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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 9, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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hello to you. i'm kate snow in new york. at this hour, hillary clinton stumping in virginia. will she respond to donald trump's very personal attacks? three days ahead of their big meeting, trump speaking out about speaker paul ryan, hinting he might want ryan out as the republican convention chairman. why ryan is saying today he would step down. speaking of the convention, chris christie was tapped for a big role. we begin with donald trump and very direct personal attacks over the weekend against hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton's husband abused women more than any man that we know of in this history of politics, right?
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have you ever read what hillary clinton did to the women that bill clinton had affairs with? he was impeached for lying about what happened with a woman. she was an unbelievably nasty mean enabler. what she did to a lot of those women is disgraceful. >> let's get right to the two reporters covering the trump and clinton campaigns the last year. katy tur and kristen welker. kristen, hillary speaking any moment in stone ridge, virginia, will she even acknowledge the comments we just heard? >> reporter: i don't think she will acknowledge them today for sure. today is about trying to rally and win over swing voters here in this morn part of virginia and in this swing county but her campaign and campaign operatives are pushing back against what donald trump said.
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let me read you part of a statement from brian fallon over the weekend said quote in a weekend in which donald trump casually suggested destabilizing the entire economy and citing the miss universe pageant in russia as part of this is policy 13er7bs of course he wants to change the subject. hillary clinton doesn't care what he says about her and she will continue to call him out for his outrageous positions and divisive comments. this is the type of response we can expect to hear from the clinton campaign moving forward. i spoke to one of her top officials who said every time he makes a personal attack they will essentially try to dismiss it and delegitimize it. that's what they've said so far. they think it could backfire and further rally women voters. she has a double digit lead over donald trump when it comes to women voters. that's what this event is about today. she's talking about paid leave,
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childcare and early education. there are a lot of swing voters in this district. this is a district that voted for president obama in 2012 and then voted for republican congressman, barbara comstock in 2014. this is one of the places up for grabs. secretary clinton still very much mired in that primary battle. tomorrow, she heads to kentucky and that's one of the states voting next week. >> stand by one second. on the left side of the screen we are looking at hillary clinton starting that event kristen was just talking about. katy, a new role for chris christie, the man in 2014 helped several gubernatorial candidates take or retake what were traditionally blue states, people may not remember he did that. is that what trump is hoping for with this new role for christie? >> it's partially that and partially to build new relationships in washington. right now, donald trump does not have the best relationship in washington as well documented by
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paul ryan not coming out and endorsing him. chris christie and jeff sessions working behind the scenes to build relationships and make sure when donald trump officially gets the nomination and as he goes through this general election he gets all the support he needs from the party, anywhere from electoral support, strategy support, financing support and transition team support if he in fact does get elected. chris christie has deep ties in washington and built good relationships over the years and the campaign is hoping to capitalize on that. >> let me ask you about policy, donald trump getting a lot of attention this weekend on his tax plan now saying it's a starting point and he'll negotiate from the plan he's put out there, he foresees racing taxes on the top 1% he told chuck todd yesterday. let me ask you both about how the campaigns are positioning on this starting with you, katy. >> firstoff, donald trump is in
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a bit of muddy water when it comes to his tack plan. he told the "today" show during a town hall he would raise the taxes on the wealthy and like to raise them on people including himself. then he told chuck todd over the weekend and since clarified repeatedly what he meant was he would raise it from his starting point and his current tax plan saying it's a negotiations, saying it's not necessarily any more than anybody is paying right now. a larger issue is his policy positions seem to be somewhat flexible in all sides of the issue. they could go from extraordinarily extreme to very moderate in the span of a day and one interview. look at abortion rights from a few weeks ago during the msnbc town hall and multiple clarifications that came after that. that is the issue more than anything else donald trump is facing trying a figure out a way to be more solid and the
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republican party trying to figure out what they can trust when it comes to donald trump. >> the clinton campaign organ e organizing a call with reporters to get in front of his issue. they love his tax plan, right? they want to attack that tax plan as written? >> reporter: that's right. they're basically making two points. they're not letting him shift his position. they said, hey, folks, you should believe donald trump when he said he will give tax breaks to large corporations and very wealthy americans. they're trying to pin him down on that first point and making the argument his tax plan will benefit wealthy americans only. we saw this tactic during the 2012 battle between president obama and mitt romney when essentially president obama tried to paint mitt romney as gordon gecko, the clinton campaign gearing up to take a very similar tactic against donald trump. >> great to be with you both as
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always. we'll bring any news as soon as we get it. now, to the meeting of the week. donald trump scheduled to sit down with house speaker paul ryan thursday and ryan said he's not ready to support trump and trump shot back that he won't support ryan's agenda and when asked about his role as convention chair on "meet the press." >> if he can't endorse you, do you think he should be chair of the convention? >> i don't want to mention now. i'll see after. i will give you a very solid answer, if that happens, about one minute after that happens. >> fair. >> no reason to give it right now. >> it sounds like i know what the answer is but you don't want to say it yet, you're -- >> look -- >> you're not going to issue a public -- >> i don't think that's going to happen. the party's come together. i have tremendous numbers of endorseme endorsements. >> nbc's luke russert is on capitol hill for us. luke, congress back tomorrow, paul ryan did a local interview, where he was asked about that
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exchange. what's he saying? >> reporter: well, let's put the tweet on the big board. he said in respect to the rnc, he'll do whatever donald trump wants. they can do this under the by w bylaws of the rnc, the way the rules are constructed. if paul ryan wanted to subject himself to it. who knows what will happen on that front. i suspect this issue will be smoothed over come thursday. seeing the way donald trump has operated over the course of his campaign you never know. i will stay the differences between ryan and trump are big and come down to not only the more bombastic thing trump has said, a ban on all muslims co coming in the country and donald trump slow to dispute the kkk and upset ryan and wanting to get a deal done over the course
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of his time in congress. i think the real big divide is over conservativism and especially constitutional conservativism. how does don't trump look at the relationship between the executive and legislative branch. donald trump seems to be very flexible in all his positions. flexible does not do well with many in the gop house and see many issues 100%. tax policy, no raising of taxes, even on the rich, things like nato, being strong, hawkish on defense. donald trump has shown a will g willingness to bend on those types of issues, i would argue free trade versus protectionist policies. that's where ryan has real concern and where they will try to smooth out the issues. remember, he also has his own house gop conference to deal with and a lot of them are not necessarily comfortable with donald trump and they are the ones that make him speaker and
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he has to walk that minefield as well. >> yet he has this interview and s says, i will do whatever donald trump wants me to do. we could have a situation in july where paul ryan is not in charge of the convention. >> it would be surprising, but who knows? it could happen, certainly, it could happen. what does that mean for the convention in general? i think paul ryan is a stabil e stabilizing force. if you hand it over to donald trump completely, maybe it becomes a reality show. it will be interesting, we'll be there. >> i hate that saying time will tell. luke russert, thanks so much. we were wondering technically speaking can paul ryan be blocked from chairing the rnc convention and how would a different chair be made? we went to our chief legal correspondent on that. how would it work if they wanted to put in somebody like a trump friendly person? >> sure. the convention can put in whoever they want. this particular fight is
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interesting if it goes in donald trump's favor. donald trump is the presumptive nominee. he won the primary. i think it's reasonable to say at the convention he wants a loyal supporter in charge not someone withholding support unusual in a political party. under rule 41 they set up a committee by the delegates and they can choose any for the chair and the chair decides all sorts of rules and voice votes. it matters. typically the top ranking republican in the house but doesn't have to be. the only thing i will flag on this busy news day, luke just outlined significant policy differences between these two men. they're not going away in a snap. as for convention issues, you have a deal-maker on one side and parliamentarian on the other. they both understand the rules. think paul ryan understands the rules can oust him easily why he doesn't want to fight this battle. sun su said the true warrior only fights battles he's already won and paul ryan understands
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this is a loser and why he says he will do whatever trump wants him to do on the convention. >> he may not have a choice is what you're saying. >> probably not. >> thank you. joining me from the "national journal" and national political reporter at the "washington post," ann gare rinse is with us as well. a ann, let me start with you. clinton campaigning in virginia, we're showing her at a roundtable there. she stressed this weekend, she and her campaign stressed we should not expect her to take the bait and levy personal attacks back at trump. isn't that what donald trump's primary opponents said in the beginning? >> absolutely. the clinton folks are trying to take the high road here and not lower her herself, what they see as lowering her herself basically to the gutter, level of he said-she said. that doesn't stop her surroga
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surrogates, her campaign, her friends from doing the same. to your point, a number of republican contestants here, you would certainly look at jeb bush as one of them, right, tried to do the same and basically said, that's beneath me, i'm not going to start pointing fingers. when marco rubio did it at the end, not only was it deemed too late, it also reflected badly on him. it's a very treacherous road. the clinton people's main rationale here is a lot of americans don't like what they hear from the insult campaign, as the clinton people call it, and are looking for an alternative and she's trying to present herself as that. >> clinton wasn't the only target of trump's attacks, we saw a firestorm clash between trump and senator elizabeth warren. trump wrote i hope corrupt hillary clinton chooses goofy elizabeth warren as her running mate. i will defeat them both.
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prompting warren in this response, goofy, donald trump for a guy with the best words, that's a pretty lame nickname. don't trump spews insults and lies because he can't have an honest conversation about his dangerous vision for america. those are just the highlights of this twitter war that went on and on. i know you guys followed it. drawing the ire of a beloved democratic leader on that side of the aisle and bernie sanders ally. my question is if he wants to go after sanders supporters, isn't it a bad move to start attacking someone sanders supporters really like? >> it's a bad move to go after any other than hillary clinton. trump's strength is his business background and people view him as a successful businessman. for him to engage in a twitter war with elizabeth war enwas a major blunder. he should be focused on hillary
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clinton 100% of the time. shouldn't be getting in twitter wars with elizabeth warren and only helping unite the democratic party not united behind hillary clinton, you do have warren holding out and this is a huge political blunder on multiple fronts for donald trump. >> this is what hillary clinton saclinton -- what paul manafort said yesterday. >> he won't let hillary clinton or elizabeth warren hide behind their sex to be hypocritical. how was elizabeth war enbeing hypocritical? she wasn't involved in the clinton affairs. >> she gave it to him and if she can't take it, that's her problem. >> they seem to go after female is in particular and the women's card, we know, has been a fund-raising thing for hillary clinton now. it seems to be working for clinton's fans to fund-raise off
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these attacks on women. why does the trump team keep going there? >> one can only assume they think it works for them, too. the clinton campaign is delight basically they can have this conversation so directly. they see it as one of clinton's chief advantages in this race, that she could be the first woman president, and that she will present herself on -- in many many ways, as the more empathetic and certainly more experienced but she's not running away from the fact she's running as a woman. they like that. they think trump is giving them an opportunity to talk about it and he is offending many of the people who could potentially be swayed ed ted to clinton who a with her now and part of what she's doing in virginia today. talking to suburban women, largely white affluent women who
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split their tickets, maybe voted for romney last time but could be potentially open to voting for her this time. either trump just does it because that's his default or because he has a strategy that he thinks that works for him just as well as it works for her. >> ann and josh, thanks for being with us. >> good to be here. >> we'll be right back after a quick break talking to a trump supporter about his recent stateme statements. stay with us. well what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? while you guys are busy napping, peanuts are delivering 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients right to your mouth. you ever see a peanut take a day off? no. peanuts don't even get casual khaki fridays. because peanuts take their job seriously. so unless you want a life of skimming wifi off the neighbors, you'll harness the hardworking power of the peanut. (cheering)
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level policy oriented campaign if they treat me properly, i will treat them popperly. it would be a beautiful thing to see. >> she's married to a man who hurt many women. if you look and see a study, hillary hurt many women, the women he abused. >> do you remember the famous, i did not have sex with that woman and then a couple months later, i'm guilty. she's taking negative ads on me! >> joining me now, scottie hughes, political editor and supporter of donald trump. good to see you again. >> thank you. >> it's pretty plain we see the sound back to back. first, he says he will not attack and then you heard him this weekend dialing it up a notch on hillary clinton, going after elizabeth warn as well. people have said maybe the personal attacks are all he's got? >> i don't think it is. i think there is a reason why he's doing this.
12:23 pm
mr. trump is not the first person to point out hillary was sort of an enabler to bill clinton. one of the 17 women, katherine wiley pointed outside time and time again, bill clinton had these women he not only sexually harassed and had marital affairs and even allegedly raped. those are out there. we never heard hillary clinton say she helped her husband seek help for it or do anything but stand by her man. while she can say she's for women in her personal life and professional life she has not taken advantage of the help to help women really needing her at that point. >> they would push back so hard on that and you know it. they would say she's done all kinds of things to help the success of women in the business world and politics. >> you look at her own case in her senate office, 72 cents she paid her women to every dollar a man made until they watched her accounting and upped to where it was basically even.
12:24 pm
you look at the clinton foundation that has taken millions of dollars from countries like qatar, saudi arabia, who have some of the worst practices against women. she can sit there on the campaign trail and say one thing, but when you look at the actions in her personal professional life it's nothing less than hypocritical. >> let me play sound from donald trump this weekend talking about women. >> all of the men were petrified to speak to women nominee. we may raise our voice. you know what, the women get is better than we do, folks, they get it better than we do. >> what's your reaction to that? women get it better than we do? >> i always have looked -- i think conservative women look at males as a teammate, we don't want to be better or less, we want to work with them. there are advantage s to gender to everyone including politics. we knew hillary clinton would demonize any especially males --
12:25 pm
>> i'm asking you about donald trump's comments. there are women who hear him say that and say, are you joking, the barriers i faced in my life as a woman compared to men. you just mentioned the barriers of equal pay. aren't you worried you are losing women right and left when donald trump says things like that? >> no. when you're talking mostly republican women mr. trump is talking to and men have had their rights to a certain extent they can't criticize women so many women sit behind this veil and say you can't criticize me whether you're in the workplace or their own homes. granted i'm as much of a feminist as any else, i think we should be equally grounded and take out the sexual connotation between the two. i think that's all mr. trump is doing. he says he wants a policy-based debate. we're not apples versus apples at this point and he's making
12:26 pm
sure heneuters that subject now and she can't discuss policy behind that. moving to sue the federal government behind the state's so-called bathroom law. loretta lynch, when it comes, we'll bring it to you here.
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♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. any moment now we expect to hear from attorney general loretta lynch after the state of north carolina filed suit this morning against the federal government that gave the governor until today to toss out his state's new law to restrict lbgt gender to access the bathroom they were born to. and e it's been, decade after decade of innovation, inspiration and wonder. so, we say thank you america for a century of tst
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12:33 pm
down from the so-called bathroom law that bans transgender people from accessing bathroom facilities that don't correspond to the gender given on their birth certificate. mccrory responds he is suing the federal government coming in response to the justice department saying the newly enacted law in north carolina is a violation of civil rights. >> we believe a court rather than a federal agency should tell our state, our nation and employers across the country what the law requires. i think it's time for the u.s. congress to bring clarity to our national anti-discrimination provisions under title 7 and title 9. >> as we await attorney general loretta lynch, looking at a live picture in washington, she's expected any minute now, we will bring it to you as soon as it happens. first, let's check on janet chamblee in raleigh, north
12:34 pm
carolina, and explain what's at risk with enacting this law and the doj last week saying we're giving you a deadline. >> reporter: simply put, a lot of money on the line. 1$1.4 billion is scheduled to g to the university of north carolina this year from the federal government, 8$800 millin in loans to students to north carolina schools. with this throwing to it the courts, governor mccrory trying to prevent that fund cutoff. business owners see it in a very different way saying they're already seeing business cut off to them and looking down the road where conventions are pl planned and other events and see business potentially dropping off. i talked to one business owner who has a small gift shop, her name is pam and here is what she had to say. >> as a citizen of north carolina for 25 years, i'm mortified. i'll tell you why. i'm mortified because it's a
12:35 pm
message of hate. it breaks my heart to see this wonderful state represented this way. >> as a business owner, how has this impacted? >> the immediate impact has actually not been bad. there's a longer term impact, though. we get a lot of tourists in this store, probably a quarter of our business. a lot of conferences are canceling, big events are canceling. in a previous life i was a meeting planner and i know people look two, three, four years out. for people looking now for events three, four years from now, that's the one that really scares me, this will have a l t lasting impact that goes for years and years to come. >> another important note here, you would expects the name of the attorney general to appear on this filing but it does not. the governor hired two private law firms to file this suit because he is at odds with the attorney general over this law. in fact, they're running against each other, the governor running
12:36 pm
for election in november and the attorney general a democrat who opposes him and says he opposes house bill 2. >> jan net chamblee, stand by for us. janet is referring to the north carolina attorney general running against the governor. ari is with us and as we look at the picture on the left side of the screen, we're looking for the federal attorney general, loretta lynch to come out. the federal government cited the civil rights act saying they don't think this law is in line with federal law. >> big picture, the civil rights act says you can't discriminate against people and lists certain reasons you cannot discriminate, someone's race, gender or ethnic origin. what you have here is basically the use of the gender provision which the justice department y says should apply to people who identify as transgender, in other words, it would discriminate against them in the eyes of the obama justice department to say they can't go into the bathroom of the gender
12:37 pm
they now choose. obviously, there's strong feelings here and people on the other side say, well why not use born gender for something new and still not fully understood. there's the third layer we heard infield reporting, the idea some of these bills aren't about bathrooms at all, this is a side issue and this is designed to demean people who may be transgend transgendered. that matters legally as well. a court may strike down something if they think you're not doing it for the reason you say but rather you're a politician doing it to sort of beat up on someone. let's also play, as we await loretta lynch here, she will be in part responding to the north carolina governor. i want to play another part of what he said today because he was arguing this was something he had to respond to. >> this was not a north carolina state agenda. no one in north carolina was talking about bathroom policy until the charlotte city council imposed a mandate on private
12:38 pm
businesses. >> that's the argument you hear from him and other leaders who say they didn't welcome or seek this fight out, they were responding to what essentially became a hot potato in their state. that also highly contested because folks say, no, you didn't have to deal with it this way. i'll read briefly from north carolina's new suit against dodge, saying quote the department's position is a ba baseless and blatant overreach, they don't believe this is supported in federal law. i'll jump ahead to what probably, kate, is at least right now the controlling law in the area there, basically at the heart of this appeal is whether title 9 of these protections require schools to provide transgender students access to restrooms congruent with transgender identity. that court basically said, yes, agreeing with the obama administration and i would expecte lynch saying they think the law is on their side.
12:39 pm
>> and title 9 controls all the money janet is talking about, you can give out a certain amount of federal money but can't give it to states discrimina discriminating? bingo. we are talking about the power of the federal government, not any going to jail over the bathrooms. this is a part of federal enforcement, particularly the education context, local municipalities or states or educational resources being in the view of the federal federal government misused they can deny the money, one of the hooks. ultima ultimately, this is an area of the law the supreme court may have to deal with, we're talking the law controls, the fourth circuit governs a couple of states and there is no national rule. that may not be a surprise, if you're sitting at home thinking this is all unfolding very fast, you think about caitlyn jenner and developments in popular discussion of this fast, yes, the law struggling to catch up with this. there's no national federal real rule on this yet. >> let me go to janet chamblin
12:40 pm
still in north carolina. this is not pie in the sky, this is very real, money for kids going to college now and scholarships and professorships, tell me what people are telling you. >> reporter: the state of north carolina got 4$4.3 billion from the federal government in 2015, kate. that's just the education money, that's to say nothing of what they got for roads and other public services here in the state of north carolina. people are concerned. recent polls show most people who were polled in this state are against house bill 2. on a nationwide new cnn poll out today showed something like 57 or 58% of people are against it. but the prevailing feeling, you heard that business person talk about it earlier, they're embarrassed. their friends are coming to visit them this summer, they are embarrassed this is how their state is being portrayed not just across the country, across the world. there's that sense of what are we doing here?
12:41 pm
this does not reflect the people that we are, who we want to be. >> it's been -- >> reporter: also, kate -- >> go ahead. >> reporter: i wanted to mention quickly we have this 5:00 deadline coming upset by the justice department when they sent that letter last wednesday. it's about an hour and 20 minutes away. one would believe at this point the governor's filing of that suit is perhaps his answer, but the department of justice last wednesday indicated they did not receive quantitative proof that h b-2 would not be enacted by that time or the state would back away from it. then, they would go to start perhaps filing suit against the state of north carolina, which is perhaps what loretta lynch may talk about in her upcoming news conference or stop that funding in process. >> for those who missed the governor's press conference, janet, he is not backing down in any way. he gave no indication he will repeal or somehow remove the law from the books before 5:00
12:42 pm
tonight. >> reporter: a lot of people thought he could use this. when doj came to him and said, look, this is discriminatory, he could save face and back away and say, i really wanted it but the department of justice says we can't have it. in fact, he went the other way, as you indicated saying we are sticking with this and by it and we will sue you because we don't believe you have a claim. >> let's take a listen to a little bit more what governor mccrory said earlier. he talked about the feds as overreaching. take a listen. >> our state legislature believed this was an unnecessary government overreach into the private sector, imposing regulations and impacting one's personal privacy. the state legislature and this governor also believe the guidelines then needed to be put in place because of this new public topic for government buildings or schools and/or rest
12:43 pm
stops, to ensure privacy and expectation of privacy for everyone. >> that was a bit of the governor speaking earlier. i think i set that up wrong. i think when he spoke of overreach, was he talking about charlotte, perhaps? >> i think he was. that goes to the point we were discussing earlier, governor mccrory is trying to define this in two ways, number one, he is reactive, this was pitched to him, not something he sought out. number two, he is being protective in his narrative basically as he referred to the privacy, not talking about transgender individuals he's talking about everyone else basically this is something that's problematic if you're parent and you're going into a bathroom and what situation are you presented with? i think the problem with that goes beyond the law and there will be legal precedence and ultimately decided by a court. the common sense problem while this is a rapidly evolving area and room for a lot of good faith studying and understanding and
12:44 pm
figuring outside what the ground rules would be, i think it is fair factually to say there wasn't some great uprising in north carolina or around the country this is a big problem in bathrooms around the country. as reporters we keep an eye on things, that is not something we saw or reviews there have been local prosecutecutions of people being prayed upon in bathrooms. >> to the contrary. did a lot of reporting about transgender kids and the issues facing people who are transgender and all the advoc e advocates for the lbgt community would tell you there has not been a spate of crime happening in bathrooms. as you said before, ari, they view this law as something that the bathroom issue is just a cloak for other issues. >> exactly. i would say briefly it's the common sense aspect of this will combine with the legal aspect because courts care whether you are actually addressing a problem or you seem to be coming
12:45 pm
up with something that may not have a quote rational justification. that will be part of the burden north carolina face is in court. >> ari and janet, we will take a quick break for loretta lynch and come back on the other side. making it really hard to book the flight you want. luckily, there's a better way... with the capital one venture card. with venture, you'll earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. and when you're ready to travel, just book the flight you want, on any airline, then use your miles to cover the cost. now you're getting somewhere. what's in your wallet? (man) hmm. ♪hat do you think? (stranger) good mornin'! ♪ (store p.a.) attention shoppers, there's a lost couple in the men's department.
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and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost®. if you've been watching, i'm kate snow in new york, we're awaiting this press conference, loretta lynch, running behind schedule in washington. i'm joined by janet abo north carolina's so-called bathroom law. janet, give thus context for today. i feel like we're getting a little lost in details this afternoon. essentially the department of justice is the one last week sent a letter to the state of north carolina telling them they had a deadline of today to fix their law. >> reporter: that's correct. they said, this is discriminatory, in violation of
12:49 pm
the 1964 civil rights act. you cannot enact it. we want to hear from you that you will not adhere or act on it. the governor said that he reached out to the department of justice and said, look, you are giving me a monday ultimatum that's only three business days and i need more time. the justice department responded to him, okay, you can have more time, however you have to acknowledge the language in house bill 2 is discriminatory for that extra time. the governor said, forget it, i'll get you an answer by monday. today, we saw his answer, what we think was his answer this morning, in the form of filing this suit back against the government. they initiated the action, said it was discriminatory and his response is that, look, you know, congress needs to decide who is a protected class. it is not for us in north carolina to make that rule. so if that's what you're looking for, go to the congress and send us a message from there. that's how it started.
12:50 pm
well before that, kate, let me add the number of -- you might say vanity individuals, celebri celebrities, who have come out and spoken out against this, bruce springsteen, canceling a concert, number of vanity individuals, celebrities who have come out and spokend=b÷n so that has carried frustration with people in the state who are seeing other people speak out, well known people. kate, back to you. >> let me break in with a little bit of news. because pete williams is just telling us, that he has 8+uuuuuuuuuuuuub
12:51 pm
>> they were saying, you as governors might narrowly interpret this law in a way that would pass in the views of the doj, constitutional muster, they've completely passed on that with all the news today. and fresh reporting from pete williams suggests the doj will move forward with that action. that means, to be clear, a
12:52 pm
federal judge will resolve all of this and the supreme court will let it stand or take it up. if the supreme court took it up, it would be the biggest transgender related case in american history, because it's a new area of law. but that's the headline. we can see the doj's letter clearly as a prelude to this action, that they were giving them the chance. without taking it, they are going to seek to resolve it and that is relevant to what we discussed moments ago, that there is positive law for the obama position in the fourth circuit there. so they would view this as a chance to basically lock in the gains they think they already have. north carolina, for whatever reasons explained by the governor that we've reported on, not taking the off ramp. so this will be resolved, according to the reporting, by a federal judge and i'm sure we'll hear loretta lynch outline why they want to bring this case and why they think they're done everything possible to give north carolina a chance before going that route. >> we are waiting for the
12:53 pm
attorney general of the united states, loretta lynch, to appear before that podium. janet shamlian is in north carolina. i'm sure you haven't been in touch to get reaction to this breaking news, but would you anticipate they would be, you know, negative about this development, or could it be a relief for the government in north carolina, that now it's out of their hands and a federal judge will resolve things? >> reporter: i don't think that it's going to be a relief. at least to the governor. and again, we have the 5:00 deadline. we're not expecting anything further from him today. to a lot of the people who live here and run businesses here and feel like this is a bad representation of their state, i think they probably are very anxious to hear what a court has to say and possibly believe that it will come down on their side, if your side is in fact being opposed to house bill 2. i don't think we're expecting to hear from the governor again
12:54 pm
today, again the 5:00 deadline. many that we spoke to said the time will come and go without any action. the governor could not overturn this law by himself. it would take an act of the general assembly in north carolina. but there was no expectation whatsoever that there would be any activity on house bill 2. >> you mentioned before the public polling we can put up the cnn poll on the screen. this is a law in north carolina, that when people are asked, residents of north carolina, 57% oppose the law. so it is very popular with the governor and his allies, but not necessarily popular in the state. >> reporter: and it really depends on who you talk to. i was here about three weeks ago and there was a bill against -- i mean, a rally against it, and 300 people showed up. there was a rally in favor of this bill, 4,000 christian conservatives showed up and they were bussed in from all over the
12:55 pm
state. so it was a planned event. so i do think it depends on who the poll is talking to, because we have seen in this state, a significant show of support, at least publicly here on the state grounds in the past two weeks. >> there has been financial fall-out to all of this. major companies you mentioned, the artists who decided not to hold concerts there, major companies, google, apple speaking out against the law, bank of america, uber, kellogg, it's a big list of fortune 500 companies. >> reporter: it is. interesting about bank of america, they are hearing from their clients and their fellow banks worldwide, why are you based in north carolina? why are you doing business in that state? they've had an interesting reaction from outside of this country, people looking at why they would be here. so it clearly has ramifications beyond the united states, at least for this state.
12:56 pm
>> go ahead. ari, your mike's not on right now. can you bring up ari? >> how about now? you mentioned an important political point, that losing isn't always bad in politics, that this is clearly unpopular for all the reasons we discussed, but it doesn't mean the governor wants to back down. he obviously doubled down this morning, now it goes to federal court, it leaves the governor of not having to surrender in the political realm, because he stood by this law and if it's overturned in a federal court and he loses, that allows him to tell the conservative base, or the folks concerned about the issues on his side, i fought the good fight and lost without actively surrendering. i want to be clear about pulling the curtain back on some of this. the lawyers who work for the government and the conservatives are just as good as the rest. they may know it's not going to win in the federal circuit and are making strategies accordingly. >> ari, janet, we were supposed
12:57 pm
to have this press conference at 3:30 eastern time, almost half an hour ago now. we'll continue to wait for the attorney general to speak on the issue of the north carolina law. my colleague chris hayes picks up right after a break. playing for the usual phil? always stacy. at kpmg we've always believed leadership is about vision and integrity, confidence, inspiration, and passion. ♪ pitching wedge. thanks phil. and always having the courage to take your best shot. see the best of the best at
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good afternoon to you, i'm chris hayes in new york. we are monitoring right now a press conference that has been called by the attorney general of the united states, loretta lynch, in which she will be responding to a press conference called earlier today by north carolina governor who has announced his state is suing the federal government over the department of justice's letter to north carolina, telling them their law, the so-called bathroom law, the controversial discriminatory piece of legislation is in violation of the civil rights act. that is going to play out in front of us. we'll keep our eyes on that podium there. we expect loretta lynch to talk about the federal government's position shortly. now, moments ago, a chance for hillary clinton to publicly hit back at donald trump. she didn't take it. focusing instead on an occasion in business at a virginia rodt