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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 17, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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party -- lead the party over house speaker ryan. minutes ago speaker ryan was asked about that number on the screen. >> i hope it's donald trump. he's getting the nomination. he should -- he just -- he's wrapping up the nomination. good lord i hope it is pause the person who's getting the nomination of our party is the person to lead our party. >> meantime, trump launched a new twitter tirade this morning against hillary clinton, including this quote. crooked hillary can't close the deal with bernie sanders. will be another bad day for her. let's bring in hallie jackson, she's covering the trump campaign for us. and nbc's luke russert, who was just there with paul ryan and asked him the question about the new polls. hallie, let's start off with already this morning donald trump being described as flip-flopping on another issue, this regarding using a pollster. let me play what he said to our chuck todd not long ago. >> i don't have pollsters. i don't want to waste money on pollsters because, you know -- i
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don't want to be unreal. i want to be me. i have to be me. you know, we have enough of that in pollsters telling everybody what to say and everybody being controlled by the lobbyists and the donors. >> that was then, this is now, why is this significant. >> because it tells us a couple of things about where the trump campaign's head is at, at least at the moment as they make this turn into the general election. so, number one, you look at who trump has hired. not just a pollster but a long-time veteran republican strategist, tony fabrizio, somebody who has ties to rick scott from florida, matt bevin from kentucky, political outsiders who were able to win elections in which they were perceived as being long shots. does that sound familiar? well, it should for the trump campaign. he will likely have a role not just in sort of the polling and number crunching but an overall strategy. he's got a lot of ties to paul manafo manafort. the two worked together on the bob dole campaign back in 1996.
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it's a little bit of getting the dole band back together. for trump it's a sign that he potentially getting more serious about the numbers game. the second part of this, though, is just sow serious he will get when it comes to polling and data operations. he'll have access to the rnc's data ops which party insiders tout as being robust, but remember that hillary clinton has been staffing up in that arena for months and months and months. were it any other campaign, tamron, frankly we would not be talking about the hiring of a pollster because it would have been baked in from the very beginning of the campaign. you look at some of the trump's rivals early on and that was some of their first hires for people to do this kind of polling but trump resisted for so long. you played that sound bite from "meet the press" with chuck back in august. so much has changed in this race since august, tamron. if you look at what the campaign was thinking back then versus what they're looking at now, we're almost a year later, this is a very different race and trump, it appears, has recognized that he needs to have a little bit of a different strategy moving forward when it
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comes to the numbers. >> so, luke, it made me wonder here, was this a part of perhaps the conversation with paul ryan? when you start to crunch the numbers as hallie pointed out, trump realizes that he cannot just appeal to the rust belt, angry white male voter as some have described his base of support. so you have now paul ryan having to awkwardly answer the question of who is the leader of the party and you see that answer at least in this new nbc poll. he gave an answer, but it certainly probably wasn't the question he was hoping for today. >> reporter: well, two things. i think what ryan did there was he did what everyone does once there is a presumptive nominee. the presumptive nominee becomes the leader of the party. it was the same way for mitt romney, it was the same way for john mccain. it's more awkward now because you have so many still within the party who do not like the presumptive nominee. paul ryan, the speaker, has not completely embraced the nominee.
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however, he is moving in that direction ever so slightly. part two, tamron, i think you just picked up on is very interesting. one of the things that came up in that meeting between ryan and trump was how to professionalize his campaign. what hallie just talked about hiring pollsters, we know ryan's teams and trump's teams are going to meet this week and the upcoming weeks to see where they see eye to eye on policy. what could be the best to talk about heading into the fall, heading into the campaign. that's what they're trying to grasp in ryan world is how do we push forward policy ideas that we think are conservative, that we think are legitimate and have donald trump get there himself. as far as who the leader is going to be, ryan saying trump is right there, what's he could? he can't say i'm leading my own little faction within the house republicans despite the fact that i would argue a lot of conservative commentators probably do look to him as the leader but he has to be humble
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in that regard. if he were to say, no, i feel i'm the leader, then we'd be leading cable the entire day. >> let me go back to hallie. we know that trump plans to meet with henry kissinger. what's again the strategy there? i'd imagine it's what luke eluded to as well, he knows there's still a faction. maybe we don't know every name involved, who certainly don't want to see him as the nominee and he needs some heavy hitters like kissinger behind him. >> reporter: and to have these conversations, tamron, which we understand, for example, with jim baker last week that focused more on the political strategy, less so on, let's say, foreign policy or some of these policy positions. trump has gone out and sought counsel now from these old guard conservative leaders to find out, it appears, what his strategy should be moving forward. the risk for trump, of course, is that he has run this campaign and been successful in this campaign bucking every trend, being unpredictable, not doing what the other traditional politicians are doing.
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it has served him very well. the question is whether that will serve him equally as well as he turns into a general election matchup with hillary clinton whose campaign has already been in a word professionalized to use the word that you used and the word luke used as well. trump for a long time has had that really small core of top aides. that has been expanding more and more as we've seen. and so we will see whether that behooves trump down the road when it comes to maneuvering in this world where he's now bringing in the rnc and bringing in people from speaker ryan's office and getting more and more counsel from washington insiders. >> we also know that a super pac supporting hillary clinton, we'll play this ad that they are putting up now, they have some $6 million ad buy to already start focusing in on donald trump. lastly, lounguke, do we know an more about these follow-up meetings between trump and roin th -- ryan that they talked about and said would happen? >> reporter: they're being coy about it, understandably.
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we can expect, i would bet, that by thursday you have this group who i call the trump caucus, which is members that support trump, which has grown to over 35 now in the house gop conference. within that group there is one member who's extremely important and that's tom price the budget chairman. this is insider baseball. why is that important? tom price, the budget chairman, he is a mentor to paul ryan. they're very close, they're very tight. so it's assumed that if tom price looks at it and thinks something is okay or tom price could advocate for something that paul ryan believes, there's a connection there. as far as the meetings will go, i presume they'll be ongoing. the question is, is when do they get to a point that paul ryan can come out and essentially say i am confident that donald trump will be a true conservative and he has guaranteed to me that he will be a conservative on this, this, this, this and that. last week paul ryan had the charts out. i presume more of those meetings
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will happen in the next few weeks to continue that discussion. let's turn now to hillary clinton's other battle, that one against senator bernie sanders. there are two primaries today. both the clinton and sanders campaigns assume sanders will win the democratic primary in oregon with a close race expected in kentucky. meantime, we are now seeing video of a raucous scene at nevada's state democratic convention. this happened on saturday where angry sanders supporters are accused of throwing chairs. they also in the video boo clinton supporter, california senator barbara boxer, off the stage. the convention chairwoman now claims that she's received death threats. all of this in a fight over a dozen delegates who were still to be chosen, even after clinton won the nevada caucuses in february. nbc's kristen welker is covering the clinton campaign for us this morning. so when you look at that video, obviously, kristen, we know the passions are very high. bernie sanders supporters
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committed to him until the very end here. but that level of anger is directed at hillary clinton supporters. barbara boxer on that stage, how is she navigating these waters that will not cool down, even after today, if he wins oregon? >> reporter: well, i just spoke with a clinton campaign official here at her headquarters moments ago, tamron, about this stunning scene that unfolded in nevada. and the thought within the campaign is that ultimately they will be able to unify the democratic party around secretary clinton if she does clinch this nomination. they think that the party is more unified than the republican party, but there's no doubt there is some work to be done. senator sanders is going to be pivotal in that regard, so they will call on him to help rally his supporters around secretary clinton and they're going to make the argument, this is what she did for then senator obama back in 2008. but also pivotal to this, tamron, is the person we've been talking about the past several days, president obama. we saw him this weekend at
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rutgers take on donald trump quite aggressively. he could be the linchpin in rallying the obama coalition, all of those minority women voters and younger voters who right now are trending toward senator sanders. but this primary battle continues, as you point out, secretary clinton focused on kentucky. she's been campaigning there, adding a number of events over the past two days and outspending senator sanders two to one. a win there important for her not necessarily in terms of the math. she has a nearly insurmountable delegate lead right now, but in terms of the momentum and in terms of unifying the party, tamron, so that if she goes to the convention, she does so on solid ground. so there's no question mark about the mathematics at the end of this race. california, though, will be the big battle ground. again, i was told just moments ago by this top clinton official, you can anticipate secretary clinton will spend a lot of time in new jersey and california in the coming days and weeks. tamron. >> i do want to play, as we
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mentioned, she's battling bernie sanders with the primaries today, but yesterday in kentucky, she took a swipe, mocking donald trump. let's play that. >> so let's suppose here's the question, so what is your plan to create jobs? his answer is i'm gonna create 'em, they're gonna be great, i know how to do it, but i'm not telling you what it is i'm going to do. >> very, very entertaining side of hillary clinton on the stage there and she and her campaign also still hitting trump over these taxes, not letting this disappear in a news cycle. >> reporter: that's right, tamron. this is a part of her strategy, to paint donald trump as untested and someone who isn't backing up his words with actual actions. you heard that there when she was imitating mr. trump, so i think that is part of what we can expect to see as this likely general election battle unfolds, but we know that donald trump also signaling that he's going
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to hit secretary clinton hard on character issues, over her e-mails, benghazi and of course former president bill clinton's past indiscretions. based on my conversations with campaign officials here, they insist that secretary clinton is not going to shift her strategy in that regard. she's not going to answer him head-on when he attacks her personally. i said what about during the debates. he's saying he's going to bring all of this up, including former president bill clinton during the debates. i was just told again moments ago that secretary clinton is going to say what we have heard her say on the campaign trail is that he can run his race, she's going to run her race. in other words, she's going to try to make this about policy, even as donald trump tries to tear down her character, tamron. >> kristen welker with some new developments. thank you very much, kristen. the pro clinton super pac priorities usa has unveiled two new anti-trump ads that will begin airing tomorrow in key battleground states. both ads part of a $6 million ad buy over the next month, hit trump on some of his past comments about women.
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here's one of the ads. >> you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her -- wherever. >> does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat ass? absolutely. >> you like girls that are 5'1", they come up to you know where. >> if ivanka weren't my daughter, perhaps i'd be dating her. >> a person who is flat chested is very hard to be a 10. >> does donald trump really speak for you? >> the super pac that created the ads say this is just the beginning of what it calls a, quote, aggressive and sustained advertising campaign against donald trump. this morning trump firing back again on twitter. amazing that crooked hillary can do a hit ad on me against women when her husband was the worst abuser of women in u.s. history. i'm joined by shane gomonker. he's got a new piece titled donald trump is not expanding the gop with analysis that runs counter to one of trump's core claims on the campaign trail. also with me senior
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editor beth who has been covering the clinton campaign since her first presidential run. beth, i want to get you in first. we just heard kristen welker speaking with campaign officials say that despite donald trump's threat of bringing up bill clinton's infidelities directly on the debate stage, she's going to let him run his race, she will run hers. how do you see this knowing hillary clinton so well, how do you see her responding on a debate stage if he tries that? >> it's going to be tough, tamron. obviously these are very, very personal accusations, they get right to the thing that she is most sensitive about. secretary clinton, her relationship with her husband, that horrible humiliation she went through in the '90s, but they're prepared for this. they knew this was going to happen. they knew this is the way trump is going to approach her candidacy so they're very prepared and they're going to handle it in due time. what they're not going to do is handle it yet. she is still in a primary battle with bernie sanders and secretary clinton cannot directly engage donald trump as she's going to once the nomination is put away. as you know, we've got primaries
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today. it's likely that senator sanders will do very well in oregon, could win kentucky. this may go on into june, into california, new jersey, as kristen said. so once the battles turn directly toward donald trump, i think you'll see her being more aggressive and she's ready to take on that issue of her husband and their relationship and they'll get there when they get there. >> beth, it's not often when you're getting ready to battle someone that they just list out everything that they plan to do. some believe that donald trump has another strategy here, but he's telegraphing this. she's got time to have a reply locked and loaded for him. will it certainly be perhaps some of the things we just heard in that super pac ad, which are lines directly from donald trump's mouth about women? >> absolutely. i think she'll depend on surrogates, super pacs -- >> but in the debate there's no surrogate, it's you, it's him. >> and in the debate she's going to have to. she'll address it long before the debate.
8:16 am
she's going to have to. she can't simple low sit there and coast on i'm not going to touch that, i'm not going to go anywhere near that, i'm just going to talk about policy. the debates aren't going to happen until october. she'll address it. >> shane, this article that you've written is so fascinating, one of donald trump's chief bragging points is that he's brought in millions of new supporters. it's something that he's used as leverage against the rnc, that he's used against speaker ryan. in your report you look at, for example, ohio and you saw record turnout in the gop primary, 2 million voters, that's twice as many that voted in 2012. but of those 2 million voters, 92% voted in one of the last three general elections, meaning they're not really new to the gop. you make this same point about florida. >> yes. this is absolutely been central to donald trump's candidacy. he says i am bringing in millions and millions of new voters. and the data from some of these early states just don't show it. what it shows is that these are new primary voters, he is driving record-setting primary
8:17 am
turnout but general elections are much bigger than primaries. barack obama was re-elected with almost 66 million voters and right now donald trump has won 11 million voters so he's not even one-third of the way to half of that, so he really is, you know, maybe exaggerating. some of these expanding the electorate claims. >> when you look at, for example, this daily tracking poll that we keep showing that, again, hillary clinton is still battling bernie sanders. she is not the presumptive nominee at this point. so many have certainly noted how much of an investment we should put in this number. trump has hired this pollster now so he recognizes the analysis you point out. florida, 6% of the 2.3 million people who voted in this year's primary did not cast a voice in the last two general elections. so trump putting his fortunes in these voters may not bow a wise gamble to keep the casino background that he has. >> right.
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what it means is that he's not changing the electorate so much that he completely changes the electoral map. 100,000 votes is a lot of votes. that's a potential difference in a place like ohio and florida, but what it isn't is completely remaking the map the way he's talked about, putting places like new york into play, putting places like wisconsin into play, states that have been overwhelmingly democratic for a long time. yes, he is bringing new voters into the primaries but those are different than general election voters, so it's going to be a challenge for him and just underscores the need for him to have data, pollsters and being able to crunch those numbers himself. >> beth, let's talk about what happened yesterday on the campaign trail. hillary clinton indicating that she would use bill clinton as an economic messenger, that he would be, quote, revitalizing the economy. that would be his role if she's elected. in a statement, her spokesperson tried to clarify this saying she's said many times in the past that when it comes to revitalizing certain regions or certain sectors, she specifically mentioned coal and
8:19 am
manufacturing, that she would certainly want his advice and counsel. it would be getting ahead of one's self to talk about any formalized role for anyone in your administration. why is it getting ahead of herself to talk about the role of what democrats certainly see as one of their most successful presidents? >> well, it's quite tricky. i mean there's a lot of legal reasons why she can't put him in the cabinet. she could find a role in the white house that is not specifically something that the senate would have to confirm. for example, when bill clinton was in the white house, hillary clinton was the health care czar. but she has to play it very careful low around bill clinton. he is absolutely popular with a certain segment of the democratic electorate who remember the '90s but he's also unpopular among many bernie sanders voters who remember him passing these trade deals that hurt american workers. he helped sort of deregulate the banking system which allowed banking to kind of run amuck.
8:20 am
so he's not universally popular in the parts of the party she needs to win over so she needs to do that push-pull. she has to talk about how great he was in certain ways but not fully embrace him to the extent that it makes minimum more controversial. >> we just got new sound and bill clinton being asked about the role that he would play in his wife's administration. he's in puerto rico. let's play it. >> i have asked actually to be given the job of trying to help every part of the united states that has been left out and left behind economically. and i think it is very, very important. >> that's a little bit of what he said, not exactly hitting in on his role if he is the husband, i guess, of the president. i don't even know what the title would be at this point. shane, when you look at donald trump signaling that he's willing to, to her face bring up bill clinton's infidelities, obviously he's trying to diffuse
8:21 am
bill clinton, but what do you make of telegraphing this plan in of all places "the new york times" where he's also attacked the reporters there? >> one of the challenges for the clinton campaign, hillary clinton, is making sure that her campaign is about looking forward and into the future. the more they talk about bill clinton and 1990s and prosperity at the time, yes, a lot of democrats feel fondly about that era but it isn't talking about what she wants to do for the future of the country so that can be a double-edged sword. donald trump is taking most of the media attention almost every single day. so when she gets those little slivers, she needs to maximize them and talk about her proactive plan and talking about bill clinton isn't necessarily that. >> but is that reasonable when donald trump's campaign is make america great again. that means the past. and when you look at past success, many people who are still alive can remember, that's associated with bill clinton's administration, so why does she need to be a progressive in her views and donald trump is reflecting on days that may or
8:22 am
may not include diversity or gender diversity in any form that he sees as leadership? >> i think that at the end of the day, most elections are won by the candidate who's convincing voters that they have a better vision going forward. and so trump, even if his vision is harkening back to america's past, he's at least trying to talk about his vision going forward. i think it's urgent for the clinton campaign to make sure that's what she's doing too. she's been trying to do that. it's something her campaign knows is an issue. but this is the double-edged sword. bill clinton, incredibly popular figure, especially among democratic base voters, but she wants to talk about her vision and not necessarily his vision. >> it is a very trickily gamble as beth pointed out. good report, thank you. we have some breaking news in the new jersey bridgegate scandal. there is now another delay in the release of names of people who were unindicted co-conspirators in the 2013 lane closing of george washington bridge. a judge had originally ordered that that list compiled by
8:23 am
federal prosecutors be released last friday. that order was delayed until noon today after one of the people on the list, known only as john doe, challenged it being released, arguing that his due process rights will be violated if the list is made public and he would be branded a criminal. today's ruling grants a three-week stay in this case with a hearing now scheduled for june 6th. coming up, conservative leaders will meet with facebook founder mark zuckerberg amid claims that the site excluded conservative news from its trending topics. up next, a look at who's planning to attend that meeting. also ahead -- >> listen to that wind. whoa! >> we are keeping an eye on severe storms again today after heavy rain, hail and even tornados struck parts of the south and they could get more bad weather later. we'll have the very latest. we'll be right back. " "y to feel alive"♪
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this morning we are getting a better picture of just what facebook ceo mark zuckerberg's meeting with prominent conservatives will look like. conservative radio host glenn beck, former senator jim de mint and barry bennett are three of those heading to the headquarters of facebook tomorrow. now, they are there to discuss these allegations that the social media giant downplayed conservative content in its trending topics section. miguel almaguer is outside of facebook's headquarters in menlo park, california. >> reporter: hey, tamron. it will happen here tomorrow. conservative leaders meeting directly with mark zuckerberg. it's an important meeting that officials say could get to the bottom of some fairly serious allegations. the meeting at facebook
8:28 am
headquarters is private, but this morning an emerging profile of those planning to attend. conservatives like glenn beck, dana perino and senior advisor to the trump campaign, barry bennett, will all have face time with facebook co-founder mark zuckerberg. >> no one else in the world has the ability to reach as many people as they do, so they have a big responsibility to play it down the middle. >> reporter: the sitdown comes after fallout that facebook suppressed conservative stories from its users on its popular trending topics list. >> even the most popular websites can't compete with facebook in terms of influence and reach. >> reporter: facebook says the trending topics list navigated by millions is identified by algorithms and is only reviewed by facebook employees to make certain they are tied to a current event. but the tech blog gizmodo said a former facebook employee came forward claiming news curators prevented conservative stories
8:29 am
from appearing on the site. >> this was something facebook wasn't forth coming about and was misleading about for the course of a two-year span. >> if they were juicing the algorithm in any way, people have a right to be angry about that. >> reporter: launching an internal investigation, zuckerberg said the tech giant never aims to suppress political perspectives. he invited conservative leaders for the roundtable after some say he took a veiled shot at donald trump. >> instead of building walls, we can help people build bridges. and instead of dividing people, we can help bring people together. >> reporter: coming together this week, facebook and conservatives, an open dialogue that may also soon be trending. mark zuckerberg says facebook has found no evidence that the allegations are true, but he insists he wants the social media platform to be open to all ideas from everyone. tamron. >> all right, miguel, thank you very much.
8:30 am
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we have some developing news out of washington this morning where the ntsb has just wrapped a briefing on last year's amtrak crash in philadelphia. officials say the train's engineer was distracted by radio transmissions moments before the train derailed. they say he was listening to radio chatter from a commuter train operator who said a rock the shattered his window and
8:34 am
realized too late that he was approaching a dangerous curve. that amtrak train was going 106 miles an hour in a 50-mile-an-hour zone when it went off the tracks. eight people were killed, 164 others injured. coming up, hillary clinton is hoping today's primaries in kentucky and oregon will end a string of losses to bernie sanders. up next, why clinton's campaign sees an opening in kentucky. ♪
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8:38 am
kentucky, if we can bring out large numbers of people, i think we're going to win. >> senator sanders just moments ago talking about today's primaries in kentucky and oregon. there are 116 democratic delegates up for grabs today. hillary clinton has put her focus on kentucky after suffering a 15-point loss to sanders in west virginia just a week ago. msnbc's tony dokoupil and cal perry are following these primary battles for us. tony, you're in bowling green, kentucky, one of the major manufacturing hubs in the state. what are you hearing from people there? >> reporter: hey, tamron. one of the major manufacturing hubs and also here in bowling green, five precincts in this location, it's a middle school gym but we've only had 160 voters turn out so far. i could reprise my high school basketball game from the middle of this game. the secretary of state expects turnout only to be about 20% today. that is very light relative to other states. when you think about oregon, 2008 the last time there was an open democratic primary, oregon
8:39 am
got 76% of registered democrats, so 76% versus 20%. people are asking the question online, would it be different if there were -- it was open to independents or if turnout were higher. to help us understand, this is janice, a poll worker here. 20% turnout, 160 people here so far. what's that sound like to you? >> it's a good turnout for warren county for the primary. >> that's a good turnout? >> it is. it's low, but it's always low in the primary. >> if you just wave a magic wand and change the rules in some way to get turnout up, what do you think your community members would respond to? >> encourage people to come out and vote. >> what about -- >> you're the only one that can make a difference. >> what about letting independents into the mix. >> that would be good. change some state laws, bring out some people that more people can come out and vote in the primary. >> in oregon, they have a ma mail-in process. do you think that would work here in kentucky?
8:40 am
>> i don't know. that would probably be a question for our girls and voters. >> reporter: tamron, we're not actually legally allowed to film voters but because there are no voters around, we can walk around here in the polling station without an issue. this is a big problem for bernie sanders. independents in this county are about 6,000. they are turned away exclusively. none of them can participate today, it is a closed primary. you heard bernie sanders at the top of the spot say if people turn out, he'll do well. it doesn't look like that many people are turning out so far, so it could be a bad day for him. >> we'll see what the day holds. thank you very much. cal perry is here and he's been following the races out of oregon from our headquarters here. what are the big headlines? >> the headline in oregon is this is a vote by mail system so there's no polling stations or nothing that looks like where tony is and that's supposed to be good for voter turnout. if we look at the numbers, it's 80%, which is 20% higher than the rest of the country. the reason for that is people can vote by mail. and now when you go to the dmv and get a license, you're
8:41 am
automatically registered to vote. however, you're not automatically registered to vote in the primary. you have to fill in a card and send it in and say i'm a republican, i'm a democrat. and in the year 2016, it doesn't happen a lot so 76% of the people that were automatically registered to vote at dmv are not registered to vote in the primary so we expect turnout to be somewhere around 25%. >> it is interesting as this horse race as it's been referred to certainly winds down and we move closer to the conventions here, whether it's the nevada caucus, iowa or this mail-in out of oregon, it's fascinating how this has played such a major role here in what we've seen here in this unexpected cycle. >> and how states have vastly different systems. people have said that the oregon system is probably the future, that it's more inclusive. you go to the dmv, you get a license and you should be registered to vote but it does wreak havoc on this primary process because people have to register for a party and by and large they haven't done that. >> look what happened in nevada, they have the caucus system and
8:42 am
there was havoc playing out there over the weekend. >> and oregon should be bernie country. it's a state perfectly designed for bernie sanders but because of this registration issue, people wonder if that doesn't help hillary. she's got the ground game. an update on severe weather impacting several states across the south. some pretty incredible video from flooding to this hail video that we'll show you after the break. quite a scary situation. plus the sad ending. after two tourists at yellowstone national park decided they wanted to help a baby bison and put it in the back of this suv. now that bison has been euthanized. why did that happen? we'll be right back. if you're going to make a statement... make sure it's an intelligent one. ♪ the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪ bounce back like...d used to? neutrogena® hydro boost water gel. instantly quenches skin to keep it...
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8:46 am
nbc's kerry sanders is in oklahoma in the center of the storm and filed this report a short time ago. >> reporter: this morning residents in texas and oklahoma are waking up knee deep in water, after a severe weather system walloped parts of the southern plains states. in oklahoma, thunderstorms spawned several tornados, reported in the oklahoma panhandle. in parts of texas, forecasters say more than 11 inches of rain fell in a 24-hour period in the corpus christi area. the oso creek cresting over 24 feet, more than four feet above the flood stage. police blocked off several major roads, but despite repeated warnings, some stubborn drivers tried making their way through, only to get swallowed up by rivers of water in the streets. >> if flooding does not end. >> reporter: in houston after a days-long deluge of rain, residents stranded in their homes posted videos on social
8:47 am
media. >> no, i'm not on the bank of a river. i'm on the curb of my street. >> reporter: biting hail and violent winds gusting up to 70 miles per hour pounded residents in spearman, texas. while back in oklahoma, heavy winds and rain kept many hunkered down in their homes as the region braces for yet another cluster of storms today. >> and that was nbc's kerry sanders reporting. we have a sad twist to tell you about. in a photo that went viral, it shows a baby bison loaded in the back of a car by two tourists at yellowstone national park. officials say that the calf had to be euthanized after it was rejected by its herd when they tried to return it. the tourists apparently thought they were doing the right thing trying to protect the animal but their actions ignored park rules intended to keep both wildlife and people safe. this picture snapped by a witness is not photoshopped and it is not something to laugh
8:48 am
about, say officials at yellowstone park. two tourists came across this bison calf on the road last week and brought it to a rangers station, reportedly worried because the calf was near cars and looked cold. rangers immediately took the calf back where the tourist had found it but the bison herd wouldn't accept it back. >> we made numerous attempts to put that bison back with the herd that it came from, but that newborn calf kept coming back to the road, kept chasing cars, kept trying to get close to visitors. >> bison also known as american buffalo are a huge draw in yellowstone. just last week president obama signed a law making bison the country's official mammal. but bison are responsible for more injuries in yellowstone park than any other animal. park visitors get this bright yellow flier showing a person being gored by a bison, but not all tourists are getting the message. viral videos and social media showing people petting wild animals and posing for selfies,
8:49 am
sometimes with near disastrous results. >> oh, yeah, there you go. >> federal law prohibits disturbing or petting animals in the national park. visitors are supposed to stay 25 yards away from all wildlife and 100 yards away from bears and wolves. >> yellowstone national park is not a zoo and it's not a petting zoo. it's a place where people can come and experience wild animals in their national environment. >> the tourists in this case have not been identified, but they were fined and could still face more charges. now, park officials tell nbc that they did not have any good options in this case. the calf could not be shipped out of the park because of an ongoing quarantine involving contagious disease and the park does not have the resources to care for a young calf that long. officials want to get the word out about not getting too close to bison, especially ahead of the summer tourist season, which is also bison mating season, and that's when the animals are the most dangerous. up next, we travel through a swing state, the swing state of
8:50 am
ohio, to see what people on the road are saying about a potential general election matchup between trump and hillary clinton. >> what is it about, you know, what's going on here on this
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
tuesday's crucial to win the primaries are ohio and pennsylvania. interstate 80 is where we went to get a feel of what the politics regions looking like right now. joining me from columbus, ohio
8:54 am
with msnbc's jacob soboroff, good to see you. >> reporter: good to see you, it is fun to think about that the road runs through this main state. one road you mentioned i-80 traverse to the east and the west coast of the united states and it runs through pennsylvania. i went to a truck stop in ohio and on i-80 to talk to some of the folks that know what may happen best here, check out what happens. >> can i check it out inside? >> oh yeah. >> oh yeah, i always wanted to do that. [ chuckles ] >> three million miles. >> reporter: tell me about where we are right now? >> we are interstate 80. >> reporter: you talk to a lot of fellow truckers and politics with them?
8:55 am
>> yeah. >> reporter: where are most people coming down and what looked to be the general match up here, hillary clinton or donald trump? >> well, most people i talked to are for trump. they kind of feel the same way i do about him. >> reporter: which is what? >> well, i feel like this country needs their own directing. we need to do something about manufacturing jobs and get good paying jobs for this country and get people back to work. >> reporter: first time tamron in the 18 wheeler it was quite the experience. the fact is, some of these guys were once working class democ t democrats and many of them been in the union and supported democrats their entire lives. we have seen a lot of folks and i met some of them at the trump stop trending towards donald
8:56 am
trump and some of them are never hillary clinton's voters. it is really interesting stuff. >> we'll see what transition and changes come over the next 180 days that we have if she's a nominee, thank you very much jacob. thank you for watching, again, another big primary day. we'll keep an eye on kentucky and oregon. up next is "andrea mitchell reports."
8:57 am
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or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. ask about humira, the #1 prescribed biologic by dermatologists. clearer skin is possible. our new survey monkey online poll. we'll look at the four key battle round that could swing this election. trump is no longer self polling. he hires a pollster now. >> i don't want to waste money on pollsters. i don't want to be unreal, i have to be me. >> getting nasty.
9:00 am
trump's twitter tiraded against bill clinton dumping all over trump. >> a person that's flat chested is very hard to be attentive. >> and good day, i am andrea mitchell, in new york. hillary clinton's advantages over donald trump would help her cruise to victory in novice running to a flat number of problem. our survey online poll had the two presumptive candidates just three points a part. a major problem for both candidates of their likability or lack there of. this as clinton has put a lot on the i


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