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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 13, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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indications that it has for school districts who choose not to adhere to this civil rights issue as the white house calls it. >> exactly. that's how president obama sees it. he has been a strong advocate for the rights of transgender people and here is another step in the process. you referenced north carolina, the legal battle there and the administration's efforts to change the law there. this deals with what essentially is billions and billions of dollars in federal aid for education and potentially other areas of federal aid that the administration is saying could be cut off if these states don't comply -- if the states don't comply and school districts don't comply by letting transgender people use bathrooms, locker rooms, according to their gender identity. it's become a huge issue in many communities. in illinois, there's a group of 50 families who are suing the school district to change the law there.
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there's a similar fight in missouri where there was a big walkout by students who are opposed to essentially a law that is -- that does what the president is saying he wants school districts to do, to see transgender individuals as they want to be identified and treat them as such. i can give you another tweet by mike huckabee, the former arkansas governor and presidential candidate who responded by saying to the president's directive, it tells you a lot about a man and his priorities when he spends more time pushing transgender bathrooms than he does on improving high school graduation rates or decreasing black-on-black violence. so a very stinging statement there, which gives you an indication of how passionately people feel about this. just to clarify, this is a directive by the departments of education and the justice department. it is not a law or a regulation. so again, it's not something they have to do, but the threat is if they don't, there could be a lot of pressure on using title ix of the civil rights laws,
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which says that boys and girls, men and women, have to have equal access to educational opportunities and sports. there could be pressure on billions and billions of dollars going to schools around the country, grammer schools, high schools, colleges and universities, money they desperately need. so this is taking another big step forward. based on the reaction from states, texas and elsewhere, this battle is just getting started. >> i'm curious of the backstory. obviously we factor this into the news out of north carolina, but what can you tell us, if anything, about the conversations that happened with the administration, the leadership there in coming forth and actually where some of these school districts and governors consulted before this move. >> well, president obama has spoken out about this, the north carolina law have said it's mean spirited and said it's wrong. the justice department has filed
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a lawsuit claiming that the north carolina law violates the civil rights act of 1964. there is an agency-wide review of federal funding in north carolina going on here by the education department, transportation among others, looking to see if their law violates aspects of provisions by which the federal government gives them money and there's every indication that the justice department thinks that the civil rights laws are violated that other aspects will be violated as well. so there's a lot of pressure on north carolina and this again is a directive. the president doesn't have the authority, it would be argued, to impose this on states and school districts. his critics would say this is another example of the obama administration overreaching. you know that there's a huge battle in the courts regarding immigration law and other areas of law where the president has tried to do things that he essentially cannot get congress to do. on this very hot button social issue, this cultural issue that is now again in so many
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different communities across the country. here's the president again trying to get done what he cannot have accomplished otherwise by essentially issuing this directive. it's a guideline saying this is how we see transgender people should be treated. again, the threat is that there's billions and billions of dollars in federal money at stake. joining me now is thomas ebberly, the principal of a high school in louisville, kentucky, who has transgender students and instituted protection of those students almost two years ago. thank you for joining us. obviously people would say you were ahead of the curve and even may be the obama administration now. let's talk about what happened as far as how you addressed the legislature there and why you felt it was necessary to take this stand two years ago. >> well, when this issue was brought to our attention, we did do our research. we looked at the legal precedent
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that had been established really across the country, both in schools as well as in the public sector up to that point two years ago. the legal press denting even at that time was establishing that gender identity is a real thing and that we are expected to accommodate transgender individuals. >> in "the new york times" you estimated the school has 1300 students, six are transgender. two years ago, set the stage for me regarding the conversations that you were having with not only i'm sure the teachers but again the lawmakers in your state. >> right. well, when the family came to the administration and said that their child was preparing to transition, it was a collaborative discussion between the school and the parents on where was this child in their transition phase and what were they looking for from the school in the way of support. once we understood what the parents and the child were seeking, we communicated with
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the school community that gender identity something that we recognize in our school and that the current administration was allowing students to use the facilities of their gender identity so we turned it over to our site council to look at making a nondiscrimination statement and ultimately a use of school space policy on what that means to accommodate. >> when you went before the legislature in kentucky, the quote that i have here is you said the value of human life is the same in kentucky as it is anywhere in this nation and we're talking about an issue of civil rights. we're talking about the value of individuals, the value that we put on human individuals. those words i'm sure resonated with the families of the children, particularly the one you just spoke of. but as you know from the lieutenant governor of texas today and many others, they see it quite differently than you. what's been the overall reaction to the decision you made two years ago or that was made two
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years ago? >> right. our school's community has been overwhelmingly supportive of how we treat not only transgender students but using this as a basis for establishing how we treat every single individual, regardless of their religion, their ethnicity, their sexual orientation or in this case now gender identity. and understanding what that means with regards to accommodation versus discrimination. you really have to do your homework to understand, you know, what has been the legal precedent. but also what's our responsibility as school leaders when it comes to showing love to other people. >> what do you believe this letter from the obama administration will do as this conversation increases an other school districts have to face this reality? >> it's going to bring greater awareness. obviously it's spurring more conversation across the nation on this issue and ultimately how
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schools will have to learn to differentiate between accommodation and discrimination and what that means from a practical implementation. from what we've experienced, there's been no issue in implementing a gender identity inclusive policy with regards to school space. >> to emphasize, at least in your schools you've not had any incidents where this has created a hostile environment where students have felt alienated, that everyone seems to understand the goal here? >> yes. in fact if anything, it's emphasized what i'm so proud about with our school and that is we value diversity in our school. we see it as a strength rather than something that's divisive. and it's served as an example of when we encounter a situation that may be challenging, the proper process that people can respectfully come together to
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talk about it and even though maybe not everyone will agree, we have a community understanding of what we feel is the best way to treat all our children. >> thomas aberli has already instituted what the obama administration now expects of all public schools in the united states. thank you so much for your time. we greatly appreciate it. >> thank you for this opportunity. >> of course. and new controversy swirling around donald trump this morning. less than 24 hours after the presumptive republican nominee was in washington trying to rally reluck tanctant leadershi around his candidacy, he's facing new reports about his post. "the washington post" releasing new tapes this morning, audio, that their source says is donald trump pretending to be his own pr agent promoting himself to "people" magazine in 1991. >> what's your name again? >> john miller. >> what is your position? >> i'm sort of handling pr because he gets so much of it. >> the man goes on to brag about his finances, his love life.
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here's more of it. >> he's starting to do tremendously well financially. the people that you write about really are -- i mean they call. they just call. actresses, people that you write about just call to see if they can go out with him. he's living with marla and he's got three other girlfriends. >> very soon after that audio was released, donald trump and on the "today" show by phone and was asked whether or not the person on that phone call was him. >> are you aware of the tape? is it you? >> no, i don't think it -- i don't know anything about it. you're telling me about it for the first time and it doesn't sound like my voice at all. i have many, many people that are trying to imitate my voice. you can imagine that. and this sounds like one of the scams, one of the many scams. it doesn't sound like me. >> meanwhile, trump's former butler is making headlines of his own after posting on facebook that president obama should have been taken out by the american military for being an enemy agent.
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here's what he said to nbc news. >> i think he should be hung next to hillary clinton, and i think it should be public. i think it should be televised. >> the trump campaign saying in a statement that butler does not work at mar-a-lago and has not in many years. the candidate disavows and condemns these horrible statements. here to talk about it is michael medved and jennifer. jennifer, let me bring you in first because it's "the washington post" here. this morning you have people listening to the audio from "people" magazine, listening to that phone call donald trump made to the "today" show and saying that those voices sound similar, if not the same. trump denies it. so where does this go? >> well, i think this is just
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one episode in which the republican party, republican leaders, nip supporting him are going to be tied up in knots between now and november because if it's not one thing it's another with donald trump. boy the way, this was not someone trying to imitate donald trump. this was someone pretending to be not donald trump, pretending to be a publicist. so his excuse doesn't quite hold water. but i think between this and even more so his latest on the tax returns, the problem dealing with donald trump is he is a never ending cascade of changing positions, of personal scandals, of switches in promises and repudiation of promises. this is the problem the republican party will have to deal with. >> it's so interesting, jenni r jennifer, to your point donald trump on the "today" show saying someone imitating him. the person wasn't imitating him, it was this allegedly fictitious pr person. the irony here is he pretty much
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labeled ted cruz lyin' ted and some believe, including ted cruz who called donald trump a path logical liar and here's a example if ted cruz was in the race he might point to but he's not in the race anymore and that's the dilemma of the party. >> he isn't, but gary johnson is, who is the former governor of new mexico and is the libertarian candidate. and by the way, right now in polls is already polling at 8%, 9%, 10% in some polls with no publicity as all. the reason i mention him is this is an election where you look at both sides and i think the american people wanting to vomit, frankly. >> oh, gosh. >> donald trump and hillary clinton. the fact that the obama administration chooses this time to try to not only violate the constitution in terms of air gating power from congress on the issue of transgender
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bathrooms but to shatter the idea of local control and bribe these schools or threaten these schools on this issue -- >> they see it as a civil rights issue. they point to title ix. obviously you're point out your conservative viewpoint in the story, but you have -- you have your party's standard bearer right now who your own party believes doesn't know the separation of power, doesn't know the constitution. >> that's exactly the problem, is that right now this is a problem of great vulnerability, on this issue in particular. the obama administration i think looks terrible. loretta lynch yesterday equating this to the noble civil rights struggle of dr. king and rosa parks. come on. this is just wrong. >> well, keep in mind when rosa parks and dr. king were fighting for civil rights, there was probably some radio guy also saying come on, that it wasn't a civil rights issue, and many governors. >> what i'm saying here is the
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idea of having a 14-year-old boy shower with 14-year-old girls is not the same in any sense. >> but that's not what's happening, according -- that is not -- this is a whole different segment but that is not what is happening. i don't want to turn this into that conversation. let's stick to the problem that your party has, which is again going back to the candidate who yesterday met with the speaker of the house who wonders perhaps even allowed if he knows what separation is of powers, if he knows that this is not a kingdom, that he can reign over, that he knows what the constitution even means. and now today with "the washington post" report, does he even know the truth? >> look, i think these are huge problems and this is exactly my point is that i think the american people are looking at both of the leading candidates. they're looking at both political parties and saying yuck. there needs to be some other kind of alternative out there
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that is reasonably viable and i think people are longing for that, tamron. >> jennifer, right now we don't have that and the republican party doesn't have that but you do have donald trump again this morning being asked about his taxes. let me play what he said to george stephanopolous, jennifer. >> what is your tax rate? >> it's none of your business, you'll see it when i release. but i fight very hard to pay as little tax as possible. >> jennifer, your reaction. can that answer continue? >> no. hillary clinton and actually the democratic party and dnc has an effective ad tracking all of the times he would promise to release his taxes and chas advertising mitt romney in 2012 for waiting so long to release his taxes. he eventually did. here he's basically promised over and over he would do this and has represented himself as a great businessman. so why wouldn't he want us to see his taxes? why wouldn't he want us to have full disclosure? and more importantly, why wouldn't he want to give his
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party and those delegates at the convention assurance that something is not going to pop up in the october surprise. so this is precisely what we were just talking about, that trying to get him to agree or trying to get him roped into some kind of adult behavior is extremely difficult. i would point out, however, there are a couple of possibilities here. one is gary johnson. as michael correctly says, i think a lot of republicans either in protest or because they do believe in a more libertarian point of view are going to vote for him. i think it's been widely misrepresent that he had a third party or third candidate effort is over. in fact today i spoke to a number of the organizers. there are multiple candidates who are still considering this. there is funding. there is a game plan to get onto the ballot in 50 states. so we have not yet had all the pieces arranged on the table. the problem for the republicans is that donald trump has not only failed to bring the republican party together, but he is going to galvanize every
8:18 am
one of the democratic groups, constituencies against him, whether it's women, whether it's minorities, whether it's college educated people, whether it's young people. you name it, he's offending them and that is a fundamental problem. and why, i think, people on the hill are so concerned that the party is going to sink with him in november. >> just quickly, michael, you heard jennifer lay out the case, the notion that a third party candidate should not be put to bed. that is something that you've said obviously, in many cases. so what happens next week? do we start to hear the steam pick up around that conversation again? >> well, i think it's all up to mr. trump. i mean it seemed yesterday that he was taking a turn toward maturity, responsibility, seriousness. but today with the conversation about the butler, how could he allow that to happen? and then come forward and lie and say that this clearly racist way off the rails guy was still working at mar-a-lago and giving tours there at the trump home. look, there's a basic problem of
8:19 am
credibility of character. and ultimately when the american people make a decision who we want to hire as our national ceo, it's very relevant to ask about your taxes. it's very relevant to ask about the people you have around you. it's very relevant to ask just who you are, what this soul is. that's the disturbing information that is preventing donald trump from closing the deal as the leader of the republican party and the conservative movement. i wish he could, but he hasn't shown an ability to do that yet. >> always an interesting panel. michael, jennifer, thank you so much. see you soon. >> thank you. coming up, london's first muslim mayor has some very strong new comments for donald trump. >> with respect to to donald trump and those advising him, i think your views of islam are ig noerngt. >> he also says trumps comments
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plays into the hands of extremists. we'll have those new comments from across the pond. happening now, a judge rules in favor of an unarmed player -- unnamed player in the so-called bridgegate scandal to keep the names of the unindicted co-conspirators silent. those names were supposed to be released before noon today. we'll have much more on this major decision. what do you got? restrained driver in a motor vehicle. sir, can you hear me? two, three. just hold the bag. we need a portable x-ray, please! [ nurse ] i'm a nurse. i believe in the power of science and medicine. but i'm also human. and i believe in stacking the deck. [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, thank you, from johnson & johnson. [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, what are you doing? sara, i love you, and... [phone rings] ah, it's my brother. keep going...
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welcome back. donald trump has been facing attacks from another source this past week, senator elizabeth warren. accordsing to a new report from the huffington post, the clinton campaign has taken notice. a senior advisor saying that very influential people in the campaign are pushing for warren to be clinton's running mate. here with more is alex
8:24 am
seitz-wald. alex, obviously i think a lot of people took notice to the twitter war last weekend and have wondered allowed whether or not senator warren is on the short list. >> yeah, a lot of buzz about elizabeth warren this week, tamron, especially as a potential vice presidential pick for hillary clinton. yesterday we learned from politico that joe biden, when he was looking at a presidential run, spoke with elizabeth warren about this, raised the possibility, thought she would be the best pick. she apparently was open to it but didn't express an opinion either way. and biden also thinks that clinton would be smart to pick warren. now we hear hillary clinton has definitely taken notice of elizabeth warren. hillary clinton's twitter account has retweeted some of those tweets that warren made about donald trump, so it's a natural choice for clinton to take a look at warren. she's a big hero among progressive, kind of the bernie sanders before bernie sanders, at least on the national stage. remember in 2014 there was that
8:25 am
effort to get warren herself to run for president. but i will note one bit of caution here. any time nominees are looking at vice presidents, they always float a lot of names they might not end of picking in order to kind of throw a bone to certain wings of the party, so this could be what's going on here with elizabeth warren. liberals love her but they might end up going with somebody, a little bit safer choice, tamron. >> it seems as if elizabeth warren fills a lot of the holes that might exist if hillary clinton is the nominee, particularly that bernie sanders crowd, for lack of a better description. he's still drawing in thousands of people. we're not sure what his role will be at the convention, if this plays out the way that it seems by the numbers. so it feels and looks as if elizabeth warren in many ways would be the logical person to look at for this campaign. and when you look at their weaknesses. >> absolutely. you're talking about the potential first woman president and then you could have an all female ticket.
8:26 am
huge historic value there too that could drive up the gender gap, which is a huge part of clinton's campaign. but it's really going to depend on what she thinks she needs to do most. is it bring that left wing of the party into the fold, bring the bernie sanders people back into the fold, or is it going to be more about making a play towards independents and persuadable voters when you moat go with somebody like tim kaine, the senator from virginia. so it's just going to depend on what they think they need to do in november. >> especially when you look at the polls and talk about trustworthiness and wall street, it looks like senator warren would help out that campaign if those are the major issues. alex, thank you so much. coming up, the house passes a series of bills and millions of dollars to fight pain killer and heroin addiction in this country. it is an epidemic that officials say takes the lives of more americans than car accidents and impacts nearly every community. i'll talk live with the congressman who said addiction centers struggle to get basic
8:27 am
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step on up and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain. tell 'em cedric sent you. we turn now to a major legislation on capitol hill to combat the country's growing opioid addiction. with rare bipartisan approval, the u.s. house of representatives passed a series of bills intended to curb an epidemic that now kills more americans every year than car accidents. in 2014, the last year for which we have available data, more than 29,000 people died from overdosing on an opioid. that's the highest number of deaths on record and triple the number of deaths just 15 years ago. some health advocates say that despite bipartisan support, the new legislation comes up short but is does not adequately fund, while the largest house bill approved establishes grants of a $100 million a year budget, it
8:31 am
does not actually provide the actual funds. instead leaving that to future spending bills, an amendment to provide 600 million in emergency funds was rejected by the house. joining me now, new york congressman dan donovan who lobbied for the legislation and says he's seen firsthand how addiction treatment centers struggle to get resources. congressman, thank you so much for your time. >> tamron, thank you for having me. >> let's talk a little bit about whether or not this series of bills helps the immediate problem. as you heard, there are some advocates worry that this funding is not adequate and they won't see the money or help soon enough. >> well, it's a good first step. there's no silver bullet in curing this epidemic that our nation is facing. before i was a congressman, i was the district attorney of staten island for 12 years and i saw firsthand the tragedy that opioid addiction causes to individuals and to families.
8:32 am
since the beginning of the year, the district that i represent has lost over 50 people to opioid overdoses, so this is the first time the federal government has realized this is a national program. we're providing $103 million in grant funding to the not for profits and people on the ground. it's a three-prong approach. we educate people, especially young people, on the dangers of drug addiction. we treat people who are already addicted and have moneys for law enforcement to stop the flow of the epidemic, the drugs that are causing the epidemic. >> back to the emergency needs here, a congressman was quoted as saying we have an epidemic in this country which far surpasses any challenge presented by a natural disaster. if we had an attack on the homeland that took the number of lives that this epidemic represents, this congress would be on fire. this is an amendment that he
8:33 am
would offer up to provide $600 million in emergency additional funds needed now but that was rejected by republicans. >> well, it was apparently rejected by nearly everybody because 400 voted for the bill that was passed and only five against it. this is the first time the federal government has recognized this problem. this burden has been on the localities. as i said, i was a district attorney. the new york city police department, the treatment facilities in my congressional district, it was law enforcement that the burden was placed on. now the federal government is stepping up and providing resources so those people who are very successful at what they do have now more resources to do their job. >> in treating or addressing this issue, how much focus do you believe should be on some of the major drug manufacturers? when you look at the fact that, yes, heroin is a part of this conversation but it is also the amount of prescription pills that are being given to patients in pain but perhaps not the right approach. as you know back in march, the
8:34 am
cdc even issued new recommendations to primary care physicians prescribing opioids. how much of this should also include drug manufacturers and physicians who may be providing pills that should not be given to patients? >> many years ago, tamron, the four vital signs, your blood pressure, your temperature, your respiratory rate, your heart rate were the four things that the physicians used to measure to get a gauge on how your health is. back in 1996 the fifth element was added to that and that was pain. pain is the only subjective one of those. if you tell a physician your temperature is 102, they can take your temperature and tell it's 99. if you tell a physician you're in pain, tlz no way of a doctor measuring that pain so physicians started treating a fifth vital sign and now we see the problem that that caused. the cdc's recommendations have given doctors now some guidance in what to do in managing someone's pain. some of the legislation that has passed, in new york we have
8:35 am
istop that prevents people from going doctor shopping or pharmacy shopping with prescriptions that weren't filled. we have a national network now that new york is part of that we can go across state lines. if someone from new jersey comes to new york to fill a prescription that was rejected in new jersey, we'll know that was rejected. we didn't have those resources before. so we're getting better and better and curtailing the amountiamount of prescription drugs that people who should not have them are getting their hands on. >> congressman donovan, thank you so much for your time. we greatly appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. >> of course, of course. coming up, we were expecting a judge today to release the names of the people involved in the bridgegate scandal. that list was supposed to come out in about 30 minutes from now, but it has now been delayed until next week. we'll have the very latest on this ongoing investigation. also ahead -- >> the only way i had to thank them was by giving them a medal
8:36 am
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nothing beats my ave. (vo) othe trane test range, you learn what makes our heating and cooling systems so reliable. if there's a breaking point, we'll find it. it's hard to stop a trane. really hard. happening now, new developments in the bridgegate scandal. a federal judge has just delayed the release of a list of unindicted co-conspirators that was supposed to be released today in about 30 minutes. the list includes names of individuals who federal prosecutors say were involved in a politically motivated scheme to tie up traffic on the george washington bridge but concluded there was not enough evidence to charge them. the delay comes after one of the people on the list filed a motion late last night to block its release, saying it would unfairly brand them as a criminal. the judge has now moved the deadline to release the list to
8:40 am
next tuesday. msnbc's steve kornacki has been following this story. i think a lot of people would try to understand how if you were not indicted your name would be released. that was from the vantage point of one of those individuals. >> yeah. basically what the prosecutors were saying here, these unindicted co-conspirators are people that they believe they probably had enough evidence to charge with a crime but they didn't think they had enough to meet that standard of guilty beyond a reasonable doubt so they fell into that murky gray zone. the judge had ruled that there was a public interest in getting these names out there anyway because she had said they are likely to be public officials, maybe elected officials, people in public office so there would be public interest in knowing who these people are. then john doe, somebody filing a lawsuit under the name john doe, a male, who is one of these unindicted co-conspirators said in this filing overnight
8:41 am
basically that to put my name out there would brand me with, quote, a badge of infamy and it would be unfair because there would be no due process here to clear your name in a court of law, it would just be sitting out there and be branded as a criminal. that was the filing here. so the judge basically said, okay, i'm going to take a few days, i'm going to think about that argument and set a new deadline. the new deadline is midday next tuesday. if i decide those names should be released, then those names will be out next tuesday. >> you still have those indicted, their trials coming up soon. >> right. you've had a guilty plea from david wildstein and two others, bridget kelly and bill baroni who have been charged. they're awaiting trial. when you think about this, tamron, that original traffic jam was back in september of 2013, just after labor day.
8:42 am
here we are well into the spring of 2016. >> look how much life has changed politically for chris christie and everyone else in that time span. incredible. let me bring in "new york times" best-selling author bob engle. co-author of the book "chris christie, the inside story of his rise to power." back in good ole 2013 the talk was chris christie would be the potential front-runner, the nominee on the republican side. then bridgegate happened. >> yes. >> and some believe that his fortune changed greatly after that. could his fortune change again if this list comes out? >> he's in an interesting position because donald trump has said that if he's elected, he can be in charge of the transition. now, throughout all of this, governor christie says his name is not on any list because he knew nothing, he didn't even suspect anything. it was all these people that he had hired running around doing stuff. well, if i were donald trump, i would say to him, is that the kind of people you bring to my administration?
8:43 am
i don't want people running around doing stuff. >> well, we don't have the list. >> no, we don't. >> is it widely bloefd that chris christie's name is not on the list? >> i think if you took a poll of the people that follow this they probably would say it probably isn't on the list but we really don't know. >> could the list include people who were very close to chris christie? we know the three we just named, one pled guilty, two trials coming up. could it also be in that tight ring of trust? >> if i were a betting guy, i would bet on it. >> so how does chris christie or what are you hearing his team, what are they preparing for here? >> well, i mean it's going to be the same. if he's not on it, he's going to say i had no idea. how the heck did that happen? geez. >> that's one way to answer a question, bob. since you wrote literally the book on chris christie, you know, from the memes of him appearing to be hostage behind donald trump to more serious
8:44 am
things like his role in this transition, what do you know about chris christie's political aspirations right now? >> well, i tell you, when he first ran for office, it was a local county office. and no sooner did he get in office than he started planning his next move to a higher office. that seems to be the whole career path that he's taken. always shooting for something higher. of course he did run for president and i guess came in sixth but he's always wanted to move on to something bigger and better. those people in new jersey think that he's just tired of being governor of new jersey and he wants to go do something else. >> you've already touched on it earlier in this interview, but going back to it, when you look at this list of people, even if it doesn't include chris christie and you look at his role if nothing else in the transition of trump's campaign, does it put potentially his judgment in question? >> well, if i were donald trump and these lists come out or even what we already know and these people work for him, i would
8:45 am
definitely question the kind of people that he brings into government. >> which has already been posed as a question about donald trump so that seems like it would negate -- donald trump stayed with corey lewandowski and others and prides himself on being loyal. if he were to turn and question chris christie's judgment about people around him, wouldn't that be fodder? >> i think what they did was, you know, we had that insect down in the south called a gnat and you have to keep -- get rid of them. i think chris christie, they may have tossed him a bone and said, look, if i get elected, you can handle transition and he'll deal with it later on. >> what about vp, his name has been brought up before. >> you never know with donald trump, do you. there is nothing about -- >> would chris christie wanting to be vice president? >> i think he'll take anything they'll give him. >> the man who wrote the book on chris christie. chris christie the inside story, his rise to power. we'll see if this list is actually released next week. something else to look forward to. great to talk to you.
8:46 am
coming up, london's first muslim mayor speaking out on donald trump and his proposal to the ban on muslims entering the united states. the mayor rejected trump's offer of allowing him an exemption if trump were to become president, saying that london's mayor could actually visit the u.s. even if he wanted to ban muslims. well, we have new comments now from the new mayor of london on donald trump. we'll be right back. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. and i'd like to... cut. thank you, we'll call you. evening, film noir, smoke, atmosphere...
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sometimes i will give you superpowers. but sometimes, i'll make you feel like the weakest man in the world. i will test your patience to make your heart softer... ... and your limits to make you tougher. but i promise dad, it will be the greatest journey of your life. ♪ welcome back. donald trump's muslim ban is causing concern worldwide. london's newly elected mayor, sadiq khan, who is muslim, is taking a decisive stance in november's election against trump and spoke with nbc's kelly cobiella this morning. >> i didn't decide to stand for office to be donald trump's nightmare. the point i make with respect to donald trump and those advising him is i think that your views on islam are ignorant. the vast, vast, vast majority of
8:50 am
muslims not just in london but around the world are peaceful, law abiding. my worry is by donald trump and his advisers giving the impression that western liberal values are incompatible with co muslims. playing in the hands of extremist. >> the race of the white house is personal and he vowed to help hillary clinton to defeat donald trump and her party yesterday. >> he will be willing to make moves or soften this ban describing it as a proposal. >> hear from the army sergeant who had a special reason to give his invictus gold medal to prince harry. u want tworkor ge o hahaha, what? well we're always looking for developers
8:51 am
who are up for big world changing challenges like making planes, trains and hospitals run better. why don't you check your new watch and tell me what time i should be there. oh, i don't hire people. i'm a developer. i'm gonna need monday off. again, not my call.
8:52 am
e.t. phone home.
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when you find something you love, you can never get enough of it. change the way you experience tv with xfinity x1. at this week's invictus game, the united states are
8:54 am
counting more medals than any other countries. one of those medals are not going home with its winner but rather with prince harry who'll take it back to britain for the people who helped save this amazing athlete's life. >> lane four is way out in front. >> in the swimming pool at the invictus game, sergeant elizabeth smart is not just outstanding. she stands out winning four gold medals, one in each event she competed in. she's only taking home three. she gave back one award to prince mary asking him to deliver it to the men and women who saved her life two years ago. >> the only way i have to thank them is giving them a medal. hopefully, it is enough. >> the 25 years old army medic is a marvel.
8:55 am
losing all feeling in her left leg from her injury. >> i found the pool and it led to this career. >> smart became a world class led her to the 2014 invictus game and then another agonizing setback. >> i landed for the game and became immediately ill. >> she was so sick that doctors put her in inducive coma. >> some days i would love to go and shake their hands but now i would have to say thank you. >> smart is happily married. a fascination with her leg linked tattoo. >> smart says that's just a look of a fellow soldier who cares
8:56 am
for everyone at the game. >> he knows what it is like to walk in our boots. >> what she calls humble heroes, a shout out at prince harry at the closing ceremony. >> what's the force that drives elizabeth to return to these games, to compete now at the highest level in a sport that renders her faith invictus? >> as for smart, she says the games are much more than medals. >> all these people are beautiful and wonderful, their hearts will drive to push me the hardest. >> it is not the last we'll see elizabeth. thanks so much for watching at this hour. with me, i will see you back here on monday. up next is chris mathew filling in for andrea mitchell this friday. have a good weekend. wa
8:57 am
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right now on "andrea mitchell reports," trump's 2.0. where he stands on his muslims ban. >> anything i suggest is a suggestion. >> are you softening your stance using words simply to be moderate. >> i am always flexible in issues. >> mr. caystery caller was a billionaire posing back in 1991. [ inaudible ] >> and room for all, the federal government orders public schools to allow all transgender children to use the bathrooms of their choice, not all states agreed with that. >> i am workinwi


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