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  MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 20, 2016 12:01pm-12:14pm PDT

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they should immediately disarm. let's see how good they do, let's see how they feel walking around without their guns on their bodyguards. in the meantime, nobody else can have the guns, right? president obama tried to take the guns from law abiding americans but has reduced prosecutions of violent criminals who use guns. president obama is even relea releasing violent criminals from the jails, including drug dealers and those with gun crimes, and they're being let go by the thousands. by the thousands. many of these are also -- i'm sure you are not going to be surprised to hear this, illegal immigrants. president obama pushed for changes to sentencing laws that relea released thousands of dangerous drug trafficking felons and gang members who prey on civilians. i want to tell you, i've really learned a lot about the border.
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two weeks ago you probably saw 16,500 border patrol agents endorse donald trump. [ applause ] >> we've gotten great endorseme endorsements, to have the endorsement from the nra and border patrol agents. these are wonderful people who want to do their job and why they're doing their job. they're told to stand back. they want to do their job. these are incredible people, the first time they've ever endorsed a presidential candidate. 16,500. i'm really honored by that. [ applause ] >> this is hillary clinton's agenda to release the violent criminals from jail. she wants them released. she wants people you wouldn't want to walk on the street with or look at. whether kate in san francisco, you see what happened there or jamil, i game great friends with
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his father, jamil was shot in the face three times by somebody who wasn't supposed to be here. or -- i always say this because this was tragic, a 65-year-old veteran, a woman who was a great woman raped, sodomized and killed by an illegal immigrant, wasn't supposed to be here. we're going to straighten it out. by the way, this contestadoesn'o do with guns per se, but maybe a lot of other things. we will build a wall, it will be a great wall, we will have borders again. people are going to come into the country but they're coming into the country legally, folks. they're coming in legally. [ applause ] >> we will keep our borders open and i'll tell you, they will be open when people come in leg legally. hillary wants to just keep them open, anybody can come across. that's what's been happening. the crime is violent and a lot. lots of other things are happening with the drugs pouring across. she's putting the most
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vulnerable americans in jeopardy. this is a risk we can no longer afford. we've had enough. i think we've had enough, wouldn't you say we've had like -- [ applause ] >> in trying to overturn the second amendment, hillary clinton is telling everyone and every woman living in a dangerous community that she doesn't have the right to defend herself. you have a woman living in a rough community, bad community, sorry, you can't defend yourself. that is so unfair and that is so egregious. and i'll tell you what, my poll numbers with women are starting to go up. i never thought of it, this should really lift them up, right? starting to go up. [ applause ] >> i will say, my poll numbers with men are through the roof. but i like women more than men, come on, women, let's go, come on! [ applause ] >> most people know that about me. most people know that.
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this is this most basic human right of all, but hillary wants to strip it away and strip it away from women, and all others. hillary clinton will release violent criminals from jail more so than even obama. she has a more open policy than obama if that's possible and put innocent americans at risk. i'm going to put criminals from behind bars and guarantee that law abiding americans have the right to self-defense. 100%. [ applause ] >> thank you. thank you. there are 13 million right to carry permit holders in the united states. i happen to be one of them. in the past -- nobody knows that. boy, would i surprise somebody if they hit trump.
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if i wasn't -- if i wasn't surrounded by like the largest group of secret service people, who by the way are fantastic people, and our police are fantastic, fantastic people -- [ applause ] >> we have to give a standing ovation to our police, we have to. [ applause ] >> they are fantastic people. amazing. [ applause ] they do such a great job. they're so unfairly treated. but they know and they know how the people feel about them inflammatory thank you. that's great. in the past 30 years, the number of right to carry states has gone up seven fold. these are among the most law abiding folks statistically in the entire country. they have the right to carry, among the most -- they do
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statistics on everything, right? everything. these are among the most -- in fact, they're like at the top of the list. in florida, for example, they've issued more than 3 million concealed carry permit is in the past 30 years. only 168 have been revoked. that's .006%. so very very few. just no difficulty. hillary wants to go into the opposite direction. she said president obama didn't go far enough when he executed this order, when he signed this order and not going far enough. he's gone so far, he's gone too far and we will stop it. we ill unsign lots of different things including some of those terrible executive orders, believe me, they will be unsigned so fast, they will be unsigned the first hour i'm in office, the first hour i'm in office.
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[ applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> hillary's pledge to issue new anti-gun executive orders, you know that. this is the behavior, you could say of a dictator, this is the behavior of somebody frankly i think that doesn't know what she's doing. she's not equipped to be president in so many different w ways. this is the thinking of a person that is not equipped to be the president of the united states. believe me, she doesn't understand it. bad judgment, we talk about it. she's got bad judgment, you know where it came from. it came from me and also came from her current opponent, who's doing pretty well, i'll tell you, you talk about a rigged system. he wins every week and he keeps losing. i think bernie should run as an independent, okay? let him run!
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[ applause ] >> i do. i would love him to run as an independent, then it would be the three of us on stage. i'd love that. the second amendment is on the ballot in november. the only way to save our second amendment is to vote for a person that you all know named donald trump, okay? i will tell you. i will never let you down. i will protect our second amendment. i will protect our country. our military will be strong, our borders will be enforced, we'll get rid of common core, which is a disaster -- maas [ applause ] >> we'll bring education local. so important. our education is a mess. we're going to get rid of obamacare. we will have a great great plan as a substitute. obamacare is out of control. the new costs, as you know,
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they're going to be revealed on november 1st, they will be through the roof. by the way, don't let this happen, we'll have to speak to mitch, obama is trying to get it delayed until after the election. the new costs will be revealed november 1st unless he gets it changed and we don't want that to happen, they will be so astronomical and will show what a total failure and disaster obamacare is. we will repeal it and replace it with something great, okay? believe me. [ applause ] we're going to have strong borders and we're going to make the greatest trade deals, every country worldwide, every country in the world is ripping off our great country, like we're children, like taking candy from a baby. our trade deals will be renegotiated. we won't be having trade defi t deficits of 5$500 billion a yea with china anymore, folks. they won't be taking our jobs out of here and kentucky and lots of other places, every
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place. they won't be taking our jobs and bringing them into mexico, like with nabisco, where they leave chicago moving to mexico, and so many other countries, companies, carrier, you look at carrier air conditioner, just left indiana, they're leaving indiana and they're moving to mexico. that's not happening with me because when they make their air conditioner s and sell them across our now very strong border, believe me, they're going to pay a tax and they're going to say, we're not moving to mexico anymore, it's so simple. it's so simple. [ applause ] >> so we're going to have -- we're going to have great trade agreeme agreements. we are going to become a strong nation again. we are going to save our social security. we will save our medicare, we will be so proud of this country, you're going to be proud of your president, but i don't care about that, you are going to be proud of your country again. we will start winning again,
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because we don't win anymore. we never win. we don't win on trade, we don't win with the military, we can't beat isis, believe me, we're going to knock the hell out of isis. we have no choice. [ cheers and applause ] >> we're going to knock the hell out of isis! [ applause ] >> so we are going to start winning again, and i have fun saying it, and i say it a lot, but there's nothing better. some of you have heard it, but we are going to win-win win. we are going to win with military, we will win at the borders, we are going to win with trade, we are going to win at everything. some of you are friends. you're going to call and you will say, mr. president, pleased, we can't take it anymore, we can't win anymore like this, mr. president, you're driving us crazy, you're winning
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too much, please, mr. president, not so much, and i'm going to say, i'm sorry, we are going to keep winning because we are going to make america great again. thank you, we love you, thank you. thank everybody, thank you, kentucky, thank you, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. good afternoon, everyone. i'm kate snow in new york taking over for thomas roberts here. you've been listening to donald trump speaking at the nra leadership forum in louisville, kentucky, trump making a very direct appeal to nra members in the room calling for the elimination of gun-free zones railing against the obama's administration's executive actions on guns and at one point said hillary clinton would promise more of the same and said quote this is the behavior, you could say, of a dictator, trump telling the