave money to hillary clinton back in 2008. he has ties with the clintons that go back a long way to his days as arkansas coach in the 1970s. he stayed at the clinton white house in the '90s. this is an interesting one now that he's siding with -- excuse me -- with one of the biggest critics of the clintons.
2:47 pm
add this to trump's bobby knight nod. he's cornered the market on coaching luminaries. today's what is a missed debt payment in puerto rico. the governor announced the commonwealth will not pay the debt due today. the next big deadline, nearly $2 billion due july 1st. now to the where. it's virginia, state republicans there plan to sue governor terry mcauliffe over his executive order that restored voting rights to convicted felons. president obama carried the state by 115,000 votes in 2012. the when, tomorrow night, chuck will kick off our indiana primary coverage at 5:00 p.m. eastern right here on msnbc. and now to the why. conner eldridge is out with a new web ad, attacking his opponent john boseman. check it out. ♪
2:48 pm
>> i'll support the candidate regardless of who we pick, whether donald trump, his certainly would be a lot better presidency. >> here's why that matters. if trump is the republican presidential nominee, you can expect a lot of ads from down ticket tying themselves to donald trump. while the arkansas race is not a high profile contest, it will be the template of what we'll see nationwide. most people think that after an cident, you'll have to pay five hundred bucks for your deductible. the truth? at allstate, you could pay zero. allstate gives you a hundred dollars off your deductible the day you sign up. then another hundred off every year you don't have an accident.
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the leading republican contender is the man who led the insidious birther movement to discredit the president's citizsi citizensh citizenship. we cannot like barack obama's legacy fall into donald trump's hands. >> hillary clinton at an naacp event in detroit tieing herself to president obama and taking the fight to donald trump and with that it's time for more of the lid. the panel is here. beth, tamera, kerry. so clinton versus trump. this is becoming less though red
2:56 pm
kill by the moment. here was donald trump a few minutes ago. you heard hillary clinton. let's play that. >> i would say she started screaming at the teleprompter but i'm not allowed to say that. you know why? now, if she was a man i could say it but as a woman, ladies, i'm sorry, i'm not allowed to say it. she was screaming at the teleprompter but i will not say it. okay? >> let me put this to the table. we've seen what the numbers are for the general election. donald trump goes in it severely damaged and the big reason for that is among women. the question is, this is why it surprised people. after the big wins, maybe he changes tone and instead talks this way. is there a chance we're missing something here? clinton versus trump get together on the stage. people see them next to each other. he talks this way and the public reacts differently. is there a chance of that? >> he's got a severe deficit
2:57 pm
with women but she's got a severe deficit with men. he's hoping to galvanize. when i hear her talking about preserving bomb barack obama's legacy, that's not what i want to vote for, either. i'm open for a third party candidate. let's get a powell, mark cuban. >> could you vote for trump? >> i do not want to be on the wrong side of history so, no. >> i agree with kerry. hillary clinton does have a deficit among men, young men, all men, white men are her biggest challenges and i think what trump is doing here is intensifying that already problem that she has but also potentially just getting her a little out of sync throwing her strength bem ccoming the first y testimony time technique to get her rattled. i think that's his biggest hope. >> does he keep doing this through november do you think? >> if it works or start to see the numbers move.
2:58 pm
everything he does even though he doesn't poll and everything is very instinct for him, this is calculate. they have some opening here still really big risk but probably a risk worth taking. >> tamera, what about this idea you're driving a wedge, we have a gender gap. this is about exploding the gender gap. what do you think about that? >> it will enliven her and it has. the way she responded to the woman card thing is fabulous f. you donate you get a card, woman card. i think seeing the two of them on the stage i think she's going to clean his clock. i don't think he'll be able to control himself and i think that he will speak in a way to her that men and women find completely deplorable and insulting because let's remember at the end of the day, a lot of men, they all have moms. a lot have daughters, sisters. they don't want to see this kind of sexist just debasing treatment of women. so i actually have more faith in men that this is not -- this
2:59 pm
strategy is going to be very short lived because it's going to decimate his chances. >> the one thing i keep trying to keep in mind with donald trump, two things about the general election. he looks doomed right now. one of them is he looked doomed at the start of the republican primary. more than 60% of republicans say they can support him. the number was 20. 23 when he got into this. he's changed his image before. >> he has and magical what he did during the primary. he went after each opponent and found a weakness and went at it and pulled them down. that's the other thing. he brought everybody into the gutter with him and every time they try to fight him, they won. identifying that weakness and bringing them down and fighting on his terms, they lose. that's what he's trying to do with hillary clinton. >> i will say i think among minorities for example, latinos, african americans, i talk to them and a lot of them are open to donald trump. the more he opened his mouth, the more negative towards him. i take issue in the sense i think it's different when we
3:00 pm
talk about the general population, which let's be honest the republican base -- >> that's the question. how much damage outside the republican party was done. beth, tamera, kerry, thanks. tomorrow there will be msnbc live coverage of the primary and with all due respect starts right now. after tomorrow your candidacy might require something a little bit more like this. ♪ ♪ >> happy "game of thrones" belated spoiler alert. the attacks get petty and gender warset


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