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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  May 9, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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can kep talking. i'm going to turn the cameras off. you have been terrific. that's all for today. happy mother's day. cvs is still open if you have forgotten. if it's sunday, it's "meet the press." at risk and under fire. >> i was prepared to do anything that i needed to do to stop him. >> law enforcement officers never know what the next call are will bring. >> don't do it! >> and must often make life or death decisions in an instant. >> to my mind, i am going to sit here and watch his life end before me. >> when force is used, what is seen may be hard to watch, and emotionally charged. dash cam images can provoke public debate and anger, and provide proof for what occurred. perilous high-speed chases.
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>> at that point in time, he was almost playing chicken with me on the opposite side of the road. >> get on the ground! >> chilling confrontations. >> if that handgun was pulled out, that officer would have a split-second decision to take a life. >> and heart-pounding rescues. >> he whispered the words "help me." >> i was praying, please, god, keep me alive. "caught on camera dash cam diaries." a high speed chase ends with a raging gun battle. >> when the suspect was shooting at us, you are afraid for other officers. you don't want to get hit yourself, and ultimately, you want it to stop. and so the goal is to stop the suspect. >> september 29th, 2012, officer
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brady reed of the cortelaine police officer received a call of a shooting. >> be careful. >> 7-4. >> a body cam mounted on his chest shows reed running to his patrol car. >> the call comes in that a shooting had occurred at 11th and lakeside and someone had been shot in the chest. >> reed tries to track a suspect who is reportedly driving a white ford focus. his car's dash cam is also recording. >> i first tried to predict where the suspect vehicle might be traveling. so i overshot the route by a few blocks just to see if i could pick up the suspect, when i realized that the suspect was not going to be in that area, i decided to go to the scene of the shooting. there is a person standing in the intersection. >> ford focus, four-door.
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>> they are just pointing eastbound and telling me, hey, he went that way, that way. >> and sure enough, he spots a white focus a few blocks ahead. >> it is 23rd and lakeside now turning south. >> as soon as he turned, that is when i activated my siren. >> the suspect does not stop. as he turns on the cortelaine drive, bells go off in reed's head. >> and after about five miles, we had been briefed that morning that there was going to be the cort defond, and that a family bike ride, and i knew that he had to be stopped before a lot of people were in danger. >> officer reed has five miles to make a call. >> i had to do whatever i needed
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to do to keep everybody safe. i kept to the passenger side, because i could see that suspect's window was rolled down, and the suspect was looking at me through the rear-view mirror on the driver's side. i felt ha if i got to the driver's side that the suspect could hold the gun out of the window, and shoot at me. >> but as the chase went up the winding road, reed turns too wide and ends up in the suspect's line of fire. >> whoa. shots fired. >> i went to the driver's side and as soon as i broke that plane of the driver's side, he held out a gun and shot at me. >> the suspect keeps the foot on the gas, and the end of the road is rapidly approaching. >> i know that we are close to the end, and just hoping that there is an opportunity to stop this. the suspect had already shot someone, and shooting at the police, so i decided to grab my rifle and the only weapon i could rely on.
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>> reed grabs the ar-14. >> i am trying to manipulate the sights on the rifle, and continuing to drive. >> but reed is not the only one having trouble with the twists on the road. >> the suspect leaves the road, and puts the tires on the road, and it caused the suspect the to spin out. you could see the suspect's arm coming up holding the gun, and i knew that they were going to try to shoot me. i looked through my sights in the rifle, and i shot my rifle a few times through my windshield. it is either try to stop the suspect or to try to at least disrupt him until other the officers arrived. >> the sound of the gun fire is deafening. i felt like two ice picks dug into the each one of my mirrors. with each time you pulled the
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trigger, you could feel it deep within your ears. >> but reed does not stop shooting. >> i am trying to keep my sights on the suspect, and trying to end the threat. >> watch from another angle as reed's body cam captures the body shots. >> so i exited my vehicle, and i got to a different position of cover and the rounds are still going off. >> another officer's body cam also records the chaotic scene. >> show me your hands! show me your hands! >> i can see the suspect in the vehicle, and other guys are shooting, and so i shoot a few more rounds and see the suspect slump over in the seat. >> cease-fire! >> i immediately call for cease-fire. >> there is a lull in the air as the firing stops and the officer gets the bull horn to address the suspect.
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>> suspect, stick your hands out of the window! do it now. >> there is no response. >> you don't know if he is lying in wait, if they are incapacitated, if they are deceased, but we have to go to find out. i noticed that the windshield was heavily damaged. there were holes in the door, and eventually we could see the suspect in the vehicle. >> the suspect is mortally wounded. >> we tactically approached the car and tried to give commands to the suspect. >> suspect, put your hands on the wheel. >> when they were unwilling or unable to comply, we had to take them into custody. >> a medical unit is dispatched, but the suspect dies on scene, just short of the end of the road. an investigation by local prosecutors later concludes that the shooting was justified. >> with the suspect spinning outward, it could have been a mistake or divine intervention, but i could not have have stopped him any better to
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getting to the end. november 17th, 2009, officer greg toyez is on patrol when a car cuts in front of him during a left turn. >> as soon as he cut me off, i honked my horn and then he finally put on his turn signal. as soon as he made the left, that is when i lit him up. >> the car pulls into the grocery store parking lot. >> sir, the reason i am pulling you over is that you cut me over and there are two lanes back there. >> so i asked for the driver's license, and he state had he didn't have one. >> what is your social security? >> and he didn't know that. >> and so i am apprehensive, because he didn't have any i.d. on him, and i opened up the door, and he asked what we are doing, and i said, well, come back to my car, and he asked why, and i told him because he
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didn't have any identification. and his body was reaching behind him, and he was reaching for something, but i backed away from the car, and i didn't know what he was going for and it didn't feel right. he came out with a gun in the right hand and takes off running. >> the officer toyez goes running along theside of the building chasinging the the man with the gun. >> i run to the back, and he disappears. >> the suspect comes out a few minutes later out from the back of a car wash. he tries to hijack a utility are truck just as more officers arrive. >> when he tries to take the utility truck, one of the officers came up, and tased him.
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>> it is a direct hit, but the suspect is still the ableb to close the door. >> other officers converge including a plain clothes officer is. >> i could see the handgun in his hand. >> and then officer neumann returns fire to shoot the suspect. >> he is incapacitated in the white truck. >> as i was peering out, officer neumann was done firing and on the radio saying shots fired. >> officer toyes and neumann approach the vehicle and realize that the suspect is dead. shortlyf the shooting, investigators using dna get a hit on the suspect in the criminal database. >> a week prior to this of my traffic stop, he had robbed the bank.
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prior to going into the bank he had smoked a cigarette and put it down on the ground, and so they ended up getting a dna swab on that. i believe that the suspect was connecting dots thinking that we knew that he had robbed a bank, but nobody should have died over it. >> when he watches the incident unfold on video, officer toyez is reminded that even the most routine stops can escalate in an instance. >> he has a gun! >> it is very important to the go home at the end of the day at the end of the shift. it is a wife and two boys. i have to go home, and i have to make sure that everybody else goes home, too. coming up -- a suspect goes to desperate lengths and heights to elude police. later, another suspect tries to evade authorities at reckless
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high speeds when "caught on camera, dash cam diaries" continues.
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a police chase to catch a suspected car thief leads to an unexpected outcome. >> don't do it! >> january 8th, 2014, officer jeremy costello, an eight-year veteran of the oregon police department in troutdale stopped a car in his cruiser when a car across the intersection caught his attention. >> it was rolling forward with a pedestrian in the crosswalk. she started to make a left turn and i thought she was going the hit the pedestrian in the crosswalk. after the pedestrian crossed, she made an improper turn into the left-hand drive >> the
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driver has committed two small traffic infraction, and as she passes by officer costello's cruise, she makes a u-turn and follows her. >> i noticed that as i a approached her, she almost turned into on coming traffic again. at that point i decided to make a stop. >> and the car pulls into a parking lot, but does not stop. so then officer costello realizes that what he is seeing is worse than he first thought. >> i got on the radio and found out that the car was stolen. >> and so when we come across a stolen vehicle, we want to know if it was forced or if there were weapons involved. >> then he sees her exit the parking lot, and take off running. the rainy roads make it more dangerous.
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>> her driving was okay for the conditions. she was not going into the ongoing traffic. she was not blowing a light. she was maintaining the lane, and so in my mind i could continue the pursuit based on the condition. >> and after a mile, the chase continues a bridge. so in my mind i am wondering how to get this vehicle to stop. can i perform a pit and stop technique and end the pursuit. >> but he does not anticipate what is going to happen next. >> i did not anticipate her stopping in the middle of a bridge and get out. i did not expect her to start climbing the bridge rail. what is going through my mind is that we are going to have a standoff here with me shouting at her to convince her to get off of the bridge rail and it is worth it. >> but she does not give him time to reason with her. >> don't do it! >> officer costello rushes to
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the rail thinking the worst. the jump was extremely dangerous, and i did not expect her to survive it. and as she went over, i had the thought cross my mind that i cannot believe she just did that. >> the woman climbs over the rail and jumped into the river below. >> and she jumped into the river, and get the river patrol headed this way. >> the water temperature is in the 30s, and at best low 40s, and the jump height is 50 to 90 feet in height, and she is jumping into a river that is not deep. >> officer costello scans the water for signs of life. >> i saw that she had popped back up, and at the surface and moving the arm, and so at that point, i knew that she was at least alive. >> the woman had survived the icy plunge and swam to shore where officers were waiting. >> she admitted later that it was not a good decision. >> she is later charged with
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unlawful use of a vehicle and reckless endangerment, and pleads guilty. a week after the encounter on the bridge, she and officer costello cross paths once more. >> i actually arrest her again on some car prowls and mote theft vehicles a week, a week and a half later. >> the arrest gives them an opportunity to reminisce. >> i talked to her briefly about the video making the news. >> officer costello is conflicted about the chase that went viral. >> i have mixed feelings about that. i think it is interesting that i am part of something like this, but on the other hand, i know that the officers around here do so many more incredible things that never do make the news. a lot of it is because it is not captured on camera. >> don't do it!
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coming up, an alarming encounter. >> get on the ground! >> and a life or death decision. >> if that handgun was pulled out, that officer would have a split-second decision to ache a life. >> when "caught on camera, dash cam diaries" continues.
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a 911 call leads a police officer into a dangerous standoff. >> get on the ground! get on the ground! >> i don't know if the suspect is going to attack me. get close and pull out a handgun. i was authorized to use deadly force at this time. >> january 4th, 2015, officer ben luna, a 16-year veteran of the duncanville, texas, police department is on traffic duty when a call comes over his radio. >> 911, location of the emergency? >> yes, ma'am, i'm here at the 67th on this 7-eleven are walking around here and they just walked across the street. these young boys walking around and he is wearing green pants.
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>> does he have a gun? >> he has got a big gun. >> and i see that the suspects have on the described clothes. and i see him with the movement to the waistband. at that time i stop my car, and come out with loud verbal commands. when you are dispatched to the subject with a handgun, the stakes are so much higher. >> none of the suspects follows the command. i don't care, get on the ground. >> the subject with the gray the sweater is walking towards me. as i am looking at the other two teens, they are making movements
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to the pocket, and at that time, i don't know if there are multiple weapons involved, and i am giving the loud verbal command, and hands up, stop, stop. >> but the suspect in gray does not stop. he is saying that it is a b.b. gun, and it is not real. >> i don't know that, and i don't know if that is a distraction as the subject, the teen abler is still approaching me. >> the suspected are considered armed because of the 911 calls and ignoring the commands. at this point, luna is authorized to use deadly force, but he does not pull the trigger. >> i believe until i saw a weapon being pulled from a waistband is when i would have used deadly force. but until then, i needed to see a weapon being displayed. >> but luna doesn't see a weapon. the 911 caller said that the gun was tucked into the suspect's
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waistband. as the dash cam video rolls, you can see that the young man's sweatshirt is completely pulled down, covering his waistband and any possible weapon. >> get on the ground now. get down. no, i don't care. get on the ground. >> two of the teens are sitting on the sidewalk, but they don't follow luna's orders. >> keep your hands where i can see them. >> and i have to yell louder to tell them, hey, this is not a game. get your hands up. do not move. keep your hands up. and they are still putting the hands in the pocket, and one with an ipod and they are not listening to me. >> but luna keeps his cool and the finger off of the trigger. there was never no anxiety and i knew that my backup was down the road and i had several units coming, and i trust the guys that i work with to get there very quickly. do not lose, guys, do you understand. >> and a backup unit arrives less than a minute, and the
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officers frisk the three suspects. >> the handgun was located in the teenager waistband who had on the gray sweater, hoodie. >> but as the suspect claims, it is in fact a b.b. gun. >> he says he has a fake gun, but i don't know. >> this b.b. gun looks so real that anybody, a civilian or police officer, if it was pulled out would have believed it is a real handgun, all three subjects are alive because i did not see a weapon displayed at all. >> the teens are released and officer luna finishes his shift. later that night, he replays the incident in his head. >> did not think about it until i got home later how close i came to taking a life that day. if that handgun was pulled out on the police officer, that officer would have a split-second decision to take the life and not have time to think about it if that gun is real or fake.
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>> luna's quick thinking under pressure prevented a tragedy, but not every incident has the same outcome. just six weeks earlier in cleveland, ohio, a 12-year-old boy named tamir rice was playing on the street with a b.b. gun, and even pointing it at people as they walked by him. when police arrived on the scene, all they saw was a gun, and in at matter of seconds an officer shot and killed tamir. it was a case that became highly controverle shall, and part of the growing national dialogue about police use of deadly force. >> everybody that i have talked to has compared my call to the call in cleveland. it could have turned out like that if that teenager would have pulled out a handgun when i arrived, because i am not waiting to find out if it is a fake gun. i am happy the way it turned out. i could not be happier. >> the episode with the three teens last ares just 73 seconds.
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>> i don't care! keep your hands where i can see them. >> in that time, officer luna the gives 32 verbal commands, and many of owhich were ignored. >> sir, do not move. keep your hands up. >> i think of the amount of commands that i gave to the three teenagers, and is there a number of -- do i give 100? do i need to or one, and if you don't listen, take that as a threat and then have to use any type of force? >> when we spoke with officer luna, he showed us a picture of the b.b. gun next to the picture of a real beretta, and can you spot the fake? >> to my left is a real 0.009 millimeter baretta handgun. to my right is a b.b. gun. by looking at these guns, there is no -- there is no way of telling which one is real, and which one is fake. on the b.b. gun, there is no orange tip. no orange grip. so if this were to be pulled out
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on a police officer, there is no telling which one is real, and which one is fake. >> for luna, the photos and the dash cam video are constant reminders of how close the encounter came to ending in tragedy. >> no, i don't care. get on the ground. >> i am grateful on this day, they did not have to take the life of a teenager. >> get on the ground now! >> as police officers, we swore an oath to protect and serve. we come to work to protect the public, and at the end of the shift, the most important thing is for me to get home to my wife and teenaged daughter. >> coming up. extremely fast, and extremely dangerous. >> he is trying to hit people headon or force people off of the road. >> when "caught on camera, dash cam diaries continues."
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>> a bank robber suspect ups the ante. >> he had no regard for his life or mine. >> and in clairmont, florida, trooper chad clairvo is on the lookout for a bank robber suspected to be in his area. minutes later, there was video that showed this man robbing the banning and fleeing.
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>> we had a description, and pretty much driving around the area looking for the red toyota camry. >> the search is not lasting long. >> i was with deputy aguirre, and pulled up next to another sheriff deputy car, and she was hearing the radio seeing a car matching that description. i saw deputy aguilar inch up into the intersection, and i could see the red camary coming towards my direction. my first thought is that, my god, the suspect is going to be hitting this deputy, and he is not stopping or slowing down. he came so close that you could not put a piece of paper between the two cars. >> the camary heads on to the local highway, and corveau gave chase. >> i was following him and he was cutting in and out of traffic, and traveling a at a
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high rate of speed. no care in the world for the public, and traveling into the medians, and almost like a nascar driver cutting through traffic. >> a dash cam inside of a sheriff's deputy cruiser is also rolling as he is trying to keep up with the suspect. >> i can still see the suspect cutting in and out of traffic, and the median and the shoulders. i had the pedal to the floor trying to catch up to him. at one point i was 142 miles per hour just trying to catch up to the suspect. >> corveau pulls in front of the sheriff's deputy, but then the camary pulls a wild move. >> my heart kind of dropped a little bit, because i was like, man, i don't know if this guy is going to be driving headon into other traffic. so at that point in time, we have to stop this as quick as possible. >> the sheriff's dash cam is rolling as the suspect heads back across the median and narrowly missing corveau's cruiser. then the driver made another maneuver.
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>> whatever means necessary, he is going to try to get away. >> and the camary heads off again into on coming traffic. corveau is racing ahead almost parallel to the driver. >> i looked over to the suspect, and he looked at me and looked back as if it was a sunday drive. he had no care in the world. at that point in time, he was kind of playing chicken with me on the opposite side of the road. he slowed down and i would slow down, and he would speed up, and i would speed up, and just to let him know that we are not going anywhere. >> then the camary pulls back over across the median in front of trooper corveau, and up ahead, a deputy is stationed with stop sticks ready to deflate the tires. >> he ran over the stop sticks deflating three or four of the tires.
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>> but even with the deflated tires, he would not stop. >> i tried the p.i.t. maneuver on the vehicle. >> a position immobilization technique or p.i.t. maneuver is used to shutdown the suspect's vehicle, but corveau can't get a good angle on the camary. >> as soon as i made good contact with the vehicle, he gunned it and stepped on it. >> ten minutes into the harrowing high-speed chase, the camary heads back into the on coming traffic on the narrow two-lane road where there is less room for other car to get out of the way. >> trying to hit people head-on or trying to force people off of the road. as the pursuant continued down harwood march, the shoulders were bigger, and lot more grass and a lot more play room. so at that point, i felt comfortable with trying to do a p.i.t. maneuver on the suspect. >> and he waits for the moment, and initiates a perfect pit. >> when i initiated that p.i.t. maneuver on the vehicle, it was with enough force that it a
12:39 am
actually disabled the suspect's vehicle. >> the camary rolls to the stop against a jeep, and officers surround the car, but the suspect still doesn't surrender. >> we did still didn't know if he had a gun. that point in time, you are hoping that the suspect just gives up, and is not wanting to take it to the next level. >> the suspect refuses to unlock the door. so an officer breaks the window. >> we are yelling and screaming at the suspect, show us your hands, and get out of the vehicle. he was not responding. >> the police decide to deploy a k-9 unit, but the man still won't get out of the car. >> the suspect is actually striking the dog. the suspect actually kind of leans back pulling the officer back into the vehicle, and the deputy is trying to do everything he can to try the get the us suspect out. >> the suspect is dragged from
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the car. >> he was still trying to fight as we were pulling him out of the car, and had him down on the ground, and attempting to handcuff him, he was still resisting and fighting. he fought all of the way the end. >> 41-year-old brian richards is charged with numerous crimes including robbery, resisting arrest, and aggravated assault, and he pleads no contest and sentenced to the 15 years in prison. when trooper corveau watches the video, he is surprised that in the reckless behavior, nobody was injured in the endless pursuit. >> when you watch it, it is almost unreal that you can't believe that you were involved in something like that the. >> coming up -- >> i look up, and there's the mother standing right over me. as she is watching me try to save her son's life. >> is it too late? when "caught on camera, dash cam diaries" continues.
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it is a race against time to save a man in crisis. >> the first thought through my head when i saw him is that he was dead. he was gone. >> feel for to a a pulse. i had one a minute ago. >> we were not getting this guy back.
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>> are you in a car or on a road? >> i am on a road, and it is unfamiliar to me. >> she handed the male on to the phone to to see if he had a better location, and then i could tell that he was having a hard time breathing. okay. what road? >> under 509. >> and he kept saying the location, which was unfortunately not the right location. >> through the enhanced 911, she is able to pinpoint the caller within a few hundred yards. the tukwila police officers are dispatched to search for the car. >> heart attacks are something to be taken seriously, and it is something that is time sensitive. you have to get there and get there in a hurry. >> officers berry and pollit race to the location, but they
12:46 am
don't have an exact location. >> it is frustrating to not know where you are going, and sometimes a couple of seconds can make a huge difference. >> i am showing them on the map, 95 and 99. >> yes, me, too. >> as i neared the scene, and dispatch said that he had stopped responding, and i knew that at that point it was life and death. so i approached with the lights on and i entered the intersection slowly. i looked off to the west to my left and there was a is silver car parked on the side of the road in a place that it was not where it belonged. hoping it was the car, i pulled behind that. >> and the dash cam shows an elderly woman emerge ing from the passenger seat, and directing the him to the seat. >> when i opened up the door, the gentleman was all of the way back. and in the right hand he was clutching very tightly a cell
12:47 am
phone and the left hand was balled up into a fist, and very, very tense. >> when i first arrived on scene, the victim was not responding, but he was still there. >> okay. breathe for me, okay. and he whispers the words "help me" and collapsed into the seat. and the cell phone fell out of his hand. >> a third officer arrives on the scene, and he grabs an automatic external defibrillator from his patrol car, an aed. >> pull him out on to the ground? the officers rush to remove the man are from the driver's seat. >> i pulled out my knife and cut off the shirt, and at that point, the aed was right there next to me. they are easy and intuitive to use. i started to get it out of the package and it starts to talk to you. >> tear open package and remove pads. finally, it says shock not advised.
12:48 am
start cpr. >> that means at that point the rhythm of the heart was not such that the machine thought that it could fix it. so it had stopped completely or an unstable rhythm. >> and so now, the guy, he checked out in the car, and he is no longer with us, so i am going to the be sitting here and watch his life end before me. >> the officers don't give up. barry pounds on the man's chest trying to jump start his chest. >> it is kind of funny, because the way i was taught that in your mind, you have the bee gee's song "staying alive" in your mind, and that is what rhythm you do the compressions to. >> they don't prepare you for the popping and the cracking there, and stuff is breaking loose on the chest as he is putting the body weight into the chest compression to make the heart beat.
12:49 am
i look up, and there is the callerer's mother standing over me, and it is one of those, that she is watching me trying to the save her son's life. the gravity of the situation, i realized at that point in time. >> officer berry gets 10 or 15 compressions in, and the color starts to come back to the victim and the eyes actually open and flicker, and he is coming back, and starting to respond. >> paramedics arrive and begin working on the victim. >> when they got there and fire got there and they put a bag over to the caller's mouth and nose and started to breathe for him. and so i was doing the chest compressions to move the blood throughout his body, and after a couple more minutes more, they put him on a backboard and they said they would take him to the hospital, but he had a faint pulse at that point in time which is a ray of hope. >> the ambulance speeds away, and officer berry escorts the man's mother to the hospital, unsure if her son will survive. >> all i remember is waking up
12:50 am
on halloween in a hospital bed with tubes coming out of my mouth. >> 53-year-old ed toner recalls waking up in the hospital the following day. my chest hurt so bad, it was like somebody did the mexican hat dance on my chest. >> the night before while ed was driving with his 92-year-old mother, betty, he began to experience intense pain in his chest. having had two previous heart attacks, ed knew exactly what was happening to him. >> it is the feeling that, that you are at death's door, and there is no stopping it. at this point, i was lying back in the seat with it fully reclined, and i was calm. >> and luckily for ed, the dispatcher was able to pinpoint his location. allowing the tukwila officers to
12:51 am
the arrive just in time. >> they are the reason that that i'm here. more than that, the power of their duty to protect and to serve the public, and how grateful i am for having them there for me. i would not have been alive without it. >> and for officer berry, the incident is a profound reminder of why he decided to be a police officer. >> can as a finance major and got my mba and worked for an internet company for about six years and i said, you know what, that is not the life i want to lead. when i am old and grandchildren and i don't want to tell them about the time i gathered up the spread sheets in redmond. i want to tell them about how i saved lives. saving a life is something you aspire to do. no matter how long i live, i will never forget that call. >> an officer risks his life for a man in need.
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>> the ground almost shook. you could see me jump back, because i didn't know how the react. >> when "caught on camera, dash cam diaries" continues.
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a florida police officer goes the extra mile to protect and serve. >> when the lightning struck and he could not jump back, well, i sure jumped back. for a second, you think, oh, i will get back into theer car, and you then realize, i have to get this guy out of here. >> august 14th, 2014, officer gil benitez receives a call that a man is stranded in a downpour. >> i started to drive, and then i realized how hard it is rain, and then i saw the lightning.
12:56 am
the minute i saw the lightning, i knew it was not a good deal. i could not find the guy initially, and when i turned on the spotlight, i see the man later identified as michael arnold in a wheelchair. he just looked stuck. >> he had been dropped off by a city bus when he was on the way home when he was caught in a fast-moving storm. his electric chair was not waterproof. >> i was really scared that my chair would shutdown, and i would have no one to help me. i called 911 and it was raining so loudly that i had to literally scream into the microphone for them to understand me. i was thinking that please, god, keep me alive. have someone come and help me. anyone. i don't care. >> help comes in the form of officer benitez. >> when he got there i said, okay, we have to get you out of here, and he said, my battery is stuck.
12:57 am
i said, all right, we get you the safety. >> but it is easier said than done. and it took a while, because he had the brakes on, and it is jammed and all i could think of it is metal wheelchair and with the lightning, not a good situation for anybody. >> i was trying to tell him that i had to get the chair off power to manual mode so he could push me home. >> but as the officer struggles, the situation is becoming more dangerous. >> that is when the lightning struck. >> a huge bolt strikes in the field right behind the two men. >> it was really close. i know that the thunder came within a second. you can feel it in the chest, like a thump, and that is how strong it was. you can see me jump back, because i did not know how the react. >> it is so loud that benites covered his ears with his hands. >> that is when i knew we had to do something.
12:58 am
>> and so he started to push on the wheelchair. >> it is an older model so it is the weight of it 300 to 400 pound, and it is steady. >> between the loudness of the rain and the thunder, and me just being scared, and i mean really scared, it was a big struggle. >> i thought if this thing strikes again, we are done, because here he is in the wheelchair and i am pushing him. >> he pushes the wheelchair a grueling block down to get him in the house. >> he was very emotion ally shook up, and cold, and we found towels for him. i know that he was the only person living in the house. >> and officer benitz stayed with me and helped me to get into warmer clothes, and he also called for his partners to come help, and also to help me find my personal care attendant to
12:59 am
help me. >> as officers we don't close out the job until the job is done. once the job was done, and we knew that he was taken care of, i was okay to leave and felt good about it. >> and he sees what was caught on the dash cam doesn't go unnoticed especially among his fellow officers. >> when i saw this dash cam and alerted to it i told the local media, that there is a good chance that they are going to want to talk to you about this. >> and lieutenant medico is the public relations officer. soon officer benitez was voted officer of the year. >> i am sure that he was just concerned to get this gentleman out of to heavy rain. he was stuck and he could not do it himself. he was stranded and it was an amazing heroic act.
1:00 am
. this sunday, the republican party coming apart. >> it really looks like a mass rn victory. >> donald trump effectily tells gop leaders it's my party and you can cry if you want to. >> our theme is very simple, it's make america great again. >> my interview with the republican party's presumptive nominee, donald trump. divided parties lose elections, republican voters embrace trump enthe leadership says no way. >> i'm not ready to do that at this point. >>an


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