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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 21, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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good to be with you on this saturday. it is 2:00 on the east coast, 11:00 a.m. out west. we're following new developments in the united states, and around the world today. including the latest on the investigation into the egypt air crash. what investigators say they detected on board shortly before the crash. back in the united states
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we're keeping an eye on new mexico where we expect bernie sanders to speak. his chances of winning the democratic nomination continue to diminish, but he and his supporters are vowing to fight on. plus, donald trump, taking a break from the campaign trail today but there are maybe new signs the republican party is rallying behind its presumptive nominee. we begin this hour with new information about the final moments before egyptair flight 804 fell off radar. french authorities saying smoke was detected in a number of locations inside the aircraft. what caused that smoke remains a mystery. kelly cobiella is in paris, she has the latest on the investigation and the new security measures french officials announced in response to the november attacks. what more are you learning there at the airport, i'm sure you can see those changes. >> reporter: well, there have been changes here at the airport, particularly in the
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last few months, and also in the forecast day or so. some looking into everything that happened in the last sort of 24 hours of when that plane was on the ground here, that plane was here for 74 minutes. investigators want to know who came into contact with it, they are checking into maintenance crews, there would be catering crews, cleaning crews. all sorts of people who could have come into contact with the plane in those 74 minutes. that's one avenue of investigation. the other thing that's happening is we're hearing of these new clues which you've been talking about with, frances, these messages sent from the plane in the last few minutes of flight. first there were two alarms that indicated some sort of problem with cockpit windows, then two smoke alarms, one coming from the bathroom close to the cockpit, another from the avionics which are under the
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cockpit. then three more alarms sounding, and then as we know that plane disappeared from radar, crashing down from 37,000 feet into the mediterranean sea. what does it mean? my colleague spoke and he said we need to know more. it could mean one of three things. explosion on board, a fire on board, or some sort of technical fault. but without looking at those black boxes, without seeing the full wreckage, we simply don't know the answers yet. franc frances. >> kelly, thank you. we're also learning more about the victims of flight ms 804, msnbc's amand is in cairo. relatives held a memorial. that's ahead of a more formal memorial on monday there in cairo. >> reporter: that's correct. what we saw today was more of a
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private ceremony that was held at a church for one of the flight attendants on board ms 804. there was after friday prayers yesterday, again, a small intimate gathering by the family at a larmer mosque for one of the co-pilots of the flight. egypt air announced it is going to hold a larger memorial service for all flight crew members and the two pilots on monday evening, that is scheduled to take place in a cairo suburb at one of the mosques there. that is going to at least expected to draw large crowds because they are announcing it publicly. the country no doubt is in mourning. we're also learning some of the profiles of the passengers and including those flight attendants. one of the women we learned her identity, a canadian mother of three works for ibm. she was in france for work, scheduled to come back to egypt with her family. in addition one of the flight attendants had been working with
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egyptair for some time and we understand as well that he will be one of those memorialized on monday at this funeral service scheduled to take place here. all across the country as we're seeing both the national media and private media mourning these individuals, their profiles have been set up, the family members a it the crisis center that we were talking about set up near the airport today egyptair announced they have begun or going to begin, rather, to identify some of the remains that are being recovered at sea to help match them with the families that are here in cairo. we talked about some of the wreckage that has been recovered by the military. things that are personal belongings as the military described including a purse and they are going to have the dna samples collected from all of the material they can retrieve at sea and try the slow and pain staking process of identifying each one of those individuals. the families here are looking for closure, some still holding out for hope. but you can imagine this is a difficult time for them as it is
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for the country at large. >> each more so not knowing what brought this plane down. given that, we reported in the past the anguish many families feel when they are not given information up front from the airlines, from government officials. how are the families there responding? are they satisfied with how they are getting information? >> reporter: well, i'll tell you one story that happened personally to me and this is more anecdotal. not reflective of all of the families. as we were reporting yesterday i was approached by a man who was the nephew of a passenger who was on that flight and he expressed his dissatisfaction. he told me that he wasn't getting any information about the whereabouts of his relatives, about what happened. and where they should go. he was asking me for questions, asking me if i knew more information about what brought this plane down. so you can imagine his frustration, he stayed there for a bit, didn't know where to go in the airport grounds, we had to send him and direct him to
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where that hotel, that is now housing that emergency crisis center, but for the most part, as we were reporting you know, this information about the data burst, the acars information system that was reported back to maintenance, that came out of egypt, so that kind of information is what they want to hear from investigators and officials on the ground and they are not getting it as quickly as they would like to. >> that is the toughest part along with the heartbreak, the many questions they hope to get answered. thank you very much for the update. for more on the investigation i'm joined by terrorism analyst, executive director at the terror project and with me on set christopher dickey, word news editor. appreciate you being with me as we get started, malcolm, we're hearing the information with the data transmission shows smoke detected in the bathroom near the cockpit and other electronics where the smoke was coming from. you consider that and also the shoe bomber, richard reid.
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isis claimed to bring down an airliner with a soda can bomb. is this new information? this is early on but does it provide any more clues whether this plane was brought down deliberately or simply mechanical failure? >> well, it actually gives us a little more confusion. now that we know what happened on the aircraft or at least we can extrapolate that from the information from the acars, the fire system, losing avee onnics over two minutes, it shows that there was a major large scale fire in the aircraft. that could have been done through a maintenance failure, could have been exploding oxygen bottle, even a battery system that caught fire or could have been an explosive device which set off the fuel tanks and trail add line of fire over a period of time. so, from the intelligence perspective it's like ayman
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said, we have wait until the evidence comes in. i'm sure christopher is going to agree. until we can term how that structure fell apart in flight we can't determine whether it's a bomb or a systems failure. >> you are right, chris is here with me on set. has been nodding, agreeing with you. chris, you hear about that and hear talk about terrorism, the plane possibly being brought down deliberately. it's three days, so let's say that that is the case, okay, let's say i know you are reluctant in doing so, but at this point would there be any claim of responsibility at this point, three days later especially given the fact that you have these terror groups but also versus lone wolves, so would that be an indication that maybe these terrorists are looking if it's isis planned or a lone wolf? >> it could be any of the above. could be a terrorist group you probably never heard of, could be isis, could be al qaeda, a lot of people think they are the best bomb makers. could be any but none have
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claimed responsibility yet. it is starting to stretch out. now remember, even bin laden didn't claim responsibility for 9/11 until long after the event. it's not a necessarily a given that they always do it right away. but it is starting to stretch out a bit. >> you were also agreeing with malcolm saying more confusion than anything. you think you get this tidbit of information that there was smoke from these areas but it adds to the confusion. you agree. >> absolutely i do. malcolm and i have been talking about this. we're at the stage in investigation where the more you know the less you can say with clarity. because there are all kinds of conflicting bits of information. you can come up with a theory soon after a crash about what might have happened but now that we know about this fire, we know about the alarms, is it a bomb that went off? is it a bomb that misfired and started a fire? is it something else that started a fire? was it somebody smoking in the bathroom? we don't know. >> i want to say, new images that came out if i can pull those of the debris floating, again they have not specified
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the wreckage as far as the crash site but again, some of the debris. anything you can decipher from that? >> not at this point. they are going to look for explosives. but they haven't found any yet that we know of. >> we're looking at where this plane was before it took off from paris. four countries including to nearby yarks a hot bed of terrorist activity. is there a new set of complications, lack of security in other countries could cause real harm elsewhere? >> well, you know, that's always a possibility. but you really have to look at the places where terrorist groups would have the operational capability of getting that bomb to an airport, getting it onto an aircraft if the speculatively we're talking about a bomb and meting that bomb to hold its explosive load until it entered back in egyptian air space. to tell you honestly, the common denominator of all of this, of the travel, is egypt. egypt airlines, egyptian
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passengers, the flight that exploded as it exited greek air space and entered egyptian air space. so you know, from a terrorist operational perspective, whoever was involved in this, whether you know, if it was in fact terrorist act, it was targeted at egypt, it used egyptian assets and likely originated in egypt. >> can you add to that? >> i think two other stops things might have happened. i think basically the idea that the bomb was put on before it got to paris, is a fairly important and solid idea, if there was a bomb at all. >> that's key, if there was a bomb at all. both of you gentlemen are making your point. as always, thank you for being with me. chris, nice to have you here at home with us for now. thank you. still ahead, usa swimming makes a bold move out of concerns over the zee ka virus. how nervous are athletes ahead of the olympics in brazil? we'll ask dara torres when she
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joins us live later this hour. next a turn to the race for president and a live look at new mexico. bernie sanders is campaigning today. sanders hopes of winning the democratic nomination may be fading but how his colleagues in the senate say he could and should influence the democratic party. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ find fast relief behind the counter allergies with nasal congestion? with claritin-d. [ upbeat music ] strut past that aisle for the allergy relief that starts working in as little as 30 minutes and contains the best oral decongestant. live claritin clear, with claritin-d.
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bernie sanders is set to speak at this campaign rally at an elementary school in new mexico. here is a live look of that event there as it is about to start. new mexico one of six states that votes june 7. joining me from that event is kelly o'donnell. sanders attracting thousands of people to his events. what is the strategy and the focus as looking ahead toward june 7th? >> reporter: certainly for
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bernie sanders this is about keeping his voters enthusiastic and determined to turn out june 7th. knowing that they are hearing about the campaign math that has hillary clinton far ahead. we are in a place where presidential candidates do not often visit. i talked to some of the voters who said they were stunned that bernie sanders would come to vado, new mexico, about less than an hour's drive to the mexico border. also about a 12-hour drive to dallas where bernie sanders would appear in texas. but people here said they haven't had a chance to see him in person. so that's part what if brought them out. we would expect he will talk about a lot of the issues that are important here because of the economy, because of young voters who i talked to interested in his ideas about college affordability. for sanders this is about really using every available moment and the candidate's time is the most
11:18 am
perishable commodity to say stay with him, turn out, we know there is some discord in the democratic party about the fact that bernie sanders has stayed in the race, hillary clinton has acknowledged that she, too, stayed in the race until the end when barack obama defeated her. so she gets that but there are some concerned about bernie sanders' voters and how they might react if hillary clinton is ultimately the nominee, would they turn out. from talking to some of the people here i will say that anecdotally there is concern. this is not a natural hillary clinton sort of group, and so that may be an issue she will continue to face and the party would have to work on to bring unity. but it is a beautiful day but a scorching hot day here in new mexico. and sanders is on site having behind the scenes meetings before he'll address this crowd. there are probably thousands of people that are somewhere on the campus, there are limitations how many get screened and are behind me. but we saw the lines snaking really as far as the horizon as
11:19 am
you wereooking out in the crowd. there's interest here to see him in person and again, especially because this corner of new mexico and new mexico in general not always a usual stopping point on the campaign trail. it's that kind of a primary season. >> we'll see if that translates to vote june 7th. kelly, thank you so much. today former president bill clinton hits the campaign trail in california. that event is set to start in a few minutes. later today hillary clinton will deliver the key note address at the trayvon martin foundations circle of mothers gala in florida. for more on the democratic race, jason johnson, politics editor at the root and evan mcmorris, so to both of you thanks for being here. jason, with you, highly unlikely that hillary clinton will win in a pledged delegates to assure the nomination before the
11:20 am
convention with her current lead. and the sanders campaign arguing it can flip superdelegates at the convention of it how viable is that strategy at this point? >> it's not viable at all. bernie sanders isn't going to flip pancakes, not going to flip superdelegates. it's not going to end up happening. the only way you get someone who committed this far in the campaign to flip to another is if your name is barack obama who convinced everyone by beating hillary clinton in a primary their previous assumptions who would be the strongest candidate were proven wrong. unless he can demonstrate without question that he can beat donald trump no one's flipping. >> we're seeing the lines as reported by kelly o'donnell at the event in new mexico. we're seeing the crowds. though when it comes to the dollar signs we know how strong that was with individual donors before, that's slowed down a little bit. you know you have a campaign raised close to $26 million. the calendar, in april, now you
11:21 am
see what they have $6 million on hand now. so if clinton wins big on june 7, will the lack of funds, is it a money situation that will end it for him? >> i think so. look, it's not just money, it's also enthusiasm. i just spoke to sanders people that i know last week, folks are moving away from the campaign, looking to other jobs, looking at other opportunities. the momentum for bernie sanders, people are feeling the bern, but they are also recognizing the sun coming up, that is named hillary clinton. >> evan, to you here, earlier i don't know if you watched msnbc's joy reed spoke to harry re reid. >> i admire bernie sanders. i appreciate the direction that he's helped push us as democrats. but again, i believe that the people around him need to be more positive about what his
11:22 am
contribution can be and should be. i think that he has the ability to be a tremendously more powerful senator in our caucus. he was no patsy to begin with but he can be something much more than who he was. >> we have heard from senate colleagues who say you know what, it's time for you to bow out. but do you think those colleagues are making the argument that he'd be more likely to move the party out of progressive issues in the senate than continue on? >> well, this is a big talking point now among clinton supporters. they have had bernie sanders in the race for a long time. they are desperate to pivot to a full general election fight against donald trump. so when they look at bernie sanders now and they are still a lot of energy on his side and social media specifically, and his supporters harass establishment democrats, they like to see that stop and they
11:23 am
want to see bernie put a stop to it. now the question is, what he's going to do with this energy. that's the question that is moving forward. and it's not clear yet what he will do. it's not clear if he's going to try to use the energy that he's created on the campaign trail, that surprised everyone including bernie sanders i might add, whether he's going to turn it into something in the senate that tries -- sort of like a thorn in the side of people like harry reid who won't be there at the time but people like that, or, sort of try to help and push things left. i think it's clear that hillary people would prefer he goes with the latter model, more of a kind of like a kindly nudge to the left, when a lot of bernie supporters want him like that thorn in the side, a tea party type. it's really not -- really open debate but clear that the people in the senate are saying to bernie look, we're going to listen to you but we're not going to put up with too much more of this campaign you're running. >> jason, we know that hillary
11:24 am
clinton of course you know when many would say they'd like for her to pivot and focus on the general, bernie sanders is there as we've been talking about. you also have congressman trey gowdy who said there is a benghazi committee, to release this long-awaited report before the conventions. is this something that the campaign, that they are in a position to respond to this? and really when it comes to hillary clinton's supporters at this point, is it going to matter? >> no. this doesn't matter at all. the only people who care about benghazi are the few people who wasted money on that movie that came out a couple months ago. like if you are a republican you think hillary clinton is guilty if you're a democrat you don't care about it one way or another. this has been debunked 100 different ways, there is no story with benghazi. i hit the it's example of republicans desperately trying to knock her off kilter. >> you'll be back with us later on so stay put. thank you to both of you. programming note now.
11:25 am
watch part 2 of joy reed's interview with harry reid where he talks about donald trump. a.m. joy 10:00 tomorrow eastern time here on msnbc. >> the republican race, the picture that may suggest the republican establishment is rallying around donald trump. [engine revving] [engine revving] [phone buzzing] ♪ some things are simply impossible to ignore. the strikingly designed lexus nx turbo and hybrid. the suthat dares to go beyond utility. this is the pursuit of perfection. and free hot breakfast.i but our best amenity is samantha. free wi-fi, free hot breakfast and free smiles.
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11:29 am
donations. in essence to be paying for his own campaign like he's been saying all along that he's self-funding his campaign. the option is still there for him to actually fundraise like for example next week he has a big fund-raiser in california for him to fund raise and pay for the campaign with that money. and that is something that we've been reporting on, ari has come out with a report on that. and the "l.a. times" now has an invitation to that fund-raiser next week in l.a. that says that the first $2700 of the donations that the people who come will make will go toward the primary campaign. reached for comment, the campaign acknowledged or didn't dispute the veracity of this invitation and declined to comment further. only saying that mr. trump's position has not changed. so the campaign is saying that mr. trump will pay his campaign back, that he will in essence self-fund his campaign as he's been saying. the reporting is that the new
11:30 am
fec filing shows that trump has not done that yet. he doesn't have much longer to do that. several more weeks. so he can still do that. so far he hasn't. the campaign insisting that he will pay his campaign back and will essentially self-fund and not get donations for that. >> you mentioned california but also on another front when it comes to the minority block of voting there, hispanics, he also is attempting to make inroads with the hispanic community, also some may agree it is not so much his message but the feedback that his message got that may be even more interesting. >> reporter: right. this is the first time we can remember of trump reaching out publicly to a latino organization, it's a group of more than 1,000 hispanic evangelical leaders who gathered in california annual event they hold and trump pre-taped some video, 2 to 3-minute video for them reaching out talking about unemployment for hispanics and
11:31 am
minorities. we have a clip to show you. >> we're going to stop drugs from pouring into our country, we're going to strengthen our borders, people are going to come into our country but come in through a process, come in legally but we're going to stop the drugs. national hispanic christian, three great words. we're going to take care of you, we're going to work with you, we're going to be very happy, you're going to like president trump. >> you mentioned the reaction after the video ended you could hear laughs in the room. one of the leaders there in that room, one of the hispanic evangelical leaders mentioned in a press conference that he's willing to listen to trump but thinks it would be a miracle for him to turn around and get the support of hispanic voters who lean republican. as you know his unfavorabilities with hispanics are low, he has a lot to prove with voters. it seemed that after that conference, after that pre-taped message, he still has a lot to
11:32 am
prove. >> all right. jacob rascon in new york city, thank you. i want to talk more about that and the republican race, joined by republican strategist, here with me, and also in washington buzzfeed correspondent evan is back. we were chatting with him and we'll pick up with you now. we heard about that, the reports we saw the video, reports of the crowd laughing at that message. and we heard from donald trump himself. is there any point in where donald trump canopy vot his message that could actually resonate with the hispanic community? >> i guess what i'm supposed to say is sure, because trump can do anything, he can change the rules of politics. nothing matters. however, no. there is no way. the amount of distaste, latino electorate shows for donald trump in poll after poll after poll makes it very, very, very
11:33 am
difficult to believe that he's going to do anything to change those numbers at all. this is you know, going back talking about last segment with bernie sanders, bernie sanders has a better chance of flipping enough superdelegates to become the democratic nominee than donald trump does to have a dramatic improvement in numbers with latino voters. this is a levy lift and -- this is not how he is going to win the white house if he wins it is through the latino electorate. >> conventional wisdom you can't win without the latino, hispanic votes. are you in essence saying he can't win? >> well, i would say it's pretty difficult without that expanded electorate we've seen in previous elections. and those numbers that we've seen, but look. there is an idea he can energy parts of the electorate that haven't turned out and solidify their support and peel off some white democrats over to the republican side, sort of rejigger the way we understand
11:34 am
how presidential politics works. but if the pathway to the white house is through latino electorate it is a very difficult pathway for donald trump. >> i want to talk about the nra speech. i got to give you a chance, susan. you have something like that especially that -- this is post taco bowl tweets saying taco bowl, la la la. can he -- give than and he's mocked. >> there is no way he is going to win the hispanic vote. i agree, however, he can start chiseling away at it and try and increase some of his take away, and that will -- could make a dirngs for him. for example, on the economic message. the future economy. that will be very appealing to certain folks. some of his conservative statements, on social issues will again be somewhat appealing. that being said we're talking about a very small part of the population of hispanics, we're not looking at 50% like george w. bush. >> the headlines that come to nra and the endorsement there,
11:35 am
is that stamp of approval. then there is this image i want to show you and talk about it here. picture that was back stage making the rounds with trump meeting with mitch mcconnell at that event in kentucky. so is this right there kind of proof the picture says it all, that when it comes to the gop leaders saying okay, you're our guy and this is our chance so we have to unify around you. you have this we haven't been talking about paul ryan who still hasn't given the endorsement. >> it is a sign, yes, that the republicans are rallying around him. and it's been almost three weeks since the last primary where ted cruz stepped down, so donald trump has been doing these very red meat events, he is doing the nra, that's as red meat as it gets for republicans, going after hillary clinton, the best thing to do to rank republicans is go after hillary clinton. plus the polling that has come out in the last week or so has shown him much more competitive
11:36 am
than any one ever thought. so that is giving everyone a little bit of a sigh of relief that he may not be the drain on the ticket they thought. >> the most recent fox news poll that donald trump beats hillary clinton. 10 point swing from last month the same poll had trump trailing by seven points. the attacks are there of it i'm not going to ask if they are working. should hillary clinton now engage where she said, made it clear i'm not going in the mud with you, donald trump. should she now? >> i think she has engaged. i mean i think you're seeing clinton campaign that earlier in the cycle was very receipt a sent of engaging donald trump directly. i call back during the midst of the height of bernie sanders' power in the primaries, the clinton campaign steering clear of donald trump as much as they can. now every time trump talks they pop a tweet, every time he tweets they pop a tweet. you good ket comments from his campaign. i think they are ebs sighted taking on trump because they believe it's one way to sort of clean up the rest of the
11:37 am
democratic primary and get that out of the way and also i think they can boost up support among democrats who are still kind of -- >> there is also one other thing in that polling is that hillary clinton is taking on fire from the left and the right. whereas donald trump has gotten really the republicans to rally around him. >> very good point. we'll have to end it, we're running out of time. both of you, talking about the dems as well, thank you to both of you. more on the election later this hour. but next, the latest on the egyptair crash investigation, why the debris search has found important as far as the search in figuring out what happened. a, these feet played shortstop in high school, learned the horn from my dad and played gigs from new york to miami. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. nerve damage from diabetes causes diabetic nerve pain.
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11:41 am
it will offer clues what happened in the final moments before the plane disappeared. bill neely joins us with the latest. >> reporter: hello from cairo, the egyptian military released video of debris that their search teams have found in the mediterranean. it really is quite poignant. the video begins with an inflatable boat launched from a larger vehicle. you can see a guy in the front picking something out of the water. then the video shows some of the enough they have been finding. life preservers, clothing, bags, shoes. the terrible remains of so many lives lost. we presume on board that plane. now, the debris find is significant for a number of reasons. first of all, it will help investigators pinpoint where the fuselage could be. the main body of the plane.
11:42 am
there are currents in the mediterranean. sometimes they are quite strong. this debris will have drifted for some miles but it will give investigators some indication of where the main body of the plane might be. secondly, they will look at the items of clothing and so on themselves to see are there distinguishing marks, scorch marks from fire, anything that might indicate smoke because we know from one of the data recorders there was smoke at least in the cockpit of that plane. and thirdly, it will give us an idea how big the debris field is because this is just a first find. if for example, they find more debris 100 miles away it might suggest that the plane in fact broke up in midair, rather than entering the water intact. so this debris find is significant. the search area we understand is 5,000 square miles. and the sea at that point is
11:43 am
10,000 feet deep. up to two miles deep. so really the prospect of quickly finding the fuselage and quickly finding the flight recorders is remote. this mystery will only be solved when those flight recorders are recovered. back to you. >> bill neely for us in cairo. thank you. new concerns about the zika virus ahead of the olympics in rio. next we'll be joined by olympian dara torres to discuss what she is hearing from american athletes she is mentoring ahead of the summer games. allergies.
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11:47 am
disease control announcing that it is now monitoring close to 300 pregnant women who show evidence of a zika virus infection in the united states and surrounding territories. this as the community prepares for the olympic games in rio, brazil, a country the hardest hit by the virus since early 2015. joining me to talk about it is dara torres, winning 12 medals as a member of team usa. what a treat to have you here. appreciate it. >> thanks, frances. >> i want to ask you, president obama saying yesterday that zika in his words is not something we have to panic about. but you are going not only you but you're bringing your 10-year-old daughter with you. any concern at all about that for not just you but your daughter too? >> you know, i actually went to my health care professional and asked him about the zika virus, do i have to worry, he says you know, you getting pregnant soon, no, i'm done. he said you know, you don't have
11:48 am
to worry. it's flu-like symptoms. do i want to get the flu, no. but it's flu-like, lasts about a week, you get a rash and then it's done. so you know, for me personally my daughter i think we're okay. we're going to bring lots of insect repellent. >> i'm sure the excitement will get you through. it comes to potential outbreaks health officials concerned about people traveling to places with high infection rates. you are mentoring first time olympians here, have they expressed concern about it from their end in your time with them? >> well, the head coach for usa swimming just actually changed their training site. back to atlanta. so right before. you know, when we would go to training camps they try to have us go close to where the olympics are or get on the same time zone. so you know, it's a little different but they'd rather be safe than sorry and not have the athletes exposed to the virus
11:49 am
before going in. >> i notice when they did that it shows okay they are trying to really be pro active in doing that. and making sure that that is closer to home before having to go to rio. but has there been guidance from the u.s. olympic committee about how to protect yourself or what precautions that you or the others need to take? >> not yet. i mean the u.s. swim team hasn't been picked yet but i'm sure they will be well versed. there are team doctors for every ngb governing body and the usoc is going to bring team doctors, i think they will be very prepared. sometimes when you go to the olympics, they almost overprepare which for this situation is a good thing. >> there's also the critics who have you know gone out and said the best thing for this and for all of the athletes is to delay the games. or maybe even pull out of the games altogether when it comes to the location. what's your message to those critics? >> well, you know, i don't think
11:50 am
the united states olympic committee would put the athletes at harm's risk. if it was a bad situation, didn't just affect pregnant women, not a lot of pregnant women in the olympic games, one did for the volley ball team. usually you're not pregnant going into an olympic game. if they follow the precautions with having insect repellent. if you want to get pregnant you wait eight weeks, if they follow those they will be okay. >> all right. at least they can concentrate on the games and most importantly bringing back the medals. as you have. dara, thanks for being with us. >> thank you. up next, the impact gun owners could have in november. we spoke to gun owners from different political backgrounds who said they are voting for and who and why after this. he is. people say i'm getting better. no one's ever said that. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. he's just happier when he's playing.
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this week's nra convention
11:54 am
saw jot voters in louisville, kentucky. and voters could help decide the direction of the election. tony covered the convention and he had a chance to sit down with a lively roundtable of politically diverse gun owners and tony joins me in new york. sitting next to me not in the double boxes i'm used to. interesting when you talk about some of the people you spoke with, what were the reactions given donald trump's history of flips and flops. especially gun control and now that they got the endorsement. >> this is the important thing. i was in the gun show section of the nra event when donald trump was speaking. people were checking phones. they didn't want to leave the weapons but they were interested in what he was going to have to say. you can see how important it is by walking the floor of the show. there were weapons there, assault rifles, and keeping them legal, popular semi-automatic rifles. hillary clinton would like the bigger military style guns to be banned, again donald trump would not. but the big question is as you
11:55 am
bring up, can kbn owners, nra members trust donald trump. in 2000 he support add ban on such weapons and as 2012 sent out a tweet that he backed barack obama after the sandy hook speech. so i sat down with a diverse group, gun owners but on both sides of the line. my question, was do you trust donald trump. listen to what they said. >> interesting. >> you believe him? you feel he is one of yours, as gun owners? >> i don't think you can trust him regardless but he is the republican party's last option so you kind of either have to not vote or you know, vote third party or vote against something you totally don't believe in. half a dozen or the other. >> passionate second amendment people don't trust the government period and they believe the second amendment supports our right to take on our government in the event of. not to go hunting, not to protect themselves. >> so you vote for donald trump but have your gun in case. >> just in case.
11:56 am
>> that about sums it up there as you caught that last bit. the man said i'll vote for donald trump reluctantly but keep my guns just in case. >> wow. what are they saying about hillary clinton because we know coming from this is a new name, donald trump, now heartless hillary. so what are they saying about when it comes to -- >> two of the people that sat down are democratic gun owners backing bernie sanders more to the right than hillary clinton but reluck at that particular timely they would support hillary. she will be a protector of the second amendment and do things for increasing the safety of guns. >> fascinating when you get to sit down and have a discussion when it comes to this. >> like we're doing here. >> until monday until you head out. once again, as always thank you. that does fort me. thanks for being with me. see you tomorrow morning 9:00 a.m. eastern. richard lui will be here the next two hours. hope to see you back here tomorrow. allergies distracting you?
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a very good day to you. i'm richard lui in new york. no clear answer to what brought down flight 804. investigators revealing what happened inside the plane's cabin moments before the airbus went down killing all 66 on board. investigators, they continue to scour the mediterranean for black box data recorders, so important which may ultimately solve this mystery. this as we get our first look at the human toll of this tragedy. opening fire, donald trump gains the backing of the nra, and takes aim at hillary clinton during his speech to the association. will that endorsement be enough to persuade skeptical republicans to rally behind the presumptive nominee? standing strong, bernie sanders refuses to bow out, continuing his fight for the democratic nod. railing against the party's process for picking a nominee. this as the former secretary of state works to gain ground in californal


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