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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 22, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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here's what's happening. new polls that affect the shift for the race for president- here's one take. >> we need a campaign, an election coming up which does not have two candidates who are really very, very strongly disliked. i don't want to see the american people voting for thele lesser two evils. >> does the american public want another option? one of the poll numbers about a third party candidate might surprise you. british prime minister david cameron talks about donald trump. is he willing to meet with the presidential nominee before the election? here's the best. let's get right to politics and the new polls. while the washington post abc poll shows donald trump beating hillary clinton 46% to 44%, the nbc "wall street journal" poll shows clinton ahead of trump by
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three points, 46% to43%. both polls within the margin of error. never in the history of the nbc news "wall street journal" poll have the two major party nominees been viewed as poorly as clinton and trump. 54% of voters view clinton negatively, compared to 58% for trump. voters have a better impression of sanders, whose positive rating is 46%. ramping up his attack against debbie wasserman schultz. >> let me also say this. in all due respect to the current chairperson, if elected president she would not be
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reappointed to be chair of the dnc. >> a new reaction from hillary clinton as she shifts into general election mode. here's what she told chuck todd about donald trump's candidacy. >> there's no evidence he has any ideas about making america great as he advertises. he seems to be particularly focused on making himself appear great. and as we go through this campaign, we're going to be demonstrating the hollowness of his rehetoric. >> clinton and trump are off the campaign trail today. sanders and former president clinton are campaigning in california. i want to bring in kristin welker. the latest on the strained relationships between the two democratic candidates here. interesting when you hear bernie sanders talk about it and say the lesser of two evils, referring to hillary clinton and donald trump. >> right. it's one more indication she's not backing down in this primary battle. he said he's in this through the
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convention. his attacks have been pretty sharp against secretary clinton. this is one of the things that's complicating her ability to shift to the general election, to shift her focus to donald trump, although we are seeing her do that, but at the same time she's still fighting this primary battle. i am told that she's going to be really focused on states like new jersey and california. it's going to be important for her to have a strong showing, to finish this in a robust way so she can make the case, hey, i won fair and square. that will help senator sanders make the argument to his supporte supporters, okay, now it's time to support secretary clinton. >> she referred to donald trump and his slogan making america great again. she said it's about donald trump making himself great again. and said the focus of the campaign is to show the
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hollowness of donald trump's campaign. >> that's an interesting word, hollowness. that's a preview of what we request expecan expect to hear from her. that's just going to keep getting more heated. take a listen. >> my campaign is not going to let donald trump try to norm normalinormal ize himself in this period. pnch >> you think the democratic primary is doing nothing but helping donald trump right now? >> i didn't say that. i said he was unqualified to be president. i believe that deeply. i am going to keep focused on donald trump, because i will be the nominee, i will be running against donald trump in the fall. >> so again, the challenge for her right now is how does she divide up her resources, her time and her money and her comments? a lot of them focused on donald trump right now. and her challenges, a third of
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sanders supporters say they're not going to support her. if she does win this nomination, she's going to have to reach out to them and find a way to bring them into the fold. she's going to need senator sanders for that and also president obama. he is going to be pivotal for her. >> katy tur is here. showing the gap really closing in on hillary clinton and donald trump when it comes to those polls. the campaign has had a couple of hours to sift through it. what are they saying? >> by outward appearances this is quite a good poll for the donald trump campaign. it's showing he's within the margin of error for hillary. the national poll -- this is the closest we've seen him come in certainly our polling. what's interesting about it is that it's very striated, though.
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this is good news for them. this is them closing the gap. they're still going to have to find a way to mitigate that female gap, that gender gap. they're calling that a myth right now. they don't believe that actually exists. their goal right now is to take down hillary clinton in any way they can. and by focusing on her character and making voters question who she is, who's interese interest in mind, they believe they can dent the armor that she has and they're going to be able to over take her. this poll is in many ways the first step for them. >> the money required, donald trump will need -- he has said i want to raise a billion dollars
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to be able to fund this. now we have this "new york times" report saying when it comes to gop donors, not ready to get that checkbook just yet. >> that report listed about a dozen high profile, big, reliable republican donors who say they're not going to donate to donald trump for a variety of reasons. they don't trust his character. they don't believe he's fit for office. why would they give money to someone who claims he's worth $10 billion. donald trump is saying that this does not matter to him. and this is how he responded to it this morning on fox. >> now, i am helping the reason party through the -- you know, rga. through a lot of different groups, actually. we're helping the republican party and getting it funded and dealing with rieeince priebus a
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everybody else. >> he's saying he's going to put a tremendous amount of his own money. he has signed the joint funding agreement with the republican party to try and raise funds. they're not saying openly at the moment that he's going to take money from outside donors because his message all along has been that he's self-funding at least for the primary funding. he's having a big fund-raiser in los angeles. unclear at the moment if that money is being raised for his primary campaign, which would be a huge departure for him, or if that's going to be general election funding. >> in our poll on both sides, when you see this, never in the history of that poll has it showed that two candidates on either side being so unpopular. we can bring out those numbers and show between the two of them and -- >> giant unfavorables.
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>> this is the first time we've seen unfavorables this high. a lot of voters are going to be coming out to vote against a candidate as opposed to for a candidate. >> we will continue to watch. both of you, thank you. i want to bring in jer knem peters, a reporter for the "new york times". when it comes to unfavorables, it's kind of like, hey, which of these guys do you like least or like the most? it's a tough one. >> it's an extraordinary and rather depressing development in our politics. if you look at polling that asks people the question are you casting your vote for this candidate or against the oppositi opposition, a majority in both parties now say they are voting to cast a ballot in opposition
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to either donald trump or hillary clinton. that's not very heartening and it certainly speaks to the challenges that hillary clinton has in getting people to vote for her, which has always been one of her bigger liabilities. now, she of course is going to be able to moment vtivate a lot african-americans, a lot of hispanics, a lot of women to vote against donald trump. is it enough? i don't know that we have an answer to that question yet. >> sanders has been accusing debbie wasser man schultz of favoritism. >> i don't think that would be surprising given the tone of the comments coming out of the sanders campaign this week about wasser m e wasserman schultz. this is a real and deep suspicion among sanders supporters that this whole process was fixed from the beginning, scheduling the
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debates on saturday nights so nobody could watch them, for being a prime example of the way they believe the deck was stacked against them. the way the delegates are apportioned, the super delegates role in this process, the debate schedule certainly. but the fact of the matter is bernie sanders is not going to be able to catch hillary clinton even in the delegates minus super delegates. just so insurmountable what he would have to over come. >> interesting what you write saying there's a new resolve in bernie sanders and his campaign as far as staying in this and sticking it out. what would it take for him and his campaign to actually embrace hillary clinton? and we're talking about in the home stretch here. >> bernie wants to be taken seriously. i think that he and a lot of his supporters feel the democratic party has treated them a little bit like a joke. that's why one of the most
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important things that hillary clinton said today in her interview with chuck todd, i will not be pressuring bernie to get out of the race. that's why that is so critical, because she and the leadership of the democratic party need to be careful not to look like they are trying to squeeze him out and disenfranchise his voters. >> also paid attention to what british prime minister david cameron said during an interview this morning. >> you were applauded by many people when you described donald trump's policy or saying that he would not let muslims into america. you described that as stupid. but he may well end up as president of the united states. are you going to take steps to try and build bridges with him and fences? >> i'm a great believer in the special relationship. >> are you going to see him before the election? >> i don't know. >> would you like to? >> american presidential candidates have made a habit of
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coming through europe and through the u.k. and so if that happens, i'll be very happy to. i don't withdraw in any way what i said about the policy of not letting muslims into america. i think that's wrong and divisive as i said. >> cameron went onto say that trump's rhetoric is dangerous. how concerned should the republican party be that the biggest ally here is essentially warning the rest of the world about a trump presidency? >> one of trump's biggest liabilities is whether or not people trust him as a leader. do they believe that he has the seriousness and the depth to be commander in chief and chief diplomat for the country. i think the questions that david cameron raises there are serious ones for donald trump. those arguments against trump are the ones that hillary clinton and her campaign are going to be making the loudest. she is not going to allow him to, quote, unquote, normalize
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himself. this is a guy who has said any number of ridiculous, outrageous and untrue things. do you really think he has the stability to be the leader of the free world? >> we thank you for being with me this morning. jeremy peters, as always, thank you. >> thank you. bernie sanders' comments this morning about the lesser of two evils on the skpcampaign tr. plus poll numbers here about a third party candidate that may surprise you. what a lovely home you have. is this your family? yea, that's my daughter, my son, and that's my... hey, kool-aid man! ...husband. oh yeah!!! [ crashing ] [ electricity crackles ] hey at least you got your homeowners insurance through progressive. by bundling it with your car insurance you saved a ton! yeah. do you want to see the rest of the house? -i can actually see a lot of it. -oh.
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who has the lowest. just go to and get up to 50 free quotes. choose the lowest, and hit purchase. so you can get back to whatever it is you civilians do when you're not thinking about car insurance. now to the latest on the investigation into the crash of egyptair flight 804. the sun will set this hour on the search for more plane debris and the black box recorders.
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french naval officers are expected to arrive and assist in the search. all scenarios involved in this crash are still being considered and refused to put a timetable on the situation. and this audio from an air traffic control site, reportedly a conversation between air traffic controllers and pilots just hours before they lost contact. certainly haunting to hear the contact between them just hours before that crash. >> reporter: yeah. and how calm it is, how normal it is. another of those indications that this just doesn't make
9:19 am
sense right now to investigators. they do have that information with the sensors that went off on the plane. early on, as you know, in the hours after this crash, they were talking about terrorism and as you just heard, while they haven't ruled it out, they were thinking that maybe yesterday when isis released a new video preramadan, it's something they do before that holy month, trying to get people all worked up for jihad, that they might mention this. they might make a claim of responsibility. not only did they not do that, there was no mention as a matter of fact about egypt, about egyptair or international air travel. in the meantime, in that briefing that president had today, there is hope that the submarine making its way to the mediterranean could be important. it has the kind of equipment on it, it has the depth ability that it will help them find the
9:20 am
critical black boxes. the sensors that went off, the smoke indications, the problems with the computers and controls, all of that is sort of in a vacuum. they're going to need additional information to make sense of that. that is going to be critical even as the u.s. navy continues to fly surveillance over the area coming out of their base in sicily. >> what more do we know at this point as far as a more formal memorial in cairo tomorrow to honor those lost in the crash? >> reporter: there's going to be a memorial for the people who were on board who are egyptair employees. there have already been some memorials, some funerals for people who died. and then there continues to be the out reach here in paris. because as you know, there were french citizens here and they have set up a better system for being in touch with them, because there was a lot of upset among the families. they felt they were getting more information from public sources
9:21 am
like television than they were directly from officials. even as those funerals are being planned, the key for many of these families is they want to know what happened, was terror behind this, is that a possibility. and there is just not that answer right now. >> we've seen that time and again in other crashes where families are notified through the media and the confusion in getting that information to them from officials. thank you very much for the update. the reaction today the democratic infighting. how much is sit hurting the par party? is it -- ♪ ♪ (vo) making the most out of every mile.
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don't you work too late now. >> i won't. i'm actually closing up the bar right now. everybody's got to go. that means you too, sir. >> no freakin' way. [ applause ]. >> i'm not going anywhere. i can stay here as long as i want. >> senator sanders, i'm sorry, but the night is over. >> no, no, it's not over. it's not over until i say it's over. >> oh hello, bernie. i didn't see you sitting behind me, so far behind me you can never catch up. >> that is kate mckinnon and larry david reminiscing on saturday night live's 41st season finale. even though the nra has endorsed donald trump, not every member is supporting him. later we talk to a group of nra members who don't necessarily see eye to eye with the billionaire. allergies with nasal congestion?
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i'm francis es rivera here at mc world headquarters in new york. new poll numbers show hillary clinton and donald trump in a dead heat nationally. trump has a five point lead over clinton. trump is also getting a healthy boost among registered republicans, up 14 points since last month. the pair has sparred over a number of issues in the past few days including gun control. this morning clinton went after trump on his tax returns. >> he needs to release his tax returns. the only two we have show that he hasn't paid a penny in taxes. yet he goes around talking about making america great. that means paying for our military, our road, the va. that means a lot of things. if you've got someone running for president who is afraid to expose his tax returns because he pays no federal income tax,
9:30 am
that's a big problem. bernie sanders is eyeing a win in the next bundle of contests including california on june 7th. sanders and clinton are campaigning across the state today. sanders taking shots at dnc chairwoman debbie wasserman schultz. he says if he's elected president, he will terminate her chairmanship of the dnc. this morning he went after the delegate system. >> i understand that it is a very, very uphill fight to go from 46%, where we are today, to 50% in the nine remaining contests. i got that. but the other point -- but we're going to try. i also believe it's incumbent on some of these super delegates to take an objective look at which candidate is stronger. >> joining me now from los angeles is nina turner, a bernie
9:31 am
sanders supporter. i appreciate you being with me. i want to talk about that interview that you did recently. you say that debbie wasserman schultz should apologize. she has been priaising your candidate here. is that enough? >> what happened in nevada was the straw that broke the camel's back. i was in nevada and i think it was the height of irresponsibility for the chairwoman to come out and -- booing does not mean violence. to have the media continually repeat there was violence in that room, it was just too much. there were some things that happened in that room that were patently unfair. they voiced their opinions. certainly they should have not booed senator barbara boxer.
9:32 am
i don't support that. but the fact of the matter remains that booing does not equal violence. that video footage is out all over the social media world that really pieces this together. i think that the chairwoman has an obligation -- and i agree with van jones on this -- to be the referee, to not necessarily put her thumb on the scale one way or the other. >> wouldn't it have been easier to end it with bernie sanders saying that was uncalled for, any kind of violence. again, among the list here of some of the issues that you had taken up with the dnc. >> there was no violence, though. you guys continue to say that. there was no violence. where is the footage of violence? where is the footage of arrests? it's no different than the other day when an lgbt bill did not
9:33 am
pass by one vote and so many shouted out shame. it's like what our brothers and sisters do in great britain in the parliament where they get up and voice their opinions. i saw people who were not just going to sit back and allow the system to be rigged against a candidate that they believe in. that being said, we just -- people are just asking for fairness. >> would the fairness mean a resignation from debbie wasserman schultz? would you like to see her resign? >> that's her decision. i am not saying that. i know that the chairwoman has a hard job. but from the beginning, absolutely from the debate schedule to taking away of senator sanders' data, all of these things is just too much. now it's becoming crystal clear you have folks who support the secretary who are political folks who are elected to office. on one hand they say, oh no,
9:34 am
we're not trying to push senator sanders out of the race. but on the other hand they say, it's very clear who the nominee is going to be. which is it? >> there is concern that the infighting between the party could cause some damage. >> did they feel that way in 2008 when senator clinton stayed in the race against senator barack obama? not at all. senator sanders is running to be president of the united states of america. he is the public servant in this arena. he has made it clear. i don't know how many times he has to say it, that he is in this through the convention. he has millions of people who support him who want to see him stay in this race. he has constantly said that although the path is narrow, it is still a path. this is what democracy is about. you compete. nothing is going to be handed to you. just as it's not going to be handed to senator sanders, it's not going to be handed to the
9:35 am
secretary. >> i want to play you words by the secretary. in her words on thursday, not mincing those words in the slightest. let's take a listen. >> i will be the nominee for my party. that is already done in effect. there is no way that i won't be. >> all right. your take on that? >> i'm glad the secretary already knows. she can already predict that. i think it goes another point that senator sanders has been making, although he has won 46% of the pledge delegates in the race, he has won 21 contests if we include our sisters and brothers overseas. he only has 7% of the super delegates. that says that the super delegates had already made up their mind sight unseen. this is going to be a fight to the congress vengvention.
9:36 am
neither candidate is going to have the requisite pledge delegates necessary. the super delegates are going to have to make a decision. the polling consistently shows that senator sanders is the strongest to compete against mr. trump. >> thank you. >> thank you. today, the nra wraps up its annual four-day conference in kentucky. with the endorsement of donald trump and also hillary clinton speaking -- and the two -- that's kind of the issue of contention between the two of them. >> people think the nra is a giant unbeatable political behemoth. that is only a sliver of the overall gun owning population. within that group of gun owners trump is controversial, the nra is controversial. when i sat down with these gun owners, the thing that really struck me is just how negative
9:37 am
their views were of a potential trump presidency. >> honestly with a trump presidency i'd love to see all the guns off the street, because this man has been peddling nothing but xenophobia and anger. there are attacks on mexicans who look like muslims. >> do you mean that rhetorically? all the guns off the street if donald trump is president? >> obviously it's never going to happen, but i do worry about a man who is ascending to power based on a platform of xenophobia, yeah. >> i don't know what he believes. >> the only thing i have to say about donald trump is more pandering than a bamboo forest. >> more pandering than a bamboo forest. that's the first i over hea've put that way. >> i've also never heard a good
9:38 am
morning, your honor gun owner say i want all the guns off the street. it's going to have hard to have a policy to have access to guns. >> donald trump said teachers should be armed, teachers should have guns. >> this is a really fascinating middle position, the progun owners side and people who want restrictions like hillary clinton. everybody agrees safety is the goal. how do we get there? >> thank you so much for bringing that to us. running neck and neck, a virtual draw between hillary clinton and donald trump. sure, we have free wi-fi
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i think secretary clinton is jumping the gun a little bit here. here is the scenario. we understand that we have about 46% of the pledged delegates. in order to get 50% we're going to have to do very, very, very well in the remaining nine contests. i think we have a shot. >> democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders this morning on the race for his party's nomination. i want to bring in howard dean. to both of you, thank you for joining me. governor, i want to start with you. you heard senator sanders there. he said very, very, very well. i counted three. can he do very, very, very well? and what's the shot at wrestling this nomination from hillary clinton? >> i don't think he's going to win the nomination. i think the math is just too strong. here's the thing that is a little disconcerting. he has been making the argument
9:43 am
that the existence of super delegates is undemocratic. because the super delegates would have the right to over turn the voice of the people. he's now making the case that if he gets fewer pledge delegates than hillary clinton, he should go to the super delegates and over turn the voice of the people. that is not right. when you're a reformer and you start making arguments to your own benefit that are not reform, that is a problem. >> this back and forth with the dnc is only hurting him and ultimately the party all together? >> you know, i've been in dws's position. when president obama was running against hillary clinton and we had a much closer race than we have now, the hillary people thought i was in the tank for obama and the obama people, including obama himself who once called me in the middle of the fracas thought i was in the tank for hillary. that sort of goes with the
9:44 am
territory. everyone gets mad at the dnc chair. that's just the way it is. >> that just shows what a good job you were doing. >> i didn't even vote in my own vermont primary. voting for somebody means -- to vote and not tell people who your choice is is not the same as being neutral. and i really knew i had to be neutral. >> we have to move on. especially when we're talking about a day like today with two polls out today head to head, different outcomes but within the margin of error, the nbc poll puts clinton on top, another poll puts trump on top. is this showing there's no more life left in the stop trump movement? >> absolutely. it's clear that the republican party is getting behind donald trump and that they are more interested in defeats hillary clinton than perhaps nominating someone they would be more in line to. the stop trump movement is
9:45 am
basically gone. i don't think you'll see a third party come up. you may see some interest on the libertarian side though with governor weld and governor johnson. but i would say the republican party, at least the base, is solidly behind donald trump. >> even without paul ryan's endorsement still? >> yes. it's almost moved beyond that. when and if paul ryan endorses, it will be a nonevent because donald trump really has had everyone kind of come on board, especially with the things he's done over the last week or so, including the nra endorsement. >> howard, when you hear those poll numbers here, any cause for concern for hillary clinton knowing that at this point in this race she still has a fight, you know, versus bernie sanders, but also now against donald trump and these numbers to show for it at this point, any concern? >> no. what i would argue is that the reason that trump's numbers have gotten better is the republicans have pulled behind him.
9:46 am
in the abc poll 85% of republicans were now supporting donald trump. democrats are pretty well divided between bernie and hillary. >> there's also the argument that the independents that are there and that bernie sanders as you say that his sport upporterl not necessarily go to hillary clinton but to donald trump. >> there are going to be some that do go to donald trump. that's for sure. you know, there were a lot of people in the new hampshire primary having trouble making up their mind between trump and sanders. populism is very very strong. we now have a populist candidate taking over the party. >> the number to be concerned about there, because that poll did show while there's still splits within the democratic party, over 85% of the democrats would be with hillary clinton even today if she was the party's nominee. the big change is that swing of
9:47 am
independent voters. donald trump made up nine points and that is very, very significant. i guess the good news for hillary clinton is he's still trailing very much peend whbehi it comes to women. >> there are parts of our country that have been left out and left behind for too long. and i am going to ask my husband, who has a great track record in creating jobs, putting people to work, revitalizing communities, to be in an advisory role working with me, working with our cabinet to try to figure out what we can do. >> how do you think that will be received by voters? will they want to see bill clinton in a hillary clinton administration? >> older voters will probably remember those days fondly. but you have to remember the millennials where she is struggling the most only know one side of bill clinton and that's the side that's come out
9:48 am
in this presidential race. i think that's also going to be problematic. on top of that, the most important issue for voters right now is the economy and it seems as if she's almost abdicating part of her responsibility to her husband. >> and howard to you now when it comes to bernie sanders. you said at the top that you don't see any chance of him wrestling that nomination from hillary. he's showing no signs of bowing out. he said americans don't want to see a trump/clinton contest. >> we need a campaign, an election coming up which does not have two candidates who are really very very strongly disliked. i don't want to see the american people voting for the lesser of two evils. >> the implication that both are evil. is that an insulting way to refer to secretary clinton? >> since i've sort of been where bernie is in terms of feeling like things were stolen from me -- i think everybody goes through that when they don't
9:49 am
win, especially in my case where i was the front runner. he on the one hand says that and then he walks it back saying it's not me saying that, it's really the american people. look, he's going to fight to the convention, which is his right. and i think it's probably -- as long as it stays positive, not a bad thing for the country or the party. but eventually i believe he does not want donald trump as president of the united states and i think he is going to do whatever he can to make sure that doesn't happen and one of those things is supporting hillary clinton. he's got to be on his own timetable. this is not an easy thing for him to do. he's run a fantastic campaign. he's contributed a tremendous amount to the dialogue. i'm hopeful that a clinton administration is going to adopt his points of view. this is a hard thing to let go of. >> yeah. we can imagine as we're watching now play out. to both of you, thank you very
9:50 am
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donald trump's vice presidential choice is looming and a decision could be coming soon. the presumpive nomin iive nomin scheduled to meet tomorrow. good to have you with me, especially ahead of this moting. look at the checklist here when it comes to bob corker, yep, chairman of senate foreign relations committee, check. deal maker, check. they're friendly, check. would that make him, though, the best option given the background there with foreign policy and knowing that's what donald trump really needs, is somebody bridging that? >> donald trump has said multiple times he would like a
9:54 am
republican insider, someone with perhaps congressional experience. there's a sense inside of the trump campaign that as an outsider, as a populist -- that's why corker is in the conversation. he's seen as someone who's an ally on foreign policy. he also brings the credibility of being in the senate, someone who's a chairman of a powerful committee. >> are there any other possible vice president candidates that might be emerging now? >> just talking to donald trump associates, people who are not necessarily talking to donald trump every day, you get a sense that there are other people in the senate who have been eyed as possible contenders. jeff sessions of alabama, he's been an ally since really last year for donald trump. he's seen as a populist as well.
9:55 am
john thoon. those are the kinds of names you're going to hear. even some outside names mike mary fallon, the governor of oklahoma. >> i'm sure they're looking at somebody who can really get donald trump key states. who would be the ideal candidate to get him like florida or ohio? >> rick scott, the governor of florida, is a supporter of donald trump. whether trump feels like he needs scott to win florida, that will have to remain to be seen. but the hispanic vote, that's somewhere trump has struggled. another name would be ohio governor john kasich. that's a state republicans probably need to win if they want to win the general election. maybe he can be wooed. >> you have a new report that
9:56 am
shows hillary clinton's campaign rad dwarfing trump's campaign. what do you make out of this? and how does trump play catch up? >> trump's going to be having fund-raisers on the west coast, especially california, in the coming days. in most campaigning this kind of gap on the money front would be debilitating for the republican, especially in terms of paid advertising on the air waves. but the trump campaign believes -- whether it's true or not, we'll have to see -- that trump's ability to get interviews on television, that's worth its weight in gold to them versus just having the money. >> it will be interesting also that the "new york times" is reporting that you've got some major gop players who are used to opening up that big old fat
9:57 am
checkbook in the past. not going to do so with donald trump. we've reported this in the past when it comes to a nicer more traditional candidate, donald trump 2.0. what is this latest rehab going to look like? >> i wouldn't use the word nicer. my sense in talking to trump last week is that he is going to try to explain himself on certain fronts especially when he was seen to be mocking the disabled or woman. >> does he risk a sense of being a flip-flopper as we've seen with a muslim ban. he said he's flexible. he's not stepping back on what he said. but are we going to be seeing a little more of the wishy washiness? >> what's important to watch with trump is he's not necessarily changing his tune on the muslim ban, on the border
9:58 am
wall. he's sticking by them even with the general election. it's just kind of his tone and his issues and statements that he's trying to rework a little bit. >> now maybe the embrace from the gop is getting a little bit tighter, that may come a little bit easier as far as that tone and managing it. new polls show a dead heat in the race for president. what could make the difference come november? david cameron talking about whether he would welcome donald trump.
9:59 am
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