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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 27, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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which control this joystick. no, i'm actually over at the ge booth. we're creating the operating system for industry. it's called predix. it's gonna change the way the world works. ok, i'm telling my brain to tell the drone to get you a copy of my resume. umm, maybe keep your hands on the controller. look out!! ohhhhhhhhhh... you know what, i'm just gonna email it to you. yeah that's probably safer. ok, cool. happy friday to you. i'm kate snow in new york and it is a busy one. if you're planning on hanging out with the family this holiday weekend or just kicking back at home there's a lot to tell you about before you break out the barbecue. just a week and a half to the end of the primary season and isn't that a relief. donald trump is in california on the latest stop of his republican victory tour. he had a rally in fresno a short time ago and he has another rally in san diego. a couple of hours from now.
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police there already have ramped up security in the area expecting protests. but if you're trying to tune out all of the politics anthony friday before a long weekend because you're almost out the door don't worry. we got a full in depth travel forecast for you coming up with our reporters spread out across the country to tell you what to expect. let's begin with politics. let's start with katie who is inside the san diego convention center. that's where donald trump is headed next. i don't know if he's wrapped up in the north in fresno. >> reporter: he's expected here at 5:00 eastern, that's 2:00 pacific. it's really battleground california right now. donald trump is not facing off any republican rivals because he clienked the nomination but every time he comes to california he faces off with hundreds or thousands of protesters. same thing expected here in san diego. this is the closest he's been to the mexican border since last august when he went to laredo, texas to meet with border patrol
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agents. 20 minutes from san diego you can expect a heavy contingent of protesters. that's why san diego police are taking every precaution. donald trump said he wants to have a 15 state ground strategy to turn 15 states from blue to red in the fall. one of those states he says is california. he promises to spend is a lot of time here and he does tout republican voter registration has gone up and it's gone up quite bathe, 78%. democratic voter registration has gone up even more over 200%. the majority of which are latino voters. so he does have a steep hill to climb. there are latinos who are for trump coming out to this rally but many more coming out to protest against him to try to get their voices heard and tell donald trump that they do not approve of his message, they don't approve of his tactics and don't approve of his rhetoric. >> thank you so much.
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let's take a look outside much that convention center in san diego. jacob joins me from outside. what are we expecting? >> reporte gentleman could be, can you hear? >> caller: i'm so sorry. very hard to hear you. they have a speaker going on. we're here with a kroufd protesters mostly. at this point we have a couple hundred who are out here. we have 2,500 supporters who are inside. we're still a couple of hours away from this rally. i ran into a couple of people i want to talk to. we have a republican kent and a democrat ron and you're here. you decided to come together. what is the point of agreement here? >> that we need to have a more healthy political discourse. there are a lot of differences between republican and democratic party. >> especially with trump. why come out here specifically anti-trump sort of rally. >> i came here to support americans who vote.
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i came here to support republicans who are not racist. i came here to support the soldiers i stand on which is martin luther king, the entire civil rights. most people don't vote during the mid-term elections. nats why we that have problems we have in our country. >> you came around to trump. it took a while. >> i came here to hear trump. as a republican we like the dabts. we want a logical civil debate. so i'm over here this section which is smallish section that's anti-trump just to hear what they have to say and i wish it could be both ways and go both ways but ron and i came together democrat and republican we have dabts and we listen to each other. it's not the hateful vitriol. >> you're dealing with a guy who
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is active in his church. he mentors children from disadvantaged areas. very active in his community. and because of certain things he believes he's labelled as a racist, completely inappropriate. equally as a democrat, we're labelled as being insensitive to the needs and concerns of people on the right. for whatever reason, i think that's a horrible label we're all living understand. >> reporter: you are an example of what we don't see a lot of this. we see the exact opposite where we see the yelling on one side, the yelling on the other side. kate. >> jacob out in california. thanks so much. let's flip over to the democratic race now. hillary clinton and bernie sanders both campaigning in california as well today. ahead of the holiday weekend. clinton just wrapped up an event in oakland moments ago. this as clinton is still dealing with fall out over the state department audit this week that went public about her use of personal e-mail. the rnc is out with this new ad
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and it features donald trump nickname for hillary clinton. >> the laws and regulations in effect when i was secretary of state allowed me to use my e-mail for work. that is undisputed. >> no evidence she had requested or received approval to use mother-in-law account for official business. >> you said it was allowed. >> yes, it was. >> who allowed it. >> it was allowed under the rules of the state department and, again -- >> so nobody signed off on it. >> no. >> no one had a full and complete understanding -- >> talk of a bernie sanders/donald trump debate is continuing to gain steam today. last night sanders spoke to jimmy kimmel about the debate idea just a day after kimmel floated it to donald trump. >> you saw the show last night. you saw what i did for you? >> you made it possible for us to have a very interesting debate. >> that's right.
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>> about two guys who look at the world very, very differently. >> oh, boy do you guys look at it differently. [ laughter ] that would be some debate. i think it might be one of the highest rated events in television history. >> the goal would be to have it in some big stadium here in california. >> yeah. >> and just yesterday my friend and colleague chuck todd asked hillary clinton about the possibility of trump-sanders showdown. >> i know they've gone back and forth on this. they seem to be saying it's some kind of joke, trump doesn't sound very serious. >> we'll have much morton possibility of a bernie sanders/donald trump debate later in the show. and to the great escape and what it means for nation's highways and airports. we have reports spread out across the nation. long lines at airports something travellers don't want to see any
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time. the tsa administrator telling nbc a new command center that can track lines in real-time is helping. >> airport by airport checkpoint by checkpoint that's given us the ability in near real-time to see what's happening and to make adjustments on the fly and we've seen great improvement. atlanta had a good day today, hick is having a good day, chicago had a great day yesterday. >> well let's put that to the test. let's start with blake mckwhoi is at chicago o'hare. it's an airport that set off a firestorm recently because of long lines. what's it looking like? i don't see a ton of people behind you. >> chicago is having a very good day. passengers are delighted when they arrive. it's been like this all day. look that line, virtually no one even though people have been told to arrive two hours early. it's been unnecessary. a lot of ts staa staff.
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checkpoints are open. that little guy see him jumping up and down, yeah that k-9 dog is searching for explosives. if he does not find explosives this line moves a lot quicker because it basically turns into a giant pre-check line. people can keep on their shoes, keep their laptops in their bags. that's why we're seeing things moving fast here in chicago. a lot of happy passengers. let's go to my colleague, kerry sanders who is at hartsfield jackson international airport. >> reporter: the lines are moving, moving. it's really quite amazing. has a lot to go fact that they are using that new system here with the yellow cards. so folks get that yellow card and when they come through lines the dog goes along and sniffs them and when they get up to security they don't have to take off their shoes or take out their computers they go boom straight on through. to give you and idea of what it looked like earlier let's go to some time lapse. we sped this up.
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this was early this morning and lasted for hours when it was really, really hectic here. but very few people missed their flights and as you can see probably not a lot of fun standing in those lines. we sped it up but the lines were moving. my colleague janet is in dallas. what's the situation there? >> reporter: i want to give you a look at the tsa pre-line. right here. saw a couple walk in there right now. they are going to walk right up and see an agent and get right through. in fact the only lines we're seeing here regard to tsa pre is the sign up booths. maybe a dozen people here. you can see three or four queues who have no one in them. just a few minutes wait here to get through these lines. they have four lines going here. four people checking i.d.s. it's pretty much been like this all day long. here at dfw they have 13
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checkpoints, just like this one. all of them are manned today for bigger than average crowds. they are seeing a 10% increase today over a normal friday. they expect that going into a holiday and ticket prices, kate are down. back to you. >> i'm shocked and so happy that we have good news on a friday afternoon. janet thanks so much. up next count him in. marco rubio says he plans to attend the republican convention in july and is even willing to speak on trump's behalf saying he wants to quote be helpful to the gop nominee. ♪
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so we constantly scrutinize millions of rates... answering the question once and for all, who has the lowest. just go to and get up to 50 free quotes. choose the lowest, and hit purchase. so you can get back to whatever it is you civilians do when you're not thinking about car insurance. >> it appears that donald trump is prepared to debate. [ cheers and applause ]
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and i'm very excited about it and i think we'll have to rent out the largest stadium you have here in california. >> bernie sanders is not treating it as a joke, he's ready to go toe to toe with donald trump. hillary clinton might be watching from the sidelines. i want to bring in robert costa msnbc political analyst and national political reporter for "the washington post". nice to say. happy friday. >> happy friday. >> trump versus sanders debate. it's hard to tell how much of it is a joke and how much of it is real but certainly bernie sanders seems to think it's very real. it would give him a chance to sell himself one last time. it would give trump maybe a chance to draw some sanders supporters over to his side. the only one who doesn't benefit is hillary clinton. >> that could be. we'll have to see how it unfolds. talking to people close to trump today. my sense it remains a live possibility something that the campaign or donald trump certainly not pushing for.
12:16 pm
they see it as a leverage opportunity to generate some momentum for sanners as he continues to fight against secretary clinton and some publicity for trump himself. >> the trump people seeing bernie sanders wanting the spotlight but not great for them. >> trump has liked to toy with these kind of theaterical events. in sanders he sees something he's fighting against. a republican who is not on the same page when it comes to many of the economic issues. what's striking both of these candidates have their own populace streak. different in terms of ideology but both political outsiders in their own way. >> let's talk about last night the rally in billings, montana in which donald trump laid out his plan as far as the road map for the general election. take a listen. >> i want to focus on 15 or so states and i want my energy to be put in the states where it can go either way.
12:17 pm
and we're going play heavy as an example in california. and we're going to focus on new york. i think we're going win michigan just like i did in the primaries by a massive number. >> so, rob, he's saying 15 states where we're going to try to be competitive. the problem is the nbc news political team has run through the latest polling. there aren't 15 states up for grabs necessarily. >> that could be true and if you look at polling, donald trump certainly has a challenge ahead of him. it's been rare for republicans in the post-reagan era to compete in many of these rust belt and blue states. but trump believes rightly or wrongly, we'll see because of the force of his personality, the lack of his partisanship, he's not a traditional republican he could win over some npts and working class democrats in areas where republicans haven't been competitive for a long time but he struggles with organization. he has to raise money to committee with the democrats. it's a challenge ahead. >> let me ask you quickly about
12:18 pm
marco rubio. he's saying now he'll be supportive of donald trump as a nominee and he'll go to the convention if asked. he would be honored quote-unquote to speak on behalf of donald trump. he said he won't run for re-election for the senate in state of florida. last night trump tweeted marco rubio does best by far holding on to his senate seat in florida. it's important to keep the majority run marco. trump has fay spousely said he couldn't get elected dog catcher and now saying run trump. you know all the bad things rubio said about trump and now he said i'll speak about him at the convention. >> it's not unusual in these presidential campaigns to have information rivals coalesce around the nominee. this isn't a playground or recess, it's politics and people have their reasons or motives for coming around the party. for somebody like rub jobs you see even though he was anti-trump he was perhaps not never trump.
12:19 pm
he was someone who wanted to be a foil in the primary. when it comes to looking at his own political future you don't want to be seen somebody who is against the party. he characterizes this as a year of opposing secretary clinton. >> thanks to see you. thanks. donald trump on his way to san diego where we checked in at the top of the hour but he did just wrap up the rally in fresno california where there were quite a lot of protesters outside. i want to check in with steve patterson, he's outside of that fresno venue. what are you seeing now, steve? >> reporter: kate, this is what the police here in fresno feared. trump has already threat venue, probably about 10, 20 minutes ago. protesters remain in the street. you see the police line formed behind me full riot gear and batons. they gave the crowd to sbis disperse. they gave them a time limit. gave them a restriction. now you see the crowd still surging here.
12:20 pm
really, again, no incidents of violence so far. nobody has done anything to cause problems. they are loud, they are boisterous. they are stick around. that's the problem. they've had absolutely no violence at this point. you can just hear them. they are angry and they are stick around. again police have given them the order to leave and you hear -- >> yeah. i'm going to jump in steve because we saw some signs behind you not appropriate for a family audience. coming up we'll switch gears and go to an emotional historic day overseas as president obama becomes the first sitting president to visit hiroshima, japan, almost 71 years since the u.s. dropped the world's first atomic bomb there. first as we head into this memorial day weekend we couldn't let this photo pass. this west point lieutenant earlier this week at his graduation from the u.s. military academy,
12:21 pm
congratulations. at the naval academy in annapolis look at those caps a thousand future and marine corps officers had their graduation ceremony ending it all with that traditional cap toss. we'll be right back. intelligent one. ♪ the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪ everything your family touches sticks with them.
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the all-new audi a4, with apple carplay integration. 71 years ago on a bright cloudless morning death fell from the sky. that's why we come to this place. we stand here in the middle of this city and force ourselves to imagine the moment the bomb fell. >> that was president obama earlier today in hiroshima, japan. the president hugged survivors of the first of two nuclear bombs dropped on japan at the end of world war ii. he's the first sitting president to visit hiroshima.
12:25 pm
michael nice to see you. let's talk about the significance first of all of being the first president to set foot on that sacred ground and reach out and talk about it all. >> well, that's right. it's been what, 71 years since the event happened and for the first years between 1945 and 1974 presidents were even hesitant to visit japan because hiroshima was such a monumental issue between us and the japanese. now enough time has passed and also barack obama has been using this last year it seems in a way to come back to some of the key moments of the cold war, world war ii era has been to cuba, gone to vietnam, now he's the president to go hiroshima and gave what i thought was a very eloquent speech that didn't apologize but at the same time showed respect for those who lost their live. >> let me ask you about that
12:26 pm
note about not apologizing. i want to play some sound from president harry truman. this is old film. he authorized the bombings. >> i made that decision in the conviction that it would save hundreds of thousands of lives, japanese as well as americans. the dropping of the bomb was the only sensible thing to do. it was the only thing to do. >> so, michael, he said it was the only way to safe millions of lives. you mentioned the president today did not apologize for the actions the u.s. took. is that the right way to handle this historically? >> well, i think historically, truman's argument was had he not used the bomb, and i can't imagine anyone who might have been president in 1945 who probably would have refrained from using the bomb, had he not don't so there would have been a massive invasion of japan that would have cost upwards of a quarter million casualties on
12:27 pm
the american and japanese sides. that having been said, we were, we americans the first ones who used nuclear weapons and the only ones in anger and there's a minority nowadays of americans and some scholars who think truman shouldn't have done it, the weapon was too terrible or perhaps he was doing it to intimidate the soviets. i'm not convinced by those arguments but people are there. >> let me ask you about the people we saw with president obama because last summer i was doing some research around the 70th anniversary and i think americans sometimes forget that there are still people in japan who survived this. there are still people who remember what happened back then. how has it shaped our relationship with japan? >> well, we've had to tip toe very carefully because in the victory over the dictatorship, the emperor who ruled the japan in 1945, we tried and still
12:28 pm
trying to help make sure post-war japan was democracy because we felt that was the best for the world because that would lead to peace. at the same time there are people inside japan especially today who think that it's been long enough that they should not feel so guilty over things like pearl harbor. there's a question relying on the nuclear umbrella. so there's a lot of politics nowadays in 2016 that when president obama went here those had to be listened to. >> the impact of the president being there on the relationship between the u.s. and japan, what do you think -- moving forward what did it do? >> i think it's a wonderful thing because it was sort of like the one thing that could not be mentioned between america and japan for what, 71 years was hiroshima. why didn't the president go there even though we had presidents going to japan since 1974, it was almost unmentionable. now because of president obama going there today, president has been there, he spoke beautifully, he put hiroshima in
12:29 pm
the context of what both of our countries are going to do in the future. in a way i think it worked out for the best. >> always nice have you with us. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> up next does a third-party candidate have a shot at the white house. the libertarian party sure hopes so. this weekend they are holding their convention to choose a candidate for november's ballot. we'll head out there after the break but first on this friday before memorial day weekend check out this drone footage above coney island, new york. definitely a destination for many people this weekend. allergies.
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12:33 pm
let's turn to tony who is at the libertarian party convention in orlando today. tony they are picking the candidate? >> reporter: that's right, kate. i don't think the libertarians are going to win in november, but they do have a chance to significantly shape this election and i'll tell you why. if you look back at the last four presidential elections the popular vote margin of victory ranged from less than million voters to ten million. that 10% for gary johnson is a large enough number to completely eclipse the margin of victory. libertarian party is on the ballot in 32 states and on pace to be on the ballot in 50 states. the big question here is which of the two parties, the republican party or democratic party is most affected by this surge from people like gary johnson or another libertarian candidate. to help us understand we have a special guest. van was a republican voter, registered republican up to ten days ago. >> ten, 11 days ago.
12:34 pm
>> you made the switch. help me one why with donald trump atop the republican ticket you decided to come over into the libertarian camp? >> because a vote for donald trump is a vote for hillary clinton. okay. >> help me understand that. >> donald trump is a new york liberal. hillary clinton is a new york liberal. >> up see no difference. >> i see no difference whatsoever. i see authoritarianism. they should run together. >> do you think the libertarians are having a temporary moment or a permanent fracturing where a third-party is part of the real landscape. >> a third-party -- >> you think their party is taking off good. >> this has been happening for the past ten years, okay. this is the ron paul revolution at its finest. >> how are you feeling about. >> it i feel great. right now is the time if we're going elect a candidate who is physically conservative but not
12:35 pm
over the top where we're taking the money and throwing it into the military industrial complex, maybe we can get somewhere -- >> is gary johnson going to get your vote? >> i am undecided, but i am leaning towards a candidate. >> all right. thank you very much. i'll let you ponder it. kate earlier in the chair of the libertarian said there's negotiations going on between he and the koch brothers. that would upset things if they are not upset enough already. back to you. >> tony, thanks so much. donald trump speaking last hour as we mentioned in fresno california. saying it may be time for him to make nice with his fellow republicans. >> they are making a fortune because of me. because, honestly, nobody else -- who the hell are they going watch. i can't use any of the people ivan kwished because i'm trying to get along with them. i have to be a good republican
12:36 pm
and love everybody i've beaten. >> i'm joined by dean park ear adviser for great america p.a.c. which supports donald trump. nice to see you again, dean. i should just note the last time you and i spoke it was right after you had left ben carson's campaign as finance director there and now you're supporting donald trump. he's talking nice. he's talk about unifying the party and being a nice upstanding republican. just this week i have to ask because he criticized the new mexico governor, a fellow republican, suzanna martinez and has not gotten the endorsement of house speaker paul ryan. do you think that he really wants the party unified behind him or it is better for dot have enemies within because his fans love that? >> i think it's two fold. one you have to remember that donald trump is now the nominee, not the presumptive nominee any more. two, he does want unificat
12:37 pm
ovarian n. he asked dr. carson to help unify. dr. carson has been along his side. he cannot change swhoe. who he is is the person going against the establishment. now's to work with the establishment. speaker ryan is doing a tremendous job of making sure he takes care of his constituents inside congress and at the same time realizing that a president trump, they need to get along. speaker ryan is working behind-the-scenes to get leverage acceleration set up, teed up and he wants to make sure a president trump understands the work that has been done and they can work together and ultimately you'll see the support come together. as i said before -- >> go ahead. i was going to say you mentioned paul ryan. >> yes. >> go ahead. >> we're good, kate. >> okay. sorry, dean. there's a delay on the line, obviously opinion i just wanted to play a little bit of sound
12:38 pm
from paul ryan because this is a video he put out, a web ad. >> leaders need to say here's my principle, here's my solution, and let's try and do it in a way that's inclusive, that's optimistic, that's aspirational, that's focusing on solutions and so that's the choice you'll have far more than a personality. republicans lose personality contests anyway. we always do. but we win on idea contests. we owe you that choice. >> dean, my question was he says republicans lose personality contests. is that a hint that this is becoming too much about a personality contest? >> obviously there's an element there. i think he's also looking at the american as a whole, democrats and republicans and saying look at what has happened right now. if you go into any social media platform it's villainization.
12:39 pm
what he's saying is have our candidate stand up, say what he's for. let's rally behind those pieces and move forward because feelings only get you so far as we know. we got to get down some absolutes and do what this country needs to do. focus on health care, education and getting businesses deregulated from until men's regulation they have felt for the last seven years. >> you were carson's finance guy. i have to ask you. donald trump needs a lot of money. "new york times" estimates he'll need $1.5 billion with a b dollars. i imagine you might be a part of that now, you're working for a p.a.c.. do you think that donors will get behind donald trump or does he have a lot more work to do? >> well, there's two pieces to that. first the reason why i chose to be on the board for the great american p.a.c. was because of the great momentum that's taken place. as the polls are starting to even out and see donald trump surpass hillary in certain polls i've seen the number of
12:40 pm
donations increase justin last week, we crossed over 38,000 in individual donation. i'm seeing billionaires that said never trump saying let's gelt behind him. again we have to remember that it's going to take small donations, large do noise and we're working towards a common goal and that's to take all americans, democrats and republicans to understand that are upset with what's happening in washington and say we're ready to do reform and now is the time. we have a nominee. we'll move forward and make president trump the best president. he'll have people like dr. carson around him that will continue to help make great decision and advice him and it won't be all about his personality, it will be about data and make america great again. >> thanks for being with us. remember hulk hogan's laupt against gawker. for publishing a sex tape. hogan won that lawsuit to the tune of $140 million. it turns out that hulk hogan had
12:41 pm
help. billionaire peter teal was secretly funding hulk hogan's if aviation of privacy lawsuit against gawker. teal said the company built its business on humiliating people for sport. gawker media president spoke out for the first time about it on cnbc. >> it becomes a story about the power of the billionaire class, particularly the power of the billionaire class in silicone valley. they have money. they have wealth. they have anonymity. they have special purpose vehicles. they have offshore accounts. they exercise their power from behind the sense. it's more important than ever to have an independent -- >> let's bring in our legal expert. i have a couple of things to ask you about. let's start with what we just presented. so gawker. secretly funding this lawsuit. that's allowed, right? he can be behind the scenes funding. >> this is technically legal but
12:42 pm
a bomb shell. i've been covering this case for years now, hulk hogan suing gawker in several venues and then won $140 million enough to bankrupt the company. gawker didn't create it, they obtained it and aired part of it. this is what peter teal is saying. he says he considers his financial backing of these cases against gawker to be quote one of my greater philanthropic things i've done. i think of it in my terms. that's bizarre. this is not charity. this is not hospitals. this his effort to use the legal system and people who have other complaints against gawker not his to get revenge for an article he didn't like we outed his sexuality the fact he happened to be gay years ago on one of his sites. there's something larger here for folks watching at home. i want to read from felix.
12:43 pm
if this strategy works against gawker it can used by any billionaire. up until now they have been content suing news organizations as plaintiffs over stories which name them. this has shown to go thermal nuclear bank roll other lawsuits, bankrupt the news organization and very few companies have the legal wherewithal to with stand a barrage. >> i'm thinking of donald trump saying at many fence he wants to change libel laws, he names jeff bezos. names "the washington post". it would potential enable somebody like donald trump to take legal action. >> that's right. this story is about the law but also about money and the idea that people who are excited enough or upset enough about something can use that money to go beyond the legal recourse. many pointed out, gawker is behind many controversial stories and decisions. i could just tell you point blank they post videos and stories that we here at nbc news
12:44 pm
would never post. we make a different editorial judgment. having said that, right, having said that the larger question legally is how do people feel about billionaires using unlimited funds not only to get recourse on issue they don't like, but wage a war of attrition to bankrupt media companies. i talked to a lot of first amendment advocates who say this is very concerning. this is new arrow in their quiver. >> in france they are talking about making it illegal to send e-mail over the weekend, like you have to stop with work e-mail over the weekend. >> i love this story. it's a potential law. the idea would be for larger companies over 50 employees to say no e-mail on weekends or holidays. >> how do you enforce that. >> you can enforce it like anything else. immediate reaction is come on. check it or not. i think it's important from a labor law perspective because these are new technologies and some people down the food chain
12:45 pm
are being told basically to be on all the time. they are not getting paid extra for that. >> thank you so much. coming up 39% of americans are planning to travel this weekend. that translate into tens of millions in the road, air, train. we'll bring the apps you need to make your travels go smoothly. after a long day, jen stops working, but her aleve doesn't. hey mom! because aleve can last 4 hours longer than tylenol 8 hour. what will you do with your aleve hours?
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12:49 pm
this gives you your airport delays, gives you your specific how many minutes i want takes you to get through security. the other thing that's really good on this one is you get airport by airport and why it's a delay. >> can you tell me why things are moving pretty good? >> houston hour and 23 minutes. it gives you the reason. so this is a tsa app. not bad. waves. we're trapped. here we are at 30 rock >> we're never getting out. >> unless you have the private chopper. otherwise this is a disaster. >> waze. great company. last one i got for you is fly smart. shows you the bars at the airport sos if you're waiting for your flight need a drink there you go. >> nice. thank you so much. get out of here. >> penn station.
12:50 pm
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>> a super bug is now a major red flag for health officials in the u.s. who are trying to figure out why it showed up here. a woman in pennsylvania was infected with a drug-resistant strain of e. coli, a mutation that hadn't been seen in the u.s. until now. officials say the woman had not traveled outside the u.s. recently. the "new york times" reports the woman is currently not sick. joining not the greatest subject to be talking about. >> no. >> this is a scenario that i would think doctors dread, having something show up, you don't know how it got here and you don't maybe know what to do? >> yeah, i also think we should be careful about using the term
12:54 pm
"super bug." one of the reasons the woman is doing well, this bacteria is sensitive to some of the other antibiotics that are available. what the public health community is really worried about is the fact that this drug of last resort, this older antibiotic, which we don't use, saving it for these kind of situations, she has a resistance to. we know china has been using this drug in animals and that may be one way she got it. that's i think the big worrisome phenomena. >> let me be clear here, because i didn't understand that. there are certain antibiotics that may work against this bug, but not the ones that we would normally go to. >> no, not the drug of last resort. this drug of last resort that you had on the screen, kol stin, she's resistant to that. but there's another class, car bow penams, which she is
12:55 pm
sensitive to. if you lined up both of those, that would be the super bug, that is resistance to all antibiotics we know. that would be a nightmare scenario. >> so this is bad, but maybe not nightmare? >> what we have is the prenightmare, which is basically all the pieces, they're just not in the same puzzle yet. public health officials think it can only be a matter of time before they're all in the same bacteria. >> i give my kids antibiotics anytime they have an infection, is this evidence that we're overdoing it with antibiotics? are we developing -- go ahead. >> we've known for decades that we're overdoing it. we've warned doctors that every throat infection we should not be getting antibiotics. we're probably doing better, but still not good enough. i think one of the things that we can do is certainly in hospitals, require every
12:56 pm
hospital to have what's called a good drug stewardship, good antibiotic stewardship program that really makes sure when you're prescribing antibiotics, it's really necessary, and making -- having extra checks on that. that will reduce the chances of getting a antibiotic-resistant bug in the hospital. >> okay, always good to have your perspective and help us understand a little bit better. so cause for concern, but not for panic? >> right. i guess a lot of concern, though, and maybe even some panic in the public health community, because it does suggest it's a matter of time before something bad is going to happen. >> all right, thanks so much. appreciate you being with us on a friday. >> thank you, have a good weekend. >> you too. that's going to do it for me this hour. but we should mention, we're still watching crowds gather outside trump's 5:00 p.m. eastern rally in san diego, 2:00 p.m. out west. i'll see you back here on tuesday afternoon. my colleague chris hayes picks
12:57 pm
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good afternoon to you. and happy friday. we are almost there, america. i'm chris hayes at msnbc world headquarters in new york. donald trump will arrive in san diego, california, the closest he's been to the border since his visit to laredo, texas, last summer. law enforcement is prepared for protests. the police chief said there this morning, she's expecting peaceful demonstrations, but there will be swift action if anything gets out of control. our correspondents are there keeping an eye on all of it. let's bring in katy tur inside the san diego convention center. what's the scene like inside? >> reporter: well, inside the scene is getting pretty intense. a number of mothers who lost their children to undocumented immigrants are rallying this crowd, telling them that their kids will be next, that immigrants come into this country not


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