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tv   With All Due Respect  MSNBC  May 12, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> i get it. >> maybe i put my money on gingrich. we're out of time. it's an interesting case. thanks for the time. we're back tomorrow with more mtp daily. "with all due respect" starts right now. paul ryan, reince priebus. >> mr. trump goes to washington. >> oh, why didn't we think of that. mr. trump goes to washington. an event so big it requires not one box, not two, not three, not four, not five.
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holy ♪ ♪ ♪ >> the whole political world gorge it on a nice trump steak out. we have our own team of reporters standing by to cover all the angles of this very big story on this special report edition of "with all due respect." team coverage throughout this whole new episode. it was quote, a great day in d.c. that's how donald j. trump billionaire described his huddle with house speaker paul ryan, rei reince priebus and others on capitol hill. the press got there early before trump's three big major meetings. trump meet with ryan and priebus. trump spoke with mitch mcconnell.
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ryan and trump released a joint statement that said while we were honest about our differences, there's many important areas of common ground. we'll be having additional discussions but remain confident. it's great opportunity to unify our party and win this fall. we're totally committed to working together to achieve that goal. trump later tweeted quote, great day in d.c. with house speaker ryan and things working out really well. exclamation point, trump 2016. lindsey graham, the senator from south carolina who has been anti-trump add a cordial phone call with trump today. you may recall graham seem to be warming to trend although he did repeat he's still not planning to vote for either clinton or trump. nicole wallace, republican strategist of long standing. what, if anything -- >> currently in the witness protection program. >> what, if anything, was
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accomplished today with trump's visi visit? >> i know we're going to spend a lot of time talking about the speaker. he's revered by establishment figures but viewed as having a bright future by the grass roots of our party. i'm more intrigued by the potential political opportunity of donald trump beginning to get a tow hold on matters of national security like meetings that he had with secretary baker who is revered. i think that phone call is significant. >> they talked apt length. there's no doubt that the focus on the ryan meeting. the fact he had that meeting, i'll tell you another meeting. he met with senate strategist to talk about what he could do to help them win. he met with rob portman.
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trump is not a known figure. they want someone they can trust. that's right. >> i'm surprised how far he went today. he really was trying to accentuate the positive. i don't think those endorsement lay ryan any choice. he can't be anti-trump. i think ryan realizes trump can
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win. he wants to have trump partner in governing as he ends up as a speaker working with the republican president. >> it's so interesting to me. trump and ryan are as different on policy as ryan and hillary clinton might be. maybe more. they're opposed on policy on trade, foreign policy. entitlement reform. you could go on and on. >> they do agree on some stuff. >> both admit they have differences. you mentioned some of them.
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which of the big differences that you name will matter in the context of the selection. which of those differences do you think can't be papered over. >> it's the economy. i think finding some economic message that doesn't make paul ryan cringe that he doesn't talk about donald trump's appetite for trade war and protectionism and isolationism on the economic front. those are the differences that are so fundamental. if you look at the public paul ryan record and -- >> why couldn't trump rewrite his tax plan. >> trump can. >> paul ryan can't. he's a free market guy. >> they'll have to agree to disagree on immigration. if ryan can convince trump to
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say we're going to preserve these programs for current beneficiaries and preserve them for the next set, i think trump can make that switch. >> they don't want to hear they will get less. >> you can pretend it's not going to be less. it's going to be different. the big thing is tax reform. >> all this said, do you think that ryan endorsement is either imminent or probable? >> i don't know exactly how he's going to do it. my hunch is they don't want to make this a big deal. >> too bad, right? >> he can ease into it.
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i think he went a long way today. i can't imagine he can back down. i think he will find way to say i've met him. i think it's comfortable for him that he would not just be a better president as hillary clinton but someone we can work with as conservatives. >> trump was running not just against washington but against the republican party. bill clinton did the same thing in 1992. after he got the nomination, he turned a little bit. >> i think it's likely. i don't think it's imminent. i think there's an element of therapy on his part. you can see him hashing it out this full view of the cameras. issues like life and conservative principles which is what we always say. i think this will be harder than
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ryan will make it look. it speaks to his talent and maybe some flexibility we didn't know he had. >> coming up, we'll talk about trump's trip to washington with some more detail. we have reporters, members of congress, advisors and more after these words from our sponsors. machine man, my feet are killin' me. same time tomorrow, fellas!? new dr. scholl's stimulating step insoles. they massage key pressure points with each step, for all day comfort that keeps you feeling more energized. dude's got skills. new dr. scholl's stimulating step insoles.
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. joining us now from capitol hill, kelly. ryan and mitch mcconnell have been studies in contrast since trump set up the nomination. ryan holding out. mcconnell getting on board the talk about the personal styles. >> mitch mcconnell is the ultimate pragmatist and he can see around the corner politically.
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they had kind of different responsibilities and different challenges. when you see the public reluctance of paul ryan and you know of him being this policy guy, a policy wonk, self-proclaimed, didn't want to be speaker but embracing that position now. wanting to defend conservatism. mcconnell does not want to see that go away. they have 24 seats on the ballot. democrats only have ten. he does not want to lose his majority. the people have chosen trump and the faster those in washington get on board with that, the better it will be. it's not as if the resistance to
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trump will change his place as the nominee after all the talk of a convention. there's all this pressure about will ryan and endorse and when. it's a study in contrast. they do have different roles and responsibilities but different messages to the republican party. certainly on the senate side, senators want to be able to be their own people, to be defining their own race and not linked to trump. there's enough will he work with those who are on the ballot in the fall to raise money for the party. they've got to pay for the convention this time.
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all of those issues come to really a ahead today beginning toward a new direction. mcconnell giving people a pass to get on board. ryan trying to keep the soul of the new party in tact saying we want policy and ideas but we're not closing the door. >> i've been watching you all day. i hope you've taken a breather. i want to know how hands on mcconnell is with the senators who eyes trump with trepidation. >> there are some vulnerable seats. he knows they will have to move away from trump on key issues. will have to be voices of criticism to trump whether it's about the muslim ban issue which trump is backing away from, whether it's about his
3:15 pm
relationship to women voters and how well he's performing or not performing. he'll use the senate floor and the policies that may be advanced in normal workings of capitol hill. expect to dangerous votes for republicans. no walking of the plank. he'll give them room to run their own races. there's an expectation that trump won't care if they distance himself. they had taken this party to trump. for good or bad or the unknown and expect mcconnell to want to
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protect that majority first and foremost. he wants to see a republican president. his job is to protect that majority. >> thank you very much. i will say this meeting is coming with polls showing trump in position to win. what it means for party unification efforts. we'll have them here when we come back. this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me go further. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. doctors have been prescribing humira for over 13 years. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers,
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talk more about donald trump's speed dating session today on capitol hill. they said trump will be the nominee and has not endorsed him yet. he has early on endorsed the presumptive republican nominee. gentlemen, welcome. let me start with you congressman moreno. tell me what you think donald trump accomplished today with the meeting on the hill? >> i think donald and paul ryan accomplished a great deal for the sake of getting together and not so much airing out differences because i think they came to realize that they have a great deal in common. >> okay. is there something that could happen that would make you all of a sudden get wildly enthusiastic about donald trump
3:20 pm
as your nominee, and what is that? >> i want to clarify. i'm supporting donald trump because he's the nominee of the party. i always said i was going to support anybody who was the nominee. i would have to sit down wp him and understand some of the things he's been saying. he's been attacking some of the things that conservatives believe in. i want know exactly what he believes. i'm not sure that the press has gotten everything right. i think he's 100% better than hillary clinton. i have no problem supporting him. >> do you worry about where the polls are for donald trump with women? winning the white house requires to gop nominee to narrow, not to close or overcome the democrat but narrow the gender gap. are you worried about those commen
3:21 pm
comments? >> obviously i worry about the comment and the gap. if you look at the polls with vis-a-vis donald trump, he's been a master of doing better than the polls say. nobody suspected that he was going to be the nominee. he did well with independent women. i think he needs to explain better to the american people who his positions are. he's going to have 500 billion dollar worth of money being used against him. he really needs to get his house in order and figure out how exactly he's going to explain some of those positions he has taken. your colleagues are asking you about donald trump.
3:22 pm
how much has that increased this week? >> it's increased substantially. love the idea that paul and donald got together. i tell them, i speak with paul on a regular basis and donald. there will be more of these meetings. i just think this is going to be a dynamic combination with a businessman as president. the finesse and experience that paul has on the hill. new people say they won't vote for donald trump to people seeming enthusiastic about it.
3:23 pm
will that be true by the time we get to cleveland or will it be a largely united party? >> i think it will be pretty united by the time we get to cleveland. there's one common enemy and that's hillary clinton. i know the kind of people she will pick for her administration. all those people are different for what i want for america and what i want for the future of america. i think we will come behind, at least we will get excited about never hillary. he came to congress and talked to the speaker. i think he was able to go a long way to unify the party. i think it's up to both donald trump and paul ryan to unify the party. i think we can do that. if you look at previous
3:24 pm
elections, trepidation about john mccain. this always happens after a bruising primary. i think after the bruising primary, i think we'll be able to come together and win this time. are there anything we lost with donald trump as our party standard bearer? >> no, quite the opposite. i think we have gained things. donald has no problem with that. we are pro-life. donald is pro-life. paul has shared with me that the
3:25 pm
people have overwhelmingly voted to have donald trump as their candida candidate. paul's made it clear that donald will be the nominee because of those two issues. >> the republican party stood for more issues than life and the institution. we used to stand for free and fair trade around the world. are there any policies that the republican party -- >> let me address that. it's not fair trade. it's not fair trade. i want fair trade not free trade. we're always taking the short end of the stick here.
3:26 pm
these other countries need us more than we need them. they are manipulating currency. they're flooding the market. donald trump and paul ryan and the republicans in the house and senate have to make changes. >> we got less than a minute. just one word answers on these. congressman who are is the favorite to win the white house, clinton or trump? >> i think trump will win overwhelmingly. >> who is the favorite, trump or clinton? >> trump. >> land slide. okay. congressman, who should donald trump pick as his running mate? one word. >> i can't do it in one word
3:27 pm
because there's many individuals males and females. >> give me two names you'd be delighted with. >> one of the female governors would be -- >> who would you be delighted with? >> i think ted cruz would be wonderful and governor perry as well. >> thank you both. >> thank you. one last thing getting a lot of talk on capitol hill. a federal judge in washington has struck down part of the affordable care act. the case will be appealed. trump advisor and ryan add visor will be on set to talk about the big meetings in washington after this quick break. yes! great. correct! ma'am. this isn't an automated computer... operator! ma'am. i'm here. i'm live. wait. you're real? yeah. with discover card, you can talk to a real person in the u.s. day or night. plus, we're not going to waste your time trying to sell you a bunch of other products you don't really need.
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and what did you think of his personality? >> his personality, i thought it was very good. ea he's a warm and genuine person. we believe in the proper roles in separation of power. we believe in things like life. i think we're off to an encouraging start. the stakes could not be higher. it takes more than 45 minute, mark. >> that was paul ryan at his capitol hill press conference in morning answering a question i asked about his meeting with donald trump. seemed a series of successful meetings. what do you know about the meeting with secretary of state baker? what was the purpose of that? >> i don't know a bunch about
3:32 pm
it. we're talking about transition and teams and stuff. >> what would you see was concrete today? >> i think a lot of people got to meet donald trump for the first time. some of their preconceived notions start to erode away. >> anything that happened that says i'm not going to stand with the bushes and mitt romney? >> no. >> why not? >> there was three outcomes that could have occurred today. it was such a great meeting that paul ryan would have endorse ed donald trump. outcome two is him saying there's no way in hell i'm endorsing him. outcome three is ke had an effective conversation. donald trump is on trial. i'm going to work with him and
3:33 pm
see if i can get to endorsing him and for the most senior elected republican in the country to come out of a meeting with the presumptive nominee after he has it locked up and say i'm not ready to endorse. we don't figure it out in 45 minutes is not inconsequential. he wants to create space to see if he and trump can work together. whether he feels comfortable that trump is a conservative. i don't believe he is. i don't believe a lot of people supporting him believe he is. i think what would have been dangerous for paul is he come out and endorsed him last week or this week and have trump quickly revert back to his schoolyard antics or another revision to one of his positions whether it's on tax reform, entitlement reform.
3:34 pm
and have paul out there completely embarrassed because he's endorsed this guy who is bouncing around. what's the psychological profile? >> he's nearing the final stage. >> i get it. there's not a single issue. there's not a single issue that donald trump has embraced as a self-respecting conservative that says i have countdown, he
3:35 pm
actually believes that. >> that is your opinion. >> tell me one issue. >> can i jump in? you and i work for a lot of same people. we champion the same policies on behalf of the people. where did we lose the base of our party? they voted for donald trump who doesn't believe any of the things. >> there's a complete crack up going on in our economy, in our electorate. every western democracy is experiencing this. it transcends sovereign boundaries. we're experiencing the symptoms of an electorate across the board that wants to blow the
3:36 pm
system up. i respect that. i think there's a lot to learn from this process over the last few months that we have lost some of our party as the democrats have. the idea that the vessel for that loss to repair it all should be a guy who doesn't believe in anything. i really don't believe he believes in anything. what is the cost to not have the bushes. to not have mitt romney. is there a cost to winning? >> if you look at the last three national polls, frankly not much. the republicans are coming home. should not be surprising that washington is the last place to understand that after what we just went through. >> the bushes don't live in washington. >> well, the establishment is the last place where that's going to happen.
3:37 pm
>> i agree. >> in 2008 after mccain had the nomination locked up, he was seven to ten points running ahead of obama. taking a snapshot of the polls and over interpreting them in a mistake. if trump came out today and said i'm for expanding obama care, not shrinking it, i'm for expanding obama care. would you be okay with that if he did that? >> no. >> how do you reconcile his complete flip on his tax reform plan. >> i don't believe it's a complete flip. >> you don't? >> no. >> he said that a few days ago. >> what he said was. you're not listening. you hear what you want to hear.
3:38 pm
he said i have to negotiate with congress. you and i both know that's what you want to do. >> he's okay with raising taxes. >> he said you're not going to get the tax cut i want if you have to go through congress to get it. >> what about tax reform. he said i don't think we should deal with the national debt issue. i don't want to deal with entitlement. >> i don't want to waste a lot of my time to convince you. all he wants to do is make sure nobody gets hurt. >> okay. >> we can do that. we can do that. he's said he's not for these reforms. >> what he wants to do. >> what he said publicly different from what you think he wants to really do? >> no. >> you interpret everything he says word for word and you attach a meaning to it. >> i do. >> he doesn't want to hurt seniors. >> their words matter. he has uttered a lot of words.
3:39 pm
you're asking me to discard his words. >> i understand, we understand, you've been here before to talk about your reservations. what are your feelings as an analyst about whether trump has a good chance to win this election? >> politics is about possibility. >> do i think trump has a 30% chance, a 40% chance of winning? sure. do i think he has a above 50% chance, no. most races you'll say he's below 50%, it doesn't matter. he doesn't have a shot. i think the idea of someone like donald trump being commander in chief and having the potential to wreak havoc on the country and the world that i think he has the potential to do and the message it would send to the world, that 30% scares me. my impression of watching donald trump, i'm an observer is people
3:40 pm
in positions and agendas are pieces of a chess board. >> he picks them up and drops them. he embraces someone. look the way he's treated chris christie over the last eight weeks is stunning. whether it's issues or people, he picks them up and drops them. he has to reassure voters, the country that he has the chops, the credentials, the judgment, the temperament to be commander in chief. i don't believe a running mate -- >> it doesn't change your view at all? >> no. >> i take donald trump at his word. >> i don't believe you. >> if bob gates was his running mate, it would have to affect your view. >> i don't think he would be his running mate. >> was there any part of paul ryan that was diagnose on the inside/crying on the inside and was there any part of donald trump that was dying on the inside to maybe have to kowtow
3:41 pm
to these people he's had so much success lampooning. was there any part that you know was dying on the inside today? >> i don't think so. >> i think this has been paul ryan's a political leader of ideas. >> dying a little bit? crying? >> watching the conservative movement fold to this guy who is just using it, i think is difficult. he's also leader of a party. he's trying to triek thstrike t balance. it's not an easy process. >> i agree with you. >> i wouldn't him to suddenly, i like washington. he's not going to do that. >> a guy he just hung out with? >> i don't think so. >> that ends. >> suddenly, there's all these
3:42 pm
new con sefbtives that i haven't seen in any of the meetings in decades. it's laughable. >> i agree with you about that. i agree it's laughable. the idea that donald trump is the antedote to that. nobody thinks we care yet alone listen. >> go back to the green room and talk more about there. >> i want to come with you. >> thank you both. great discussion. when we come back, our rapid
3:43 pm
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first meeting was in his words, great. >> the meeting was great. priebus does interviews. >> there's great meeting. it's a great first step. it was great. >> 11:00 a.m., trump arrives for senate meeting. >> he met with all these senators. >> 11:04 trump-ryan joint statement. >> it was a positive step toward unification. >> we'll take all these bills we're passing out of house. >> no, the other news. >> i think we had a very
3:47 pm
encouraging meeting. >> care to elaborate. >> very encouraged. encouraged. >> there was an encouraging step. >> no endorsement. 1:00 p.m., more endorsemenmeeti trump. >> he's going to another meeting. >> things working out really well. >> 2:12. wheels up. >> got a lot of work done in a short time. it's harder to take people if you sit face-to-face. >> maybe. donald trump is breaking all convention. a few of the trump supporters was appalled he was going to suck up to the people that
3:48 pm
disparaged him. trump wanted a claim that is a massive political accomplishment. i'm not sure he got that. >> he got a lot. very successful day. you're right. coming up, man who has seen donald j. trump's tax returns. we'll be right back. i asked my dentist if an electric toothbrush was
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e.t. phone home. when you find something you love, you can never get enough of it. change the way you experience tv with xfinity x1. joining us now, tim o bryan. he wrote the book. he says he once saw donald trump's federal tax returns about a decade ago which trump sued him for liable. he says the nation needs oto se
3:52 pm
what he saw. thanks for coming. you're not at liberty to say what you saw but what are the kinds of things the nation would see if they saw his returns? >> i broke it up into four categories. one easy one is income. we'll see whether or not the money he earns from his businesses comports with the statements he's made publicly about it. is he's made a point in the campaign of saying u.s. businesses are mistaken for doing operations overseas.
3:53 pm
i think his charitable c contributions are big. i think it's important for anyone on the side of the isle to demonstrate to voters what the possible financial or business influences are that might come to bear on them when sitting in the white house. >> who he has partnered with or made money from? >> correct. i think all that is important.
3:54 pm
>> i think donald trump is doing what the market requires him to do. they're not clamoring to have the same sort of transparency. they have accepted his brand is of an outsider. >> we have seen guy who nothing has really clung to him going back a year from states he's made about people running against him to policy statements to a number of falsehoods about his own business record. he's sort of moved past that with some ease.
3:55 pm
i think what hasn't been tested is what does that support look like in a general election? we're going to see that next. there's this big body of middle american voters who i think will want more answers than maybe the primary voters did. >> okay. thank you. up next, what donald trump has just said about his big day in washington. i smoked a lot, and quit a lot but ended up nowhere.
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trump said quote, i think we agree on a lot of different items and we're getting there. there's more about what he did and said today at our story bloomberg right now. i did not expect this day to be
3:59 pm
successful. >> i think the thing that has real political consequences is whether trump can get his legs under him on serious issues of national security. the biggest voters need to win over are married women, independent women. the biggest concern is he seems to shoot from the hip on matters of national security and that frightens some of them. i think he has the most to gain from the conversations. republicans have gone from denial, grief, acceptance to talking privately about how he could likely win.
4:00 pm
>> thanks to nicole wallace for sitting in with john. we'll be back tomorrow. coming up, hardball with chris matthews. charm offensive. let's play "hardball." now on track to win. only hillary clinton lying between him and the white house. the new yorker accepted the freedom of the city. it was the sense of the inevitle


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