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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 4, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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live from our msnbc election headquarters in new york. a lot to get you caught up on this morning. so donald trump is off and running, focused on the general election now that rnc chairman reince priebus has named him, quote, the party's presumptive nominee. following that landslide victory for trump in indiana and a wide-ranging interview just a few hours ago on "morning joe" donald trump took aim at his likely democratic opponent and also talked about a possible running mate and how he plans to unite the republican party. >> i've gotten a lot of calls from people that were far more brutal than ted was, and they want to join the team. in fact i said to them, how can you do that after what you said? they said don't worry about it, that's not a problem, because they're politicians. >> do you care if ted cruz endorses you? >> well, i think it would be nice. i've been saying for a long time that there's some people that i almost don't want their
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endorsement, republicans, i really don't because it was too rough. and they were too nasty. i don't think it's going to matter, frankly. bernie sanders said about hillary clinton, she's got poor judgment. he also said, by the way, she's unqualified but i won't even go there. but bernie sanders said that she's got poor judgment. and she does. you look at the e-mail scandal. she shouldn't even be allowed to run. >> are you going to welcome the support of super pacs as you get ready to run against hillary clinton? >> i'm going to be making a decision over the next week. the question is i do love self-funding and i don't want anything for myself, but we do need money for the party. the party will come together. i don't think it's imperative that the entire party come together. i don't want everybody. i don't even want certain people that were extraordinarily nasty. let them go their own way. let them wait eight years or let them wait 16 years or whatever, because i think we're going to have great success against
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probably hillary, because the system is totally rigged against bernie. >> we confirmed last night at nbc news that your campaign has started to vet vice presidential candidates. who are a couple of the names that you're looking at? >> well, it's too soon. i just don't want to do it. i will say that i probably will go the political route. i have the business, let's call it talents, and i think i'll probably go the political route, somebody that can help me with legislation so we don't have to go the executive order route as much as obama did. >> now, trump speaking this morning after, of course, the dramatic developments last night. >> this has been an amazing evening. i didn't expect this. i didn't expect it. >> from the beginning i've said that i would continue on as long as there was a viable path to victory. tonight i'm sorry to say -- >> no! >> -- it appears that path has been foreclosed. >> no!
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>> we are suspending our campaign. >> no! >> just so you understand, ted cruz, i don't know if he likes me or if he doesn't like me, but he is one hell of a competitor. he is a tough, smart guy. >> now, ohio governor john kasich remains in the republican race. we are waiting to hear from him any minute now. you see the cameras and a little bit of mild activity happening there. he's about to speak to reporters before holding events today in virginia and maryland. now, on the democratic side, hillary clinton is still on track to become her party's nominee, but she certainly still has work to do after bernie sanders pulled in another victory in indiana. >> i understand that secretary clinton thinks that this campaign is over. i've got some bad news for her. and i think that while the path is narrow, and i do not deny that for a moment, i think we can pull off one of the great
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political upsets in the history of the united states. >> senator sanders campaigns in kentucky later today ahead of that state's primary. that's may 17th. hillary clinton speaks at the asian-pacific american institute for congressional studies, a gala happening in washington. let's begin, again, with the republican side and find out more of what's happening this hour. nbc's peter alexander joins us now from washington. peter, as i mentioned, you have john kasich planning to speak today. he still has events on the calendar. he at this point does not appear to be a real threat in any way to donald trump. so i guess it is trump now focused on either hillary clinton or bernie sanders. >> that's exactly right. donald trump the first to admit that even he was surprised to see his chief rival in this race, ted cruz, drop out. his aides say they expected this would be a long slog all the way through a convention frankly, at least through june 7th in california. but what it means now for donald trump's campaign is they can
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focus in earnest on the general election, specifically in their eyes on hillary clinton. that means partnering up with the rnc that has been at times an adversary throughout the course of this campaign season. it means staffing up. it means redeploying staff to some of those critical states. remember, donald trump has insisted that his addition to this ticket, his being the republican nominee, would basically put republicans into contention in a lot of states that they hadn't been in the past, places like new york, his home state he suggests, and pennsylvania as well. but there are also some new national numbers out today that show the real challenge facing trump right now, trailing hillary clinton roughly 54-41, 13-point advantage for hillary clinton, so he certainly has room to grow. the stop trump movement, as we've been discussing for a long time, frankly doesn't know where it will go next right now. this is an existential moment in many ways for the republican party. some have said gop rip today.
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social media has been burning up with people physically burning their republican voter registration cards today. one frustrated, dispointed, frankly distraught conservative spoke out to us late last night at ted cruz's event. take a listen. >> i have always, always gotten behind whoever won. this is the first time ever, i will not be able to do that. >> how long others sort of sharing that sentiment, lindsey graham, who was former low a rival of donald trump, said if trump is the nominee, we will get destroyed and we will deserve it. as you heard from that series of clips from trump speaking out today, one of the things we will be watching is what he will do in terms of fund-raising. obviously the campaign has been celebrated from its supporters for it's being largely self-funded. he donated about $36 million to his campaign, has only spent
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about $47 million in total this campaign season so far. compare that to a michael bloomberg spending roughly $100 million to win in new york city. trump saying that's a decision he'll likely make in the next week. another decision to keep an eye on is who joins his ticket as a running mate. tamron. >> peter, thank you. i'm joined boy the trump campaign national spokesperson, katrina pierson. thanks for your time. >> hi, tamron. >> let's talk about trump's uphill battle to unite the party. lindsey graham says if we nominate trump we will get destroyed and we deserve it. nebraska senator ben sass is the e says if donald trump becomes the republican nominee, my expectation is i will look for some third party candidate, a conservative option, a constitutionalist. former advisor to john mccain, mark salter, wrote the gop is going to nominate for president a guy who reads the "national enkwoir e enquir
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enquirer." i'm with her. buzzfeed compiled several images of republican voters tearing up, burning or destroying their voter registration cards in reaction to what happened last night. >> well, you know, tamron, emotions are definitely high. yes, this was a very contentious primary. but at the end of the day there will be an opponent and her name is hillary clinton. even though these republicans say they won't support donald trump, we ran into these, these same republicans pushing the constitutional conservative message which really hasn't been viable since 1989 when the party stopped governing that way. bush number one raised taxes. gave us the clean air act of 1990. created nafta that bill clinton ultimately signed. bush number two did worse, he gave us no child left behind, wall street bailouts, eviscerated the constitution with the patriot act. these are also not extremely
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conservative issues. but the party came together behind them. i didn't want to vote for mccain and his conservative review scorecard is an f, and not just any f, but a 37%. at the end of the day when the contrast is made, if a republican wants to stop hillary clinton, they will support donald trump. >> looking at what donald trump said yesterday regarding not wanting the support of some within the party, he said that they have been nasty, to be clear just a few hours before calling ted cruz a formidable contender or a good campaigner, he tried to link ted cruz's father to the assassination of jfk, fast forward. it's as if north pole ne of tha happened. donald trump has been accused, and there is plenty of proof, providing some of the nastiest allegations in presidential history some have said. so when he refers to those who have been nasty to him, that he does not want their support, can you tell me some of those that he's referencing?
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>> well, i think in the context of the jfk, donald trump was point out the absurdities because there wasn't a replay of all of the absurdities that were said leading up to the context like senator ted cruz being anointed as the chosen one, a baptist who was brought onto the earth to fulfill the mormon flaufac prophecy. but i'll also say there are going to be some of those people who aren't very principled when it ms. to defeating hillary clinton. it's about themselves. we have think tanks in washington, d.c., who make a living at philosophy of conservatism. but as i mentioned the candidates nominated in two cycles prior were not conservatives and everyone got around them. >> so donald trump is embracing that he's not a conservative. at this point he's embracing that he is not a conservative? >> no. what i am saying is they're saying he's not a conservative. at the same time, they embraced candidates who were not conservatives. so the argument is going to fail. when they do see that contrast compared to hillary clinton,
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donald trump is a conservative, particularly when it comes to jobs and the economy, which is where a lot of conservatives are. they're going to come around. and to those individuals who don't want to support donald trump, never had any intention of supporting donald trump, there are republicans out there who would rather keep things the same because they do belong to a lot of those special interests that donald trump is a great threat to. >> let's look at a few names out there. has the trump campaign reached out to jeb bush for his support? >> i'm not sure if mr. trump has reached out to anyone at this point. there are a lot of people reaching out to the campaign. >> we know he's reached out to ben carson. we know he has the support of chris christie, for example. >> yes. >> and he says -- >> they did reach out to mr. trump. >> so what about some of the other big names that he defeated that he may need to bring in to unite the party? marco rubio, jeb bush come to mind. >> well, you're absolutely right. ben carson and chris christie did reach out to mr. trump and
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they told him they see the movement that he has, the ability to bring in new voters, which is extremely important. but mr. trump is going to consider everyone. he does want people to reach out to him. he's going to reach out to other people. this just happened last night. let's give it a week for the dust to settle so that mr. trump can get used to being the gop nominee, start thinking about these vice presidential picks and he is going to unite the party. >> when you say the dust perhaps will settle, there is a lot of dust that he kicked up in the air. let's look at the numbers -- >> it wasn't just him. >> he has an 88% negative with african-american voters. he brought this up last night, that he would bring in the black vote. hispanics, 79% negatives. women, 69% negatives. people between the age of 18 and 34, 75% negative view of donald trump at this point. how does the dust settle on some of the images that we saw at the rally, some of the rallies, and some of the things that have
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come from the candidate, now the presumptive nominee, likely nominee? >> well, because of hundreds of millions of dollars in attack ads, 65,000 ads to be exact. he mentioned that last night. of course there's going to be a negative perception. but now mr. trump can focus on communicating to the general population about his visions and not what the media context has been. these rallies have been exposed for what they are. paid organized protesters, bernie sanders supporters, la razza supporters, they're burning american flags. these are not trump supporters and americans are starting to see that. tamron, once mr. trump gets out on the trail with his general election philosophy contrasting with hillary clinton, those numbers will go down. >> i know your campaign has brought up this rasmussen poll that showed donald trump up two points over hillary clinton in a head-to-head matchup but real clear politics has an average of polls where hillary clinton is at 46%, donald trump at 40%. she beats him by as much as 11 points in the latest usa today
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poll. in a general election matchup. this is a good one here, katrina, utah from the "desert news" which is very significant because according to gallup, utah is the third most republican state in the union, in utah a matchup, you see it there, hillary clinton right now ahead of donald trump in the polling in the third most republican state in the union. is he really happy to be facing off against hillary clinton? >> oh, absolutely. mainly because hillary clinton has never been truly vetted before. >> hillary clinton has never been vetted before? >> never been truly vetted before. how many times has hillary clinton been asked about the specific role in benghazi outside of the testimony? >> outside of the testimony pulled together by the republican-led committee. so you believe that hillary clinton -- i just want to make sure that we're clear on this. the former secretary of state, you talk about the money spent against donald trump to perhaps demonize him.
8:16 am
the millions of dollars that have been spent against the clintons, both as a first lady and the secretary of state and a senator for the state of new york, which she has received contributions from your candidate, that this -- that hillary clinton has not been properly vetted? >> no. there's an entire generation of voters out there that know nothing about hillary clinton other than what they have heard in the last two to three years. there is plenty of information that needs to be discussed on top of the clinton foundation, which has not been fully discussed in the media. >> has donald trump been properly vetted? he is one of the most well-known individuals in the world. his name on many buildings in major cities. has donald trump been properly vetted? >> he is in the process of being vetted and he's only been a politician for the last ten to 11 months. this is going to be a clear contrast in vision, in
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philosophy for the future of the american people. and i'm sorry, tamron, but the average person, even women, they're not okay with isis infiltrated syrian refugees posting up in their neighborhoods. they're not okay with pushing away the american dream for their children to illegal aliens. they are not okay with their social security benefits going to people who should not be in this country. there will be a contrast and those numbers will go down for donald trump. >> part of the -- just quickly here, one of the things regarding vetting of donald trump has been the audit that he says he's experiencing and that's why he's not released his taxes at this point. is he prepared now that he is the presumptive nominee, likely nominee, to at least allow that vetting part of the process to move forward since he is able to release his tax information from those years in which he has not been audited? >> oh, yes, mr. trump has said from the beginning that when this audit is finished, he has no trouble releasing his taxes.
8:18 am
but it's not wise to release your taxes in pieces and that's extremely important. just because we do know the scrutiny that's going to be through his tax return so he is going to wait. he did say he will release them. >> all right, we'll see when that happens. katrina, thanks for coming on. coming up, how can donald trump start uniting his party. i'll talk with a conservative writer and author of "overcoming ba obamacare" who says i have officially deregistered as a republican. we'll talk with philip kline after a quick break. sir, this alien life form is growing at an alarming rate. growing fast, you say? we can't contain it any long... oh! you know, that reminds me of how geico's been the fastest-growing auto insurer
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welcome back. donald trump's win in indiana last night is continuing to trigger strong reaction from members of his own party this morning. as it became clear he would be the party's likely nominee, many took to social media to express their dissatisfaction or just outright anger. among them washington examiner managing editor philip klein who tweeted this image of his voter registration with the caption reading i have officially deregistered as a republican. philip klein joins us now to talk more about that tweet. i saw it like so many other people last night. let's get at the heart, philip, of why you feel this way. we were just talking to katrina pierson and she said republicans in the past have supported those who were not the most conservative like mitt romney, george bush, and believes that many in the fold will come along to support donald trump. you say no. >> no. i think that the -- i mean separate from -- i can't speak for everyone else, but speaking for myself, i think beyond the fact that he isn't ideologically
8:23 am
conservative, which is clearly a concern, there's the issue that he's unfit for office. i don't think that he's displayed the temperament, the understanding or even interest in policy or respect for the seriousness of the job that comes with being the president. and i don't appreciate the way that he's exploited and inflamed white resentment, racism and sexism. if the republican party wants to embrace that, then that's fine. republican voters have obviously sided with donald trump. i just don't want any part of it. i'm just going to continue to sort of advocate my conservative principles, belief in limited government and more control over the states and the individuals and the republican party can go where it is. but i just want no part of it. >> you i'm sure saw some of the tabloids. there was one with the elephant in a coffin in a sense saying this was the end of the republican party. there have been people who said
8:24 am
this is the modern day wig party, gone forever. last night did we see the end of the republican party? >> we may have. clearly donald trump's candidacy represents something that we haven't seen in the sense that he's somebody who doesn't agree with the ideology that has defined the republican party for decades. and now while it's true that past republican nominees have deviated or their records weren't sterling conservative credentials, they at least during the primary process tried to argue that they were continuing this sort of legacy. trump has not done that for the most part. he's embraced a lot of ideas that are counter to that and moved much more toward a nationalist, protectionist type policy. so i think there's that. and also there's the difficulty that, look, now that donald
8:25 am
trump has moved out of the primary and into the general election, he's going to face an electorate that's a lot more diverse, a lot younger, a lot different than what he's faced up until this point. >> what we heard last night was essentially him saying there will be peace, love and happiness and there are others who believe that he's going to have a tsunami of a pivot, like we've never seen. it is interesting when you look at, for example, a few hours about before his victory attempting to tie ted cruz's father to the assassination of jfk and fast forward to ted cruz is a great guy. i don't know if he likes me or not, but he's a great guy. little marco then became senator marco. so he telegraphs these extremes and it's as if people accept it. so i've got to ask you, we look a lot at the candidate, the presumptive like low naly nomin. what was it about him that appealed to millions within your own party.
8:26 am
he wasn't sneaking in and voting for himself millions of times so what does it say about people like you and that you identify with as republicans who saw him as the messenger that should succeed here? >> well, keep in mind, you know, i'm no spokesman for the republican party or cause. i'm a conservative, i'm a journalist. that always comes first, a commitment to the truth and a commitment because i'm ideologically conservative to a certain set of principles. so the republican party for many in my position is always more of a vehicle that republicans are more likely than democrats to embrace the set of ideas and further the set of ideas that i happen to agree with. so it's different than sort of a professional republican who is in a different state. however, i do think that is causes a lot of -- this is a soul-searching moment for a lot of republicans. i mean for a long time republicans have pushed back on
8:27 am
liberal caricatures of the republican party as being more about white resentment, not really about serious -- being serious about policy, and i think that trump's nomination and success among republican primary voters gives credence to what a lot of conservatives such as myself thought of as a crude caricature because clearly -- >> let me ask you, though. is the conservative voter now a caricature which you have donald trump winning the evangelical vote, despite, you know, as ted cruz pointed out saying he's not asked god to forgive him, he could not quote 2 corinthians at the time, just one of the examples, he wants to protect entitlement, protect social security. the list goes on and on, some of his ideas regarding taxes, his isolationist policy that may not include the forceful military as defined by some of the most
8:28 am
conservative in your party. so if all of these conservatives and republicans have been willing to support donald trump throughout all of this, was the priority simply to win and some of these values that we've followed and they have espoused are not as deep lly embedded in their core? >> well, i think that it's a bit more nuanced than that. i think that you can't describe one type of conservative. clearly being on the campaign trail and talking to voters, when i'd speak to ted cruz's voters, you would certainly see ideological conservatives, talk about his commitment to the constitution. you didn't see that to trump voters, who is appealing to a certain populism, conservative populism, anti-establishment fervor. and so i think there's this distinction. but clearly it does signal that the sort of what we thought of as sort of the reagan conservatism, that everyone
8:29 am
thought was driving the base on limited government, on national security, on social issues, clearly that doesn't have as much salience at least right now as many of us thought. >> yeah. it's fascinating and will be written about a lot. a new analysis of really those components that make up the republican party. philip, thank you so much. i really appreciate you joining me. >> thank you for having me. coming up, democrat bernie sanders still faces an uphill delegate math, even after winning indiana. so what is the strategy for the sanders campaign? up next i'll talk live with officials from both the sanders and clinton campaigns. some of their top advisers joining us after a quick break.
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real is touching a ray. amazing is moving like one. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there is only one place where real and amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing ohio governor john kasich was scheduled to go to dulles, virginia, and was going to talk to the press. right now we are learning he's cancelled his plans and staying
8:33 am
in ohio. he has a statement today scheduled at 5:00 p.m. in columbus. nbc's luke russert is following the kasich campaign and joins me now from dulles, virginia. luke, what do we know about this 5:00 p.m.? >> reporter: hey there, tamron. john kasich was supposed to come here, originally slated for a 10:45 media avail with reporters. we found out that his plane had not taken off from columbus. he was going to come to the dmv region for fund-raising meetings, also meeting with his national security advisers. that has all been cancelled. we now know there's going to be a statement in columbus at 5:00 p.m. i think it's fair to speculate given what happened yesterday with ted cruz dropping out of the race, donald trump now seemingly on the complete glide path to obtaining 1,237 delegates, kasich, who was in fourth place in the delegate math, no real clear probability unless there is a contested
8:34 am
convention, fair to speculate this may be the end of the kasich campaign. his team was out this morning on twitter having a may the 4th day "star wars" theme ad why they're the only campaign that can beat hillary clinton. john weaver saying that the only person that will be the nominee will be that that gets 1,237. however, last night it looks all but attainable for trump to get that number. he will be the likely nominee. i think it's fair to say that this may very well be the end and he will do it from ohio later this afternoon, tamron. it's odd to just cancel something within a few minutes' notice, especially where so much national media had come out to this airport hangar to conceivably put you forward in the race. so not looking good for the kasich campaign right now. >> let's talk about the democrats now. senator bernie sanders is vowing to stay in the race until the democratic convention in july after that big win over hillary
8:35 am
clinton in indiana. but that is not stopping clinton from pivoting to the general election. just minutes ago, she tweeted out we know donald trump is not who we are. if you want to shut him down, then let's vote him down. a graphic says racism, sexism, bigot row, these are not american values. today while sanders heads back to the campaign trail with a rally in kentucky, clinton will be in washington, d.c. for an event marking asian-pacific american heritage month. let me bring in tad devine. tad, thanks for your time today. >> good to be with you. >> senator sanders said last night that hillary clinton thought it was time to pivot to the general election and it is not, i'm paraphrasing. essentially that is what he is saying. what do you see as the next move for the campaign? >> well, we are going to focus on the upcoming events. we've got a primary next week in west virginia. we're going to look at every event. guam is going to have an event. we've got important primaries in oregon and kentucky after that
8:36 am
all the way through california, the district of columbia. our focus is on voters. when the voting is done, we'll see where we are and then we'll make decisions about how to proceed from there. >> andrea mitchell spoke with hillary clinton yesterday and asked if senator sanders was hurting the party. let me play her answer to that question. >> well, the facts are pretty clear. i am 3 million votes ahead of him. 300 pledged delegates ahead of him. and we're going to unify the party and we're going to have a great convention and we're going to be absolutely focused on making our case to the american public against donald trump. i think he will be a part of that. he also said in the last week that he will work tirelessly seven days a week to defeat donald trump. >> tad, is that not a valid argument? maybe not that senator sanders is hurting the party but that it is now time to move forward and absorb the reality of the
8:37 am
numbers? >> well, first, we do not accept that version of reality. we believe that there's a path, it's a narrow path, it's a difficult path, but nevertheless there is a path to the nomination. that path means winning a lot of delegates in a lot of states between now and the end and then convincing other delegates to support bernie sanders. listen, no one is going to win a majority of delegates to the democratic convention with only pledged delegates. that's just the way the numbers work. everybody can accept that fact. that means we have to persuade superdelegates. and i think the appeal that we'll make to them will be based on where we stand at the end of this process. if bernie sanders continues to be the candidate who's strongest against donald trump, he has been for months. if bernie sanders continues to be the candidate that brings independents into the process, he's been doing it for months. if he represents the best chance for the democrats to win in november, i think that will be a very strong appeal to the superdelegates at the end of the process. >> do you realize how similar some of the things you named sound like what we heard from senator cruz and governor kasich as well. that it's a very, very narrow
8:38 am
chance but there is a possibility. let's go all the way to the convention and see what superdelegates we can change and some of the not rigging of the system that donald trump refers to, but the rules and things in play, but nevertheless acknowledging this very narrow chance for this to happen. >> sure. tamron, if john kasich had won his 18th state yesterday, he wouldn't be getting out of the race. bernie sanders has performed at a level completely different in terms of the votes he has won, the delegates that he has, the support he has built. >> but he's 3 million votes behind her and according to the exit polls, 54% of indiana democratic voters said that clinton has a better chance of defeating trump in november. those are some of the very people that you're discussing there out of indiana. >> and those people are being told every day by the media that the race is over so naturally they think she's going to win. listen, bernie sanders is proving, i think, in this race that he's a very strong candidate.
8:39 am
he's bringing millions of people into the process, particularly young people. one of the stunning things that happened yesterday in indiana was 18% of the electorate was 17 to 29-year-olds and only 16% of the electorate was 65 plus. when you have a candidate who can bring more young people under 30 into the process than voters over 65, you can change the composition of politics. that's what barack obama did in 2008 and that's what bernie sanders is doing in 2016. so we've got to keep this going. we've got millions potentially of young people we can still bring to this process, particularly in california, recommendter them to vote. that's important to the democratic party, not just the presidential race but every race. so we're going to do a lot of good between now and the end of voting and that's what we're going to focus on. >> tad devine, thanks so much. up next i'll talk to a top official from the clinton campaign to get a response. we'll be right back. oll. more "who's training who" per roll.
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8:43 am
secretary brian fallon who joins us now. brian, thank you so much for your time. just quickly before we respond to tad devine, the thing that is trendsi trending on our show now, katrina pierson was on and says that hillary clinton has not been properly vetted. your reaction to that? >> well, hillary clinton has committed a lifetime of work in the public arena to advancing the causes that we've talked about throughout this primary campaign. in the course of that, she's been receiving all kinds of vitriolic attacks from republican for the better part of two decades, so she is the ultimate tested candidate. donald trump, on the other hand, is a risk that we just can't afford with the high stakes that we're seeing right now in the country today. >> we're already seeing the trump campaign and his advisers telegraphing some of the attacks planned against hillary clinton if she gets the nomination. already benghazi. if you look on social media, a lot of trump supporters retweeting some of the memes related to benghazi, her
8:44 am
testimony and the unanswered questions they believe still exist. >> sure. so if you look back to when donald trump first got into the race, the first person to call him out and the person who has consistently condemned his positions and statements that he's made has been hillary clinton. so we know that because she has not taken a back seat to anyone in calling him out, taken the fight to him, condemning him, that donald trump is going to respond by throwing the kitchen sink at her and make all kinds of tawdry, crude, personal style attacks against her. it's not going to work. i think what worked in a republican primary election motivating and galvanizing those republican primary voters will not work in a general. it will turn people off. he has work to do in terms of uniting his own party. i saw some republicans on social media last night burning their voter registration cards so he has a huge task ahead of him just in uniting his own party, let alone the country. i think based on ted cruz dropping out, the voters paying attention to the race are realizing that the one thing
8:45 am
standing between donald trump and the oval office is hillary clinton. i think that will have a huge galvanizing effect. >> let's talk about the challenge she has with unifying the party if she gets the nomination. you have bernie sanders supporters who may not have burned their cards, but they are certainly, some of them who strongly believe that she has trust issues, her negatives are high. not as high as donald trump, but very close. and who have asserted a similar claim of not being willing to support her if she is the nominee. >> well, i think that at the end of this process we're going to see that the democratic party will unite because the stakes are too high. i think we have every confidence that when the voting is done, senator sanders has said that he wants to remain in this contest until the very end. that is his right. we're not going to challenge that or question that. i think that the status of the race on the democratic side is clear. you have a popular vote lead of throw million votes, pledged delegate lead of 300 pledged
8:46 am
delegates. so we know what the nominee is going to be. we're confident the democratic party will come together. even in a state where she lost yesterday, democrats by a majority said hillary clinton is the best candidate against donald trump. so we are not worried about or concerned about our ability to unite the democratic party and in fact i think what you saw the last couple of days was the potential to reach out beyond just democrats but independents and thoughtful republicans that right now reject donald trump. that's what she did. she went to kentucky, west virginia, southeastern ohio. >> but we can't ignore what happened in west virginia with the meeting with the coal miner that was out work. that was something donald trump seized on yesterday saying that she treated this person who was out of a job as a number. that's a part of that populist message that snuck up on his own party. how does she avoid what she's done to 17 other seasoned politicians in making them an
8:47 am
other. someone who sees you as a number but not as an unemployed father? >> i thought it was quite striking that hillary clinton went into this part of the country knowing that these may be people who don't end up supporting her but she made a statement that she's going to reach out. contrast that with donald trump who is running a political strategy right now that is deliberately pitting americans against each other. that is a contrast we're happy to have. >> thank you so much for your time. as i understand it, john kasich, developing news that he is speaking at 5:00 p.m. we'll have much more after a quick break. we're getting new details on what that news conference could be about. we'll be right back.
8:48 am
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8:51 am
headlines of what was happening to the flint water system. the president will be updated on the federal response and meet with residents and local and state leaders including president rick snyder who has withstood calls to resign over the water disaster. now the white house says the president is heading there after receiving a letter from 8-year-old mari kopeni, known as little miss flint, for her activism in the crisis. and being a young face greatly concerned about what's happening. you see the governor there waiting to greet president obama. is lloyd. to prove to you that the better choice for him is aleve. he's agreed to give it up. ok, but i have 30 acres to cover by sundown. we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. yeah, i was ok, but after lunch my knee started hurting again so... more pills. yep... another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? for my pain... i want my aleve.
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welcome back. we're following some breaking news. there are now reports that john kasich will drop out of the race or suspend his campaign later today. let's go to luke russert. he is standing by. we have halle jackson. luke, what are you hearing? >> reporter: hey, tamron. how are you doing?
8:55 am
we hear from our own nbc's andrea mitchell that she spoke to a senior adviser with the kasich campaign that said he will announce at 5:00 p.m. today in columbus, ohio, that they will suspend their campaign. and that leaves donald trump as the only candidate left on the republican side who is officially in the race, which means he's a likely nominee which means the pathway to 1237 we described is all but assured now, not going to see a contested convention in cleveland barring unforeseen events. i'm outside the dulles airport private air terminal. john kasich was supposed to come here. he was going to have a few fund-raisers here in maryland and virginia and the d.c. area, meet with national security advisers. that's all canceled. we're told he never got on the plane. the plane never took off. they stayed in columbus. they made a decision to announce he is suspending the campaign later this afternoon. >> i have one minute. halle jackson, i don't know if this is a big surprise given
8:56 am
what happened in indiana and what reince priebus said regarding donald trump. >> reporter: headlines for me, tamron, not particularly surprising although kasich and his campaign have been insist enter now for months that they would stay in this race through a contested convention to prevent alternatives to republicans look iing for a choe other than donald trump. what we expect to hear today from kasich will likely be a speech in which he talks about needing to beat the democratic nominee likely at this point to be hillary clinton. we are heading to columbus, ohio, in the next ten minutes. we'll be there for governor kasich's statements and we'll talk to you then. tamron? >> donald trump and this morning on "morning joe" discussed wanting the support from certain individuals. he named ben carson. we know he has chris christie, and he referred to some others that he simply would not want their support. when you look at john kasich,
8:57 am
hallie in a head-to-head matchup, he had the ability in the early polling to be competitive with hillary clinton. donald trump said he wants a politician. he wants a creature of politics. what do you see is john kasich's potential influence in donald trump's campaign? >> reporter: i mean, listen, as recently as this week, kasich and his campaign have been talking about have they looked better than donald trump in matchups. he has dismissed talk of a vice president talk but that was before the race changed yesterday here in indiana, tamron, that is going to be a question that kasich will face tonight in columbus. >> and there was very little between john kasich and donald trump. the other 16 certainly saw the bad end of what it feels like to face off against donald trump but for john kasich they never tangled often. >> reporter: he never got that nickname, right, tamron, the way ted cruz got lion ted or hillary
8:58 am
clinton got crooked hillary. kasich never had that. that said, he has also been notably shying away. he never hit trump back. whenever asked about trump, he would say i'm not going to get dragged into this kind of campaign. i'm going to run my positive, optimistic campaign. that was cakasich's line from t very beginning. he told me months ago he was the prince of light and he was running against the darkness. that was his line. and so that is why he hasn't really hit donald trump, although he did begin to draw real contrast with him towards the end. and so i think we'll see that tonight. >> all of this plays out in his home state. the republican convention, the national convention will be in cleveland, hiohio. so whether he is a potential vp pick or whether he has a huge role at the convention is to be determined, but it certainly seems as if he's on track if for not else to have a huge presence at the rnc convention.
8:59 am
>> reporter: and that's what's so interesting, if they've ended or looked to be ending a bid. ted cruz on the very conservative end of the spectrum, the other, john kasich, on the moderate end of the spectrum. if donald trump is able to bring both rivals under his wing and under his tent, it is a potential chance for trump to be able to say look what i can do. look how i can unify republicans moving forward against the defensemen contracts. that's still a big if at this point. >> it is indeed. i know we're going to turn over, thanks to my colleague andrea mitchell who is standing by. andrea, you're miked up and here, you received the information john kasich would be dropping out of this race. >> i did. and i think people saw the writing on the wall here, tamron. i spoke to a senior adviser, a lot of party leaders i'm just on the phone now with another prominent republican who had not yet been told, had not heard our report now, senior advisers saying they realized there was
9:00 am
no path forward. john kasich will announce -- they've said now the meeting that was supposed to be in d.c. and he was going to a news conference in d.c. will be an announcement at 5:00 in ohio on his home turf that he is ending this run and going forward donald trump has big challenges as we all talking about that in the next hour. >> which will be interesting what role john kasich -- he did not make a huge imprint on the campaign trail only winning his home state but his philosophy, his background are things that could be appealing and in part of what donald trump would need to unify his party. >> he's a governor, a former budget chair, an experienced political leader who would be invaluable to the republicans as they try to pull this party together. >> okay. i know you're still on that call. i'm being told to turn over the show so you're going to have to hang up on whoever you're on hold with. just hang up on them andhe