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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 28, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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>> at this hour aiming for an upset. bernie sanders campaigning hard this weekend with polls that show him closing the gap with hillary clinton. party intrigue. sanders calling for two democratic heavyweights to step down from the committee. protesting trump. dozens of arrests outside his campaign events just miles from the mexican border. could this scene be repeated in cleveland at the convention? what is a party going to do
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about that. plus the libertarian party is meeting in orlando to pick their nominee. how it could open the door for a third party alternative. but we start in california. bernie sanders is looking for a win against hillary clinton in the june 7th primary. and despite the delegate math against him the vermont senator is closing the gap with clinton in california down two points in the latest poll there. chris joins us from santa barbara. in the last couple of hours you had a moment there to speak with bernie sanders himself and what did you learn? >> yeah. i was able to pull him aside and press him on this whole question of the numbers, frankly, can he win? look he hasn't changed his position on that. he still thinks he can come away with enough delegates and change enough super delegates at the
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convention that he could wrestle this away from hillary clinton. he acknowledges it's an uphill climb. when i say people say it's unrealistic he pushed back hard on that. he also refused to go after hill you ri clinton on the whole e-mail controversy. i heard him again today. we heard him many times before. even since the inspector generals report came out. he didn't mention it today in this rally in front of 6,003 people. that's the official count but i also asked him for example would he accept the vice presidential nod and he didn't say no. he didn't say yes but he didn't say no and finally we talk a little bit about that debate will love to debate and then he was out and in and now she out.
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>> he said he would. he said he wouldn't. who knows. maybe i'll get a call in 5 minutes he's ready to debate. i don't know. >> they're not holding their breath on that. he is already on his way to the second of four events today. three big rallies and then just added a little round table. i said to him you will have done 15 events in 7 days and he laughed and he said i think it's more than that. probably feels like more than that. he is packing them in. he plans to be up and running every day between now and june 7th. hillary clinton down this week and i don't think we're going to see her until the traditional parade on monday and donald trump is down today as well but bernie sanders at 74 really pushing ahead, forging ahead and says he is in it through the convention. >> looking like he's 54. like dick van dyke did introducing him early on.
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you were speaking with bernie sanders. his hardcore supporters. the bernie or bust folks you have been speaking with on the campaign trail with the e-mails and the recent information that's come out again, any sense that he might start turning his focus and be more critical of that? because they're starting to say see that's why you have to go with bernie. >> you know i've seen no indication that bernie sanders is going to switch his strategy. you're not going to see him going after hilary on the e-mails and it is something that is part of the whole strategy going to the convention. it's very important to him to have things like the $15 minimum wage but yeah i go into these audiences and talk to these folks. it's hard to get a real sense of how many are truly bernie or bust meaning that they would not vote for hillary clinton.
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absolutely would not vote for hillary clinton but there is definitely at least a small number of people who are in this and generally people have not been in the process before that would love to see him go against her harder. that would love to see him throw it all in including the kitchen sink but talking to him about this again today, no indication that you're going to see a different bernie sanders between now and june 7th than you have seen all along. >> just speaking with bernie sanders there in beautiful santa barbara california. >> it is beautiful. >> it is beautiful. no doubt. talking about beautiful there's also another park very close to where santa barbara is. 35 people arrested yesterday in this area and we're talking about san diego california. this at a trump rally there. trump tweeting to the san diego police department quote fantastic job on handling the thugs who tried to disrupt our very peaceful and well attended rally. greatly appreciated. katie is live for us in san diego. we're talking about another beautiful place. she is standing there among a
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huge backdrop of sailboats but as i was mentioning here katie, unfortunately there were the protests and some arrests evidently. who was there? what was the sense of the complexion of those that were against donald trump? >> well, the groups that were there, there was a number of organized groups including unions and some grass roots organizations that came out to protest donald trump as well as the san diego democratic party member of that group to tell donald trump he's not welcome in san diego. they were largely the peaceful protestors that were here yesterday. there was about 2,000 of them but there was a small contingent of angry ago rangegravators the get in the face of the police. police took great pains to keep the supporters and protestors separate from each other.
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especially since there's been so many clastz clashes in the last few months at donald trump rallies. they had all the trump supporters and there's 10 to 12,000 of them inside of the convention hall. go out the back door but many of them managed to make their way around and there were some confrontations. some of the protestors as well tried to climb over the police barricades and breach the police line at the convention center and you can see the video right now, it got violent when police started trying to push them back with their night sticks. hit them back with their night sticks in that one case right there. but for the most part, the protests were largely peaceful. it wasn't the same chaotic scene that we saw on tuesday when donald trump was there but as you saw, as you just read in that tweet, donald trump calling the protestors that come out to his rallies thugs refusing to acknowledge any part that he may play in bringing those people
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out and being the campaign of law and order and sees these as a good example of what he is trying to advocate and what they are trying to do. >> just about lunchtime there in san diego, california. katie thank you for that. and joining me now with more on the 2016 race is tom, republican strategist and senior advisor to new york governor george pataky. politics 365 and contributor for them. let's start with you on this. and as we look there on bernie sanders he is going to be at four events today. on the other side at least in the race for the democratic nomination we have hillary clinton expected not to be on the road today. very much indicative of how they're not necessarily together as well as all the other items that are happening, you know,
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hitting out against the dnc for instance from bernie sanders. what do you make of their sense of coming together or move ago part at this point? >> i think that sanders is going to continue to do what he does. talk about income equality and the issues in the way he always has. this fight not wanting and somebody that interviewed him and covered him on capitol hill. he's one of the smartest members of congress and has been a great surrogate and should be to no one's surprise that the sanders campaign doesn't want him on the platform committee. i wouldn't want hill on the committee either. he's done a great job and very smart and very direct and so it shouldn't be a surprise to anybody that the sanders campaign does not want him around and as for governor malovy he was critical of governor sanders with the gun debate and in regards to whether
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or not you could sue gun manufacturers. he played an excellent role in the clinton campaign and sanders of course would not want these people around for the convention so that makes a lot of sense to me. >> now i was asking earlier here, and this is out to chris jansing with the report to hillary clinton e-mail and the e-mail server and that she had not followed the rules that were out there. coming out earlier from the report, right, will that be something that will bubble up on the bernie sanders side? i have to ask this of chris as well. do you see this being an issue? because it does show that she did not follow the rules. she was not the first-person to to so. i think that the report also found that there were others that colin powell specifically had also violated the very same rule. >> well i think today is kind of important in that regard. only ten days to go in this campaign and if he was going to use that as an issue until the closing day of the entire
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process. that's when it's all over. he would have started to do that and in the wake of this report he has decided once again not to do that because he believes that in the context of 2016 this is not nearly as important as preventing a con man from becoming president of the united states. he doesn't want to allow the trump campaign to use an ad of bernie sanders going to town on e-mail issue. if he goes to town on it now he hands trump a weapon and his supporters are are not going to get him to do that. that's a big deal. >> do you agree with the conman portrayal of donald trump? this is consistent of what trump supporters and trump is saying. this e-mail thing is a big deal.
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you look at the 30,000 plus e-mails and statistics we just put up. do you see this as a key issue? >> it's a key issue for independent voters in the fall. i don't think it's a key issue for the democratic primary. across the country if you look back at massachusetts poll last october independent voters were concerned about the issue. it made a difference to them. i don't think it makes the difference in a democratic primary and for bernie to go back on what he said at the debate previously but also the only time we saw bernie go negative in this campaign, publicly negative advertising in new york and backfired on him because he never campaigned like that before. it's not who he is. him doing it now would hurt him because he's not going to be the nominee of the party. further divide the party. >> i want to move to something else and it was romney being the loan wolf of the never trump
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campaign as we now move mathematically. now saying he's the presumptive nominee. this key, if you will, declaration of who donald trump is. is never trump ever now pretty much dead? >> i agree but there's a con man running for president and somebody has to bring that up. we straw other day that senator marco rubio caved and now is going to support donald trump after everything that he has said that would indicate that he would never do that but someone has to point out certain things about this candidate that are obvious. this is a candidacy with no policy details. a candidacy where he has not out lined what he would do as president someone has to hold him to a standard and i guess right now even though i would say that never trump is not
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looking very successful right now there has to be someone that holds some standards for the conservative movement. >> still holding true to that. there's still a little bit of life left in mitt romney. did you see this weaning away? >> i think so. i will hold with my never trump bumper sticker and i'll vote third party. i'm a life long republican and voted for every republican candidate. the problem is -- >> gary johnson. >> i'll vote for gary johnson. >> i think ultimately he pulls votes away right now and they're split evenly. the problem is that local politicians are concerned about their local races. you see elected officials. what's in the best interest in their district? is it pro-trump or anti-trump? that's how much they'll get on board but hilary when she gets the nomination the party will rally around her. the party rallied around trump.
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there will be hold outs like myself but will be barking in the wind for a long time. a long five months for us. >> quickly on this, libertarian party. what are you watching for this in terms of what it might arch into? >> this could be a big deal. it could tip some battleground states toward hilary if conce concerned of the third party effort. >> it could be important in a state like ohio that has a strong conservative base. it could be important in pennsylvania where trump might be competitive. >> wisconsin. >> wisconsin possibly. >> possibly arizona so all of those could be in play but a lot of it is going to come back to talking about donald trump as a con man. >> >> that's what you're saying. >> it's what marco rubio and a
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lot of other people have been saying about him. yes we con. there's a lot of ways to drive an anti-trump message that bernie sanders could employ and we don't know yet whether he's going to be enthusiastic in doing so. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> as i mentioned right now a third party is meeting to choose it's presidential nominee. the libertarian party believes it has a good chance to break through this year. but the first in the nation law making the killing of a police officer or first responder a hate crime. my supporters say the blue lives matter law is necessary. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste.
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>> at least 20 and they're seeing this up 20% in terms of trending at this moment. is this what is fuelling this need for again blue lives mat r matter. >> that's one of the things fuelling it. people are trying to figure out how to respond or react to the black lives matter movement. you have some saying we need to protect our police officers because black lives matter is a hate group and these people are out to get police officers or they're out to get the people who have been hired who feel as though it is our calling to protect others within the communities. it's a piece of it. i think yes but it's just something reactionary based out of fear. >> how might those two ideas exist by themselves without the
1:22 pm
illusion to one another? black lives matter could be in one space. blue lives matter or the idea of it in another space? >> good question. neither one of them is exclusively other and when we add to that one is not saying this group is more important than the other or this group is not more important than the other. what they're saying is we're not trying to degate. and we also support and are called to protect us at the same time and brought to that. we're failing to work at tandem
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cog any sent and dangerous reality. >> it's they could co-exist. thank you. >> thank you. >> up next the first storm of the hurricane season could disrupt many people's holiday plans. plus that vintage world war ii plane off of new york city. don't let dust and allergies get between you and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. so you can seize those moments, wherever you find them. flonase.
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tropical storm strength before coming on tomorrow. it could have dangerous rip currents all the way down to daytona beach florida and another severe weather story today. this one in texas. two people are dead in the flooding that soaked the houston area. in a horrifying turn bun man missing posted this picture on facebook from inside his s submerged car. he wrote in this posting all i wanted to do was go home. we'll be following that for you. happening in new york new ill campers of first responders pulling a world war ii fighter plane out of the hudson river and on to a barge. it crashed into the water friday night. the pilot was killed. the cause of the crash is under investigation. moments away from a bernie
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sanders event. he is storming the state today. and the third party that is banking on voter anger with democrats and republicans. we will go live to the liberatrian party's convention. "♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ this... is how it begins... with a mighty roar... that tells the world... we're coming for you. is it keeps the food out. for me that tells the world...
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usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. well, any moment right now bernie sanders will take the stage in santa maria california. his second of three stops today ahead of california's june 7th primary. hillary clinton is taking the weekend off and as she tries to pivot to the general election democrats are getting worried this fight with sanders is not helping her take on donald trump that yesterday poured salt on that wound. >> look, hill aary is a disaste folks. she has bad judgment. that was said by bernie sanders.
1:32 pm
he has given me the best lines. i always prefer to bernie sanders. >> joining me to talk about the california race on june 7th, stephanie miller and the research fella at the hoover institution at stanford i want to talk about something very specific to california. i don't think trump got this from bernie sanders. >> we're going to solve your water problem. you have a water problem that's so ridiculous. where they're taking the water and shoving it out to sea. if we can bring this part of the world water that we have. if i win we'll start opening up the water so that you can have your farmer's survive. >> all right. tom we'll go to you too. some people nodding their heads
1:33 pm
up and down in the background but this is fresno, california. this is the south land of california. they know droughts. how does this commentary resinate there in the state right now. >> you get water and it doesn't happen that way. you have to go through hoops and hurdles and environmental regulations but he's telling people what they want to hear and that's what he has been doing. >> that you can get what you want is what you're saying there bill and over to you on this stephanie. reflect on that. i'm curious what you're listeners are telling you. also reflect here stephanie on the protests that have been happening. specifically regarding immigration.
1:34 pm
>> first of all, i need to leave early to go turn my sprinklers on full blast because apparently there is no drought which would come as a huge surprise to every scientist out here in california. >> don't do that. do not do that. >> next week the earth will be flat. this is the know nothing party. he is just gemming up hatred. it's just pure hatred. it really is. he has an incredible amount of, you know, racism, sexism. i have never seen anything uglier in my days. >> who will benefit most from the discussion about imdpramigrn and the protests that we're seeing? >> look. this is the play the republicans run every time. they try to fear monger and divide and if you don't have a job it's the brown people and if
1:35 pm
there's something wrong with your marriage it's the gay people and i just think we're a better country than that. i think at the end of the day we're going to listen to our better angels. this is not who america is. this and have to hope that at the end of the day it almost is going to be between love and hate in this election. >> and bill when we talk about this issue in california if you look at the republicans this is not necessarily something that is partisan. >> it's not productive in rebuilding the party. it's 28% and shower rirrinking. voters will overtake to get back in business and win elections. it has to adapt the message and come out with a coherent policy and it has to find a way to appeal to women and other minority blocks and this conversation is not doing it. >> i want to look forward to what the two of you are doing
1:36 pm
and that's june 7th in your great state of california and i think one of the points that i like to bring up being in california myself is talking about the five states where do the democrats do well? whatever way you want to break up the state. >> it goes to your last issue too about immigration. they are losing the battle demographicicly. they're losing the battle for hearts and minds. donald trump is going to push hispanic turn out to record levels because people have something to lose in every area of the state. these are their loved ones and families. >> where do they do well in the five states of california if you will? >> obviously we're such a big state that we have red areas and blue areas but clearly california in general has always been a hugely democratic state overall. >> bill, your thoughts here.
1:37 pm
>> it would be the great state of silicon valley. san francisco across the bay. where trump will do best is the northern parts of the state which could be called jefferson and the central valley and south to the inland empire. democrats own this neck of the woods and los angeles county and the coast. we vote by people and the people live on the coast and there's where democrats run rampant. >> stephanie miller thank you for that as well. you have a very good saturday. >> thank you. >> meanwhile, orlando florida. thousands are gathering this weekend for the libbertarian convention there. they're seeking to get a third
1:38 pm
party candidate to oppose them. half of all voters said they would consider a third party candidate. do they feel they're getting the attention to their platform stances given that the numbers are so good? >> they do feel like they're getting more attention than they typically get. they have a thousand delegates as a record for them. gary johnson is pulling at about 10%. remember the last i think a lot of americans are waiting up this morning and hearing the name libertarian party for the first time and one of the challenges and opportunities of the party is seeking to overcome and to exploit this weekend as a nominated president is define
1:39 pm
who they are and the things i hear over and over again are the foll following. personal freedom, personal responsibility and economic constraint. they want no spending. small government. no bailouts for banks and open boarders. and they feel if they can get the message out there they would get a lot of votes and fracture our two-party system into a three party system. just to tell you what's happening right this second we're in the delegate hall where delegates are voting who will be president at a key debate tonight of presidential candidates. that will help decide the nomination tomorrow morning so we're in crunch time. key moment for libertarian party. biggest moment in 45 years. >> and a high point. >> thanks a lottony. next, the new superbug gene that
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welcome back. this week for the first time dangerous gene mutation was discovered in the united states. scientists and researchers sounded the alarm after it was found in a sample from a pennsylvania woman seen here. the drug resistant gene turns bacteria into growth superbugs resistant to antibiotics. the mutant strain that was a result of this is ultimately treatable with antibiotics but scientists are concerned that the gene will spread to untreatable forms of bacteria creating a completely drug resistant super bug. joining me is the president at louisiana state university's health sciences center. good to talk with you doctor, this gene they're calling it the mcr 1 gene.
1:44 pm
what is it and how dangerous is it? >> well when you overprescribe antibiotics, when you prescribe those antibiotics the patient will get well but the bacteria that is inside the patient will say well you know what, i died because of that antibiotic but my children they will be resistant so all the time that the bacteria is replicating it makes the other bacteria more resistant to that particular antibiotic. so overtime those jeans and those bacteria become more and more resistant and the more we prescribe the more we become resistant. so we had things that have been resistant for a long time. but this one is bad because this
1:45 pm
particular gene can get into other bacteria and make them resistant. so some of the things we can treat now we may not be able to treat which becomes the bigger problem. if you don't have antibiotics that can kill really super infections in an icu or a nursing home some won't be able to survive. it's something we have to take a strong look at in big pharma and say what are we doing to have better ones coming down the pipe. >> how serious is this to you and what is the immediate focus we should have right now in the united states to focus on this. >> >> on a scale of 1 to 10 it's a 7 or an 8 and the thing everybody can do more of is wash their hands. you have to keep their hands
1:46 pm
washed but in the bigger picture i'd like to see more money and research into antibiotics as opposed to medicine people take for their whole lives diabetic drugs you take for a lifetime and they make money. >> why are they doing this? >> it's a business and it's driven by the dollar. and so, you know, you want to -- when you have a business you want to do something that makes more money for your company. we have more research so that we cannot have these in america. we've had them for a long time so now this new strain is possibly a really big problem but keep hands washed for me and don't go to the hospital unless you really need to.
1:47 pm
>> thank you so much, sir. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> conservative governors fight back over new federal transgender bathroom guidelines. up next for you, the city that was the first battleground in this legal and social conflict. new bikes aren't selling guys... what are we gonna do? how about we pump more into promotions? ♪ nah. what else? what if we hire more sales reps? ♪ nah. what else? what if we digitize the whole supply chain? so people can customize their bike before they buy it. that worked better than expected. i'll dial it back. yeah, dial it back. just a little. live business, powered by sap. when you run live, you run simple. ♪ offers free cancellations, so you're free to decide if the trip you're on... hahahahahaha! ...isn't really the trip you want to be on. hahahaha... hahaha... [mountain woman and key laughing together] i'vand i'm doing just fine. allergies.
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the constitutional amendment to protect marriage in america. >> backed by conservative christian activists republicans put constitutional amendments banning same-sex marriage on the ballot in 11 states including perhaps most importantly ohio. all 11 of the bills passed. all of them. more than 20 million americans voted on the measures and in some states the marriage bans won by 2-1 margins. as some democrats and independents sided with conservatives. >> i think this election showed very clearly that the american
1:52 pm
people overwhelming reject any redefinition of marriage and wanted to remain between a man and a woman. >> some analysts believe the bills helped put bush over the top. especially in ohio where he beat john kerry by 136,000 votes out of nearly 6 million. beyond securing bush's re-election republicans also picked up four senate seats and delayed the nationwide adoption of same-sex marriage until the supreme court struck down the marriage bands in june of 2015. >> joy there reporting for us. joining us is andrea. a report we are the houston chronicle back with us. as well as jonathan alter. that was a set up there. what do you think jonathan? will this galvanize republicans? the conservatives as they move closer to this election and some key votes in the swing states if i can say it. >> well of the 12 states that
1:53 pm
are part of lawsuits now against the obama administration, only two of them, arizona and wisconsin are potential battleground states. the others are all red state so trump can will carrie those so it's not like hillary will lose those states. >> what about georgia. >> okay. let's add georgia as a possible swing state but if trump is in trouble in georgia he's losing the election anyway. that's a reach for the republicans at this point but it doesn't look right now like it's going to be the way gay marriage was in 2004. a really central issue. however things can change quickly and the thing about the social issues like this is they have the potential to bring new people into the electorate and if that happened in the way it did in 2004 that could potentially be a problem for hilary. >> to you on this there in texas, you have been covering this topic for awhile here and
1:54 pm
the sense is at least the lieutenant governor saying this will unite republicans in a way they have not seen recently. is that the narrative there? >> yeah. that is part of the narrative. the lieutenant governor is very influential here in texas and he made it clear also that he'd like to be taking this to the next legislative session as well and it's worth pointing out that the transgender bathroom issue isn't a totally new issue here in texas. back in november voters in houston voted against a bathroom ordinance so this is continuing to ride a wave and a wave that they can ride all the way up to november. >> jonathan we talked about the right being galvanized. has it gal svanized the left though? >> the left they'll be voting democratic except maybe somberny people. a few bernie people so i don't think it will galvanize the left in quite the same way. also you have to remember that
1:55 pm
gay marriage potentially effected many more people than the transgender issues. it's a smaller subset of the american population that is directly affected by this which might mean it's less of an issue for those that support the obama administration's position on this. but at a certain point there might be some economic pressure the way we saw it in north carolina where corporate america says remember -- it one just bruce springsteen that cancelled a concert there. a lot of companies were very upset by what the north carolina legislature did on this. might be that we do see corporate america beginning to weigh in on this issue and those who want you to have to check somebody's birth certificate that's hard to implemented itself. >> to you in texas, for the
1:56 pm
transgender kmun there in the minute that you've got here, how has this brought them together? what are they saying? >> they're very frustrated. and texas is not just getting involved in this lawsuit. and it's not enough of a push to really influence the legislature or to try to knockoff and anyone else off of their pedestal. and they're still in the minority here. >> legislators aren't concerned and everything is pretty fresh. >> that's all for us this afternoon. thanks for spending time with
1:57 pm
us. i'll be back tomorrow 3:00 p.m. eastern time and 4:00 p.m. eastern time. for the latest go to date line on assignment is next. you have a great saturday. (pilot radio chatter) this is how it begins... with a mighty roar... that tells the world... we're coming for you.
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