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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 5, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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a good thursday to you, i am craig melvin. today, the after shock, republican party is donald trump, the presumptive nominee. >> you stand, for example by the idea of foreign muslims coming in? >> i do, you have to be vigilant and strong. >> i am not going to vote for a guy that's saying he's going to ban somebody just because of the god they worship. >> she's going to have to mend a lot. >> if you were in the voting booth today, donald trump and hillary clinton and a couple of third party candidates, where would you put the check mark? >> i would write in a name. i would write in another name.
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>> also sweepstakes, could that cause a chaos in cleveland. trump today on cnbc. >> in our heart of heart, -- >> i would say a 40% chance within the group. >> newt gingrich has been an amazing support. he's the single greatest phenomenon in politics in his lifetime that he's ever seen. >> our political team is tracking this development from coast to coast this afternoon. let's start with our abc's jacob rascon who's camped outside. let's start with this idea of reconciliation, how is trump ruling the party now even though he said he's not going to back down from the muslims ban and from building the wall as well. >> reporter: from one hand you have a little bit change of tone
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from trump. he said he has done an amazing job. he has been finalizing it as well this morning. he would not do. you have him softer going after ted cruz instead of going after ted cruz, congratulating him and saying he's a heck of a competitor and not going after president george bush and hw mush aft bush after they said they would not be participating in the convention. this well showing a willingness to change on fundamental issues that he brought up on his tax plans and raising the minimum wage. asked about this morning how he would unify the party, here is what he said to cnbc. >> i mean if they don't want to, i don't think it matters. i learned yesterday a couple of people don't want to address me,
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it does not matter, it makes no difference. >> reporter: and as well as mr. trump is doubling down on other issues. he said in his first 100 days he's going to design the wall. he's going to appoint strong will people to his cabinet and talking about vice presidential candidate as well. he will choose a former rival and says the chemistry is a lot in that. >> he did point out the chemistry between biden and barack obama perhaps being a model. >> really with this, the agreement with trump and rnc, i am understanding that it is going to require trump to ask for money for some of the same folks he spent for the last six to nine months of these big dollar donors. >> reporter: yeah, he is has made that a big part of his
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campaign calling the entire system ambassad campaign corrupt. he's going to lobbyists and asking for money. he told lester holt that he has a goal of raising $1 billion for the campaign. >> all right, jacob rascon, outside trump's tower. thank you. >> republicans just a few moments ago told msnbc that mit romney will not be attending the july convention. this comes after both former presidents bushes have no plan to attend in the nomination and help trumps. trump does not have his vote at this moment and here is why. >> i am waiting for donald trump to show me he has the capacity to lead in a responsible way and
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he recognizes that he will be the leader of all the republicans and if he gets elected he will be president of the all of the people. >> according to "new york times," staff members were told they were not able to get behind of the nominee, they should leave at the end of the week. >> and then there is poll serious conditions like senator paul mccain. >> this maybe the race of my life. >> luke has been tracking the fall out. i want to get to that in just a
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moment, let's start with what you are hearing about the define line that republicans are having to walk there. >> well, it is a fine line, craig, look at the last nominees the republican party put forward for president. mit romney is not coming to the convention and john mccain and bush 43 and bush 41 is not going for the convention. >> bob doyle is going to be there in cleveland. it shows you what folks here on capitol hill here i cover day-to-day they have to deal with. they're walking on a fine line. next week, there is discussions going on right now about donald trump coming to capitol hill and having a meeting with leader mechan mcconnell and other members and some sort of delegation of republican members here that would be willing to hear about the weight forward.
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they're still figuring out if that'll come together. it is a possibility to keep an eye on. the other thing though if you are starting to see vulnerable members, i am talking about senators who are now representing blue or purple states. whether you endorse trump or not? and she has answers well, i support him but i don't support him which is a difficult thing for a lot of these members to do. i can tell you just from the informal poll, half the members i spoke to you know what? i am going to get in line and the other half go, i just cannot support him. paul ryan focusing on issues that donald trump does not and that's upward mobility and some of the things he thinks trump is not capable talking about the next six months. >> if you wonder how to support a candidate without endorsing. quickly on that meeting that you
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talked about, was this the idea of leadership there on the hill? >> well, mcconnell and brian have said throughout the process they would support who that nominee going to be. now it is donald trump, they're going to have to support him. i believe i have spoken t to -- getting a sense of what trump is like and where his head is at. they have not had a lot of conversations about this and where they can join up or donald, you do your things and we'll protect the majority of the house in the senate. it will be interesting to see how it will go forward. i don't think the public will realize how much of an unknown donald trump is. they thought at least the fight will go to cleveland and not this early. >> yeah. >> they're in an accelerated manner right now. >> luke right here for a possible meeting next week between donald trump and some
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house and senate leadership, luke, thank you as all for your reporting there. >> it is conservatives by the trump nomination. our next guest helps kickoff that nomination on the conservative web site. better to get a moderate now than a much more clinton. leon wolf. leon, worst case scenario for the trump campaign? >> well, i think not only that'll involve trump himself losing which i would not view that's a terrible scenario. really losing control of the ability to stop anybody who hillary clinton who wants to nominee for the supreme court. >> one of the things that's most
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interesting on this issue is you have a stand now of a party who's running to the left of hillary clinton on trade and yesterday, we heard him talk about being open in doing something about the minimum wage as well. how much of an effect is that going to have on the party moving forward? >> well, you know, as a movement conservative, it is frustrating as he continues to standby and some of the outrage electoral colleg college-- things he said like i am not going to raise minimum wage. those are things immediately after the day he gets the nomination, he flips off. some people would have some hope that trump would remain conservative. >> i want to say something that trump said today. he threw away the entire tax
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plan that was on his website a few hours ago. basically, saying maybe i will raise taxes. take a listen. >> when you put out a tax plan, you want to start negotiating. you are not going to say okay, this is our tax plan. this is going to be our negotiation factor going back and fourth, i can see it is going up. >> how does a guy talks about tax heights for the wealthy, how does he get the heights for republican party and how does he win for december? >> i said consistently since last september that everything donald trump says has a shelf life of about 24 hours. you know we are seeing more of that from day-to-day. for the people who believe he's going to build a wall, that's going to go out the window. i am not sure it is not going to go out the window even though he says he will do it right up to the day he's elected. >> so really donald trump, the
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main thing donald trump believes is not that the government should be smaller or less intrusive in people's lives. donald trump just thinks he should be the first of doing it then it would be oh, it is better. that's the difference between him and hillary clinton. >> with the field now. in the market for number two. >> will it be from that group that also ran for president? >> well, i would say a 40% chance within the group, i gotten to be friends with a lot of those people and menemies wih a couple, i would say it is a good 40% chance. >> 40% chance. at least some of those remaining high profile republicans who been named as possible are not jump at the opportunity.
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john kasich said "zero chance." ted cruz said "he has zero interest" and rick scott says "well, i like my job." our analyst, donald trump has spent so much trash talking of so many of his rivals and then he tries to make life. >> he's a low energy individual. >> i wish him the best. >> jeb bush who was a nice person. he was like a loyal boy, oh, i am with the president. >> chris christie endorsed me. incredible guy. >> this little guy has lied so much. it is rubio. >> i want to congratulate marco rubio on having run a really tough campaign. >> nobody likes him anywhere
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once they get to know him. he cannot do it. he's a joker. >> ted cruz is one hell of a competitor. >> when you watch him back-to-back like that, it is absolutely surreal. what are the chances that donald trump can bring on board one of these 16 other gop contenders? >> one of the 16 about 40%. [ laughter ] >> there you have it. who would be the strongest? >> oh, i don't know. i think there are numbers. part of the vice president selection process is taking your time to get to know your potential vice president nominees and try them out in the role and do all the background research that's necessary and not get rushed in malking a decision. donald trump has plenty of time to do a proper bet and that seems to me that's what he's setting up to do. >> is it bizarre to you as it is to me that you got a guy
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reportedly now marco rubio is on the phone with donald trump after being mocked for several months. then he gives him that awful nickname that's going to stick with him whether he's vice president or not for the rest of his life. >> well, here is the shocker, politics happens and people go back and forth in armed combat and saying things about each other and do make up. that's what coalition politics are. there is a form of that that's happening in every cycle so far. this one gotten a little bit more interesting. the basic behavioral patterns should not be unfamiliar to anyone. >> standby for me for a second here. i am going to bring in our rn melvin now. talk to us about some of the potential trouble that trump could face at the convention with his vp pick. >> it is certainly true rivals and make up and sometimes they form unity tickets. there is something new of the kind of convention that donald
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trump faces. this is a wide race so he has less loyal delegates than most nominees entering the convention and because of ted cruz's efforts there is some people coming as trump's delegates. that does not matter anymore seeing him being the presumptive nominee. but, on the running mate, those delegates still have an independent vote as buenos well from working these issues. this comes up when mccain considering a pro-choice running mate which you would imagine it is a big deal of joe leeb. that's a concrete recent example of the fact that the delegates exercise this independent vote and veto power, that can make a
10:17 am
big difference if trump picks someone who's controversial to the debate. >> could we see a move at the convention to block trump's vp pick of party does not like him or her. >> eyeah, i am not sure so much of a block as it is alternative. there are some positions that donald trump has taken. one of the ways the convention could express the need of republican orthodox is through dominating somebody other than donald trump's choice to also run for president, ben ginsberg. >> craig, i always want to say, i endorse you but i don't support you. >> join the conversation on today's microsoft poll question. will donald trump need to
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i am not running against him, i have my own campaign. i am running to become president. >> i will see what they do with me, if they are fair, i will be fair. >> it is a risk. >> it is it was given to her with the fact that we need to strengthen this country. she's not strong.
10:22 am
>> donald trump and hillary clinton is just getting started according to the politics average. clinton is leading trump in a match up. each candidate has major weaknesses of voters. clinton is fighting the narratives that she cannot be trusted. donald trump facing overwhelmingly unfavorable readings on minorities and younger voters, women as well. i am joined by our political reporter, nick, they created a map for us to look at here. according to your map, how does clinton wins? >> she will have a bigger advantage over donald trump by thinking that barack obama
10:23 am
winning mccain. >> you just mentioned he's got to bring up his polling at 10%? which state? >> well, look, if you look at, if he increases by 5% across the board, he could win florida and ohio and still lose in the electoral college. i believe he lost in west virginia and some others in the midwest. he has to get higher than 5% across the board or his numbers staying like ohio. it is the usual electoral map, right? >> in 2012 as president obama rallied mit romney, romney snagged 6% of the black votes and 27% of latino votes.
10:24 am
where is trump with those groups? >> he's totally in the tank with those groups. more in the tank than any ka candidates. he can over perform with white working class voters who are the strongest in this base. the problem is are there enough of those voters in the country who'll vote for him and who'll vote his way to out weigh the democratic strength of single women or black and brown voters and young voters who are democratic. >> you can see from this particular map, president obama made it to 332 electoral votes. how do you see it playing out? >> if the polling shifts ever since slightly, how do you see it play out? >> you know it is very hard to say craig, i want to say to this, i think trump is a
10:25 am
celebrity candidate and celebrity candidates make everything unpredictable. you see that in places like california. it is hard to predict how they're going to do because they often bring to the polls, voters who are less interested in policy and conventional politics and the usual partisan voters that you see. what we are about to see is the kind of phenomenon that we see on the states level like people like arnold arnold schwarzenegger -- thank you for coming on nick, to explain that handy map. up next, an alleged gang rape being investigated at two prestigious atlanta colleges. we'll go there. next, you are watching msnbc.
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first posted on may 2nd, tweeted this is my freshman year in spelman, i decided to leave because of what happened to me. four more house students took turns raping the alleged victim. nbc's dave gutierrez, what's the latest on the investigation and what are these colleges, what are they saying at spelman about this. >> reporter: both universities are investigating thing this. the college is promising a full
10:30 am
review. allegations, these disturbing allegations posted on that anonymous twitter page that described how a person who identifies as a student at spelman college claiming she's a freshman and sexually assaulted at a party chwhen she went upstairs by four members at the college. >> we have not been able to make contact with the person who posted them either. the atlanta police department is not investigating this case because they say no allege victim has come forward. the president of spelman college issued a personal visitation to reach out to the victim directly so they can continue this investigation. this case, as you mentioned, sparked a lot of outrage here on campus and on social media.
10:31 am
>> gabe gutierrez in atlanta for us. breaking news right now. a house fire spreads to a gun warehouse that stores ammunit n ammunition. hazmat team has been called out. the fire may release some dangerous chemicals in the air. residents near by being ordered to stay inside at this point. we can tell you so far new injuries have been reported. we are keeping a very, very close eye on this four alarm fire in houston texas this aroun afternoon. up next, the next step for the presumptive gop nominee, intelligence briefing. donald trump is about to get classified cia access, we'll talk to jane harmon about that, next, plus - >> we all remember that hug from
10:32 am
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80% but up to 90% fall short in getting key nutritsy. from food alone. let's do more. add one a day women's 50+ complete multivitamin. with vitamin d and calcium to help support bone health. one a day. that was actually of evil character. i mean -- incompetence, there is
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been -- >> giving one of his harsh description of the republican nominee. donald trump close to getting his first classified intelligence briefing. more concerns this time around considering donald trump shoots from the hip style. >> at one point she was the ranking member of the house and, she's currently she's the director of -- >> what kind of materials are we talking about here? well, first i think he has to be formally nominated by his party conventions. s the nthis is not happening
10:37 am
tomorrow, it is happening in late july at the same exact briefing at that time and not before. let's start with that. the level of briefing is beyond your garden variety google so much search. we are good at this. our intelligence committee is really good at this. it will be one or more briefers in a secured facility. we call the skips, sometimes they cannot be listening to devices and people cannot listen outside, probably in an fbi facility perhaps in new york or if we have any, i would guess that's where it would be if he's in new york or whatever city he's in. obama got his in chicago right he was nominated in an fbi facility. >> someone will go in our intelligence around the world and the level threat, we know a lot of grandular details. how we know these things that's
10:38 am
a level of briefing beyond top secrets. >> the whole thing is fascinating. we were capty paivated, not so as a democratic but former member of the house of intel committee, does that concern isn't it true. >> actually, it relieves me. i think he can learn about the complexities of some of these issues in a way he has not yet learned. hillary clinton if she's the nominee and bernie sanders because he's been a long time member of the house has had these briefing. if you have been briefed in a classified setting, you cannot talk about it, not to your staff or publicly. >> zip the mouth is going to be something he does. but, i think and my view is i want our nominees for president
10:39 am
to have accurate detailed nuance information. i think better policy comes from that. should it bother folks at all that one of trump's paul med for -- an ally of vladimir putin. >> that's publicly known fact. i don't think mannford is going to be in the classified briefing. it is going only going to be trump. i don't think he's going to be able to. he's not able to discuss the material with mannford. something that they both get their heads around. some people in congress passed up classified briefing because they want to be able to talk about some things. i think the public will or at least this voter right here want donald trump should he be the republican nominee to have more information about the accurate event in the world. >> what do you mean they'll pass
10:40 am
on the briefing so they can talk about it. >> some members in congress back in my day five years ago and back 17 years, i have served there for nine terms would pass up a classified briefing because they want to talk about the subject and they worried if they had information that they got in a classified briefing, they would not be able to talk about the subject. it is cynical but that was the since >> jane, we learned something from you. we appreciate you coming up. thank you, craig. new reporting of donald trump. at the top of the hour, mcconnell is trying to rally sport to his policies. >> mit romney and both bush's says they're not going to be
10:41 am
supporting and at the convention as well. let's get an update on today's poll question. will donald trump need to reverse his policy to win in november? >> 68% of you said no. the poll is still alive you can keep it coming in. john kasich's decision to drop out leaving his supporters who are looking for what they call a sensible option. >> during the campaign stop in south carolina, you might remember that john kasich met a supporter who he is story is the most memorable moment. >> a year ago, a man who was like my second dad, he killed himself, and a few months later, my parents got a divorce and a few months later, my dad lost his job.
10:42 am
i was in a really dark place for a long time, i was really depressed. i found hope and i found in the lord and my friends and now i found in my presidential candidate that i support. i appreciate one of those hugs you have been talking about. [ applause ] >> that young man, brett smith, is joining me now. i imagine you have seen john kasich's comments yesterday, he said that your story changed him and moved him. do you now support donald trump? with him out, do you support donald trump? >> i am not sure who i am going to vote for. i said earlier where i like to watch tv shows where donald trump is presence but not sure for him to be president. he has a lot of convincing before i can say to vote for
10:43 am
him. >> after that day where we watched over and over. after that, what do you make up how the rest of the campaign pl pla played out for governor john kasich. i wish it would taken out more and people would see the potential. when this whole process started out, we had 17 candidates. out of those 17 candidates, most of them would be electable. we selected on the one that's not electable. i feel like we passed up on a lot of great opportunities. the greatness of that is governor john kasich. i feel that he ran a great campaign. i am proud to have said that i supported him. i regret that he got out but it was not a big surprise. >> as of last week, there was this online poll that nearly half of john kasich's supporters said they would either back
10:44 am
hillary clinton or no idea whom they would choose. >> you said you are not a guy that's driven by party. what are the issues that's driving your decision this time around? >> well, you know, honestly, a lot of it has to do with quality occasions. you know that's why i got behind the governor early because you know usually they're more prepared for the job. someone like donald trump, he's not substance of anything. the fact that it is all talk and more i am great, hillary clinton is bad. i would like to know why he's great and why he sthinks she's bad. content why, i feel she will be a status quo president. that's not something to fear. right now the way he's running his campaign, i am kind of scared of what that would be like in the white house. it is hard for me to you know,
10:45 am
it is hard for me to narrow down one specific issue because there is a ton of issues that i have with both of them. >> we have been following your story closely. i noticed that you study politics there at uga, are you still interested in politics? >> no, it has not. i graduate next week. >> how about that? >> if you want to hire me, you got my number. [ laughter ] >> all right, brett smith. >> thank you. >> the food and drug administration giving an f to selling e-cigarettes to minors. new rules out just today. first, how much does the u.s. government knows about its own citizens. here is 30 seconds on "the verge." >> the report fell 4622 cases.
10:46 am
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you live life your way. wewean help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're masring life. from chase. so you can. it is now strictly regulated by the food and drug administration. nbc's an thompson is here with more. >> what were this behind this announcement? >> three million high school and middle school students used e-cigarettes. that's what had the fda
10:50 am
concerned. as of august, you cannot sell e-cigarettes under 18 years of age. it is not just e-cigarettes, it is cigars and nicotine gel. that's the then no more e-cigarettes in vending machines and no free samples given away of these products and then there are going to have to be warning labels. like on cigarettes, these products will have to have warning labels as well. >> thank you so much for stopping by with that. hillary clinton is beefing up her two-pronged defense against her republican and democratic rival as well. this is msnbc. a heart attack doesn't care if you run everyday,
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this year, we're extending our partnership with our friends at red nose day and global citizen. making it our most rewarding day ever... hands down. bernie sanders scheduled to hold a rally in west virginia. a little more than an hour from now. hillary clinton holding an event in california tonight.
10:54 am
sanders told a rally in kentucky last night that he's looking forward to an election showdown with donald trump. >> i know that there is a lot of nervousness around this country that donald trump may become president. it's not going to happen because every poll that i have seen in the last month or two, including one today i think was cnn that had us 16 points ahead of donald trump. [ cheers and applause ] >> kristen welker is in california with the clinton campaign. hillary clinton, essentially not really paying much attention to bernie sanders at this point. she seems to have pivoted fully to the general election. what kind of prep is she engaged in? what's her team been doing? >> she is here in california and of course this is the state that carries the most delegates in the primary fight. she's really trying to shut him out here. you're absolutely right, she is almost singularly focused on
10:55 am
taking out donald trump. she has been sending out staffers to key general election battleground states. we've learned she's getting up her team in brooklyn. we've been seeing her strategy unfold on the trail. yesterday, she tried to paint him as someone who voters should fear, saying he's like a loose cannon and she's trying to make sure voters don't forget any of his controversial comments on minorities and women. take a listen to what he told to "new york times." >> the whole idea of, quote, playing the woman card that he charged that i was doing and by extension other women were doing has just lit a fire under so many women across the country. and i think it's because they see in his attacks on me, or on megyn kelly or carly fiorina or whoever else he's attacking at the moment really a much broader
10:56 am
attack on them. >> now, polls show secretary clinton is leading donald trump by double digits, but she does have some areas of weakness, including with independents and those youngers voters. a lot of democrats saying it's going to be critical that she rally those younger voters, and senator sanders could be key to doing that. >> kristen, thank you. >> and the big thanks to you as well. that wraps up this hour of coverage. my colleague erika hill picking up things after the break. don't forget, a special edition of "road warriors." it's tomorrow 4:00 eastern here on msnbc. it's fast, but coming, one of the favorite shows here in the building. "road warriors." we'll see you tomorrow.
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hi, everyone. i'm erica hill. up first, the republican party, house divided. a kaz m developing among conservatives as they weigh in on whether to endorse trump in the general election. both president bush plan to stay out of the 2016 race. donald trump reacting to that news earlier on cnbc. >> you wonder why the bush family wants to sit it out. i was also harsh on his brother. his brother got us into the war in iraq, one of the worst decisions in the history of our country. and i said it loud and clear. i think that's fine. i don't care if they sit it out. we're going to have some people that aren't going to want to play the game. and that's okay if they don't want to. i don't think it matters. i learned yesterday, couple of people, they don't want to endorse me. it doesn't matter. i didn't have huge suppo i