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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 4, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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app-connect. on the newly redesigned passat. from volkswagen. breaking news in the race for 2016, john kasich suspended his presidential campaign. hey, everyone, i'm erica hill, broadcasting live from msnbc election headquarters in new york. the governor set to speak in his home state three hours from now this after he canceled a news conference in virginia. this after the exit of ted cruz and john kasich, this makes donald trump the party's likely nominee. the head of the "new york post" in his hometown says can you believe it. donald trump was already turning his attention to unitine ining
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already fractured republican party. to talk about that, to "morning joe." >> i've gotten a lot of calls from people that were far more brutal than ted was. they want to join the team. in fact, i said to them, how can you do that after what you said? they said, don't worry about it. that's not a problem. because they're politicians. >> trump talking about people reaching out to him. all that happening this morning on "morning joe" before this john kasich news conferences was canceled and before we knew about the one that is now scheduled for 5:00 p.m. eastern. we kick off our show this hour with two of our road warriors covering the 2016 race. we begin with nbc's hallie jackson making her way now to columbus, ohio for governor kasich's 5:00 p.m. announcement. good afternoon to you. do we know anything about what's happening behind the scenes and where this decision came from? >> you have to think, erica, nikkei sick team saw the writing on the wall with ted cruz dropping out, donald trump's
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very decisive win in nominee, it looks clear he is the likely nominee, especially when you have the chair of the party, reince priebus calling to unite around trump. that said, it is a whiplash, right? even this morning last night you had kasich top advisors talking about how he would stay in this and try to force his hand at a contested convention. when you talk with strategists and operatives involved or wa h watching this race, they'll argue perhaps kasich did not have the infrastructure in order to succeed on a delegate level at a contested convention unlike what ted cruz may have had, ted cruz himself out of the race at this point. we are back in the car headed to columbus. we didn't think we would be going here. kasich was set to head to washington and d.c. for a press conference to speak to the media. that scrapped and headed to his
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home state now to end his presidential bid. >> has there been any word from your sources of any pressure from on high, whether pressure from the rnc, pressure from another candidate? any word on those calls being made to john kasich? >> reporter: there's a lot of conversations happening in the last 48 hours in republican circles, that much is clear because of the way this race shaped up, what we saw in indiana, obviously the race resetting and taking a very different tone with cruz dropping out. these conversations have been happening and for kasich, what does his political future hold. he talked about he's governor of ohio. he will continue to do work in his home state. on a national level, what is next for him? could he possibly be considered as vice-presidential pick for donald trump, with trump talking about wanting to choose somebody politically savvy and wanting to work connections in the more
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traditional gop field. >> and kasich said he's not in this to be vp. that is definitely a lot of speculation we are hearing. a lot of conversations happening at this hour. hallie jackson on the road to ohio. we will continue to check in with you throughout the afternoon as we await that news conference. just up the street from us at our election headquarters in new york, at the trump tower covering the trump campaign. first, is the trump campaign reacting at all about this development about john kasich? >> reporter: so far they have not reacted at all. that is a pretty normal reaction because john kasich has not yet come out and suspended or dropped out of this race. once that happens i believe you can see reaction from the campaign. traditionally they do not respond before the candidate himself announced they're dropping out. >> we have seen an increasing number of republicans start to soften their stance.
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we played a bit of the interview from donald trump this morning as he said more and more people are reaching out to him. when he was asked specifically about party unity. he said i don't think it's important the entire party come together and he doesn't necessarily want all of them. how much of an effort at this point is donald trump expected to put out to try to unify the republican party around him? >> reporter: i think you can expect an effort certainly coming from the campaign behind the scenes. i know his operatives have already been out trying to work with rnc chairman or gop chairmen and states across this country a strategy that works best for their re-election campaigns in that state and strategy for the general election. i think you can expect a lot of attempts to bring more unity to the party. i think when donald trump talks about not needing everybody, i think he's specifically calling out a few people and one of
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those folks is lindsey graham, who's been staunchly against him and his candidacy from the start and conservative commentators like george will who says they believe the rnc and republican party should work together to stop trump in all 50 states. i think he's recognizing there are those he does not believe will come into his fold. reince priebus, the head of the rnc is calling him the presumptive nominee and kelly ii iiot -- kelly i ott said she would support him and extraordinarily significant considering donald trump criticized him so early on in his campaign calling him not a war hero for being captured, john mccain. john mccain is quite close to lindsey graham. you will start to see more folks rally behind k.donald trump.
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the reality has set in, donald trump is going to be the nominee for the party barring any major surprising development. because of that if they want to win this election, there will be a number of republicans suppo supporting donald trump despite the fact they said in the past they would not do that. i think there are those that will staunchly stay in their corner and certainly lindsey graham could be one of those figu figures. >> so much we're following on this day of many surprises. katy tur outside trump tower in new york city. thank you. i want to get i'll at home and update those joining us now. we were talking about whether or not the trump campaign actually reacted. as we were talking, donald trump was doing a separate interview and asked about john kasich, y saying he thinks in his words john will be very helpful in ohio even as governor and went on to say he thought he was doing the right thing and asked specifically whether or not he
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might consider john kasich as a vice president. he said, i like him, i've had a good relationship with him. whether he's vice president or not, he expects he will be very helpful with ohio. we will see how that all plays out. to barry bennett, an advisor to trump for president. this is quite a day. a lot of developments we're seeing at this hour. i was quoting a little bit about what donald trump had to say just moments ago. has there been any interaction, communication today between your candidate, donald trump and john kasich? >> i don't think so, not yet. we've watched the news the last couple of hours. these things are tough. john kasich's worked very very hard at his campaign, he and his staff, he has traveled constantly for months. he's a good guy. i know him very well. i'm from ohio. he's been a great governor.
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but you have to give him some time. >> got to give him some time. as we talk about donald trump, he has said he wants to bring the party together. katy tur and i were talking a little bit about this. one of the things he said on the air this morning, he doesn't think it's imperative the entire party come together. what is the plan moving forward for the trump campaign? is it to unite the party behind trump or not? he said when people vote, they're voting for the person, not the party, talking about himself. >> we're not members of an organized political party, we're republicans, right? we don't agree 100% on anything. you will never get 100% of us to line up on anything. even mitt romney got like 93% of republicans. there will be some that will never come on board. you have to accept that an move on. there's a lot of people out there coming on board every minute right now.
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and, you know, some people, my friend, jeff roe and his campaign team who did such an amazing job and senator cruz and his family, we need to give them some space and some time. a lot of these people have operated on very little street, just like your embeds, for months and months at a time and they deserve some time and we owe them some time. there's no pressure. >> there are some very high unfavorable polling numbers. women, 56% -- women, 64%, non-white, 74%. independent, 17%. 67% say they have an unfavorable view of donald trump. what is the plan to change their points of view? >> it's important. you look at these things in
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relati relativity, too. hillary clinton's numbers are very very negative as well. we're not exactly talking abo about -- >> you're advising him. >> it's all relative. what you do, you lead people who are hurting. you talk about the issues that matter to people. there are millions and millions of americans who have not had a raise in a decade. there are millions of people that send their kids to schools failing. there are millions of americans who live in communities where it's not safe to walk around the block at night. you talk about these issues and they start to agree with you and get them to start nodding that head. >> does he have specific plans for these issues or will he talk about them? >> yes. we will talk about these issues all fall long. >> we look at women, a lot of talk about women and comments about the women card. you look at 64% of women who have an unfavorable view of your candidate, how do you change that impression for them? what is the plan? i would be shocked to hear there
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are not discussions going on now within the campaign looking specifically at women. half the country here, and how you can better relate to them. >> first, you don't make the mistake by assuming women are monoli monolithic, they're not. many of them care about many different things. the cost of a college education is appealing to a lot of them. how is it we let college go from 8,0$8,000 a year to 50,00$50,00. when i went to college, you could pay for it yourself. i worked as a janitor and able to pay my tuition. you can't do that today. how did this happen? washington has been totally tone deaf to the pain and needs of much of america. that's what we're going to talk about on the campaign. guess what. a lot of those men, women, all kinds of people, americans are going to gragree with donald trump. >> thank you for being with us today. >> no, no, thank you. in the pulse question, we
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are asking, can donald trump unite the republican party? the pulse is live. you can keep that conversation going by logging on to a news conference just held on the deaf of th of music icon prince on efforts to get help for prince before he died. we take you live to minnesota for more on that, breaking news next. i can draw lightly, just like i would with a real pencil. i've been a forensic artist for over 30 years. i do the composite sketches which are the bad guy sketches. you need good resolution, powerful processor because the computer has to start thinking as fast as my brain does. i do this because i want my artwork to help people. 80% of recurrent ischemic, strokes could be prevented. and i'm doing all i can
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there are new developments this afternoon. the investigation into the death of music legend, prince, a news conference wrapping up a short time ago, where we learned new details about reported efforts to get the music icon help for an alleged drug addiction and some of this help was to happen
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just hours before he died. stephanie gosk has the story. she joins us from minneapolis. walk us through this. what did we learn from this news conference? >> reporter: sure, erica. this news conference was held by a criminal defense attorney here in minneapolis, who was retained by a well-known drug addiction doctor out in california and his son. what he relays is a timeline. less than 24 hours long, about the hour leading up to prince's death. it is dramatic, it is new information and what we are now reali realizing, there were people close to prince who were concerned about a drug addiction. he held his press conference on the streets of minneapolis. this is what he had to say earlier. >> dr. cornfeld was contacted by prince representatives april 20th. he is a recognized expert on
11:18 am
addiction treatment and pain management. board certified in emergency medicine, pain management and addiction. he was contacted because he was a nationally recognized expert. he set into motion a plan to deal with what he felt was a life saving mission. that mission was to get prince to a doctor in minnesota on thursday morning. he contacted a trusted colleague of his. that minnesota doctor cleared his schedule for thursday morning to provide privacy to prince. prince did not show up for that appointment on thursday morning. the second part of dr. cornfeld's plan was to send his son, a staff member for recovery without walls, which is an outpatient clinic in mill
11:19 am
valley, california. >> so his son, andrew, landed here in minnesota. he was taken by representatives of prince to paisley park to meet with prince. when they got there, they couldn't find the musician anywhere. they found him in that elevator, the representatives of prince at that time according to this lawyer were so upset andrew felt he needed to make the call to 911 which explains why it took paramedics to identify where he was and to get there as quickly as possible. >> because he wasn't really sure not being familiar with the area, to tell them where to go. there's a lot of talk about what the pills may have been and medication may have been. a lot of unknowns at this point. do we have any further details on some of that? >> reporter: we're waiting on that toxicology report to come back. the details of it will be extremely important. on top of this, another twist in this story, this son of this
11:20 am
doctor in california, had an opioid on him. he's not a medical professional. he turned that over to investigators at the scene and was questioned and told it was part of a criminal investigation. he then retained a lawyer and that lawyer told us today he is concerned his client could be criminally charged. erica. >> an interesting twist. as you mentioned, nbc's stephanie gost, mentioned the technology reports and we're far from done putting the pieces together. join me in studio, kate snow, and many of our viewers know you have reported extensively on open yoiced and drug addiction on opioids and drug addiction. in the people you have spoken to, do you see any similarities? >> sure. it's not that uncommon, erica, that's the thing, if indeed prince had a problem with
11:21 am
prescription painkillers, this is something happening to millions of americans as we sit and speak right now, i've talked to many many addicts, people who are using and have issues with prescription drugs. many of them don't set out to become addicted. they don't set out to depend on a drug. i was talking to a young man on friday for a story we did for "nightly news" on sunday night in new jersey. his name is john. he's 25 years old. two years ago he was an emt, he was lifting a patient and bud budging disc in his back, goes to the doctor, gets some percocet. 90 percocet in one bottle. >> 90? >> 90. 9-0. which is way too many. you only need three or 4 in that pain situation. he told me i took one and then one, one, a few days in, your body develops a tolerance. one in the morning and at night and then a few davis that, i
11:22 am
need one at noon and taking three pills a day. by the time he finished that bottle he was an addict. it is very possible and conceivable something happened to prince and he developed this kind of addiction. >> this is also a very serious topic. you are saying to me more people now die of a drug overdose in this country than those that die in a car accident or firearms. >> that's right. more people die of drug overd e overdoses than car accidents or firearms. it is an epidemic. cds cal cdc calls it that. prince may be unfortunately another example. >> so much to learn yet such an important topic for us to continue discussing. kate, thank you as always. i want to get you to a live event happening in i believe bowling green, kentucky, where bernie sanders is speaking. let's listen in. >> the presidential campaign that has said no to super pacs! [ applause ] >> what we have said very loudly and clearly, is that we do not
11:23 am
represent the billionaire class, we don't represent wall street, we don't represent the big money interests and we do not want their money. what we have done -- and this really distinguishes our campaign very significantly from secretary clinton's, what our campaign has done is reached out to working people and the middle class. what we said is we need your help. you know what's happened, which is really quite unbelievable, over the last year since we've been in this campaign, we have received over 7.3 million individual -- audio missing -- what's significant about that, what is revolutionary about that, not just that we have received more individual campaign contributions than any campaign in history up to this point, but what we are showing
11:24 am
the world is when you have a strong message that piles to working people, they will put in 10 bucks to 50 bucks. you can run a winning national campaign without being dependent on wall street and big money intere interests. that is revolutionary, what we are showing. the third area we have been focusing on is the need to bring major reforms to a broken criminal justice system. [ applause ] >> i don't think there's anybody in america who thinks it is a good thing that we have 2.2 million people in jail today, local, state federal jails. that is more people in jail than any other country on earth. disproportionately african-american, latino and native americans. what we have got to do is to
11:25 am
reform that broken criminal justice system amok many other things. when youth unemployment throughout this country is very very high, it makes a lot of sense to me and i think to you, that we invest in our young people in jobs and education, not in jails and incarcerating them. >> yeah! [ applause ] >> the other areas we have been talking about -- where's james? >> right here. [ applause ] where's jane? >> wherever i go, there are these signs that say, jane, the first lady, not bernie for president. they're right. they know who will run the white house. >> he's introducing his wife, jane sanders, an advisor with us yesterday on our air talking about issues most important to the campaign they plan to bring to the convention. you just heard bernie sanders talk about in the stop in bowling green, kentucky.
11:26 am
we'll continue to talk about that. >> i have a good relationship with john. i think he will be very helpful. >> he said he isn't doesn't want to be vice president. >> would he be someone you're interested in vetting? >> i would. whether he is vice president or not, he would be very helpful in ohio. >> donald trump is now the republican party's likely nominee. despite these development, not everyone is ready to get behind
11:27 am
trump and members of the stop trump group and the never trump movement. give us a sense. never trump is a little bit different than stop trump. given the developments of the last 24 hours, we have lost ted cruz, about to lose john kasich, donald trump winning in indiana, more and more republicans coming out to say they will now support him as the party's nominee. does this change your stance at all? >> no, it doesn't. never still means never. it gives me no joy to be in that position. i've been working on campaigns since 1992. i've supported candidates i didn't agree with all the time that were republican. in this case, it's unique. we have a candidate who is likely to get the nomination that does not reflect the vis n visions or values of the republican party or conservative movement. while there are some around rallying around the idea trump
11:28 am
can unify, there were also 4,000 people today that showed up at never saying they're more energized than ever to draw this bright line between him and what we stand for. i think there is still room for people to have a strong voice in this election. >> when you say there's still room for people, do you mean there's room for a third party candidate? >> we don't know what the ticket is going to look like in november and the day after or day of when candidates are dropping out. we're probably not going to know. if somebody else emerges, it's certainly something i think any rational person would look at hillary clinton and donald trump and say, is there another option? if that scenario does not occur we need to make sure republicans down ballot house and senate races will be supported but it will be toxic to this country and have to make sure if hillary does beat him there is a firewall in the congress to make
11:29 am
sure her liberal policy is not active. >> the down races have been a concern for some time. you say in the past you have supported candidates you don't fully agree with because you were supporting the party. you say donald trump does not represent the republican party and does not represent conservati conservatives. there are a lot of people out there, millions of americans who have voted for donald trump and said, this is the guy i want to see on the republican ticket. do their voices and votes not matter? >> no, they absolutely matter. we have to look at the conditions in this country that brought us to this point. donald trump is not the solution. 15 million people did not vote for drurconald trump and their voices matter as well. we will make sure the republican platform is solid and republicans down ballot can get elected. right now, donald trump has spent the last year to tell us to read every poll and believe it. every poll has him losing to hillary clinton.
11:30 am
we have an electability problem as well. conservative tyms is the sanctity of life and things donald trump is not for and we have to make sure we have long term security so other candidates that can't identify with trump and the movement for decades. >> let's take the race off the table for a moment. when you look at the presidential race, would you rather see hillary clinton win or vote for the republican that is donald trump? >> the idea is there is some obligation for the people who do not support donald trump they are responsible for hillary clinton if she wins. the only person responsible for hillary clinton if she wins is donald trump. he's the one that has done things to make sure conservat e conservatives can't support him and said things about minorities
11:31 am
and disabled that make him toxic to support. . >> i want to get on the record, you personally. your choice is looking at the race today you can vote for whoever the democratic nominee is, we don't have one yet, still two people in the race but donald trump doesn't have the nomination but looks like he will be on the republican ticket. you could not vote and try to wage a third party campaign. of those choices today, what is the choice you would make? >> the choice between trump and clinton is easy. neither. we have to see what the ballot looks like between now and then. the logicic ics it doesn't make sense people who decide not to vote for them are responsible for the election other than the people who didn't vote in twi20 and 2012 for barack obama getting elected. that's not how it works. i want to make sure those disincentivized to vote at the top of the ticket show up for
11:32 am
the down ballot and it might cause us some seats in the house or senate. >> rory cooper joining us, s saying between trump and hillary he would vote for neither but will be voting in the down ballot races. we'll see what happens to the never trump movement as we move forward. next, we are looking at the democrats fresh off an indiana win and talking how this race against hillary clinton is not over. >> i understand that secretary clinton thinks that this campaign is over. i've got some bad news for her. >> even with his indiana victory, sanders' path to the nomination does remain narrow. we'll see where his bid goes from here after the break. d to. because, you see i was traveling, i was enjoying life, i was working...
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i understand that skts clec clinton thinks this campaign is over. i have bad news for her. while the path is narrow, i do not deny that for a moment, i think we can pull off one of the great political upsets in the history of the united states. >> bernie sanders gathered some steam in indiana. the digelegate suggests it won' be enough to get to that magic number. the candidate is clear they're in it for the long haul. the "boston globe"s shows despite insurmountable odds, the candidate isn't done fighting. we spoke to the senior advisor ted divine about the math and plan moving forward. >> we do not accept that version of reality. it's a tuflt path but
11:37 am
nevertheless a path to winning a lot of states in the end and convincing other delegates to support bernie sanders. no one is going to win a majority of delegates at the convention with only pledged delegates. that's the way it works, everybody can accept that fact. >> nbc political editor, glad to see you in today. hillary clinton has the donald trump and bernie sanders. within the party, what happens at this point? >> she has to wage two battles. one, start preparing for that general election at the same time, make sure she's able to have enough of a fight, particularly a state like california she doesn't cede all this territory to bernie sanders. as you just mentioned the delegate math is difficult for bernie sanders and even more difficult after his very big win he needed to win 81% of remaining delegates. now, that's 83% because you're
11:38 am
w removing more delegates from the table because the pool has gotten smaller and smaller. what has helped him is 73% of democrats in the exit polls said last night they want this to continue and keep on. this has energized their party. republicans have been divided and this has energized democrats. >> it has energized democrats. we are hearing similar statements from ted cruz and john kasich saying, the math may not be there, i sense a path, it's worth getting there. how else are things different from the democratic side? not just energy priv. >> -- energy perspective? >> one big difference is money. bernie sanders has raised a tremendous amount of money. $40 million the last months and last month at $26 million. why he can go into california. ted cruz knew if he didn't win indiana, it would be very tough
11:39 am
but bernie sanders can keep trucking until the very end. >> and we go to our senior editor of msnbc. as we look at people and we're seeing more of this happen on the republican side today. on the democratic side, there's been a lot of talk about senator elizabeth warren and the impact she could have. she's starting to tweet out a few things. what are we seeing from her camp. >> last night, she put out a tweet storm against trump. very vociferous and tough says she will campaign to the end to prevent him and his toxic rage from getting into the white house. >> she's in there, a player. she doesn't get involved in a lot of political battles, she wants to keep to her issue lane, banks and consumer rights. she doesn't weigh in on a lot of politics. this is a clear sign she is moving forward and be factor in this campaign. >> and a re-tweet from senator warren. there were interesting things about the power elizabeth warren
11:40 am
and paul ryan have because they did not run despite some pressure and talk whether elizabeth warren would make a good vp pick. you look at the power she may potentially have within the party, what is the best place for her at the moment? >> she's probably the best positioned democrat in the country right now with the exception of barack obama and joe biden especially campaigning for hillary clinton. at the same time, she could be and probably will stay on that vp list for a while. there's a problem with her being chosen of course, her governor of massachusetts, charlie baker is republican. if she were the vp nominee, she were to win, he would replace her with a republican. that's not good for democrats trying to get the senate back. that's a big problem for her and fra frankly, she's sort of an independent operator, strongest when she's alone. she has not endorsed bernie sanders or hillary clinton. she's staying out of this and she's indicating she will be a fighter whoever is the
11:41 am
democratic nominee and probably gives her the most power of all. >> good to talk to you, thank you. still to come, the trump veep stakes, looking at the republican side and the candidate saying he'll quote probably go the political route and what else he may be looking for in a running mate. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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♪ does nobody use a turn signal anymore? ♪ with less than 200 delegates needed to lock in the republican nomination, donald trump is beginning to pivot to the general election and vp candidates. on the "morning joe" show this morning he was asked who might be on his list? >> i just don't want to do it. a lot of people are talking about certain names and certainly those are the names we're thinking of. >> can you give us one or two? >> i think i will say that i probably will go the political route. i have the business, and let's call them talents, i think i
11:45 am
will probably go the political route, somebody that can help me with legislation and somebody to help me get things passed and somebody that's been friends with the senators and congressman so we don't have to do the executive order route as much as obama did, where he can't get anything approved so he just keeps signing executive orders. more than likely i would go the political route. >> not a general? a lot of people proposed a military leader? >> it's something i thought of and one person i think is very good but i really want -- i think more likely i'm inclined to go -- speaking of generals, i think my strike will be the economy and job and bringing jobs back and we will make great trade deals and reverse it because right now we're a lau laughing stock all over the world with the dumb deals we make. one of my great strengths will be the military. >> there, you hear some thoughts from the candidate himself.
11:46 am
let's turn to ken vogel with more on this vp pick. donald trump not giving us names hasn't stopped the rest of us handicapping the veep states. new jersey governor, chris christie, senator tim scott, dr. ben carson was mention at one point although now donald trump is saying he'll be on the selection committee, questions about john kasich and former house speaker, newt gingrich. the governor had a lot of opportunity, governor kasich to reach out to suspend the campaign. does any of this you think tied to the fact that donald trump will in fact need a vice president soon? >> he's certainly looking at him. my sources tell me he's been actively vetting perspective vp candidates for some time. not something he started to think about after he became the presumptive nominee in indiana last night. the challenge, as you tick through that list as potential running mates, so many of those folks have actually attack him
11:47 am
and said bad things about him. if you name someone who has said bad things about him and suddenly they're on the ticket with him you can imagine the attack ads from democrats and liberal groups saying even donald trump's running mate doesn't think he's qualified to be president. there are a few folks who haven't said bad things to him and have worked to cozy up to him including chris christie. jeff sessions, senator from alabama, some folks logical choices have gone on record s saying no way. >> then you see other people going on record saying, hey, isn't he great? former house speaker, newt gingrich, gone out of his way and praising donald trump's speech on foreign policy and y saying, i am a non-washington insider and why i could help him out here. is it realistic to think newt gingrich could be on a ticket with donald trump? >> i have trouble seeing what he could bring to the table. the thing donald trump is looking for are political
11:48 am
experience, foreign policy experience, someone who could balance out the demographic challenges he has and someone gi graphiblely suited, a name i think checks all four of those boxes is marco rubio. you heard some rumors maybe he was on the list. i reached out to his people and they said, no thank you. it shows the challenge of someone so flaunted at political conventions really stuck his finger in the eye of the republican establish suddenly looking to balance his out sired status with an insider. mrk m >> he needs to balance it out and said he wants a political insider but all the people he's alienated and spoken ill of him, there aren't a lot of people left. is it a possibility he may not go with someone who has political ties, if so, handicap that for us. could that actually help him in some ways? >> it's possible but given hillary clinton's main calling card or point she will make over and over again, in addition to
11:49 am
his temperament being questionable would be this idea he doesn't have the experience, she has the experience, she's pragmatic, she can change things from the inside because she knows how it works, that's such a strong selling point for her i think he needs to address it with his vp nomination and i think he will. you hear him laying the groundwork for that because it goes so contrary to the idea he presented of himself as an outsider and play the political game and pick someone that's an insider and ease us into there. >> he throws it out there, i'm not playing the game, my vp is. kent vogel, always good to have you with us, thanks for joining us. we've been asking you to weigh in on our microsoft pulse question, can donald trump unite the political party? the pulse is still live. you can weigh in. log into
11:50 am
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i've seen the presidency up close from two different privs. i think i know what it takes. i don't think we can take a risk on a loose canon like donald trump running our country. i think it's time to get serious. the man is the presumptive nominee. being a loose canon, doesn't in
11:54 am
any way protect him, i hope, from being asked the hard questions he should have been asked during the whole primary process. >> hillary clinton speaking moments ago reacting to the news donald trump is likely the republican nominee. all this as the stop trump movement has gone viral in the wake of donald trump becoming the likely republican anymonomi members of that movement rea reacting and some burning their registration parties in protest saying they would rather burn their cards. one voter had an emotional reaction after learning ted cruz suspended his campaign last night. >> i have always been behind the person who won. this is the first time ever i will not be able to do that. >> joining us from los angeles, cal perry tracking the never trump campaign online and stop trump movement.
11:55 am
what are you saying today in response to donald trump's victory in indiana? >> we're seeing a new chapter in this election. this is the general election. you referenced the voter its - ids and republican ids being bu burned. this was sent to the republican chairman, reince priebus, after he sent out a tweet last night s saying donald trump was the presumptive nominee. from our perspective he's the likely nominee. he has to run around and get delegates. we're hearing major conservative voices, people like lindsey graham, the senator from south carolina and proiches a road map for people like hillary clinton and bernie sanders how they can attack donald trump in this general election, lindsay graham saying if we nominate trump we will get destroyed and we deserve it and ronald reagan, his son saying the republican
11:56 am
party is no longer the party of reagan, now the party of trump. good luck. not a lot of love there from the republican chairman. elizabeth warren took to twitter last night after ted cruz dropped out, a democratic senator from massachusetts. we heard her name batted around as potential vp nominee on the democratic side. she's been tweeting but also on facebook. she wrote this essay on facebook. you can find it online. i want to quote one thing. trump has been inciting supporters to violence, praising putin and cool with being called and authoritarian. you see the road map, strategy now being laid out by that anti-trump movement of how they can attack him, where maybe he's vulnerable and certainly in the digital space. we haven't heard from him recently and certainly vulnerable in this digital space. >> a lot to keep an eye on. thanks. that will wrap up our coverage for this hour. i'm erica hill. thanks for spending time with
11:57 am
us. kate snow picks things up at the top of the hour. we are once again counting down to the official announcement from john kasich where he is expected to say he is in fact suspending his 2016 campaign. could he possibly endorse donald trump? what else will hi have to say? stay with us for that happening at 5:00 p.m. eastern time. you're watching msnbc. ♪ [female narrator] you listen when your body says: "i'm tired." or, "i'm hungry." what if your body said something else might be wrong? gynecologic cancers - cervical, ovarian and uterine cancers - have symptoms. so pay attention. if your body says something may be wrong.... please listen if it goes on for two weeks, see a doctor, it may be nothing but find out. learn the symptoms. get the inside knowledge about gynecologic cancers. innovative sonicare technology with up to 27% more brush movements versus oral b.
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