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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 21, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stayctive with boost®. hello, everyone, i'm alex witt here in new york. welcome to "msnbc live." just a bit past 1:00 p.m. in the east. 10:00 a.m. in the west. the effort to find the black boxes for egyptair 804 continue at this hour. the search area has narrowed. they are focused on a site about 180 miles north of the egyptian city of alexandria where wreckage has been found. these are the first images of the debris released by the egyptian military earlier today. french investigators have confirmed smoke was detected in several locations on board that plane before disappearing off the radar. what caused that smoke remains a
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mystery. for more on this let's go to pairs and chris jansing. you have been reporting on this issue focusing on two different fronts. >> reporter: you have to look at what happened before it took off from charles de gaulle airport. who had access to it. could someone have put some device on board. obviously that's part of a theory that suggests that it could have been terrorism. so it's happening here at charles de gaulle and the other stops before that plane went down over the eastern mediterranean or we believe it did. given that debris we're finding in that video you're showing this intensive effort continue, new information there were smoke detectors that went off, smoke both in the bathroom near the cockpit and under that floorboard where the technical equipment is kept. then within just a matter of minutes another set of alarms, essentially have to do with navigation and the computer
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equipment. none of that tells investigators what happened. it is just part of the bigger picture that includes finding the debris that we're seeing and, by the way, that includes now u.s. naval surveillance plane. we have some video of that. it came out of sicily happening with the search. also in france a ship is heading there, could be a couple of days before they get there but they have a lot of specialized equipment and a couple of divers on board who is used to doing this kind of search work. in the meantime, there's a lot of questions being raised by the families here. they met this morning with french officials, a large group of family members from the victims here in france, perhaps as many as 50 wanting to know why they are getting their information about, for example, the smoke detection not from french officials but from television. they promise those french officials they will do better. obviously a lot at stake here.
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emotionally a lot at stake whether or not this was terrorism and at stake for the economy. this is a place that has taken a big hit, first with "charlie hebdo" attack then what happened in november at the bataclan and elsewhere and spectre of terror being raised last night. i spoke late last night with an official who just came back from a meeting. among the topics effect of terrorism on tourism and what he has to say to americans who are thinking about coming to france. take a listen. >> people are nervous all the time and every where. but our concern is first to be sure that we have sufficient security and safety, that's the key question. second point then we can welcome people. and we have a stamina to improve the way we are reaching people
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and especially foreigners. we need people to come. we want them. and really we are improving the way we receive people. >> reporter: there is a visible security here and i asked him whether or not that helped people or made them more nervous. they've come to the conclusion that more people see security and feel secure and some new security here at the airport starting next week that it makes them feel as to this is a place that they can come. obviously, millions and millions of dollars at stake just after the attacks in november. alex, tourism here went down a solid 20%. >> that's extraordinary that number. okay. thanks for all of it. chris jansing outside charles de gaulle airport. as officials release this new video of debris recovered from the mediterranean i was able to talk to msnbc aviation analyst john cox and i asked him what was significant about the smoke aboard the aircraft. >> this event unfolds much more
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slowly. there's a three minute period where there's six faults that are generated and transmitted to the maintenance facility. there's two smoke events but also indications of overheating on the wind screens, on the right side of the airplane as well as flight control computer issue. but after the six faults, after the last one of these six faults the airplane flies on for a period of four minutes before it starts down and we know there's electrical power to this airplane. this whole event unfolds over a much greater time frame than we initially thought. this tells me as an investigator for something 30 years that we need to keep every option on the table. it may or may not have been an explosive device, it may or may not have bean fire, it may or may not have bean structural problem, it may or may not have been a mechanical problem. at this point we have to keep an open mind because this data that
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we've gotten from the acars unit that was down linked is a page piece to help us understand what happened on this tragic flight. >> this acars data, if you're flying a plane like that does it have a long time of advance warning? that data will get out there before a pilot would be aware of what's going on. i'm curious if it was under way why a pilot didn't make a distress call. >> talking to air traffic control is low priority. air traffic control cannot help you. all air traffic control can do is move other airplanes away from you and provide you a course to fly towards an airport if you need it. as a pilot, if you have an event that occurs on the airplane, the first thing is to maintain control, the second is to manage the flight path so that you don't hit something with the airplane. and then when you have time talk to air traffic control. so it would be very common and i do not find it unusual at all if
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there's an event going on the airplane the pilots did not call air traffic control. they can't do that much to help you. >> part of my aefrl conversation with john cox. a bit later this hour we'll go egypt for the latest from investigators there and for the latest on egyptians and how they are coping with this latest air tragedy. now to politics. donald trump is off the campaign trail today after picking up the coveted endorsement by the nra. in addition to attacking hillary clinton he made this promise to its members while talking about san bernardino and other recent shootings. >> if we had guns on the other side it wouldn't have been that way. boom, free zones, we're getting rid of gun free zones, i can tell you. [ cheers and applause ] >> former president bill clinton is shifting into general election mode with his attacks against the presumptive republican nominee. here's what he told supporters
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in montana last night about donald trump's rhetoric. >> we're going make america great again that's code for you have been shafted, i'll make at any time way it used to be. what he's really saying to people in the white working class who have a legitimate beef, i'll make you better again and even if you don't get better at least i'll give the pleasure of watching me beat up on other people. >> meanwhile at a rally in new mexico last night bernie sanders once again vowed to take his fight all the way to convention this as tensions between him and the party escalate. days after billionaire mark cuban turned down anti-trump republicans who wanted him to run as a third-party candidate he said he would welcome the opportunity to run as hillary clinton's vice president. here's more of my interview with chuck todd. >> you have to go more to center. i think -- i like the fact that
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senator clinton has thought out proposals. that's a good thing because at least we get to see where she stands. i think senator sanders has dragged her too far to the left things like college contiguous and other business elements that really i think could hurt the economy. >> we will be watching hillary clinton's event in florida tonight to hear if she responds to a prospect of a clinton-cuban ticket. >> former president bill clinton is campaigning in california. joining me now is a reporter reporting from outside of trump tower. are either trump or clinton gaining any ground with the hispanic vote. >> donald trump has a lot to prove with hispanic voters. this is the first time we can remember him reaching out publicly to a latino organization. this one over the weekend and going on last night is a group of more than 1,000 hispanic
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evangelical leaders who tend to vote republican and he had a lot to prove. here's what he said in his video that was pre-recorded. >> it's so great to be with the national hispanic christian leadership conference. we're going to do a lot of things if i get elected president. we're going to bring back jobs and that you understand the world is taking our jobs and we've got to stop it. we're going take care of minority unemployment. it's a huge problem opinion it's really unfair to minorities and we're going to solve that problem and it's going to be solved once and for all. national hispanic christian, three great words. we're going to take care of you, we'll work with you, you'll be very happy. you're going to like president trump. >> reporter: now it's worth noting that after he finished his two to three minute video there were some laughs heard. one of the leaders there, one of the pastors said it would be a miracle for trump to turn around and get the support.
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hillary clinton as well sent in a pre-taped video. seemed she was reading from a teleprompter. today donald trump is off until next week when he goes out west nor rallies and his first major fundraiser. >> thank you so much from midtown manhattan. on the heels of that report let's bring in molly hooper. ladies, good to see you both. sema we'll go to you first. donald trump has declared himself the presumptive republican nominee. but ted cruz still has not released his 500 delegates. how will that play out at the convention and could it hurt trump >> it will be interesting. in recent history it's unprecedented for a runner up to have this many delegates. i think they will do a couple of different things. they will try to protect the platform. make sure ted cruz is seen as the leader of the conservative movement. if he wants to run for president in 2020 this is the place where
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they can impress donors, party leaders and committed activists by having this ground force of support. >> molly, bernie sanders campaign has put out a new people monmemo breaking down the polls. >> regardless of whether he's right or not, he ran as a democrat and he has to win the democratic nomination. i mean, for years he's been known as an independent on capitol hill. but he decided to run as a democrat. in doing that you have to win the democratic primary, you have to win the democratic nomination and play by those rules. so, i mean it's great that he has polls saying he can defeat trump and if you look back at the republican campaigns you saw ted cruz come out with polls saying he could defeat hillary. but when it comes down to it it's those democrats supporting their nominee and voting for that person at the convention.
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>> sema, sanders also vowing to win the california primary where there are more than 500 delegate, superdelegates at stake as well. does he have a real opportunity there to close in on clinton? >> in the polls we've seen up until now she does lead him. she has a long history. she and her husband have a long history in the state. bill clinton clinched his nomination in 1992. they have deep ties to donors here. but there's a lot of energy, thousands upon thousands of people showing up for sanders and this early they are angry at her. so i think next week will be interesting. they both will be in town. they are doing rallies up and down the state but she has a lot of organization here that he doesn't have. >> let's talk about the president's approval rating. it has shot up 12 points since january, topping 50% every single week since march 1st. what does that do hillary clinton's chances and to donald trump's?
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>> well, i think it's more -- what it does to donald trump because if you notice, the president can't go out and officially endorse one of the democratic, potential nominees. what he's done is pivoted to go out and start pushing this anti-trump message. you know the never trump. just as republicans have been trying to you night behind this message of never hillary, president obama last week in a speech at the university he pretty much started out speaking about why it be bad to have donald trump as president. that's a message he carries forward. >> sema, what do you think the golf bernie sanders is and the crusade he's carrying against the dnc. doesn't it hurt him to alienate the party establishment. >> he's never been part of the party establishment. he wants to go the convention and clearly wants to have a huge display of force and he wants to try to make the party platform more liberal to match his views.
10:17 am
the other thing is it's kind of interesting because in 2008 once hillary clinton knew she lost she conceded to obama, she went to the floor of the democratic national convention, she nominated him. that was great show of support for him. bernie sanders he's 74 years old. this is probably his last try at this. so he doesn't need to make nice the way she needed to make nice. >> i'm curious as we hear donald trump is set to meet with bob corker, what are some of the other names that trump should be considering? what does he need in a running mate? >> you know, i keep hearing several names. one of which is john kasich, because he wants somebody -- donald trump has said this -- he wants somebody with legislative experience who knows how to maneuver congress and get work done. that's something that john kasich has done. he's proven he can work with both parties. he's been a governor. yes, he says he doesn't don't donald trump's running mate but everybody is running for
10:18 am
president doesn't want to be somebody else's running mate until they dropout. with donald trump it's a unique situation. given how, you know, given how, you know, extreme some of his positions have been and the things he said about other candidates. that said, nikki haley's name has come up. but he's really looking for somebody who has that legislative experience which would be a bob corker as well who also has foreign policy because he's the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee. >> ladies, thank you so much. so the president is about to leave on a one week long trip to asia. this is a picture from just moments ago we're told from joint base andrews just outside of washington, d.c.. president is heading to vietnam first and then on to swrap and notably that's where he'll make a historic visit that will make headlines around the globe. he'll be the first sitting u.s. president to go and visit hiroshima, the site of the
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. donald trump off the campaign trail today after picking up an endorsement by the nra. trump spent most of his 30 minute speech attacking hillary clinton. he's behind clinton by six points in the latest "new york times"/cbs poll. alice stewart is a former spokeswoman for the ted cruz campaign. welcome to you, long distance there from arkansas. let's talk about this recent
10:23 am
poll which shows two-thirds of republicans say getting the gop to you night behind trump is the only way he can win. to you agree and how does he do that? >> i think that's critical. i think what he did yesterday going to the nra was a good step in that direction. the nra is a strong voice for the republican party, 70,000 members strong that will get out there and not only donate to the campaign and the cause but they will also be a good voice and advocate and i hope that what he said to that group yesterday in terms of protecting second amendment rights is something he'll follow through. it also gave them the opportunity as you indicated to attack hillary in a way, referring to her as heartless hillary and saying it's hypocritical for her to talk about taking away guns of law-abiding citizens or making it more difficult for l law-abiding citizens while she and bill clinton have security guards with guns. it was a two step process yesterday in order to help boost
10:24 am
his support with a key component and constituency in weighing of the republican party but also to attack hillary. i think what we'll see and expect to see is his continuing to reach out to other groups because it's incumbent when any party republican or democrat is united they are stronger and it's also incumbents upon him to reach out to the conservative aspect of the republican party, to get them to coalesce, all join together because stronger we will defeat hillary clinton and that should be a top priority for trump and his campaign. >> maybe this line of attack by donald trump, donald trump has a security detail, the secret service. he's got that. don't they carry guns? >> i've been under secret service protection before in presidential campaign and they do. but his point yesterday was he's going to fight hard to protect for americans, their second amendment rights to problem
10:25 am
tek -- to be protected. so it's an important message for him to convey at that group yesterday because they will go forth and as the leader of the group, chris cox said if your chosen nominee has dropped out they believe as nra a strong voice in the republican part to get behind the presumptive nominee. that was a big step for the nra and donald trump. >> what about this huge majority of republicans who say they are divided on the party's future, a full 84%. what are you thoughts on that? how do you interpret that number? >> well, you also look at the fact the democratic party is also divided. they still don't have a nominee on their side. >> that's true. i'm curious how you read that win the republican party. where is the divide and why is it so divided. 84% is a pretty big number. >> it's a big part of the fact that people are right now frustrated with washington as usual. they are frustrated with what's going on in washington. and this has been a very heated
10:26 am
primary. i think that's good. i think having a heated primary where you have candidates -- we had 16 candidates in this field, and it was very heated, and it was an opportunity to vet the different candidates. each of them had the opportunity to get their message out there. and that's part of the process, to have a very contentious or a heated primary to vet the candidates. ideally in my case, i hope that ted cruz would be the presumptive nominee. he's obviously suspended his campaign. but the people have spoken. people believe that donald trump is the one that will protect their republican values moving forward and that's what we're going to have to do moving forward. like it or not he's the presumptive nominee and what we will see as we move forward and the trump campaign is making the right steps to reach out to groups, to help unify the process because right now from here moving forward this is a game of addition and not subtraction and hopefully he can add more facets of the
10:27 am
republican party to our side to take on hillary clinton. >> to your point of the numbers, the addition, as a former spokeswoman for ted cruz, and picking up on your like it or not, he clearly does not like donald trump. do you know what he plans to do with his delegates come convention time? >> well, we got a lot of time to make a decision on what happens moving forward with that right now. ted is focused on his work in the senate. he's the strongest leader in the conservative cause right now where he has a great voice for conservatives. we had a tremendous grassroots organization. tremendous outreach to the conservatives. and they were very engaged and very involved. and another part of the success of our campaign was the ability not just to win at the ballot box but to follow up with these delegates at the conventions and keep them engaged and keep their support because a lot happens from early on in the primary
10:28 am
process as we get to conventions where delegates become bound and a lot has happened and cruz campaign our ability to don't reach out the them and nurture those relationships have been successful. we'll see what happens on the convention floor. it certainly will be something to watch. >> i think it will be important television for sure. thank you so much. earlier this morning vice president joe biden gave one of his final commencement addresses as vice president, speaking to the 2016 west point graduating class. he told the cadets that they were joining the quote greatest fighting force in the world. while congratulating the class of 2016, biden was able to get in a little jab at his republican opponents. >> governor chris christie is here. congressman chairman ed royce is here and saxby chambliss, senator chambliss whose grandson is graduating today is here. i really wanted to do this to force these three republicans to actually have to listen to me make a speech.
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is. welcome back, everyone. i'm alex witt here at msnbc world headquarters in new york. investigators are looking for clues to see an act of terrorism caused egyptair's jet to crash into the mediterranean sea which is what egyptian officials say is a more likely scenario than that of mechanical failure. you're up on the latest in terms much what you're hearing from officials. are they staying with that line of thought? >> reporter: well so far they haven't commented on the cause of what they think is behind the crash of ms 804. in fact that statement was made
10:36 am
by the civil aviation ministry. as you know sometimes the story is not adding up with what the government is telling us. so to get ahead a little bit of where the government is would be premature. what we do know is what the egyptian military has released and today they released the very first footage showing the debris of the wreckage from what they've been able to collect at sea. it included a life preserver and seat cushions and some material from inside the actual wreckage or plane rather that they got. more interestingly, though, egyptair announcing they brought in a foreign expert to help with identification process. they explained to family members they will take dna samples to match up relatives with those on board. that's a pain staking process for family members here but nonetheless the government itself is still saying all options are on the table especially in like of the information that has emerged about some of that information,
10:37 am
that acars data. that came from outside sources, outside egypt including airbus and the website reporting it. the egyptian government has not commented on the investigation. nor have they been able to same they definitively have found the black box or inflight record per the egyptian government is not commenting on the investigation itself, alex. >> thank you so much. in a new interview donald trump wades in to the murky waters of the u.s. relationship with north korea and shares how he would handle the country's tough talking leader, kim jong-un. >> economically we have enormous power over china. people don't realize that. they are extracting vast billions dollars out of our country. billions. and we have tremendous power over china. china can solve that problem with one meeting or one phone
10:38 am
call. >> how would they do it? >> because they have tremendous power over thaurk. >> north korea has nukes. >> i know that. so does china. >> you said you would talk to kim. >> i would speak to him. i have no problem with speaking to him. >> let's bring in bill richardson former governor of new mexico and former ambassador the u.n. and an msnbc contributor. always good to see you bill. let's get down this idea of a sit down with kim jong-un. it's basically been laughed off by policy experts but could there be some value to it? it is really so ridiculous? >> it's not a good idea. first of all, kim jong-un doesn't meet with foreign leaders. if you're dennis rodman maybe you'll get a meeting with him. secondly the problem is this. you don't have a face to face meeting with kim jong-un and reward bad behavior. here's a guy that's shooting off missiles, detonating nuclear
10:39 am
weapons, threatening japan, south korea, the united states. he has several americans detained as prisoners on very phillip flimsy charges. if you have a meeting with kim jong-un you have to have an agreement about limiting their nuclear weapons or releasing an american. trump going in there and say he would meet with him it's disingenuous, it's wrong, it's reality tv foreign policy. it's not good national security. >> what about a vice presidential pick? >> he needs a foreign policy dimension because i am really worried if he ever becomes president, this is where i think hillary clinton has a tremendous advantage as commander-in-chief. but, obviously, somebody that
10:40 am
knows foreign policy, i saw that senator corker, he's a serious guy. i don't know if he would want to take a job like that under trump. but somebody that knows legislation, that knows foreign policy, that knows the nuances of making sure the president does not meet with kim jong-un without preconditions and there's not a lot of preparatory work. meeting with members of the senate and house. makes sense. he has no experience. >> so you recently admitted you were wrong about donald trump and bernie sanders along with everybody else, by the way, lasting so long. why have they? >> well there's an anger out there. there's a populism out there against the establishment, against elites and it's in both parties. it's the need for policies to address income in equality, higher wages. that's fueling the country.
10:41 am
right now a lot of voter anger. but i think with bernie sanders, i think it's time that he say to his supporters, look, let's be players in the democratic party. i know the chairwoman of the nevada democratic party. she was my coordinator. she's an honorable fair woman. what happened to her in nevada was inexcusable the way she was attacked. so i think the time has come for senator sanders to realize that he is a player, he's had a very good run. he is respectable on so many issues. he should weigh in on the platform. he should weigh in on the future of democratic national committee. he should weigh in on who is the vice presidential pick. but this continued, continued division within the party is not healthy and he's the only one, alex, that can tell his supporters look let's focus on
10:42 am
policy, let's focus on party unity. i know i'm going to get a lot of nasty tweets from the sanders people, i always do. but i think the time has come to rally together. >> but look he said he's taking this thing all the way to the convention and given what happened in nevada last weekend are you worried about what could happen at the convention? >> well, i am worried. and i think this is a time for mediation, for somebody that has credibility with both the clinton campaign and both the sanders campaign, somebody like elizabeth warren or somebody like senator schumer, that has ties to both. that can say to both camp, look, we got to start looking at party unity. we don't want a bitter convention. we want an issues oriented convention. sanders should continue running. he was just in new mexico, my state. people like him there. i don't think he'll win new mexico. i don't think he'll win california. he's had a credible race. he should continue but start
10:43 am
looking at ways he can participate as a party leader, influence the vice presidential pick. he has to go back to the u.s. senate so, you know, his policies there to get support, i think he needs to be the unifier of the party now. >> okay former governor and ambassador, bill richardson. despite the long odds bernie sanders is still campaigning hard and about to speak as the governor was saying in his state of new mexico. also sanders once again today claiming to be a stronger candidate against donald trump than hillary clinton. but does that even matter at this point?
10:44 am
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10:47 am
does trump think he can win over hispanic voters after all he said and does he need to? >> well, goodness knows what donald trump really thinks. he keeps saying hispanics love me. they don't according to every credible poll out there. i think it will be a very hard sloth for him. he's made his very extreme, very radical immigration policy the centerpiece of his campaign and that involves, of course, trying round up 11 million people and expell them from the country, talks about building this wall that will never be built and those are really an anathema not just to hispanics but many different americans. it's very hard for those voter to get past that. when he goes to these groups he says oh, we'll being a great, we'll have great jobs, we'll bring back jobs, i'm going to do all these wonderful things. he doesn't really say how he's going to do it and i think most voters these days are skeptical
10:48 am
that he is. i think you'll see hillary clinton once she locks down the democratic nomination really try to stress what donald trump has said to these voters, what his policies would entail and set out her own agenda. i think he'll do considerably worse than mitt romney which was poor and that creates a problem. there's a lot of grups he's doing worse with than mitt romney did. >> you wrote this week that donald trump has changed the criteria for conservative candidates. where does that leave candidates post-trump. what will the successful conservative candidate of 2017 or 2018 look like? >> that's a good question. according to donald trump you can be pro choice yesterday and change your mind temporarily. you can be against free trade, you can be against immigration, you can be against involvement in the world, you can be against reforming entitlements and call yourself a republican.
10:49 am
so what does it mean. that's a difficulty a lot of conservative, a lot of people with principle who take ideas seriously are having trouble with donald trump. he said the party believes whatever i believe on any given day. he changes several times a day. that's a question. i think after the trump phenomenon is done and i do think he'll lose and lose by a significant margin i think there will be rediscussion, redebate, a remodeling of the republican party about what its ideals are, does it need to change, does it need to evolve in certain respects, what does it want to be about in the 21st century and that discussion can't go on in a meaningful way as long as donald trump is running around. >> you talk about him losing. you saw these poll numbers. donald trump is pulling ahead of hillary clinton. that's something he's not done since announcing his candidacy. what do you think is behind it? >> a few things. if you look at the state polls wyatt this point may be more accurate. he's only narrowly ahead in
10:50 am
republican polls. remember he's essentially locked down his nomination and hillary clinton as you've talked about is in the middle of this very bitter fight on the democratic so, trump got a boost from essentially nailing down the nomination. hillary clinton is going to get her boost, then she's going to go on an air war against donald trump that's going to make the treatment of mitt romney in 2012 look like child's play. so, i think the numbers are going to pull back apart considerably. both candidates will have their convention, they might get a bump from each of those. but i think as the summer goes on and we go into fall, and people are reminded of what donald trump says and what he thinks, i think hillary clinton is going to extend a pretty sizable lead. you know, there are republicans me included who simply won't vote for donald trump. and hillary clinton has an opportunity to persuade them to actually vote for her or simply to take a pass on the presidential race.
10:51 am
there is gary johnson who is the libertarian who is out there, that's the satisfactory choice for some republicans. and the hopes for third or fourth candidate depending how you look at it are not entirely dead, it's possible you might see a mitt romney or somebody else step up to the plate. so, i think the republicans are really at a handicap, not only because of the demographics of a general election, because of donald trump and all of the crazy things he says, but because he's not really going to have that solid republican support that prior nominees have enjoyed. >> okay, from "the washington post", always good to talk to you. loyalty to donald trump, the long term effect on politicians. to do one thing & another. only at&t has the network, people, and partners to help companies be... local & global.
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could have a ripple effect on the party's down ballot candidates. the reports if he loses they are in trouble. but they run from him could face
10:55 am
retribution. professor of history and public affairs at princeton joins me. i got to ask you, this sounds like you're stuck between a rock and a hard place. >> it is. look, on the one hand the fear of being knocked out because of who is at the top of your ticket. but on the other hand you have an understanding that being disloyal to the ticket, to the party, could have a pretty bad effect. not from the elite but from the voters. my guess is many of these candidates are going to end up supporting trump and not separating themselves as much as they want to. >> he picked up endorsement of the national rifle association yesterday speaking at the leadership conference he called hillary clinton the most anti-gun, anti-second amendment candidate. is that going to be effective or will it appeal to his base? >> it will be a very effective message, i mean even though it contradicts his own past, and statements he's made about the ban on assault rifles, he's very
10:56 am
good at delivering a message each if it contradicts his record. i think this will have a great appeal, both with republican voters, some centrist democrat voters are very strong on this issue. finally it gives him more credentials with conservative movement activists who are not trust to worthy who he is. >> trump laid out his slate of potential supreme court picks, they were 11 names. what do you make of the list? how unusual is it for a nominee to put out a list like this? >> it's unusual, i mean this is a long list very specific list of people, some of whom have circulated in the supreme court pick atmosphere before. and wa he's doing, even though it exposes him to criticism, he is telling republican voters end the in fighting, now it's time to line up behind me. and here are examples like with my supreme court nominees of
10:57 am
even if i'm donald trump, even if i'm all over the place, i will deliver on certain conservative items like these kinds of picks. so i think it can be effective and i see what the tactic is, that he is trying to employ. >> all right. we'll have you back again soon. thank you for the conversation. that's it for me of it i'll see you back here tomorrow. next up francis rivera talks to dara torres and whether athletes are nervous or taking it in stride. why do so many businesses rely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business. that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority: you
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