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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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really hard. trane. the most reliable for a reason. good to be with you. i'm frances rivera in new york at msnbc headquarters. new remarks today from house speaker paul ryan on the donald trump meeting. the good, the bad, the clash and what's most critical. >> it's important that we have real party unity, not pretend party unity but real party unity. >> what exactly does that mean for trump and some republicans who still don't want him as the nominee? in fact, a new group says there's a group of operatives plotting right now to draft an independent candidate. the list of names might surprise you. california dreamin', a report from the west coast on whether the golden state might be a last stand for the bernie sanders campaign.
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and we begin with new reaction from house speaker paul ryan about the next steps to unifying the party. and here's what he told reporters at the wisconsin gop convention last night while praising donald trump's campaign. >> our teams are meeting next week to go over the deeper meaning of the policies that we've been talking about which come from the principles that we universally share as republicans. donald trump should be given a ton of credit for advancing and widening the playing field. he is bringing new voters to the republican party by the millions and that's very impressive. >> "the washington post" reports on new efforts by a group of republicans to draft an independent candidate for november. sources tell "the post" that mitt romney has personally reached out to governor john kasich and nebraska governor ben sasse in recent days. meanwhile, bernie sanders is ramping up his own attacks against trump. sheldon adelson is jumping into
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the race at a tune of $100 million. >> he has announced that he is going to provide a lot of money for the campaign of donald trump. that is where we are. you've got a billionaire running for president who's getting help from other billionaires. that doesn't sound to me like the democracy we need in america. >> bernie sanders and hillary clinton are campaigning in kentucky today ahead of tuesday's primary. 60 delegates are at stake there. democrats will also hold a primary in oregon where 74 delegates are up for grabs. donald trump is off the campaign trail as he attends his daughter tiffany's graduation from the university of pennsylvania. vice president joe biden will also be there to see his granddaughter, naomi, walk across the stage. nbc's halle jackson is covering donald trump today in new york city. and halle, great to have you with me face to face. >> i know. hello. >> it's interesting when you hear about these talks, number
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one, is this even a blip with donald trump and his campaign? especially now where you're getting new information from ben sasse. >> from sources close to sasse that he's not interested in one of these people who runs as a possible independent candidate. for the trump campaign, i can't imagine they're blinking an eyelash about this. this is not surprising. it's not particularly new, the stop trump movement. there has been rumblings within that movement for a while that maybe they would try to put up somebody against donald trump. the problem is, frances, it is too late. i mean, athe this point it would have to be viable a write-in campaign, you'd have to work ballot rules. there would be legal challenges. it would be a real uphill battle obviously for somebody to take on trump as a third-party candidate especially when you're starting to see the republican party warm up to him at least a little bit more. there are those stop trump, never trump folks who simply will not vote for him. there are others who are maybe in the maybe trump camp. >> in the maybe trump camp. >> yeah. >> and we're seeing that happening post-rnc meeting but also looking ahead this week, they're also expected to meet
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again. but interesting also with paul ryan, you hear his words in talking about donald trump when asking, is this something your your kids can look up to and the response is there is interesting as well. >> this is a question that came up a lot on the campaign trail from even rival campaigns. it was seen as potentially an effective message, an effective way to get people to think do i want my kids looking at a president trump? you heard that example from ted cruz again and again. paul ryan was asked about it last night. here's what he had to say. >> do you believe donald trump is somebody that your kids can look up to? >> well, i think the question is, where are we going from here? i'm not interested in litigating the campaign going into the past. i'm not focused on wading into the day-by-day, commenting, you know, internet back-and-forths. i'm interested in preserving policies and principles that unify us and that give the country a clear choice. and you know what my kids really care about? what kind of country are they going to get in the future? what matters to my kids and what
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matters to me as the parent of my kids is are we fixing the problems that are confronting our nation today? >> so paul ryan there really swerving away from that answer. what you're seeing from him this coming week on capitol hill as he talked about his team is meeting to talk about policy. but he and trump chatted on last week when obviously trump came on thursday to capitol hill, that big spectacle, it was a broad discussion looking at conservative principles. they did talk about, trample, entitlement reforms and the budget process. they did talk about pro-life issues according to sources familiar with the meeting. but this is an opportunity now for the teams to really drill in and start doing some of that checklist. where does donald trump stand on, for example, nato or trade, and how does that align or not align with where speaker ryan is with his agenda. >> a lot of people looking for that, but on the side, we've got first the "washington post" and the '91 audio recordings. is that shoved to the side, this article talking about donald trump and the way he treats women in private. and everyone is laughing at "the new york times" for the lame hit
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piece they did on me. i gave them many names of women i refused to help. >> and i think close to 50 people when it came to him and women. trump's problems with women, his vulnerabilities with that demographic have been very well documented. it is an area that hillary clinton and the democrats are going to go after him on in the general election. trump, of course, is pushing back against that. you're seeing that this morning. he's up early tweeting about this and trying to give some pushback. it is significant of an issue that will likely not go away for trump any time soon. >> and that's something that we'll expect to see, too, with hillary clinton out there. want to bring in nbc's kristen welker, covering the democratic race in new york. we know they're both campaigning in kentucky. but on the side here, donald trump, interesting also i found when paul ryan was speaking about that and asked whether, you know, donald trump is somebody his kids can look up to, right away her response is, like, hey, that should be a pretty easy question to answer. >> one of her top aides tweeted that out, that's right. and look, this has been one of the issues that she's been
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hitting him hard on. these controversial comments that he has made on minorities, about women, as halle was just saying, and she's been aggressively courting women voters. has had a number of events targeted directly at trying to court independent women voters, swing women voters, and republicans, frances, as well. the clinton campaign thinks that there is a real opening there. but of course, secretary clinton's challenge right now is she's fighting on two fronts. she is taking on donald trump, but of course she's still looked in this primary battle with senator sanders. that's what takes her to kentucky today. she added some events in kentucky. initially she didn't have any scheduled for today. she added some today and tomorrow. and she has been up with ads there in that state, spending a lot of money because she wants to kind of turn it around. she's had a number of losses to senator sanders. mathematically she's still very much in the lead, but she wants to head into the convention on a strong footing, on firm ground. so that's why she's aggressively going to go after some of these primaries that are remaining. >> especially after west
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virginia and leading up to kentucky. there's also democratic voices that sanders may be undermining clinton's potential as far as beating donald trump. any word from them about how they're going to approach that? >> the clinton campaign says two things. they say that senator sanders should be in the race for as long as he wants to. secretary clinton in 2008 was in the race until the very end. at the same time, they're echoing some of what you just said, which is that some of his comments could be giving fodder to donald trump. but look, senator sanders, one of his main arguments for staying in this fight is that if you look at the polls, he does better against donald trump in a general election matchup than secretary clinton. so he's -- >> he's been vocal about that. >> very aggressively. take a listen to what he said in kentucky last night. >> in fact, the absurd becomes even more absurd when donald trump needs money from sheldon adelson, a billionaire from nevada. so you've got billionaires contributing large sums of money to support another billionaire
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while the middle class continues to disappear and more and more people are living in poverty. >> so we're seeing senator sanders more aggressively take on donald trump. but look, he's been pretty critical of secretary as well on the campaign trail. >> and donald trump has used that to his advantage at rallies. >> absolutely. >> bernie sanders's name when he's speaking to supporters, and that is an area that is a concern for the clinton camp. >> absolutely. and you hear donald trump actually say, hey, senator sanders gave me some of the best lines that she's not qualified. and he's been using that. and i think you can expect to hear him to continue in the coming days and weeks particularly right now because he's almost mocking the fact that he's locked up his primary and secretary clinton hasn't. >> there's also concern from the democrats here that bernie sanders and calls from other fellow senators as well for him to step down because looking ahead that that may be hurting the party itself. >> well, right. what's interesting, though, when you talk to some top democratic strategists, they say, look, as long as he eventually, after
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california, tries to help secretary clinton unify the party, ultimately this could be a good thing for democrats. this is what some democrats believe. why? well, because he's signing up new, young voters. that could help her in the fall. and also because he may be one of the main people who helps to rally those younger voters who could think about sitting out this election. >> and that's a challenge for hillary clinton also in making sure that she doesn't alienate them in the process. i wish we had more time, as always. >> i wish we did, too. >> it's fun chatting with you guys when it's not a split-screen box. >> and we're not freezing somewhere. >> even though it's cold here in new york city. great to have you with me. >> thank you. i want to bring in jane timm who's been following along. jane, you've been updating our list of trump policy flip-flops. and you know, that being taxes, minimum wage, even now somewhat of a muslim ban, although he's saying he's being flexible about it. as ryan's team gets ready to
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meet with trump next week, are you getting a sense of how it will be hard to unite given kind of the changing of stance? >> the conservative movement really does want to win a couple of things, policy issues that are really important to them. donald trump has shied away from a lot of certain policies, saying, you know, oh, i don't want to reform entitlements, but later his advisers will say he'll look at them. those are the issues the conservative movement is trying to get before they flow their support behind donald trump. they're not going to vote for hillary clinton. that's quite clear to everyone. but they want to hold their endorsement, their support, their encouragement until they can try and drive him over to the right on certainish yissues. those seem to be supreme court picks, they want to see a metric for conservative supreme court picks for people who are extremely anti-abortion, donald trump's past support saying he's very, very, very pro-life or very pro-choice in the '90s is something that just sort of scares them. they want to see a metric for a supreme court justice and they want to see entitlement reform.
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i think they're going to hold their endorsements until they can get him over on those issues. >> there's also a concern with flip-flopping on some of the cases, too, his stance on maybe like muslim bans are one of the very ev very reasons why he has this fervent support. >> i think the number one answer people say what do you want from trump? they say i want to know what he thinks and know he's going to think it for the entire race. this is a candidate when i published that story for the first time, that list of flip-flops, within eight hours i had three new positions on abortion. this is a candidate who changes his positions rapidly in constant interviews, and it's a big part of my day to make sure that list is up to date every day. this is something that for conservatives they just don't want. they want to know what he thinks and that a new tweet tomorrow is not going to change it. >> we know his words have been none of your business when it comes to releasing his tax returns. we know how he stands about that. the clinton campaign has a new
6:13 am
ad out there asking what the presumptive republican nominee, what he could be hiding and how much can this attack by clinton and the general election considering for now, we're talking about the audiotape from "the washington post" from '91. "the new york times" as well. how much is that going to impact it considering there's not much drilling going on now? >> you know, with his base, these issues, these stories, things that come out in "the new york times" or "the post" that make him look bad, they're not going to bother that 40% of republican voters who love him to the end and they say nothing can change how we feel about him. but i think in a general election, he'll have to shift. an article on how he deals with women is not going to help his numbers with women. that article -- you know, there's parts of that are sort of upsetting when you see how women recount their experiences with him. as a reporter, i have been cat called by donald trump. so this is going to be an issue in the general election. >> interesting also how he tweets and turns it around and saying why doesn't times"
6:14 am
do an article on hillary clinton and women as well. jane timm, as always, thank you very much. blocking religious discrimination and immigration. i'll talk with one member of congress countering donald trump's plan to bar muslims from entering the united states. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. flonase is the first and only nasal spray approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. go ahead, embrace those beautiful moments. flonase changes everything.
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a new bill just introduced in congress would make it illegal to bar an immigrant to the united states based solely on religion. the freedom of religion act is brief. its text reads "an alien may not be denied admission to the united states because of the alien's religion or lack of religious beliefs." well, the bill is meant to counter presidential candidate donald trump's to temporarily bar muslims from entering the united states. virginia democratic congressman
6:18 am
don byer was a member that introduced the legislation and he joins me now. i appreciate your time breaking this down for us this morning. >> thank you, frances, very much. >> when remarks were made when this was introduced, there were six members of congress, also about five religious leaders there with you who made remarks in support of it. all but one mentioned donald trump by name. some suggested it. so was this solely driven by donald trump's proposal on banning muslims? >> pretty much. you know, when he came out to ban them, it was so just provocative and so much against our u.s. values, but it wasn't just donald trump. remember that both jeb bush and ted cruz had said that they would only allow syrian refugees if they were christians. this so much flies in the face of where the u.s. has always been. back to 1776 when they wrote the statute of religious freedom. >> when this first came out and we were all discussing when donald trump first mentioned it,
6:19 am
there were questions of how would that even be implemented? how would it happen? it's not really possible. so for those who still think that is the case and don't know how legally donald trump would be able to do that if he wanted to, why the need for the bill? >> well, we certainly hope that any attempt by a president trump to do that would be ruled unconstitutional. we also wanted to make a very clear, strong statement that this is not who the american people were. there were many leaders including republican leaders who called him out when he said that. we just wanted to make sure that congress also was on record saying no, this is not who we are. >> looking at this especially when it comes to first amendment rights, we know when it comes to people who are not u.s. citizens, it doesn't apply to them, constitutional rights don't apply, but also aren't there international laws kind of in place already that would protect them? >> there probably are, but if you look through american history, while we had -- when we tried to wipe out the mormons in missouri or the japanese interment camp or the chinese
6:20 am
exclusionary rules, there's a lot of our own history where we were excluding people on the basis of race, religion, country of origin. we've grown through an awful lot of that. we don't want to move backwards. we have over 100 co-sponsors on the legislation right now. excuse me. >> no, no worries, sir. go ahead and continue. >> well, you can argue that well, maybe donald trump will never be president or if he is, he can't put this in place. we want to make sure that we're fighting back right now and not waiting till that happens. >> one of the people pushing back and kind of saying you know what, i don't really see how this can work according to "the washington post," this is coming from a constitutional scholar michael mcdonald who said this. quote, it's well-meaning, but it's not a sensible approach to the problem. religion is legitimately part of determinations under immigration. barring all muslims is wrong, but barring all consideration of religion is wrong as well.
6:21 am
what do you think as far as h e those comments, would it bar them seeking from religious persecution? >> no. all i can think is the scholar didn't read the one-paragraph bill. we worked closely with other scholars and congressional research service to make sure that all this stuff with ban, using religion to bar immigration, there's nothing in the bill that suggests you can't use religion to encourage immigration. for example, if a coptic christian from egypt or a person of faith from iran wants to come in and that's the reason they need asylum, of course they can use that. >> talk about the immediate step as far as what's next for this bill and also down the road of the possibility getting it passed by a republican-controlled house as well and i believe there's one other republican behind you. any others? >> we have one so far, but we're trying -- and a number of house republicans have spoken out against donald trump when he originally made this statement. so we're going after them in particular. and we do respect, though, it will be difficult for republican leadership to allow a vote on
6:22 am
the house floor. because if people vote their conscience and their values, they'll also be breaking with their party's likely nominee, and that's not easy. >> so what's the conversation like that you've had in trying to push this and the tough sell to those republicans? >> well, it's a tough sell because everything is public, as it should be. we often wonder -- think that if there were secret votes, we'd probably get 400 votes for it. >> all right. representative don beyer, thank you so much. >> thank you, frances. devastating flooding left behind by spring storms. part of the country could see more later today. we'll bring you your forecast coming up.
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with three types of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'. welcome back. a wet and stormy weekend for parts of texas. heavy rains caused flooding in houston. the rain stopped late last night, but more is on the way. for more of today's weather headlines, the weather channel's kelly cass joins me now. kelly, what's happening? >> good morning, frances. hopefully you've got your jacket
6:26 am
handy. it's kind of chilly in the north east, but the winds howling out there as well. definitely check ahead for new york and boston. winds gusting as high as 30 miles per hour and a little precipitation coming through as well. some of that believe it or not in the form of snow later tonight across the adirondacks, the green mountains of vermont and white mountains of new hampshire getting whiter. we're talking minor accumulation. the severe threat, we're watching out for storms, damaging winds, hail, the possibility here in eastern new mexico, parts of texas as well swell. denver's high getting up to 64. brand-new system coming into the pacific northwest. that means rain showers for seattle and portland. that will keep your temperatures into the low 60s. but otherwise we're warm and dry once we get rid of that may gray, that low-level cloud deck in the morning, we will see sunshine. los angeles, san diego, enjoy it. hot stuff down towards miami with the chance of a pop-up storm for you with highs near 90 degrees. and that's a look at your
6:27 am
national weather. >> all right, kelly cass for us from the weather channel, thank you. getting along, the relationship between donald trump and the dpchgop and the strategy by some who still want a candidate to run against the presumptive cash back. then those places change every few months... please. it's time you got the quicksilver card from capital one. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. doesn't get much simpler than that. what's in your wallet? find fast relief behind the counter lergies with nasal congestion?
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welcome back. i'm frances rivera here at msnbc world headquarters in new york. new reaction today from donald trump and campaign adviser paul m manafort. here's what manafort said moments ago. the audio recording that surfaced this past week. >> i could barely understand it. i couldn't tell who it is. donald trump says it's not him. i believe it's not him. i don't know the relevance of this, frankly, other than it's 25 years old. it's dealing with interests that "people" magazine oriented and they're not focusing on the issues that trump is trying to talk about today. >> for more on today's top
6:31 am
political stories, i want to bring in morris reed. and also republican political consultant and former adviser to president george w. bush. i want to talk about a lot especially this "washington b h post" report. paris, we're still talking about that audio. wouldn't it have been much easier if donald trump would have said yeah, yeah, that was me, and let's move along. >> if that was donald trump on the audiotape, he should say this was me. i don't think this is a big deal. i don't understand why we're making this some type of smoking gun. there's a bigger issue with respect to hillary clinton and her e-mails is and what is in the e-mails as it relates to benghazi and that terrorist attack. so there are bigger issues that we should be focussing on, not whether or not donald trump was acting as his own publicist. >> this "people" magazine writer
6:32 am
admitted to it saying it was a joke gone wrong. let's go past that because i want to talk about this "washington post" article, too. especially when you're having according to the report, some of these gop leaders so, so desperate, as the words put it, you know, they are so repulsed by the possibility of donald trump becoming president. that yeah, they realize that they're kind of late in the game for this, but they're desperate in doing so. but will that desperation actually lead to anything, if i can start with you, morris? >> well, listen, they've known this for a long time, at least in the next 30 days that donald trump would be the presumptive nominee. they've tried to figure out a way to undermine him. i don't believe that they're going to be able to keep him off the ballot at this point, whether it would be as the nominee or as an independent candidate. i think they need to figure out a way to bring donald trump closer to their fold. that's the difficulty of doing it. he's a very strong personality, a strong -- he really has an
6:33 am
overwhelming sense of a mandate in his own right in his own mind. i think they're going to struggle to try to undermine him. you know, this is a guy that i think they should try to really rally around. he would be a very formidable candidate as a democrat. i'm taking him very serious. i think it will be a tough race for hillary clinton and republicans frankly should try to embrace this guy and try to win. >> there's a push especially for this independent push, paris, in essence, some of these names, kasich, condoleezza rice, mark cuban, you can see the reality show billionaire speaking frankly and sometimes controversially parallel between them. that in essence in doing this, you know, yes there's this desperation in wanting to derail it, but also if this happens, it could benefit the democrats. hillary clinton by splintering the republican vote. >> first of all, i agree with morris. and i'm glad that he said that. >> when does that happen? two people on both sides of the aisle? >> he's taking donald trump seriously, and i think people on both sides of the aisle should certainly do that. but ask president george h.w.
6:34 am
bush when ross perot ran against him is absolutely not the case and it's wrong. what this goes is this directly goes to the heart and minds of the american people who as speaker ryan said are coming on board in millions for donald trump. their vote, the republicans are voting for him. and so to bring on somebody else and say we don't believe in what you stand for, we don't believe that you have the right intentions in voting for donald trump, so we'll put somebody else who we think is better for the republican party or the american people. >> there's also the argument that it's not necessarily to get somebody else there for donald trump to win, but it's to derail him, again, benefiting your party. >> well, listen, donald trump represents the destruction and a breakdown in the republican party fundamentally and holistically. fundamentally, he's against the tenants that republicans have embraced for a long time. and fundamentally, he only cares about his own destiny and not the destiny of the party and certainly those people down ballot.
6:35 am
this is worrisome for them, i understand why they're concerned. but frankly, as a democrat, i am not sitting back -- my mentor, ron brown always told me it's never as good as you think it is, and it's never as bad. we need to, as democrats, get past our primary and then focus on the vision thing. you know, my problem with my candidate is i still don't hear the vision thing. it sounds like she's running the same campaign as she did with obama because remember, she was i was experienced. now she's saying i'm ready. that is not a slogan or vision. i'm more concerned about my party at this point and i don't really care how the republicans destroy themselves. >> talk to me about what you need to see or hear from her to pivot thinking about the general election, especially thinking so candidly saying you are kind of worried and you think that donald trump could be the force past now and into the general. >> well, i'm worried for two things. candidly speaking because she's a woman. and women always have a harder time even when they're qualified to think so. she's a qualified person. she's going to have to work harder.
6:36 am
the second thing is this does sound like the obama campaign 2.0. not obama's campaign but hillary's opposition campaign because she ran as experienced. that didn't work. running as i'm ready, you know, running as i'm ready is not a strategy. so they need to get this vision thing right. i think they'll have time between now and the convention. and the convention will be a transformational opportunity for her. >> it's interesting that you say that because i remember the early electoral college predictions show trump losing to hillary in november. paris, "the washington post" says there's a narrow path for trump with respect to the electoral college here. when you talk about ohio, pennsylvania, florida, how confident are you that he can win those states? >> i'm very confident in the fact that donald trump will do well in those states because i think as more and more people get to understand what his messages are and what he believes in and what his policies are, they're going to agree with him. and back to the point that morris brought up, name three
6:37 am
things that hillary clinton is running on. name three things that come to mind when talking about her campaign. you think benghazi e-mails and probably lies or deceit. when you think about donald trump, you say three things, it's very, very clear. those american people really understand why he's running. and that is going to be the difference in making him not only the republican nominee but the president of the united states. he's running on the economy, on jobs, building a wall. >> i hear you, morris, last word. talking about the three things. >> listen, trump does have a message. it's the wrong message. and hillary clinton needs to get it together. it's difficult for republicans to win when america is becoming more black, more brown, more gay, more women, that doesn't bode well for them. the democrats should not take this for granted. he's a dangerous candidate. and we need to work very hard and make sure we win ohio which is ultimately the most important state. >> three characteristics, three words to define hillary clinton quickly. i'll give you time since paris did. >> tick tock. >> it's not the three words that define hillary. i think what they're focusing on
6:38 am
are on the negative. i think she can really focus on the economy. she should focus on the economy. she should work on expanding opportunities. and she shoulding very aspirational. >> very quickly. >> she -- well, she needs to figure it out. i don't have the message, i'm not on the campaign, i'm a supporter, but she needs to run an aspirational campaign with a vision. >> does she need to really start attacking donald trump? she says she's not going to get in the mud with him. does she need to now? >> she needs to define her campaign. >> that was for morris. i apologize. >> listen, paris said the right thing. it's compare and contrast. it's not attacking. you need to hold this man accountable for the things that he says and does. >> thank you to both of you. spirited, as always. i knew it would be. and it certainly was. morris reid and paris denard, thank you for being with me. well, if bernie sanders has any real open of landing the nomination, there's one state that could be the most critical pride, but what are his chances of winning california? that's next. before we take a break, here's "snl" latest sendup of
6:39 am
donald trump, screening vice presidential candidates with the help of chris christie. >> one option could be jeb bush. [ laughter ] >> how about john kasich? he's smart. experienced. >> he said he's not interested. (vo) on the trane test range, you learn what makes our heating and cooling systems so reliable. if there's a breaking point, we'll find it. it's hard to stop a trane. really hard. trane. the most reliable for a reason.
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some things are simply impossible to ignore. the strikingly designed lexus nx turbo and hybrid. the suv that dares to go beyond utily. this is the pursuit of perfection. june 7th is the last big day of this hectic primary season with six contests being held. california will be the big prize for the democrats with 548 delegates at stake. i want to bring in "l.a. times" political reporter seema mehta. thank you for being with me as we get to the democrats and talk about that, i want to ask you about donald trump. and you wrote about a new pro-trump group pledging to raise $20 million before the gop convention. what more can you tell us about that effort? >> it's largely based in
6:43 am
california. as you know, there are tons of deep-pocketed republican donors in california. the question is these are donors who up until now have been hearing from donald trump that he was going to self-fund his campaign. now do they dip into their bank accounts and write the large checks? that's going to be the big test over the next couple weeks. >> now to donald trump and what seems to be a tough week when it comes to that delegate list. the trump campaign making another delegate-related mistake. former california assemblyman, his name there was on the list as a delegate even though he does not endorse donald trump coming shortly after the revelation that the white nationalist had been added to the slate as well. he reported that both names will be stricken from the delegate list. but you also have donald trump's campaign director there out of california saying this confusion isn't indicative of problems with the operation. so what is it an indication of? >> actually, we're now up to five delegates that have been stricken. you have the white nationalist, you have pastor in orange county who said some inappropriate
6:44 am
things about muslims, a couple other latino politicians who were shocked to find their names on this list. and they were getting angry phone calls from their constituents. i do think it shows, you know, the trump campaign did not start organizing in california just until a couple weeks ago. if you compare that to ted cruz's campaign, they were out here last summer collecting delegates. in california, it's a really intense process. you have to collect three delegates in each of the state's 53 congressional districts. these are people willing to spend thousands of dollars to go to cleveland. it's a very complicated process. the trump campaign really just started a couple weeks ago. >> why is that? do you think it's maybe they -- donald trump really didn't think he'd make it as far as california? >> i think it's sort of indicative about his entire campaign. it's untraditional. we've never seen a presidential campaign in terms of the staffing, the lack of fund-raising until now. i think it might have possibly caught them by surprise. and we see with donald trump in recent weeks he has moved to try to make it more of a traditional campaign structure by bringing in seasoned operatives. >> right, and do you think this is something that could hurt him in the general election or do
6:45 am
you think it's another blip that will be replaced by something else and another conversation with donald trump? >> last summer i was saying that donald trump would never be the nominee and i was questioning whether he would even run. i'm hesitant to make any more predictions about donald trump because i think we're going to see a general election like never before. >> on to the democratic side, the most recent democratic primary has hillary clinton with 57% and bernie sanders with 38%. has there been any movement in the state that might have shifted the numbers towards sanders? >> i mean, i this i there's definitely excitement for bernie sanders. and he's been out here recently. he gets enormous crowds. hillary clinton was also out here recently. president clinton will be out here next week. this is really a state where you need millions of dollars to run an air war because it's such an enormous state. you can't hold rallies or knock on enough doors to make a difference. and the question is does he have the money to do it? he's indicate the perhaps he's not but he's counting on the grass-roots support. you can do that in iowa and new hampshire. it's a difficult road to take in california. but there is a lot of excitement
6:46 am
out here for him. >> a lot of momentum when you consider 19 of the state's victories behind him and you're going to count here and the current delegate count shows secretary clinton 142 shy to clinch the nomination. so when it comes to bernie sanders, is there any chance for him left, or is california going to be this present -- this surprise in june for the democrats? >> i mean, unless anything changes, hillary clinton should probably do pretty well here. she has a long history here. her husband clinched his nomination here in 1992. during hillary clinton's 2008 unsuccessful race, she won california over president obama. it gave her a boost. based on the polling now, it does look like she could clinch the nomination here. but we still have, you know, several weeks to go. >> yeah, a lot to look forward to and watch from california. "l.a. times" political reporter seema mehta, i appreciate it. thanks. >> thank you. unsatisfied republican insiders are still so unhappy with donald trump that they're apparently trying to recruit an
6:47 am
independent candidate. but why did they ask a shark to run? >> we saw you guys -- you were doing it -- i've got to roll up my pant legs. it's just like ah! i'm out. i am so out. >> thank god he's out! >> i am so out. at red lobster's create your own seafood trios you can try something new with every bite. pick 3 of 9 all-new creations for $15.99. like baked lobster alfredo chimichurri shrimp and crab cakes bursting with crab meat. just hurry in before it ends.
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despite republican attempts at you know thee past week there remains a split in the party over donald trump. "the washington post" reports a group of party veterans and concern afternoons are working to draft an independent presidential candidate that could keep trump from the house. i want to bring in robert acosta. always good to have you with me here. you co-write the story behind the "post" and i was struck by some of the word choice, exasperated, repulsed, desperate when it comes to these leaders here looking for this. what is the extent of their
6:51 am
influence in trying to get a third-party candidate to come into play? >> so far it has been limited influence. they're not finding many takers. there is an exasperation from people who have been against donald trump but there's a sense no one wants to do it because they would be blamed for electing secretary clinton should she win the democratic nomination. there's a reluctance to put your political career on the line and jump in as an independent candidate. >> the names bowing floated around, ben sasse from nebraska. people saying thanks, no thanks, not interested. also john kasich, who recently suspended his presidential campaign and also interesting former senator tom coburn and also mark cuban, billionaire businessman, also reality show guy, can be brash and colorful. sound familiar? so interesting the thinking there in pulling mark cuban into this. >> mark cuban is part of the discussions.
6:52 am
mr. cuban engaged with "the washington post" in a colorful way, in a candid way over e-mail. my colleague, phil rucker, and i were struck cuban did have overtures from gop leaders. a lot of these talks are hush-hush. but cuban is a billionaire outsider but even he recognizes logistically, financially it's difficult to do at this time. >> didn't he at one point even slam the republican party? he did that, it's on print, it's on record and now they're looking to him. >> they see him as someone who could connect with the populist rank in file base that has elevated donald trump. there's a sense that cuban not only because he has billions of dollars but because he has this public persona that's really combative in an election against secretary clinton perhaps and donald trump, that maybe that's the only way that you could have a competitive third party bid. >> but that sounds a lot like donald trump. so where does he stop short?
6:53 am
is it temperament? is it maybe he'll say things that are kind of controversial but doesn't go over the line like donald trump has? >> cuban said to "the washington post" that he believes he could outtrump donald trump. but he said like so many other people we spoke to, it's too late. the deadlines are fast approaching. texas, its deadline to get on the ballot has already passed. >> is there anybody realistic that you would see when it comes to these names, anybody out there they would go to and that they would say, okay, let's do this, let's make this a reality? >> some retired military figures, like general mcchrystal and general jim mattis. who's realistic? probably a former senator, someone like ben sasse or john kasich. but the person behind all these talks who's most intriguing is former governor mitt romney. he's the one who's make get overtouove overtures to sasse and to
6:54 am
kasich. >> some of these are commissioning private polling, trying to line up some fund-raising. number one, what are the polls saying as far as something that's really plausible and, number two, who's out there with that much money and that deep pockets saying, you know what, i can do this. let me back him because it could happen? >> there are some top donors in the republican party who are talking to people about the possibility of funding an independent bid. we found out in our reporting that dan senor is trying to pitch people, bill kristol is trying to do this. these people told us top republicans are commissioning polls to find out is there a viability for a candidate who comes from the right, is independent and has some crossover appeal. but it's mid-may. at this point polling, whatever it takes, you've got to start running at some point. >> because you're talking about even in texas, we know the jackpot that's there, the deadline has passed to be on the ballot.
6:55 am
petitions, signatures, thousands of signatures, logistically how could that happen? >> mike murray tells me that because of all this, because of all the hurtdles, maybe all thee anti-trump people can do is mount a state-specific campaign. >> swing states. >> swing state strategy to try to stop trump from getting the white house and maybe help some of these senate races. >> interesting to see. in that sense would they be willing to sabotage the party's nominee in hopes to win those down ballot races? >> they can't cross the moral line to vote for donald trump, that's their view, and they can't vote for secretary clinton or the democrat so they want another option. if no one gets a majority of the electoral college, the election is thrown to the house of representatives. that's another thing looming over all these discussions. >> you may very well be writing about that as well. robert costa, i appreciate you being with me. that wraps up this hour of
6:56 am
"msnbc live." up next, english premier league soccer and then at noon, an interview with dr. ben carson. i'm frances rivera. enjoy your sunday, everyone. you live life your w. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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