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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 14, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> oh, god. >> the alleyway comes to mind. >> trash cans. >> stunning. >> stunning. >> pivotal i think. >> this is it from your "road warriors" team. we'll see you next time we're all back in one place off the campaign trail. thanks for joining us. good afternoon, everyone. happy saturday. thanks for being with us. at this hour new questions, new backlash against donald trump over that decades old recording with an alleged spokesman for the billionaire businessman. >> trump still denying the voice is his own while "the washington post" reporter who took that call is now speaking out saying it is. meanwhile a new scathing article in "the new york times" about the presumptive nominee's
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tainted past with women. will it have an effect on trump's chances of courting that all-important female vote come november? meanwhile ted cruz back to his roots speaking at the texas gop convention in dallas. is he going to endorse the donald or continue to fire at the front-runner from the sidelines? and what does all of this mean for the democrats? does it help or hurt their chances in staying in the white house? why the party now seems split over their plan to topple trump. plus, the bathroom battle heats up across the country. more states join the list refusing the obama administration's call to allow transgender students to use the bathrooms they identify with in schools across america. i want to start with donald trump today. our own jacob rascone is with us from the trump towers here in new york. jacob? >> reporter: how you doing? the latest on this controversy is simply this that he has talked about over and over and over a twitter 70,000 tweets about this john miller, this
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apparent fake publicist. he's a trending topic on facebook. in his book "the art of the deal" donald trump talks about how no press is really bad press because it gets people talking about you. although at the same time we've seen his unfavorability numbers simply skyrocket. on twitter people are making fun of the john millerics dent. it's hard to tell if it could possibly help the trump campaign. but if we look back over the last ten months you see repeated negative media coverage about a variety of topics, even this week from we have the white nationalist delegate in california, you had the butler, longtime butler talking about how he wanted to kill the president. you had the attacks flip-flop or the supposed flip-flop, the minimum wage back and forth and now this. it's always difficult to tell will this hurt or help donald trump's campaign. it almost always seems to somehow boost him at least boost his popularity and it's always
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difficult as well to find out whether it also boosts his unfavorability numbers. >> jacob, is there a chance that this could work in trump's favor shifting the conversation away from maybe more enduring criticisms like trump's hesitance to release his tax information and things like that? >> reporter: it did come right after we were talking about donald trump's own taxes and how he said it was none of your business, talking about the voters in releasing his taxes while at the same time saying that he hopes that it comes out. again, it's difficult to really know for sure. >> all right. jacob rascon live for us. the latest drama came during a roller coaster week for the donald trump campaign. there were some positives. his meeting with paul ryan, for example, set the stage for unifying the party at least some of the republican party trump's way, but now a report set to appear on tomorrow's "new york
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times" front page threatens to make that unification even harder last week. "the times" interviewed dozens of women who worked with and for donald trump over the last 40 years, 11 women revealed accounts of, quote, unwelcome romantic advances, unending commentary on the female form, a shrewd reliance on ambitious women and unsettling workplace conduct. there were some women from trump's businesses and pageants who describe him as graircious d encouraging saying they promoted his careers. we reached out for comment and we have not yet heard back. for more i want to bring in republican strategists jessica proud and caitlin huey burns political reporter for real clear politics. good to have you both here this saturday afternoon. there seems to be some pretty explicit content in the article according to these female employees. we'll put up on the screen and read you the quotes. at one point his head of construction in the 1980s tells "the times" after she gained weight he said to her, quote,
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you like your candy. she recalled him telling her it was him reminding me that i was overweight. at another point in the article miss universe from 1997 recalls trump asking her if she thought his daughter ivanka who was 16 at the time was, quote, hot. let's talk about how damaging this article might be for the trump campaign in particular given the fact that he's trying to win over women voters where he's not been particularly strong in the numbers. >> the article certainly paints a very unflattering picture and there were some cringe worthy moments which you just highlighted. but the real question is does it matter. i don't think that this is news in the sense of he has a long history of kind of making these kind of statements. placing an overemphasis on physical beauty. and, you know, i -- in a conventional world with a regular candidate you would say that this would have a dramatic impact, but it is -- he's already had this reputation as sort of a playboy. it hasn't hurt him clearly in
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the republican primary and in the general election i think what will be really interesting to see is hillary will obviously use this to try and cement the gender gap. but he is going to come right back at her over the behavior of her husband in the white house and the character assassination that, you know, he's already alluded to that he's attacked her on. so, i think, you know, women are not a monolith and it's going to be really interesting to watch which argument is the winner at the end of the day. >> let me pick up on that point and ask you, one of the other points in this article that was brought up is that it indicated trump has erratic behavior writing, quote, trump could be lewd one moment and gentlemanly the next. i guess my question to you, does this give the trump gop detractors within the party more ammunition that he cannot be the party's nominee? >> right. well, i think it will reinforce perceptions among women who have a negative perception of him. remember, his poll numbers right now are 70% negative among women will reinforce that among that
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group. and also this comes after he had a pretty good week at the beginning of the week when he met with paul ryan, gop leaders and other lawmakers on the hill, said that they had, you know, a positive encounter with him, they were kind of warming up to him. and now for those who were reluctant this story in addition to the tax story and in addition to things that will come out over the course of the campaign will make them a little bit uneasy again. the issue is not, you know -- we've seen over the course of the campaign these things don't hurt donald trump with his supporters. now he's in a stage as we know he has to expand his support. women are a key constituency. >> there is a constant question particularly within the gop whether or not there is enough momentum to push for a third party candidate. in fact, "the washington post" robert costa is reporting today that an effort inside the gop is currently under way to draft an independent candidate to derail trump, writing mitt romney, a handful of veteran consultants and members are actively plotting to draft an independent
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presidential candidate who could keep donald trump from the white house and the prospects are ben sasse and john kasich. how hard will it be to field an independent campaign? >> i think it's a nonstarter and all it does is reinforce trump outsider narrative. with all due respect because a lot of those people i do respect that are -- you know, drafting this and there are many people in the conservative base of the party that have legitimate reservations about him but the fact is we're all talking to each other and the voters at home are thinking, you know, it's the washington insiders that are trying to stop him, so all it does is reinforce that narrative for him. so, i don't think it's going to -- actually, "a," you can logistically get it off the ground at the point or, "b," have any sort of lasting impact. >> i think the goal, too, would be to help senate candidates or house candidates at this point
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at least give them an alternative to run on the ballot with at this point. there's really no chance a third party candidate can win. >> let me ask you about one decision donald trump has to make and that's the vice presidential candidate. caitlin, our embed was talking and actually was at the carly fiorina event i believe it was last night and floated the name of oklahoma governor mary fallin as a potential good choice. i'm curious to get your thoughts on, one, is it a good choice to have a female candidate running alongside donald trump to try to woo or win some of the female voters or do you think there aren't any women politicians who necessarily want to be associated with the trump campaign? >> i think there are some and certainly it could be helpful to him, although as we know, lots of people don't vote based on the vice president but it could, you know, make up for some of trump's weaknesses. he has also talked a lot about recruiting a vice presidential candidate who has government experience, who has policy
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experience, who has that kind of executive political experience, so someone like a governor or, you know, several senators have been floating around. he has said that he does not want someone that has his business experience. >> he wants somebody with a political or government background. who do you think donald trump should go after as a potential vice presidential candidate? >> i think the dream candidate would be a condoleezza rice because she really is, like, the trifecta in so many ways. minority, female. she would be both viewed as an outsider but has insider government experience, foreign policy chops. it would be someone that the base can really rally around which is really an important qualification in picking your vice presidential candidate. you obviously have to pick someone that can be viewed in the job. but their job really throughout the campaign is to rally the base and be the attack dog on the opponent. >> she'd be great from a donald trump perspective. but i was going to ask you given
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the fact that george w. bush obviously her boss has not come out to endorse donald trump, he's staying silent this election cycle but the vice president dick cheney has endorsed. >> hugely significant. the bush camp is clearly a little bit divided right now. but i think you're going to see more and more people as time goes on, you know, unite around the nominee. >> let's talk a little bit this john miller story. the allegation that he was his own publicist or that he called this report in and pretended to be a publicist. is it having any kind of ripple effect inside the republican party? i mean, i know one thing that constantly keeps coming up, for example, you hear, like, ben carson saying we need to focus on the issues, focus on the issues, but it's hard to criticize him on the issues because it seems like he doesn't have a specific policy and the issues seem to be his character and issues like this. >> exactly, donald trump as we know has been in the public eye for decades, but not necessarily as a political candidate so he's
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going through this really tough vetting process right now. i think in thinstance it's the cover-up or the denial is worse than the actual event itself. if he were to have come out and say, you know, it was me and he's admitted that reportedly in the past i don't think people two ha would have made this big of a deal about it. but when you talk about republicans reluctant to get on board or trump needing to expand his support beyond his traditional core base these kind of things offer a distraction and makes them feel uneasy. >> i couldn't agree more. put this in the file about things you never thought you'd be talking about in a presidential election but if he'd come out and said, oh, yeah, it's a joke, look, i was trying to make my way and make my name out there and it was a silly thing to do but take ownership of it i think people would have totally laughed it off. but the fact that he's viewed as doubling down and lying about it is raising questions.
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>> and the reporter is alleging he's the one that leaked the story. >> shocking. >> thank you so much. we'll be talking to you a little bit later. so stay with us. >> thank you. >> thank you. my next guest certainly not alone on his mission to keep donald trump out of the white house but he says it's all up to the superdelegates. i want to welcome journalist h.a. goodman who writes for the huffington post. thank you for being with us. you say the key to beating trump is nominating sanders. i want to give your chance to make the case. >> superdelegates exist so the most electable candidate is nominated. bernie sanders is by far more electable than hillary clinton. number one he beats donald trump by 13 points in an average of poll. hillary clinton only beats him by 5.7 points without the fbi disclosing its yearlong investigation, it's not a security review, it's a criminal investigation. the big issue with hillary clinton in 2016 is three overt lies told by the clinton
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campaign. one, the server, the private server she used was not out of convenience. so, a politician known for secrecy is not going to use a private server for screeconveni. there's a political utility associated with the fbi moet wi. if only one contain government records or classified fotiy eie that's a crime. you can prosecute under gross negligent so the third thing is this. and this ties into what president obama's former defense intelligence agency head michael flint stated. he stated that hillary clinton should drop out. and he said that if he had done what clinton did he would have gone to jail, lost a job and gone to jail. so, in terms of the 22 top secret e-mails how did they get on that private server? the person who put it on the private server or who set up the e-mail server was granted
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immunity, again -- >> let me ask you quickly. does anybody within the democratic party care about it? are you seeing that issue coming to the surface a? you are raising the points but i'm not seeing anybody in the democratic party taking and running with it. >> that's a great point. that's my biggest issue. 33% -- right now 33% of bernie sanders supporters will never, ever support hillary clinton. if the fbi recommends indictments, this is an issue -- first of all, presidential candidate should never be running alongside an fbi criminal investigation. there used to be a time where hillary clinton could never have run. but if she goes into the general election with criminal indictments she will lose to trump. there will be a neon trump sign outside the white house. so, in terms of electability, bernie sanders, the only person who should drop out is hillary clinton. not bernie sanders. he needs to fight all the way to the contested convention, that everybody never thought would take place, of course, it did.
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>> sanders himself has called for superdelegates to flip and support him instead of hillary clinton on the grounds that he could win a majority of pledged delegates in some of the polls that you're referencing. but that doesn't look likely. sanders has to win 65% of the remaining pledged delegates to snag the majority. do you think it's right or fair to ask superdelegates to unilaterally turn against what voters have decided? >> well, absolutely. actually, it's a very powerful progressive voice who has documented voter -- election fraud, voter suppression, and that's nothing new to the clinton campaign. the obama campaign complained about 200 separate incidents of voter irregularities. when you talk about the will of the people, the clinton campaign is dirty. the second thing if you want to beat donald trump superdelegates exist for the sole purpose of nominating the most electable candidate. you can't go into the general election with somebody who jeopardized national security or
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can face jail time. bernie sanders doesn't have any of those issues. he has a strong, passionate, millions and millions of people around the country admire bernie sanders. he has the only positive favorability ratings. hillary clinton rivals donald trump in terms of trustworthiness and negative favorability ratings. so on november 8th, 2016, if you want a high turnout -- democrats win with high voter turnout. they don't win if clinton is the nominee. and progressives -- a great many progressives don't want her there and there's an fbi investigation when will already hurt her national ratings. the majority -- this is a fact, the majority of american women do not trust hillary clinton. they find her not honest and trustworthy. the majority of americans trust bernie sanders. they feel he's more than qualified. he voted against the iraq war and hillary clinton voted for it. continue the mistake with the bombing of libya and now wants to continue the mistake with syria. in terms of decision making, electability bernie sanders is by far the most electable
12:18 pm
candidate in 2016. and he beats donald trump. >> all right. a lot of good points brought up there, certainly can discuss it for hours. huffington post h.a. goodman, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. senator ted cruz is back in texas addressing the lone star state's gop convention in dallas today. that's where we find von hilliard. good to have you with us. does he plan on addressing any of the campaign issues that were brought up or possibly even endorsing donald trump at this stage? >> reporter: sure. no. absolutely no mention of donald trump by name by any means but what this was, this was about 20 minutes of ted cruz laying out what he defined as conservative principles going to as he liked to say they aren't suggestions, the bill of rights isn't made up of suggests and the second amendment is suggestions and the u.s. defense of our allies suggestions. this is a slight at donald
12:19 pm
trump, that everything he put forth is suggestions. everybody is questioning ultimately come cleveland is ted cruz going to back donald trump. i got to tell you again after hearing him today the idea of that happening is pretty unfathomable. ted cruz is the one that called donald trump aively? ing could you yard. he called him immoral. and he called him pretty much everything in the book after donald trump went after his wife and his father. and here what he said in the road ahead, it is may not be a pretty path, he goes, but the crowd here, which is a bunch of texas republicans the people who put him in the senate in the first place, they are the ones to pick up the remnants of what is left over. this is a crowd where the texas gop put the idea of uniting party but what does it mean, does it mean uniting around donald trump or as cruz would suggest uniting around common conservative principles. i know we'll get some sound in a little bit where you'll be able to hear from ted cruz he gave a shout-out to carly fiorina who
12:20 pm
would have been a terrific vice president and who he said may one day be a terrific vice president. ted cruz will announce whether he'll be running in 2018 and the fight is not over. >> von hilliard at the texas republican convention in dallas. thank you for that. tracking down americans fighting for isis. what our team of investigators found in its search for those americans' identyidenties. and some schools now vow they may not comply with the president's new order. you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too.
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new pushback today against the obama administration's historic new directive to the nation's public schools for sweeping policy changes to ac m accommodate transgender
12:24 pm
students. the governors of arkansas, mississippi and texas are telling schools to disregard the guidance and the governor of utah released a statement that read in part, schools are domain of state and local government and not the president. if we have to fight the order we will not hesitate to do so. joining us is jay brown the communications director with the human rights campaign. good to have with us. a lot of developments this week. the obama administration saying that states that don't follow these guidelines will face losing federal funds. in your opinion is this fight worth losing that funding? >> you know, this is really a fight about fairness. the obama administration and frankly state and federal courts for years have been ruling in favor of transgender students' right to live authenically as themselves and be treated fairly in schools across the nation. what's new about this right now is that there are guidelines that make it clear that transgender students need to be treated with respect and frankly
12:25 pm
these guidelines have been asked for by educators across the u.s. this is frankly what we're seeing now is a campaign tactic that our opposition is using. this is the same opposition that for years tried to tell us loving, same-sex couples that they weren't the right kind of men and women and now they are trying to tell folks like me transgender people that we're not the right kind of men and women and they're trying to see if this playbook will work again in this election cycle. >> let me ask you in particular the issue about politicizing. the senator ted cruz talked about this at the texas convention where the state called withholding funds blackmail. listen to ted cruz and i'll get your take afterwards. >> the president issued a decree to every school in american asking that they change their bathroom policies. demanding that every public school now allow grown men and boys into little girls
12:26 pm
bathrooms. we have entered the world of politically correct lunacy. >> what's your reaction to that? first of all, is that an accurate statement what he said in terms of the bathrooms, but more importantly, your reaction to the overall point that he's trying to make? >> it's completely inaccurate. these policies simply allow transgender student who are transgender boys or girls to use the bathroom that reflects their identity. this is not about allowing men to use women's restrooms. this is about allowing, you know, frankly me to use the men's bathroom. i have been using men's bathrooms for ten years since my transition and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. what they are trying to sort of claim is that this is something else and frankly anybody who tries to enter a restroom that does not match their gender
12:27 pm
identity would be prosecuted under current existing laws that prevent that. so, that is completely inaccurate and completely false. and, in fact, in the dozens of years -- in fact, the first nondiscrimination policy that actually protected a transgendered person's right to use the correct bathroom was 1975. with so many years since and with 18 state laws and hundreds of municipalities having these laws on the books all across the united states in places like dels and atlanta and louisville, kentucky, there's not been a single incident of public safety or harm that has been the result of these laws so -- >> sorry. let me ask you really quickly before we have to go. this is according to reuters poll americans are divided on this issue with 44% people saying people should use the bathroom of their biological sex and 39% say they should use a bathroom they gender identify
12:28 pm
with. what is the resistance? >> i think people are trying to wrap their head around it. for some folks it's new. this is an issue that frankly i heard the other day, you know, as transgender people we typically don't want to be in the spotlight. we want to be able to use the bathroom that is accurate for us. the folks who are really bringing this into the spotlight are doing this to try to play on people's fears and misunderstanding. >> all right. jay brown, sir, i'll have to leave it at that. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. what happened when our own richard engel tried to track down identities of americans who joined the fight with isis? there are hundreds of different allergens that come from pets, pollen and dust. just one claritin provides 24-hour relief of symptoms that can be triggered by over 200 allergens. yeah, over 200 allergens! with claritin, she's not focused on her allergy symptoms. she's focused on winning. not focused
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giving them the agility to be flexible & reliable. because no one knows & like at&t. the u.s. government says fewer americans are traveling to fight alongside isis. in fact, fbi director james comey said the latest statistics reveal on average one person a month attempts to travel
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overseas to join the terrorist organization. that's down from six to ten people per month during the first half of 2015. richard engel has tracked down the identities of americans who have left the country to fight for isis. it's part of a new series powered by "dateline" called "on assignment." >> reporter: we assembled a team and rented a motel room and got to work. we asked a retired fbi agent to join us. >> unfortunately we do have a problem. >> look at it. >> american citizens or american residents going and joining isis. >> we quickly learned details about some of these young men. i know this one. we did a story on him. and he's dead. douglas macarthur mccain from minnesota was killed fighting for isis in august, 2014. but authorities believe another minnesotan is alive in syria. we wanted to know more about how these 15 young men became so radicalized.
12:33 pm
gamal suggested we start with their families. >> there is no way your kid will change from a normal person to a jihadi suicide bomber -- >> and nobody notice. >> -- and no one notice any difference. >> we tracked down relatives of some of the men on the list. can i talk to you for a minute? you don't want to talk to me? >> i said get out. >> well, he clearly didn't want to speak. get lost was what he said. he said he was going to call the police. >> well, don't miss the rest of the report tomorrow "on assignment" airs at 7:00 eastern 6:00 central on your local nbc station. next we'll turn to the race for the democratic nomination. hillary clinton a very bad week. just how important are the next three? ♪ uh oh. oh. henry! oh my. good, you're good. back, back, back.
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12:37 pm
be the opponent of donald trump continues on. bernie sanders whipping up enthusiasm last night in bismarck, north dakota, chris jansing has been following the campaign and joins us now. it looks like bernie sanders isn't going down without a fight. >> reporter: no, he's not. the next step in that fight is here in kentucky which along with oregon votes on tuesday. this is a state that he could win but we just heard from him. he spoke to reporters arriving in frankfurt, kentucky, he thinks he's got a decent shot here. this is not an open primary a place where independents can vote. those states have done well for him, but he's got a good chance both here and in kentucky and i think at one point that proves that is that hillary clinton who normally at this point in the campaign might be considering downtime is coming back to kentucky both tomorrow and on monday. and he's got a rally in bowling green. he's been busy pointing out the differences between the two of them. in fact, he just said -- and this isn't part of his usual talking points -- he doesn't think that she'll do what needs
12:38 pm
to be done for working families. he's been fighting for $15 minimum wage. she wants one that's $12. he wants universal health care, health care for everybody. she did move a little bit to the left just this week when she talked about expanding eligibility for medicare. but he also pointed out late last night at a rally of 2,200 people, who were out in the cold in north dakota, that there is something that they don't disagree on. take a listen -- >> we may have differences of opinion, but we do share one very, very important and common goal, and that is that donald trump must be defeated. and i think that the evidence is very clear. this is, you know, not my opinion. this is pretty objective evidence. that if you look at every poll, or virtually every poll done in the last six weeks, whether they're national polls or
12:39 pm
whether they're state polls in battleground states, we do better and often much better against trump than does secretary clinton. >> reporter: there isn't much polling here in kentucky or in oregon. so, what we hear about what might happen tuesday is in many ways just analytical and anecdotal. but he just announced last night that he's got a big steering committee that he's put together in southern california, that, of course, the biggest of all the prizes. an organization that will include some local officials, also grassroots organizers. it's essentially a get out the vote effort. and then when you look ahead, you've got the remaining states, the biggest day, of course, being on june 7th, and that is what california is a part of. but before he gets to that, two very critical votes that are coming up here on tuesday, and what those headlines say whether his momentum continues or finally hillary clinton stops him in his tracks we have yet to see. >> all right, chris.
12:40 pm
we know he does have the money to continue that fight. chris jansing in louisville, thank you for that. and for on the democratic ration going forward, let me bring in msnbc contributor and professor at the university of texas victoria defrancesco and caitlin huey burns a reporter for real clear politics. thank you for joining us. victoria, if i can begin with you, i want to begin with the "new york times" story with trump's treatment of his former female employees. the article goes into length about how trump uninterest inve of women with extraordinary power but a lot of women describe what they say are inappropriate encounters. if true, how much ammunition does it is give hillary clinton? >> when i read the article i was scratching my head going what is news worthy about this. what are we seeing than we haven't in the past. a little more in terms of details. but what is interesting here is that we're talking about the gender gap.
12:41 pm
so, we know in elections in terms of partisan identification, women already have a preference toward the democratic party. it's usually about a ten-point difference. and that's usually because of -- not style, but substance in terms of policy. with donald trump, we know that he has said these comments about women, misogynistic somes, so what i'm going to be curious to see how much further the gap widens. will it go from 10 points to 15 to 20. that being said, i don't think the clinton campaign can say, okay, we're good. the gender gap is going to widen. that's going to help us. because while the gender gap is widening i think we'll see a new mobilization of men. and we've seen that throughout the primary campaign. but going back to the "new york times" article, i don't think there's much ammunition there for the clinton camp. >> let's talk about strategy. msnbc was reporting that there seems to be an incoherent strategy between hillary clinton and the democrats at large. in fact, after paul ryan refused
12:42 pm
to come out and endorse donald trump immediately, the clinton campaign focused on all of those republicans who haven't yet endorsed him in an ad that they released. but senate minority leader harry reid took to the floor and said republicans had fully embraced trump and nancy pelosi saying there was no gap between donald trump and the rest of the republican party at large. is this mixed messaging coming out of the democratic party? is it because they don't have a single candidate? >> it's because they're still engaged in a primary. hillary clinton is running essentially two campaigns. one, she's still having to fend off the challenge from bernie sanders who as we know from the previous segment is taking this as far as he possibly can. on the other hand, she wants to get this general election started. so, she's having kind of her surrogates and democrats at large really get into the donald trump aspects, to really play that attack dog role so that she doesn't have to kind of get in the mud just yet. whether she can, you know, sustain that strategy is a big
12:43 pm
question. and donald trump has shown that he can unify perhaps republicans if he goes against hillary clinton. and we'll certainly see more of that coming over the coming weeks. >> vickie, trump not the only one with a bad week here. hillary clinton lost west virginia tuesday. she may not clinch enough delegates until california's june 7th primary and polls this week show trump closer to clinton in battleground states than i think a lot of people may have expected. is this prolonged primary race causing damage to clinton? >> it is causing damage. not just the damage in terms of having to fenld tspend the time money fighting it out, but i think emotionally momentumwise that clinton just can't really get in there. but going forward hillary clinton is going to have to run like she's running from behind and running scared. so, looking to the general election, she can't say, do you know what, once i put this away with bernie sanders, it's going to be easy sailing, because trump is so divisive.
12:44 pm
well, that may be the case but he also has a groundswell of support that he's generated and used and i think going forward hillary clinton is going to have to go aggressively after him. and i also think take a page out of karl rove's playbook and say, do you know what, if i'm going to attack him i'm going to attack him on his strengths and weaknesses. go after him for being a businessman and not necessarily his comments on women. >> i want to bring up the real clear politics electoral map. if you look at the map, and we have it there on the screen, polls are indicating that democrats so far aren't flipping even one state mitt romney won in 2012 defight trump as the the presumptive nominee. should that be a concern for democrats and the clinton campaign? >> i think it should. especially since donald trump could possibly -- we don't know yet, but could possibly put in play states that have been traditionally favorable at least in recent history for democrats. places like pennsylvania, michigan, perhaps ohio. maybe even wisconsin.
12:45 pm
he is appealing to a certain demographic that democrats have been trying to keep from leaving the party. so, by putting those states in play, that puts democrats in a situation where they're having to at least at this point defend turf that they really would have liked to use that time to expand. >> interesting to see who wins more from the other states. caitlin and victoria, thank you both for joining us. next the newly elected mayor of london fights back at donald trump and his policies on muslims. ♪ ♪ (laughing) there's nothing like making their day. except making sure their tomorrow is taken care of too.
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donald trump's proposal for a temporary ban on all muslims from entering the united states has been met with ongoing criticism and condemnation from leaders from across the world. one person who hopes to educate the presumptive republican presidential nominee about islam is its compatibility and its
12:49 pm
compatibility with western values is london's new muslim mayor sidique khan. we had a chance to speak with sidique khan about the presumptive republican nominee. what did he have to say? >> he's been saying a lot about donald trump since he was sworn in a week ago today and made some very strong statements and did to me as well particularly on the call for a temporary ban of muslims coming to the u.s. the mayor is the son of a bus driver and seamstress, both immigrants from pakistan. he was elected in a landslide despite a campaign trying to paint him as close to extremists. he says his opponent took a page out of donald trump's playbook. but he also told me that he's open to meeting donald trump. you've been talking about donald trump quite a bit just in the past couple of days. it's a hot topic in the united states for obvious reasons. and you've been quoted as saying that defeating donald trump is now personal. can you elaborate on that?
12:50 pm
>> look, it's quite clear to me from my experience during my campaign that my conservative opponent sought to divide communities here in london. he ran a in london. and what's quite clear from londoners last thursday with the overwhelming mandate that i received is london chose hope over fear. london chose unity over division. i'm quite clear in my mind that western liberal sals are compatible with the mainstream muslims. i didn't decide to stand for office and the point i made with respect to donald trump and those advising him is i think it is the case that there are small number of criminals, terrorists that do really bad things and really horrible things and seek to justify the acts of terror in the name of iz lal: a vast
12:51 pm
majority of muslims are peaceful and law abiding. they love being muslim. many of us love being western. many of us love americans so my worry is its playing into the hands of the extremists that say they're not compatible. >> he not only called the views ignorant but said they were risky. they risk alienating mainstream muslims he supported same tex marriage. he's a self-described feminist that backs hillary clinton. >> kelly thank you for that. well next donald trump has been talking a lot about the refugee
12:52 pm
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>> trump is saying alarming things about muslim refugees that don't always hold up to scrutiny. let's look at them one by one. >> as far as the syrians coming in. thousands and thousands of syrians coming in from the migration. >> they're pouring in from our country by the thousands. >> they're moving in by the thousands. remember i told you thousands are going to pour in. i was right. everyone said i was wrong. i was right. >> well, were there thousands? the state department says
12:56 pm
between last october and april only about 1700 syrian refugees were admitted to the united states and the government is far behind it's goal of admitting 10,000. >> if you look at the migration you have a lot of young, strong men. you look at them, you don't have many by comparison. >> trump says the refugees are mostly men suggesting a threat of terrorism but according to the state department only about 2% are men of combat age. about half are children and another 25% are over the age of 60. >> they're undocumented. they have no proof. no paperwork. >> we have no idea who they are. >> no documentation, no papers, no nothing. nobody knows where they come from. >> again as for documentation the government says refugees are subject to extensive screening to determine their identities and backgrounds. they get screened by the
12:57 pm
department of defense, the fbi and national count terrorism center and the process can actually take up to two years of verification. that's all for me this afternoon. thanks for joining us richard lui takes over from here. have a great saturday everyone. . try clarispray. new, from the makers of claritin. with the #1 prescribed ingredient. and nothing is more effective at relieving your sneezing, runny nose and nasal congestion. return to the world with clarispray. so we know how to cover almost almoanything.hing, even a ufh2o. [man] that's not good. [pilot] that's not good. [man] that's really not good. [burke] it happened august fourteenth,2008, and we covered to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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those hot dogs look good. oh yeah, hebrew national. their all-beef like yours but they're also kosher. so, not just any beef goes into it. oh, honey! oh! here, have some of ours. oh! hebrew national. a hot dog you can trust. >> thanks for joining us on this saturday. right now wrangling over the recording. more calls for donald trump to fess up about the decades old recording of his spokesman. the reporter that took the call says otherwise. there's a new report by the new york times interviewing dozens of women that say he cross the line including unwelcomed romantic advances over the past decades. could it hurt trump's chances orally female voters to his side come november.


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