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  MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 27, 2016 10:37am-10:47am PDT

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we are waiting in donald trump here in fresno, california of a rally any minute now. protesters have been outside that rally for hours. we are watching it closely. we'll bring it to you as it happens. >> marco rubio, we maybe see a different marco rubio moving forward than we saw in the primaries. now that donald trump has clinched the party nomination. rubio is sending signals that he wants to help. >> my sense is i am going to go to the convention. >> you are? >> i don't know if i will have a role in the convention but i have a lot of people that are going there and supporters. >> if donald trump asks you to speak in his behalf, you would do so? >> i want to be helpful and i don't want to be harmful because
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i don't want clinton to be president. >> donald trump quickly responding to him and says he has no plans to do that. >> donald trump has taken the stage here. lets listen in. >> twelve years ago and did you remember the problem? i think it was running horse. i was going to take it over to a beautiful job. fortunately, i did not do it because there is no water anymore because they sent autothe water out. i would have worked it out. it was interesting. some of the radio guys and one in particular, one of you were here. he was so great, where is that guy? where is he? he was so great to me -- he was so good that i would send the
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project. that would be terrible. we had great support and great community support and a couple of politicians who are against it and who didn't like me who said i was not a nice person, that thing was hitting there. you know, you don't want to go wild because i do that a lot. you go in and they want you to love you and everything else. i didn't do it and i made a fortune by not doing it. good, i made everyone. some of the best deals are the deals that you don't do. you understand that. we'll solve you a water problem. you have a water problem that's so insane and ridiculous where they take in the water shoving it out to sea. [ cheers ] i just met with a lot of farmers who are great people and they say we don't understand it. nobody understands it, i have heard this from other friends of mine in california, they are farms up here. they don't get water.
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i said oh, that's too bad so there is a drought, no, we have plenty of water. well, what's wrong? i said why? and nobody knows why. they're trying to protect a certain kind of three-inch fish but -- >> [ crowd boos ] >> by the way, they adopt kndon why. i have received awards and done well environmentally. you have some people really wanted to get in the way, i don't know if it is for their ego or what but there are so many things and we want jobs and we have to bring jobs back. if we can bring this part of the world water that we have, that we have -- [ cheers ] >> it is true, i gotten so many
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awards and i am proud of it. there are some great environmental people and they really do. you know my environmental standard is simple. i have said it to everybody. i want clean air and i want clean water. that's what i want. >> clean air and clean water. >> very, very simple. so anyway, we'll be backup here. if i win, we'll open up the water so that you can have your farmers survive. [ cheers ] >> so your job market will get better. [ cheers ] >> there are some things that are in conceivable that they happen and you are wondering. i am asking everybody, why, why and nobody could explain why they would do it. your senator supports and they are in effective. they are forward for you and to the other side there, they're forward for them. then you wonder why nothing happens. when you are with the senator, they want you then they go over
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to the environmental side and they want them and then you say gee, that's strange, for me, we want the water but the environmental is just a door stem, i wonder why. i will tell you how it works. they play both sides of it but they're not for you. we'll get it done and done quick, don't think about it. that's an easy one. [ cheers ] >> yes, was a big day, you know yesterday -- [ cheers ] >> yeah, we'll bring it back, folks. we'll bring this country back. you know what it is? look at all those red hats and
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white hats and tblack hats. the gun shooting hats they do pretty well, i will tell you. the nra last week endorsed donald trump in the earliest endorsement they ever given. that was a great honor. wayne and chris and all the guys, these are great people. these are great americans. these are people that want to do great thing force the country. they try to build them -- now, hillary clinton, wants to abolish the second amendment, remember that. she wants to abolish. you know i watched her on television and it is really hard for me to watch her. honestly, it is very boring, you know? it is very boring.
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i watched her last night and she lies so much. she was saying last night so many things -- donald trump wants to see japan get nuclear weapons. i have never said that. donald trump wants to see germany get nuclear weapons. he wants to see south korea to arm themselves. i never even said close to that. donald trump loves north korea, he loves the maniac that's running north korea. donald trump is a friend of putin. well, actually putin did call me a genius that he said i am the future of the republican party. he's off to a good start. i will say -- [ cheers ] >> i will say he's off to a good start, right, folks? by the way, i am not a friend of putin, i have never met him and i respect him, he's a strong
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leader. unlike what we have, we have a pathetic leader. we don't even have a leader, we don't even have a leader. would it be nice if we could get along with russia? would i be nice? >> we spend almost $5 trillion in the middle east and we are in more shape today than 15 years ago. if these presidents would have gone away in vacation and not done anything would be in better shape that we are today if you think about it, right? i was against the war in iraq, totally against the war in iraq, totally against it. and hillary raised her hand, hey, it happened and a disaster. president obama got us out very badly. he set a date, we are going to be out a certain date. the other side did not believe
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it and could not believe it. they thought it was misinformation. general douglas and general george patent getting in their graves when they see what's happening with our country when this great country cannot beat isis which is essentially 30,000 people and smart people -- but, when they see that we cannot beat them and you know we are fighting not to win. we now fight war in a politically correct manner. we got to get out of there and win. we got to get out of there and we got to win, we got to build up our military bigger, better, stronger than ever before. [ cheers ] [ whistling ] >> you know donald trum--
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>> donald trump there with a rally with a large group of farmers there spending some time talking about his views on foreign policy saying vladimir p putin calling him al genius and reminding folks he was against the war in iraq as well. a familiar trump speech that we heard there from mr. trump. you did hear him there celebrating yesterday, of course, the day that he offici