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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 25, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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>> hello! >> you know what, as long as they don't take anything else off -- [ inaudible ]. oh, good, okay. you know, you've got to make split decisions, that's what leadership is all about. we are a big diverse country. okay. where was i? i got to admit, it is a little distracting standing up here looking at him. so i'm going to look over this way and i'm going to look over that way. i'm going to look back here.
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okay. so, as i was saying, we have a big decision in this election, and it does have to do with the economy. look, it is a historic fact our economy does better when we have a democrat in the white house. and, you know, we don't have to go back 100 years, let's just go back 25, when my husband was president we had 23 million new jobs. incomes went up for everybody, not just people at the top. that's what we want again, during those eight years, median family income went up 17%. median african-american family income went up 33%. we were all rising together. we lifted more people out of poverty. we ended up with a balanced budget and a surplus.
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we were on the right track, my friends. what happened? the republicans got the white house back. now, look, they do have -- they do have a point of vview. i know and respect they are consistent. consistently wrong but they are consistent. they believe if you just keep cutting taxes on the wealthiest, it will all trickle down. so they did. they took a machete to the tax system and cut taxes on the wealthy, they took their eyes off the financial markets and the mortgage markets and we know what happened. california was especially hard hit. 9 million americans lost their jobs, 5 million homes were lost. and we could have had a great depression, not just a great recession. anybody who thinks back to how
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scary those times were knows that. i don't think president obama gets the credit he deserves for digging us out of the ditch the republicans dropped us into. so listen carefully, because when donald trump talks about the economy, he is talking about trickle down on steroids. he has put forth an economic plan by a billionaire for billionai billionaires. it is going to hurt a lot of people. he doesn't seem to actually care about making america great so much as he seems to care about making himself look great. here's what i want you to know. because i bet everybody in here knows somebody or knows somebody
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who knows somebody who lost their home, right? i want you to know that donald trump actually rooted for -- >> you are watching hillary clinton at a campaign rally at buena park, california. this rally coming on the heels of a report we got from the inspector general about the use of hillary clinton's e-mail while certificates of state. in that report, we are told hillary clinton violated federal records rule through her use of a private e-mail server, this coming from a state department audit which went on to say at a minimum, secretary clinton should have surrendered all e-mails dealing with department issues before leaving government office. because she did not do so she did not comply with the department's palolicies implem t implemented in accordance with the federal records act. this getting a lot of attention on both sides of the aisle today. we want to dive into this issue.
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kristen welker in buena park covering the clinton campaign. we see in the distance behind you, kristen, national intelligence nbc security reporter covering this coming through the reports and katy tur following the trump campaign. i believe katy is in anaheim, waiting for an event. walk us through here. in some ways, not a ton of new information but important in the wo wording. what stood out to you in this report from the inspector general? >> a number of things, absolutely. the top line conclusion that by not turning over her e-mails when she left office as secretary of the state she violated federal records rules. that's the top stand outconclusion. there are many other things in this report that contradict the way hillary clinton has been talking about this issue for months. for example, the report says no one at the legal office or senior level of technology or
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state department had approved this arrangement. officials said if they had known about it they wouldn't have approved it. it seems only a very small circle of clinton aides understood the extent she was using her personal e-mail for public business. a lower level diplomat to kenya was disciplined in 2012 over his use of private e-mail for personal business he re-signed before discipline errey action could be implemented and concerns raised internally by the state department by lower level officials by secretary clinton's use of private e-mails and those concerns appear to be cast aside. >> interesting. kristen, how is the campaign categorizing this report? >> reporter: first of all, secretary clinton hasn't addressed it at all. instead, she's trying to pivot
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donald trump, his controversial and divisive comments about building a wall he made during the housing crisis, effectively rooting for the housing crisis. we did get an official statement from the campaign. the inspector general documents show just how consistent her e-mail practices were with other secretaries and senior officers at the state department who also used personal e-mails. it goes on to say contrary to the false theories advanced for some time now the report notes her use of personal e-mail was known to officials within the department during her tenure and there is no evidence of any successful breach of the secretary's server. we just spoke to her spokesperson who was here and asked him is this a valid excuse saying effectively other secretaries of state did the same thing. he wouldn't answer any questions, said our statement stands. we will try to get a question to secretary clinton after this event and see if she actually
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answers. the timing of this is damaging for secretary clinton. it comes as she's trying to clench her party's nomination. mathematically she's almost put this race out of reach. she wants to win a state like california as she heads to the convention on solid ground. bernie sanders has not mentioned her e-mails, made an issue of it but donald trump, her likely challenger in the general election has and you can bet he will try to capitalize on this report today. meanwhile, looming over all of this, the fbi investigation not yet been completed. we anticipate she will be interviewed soon as a part of that process. according to one of her top officials here, that has not happened yet. >> i want to pull out one thing you said, i know you will try to get a question in to her. is there a planned press availability after this rally and if so is that still on? >> reporter: very important question, erica. the answer is, no. she is going to greet the crowd
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and we'll try to get a question to her during that process. i am told mow press today, of course we're pushing for one if that changes. >> my money is on you. we are watching on that. we are also watching the state department briefing just getting under way. we are expecting to hear more from the state department. while we wait on that, i want to turn to katy tur, you are there where donald trump is expected to hold a rally within the hour in california. we haven't heard directly unless i missed it, correct me if i am wrong, from donald trump on this. it would not be the first time he seized on the e-mail issue. any sense from the campaign what we can expect in this rally in terms of comments? >> reporter: the campaign never gives us prepared remarks or heads-up what they will talk about. i think it's fair to say donald trump will bring up the e-mail issue. it's been popular for him on the campaign trail and uses it over and over again and uses it as an
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example why hillary clinton is crooked and he believes she will be indicted and tells his crowds she shouldn't be allowed to run for president because of this scandal. i can pretty much tell you without fear of contradictions he will be bringing it up today. we know the campaign is starting to look into whitewater, we know that because of a report out there an campaign spokeswoman accidentally e-mailed a reporter what she thought was a campaign starve to find out everything they know about whitewater. the campaign is trying to throw everything they possibly can at hillary clinton, bringing up past scandals, including bill clinton's infidelity and white water and her history as a politician and lawmaker and this current scandal with the e-mails, not to mention benghazi. >> we'll be waiting to hear about all of that.
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thank you. the inspector general report provides republicans with fresh ammunition. we will go to the state department brief writing that is the subject at this moment. >> she essentially played by her own rules? >> well, brad, i will try to address your questions, but i'm at a bit of a disadvantage. the reason why is that, you know, as often happens in washington, d.c., this report is not due for public release until tomorrow. i know some in the media did receive leaked copies of the report, and so i'm somewhat limited to the extent i can go into it because i don't want to talk about the report's conclusions in great detail until that report's been released publicly. but what we have been saying in general about the report and the process is that that was
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something that secretary kerry asked the dyoj to do, undertake this review. they have made recommendations, we've already complied with many of those recommendations in the report, that you'll see. it does -- the report highlights the challenges that the state department but as well as other federal agencies are facing in trying to insure proper record keeping and accountability for e-mail traffic. >> is there a question now that you've gone through all of that and you gave a background bri briefing, i guess, was unanimous spin, i don -- anonymous spin, i don't see why you can't address something at an open press br f briefing. >> again, you can try your question again, i'm limited. >> you said you would address the question. >> here's the problem, brad.
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we have precedent here, we don't talk about leaked documents. we don't often address them and do this across the board. >> reporter: you did this morning in a conference call. >> we had to address through a background briefing and i take objection to your allegation it's some kind of spin effort, we were simply trying to get out there on background to talk about some of the allegations or some of the findings rather in this report since it was out in public. sure. >> i understand you have some limitation, but i think that there are institutional questions that ought to be addressed. >> okay. >> one of the findings in the report was that the secretary clinton or the oig found no evidence that secretary clinton ever sought approval for her use of a private server. it also quotes the chief information officer, who i
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believe is part of irm, right? and the secretary for diplomatic security as saying that they believe she had an obligation to ask them, and that if they had been asked, they would have declined it. declined to approve it. the report also exclusively states the undersecretary of management discussed the issue with some of the secretary's top staff. the undersecretary of management is directly responsible for the bureau's -- for irm, correct? >> yes. >> reporter: people can't see your nod. >> sorry. >> the undersecretary -- >> the undersecretary for irm and drs, do they not both report to him? >> yes. >> reporter: why didn't the undersecretary of management, who was responsible for the two bureaus that complained that they should have been asked but
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weren't, to approve this, why didn't he raise it. let me try to broadly answer the points you've raised or issues you've raised. first of all, about whether secretary clinton was required to seek approval, you know, we talked about this in the past so i feel i can speak about it on the record now. you know, while not necessarily encoura encouraged, there was no prohibition on using personal e-mail. the only requirement is that -- and regulations do state this, these records need to be preserved and, you know, i would say looking back with 20/20 hindsight, we do now have records management and cybersecurity policies that would make it hard to approve
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this kind of outside system to replace your official e-mail. secretary clinton has said publicly, you know, she didn't -- she would not make the same choice again. she's also said she did not seek specific approval for this system. i am aware that senior state department officials noted in the report , said they wouldn't have approved her exclusive r y reliance on a personal e-mail to conduct official business. you know, i'm not going to challenge those assertions. as i said, she herself has said she would not have done it the same way or made the same choice again but i don't want to relitigate all of that. fra frankly, i'm not sure that the report gets into assigning plame
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on that. >> reporter: one thing here, the report says you state -- >> you've been listening to the state department briefing. one of the things that came out, we were talking about this report about hillary clinton's use of private e-mail and private server as well as other secretaries of state before her and their use of private e-mail, i want to bring in nbc news and intelligence national security reporter, ken, we go back through this and you've been going through the report and mark turner asked a lot of questions he says he can't talk about because the report is not public yet. you've been able to go through this report, one of the questions he was asked, there's this moment in the report there was talk some people had some concerns. walk us through what was actually in the report there, if you could. >> reporter: there's a passage in the report that describes two
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lower level employees of the information technology unit that supports the secretary, going to their boss and saying, hey, we don't think this is kosher. we have concerns about the secretary doing government business over her private e-mail server. according to the report, the boss, who is the director of that unit just said, look, it's not our business and i don't want you to ever discuss this again. that's one of several examples actually where people inside the state department, according to this report, were raising concerns. at one point, other information technology officials proposed that the secretary have two blackberries, one for personal e-mail, one for government e-mail and that was simply rejected by her staff. she clearly wanted to use one device. >> what is this issue here? just take us back for a minute, because we talk a lot about this e-mail issue. we know in the report other secretaries of state have said they used personal e-mail. we heard about it from them. why is the issue at the state department such, ken, a
11:19 am
secretary of state would need, going back through a couple of different administrations to use personal e-mail for certain things versus government e-mail. what is the it situation in general at the state department? >> that's a great question. to be clear, only one other secretary of state according to the report used private e-mail exclusively for day-to-day business and that was colin powell. colin powell actually brought unclassified e-mail to the state department which shows you how backward the state department has been for years in information technology. this is well documented in a series of audit, they're bad at it and cybersecurity. there's a general feeling among state officials if they want to get something done quickly they need to use an outside account. by the time secretary clinton took office these issues were not as pronounced as colin powell. there was a widespread e-mail system established she could have used and she chose not to. >> thank you. we know you've been working
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throughout the day. the inspector general report we heard from our road warriors this does provide fresh ammunition against hillary clinton as candidate, former congressman tom delay represented texas from 1985 to 2006 and joins us now. good to have you with us. >> i want to thank you, erica. >> i'd like to first get your reaction to the report and to what we're hearing. >> well, my reaction is the democrats must be really concerned right now because what people have been saying all along and has been reflected in the polls, and trump calling hillary clinton crooked hillary is coming to bear. this report -- and i haven't read it yet, but what i've seen at least reported is that she's been lying to the american people all along about the server, why she used the server, and this was all much to do
11:21 am
about nothing. that's not the case. it also opens the door for the fbi investigation. you have obama state department putting out a report and that's got to put pressure on the fbi to come forward on their investigation. so this is the democrats have got to be really concerned about this flawed candidate that is running at 60% unfavorables right now. this is no way to get those unfavorables down. >> both candidates have some pretty tough unfavorables to your point, not just clinton but donald trump, the presumptive republican nominee at this point. he has made this a line of attack against hillary clinton for some time. he's also, though, as we talked so much about the need for unity within the republican party, he's been going after fellow republicans. most recently we're seeing this in new mexico, blasting governor martinez. i want to take a quick listen. sorry. i thought we had that sound.
11:22 am
we don't. my apologies on that. you definitely dispute we saw coming out yesterday on the heels of everything that happened in albuquerque, what is the impact of donald trump criticizing a republican governor on this push for unity within the party? how does it impact that? >> well, i'm just -- it impacts every republican especially incumbents running for re-election in this year. they're having to stand up and explain donald trump. this is -- i have no other word for it, this is just stupid politics. why in the world he would go into new mexico when he has to put together a coalition, particularly of republicans and conservatives and blast one of the most popular governors serving in the united states? it just blows my mind. where is he going to get his coalition to help him win?
11:23 am
i guess he's just relying on hillary clinton imploding and him standing there and becoming president, but this just boggles my mind. it's hard for me to explain it. >> you call it stupid politics. you thought that was the best way to describe it. what happens between now and november? because you do need to unite around a candidate, correct? >> yeah. but people like me, you know, thought that this election would be a great opportunity to stop the socialist movement across -- that's trying to destroy this country and standing on the constitution and putting forth conservative principles are having a hard time coming around to support donald trump. he's got to give us a reason to support him, yet every day there's something again that makes me shake my head and say,
11:24 am
why in the world would i support trump? >> if you won't at least at this point support donald trump, what will you do, come november? >> i don't know. i'll wait until i get into that voting booth and make that decision. >> former congressman, tom delay, appreciate you joining us this afternoon. thank you. >> my pleasure, erica, thank you. >> you're watching msnbc. we'll be right back. nothing unleashes power... quite like the human foot. introducing the 255 horsepower lexus is 300 all-wheel-drive. with twenty-five percent more base horsepower.
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so i know how important that is. ♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. talking about the new report on hillary clinton and her e-mails, it turns out there is a bit of a concern for donald trump on e-mails. a top campaign advisor requested information about an old clinton scandal, whitewater. hope hicks replied to ca vut toe but the wrong ca vut toe.
11:28 am
she said to marca vut toe, a "politico" reporter not related to the republican consultant. well, that "politico" reporter joins us now. nice to see you this afternoon. >> hi, nice to see you. >> when you first saw that e-mail in your in box, did you think it was real or a hoax? >> i thought, great, hope hicks responded to me. oh, boy, another person has mistaken me for mike. i thought this is interesting and responded to my colleague, ken vogel who thought it was newsworthy as i did and we got to writing. walk us through that e-mail and what they were looking for and what you learned? >> we didn't learn that much except mike said let's get the talking points up on whitewater. i don't have it committed to memory. part of the trump campaign's pushback on hillary clinton and
11:29 am
gone the bill clinton route alleged scandals depending on what side of the fence you are on and going to the one hillary clinton was at the heart of, which was whitewater. there have been a number of special investigations and committee congressional hearings in whitewater. obviously we will be drudging all that back up in the next few weeks as trump mentions on the campaign trail. you have to stay tuned. >> everything is new again in 2016. there are no rules yet we can look to the past for information. you said oh great, hope hicks is responding to me now. what has the response been from the campaign since this information became public act the fact they were digging for whi whitewater dirt and the e-mail was sent to the wrong caputo? >> so far no response to me. i guess i have to go back to social media that donald trump hasn't weighed in yet. this is a common mistake. if you have the last name caputo, it's an uncommonly
11:30 am
common name, dates back to the roman empire means leader, there were a pair of famous lawyers called the car, aputai, and there are a bunch of us around the united states and once in a while we get con future a-- we get confused and once in a while they send info to the wrong caputo. >> this isn't the first time we learned this particular attack was coming, donald trump laid out his plans he wanted to hit hillary clinton. do you think this gives the hillary clinton campaign enough time to react? >> i think everyone knows what everyone will hit each other with in this campaign. it's all about turnout and beyond the messaging, this comes down to which candidate due like the most or hate the most and which campaign can turn out enough of its base to win the
11:31 am
most pcra state and florida -- florida is this most important swing state. we know in florida hillary clinton has a head start organizing and the trump campaign is busily catching up. it will probably help the campaign if it knew which caputo it was e-mailing. >> we have to leave it there. good news is we know which caputo we're talking to. >> or do you? that's really the question. >> thanks for your time. still to come more breaking news, the state department finds fault with hillary clinton's practices while at the state department. i will have a congresswoman with me and much more and the feud between donald trump and elizabeth warren escalating, the senator taking big swings at the gom nominee last night and-gop nominee and on twitter.
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donald trump wants to build a wall. a great big wall. a huge wall! >> hillary clinton speaking there moments ago about donald trump. the democratic front-runner today is having some headline troubles of her own. she wrapped up the buena vista rally without mentioning the breaking news we've been covering today concerning an independent audit that mentioned her failure to turn over all her
11:36 am
e-mails violated federal rules and her campaign commented how consistent it was with others who all used personal e-mail. the state department gave a briefing where there were bree comments on the audit. take a listen. >> we could have done a better job preserving e-mails and records of secretaries of state and their staff going back several administrations, back before secretary clinton. we recognize that. i will also make the point the fact she turned over 52,000 p e pages of her e-mails, i think oig recognizes that mitigated those past preservation problems. >> we have a congressman from nevada, a clinton support eer n joins us and nice to have you with us. we want to get your reaction. reince priebus tweeting, the stakes are too high to entrust
11:37 am
the white house to someone with as much poor judgment and reckless disregard for the law as hillary clinton. we know this wasn't just about her personal e-mail but that report also mentioned her private e-mail server led to violation of several rules. how does the campaign handle this? >> i think it's unfortunate this continues to be an issue. we'd hike to put it behind us and talk about things people really care about around their kitchen table. she hasn't done anything others haven't done before and likes to be as transparent as possible and said she hasn't done anything wrong and the audit showed that. the state department showed it was not intentional hiding of information. >> it might not have been intentional but that report did find she violated federal records rule, not that nothing happened, you say she has been transparent and she did not address it at the rally in buena park, california. will she address it and do you believe she should address it?
11:38 am
>> the will address it and will address it as showithough it we bureaucratic problem. you heard the statement saying they hadn't done enough through the past several administrations and not just her own. archiving is very different than trying to hide information. >> we have a number of things we want to touch on. i want to move on to what from the outside appears to be a g w growing fracture within the democratic party. there are reports of this division. in the middle of the reports is dnc chair woman debbie wasser n wasserman-schultz and whether or not she should step down because she has become so divisive. which side are you on in the debate? should she stay or go? >> i haven't heard any conversation like that on the house floor, praches in the senate. i think she's done a good job, tried to be fair and evenhanded. you saw recently bernie sanders got votes that will be repres t
11:39 am
representing him in some of the key committees. i don't think there's a real push for her to go. i think again, this is kind of a tempest in a teapot. >> a temp pest in a teapot. there's been a fair amount of acrimony between her and bernie supporters and some may have fueled the ruckus we saw in the democratic convention in nevada. what about everything that happened there? do you believe that in any way played a role? >> well, i think that was certainly unfortunate. i don't condone that kind of behavior. you don't throw chairs at people just because you disagree with them. again, i think we have moved on. they've tried to put that to rest so it doesn't happen again, so it doesn't happen in philadelphia. i believe the important thing is we're going to come together. i see that happening right now. already people talking about concessi concessions. i'm optimistic you won't see that kind of hostility once we
11:40 am
focus on what we need to do, elect a democrat to the white house and not donald trump. >> you say you see people coming together. is debbie wasserman-schultz doing enough to promote unity and help bring people into the process? >> she has a lot of support in the house of representatives, i think she's tried to be fair and made concessions on the rules and platform committee. i think that will start to sink in as tempers start to settle out. >> you mentioned donald trump and mentioned him on the house floor yesterday. i want to listen to that sound and ask you about it on the other side. >> the crash of the housing market devastated my hometown of lfs one of the hardest hit in the country. thousands lost their homes and 71% of homes were under water some by over 50%. we remember how awful it was. we say to mr. trump, keep your short fingers out of the nevada housing market.
11:41 am
>> you were later admonished for quote engaging in personalities toward a presumptive presidential nominee. do you regret your choice of words there? was that a smart way to go after donald trump? >> i don't regret it one bit. i was not the only house member who took him on personally and was so admonished. that was a double en10 dra for an insult somebody else had given him to show he was short circuiting the market, short selling houses. that's not the way to do business when it hurts so many people in my district. for every month five years we had the highest foreclosure rate in the country, not just hou housing, people lost jobs and lost savings. you don't brag about being able to take advantage of that. >> nevada representative, dina titus. thank you for being with us this afternoon. thank you. >> thank you. >> i want to get your reaction on today's microsoft pulse question will the state
11:42 am
department's ig report on clinton's private e-mail sear searcher hurt her election chances? you can log-on any time at libertarian candidate for president, gary johnson for a live interview. as we head to break, hillary clinton on the ellen show. >> don't tell anybody. he wants it to be a big surprise. >> mark cuban or joe biden? >> oh, joe. >> i got to go with tony. >> tony. got to go with tony. >> bernie sanders? >> tony! >> kanye? >> i got to go with tony. >> george clooney. >> oh! l this joystick. no, i'm actually over at the ge booth. we're creating the operating system for industry. it's called predix. it's gonna change the way the world works. ok, i'm telling my brain to tell the drone
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why should americans be comfortable with gary johnson as president in chief? >> i remember him being a throw himself against the wall teddy roosevelt guy, a westerner, real outdoor guy. i think being an outdoor guy he's calm, draws strength from the sky. >> you believe he has temperament? >> that is bill wells talking about the libertarian party, gary johnson. they are expected to be nominated as the libertarian ticket this weekend at orlando. johnson is making a mark on some national polls. a recent fox news polls showing the candidate in double digit support in a hypothetical three-way matchup with donald trump and hillary clinton, the least liked in polling history. nearly half said they would
11:47 am
consider a third party candidate. is gary johnson their guy? joining us libertarian presidential candidate, former governor of new mexico, gary johnson, nice to have you with us, sir. >> erica, thank you for having me on. >> i say when this comes up of a third party, a lot of people looking at it a circuit number of registered voters say they're interested in a third party. oftentimes that third party is not seen always as a real candidate, someone who could potentially win the presidency but more as a spoiler. are you concerned at all your candidacy will end up being a spo spoiler? >> no, erica, i wouldn't be engaged in this now if there weren't the possibility of actually winning, the only way a third candidate has of winning
11:48 am
is to be in the presidential debate. you have to poll at 15% to be in the presidential debates. key for us right now is just being in the polls that determines who's in the debate. if i'm the nominee for the libertarian party and that happens this weekend in orlando, i will be the only third party candidate on the ballot in all 50 states. there is a significance to having my name in these polls. >> as you mentioned you need 15% to be part of the debate for the general election. we just heard from bill welden in an interview there with our own chuck todd. in that same interview he talked about the fact he endorsed john kasich and would not have run had kasich secured the nomination on the libertarian side. he's a fairly recent libertarian convert. are you concerned at all having him as your running mate, that could hurt your chances for the nomination?
11:49 am
>> bill weld has always been a role model to me and always described himself as a republican/libertarian. remember back when he was nominated for ambassador to mexico and jesse helms blocked that nomination because he was pro gay, he was pro woman's right to choose and he was pro medical marijuana. i think bill has a proven record when it comes to being libertarian. with regard to the kasich endorsement, give john kasich credit. he really stepped up and was instrumental in balancing the last federal budget that we've had, that we've actually had a surplus. at the end of the day, bill weld and i both, we're the small government guys, republicans serving in heavily blue states and being physically conservative, socially liberal,
11:50 am
and, hey, with regard to military interventions, let's have a couple of skeptics stand up and perhaps point out these military interventions have had the unintended consequence of making things worse not better? governor gary johnson, appreciate your time. we'll be watching the results from the party convention. thanks. happening now in california, donald trump just moments away from a rally in anaheim. we will keep an eye on that stage for donald trump's arrival. stay with us, we'll be right back.
11:51 am
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let me get you up to speed on breaking news out of downtown seattle experiencing a large p w power outage estimating it could take hours for power to be resto restored. we're told the issue is an equipment failure at a su
11:54 am
substation, the massachusetts lights substation. it could be a couple hours until power is back up. the seattle police department is assisting with traffic control. when traffic lights go out, that can be a major issue as well about noon in seattle. we'll keep an eye on that throughout the day and bring you any updates. senator elizabeth warren has made a sport going after donald trump. her remarks are not limited to social media, she has been unleashi ining trump attacks fo being tough on wall street. >> donald trump is worried about helping poor little wall street. let me find the world's smallest violin to play a sad sad song. >> trump hitting back in albuquerque, once again mocking warren's native-american heritage. >> hillary clinton has somebody -- did you ever hear
11:55 am
pocohantas? huh? it's po kca han tas -- pocahonts elizabeth warren probably the senator doing just about the least in the united states senate. she's a total failure. she said she was an indian, she said because her cheekbones were high. >> joining me now, msnbc senior editor, beth. always good to see you, you and i talked about elizabeth warren's role as unofficial attack dog. why is she so effective? >> she's probably the most loved next to bill clinton. and if hillary clinton is to be the nominee we expect she will, elizabeth warren talks to the people who support bernie sanders.
11:56 am
and these are attacks her campaign would like to elizabeth warren opposed to going after trump the man. there's elizabeth warren calling him saying he's a small man, a money grubber. hillary clinton would never use those words. for them to come from elizabeth warren who's so popular and respected in the democratic party carries a lot of weight. >> how much coordination do you think there is behind the scenes between clinton and elizabeth warren, is there any? >> not yet. >> hillary clinton has not received elizabeth warren's endorsement? the only woman who has not. elizabeth warren has decided to stay out, and independent actress and decided to go after donald trump and issues elizabeth warren championed, inequ inequality, wall street, the banks. trump learnsaid in 2006 he hopel street would fail so he could
11:57 am
get in there as a businessman and invest. that plays into elizabeth warren's wheelhouse and she has a good excuse to get in on those issues. >> msnbc, beth fouhy. you're watching msnbc. i accept i'm not 22 i accept i do a shorter set these days. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but i won't play anything less than my best. so if there's something better than warfarin, i'm going for it. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin,
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afternoon, everyone, i'm kate snow. donald's rally in new mexico started as a peace protest that is called a riot. protesters got violent as protesters battled with law enforcement and inside not exactly a picture of tranquility. trump's speech was interrupted several times and the crowds cheered him as they mocked the prote protesters. and several republicans who did not endorse trump and did


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