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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 29, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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i think so. because not just any beef goes into it. only certain cuts of kosher beef. i guess they're pretty choosy. oh, honey! here, have some of ours. oh! when your hot dog's kosher, that's a hot dog you can trust. hebrew national good day, everyone. i'm alex witt here in new york. here's what's happening right now. tropical depression bonnie has made land fall in south carolina. in texas, flood warnings in effect for austin and san antonio at this hour. so far four are dead, two others missing in southeast texas. what's the latest on this mess?
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>> we're not done with bonnie just yet. you can see plenty of heavy rain sweeping across the carolinas and virginia, because it's a slow-moving tropical depression. we're still looking at it just slowing down and unfortunately just bringing a lot of flooding to the region. right now the movement is really slow, still to the north. so it's sort of riding along the coast, 60 miles off myrtle beach at present. let's take a look at the track for this depression. you'll see it says inland at least for the next couple of days. straight through monday we're looking at the risk for dangerous rip currents, tropical storm force winds. isolated areas certainly seeing a lot of rain. another place with record rain is texas. even though the thunderstorms haven't been that bad today or yesterday, thursday, up to 20 inches almost.
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people lost their lives due to flooding. right now, just a couple of isolated showers and thunderstorms working its way through texas. i want to let you know heads up. this is what's ahead over the next five days. we could see several more inches of rain where we don't need it. it's going to take a while for those rivers to recede. temperatures for memorial day will stay very hot, 90 in new orleans. stormy conditions straight through the nation's midsection. the thing to watch this week is texas. it's going to take a while for all that flooding to subside and the water to recede. let's go to politics now. new reaction this morning from clinton supporter senator diane feinstein. she called on her colleague senator bernie sanders to drop out of the race. >> i know the passion of a campaign. i know when you're in it and you just keep go, go, go until the
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last hour is there. well, the last hour is close by. it would be, i think, a very positive gesture for reconciliation if senator sanders were to consider putting his campaign in the very real perspective that it's in and doing those things that can bring the party together. >> well, feinstein is calling for party unity. bernie sanders is standing by his refusal to help clinton attract his supporters if he doesn't win the nomination. >> whether it's secretary clinton or bernie sanders or donald trump, anybody else, the way you gain support is through the candidate himself or herself. so my job is to make sure that donald trump does not become president. i will do that. but if secretary clinton is the nominee, it is her job to reach out to millions of people and make the case as to why she is
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going to defend working families and the middle class. >> sanders' comments come a day after the dnc rejected his request. sanders will spend his seventh straight day campaigning in california with two events today. new reaction from marco rubio, shutting down speculation that he's in the running for donald trump's vp. >> if i were his running mate, you could see the odds now where they'd be playing back my words and saying you said this about him then and now you're saying something different. i think it's best for the party and ticket to have someone who more fully embraces his views. >> rubio's comments come on the heels of a "washington post" report that a judge has ordered the release of internal trump university documents. they include so-called play books on how to market its high priced reality courses.
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a bit later today, trump will join rolling thunder for its memorial day event in washington, d.c. kelley kelly o'donnell is right there. >> reporter: don't expect this to be the typical stump speech from donald trump that we hear day in day out in various states where he is making his broad appeal for his candidacy. this, according to his top aides, is going to be more focused on veterans and what trump believes is their importance to the country. the veterans theme is a regular part of the trump campaign message, but expect this to be a bit more focused. at the same time, we know trump often works without notes, often is spontaneous when he addressed a big crowd and usually draws some of the energy from people around him. anything is possible but that is at least the game plan. this event is not a campaign event.
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it is donald trump stepping into a pre-planned annual event. more than 25 years now, the group known as rolling thunder comes into town on their motorcycles, shuts down much of the area around the national mall here in washington, d.c. and it's a big part of the weekend of festivities. it has a real echo back to the vietnam era of course. the ongoing needs is one of the issues we do hear trump talk about on the campaign trail, wanting to do more for veteran who is need healthcare or other kinds of support. expect it to not be a typical political rally. although trump will probably have a hard time resisting his chance to talk about hillary clinton for example or talk about wanting to permanently move to this city, washington, d.c. come january 2017. of course he's got some ways to go before that happens. still waiting on big events in his campaign like this election
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of a raining mate and the convention this summer. but this was sort of a surprise add to an already big event. we've been asked many times when is trump speaking. we expect it to be some time around 2:30 today. people seem to be interested. even though trump himself has no military service, there seems to be some curiosity at a minimum to see donald trump here today. let's turn now to the democrats. bernie sanders appeared on meet the press where he highlighted his strategy to win the democratic nomination. >> there are three paths to victory. number one, i want to go into the convention with more pledge delegates than secretary clinton. that's going to be an uphill fight, because we're 270 or so delegates and then 46% of the pledge delegates. what i want to do -- and i think we can -- is win california here, do very very well in the
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other five states. i believe going into the convention, if we can do this with a majority of pledge delegates, is a very symbolic victory. second of all, we're going to talk to those super delegates in states where we have won landslide victories. >> nbc's kristin welker is joining me now in studio. always great to have you nearby. let's talk about bernie sanders, who has certainly spent this past week in california. he's trying to win that state. before i ask you to gage his prospects of doing so, senator diane feinstein, his colleague in the senate, basically saying time to get out. what are your thoughts on that? >> very strong words from senator diane feinstein. it adds to the growing chorus of supporters who are essentially saying it's time to get out of the race or scale back his attacks against her. he's defiant. he says he's not going anywhere.
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he's calling california the big enchi enchi enchillada. the reality is in order for him to get close to catching up to secretary clinton, he's got to win a vast majority of the votes in california. >> reporter: if you don't win california, will you drop out? >> let's not get into speculation. i think we are going to win california and do very well in the remaining states. right now our job is to win the nomination. >> secretary clinton has not called for him to get out of the race. she is taking aim at donald trump. it's clear that he's already moved onto her likely general election challenger. and of course there was talk about a debate between secretary clinton and bernie sanders and she said, no, i'm not going to debate him. i want to focus on winning california and donald trump. the underlying message is she's already moved onto the general.
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>> can we look at the likelihood of whether or not sanders' supporters will go on and support secretary clinton. the likelihood of folks saying we're going to support trump is probably null. but what about staying out of the race? is that the worst concern, that they just don't vote? >> you hit the nail on the head. that's the biggest concern for a lot of democrats particularly because secretary clinton's unfavorable rates are so high. you have a third of sanders' supporters saying they're not going to support secretary clinton. but if you look at the history, generally speaking, parties do unify once there is a nominee. when you look at when secretary clinton and president obama were locked in a fierce battle, no one could see their supporters unifying. guess what? they did. secretary clinton played a key role in that process. she called for it. she rallied her supporters
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around then senator obama. she was out campaigning with him. that's what they're asking of senator sanders right now. i am told by my sources that he wants to defeat donald trump. so that is something that we could see. by the way, president obama is going to be pivotal to that process. joining me now molly hooper. hi, guys. on this holiday weekend, thanks for joining me. as sanders gets ready to wrap up this full week of campaigning in california a poll shows clinton virtually tied with sanders in the golden state. what do you think? >> you know it's really interesting. this is my home state. i'm back visiting my family. just seeing all these people that i know -- i was recently at an event with my former college
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c c friends. people are mad in this state and it's evident in these rallies, these huge crowds coming out for bernie sanders. it will be interesting to see what happens with the vote on june 7th. i'm actually surprised at the amount of support that he's getting in this state. and i think it's interesting that hillary clinton has been sending bill clinton out to a a areas like the central valley where i am right now to do campaigning for her as opposed to coming herself. she's been staying in l.a., sort of the bay area but not really coming into the heart of california where people have
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really felt this poor economy and feel like they're not getting ahead. >> okay. james, just a few moments ago, you heard senator sanders say once again he is not going to necessarily help clinton gain his sport upporters if he isn't nominated. do you think that will change? >> i think he's going to extract the highest price he possibly can. i think the convention will be interesting. obviously a lot of frustration from the sanders campaign about some of the picks on the platform committee. i think the clinton campaign is happy to give on some stuff that really doesn't matter from their perspective like the platform committee. what will sanders demand? how much will he expect? i think hillary's vice presidential pick is going to be really important to that. i think ultimately he is probably going to get on board, but not in the same way that we
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saw hillary clinton rally behind barack obama in 2008 with that really memorable speech in denver and really going all in to make sure that he won that november. >> do you think really leaving the door open to being vice president that that is something that's percolating, while not directly saying it? >> there's no way bernie sanders is going to be hillary's vice president, period, full stop. that's just not going to happen. i know it's something fun that bernie people like the idea of. the clintons prize loyalty. there is no love lost with sanders. there's a visceral dislike for him with a lot of people close to hillary. the idea of hillary clinton pickipick ing bernie sanders is beyond comprehension to me. >> what kind of sense are you getting from your sources on capitol hill about how useful either would be to trump?
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>> it's interesting because i was talking to a lawmaker the other day and he was saying, you know, bob corker would be okay. donald trump really needs somebody who's had a lot of legislative experience, not just a lot of years in the senate, not just as the head of a committee, but somebody who's actually been able to get things done and work with congress. that, or perhaps -- and this is a name that i actually haven't heard floated before, but somebody like a kond lerice. had done all these other things in addition to being a congressperson from texas. it was an unusual pick, but one that really helped him and showed how serious he was about being an effective president. i think that republican
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lawmakers are really looking at who will be that vice presidential choice, somebody who can work with them and is proven to work with them and get things done. or is it going to be somebody who has been a committee chairman? it's just unclear. >> let's get to discussion, james, about the trump university documents that are now going to be released as a result of your paper, the "washington post's" question. what are we going to learn? >> that's one of the reasons we went to court. i think there's a lot we don't know about trump university. there are a lot of unanswered questions about how involved exactly donald trump was, to what degree he sanctioned some of this activity that has prompted all of these class action lawsuits, raising questions about over promising and under delivering. and i think this trump university really is a window into donald trump, the way he does business, the way that he has made his money. and i think kind of looking at the sausage making process there
9:17 am
is going to be really valuable. up to now, all we've really seen is from the court documents the pitches and the testimonials. trump recorded a lot of videos saying you're going to get rich if you do this. this is going to be the back end, talking about how they put those videos together with what trump was saying in meetings. whether this was something where he sort of said you can take my name as long as i get a cut of it or if he was very hands on in terms of coming up with the way they were marketing it and the way they were doing the curriculum. >> thanks so much. good to see you both. the outrage some americans feel when it comes to donald trump using the name pocohontas. it's funny that i've been in the news for being a dad. windows 10 is great because i need to keep organized. school, grocery shopping. my face can unlock this computer.
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. she seems to have made it her job -- >> who, pocahontas? look, she is -- >> very offensive. >> oh, i'm sorry about that. pocahontas. is that what you said? >> one of those sorry, i'm not sorries. that was donald trump exchanging words with a native american reporter. joining me now from washington, a native american advisor to the sanders campaign. she is also the national campaign's director for honor the earth. i'm very glad to have you here. thanks for joining me. i'd like you to characterize pocahontas. >> it's a really reducktive way to refer to native american
9:22 am
women. it's not a happy story. and using that as just kind of a general term to call a native american, it's incredibly offensive. it's reducing an entire race of people to one character that we associate with disney, i mean, at this point. >> yeah. i was about to say it's not exactly a disney movie story. let's talk about the reactions you've heard. have you heard any to that insult to your community? >> absolutely. we know that native american women are likely to be rain rap their lifetimes. so many of our women are either subject to violence, disappear or are murdered. this is a significant issue in our community. violence against women is a very serious problem. so to see this kind of hyper sexualized pocahontas, it just contributes to the overall problem. >> has hillary clinton expressed enough support for native
9:23 am
americans. >> she usually used the term off the reservation. it refers to a time in which native americans were confined to the reservation and unable to leave and therefore when they'd go off the reservation, that would be a scary thing. publicly on her twitter he said that it was wrong but didn't publicly apologize. i question that. >> is that why you're supporting bernie sanders? >> my support for bernie sanders has a lot to do with his environmental policies and just overall integrity. as a young voter i looked at bernie sanders and was a long time hillary supporter and saw a man that had had the same positions throughout his entire career and one that was absolutist when it came to environmental issues and was a long time champion of social justice and had continued to advocate even when they were unpopular back in the day.
9:24 am
>> how much do you think your opinions are reflected throughout the native american community as a whole? >> we've seen incredible support for bernie sanders throughout indian country. he has met with tribal leaders, has included people like myself in the campaign. he has made every effort possible to really includes native american voters and make sure that every voice is being heard and really showing his integrity. that is why so many of us are supportive of him. >> if hillary clinton were to be the nominee, would native americans rally behind her to defeat donald trump? >> i can't speak for native america. i know there is significant support for hillary clinton throughout indian country. i have not seen much support for donald trump throughout indian country as all. he's made some disparaging comments beyond the pocahontas comment. if you look back at his track record with native american, he testified on capitol hill against native americans
9:25 am
regarding casinos and said, quote, these indians don't look like indians to other indians, right, so questioning the authenticity of the native americans on the panel with him simply because they didn't look like what he expected native americans to look like. >> how worried are you about a divided democratic party essentially playing right into the hands of the gop and donald trump? >> we tend to be unified. but at the same time i've also seen someone like bernie sanders show that we are tired of the establishment, that we are not going to vote the status quo, we're not going to fall into line. so this has been an awakening for a lot of people across the country that we have a voice and that we have power. and regardless of super delegates, there are still thousands and thousands of people showing support for candidate that we truly believe
9:26 am
in. whether or not he becomes the nominee, this has been very pau powerful for the voters. >> he tried to point out that senator warren tried to get into harvard based on being part native american. >> i think he was referring to when she was a professor at harvard, she claimed native american ancestry. to me, the issue -- yes, i think it is problematic that she claims the history without having any real understanding of it. people are willing to claim the identity without actually living the experience. that said, trump is using this as like we're the brunt of a joke. he's using an entire demographic as a talking point, as a way to get at somebody.
9:27 am
that's completely unacceptable. we're not a joke. it's not a joke to be native american. it's not a joke to make us into something that you use to stab another political candidate. >> how powerful do you think the sense is for members of the indian nation there to get out there and vote? do you find there's going to be a strong path to the polls? >> yeah. we do have significant issues when it comes to accessing to actual polls themselves. our reservations, a lot of native americans that are on reservation live in remote areas and it can be difficult to get to the polls. there is a movement called native vote that makes sure that native american voices are heard and that our votes are counted just like everyone else. >> thank you very much for the conversation. i appreciate it. watching in horror, a mother
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love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. new video from cincinnati of a 4-year-old boy trapped in a gorilla enclosure at the zoo. at one point the 17-year-old silverback dragged that boy through the water. you can even hear screams to the boy to stay calm as his mother called 911. the zoo's director says the only option to save the child was to shoot the gorilla dead. >> we've never had a situation like this at the cincinnati zoo where a dangerous animal needed to be dispatched in an emergency situation. the team did a good job and they made a tough choice and the right choice, because they saved that little boy's life. it could have been very bad. >> the little boy was taken to the cincinnati children's hospital with serious injuries,
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welcome back, everyone. i'm alex witt here at msnbc world headquarters in new york. hiydrigh drama. the leading contender standing with you, tony. take it away. >> reporter: alex, it's pandemonium here, very very close vote on the first ballot pass the present nomination, the delegates are spilling out of the room and arguing amongst themselves. gary johnson here, i want to get your reaction. how do you feel about falling
9:36 am
short on the first ballot? >> hey it's up for grabs and it still is. you move onto the second ballot and we'll see what happens. >> reporter: it doesn't sound like a very confident response. >> there's never been any confidence here. i hope to be the nominee. i really do think that i could be elected president. >> reporter: what's your pitch to delegates to bring them over to your side at this late stage? >> at this point, which candidate has the best chance to actually take this message forward and which candidate has the best chance to potentially be elected president. >> reporter: it seems like a battle here between purity of libertarian principalipleprinci. how do you deal with that? >> well, all you do is just continue -- i say the same thing regardless of my audience, whether it's democrats, whether it's republicans, whether it's libertarians. you know what, it never fits in just right anywhere.
9:37 am
that's okay. this is a general election and look i'm not a polarizing guy. >> reporter: i don't think this really bodes that well for your vice president nomination which follows the presidential nomination process, whole separate vote, bill weld, if you can't take it on the first ballot, what chance does he have? >> it is a process. and like i say, bill weld and i both are used to this. there's a broad based appeal to what we're saying. and with regard to libertarianism i'd like to think we are very very libertarian. i've always described ourself as such. >> reporter: if bill weld doesn't win the nomination as your vice president on a separate ballot, will you drop out of the race? >> first of all, without bill weld being on the ticket, i think it's a big handicap. no weld on the ticket, i don't think i get elected president of the united states. >> reporter: why run if you don't have bill weld? >> that's a question that has to get answered if that really
9:38 am
happens. >> reporter: it's possible if bill weld doesn't win the vp slot next to you, you could drop out. >> it's not the strongest ticket moving forward. you train and you do the best that you possibly can and why go forward or -- the point is, do your best. just do your best. that's the pitch i'm going to make if i'm the nominee. you can see i may not even be the nominee. >> reporter: thank you very much. keeping a good attitude. >> tony, can you hear me? gary's a good friend to us here. can you ask a question of him? okay. here's my question. kevin mccormick, he was in the ballot running. he got nine delegates in this first vote. he is out. if gary gets those nine delegates, he wins. is gary going to go and try and court those delegates right now before the next vote?
9:39 am
>> reporter: our host in new york alex witt is wondering if you're going to try and court kevin mccormick's delegates. >> alex is giving us too much credit to know who those nine people were and how they voted. it's a process. lighten up, everybody. it's okay. >> reporter: really a battle between pure libertarian principles -- they love him. he does have fans here. we'll keep you posted. >> we look forward to it. it's very much of a raucous convention here. let's bring in steve lawn again. you are shaking your head and smiling. what is that about? >> that was pathetic. let's lighten up. come on, that was so weak. why is gary johnson so adamant about having a proabortion running mate for vice president? i respect a lot about the libertarian party but they're
9:40 am
not going anywhere with this tick ticket. >> why not? don't you think they could at least play spoiler. and who would they spoil the most? >> i'm waking up every morning looking to find a reason that i as a conservative can support donald trump. like many people in the republican party, i haven't found that reason yet. i am not a hillary clinton supporter. i'm not a gary johnson supporter. but i'm a conservative first and republican second. right now the problem facing the republican party is that donald trump is continuing to alienate deserves by doing things like attacking susanna martinez this week, add tattacking ted cruz. i'd like to think come the convention we have a conservative candidate for president. i don't know if that's the case yet. >> how about former presidential candidate senator marco rubio saying donald trump is the best choice left to republicans.
9:41 am
let's listen. >> everyone here in this very unusual year is going to have to make their own choice moving forward. in my view, i know this. despite all my differences with donald trump, i have a better chance to get a conservative nominated to the supreme court with him than i ever will with hillary clinton. >> how about that logic? does that make sense to you? >> i can't speak for marco, but i don't know what happened to the term honor. after the way he was attacked and called little marco, you'd think he would just keep his mouth shut. conservatism has a real problem right now. we've been set back on our heels very much by the failures of people like mitch mcconnell. we see that backlash against the republican party by the nomination of donald trump, who himself is not a deserve. the number one thing conservatives need to do right now is regroup under the vision of a man like a william buckley,
9:42 am
who we no longer have, and elect good solid conservatives to the senate and congress. if we do that we'll be able to control hillary clinton if she gets the election or persuade donald trump to govern as a conservative. >> let's talk about what you were referring to with regard to william weld and the fact he has supported abortion. ted cruz is going to pressure donald trump to adhere to the party plat form on abortion. what's this indicate? what's senator cruz going do do with donald trump over deserve issues at the convention? >> force donald trump to take a stand. trump comes out and says he wants to water down the republican platform. i have a litmus test for candidates. i don't support proabortion candidates. that's a key part of the republican party platform. come convention time that republican party platform is
9:43 am
going to be up for debate. what people forget is the republican party is not about annointing one man. it's about the principles of the party. that's what this is going to be all about and that's what ted cruz is talking about. >> you are a conservative first and a republican second. >> yes, i am. >> does that mean that you won't be able to vote for donald trump if he doesn't amend his platform? would you just not vote? >> i would just not vote. i'm not supporting hillary clinton but i would just not vote. i want donald trump to become a conservative. i'm going to work hard in my own little way, the way i can through the conservative pac in the weeks to come to make donald trump a conservative, to try and per sasuade him of the experien of conservative. hopefully we'll succeed at that. but if we don't, i'm not voting. >> we'll see you again, no
9:44 am
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an expert allstate agent. it's good to be in, good hands. earlier this week, manifort came under fire. let's bring in a republican strategist. also morris reed, democratic strategist and partner at
9:48 am
mercury. susan let's talk to you first as a female republican voter. would you see it as pandering if donald trump were to choose a woman as vp? >> absolutely not. there are plenty of qualified women who would definitely fit the bill as vp choice. >> morris, give me a name. who do you think trump could choose a as a running mate to make him a bit more palatable to the skeptics. >> i have no idea. perhaps he'll have to choose a nontraditional person, maybe someone from the military, someone from the business community. i think it will be very difficult to select someone. i think he'll go through four or five choices before he gets to one. >> do you think that's his biggest problem, that it's going to be hard for him to get
9:49 am
someone to accept being his running mate? >> yeah, i think so. i think this is going to be very challenging for him. some of the things he's said are going to come back to haunt him. the positions and attacks that he may have used in the primary process will not work and i think that's going to alienate quite a few people. i can't see a woman getting on the ticket the way he treated carly fiorina, some of the things he said about minority groups. it will be interesting to see who decides to tag along to this band wagon. >> i think the recent polls probably has eased some suspicion some potential candidates would have about trump. we could be surprised with some kind of insider/outsider pick like a scott brown. no one's mentioned him yet but i think he's a strong possibility. he seems to fit the cast, if you will, for a donald trump presidency. >> first time we've heard that. >> when you think about it, if
9:50 am
you are a traditional candidate, it is very risky to hitch your wagon to donald trump. if he loses -- >> morris, don't you think if you're a current politician it's hard. >> if you have the desire to live in the public domain going forward, whether that be elected, appointed, it would be very difficult. you're taking a gamble. this guy may win, he may not win. i think there's more down side risk if you plan to be in the public eye hitching your bandwagon to him. >> in california bernie sanders went on the attack again against donald trump. let's take a listen. >> every poll that has been published in the last two months, including one here in california the other day, has us beating donald trump and beating him by big numbers. not only will we defeat donald trump, we will defeat him badly.
9:51 am
>> susan, sanders is right about the polls. he's consistently beaten trump in general election matchups by ten points and more, besting hillary clinton's numbers against him. how do you explain that? >> well, because he hasn't been beaten up the way hillary clinton has over the years. and donald trump right now is at this point is the republican candidate. he's the presumptive nominee. bernie sanders is far from that and he just hasn't been able to -- he hasn't taken the punches, frankly, that donald trump has. >> that may be, though, about bernie sanders not taking the punches that hillary clinton has let's say over the last quarter century. but is there anything to indicate that he would take more punches between july and november? >> yes, absolutely. if you look at the way donald trump has gone after hillary clinton, change the name in and put bernie sanders there and i think you're going to see the republican party gather around and start going after him very hard, yes, absolutely.
9:52 am
>> morris, let's talk about a clinton/sanders ticket. what do you think? >> i don't think it will be a ticket. i'm not for sure if that is a winning ticket although bernie sanders is doing fabulous right now. you know, a week, a day, a month in politics is a lifetime. things change quite a bit. here's what i do predict, bernie sanders will have a very proactive, positive impact on the campaign going forward, whether he's on the ticket or not. he's been able to galvanize and reach a population that as of right now is disenchanted with hillary clinton. so whether he's on the ticket or not, i think he will have a positive role and he will be involved from here until november. >> can we talk logistics though. trump is boasting about the small size of his operation. he's got 70 staffers in contrast to clintons 732. can that carry him through a general election? >> no.
9:53 am
he desperately needs the help of the rnc. what was particularly troubling about him going after susanna martinez is she's the head of the republican governors' association. scott walker had to come out and support her. donald trump needs a lot of help. he needs to be building bridges, not burning them. >> morris, you've got clinton's operation that is so much bigger than trumps but she's losing ground in the general election polls. >> she has to change her narrative. the voters have to buy into an aspirational message. and they have to see theirat yo are a person who's going to be able to promote a future that they can buy into. although we're in the primary, we need to start to move to a
9:54 am
clai clarion message. people can buy and see their future as part of what the candidate is talking about. the narrative needs to change and needs to change quickly because we're running out of time. >> thanks, guys. in the next hour, reimagining an american classic. why the remake of the roots miniseries is so important. americans... ... 83% try to eat healthy. yet up 90% fall short in
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