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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 27, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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elizabeth warren. >> who? >> oh, i am sorry about that, what did you just say? >> three is as crowd. the clinton campaign hopes the sanders debate never happen. >> you saw the show last night and you saw what i did for you? >> you made it possible for us to have a very interesting debate. >> about two guys who look at the world very, very different. >> oh boy. do you guys look at it differently. [ laughter ] >> oh, i love to debate, bernie, he's a dream and we can have a lot of fun with it. >> i love to debate. the problem with debating bernie is he's going to lose. painful legacy, president obama calling for a world without nuclear weapon while
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visiting the site of the world's first atomic attack. those who died and its after math. >> their souls speak to us. they ask us to look inward, of who we are and what we may become. >> good everyone, i am andrea mitchell, in washington. a rough week forefront runner clinton. as bernie sanders tried to steal the light with the possible debate stage with donald trump. clinton is trying to turn the page from her e-mail controversy. >> this report makes clear that personal e-mail use was the practice for other secretaries of state. this report says that you "had
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an obligation" using your personal e-mail and you did not. was it an error of judgment? >> well, it was allowed and the rules have been clarified since i left about the practice. >> now, joining me now is kristin welker in california covering the clinton campaign. >> kristin first to you, another day and she's trying to rally voters behind her as she faces increasingly a close race with bernie sanders. >> that's right, andrea, she added an event here in oakland today because the race is tight. she wants to win california and she wants to head in the convention on solid ground and to do that, she has to win here not so much necessarily for the math but for the momentum. it comes after this tough week that she had that you just
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mapped out of ig report that found that she did break some rules by using a private e-mail server. she was in full damage control mode yesterday. she spoke to reporters which you displayed and called in various shows including chuck todd to defend herself and using her private e-mail server saying she didn't think anything wrong was it because her predecessor, colin powell, had done it. she did acknowledge this was a mistake. her focus is going to be turning the page to do that. she tried to use the fact that he clinched the nomination as a way to rally democratic voter and turned up the rhetoric. you need to be afraid of donald trump. he cannot get anywhere of tl white house. those are her words. i anticipate you will hear something today.
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again, clinch this win he in california is critical to her. andrea. >> it is not clear that she's going to get a win there, indeed putting up and trying to rally voters and even as donald trump makes a play for california and also has two rallies there today. >> yes, he does. >> he has this whole dance with bernie sanders. trump reportedly does not want to do this? there is no downside for him or sanders. >> just by talking about it, he elevated this topic and as a result, his opponent is coming up this fall is clinton. there is no downside for him right now. there is t california, more broadly, this is one of the 15 states of the campaign says it is now focused on 15 states and california recognize and 2012 mit romney lost by 21 point in that state. this is been a blue state for a
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long time. perhaps, he's throwing out there as it is apart of his line for a while. more broadly as he talks about this, the questions was said by the campaign and staffers and the associated press a couple of weeks ago, we are now sending teams on the ground to different states. we have been speaking to trump's sources as well. that piece was gymed up to make it seem like we are doing something like we are not right now. this campaign is ahead of schedule they thought they would clinch on june 7th. there is a lot of ground to make up in terms of the ground gained. you cannot just rely on the rnc to do all the lifting for you. >> you can pretend to campaign if you will and even though he had clinched it and showing incredible strength. >> thank you peter and my colleague, kristin welker. hillary clinton is taking another crack explaining the ongoing e-mail for chuck todd, calling in. >> everything of the ig report
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says about your practices is fact? >> well, chuck, the record makes clear that personal e-mail use was a practice under other secretaries of states, the rules were not clarified after i had left. i said it many time, it was still a mistake if i can go back, i would do it differently. >> what were you worried about? acceptable by who? >> well, nobody wants their personal e-mails made public. that is i think is very common. it is not a unanimous feeling among people. >> the host of "meet the press." that's such an interesting interview and the fact that you did it and after ducking it for several days, she met with one
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pool reporter and calling into you. >> it was interesting, a few months back on the first time i talked to some clinton folks about -- boy, trump is so comfortable doing all these interviews and television and you guys are going to be ready to do this. we are preparing her that she has to do more of this stuff and get out of her comfort soezone little bit. especially yesterday, he had the big press conference reaffirming status that everybody knew was true. he sort of got another bite of the apple and they thought, you know, we got to figure out how to respond to him and don't do a press conference, that's over responding. i think they're trying to see how to do it. of course, the question i have
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is and she ripped off the band aid on e-mail, she did not have a good answer on this e-mail stuff. the basic e-mail there as long as it is personal and not assessable, what does it mean? >> it means convenience is not a good answer. >> convenience was not a good answer. since march and more than a year before she even announced she's running, she's been on defense because of this e-mail mess and has not been able to be nimble as they otherwise have liked. >> i come back and completely convinced. if she said, i did it because i was trying to make it harder for congress to do what they're always coming. now, sounding political, you know what, that was wrong of me -- but admitting that was the reason that it was making it harder for to create an investigation. she could have spun it and say because they'll come after me -- >> it is nonsense.
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>> by trying to come up with other reasons. what was the most logical reason to do this? >> that's convenience. it is not a convenient thing to have a server at your house. it is outside the reach of the federal record law. you cannot look at it any other way. that's the only logical reason to do it. >> and freedom of information request. >> with be date that i am betting is not going to happen. the bernie/trump debate. >> we'll see, i want jimmy kimmel to moderate it though. >> he has to be the moderator, period. >> kimmel puts it out there, bernie says, yeah, put me on the stage and pretend that i am the nominee. >> trump said, great, lets burn up bernie because that tears downhill r down hillary.
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but, they're trying to make her look like she cancelled the debate. >> strategically, i don't understand why trump is not even going on it. >> bring it on. >> it is win-win for him and potentially a good thing for sanders but i think it could be, you know, -- but, it is a total loser for hillary clinton. i think the pressure that could come on sanders is this thing actually got close to coming to perition. talking about switching dieside marco rubio tweeted this morning about why he is going to be behind donald trump, the man who eviscerated in the counter attack and trump calling for marco rubio to change his miend
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and run for reelection and they're saving -- >> do you think it is a coincidence? >> he's saying some nice things about trump and a couple hours ago trump tweeted about the senate race. >> total coincidence, i am sure. >> it does feel like there is an orchestrated draft going on that somebody, senate or the republicans. >> it is your home state. >> senate republicans are realizing they got this giant feel of republicans and nobody has popped up. it is a total jumbo mess and they're going to be totally reliant on trump and trump alone. they don't want to be in that position and they look at this jumbo mess of republican candidates and they think boy, none of them stand out and none of them can out perform trump if
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trump loses florida. if you are marco rubio -- why he decided to unlock the door, the door is shut but it is unlocked, it is beyond me. it may feel good right now. all those stories of how distant he was in the senate and the only reason he ran for the first place is to run for the senate. all those stories are devastate ing in the fall. what's worse for marco rubio is changing his mind. >> what if he will lose in the primary? >> i don't think those guys will get out. rubio will win of the primary, that, i am convinced of. i don't think he can win the general, he got a lot of baggage to deal and no, no, i look forward to being a senator after he hated being in the senate. i think that like i said, i think it feels good in the
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moment. i understand why republicans are panicking of the state of the fl floor and a senate race, if you are marco rubio, it is a mistake to do this. >> and the state of the senate. >> it is regardless of florida. >> rubio improves republican chances a little bit but it is not enough. >> chuck todd. >> all right. >> great to see you. >> tune in at 5:00 eastern and for "meet the press." >> we have a little program note that's on different time. >> it is a formula one and we'll air right after the race. arnold schwarzenegger and bernie sanders. >> a live report from one of the nation's busiest hubs next. right here on "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc.
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aaa is projecting more than 30 million americans are hitting the road this weekend. the biggest concerns are the airports after throwing more security resources at check points and tsa. peek waiting times will be less than 30 minutes. >> the goal is have all the check points opened and fully staffed and move you efficiently through the system. if we can do that then i think people are comfortable. if they know they are moving as they move through. >> and what a difference two weeks make. on may 16th, there were three hour lines with thousands of people missing their flights. today, where as you can see, security lines are nearly empty.
9:18 am
take a look at that and moving quickly. and joining me now is nbc's blake mccoy from chicago, o' hare. what made the difference? >> reporter: well, good day to you andrea. there is been a lot of extra people that we have seen out here. they approved more overtime to keep these check points opened and they tripled the number of dogs here from o' hare from four to twelve which we get these lines moving faster. you can see holiday travelers coming up. this is the fourth busiest travel days of the year and this is the line. it is about a ten minute line and it is the longest that's been all day. things are operating very smoothly here at chicago, o' hare airport. when things were bad a new weeks ago, mark kerr, said in things the did not improve tsa members should resign.
9:19 am
if things are staying like this, i think they are safe. >> dallas was clear and san francisco, great tsa officers there. thanks to them and it all seem to be moving smoothly. thank you, blake mccoy in o' hare, lets hope it continues. a few section in the country is bracing for another tornado. hail and storms. the stretch if shreveport to louisiana. in texas historic rainfalls forcing evacuations. two people have died and one person is still missing after being swept away in those rising waters. we'll be right back.
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we are just two months away from the summer games in rio. today a new report detailing another doping scandal. this time is the 2012 london summer games. retesting found two dozen positive samples among athletes from six separate countries. those individuals were not identified by names. nbc's correspondence is joining me right now, if i am correct, this was by the doping scandal and going back at least five years. >> yes, andrea, that's exactly right. following those in the beijing games, they tested 31 samples where athletes tested positive for doping. those names here in london have not been released. they are only testing of the a sample. the athletes being identified is
9:24 am
their a sample where they are accused of doping those results will then be tested with b sample. if it is confirmed, they could be stripped of their medals and banned from competing in rio. the ioc has said what this is all about is keeping the rio games cleaned. all of these athletes are expected to compete. we could hear some big names coming out of this report. >> when you say they could be stripped from their medals. could it mean other people perhaps won silver or bronze winning a gold. >> absolutely. anyone winning a silver or bronze would move up. we spoke to american athletes who finished behind russian athlete who are accused of doping that could get silver and gold medals. they tell us, you know, it is a bit late to get that medal. although they are happy that they would get it. you know they were not able to
9:25 am
take the podium and that moment and hear the national anthem but there are some indications for those athletes, andrea. >> we don't know if there is any americans involved in the latest round of failed tests. >> sorry, i lost you. >> no, i am sorry, we don't know if there were any americans involved in these newly failed test results. >> no, we don't know any of americans involved and as a matter of fact, we don't know all of the countries involved. they have named six different countries in the latest round. they have not identified the specific countries yet. it is under their regulations and rules, they won't name anyone which will they have a double confirmation. miguel almaguer, thank you. >> you are watching "andrea
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president obama made an historic trip to hiroshima, japan today where he called a world without nuclear weapons. >> on a bright cloudous morning, the world was changed, we have a shared responsibility to look directly in their eyes of history and ask what we must do differently to curve those sufferings again. >> president obama is the first president that visited that city. seven decades as the u.s. dropped its bombs. he joined shinzo abe remembering the hundreds of thousands who
9:30 am
died over radiations after the blast. he did not apologize for second guess president truman's decision to use the atomic weapons that ended world war ii. msnbc's brian william taking a look at this moment, the moment that ushered in the nuclear array. >> president truman tour the ruins of berlin. that very day in the new mexico desert, the atomic age began. this success full test of the first atomic bomb gave the president a powerful new weapon in the war against japan. truman was in berlin for a summit with great britain and the soviet union, it was here that the president got the news of the successful test and where he reviewed the final list of proposed targets before giving
9:31 am
the go ahead to drop the atomic bomb. truman saw the bomb to an alternative and massive for the japan which was planned for that fall. the determination of the japanese to keep fighting could have meant extremely heavy casualty on both sides. japan was given an ultimatum. tru truman headed home. the bomber took off carrying a single bomb which dropped over the city of hiroshima at 8:15 in the morning on august 6, 1945. >> it is an atomic bomb. more than 80,000 people were killed and tens of thousands
9:32 am
were horribly burned and poisoned with radiation. the president warned japan, surrender or face what he calls a reign of ruins. there was no reply. so another atomic bomb was dropped on japan. this time more than 40,000 people died there and finally japan gave up. >> satisfied the unconditional of tjapan. the war was over. a decision he stood by for the rest of his life. i made that decision in the conviction that saves hundreds of thousands of lives, japanese as well as americans. >> dropping of a bomb was the only sensible thing to do. it was the only thing to do.
9:33 am
>> truman lived to see other nations developed atomic weapons. he saw the birth of the hydrogen bomb and far more powerful than the bomb dropped in japan. >> he watched during the cuban nuclear crisis. what did not happen again in truman's lifetime or in all the years since is another use of atomic weapons by anyone. the city of hiroshima devastated years ago is thriving today. so, is nakasaki. the planes that bombed the city is now museum pieces. while the cold war is history, it is replaced by fears of nuclear robe states and terrorism. a simple monument marks the spot where the atomic age began. harry truman, he lived to the age of 88 and went to his graves
9:34 am
certain that he had done the right thing. >> that bod caused the japanese to surrender and stop the war. i don't care what cry babies saying that boecause they did nt have to make the decision. >> joining me now is msnbc's brian williams. brian, it is an extraordinary piece, thank you for sharing that with us. to you first, the significance of harry truman's decision as a leadership thinking back and comparing it to this current campaign and a lot of lessons of history, it really hits home. >> a couple of points here, that was compiled by our friends superb producer who had add photo graphic memory of our archives. number two, two things people forget, harry truman, becomes
9:35 am
the fdr's president. he's not told that this project is under way until the death of fdr, children of 12 or 13 thought we had one president for life in this country. he had been in office for so long. not only this is a titanic struggle for control of the world, atomic bombs was proceeded months of fire bombings by the american japanese city. the death toll estimates begin at 300,000 and a million beyond. cities like osaka and tokyo. that was a month of warfare in the air. >> michael, picking up of what brian was saying. the decision that harry made, we talked about presidential nominees are going to be briefed after they are nominated.
9:36 am
the fact that this secret is not known by the president of the united states is extraordinary. i agree with brian and now i will shut up. yeah, that's exactly right. because truman came in and had no idea that there was this weapon that was going to be soon available to end this war, she was told quickly. but, what was more important than that was roosevelt, you know, not only tell him about the bomb but didn't tell him, you know, how to use it and when it might be used and what the strategies should be for. truman had to spend nights or weeks reading the documents and rooseve roosevelt's letters trying to figure poout trying to figure o what the great men might have done. >> you have to think in the md denver age, vice president's choices are made in partnership post gore and clinton and biden
9:37 am
that this is a real partnership. we don't know what's going to happen and we are now in that period, that window where these decisions are being vetted in may. >> this is a well time, reminder that the business of vice president can get awfully serious and quickly. we have american troops over seas now. we are coming out of two wars, this seems like a gentle time in our history. we are defended by liberal alliance and like earl warren, as he said, "you have to understand the time." you had to understand what it felt like back then. >> and michael, right now today we saw the president and i really felt in his speech an inflection of regret.
9:38 am
the first summit he hosted was a nuclear summit in washington dc. >> right, i remember. >> the most recent one of a couple of months ago was a failure because vladimir putin and tafter the cold war was the soviet union was not president and boycott because of other tensions, tensions over ukraine. >> that speech he gave this morning was right eloquent, reminded me of the speech with john kennedy of so close to where we are now. that was given with the same motive which was that was a time talking about a treaty had been installed and kenny thought it may move the soviet off the dime. and for the first time the president acknowledged the members of people that died and brought victory. that had an enormous impact.
9:39 am
all across the country had a big effect. >> brian, a word to two men that you knew very well, the fact that they had this nuclear thread initiatives that they control to a bipartisan act of congress and control the spread of nuclear materials, not state actors and materials in the age of terror, all these decades after the end of the cold war is remarkable. i don't think they get enough credit for it. >> it is and that's still the threat that people worry about that this material will fall into the wrong hands. if people have found the u.s. to be preachy in the years of the use of weapons because we are the only nation to have used them in anger. sometimes i am amazed that the world has been without these weapons all the years since. it is a point of, a great pride
9:40 am
by the people who have seen to it. >> well, and our pride in you for helping us understanding the context better to you and michael. thank you and andy franklin our superb producer. we'll have more ahead right here on "andrea mitchell reports," we'll be right back. ♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
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that contains the #1 prescribed, clinically proven ingredient. nothing is more effective at relieving your sneezing, runny nose and nasal congestion. return to the world with new clarispray. it was asked of me. i did not know anything of the vince foster situation and have not known anything about it and somebody asked me the question the other day, i said that a lot of people is skeptical to what happened and how he died. i know nothing about it. i don't think it is something that frankly real of the evidence to contrary of what i have seen to come up. i don't think it is something that should be part of the campaign. again, if you people reveal something to me, i will answer it in an appropriate way. >> donald trump says he knows
9:44 am
nothing of the vince foster story. that did not stop him from saying the death of the former clinton aid by suicide was fi fishy. now new york cifor the first ti hearing from vince foster easter. joining me now, washington post deputy editorial and michael gerson. first, to you, you and i were covering the white house and tell me about the decision by his sister, vince foster east's foster's sister to write this column. >> there is a difference between donald trump going after barack obama not being born in the united states, barack obama is not around to defend himself and vince foster is not defending
9:45 am
himself. so, i know sheila anti any baho in day and my e-mail to her asking her to write something to break the esilence. she was so upset and she said she would. >> vince foster was my brother and donald trump should be ashamed. >> indeed, vince foster had lived with her bin guyeginning clinton investigation. he talked about how he was suffering from depression and asked for the name of the psychiatrist which were in his pocket before he died and she talked about the after math for her elderly mother and her siblings to be hearing that. it is one thing for a kind of
9:46 am
irresponsible right wing press to bring things up. now, one of the central nominee of the republican party suggesting there is something fishy. that's for the first time to speak out. i thought it was powerful and brave. >> make caichael, you were in t george bush's house. you wrote a column in the washington post talking about the conspiracy theory not just this but others that trump had spoken about. this is not flirting the fringes. this is the company he keeps, this is the company you now keep. >> this is really part of the pattern here. i wrote a column on conspiracy and trump. the day he came out with the vince foster thing, i did not have time to include it. he just confirms it.
9:47 am
you look at the accusation of muslims in 9/11, that's profoundly damaged. y that's dangerous to public health in practical ways. this is part of a pattern, he raised and entertain the possibility that scalia is murdered in the after math of his death. what does that do to the family. this is a long-term pattern of conspiritorl. >> donald trump says he's going to be more presidential and that's the fact that is checking facts before you speak. >> he does say he's going to become more presidential but he's been saying that for a while. he flicked at it and he was much more low key at the last debate
9:48 am
that was held. he will occasionally will call his one time opponent as little marco. to michael's point, this is fundamentally who the guy is. we have seen him given quotes that says "why would i change anything, i won." >> he beat john kasich and ted cruz and chris christie being very much himself. of all the talk of paul manafort of his campaign manager, well, he got to moderate it. non if that's necessarily true. i believe he thinks this is what people want and he will continue to give it to them. >> i am going to be presidential and for self mocking, it will be so boring and i will have hundreds of people here to a crowd of thousands and thousands. >> he also said, i had to
9:49 am
respond. he's always cagy and sleazily to be blunt about it. he may be able to moderate on conspiracy theories. >> he's a counter puncher and when you say something bad about him. he must and he's obligated as a character matter to fight back. >> it matter to the republicans who are endorsing him. people maybe like the speaker of the house. >> the assumption that it always been some sort of a mask that he wears. what if it is not a mask or what if it is just his face. republicans will have to live with that in a way that's very damaging to themselves and the party. >> it depends on whether they think this is the winning ticket and therefore they're going along for the ride.
9:50 am
what about the pocahontas? >> i mean there is no question elizabeth warren had become the attack dog against donald trump. responding in that fashion. >> and the way he brings it up and he always does this, oh, pocahontas and then he says well, is it offensive? well, i don't know, maybe it is. >> who asked about it? >> it is absolutely ludicrous and this day in age, we are recognizing the high cheekbones and, pocahontas is quitely unknown. it was quite offensive today and there is other american young girls sitting here, what's that signaling to them? >> again, that came in the same press conference in which he
9:51 am
said, oh, i feel that now is the time i would be more presidential. it is about celebrating his delegates. there is no trump 2.0, i don't think. if it did exist, his success in the primary is trump's original recipe. means that you won't get trump's 2.0 because he's convinced that what he did for the primary did work. >> we'll have to leave it there. thanks to you and coming up as we head into memorial day wee d weekend. we'll take a moment to remember what it is all about. we'll be right back. with available virtual cockpit. ♪ policewom
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. before we go on this memorial day weekend, we want to take a moment to recognize the men and women who sacrificed for
9:55 am
all of us. today in indianapolis more than a thousand mid shipment and women moving to the next phase of their career. seco secretary of defense ash carter told the class of 2016 and embodies the values of this great country. >> yours is a noble profession because each of you, providing that oxygen, the security allows millions on millions of people, not just in america but in so much in the world to be safe and raise their children and dream their dreams and live lives that are full. >> earlier this week, this image of west point grad second lieutenant alex hadraji went
9:56 am
viral. he went to train for pilot. the third infantry has completed the flag tradition as they head over 60 years, one flag placed in a meticulous position at the grave of every fallen hero. >> it is my first time doing it and i am taking my time that i am doing it right. i am satisfied with it and hopefully in my satisfaction will be honorable for them. john kerry and mccain and medal honor recipient wrote in a new york times this week "there is a principle that applies to all that wears the uniforms, they deserve our deepest respect and gratitude where ever and when ever they serve." have a great and safe memorial
9:57 am
day weekend. ♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
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a good friday to you everyone, i am craig melvin, we start this afternoon in california where we expect to see donald trump in any minute now. he's holding a rally in fresno. but, what was supposed to be a vict victory lapse for the presumptive nominee, out lash and protesters. trump looking for an election strategy. >> it is a very tough pass to get to the presidency. i want to focus on 15 suspects. >> we'll take a look at that strategy and the presumptive nominee seems to be changing his tune a bit today about marco rubio. he took to twitter


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