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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 29, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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real is touching a ray. amazing is moving like one. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there is only one place where real and amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing and a very good sunday to you. i'm richard lui at msnbc
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headquarters in new york. at this hour for you, donald trump makes his pitch to america's veterans speaking at the annual rolling thunder rally in washington. >> so are we going to rebuild our military and we're going to take care of our veterans. >> well, that comes as a judge in the trump university class-action lawsuit orders the release of internal documents that trump's lawyers argued should remain sealed. delegates to the libertarian party have just selected their presidential nominee. can that party sell now gary johnson as a viable alternative to hillary clinton and donald trump? plus, we've got questions about how far bernie sanders is willing to go to help elect hillary clinton if she clinches the democratic nomination. >> but if your question is do i think that secretary clinton is significantly a better candidate for america than donald trump, that's not a debate. of course that's true. >> donald trump spoke about veterans issues at the rolling thunder motorcycle rally earlier this afternoon. it's an annual event held as a
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tribute to pows and missing americans in action. >> thousands of people are dying. hard to believe even. our vets, our most cherished people, thousands of people are dying waiting in line to see a doctor. that is not going to happen anymore. if there's a wait, we're going to give the right for those people to go to a private doctor or even a public doctor and get themselves taken care of. >> kelly o'donnell was there listening to the entire rally. live with us from washington. kelly, as you have been reporting, the question there for donald trump is how would he resonate with the issues of p.o.w.s based on comments he made before and john mccain? >> reporter: well, richard, i talked to some of those who were here and saw donald trump in person, but are also part of the rolling thunder rally.
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just anecdotedly, they didn't express anger over those comments or the fact that he did not serve in uniform. there were some protesters that were here who pointed out donald trump had the option to not serve in vietnam, taking a deferme deferment. there are a range of issues when it comes to reactions to donald trump. this was not a campaign event. yet it sounded quite a lot like one of his typical rallies. he touched on topics that went beyond concerns that are directly related to veterans and military service, but he hit those themes hard. at the same time, he also took a chance to go after hillary clinton and to talk about issues like trade and immigration, things that have fueled his campaign all along. this is not typically a political event. although there are always political overtones when you're talking about an event that is staged to honor and to remember those who served in vietnam, the organization feeling they were
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not treated well when they returned to the u.s., and ongoing questions about prisoners of war or those left behind in vietnam. there is a current of anger and frustration that's always been a part of this event. more than 25 years, it has evolved into a commemoration that expands more into memorial day. trump was swooping in to be a part of that. he commented on the fact that he thought there would be many more people in attendance. his participation was not announced publicly far enough in advance like a normal campaign would be. there was a requirement for secret service for an event that does not typically require that level of security. people that had backpacks were not going through some of the mags. there were thousands here earlier, but perhaps not the crowd he expected. he talked to a number of people
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who said they wanted to support him and traveled some distance to be part of an event where he would be. a real range of reactions. we did not see any strong protest against trump at this particular park where he was sort of close up. but as he does, trump brought kind of the spectacle of his campaign to rolling thunder on memorial day weekend. richard? >> what a great tradition it is as all those harley davidsons and other makes make their way down the nation's capital. what a great day to do it. thank you so much for that. i appreciate it. meanwhile, a federal judge ordering the release of internal trump university documents over the last 24 hours. they are related to an ongoing lawsuit against the company. here's what trump had to say the day before the judge took action. >> i have a judge who is a hater
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of donald trump, a hater. he's a hater. his name is gonzalo curiel, and he is not doing the right thing. i'm getting railroaded by a legal system that frankly they should be ashamed. the judge who happens to be, we believe, mexican, which is great. i think that's fine. >> joining me is o'brien murray and marcela garcia. he's made many comments about mexicans, the association with rapists. in this case, he is identifying the judge in this case as mexican when the judge was actually born in indiana and is
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of latino descent. >> absolutely. he's really just trying to attack the judge's character when in a way he is trying to deflect the attention. and his supporters love it, of course, because that's what his candidacy is based on, this hate hatred of mexicans. the real issue here is a very legitimate interest, public interest, in this trump university case that will probably prove that it was all a fraud. >> react to this. there are many reasons why you support trump. when he says the word mexican, why is that relevant here? >> i don't think the word mexican is relevant. the real issue is him going after a judge. there are stacks of clips up
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here of people that don't like a judge. >> why did he need to say that? what's the point? >> he wants to say them. it's not the filter. he just goes off and says these things and moves on. >> not something necessarily you would advise him to do. >> yeah. that's donald being donald. donald says things he wants to say. not that they're right, but just says them. >> talking about trump university, there was one person who was critical of trump university. this is sherry simpson. she is a woman who ended up paying over $38,000 for a trump university program. she spoke to usa today. this is what she said. watch first. >> the whole pitch was trump. it was all trump. when you walked into the initial seminar, big signs, trump
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university. his name was predominant. his face was predominant. immediately after signing up, i went home and i tried to get access. i went online and i started pulling some videos and they were five years old. i was never able to reach anybody. i had to leave messages all the time. what i signed up for, which was somebody to hold my hand and teach me how to do this, didn't materialize at all. >> there's a group of ads like this. it was funded by a group who has been putting out attack ads against trump. will this begin to eat away at claims of trump being a good business person? it doesn't seem to be showing up as of yet. >> it totally should. it totally should worry the republican establishment and his supporters. his whole business records deserves a lot more scrutiny.
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just today, the boston globe had a story looking at trump airlines, which also shows a troubling pattern. the airline as a business venture crashed. again, it really should worry or be of concern to his supporters because it shows -- >> i want to get to the playbook in the time that we've got here. then i'll get your suggestion about how he might handle this better. the playbook for trump university, the strategy behind what they should do, is they went out and sold the educational opportunity. it said here in the playbook that was obtained, quote, the university playbook has dozens of pages devoted to seing attendees on more trump courses. we want to dictate what they do, the playbook says. if you move quickly and give students a sense of urgency to
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register, they will move quickly. >> hillary clinton in an ig's report from barack obama's administration, hillary says it is attacks on the far right, the right-wing conspiracy. that's not the vast right-wing conspiracy. barack obama's own ig, inspector general, has come after hillary clinton. you pivot. you don't answer it. you move on. this is an old story that has been out here not just in the primary, but in new york papers forever and the boston globe story about the shuttle is an old story. you're talking about a guy who has been in business for decades. >> you're saying don't answer any of these accusations? >> there's nothing to answer there. these are people that are disgruntled. there are judges and juries that can take care of this. let it run its course and move on. >> i think people should judge for themselves. they deserve the full story and not just allegations. they deserve to see the real -- all the documents associated
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with this lawsuit, and this deserves a lot more scrutiny whether they're old stories and their merit. the public deserves to know and the public should judge for themselves. >> you both have a good rest of your sunday. breaking news out of houston. a shooting has rocked the city's west side. all eight people have been shot. at least one victim died, found shot to death in their vehicle. police confirming at least one suspect is dead and another suffered gunshot wounds, but is in custody. a fire at a nearby gas station was also sparked by gunfire in that shooting. as of right now, no motive is known for the shootings. it is looking like a very wet memorial day weekend so far. this picture shows the southbound lanes of i-95. they've been shut down because of high water, up to 8 inches of rain falling so far. more flooding is expected this afternoon as well.
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the weather channel's dave malkoff joins us from south carolina. how does it look there right now, dave? >> reporter: well, richard, it has cleared out the atmosphere here. but since the storm came on shore at about 8:30 this morning, it has caused a flooding nightmare for parts of charleston, mostly in the northwest part of the city where the firefighters spent the morning and early afternoon pulling cars out of flooded neighborhoods. it was a massive effort to get those cars out of there and that water has since dissipated. on i-95, they have that detour for the southbound lanes for a ten-mile stretch of that major highway. not only do they have the highway flooded, but the surface streets that they're rerouting people onto, well, there's a river that runs near those surface streets. they're monitoring the levels on that river to make sure that
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that river is not going to overflow onto the surface streets. then you'll have the highway flooded and the detour flooded at the same time. talk about a travel nightmare on this big holiday weekend. people up and down the carolinas have been planning for this for months, possibly a year in advance. there was a big biker rally that actually had to get postponed and moved away from the path of the storm here in south carolina. now it's moving to north carolina, and it will continue on its slow path as it breaks apart later on this week. >> thank you so much for that live report. appreciate it. right now, the libertarian party is meeting to pick its presidential ticket. the favorite to win though now considering some options because he could not seal the deal on the first ballot. hey you wanna go for a ride? we showed these everyday experts... i'm a police officer. paramedic. the value of nissan's... [safety beeping] intelligent safety shield technologies. whoa!
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well, the libertarian party has picked its presidential nominee. former new mexico governor gary johnson, who also ran for president in 2012, won the libertarian nomination today at the party's convention in orlando. voting is now under way to choose johnson's running mate. with historic unfavorability of the republican and democratic nominee, johnson could have an opportunity to make an impact in a general election. nearly half of all voters said they would consider a third-party candidate over the alternative of donald trump and hillary clinton. we have been covering it from the libertarian convention in orlando. it's a little bit quieter. now as they try to decide on who is going to be his number two.
1:19 pm
and who might that be? >> reporter: that's right, richard. looks like it is going to be bill weld. he's the former gop governor of massachusetts, but it's not assured. the voting is under way right now. a lot of people are paying attention to the libertarian party for the first time. they're really about personal freedom, personal responsibility, tolerance for all. you can see a little bit different than a typical political party. you can bring in a beer if you like. these people are about personal responsibility above all. last night johnson and also weld laid out a bit more of their beliefs. when you hear those beliefs, you can begin to game this out and look at which traditional party are likely to lose more votes from a weld/johnson ticket. right now, it looks like the republican party. it's a simple matter of policies. democrats who don't like hillary or bernie, they may be attracted
1:20 pm
by a drug legalization approach, but they don't believe in manmade climate change, minimum wage. democrats are unlikely to be attracted to them for that reason. on the republican side, they are against taxation and minimum wage. they don't want gun control. these are things for people who find donald trump distasteful for whatever reason, they might vote libertarian in this election. a 5% or 6% swing, that could be enough to really change the outcome of this election in november. people are already saying if hillary is the nominee on the democratic party, the libertarians could be her insurance policy. >> one of the conversations you had with gary johnson earlier, he said don't takes things too seriously. i was kind of waiting for him to say just hang-ten or something like that. can he pull off the votes based on his approach, his bedside
1:21 pm
manner? >> reporter: you are absolutely correct to point that out. there's kind of a push and a pull here. the push to gary johnson could be people's dislike for donald trump and potentially for hillary clinton. it's not necessarily gary johnson pulling people to him with his sheer charisma. his campaign slogan is be libertarian with me. it's a notion. get on board if you want. not traditional politics at all. there are some people, i think, who will be joining him. back to you. >> and have a beer while you're at it. he may have a beer now himself. thank you so much, my friend. up next, the legislation that would force donald trump to release his taxes. we'll talk to the man who introduced that bill, democratic senator ron widen. hmmmmmm..... [ "dreams" by beck ]
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next, a tropical depression pounds the southeastern coast on this holiday weekend. new information on the storm's strength and direction. bernie sanders fight for california. his latest comments on whether he is willing to unite the democratic party if hillary clinton is nominated. [safety beeping] intelligent safety shield technologies. whoa! like forward emergency braking that could stop your car for you. save even more with holiday bonus cash this memorial day, during nissan's safety today event. for a limited time, save up to $1,500 on the 2016 nissan rogue with $500 memorial day bonus cash. where can i buy it? sign me up! shop your local nissan store and today. ♪ every ingredient is the main ingredient. the new green goddess cobb with avocado, bacon, freshly made dressing, tomato... and chicken. at panera. food as it should be.
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something that makes me happy my name is roger zapata and i'm a usaa member for life. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. these next nine days will go a long way here in determining if donald trump will take on a united or divided democratic party. hillary clinton hanging on to a two-point lead in california ahead of the june 7th primary within the margin of error. democrats are growing more worried about a growing division in the general election. chris walker is following the latest developments in the democratic race for us. >> reporter: that's right. senator sanders defiant today on "meet the press" saying he is very much focused on one thing,
1:29 pm
clinching his own party's nomination. he has been barn storming california. he would need to win a vast majority of the votes in california. he is saying that is going to be steep, but it is possible. at the same time, he was asked about party unity, he pointed the finger at secretary clinton. he said that's her responsibility. take a look at what he said. >> at the end of the day, whether it is secretary clinton or bernie sanders or donald trump or anybody else, the way you gain support is through the candidate himself or herself. my job is to make sure that trump does not become president and i will do that. if secretary clinton is the nominee, it is her job to reach out to millions of people and make the case. >> but you just said you want to do whatever it takes to stop him. you don't believe you need to be out there telling your supporters you may not be happy with hillary clinton, but she's better than him? >> no question about that. no question about that.
1:30 pm
>> interestingly, senator sanders didn't rule out being secretary clinton's v.p. pick, but he said if it is not him, she should pick a progressive. expect him to spend the next few days campaigning very vigorously in california. hillary clinton will be participating in a memorial day parade in chappaqua. richard? >> thank you so much for that, kristen welker. let's bring back my guests. we'll start with you here. you heard bernie sanders saying this is up to secretary clinton now to bring the party together. does he not also have a role in this? it certainly would appear so given the traction he's had so far. >> sure. he has an incredible role to
1:31 pm
play here because as the question was asked to him what are you talking to your supporters about. what are you turning them in terms of the pivot they're probably going to need to make in a few days because it looks like she'll clinch the nomination probably with the new jersey primary? number two, he is running a candidate against the chair of the national party in her home state of florida. i'm curious to see how that actually helps the party unity at a time where we need her, we need the party to be together. it is not just about electing the president of the united states. >> basically what bernie sanders is saying is i want a voice in the platform as we move forward in what the democratic party stands for. what he's saying, is that not relevant, that it is up to secretary clinton to bring him in and say you are important,
1:32 pm
your platform is important, and therefore, yes, it is up to you? >> absolutely. both really have to really look outward and look at the real threat, which is obviously the candidacy of donald trump and republicans. look how quickly republicans are starting to fall in line. why can't democrats do the same thing? there's an old saying that goes that democrats fall in love while republicans fall in line. we're looking at that right now. we're seeing that happen. marco rubio has hinted he is going to support trump. democrats continue to still be divided what role does sanders play going forward. does clinton bring him in or is it the other way around? i think it is time to move past that and just focus on the threat. the sooner the better. >> right. those who would want that sort of group hug would agree with what you're saying, but there's the issue of math.
1:33 pm
hillary clinton not on the road, not on the trail yesterday or today. back out there tomorrow. bernie sanders working a busy, busy weekend here so far, at least in comparison. but isn't this good for the party? isn't it good he's out there, if you will, tying that knot on this left of center democratic voting group? >> well, look, there's a school of thought that says yes, you're absolutely right. as long as he is out there and engaged and encouraging and motivating his supporters to stay involved, stay engaged through the summer, through the general election, that that only helps us. that's true if it happens in that way. >> do you agree then? do you check it off and say i agree with that idea or you don't agree with that idea? >> i think the idea is fine as long as he does what chuck todd was alluding to. do you pivot your language and
1:34 pm
messaging so you're not out there targeting her, but you're taking some of the burden as well? i think we need to see the moment where he says you were all out there for me. now let's be behind her. >> will that pivot be after california and new jersey because you want everybody who has registered to vote? they're probably going to vote come november as well. >> correct. whether that happens after california or before, i think the point is that, you know -- the danger though is that he like -- that he doesn't really encourage his supporters to support clinton. there are a ton of sanders supporters who would vote for trump in the general election rather than vote for hillary. the onus is on him to really, really encourage his supporters to support the democratic nominee, which will be hillary
1:35 pm
clinton. again, with the timing, i guess, at this point, it really isn't about the timing. i think it is about the message he needs so send to his supporters and just the danger. >> ten seconds. >> i would just say if you remember hillary clinton in the position that she was in 2008, she came out and made a fantastic speech that you united everybody behind barack obama. >> it happened before. >> he needs to do a similar speech. >> that's a whole new chapter once we get into that phase. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thank you. the irs has said there's nothing precluding you in the rules from releasing your tax returns. >> until my audit is finished, you're not going to see anything. you can't learn much from taxes. >> what is your tax rate? >> it is none of your business. you'll see it when i release it.
1:36 pm
>> trump refusing to release his tax returns. none of your business, as you heard there. the presumptive nominee claiming ongoing audits from the irs prevent him from disclosing his returns. trump also claiming voters are not interested in his tax findings and there is nothing to learn from them. one lawmaker says presidential candidates should release their tax returns. joining me now my guest. why does this need to happen? it's been a tradition going back some -- 1976 that nominees release their tax returns. why do you need to create a law that probably doesn't have a path forward? >> first of all, the american people have had for almost 40 years an expectation of
1:37 pm
transparency. and when you have a presidential nominee flaunt his disregard for that expectation, then in fact it seems to me you ought to have a law. i wish i didn't have to offer this bill, but it seems to me this is about the public's right to know. this has been an expectation of every presidential nominee for almost 40 years. i think the public has a right to this kind of information, which really shines a light on a nominee's personal integrity. >> senator, do you believe at the end of the day that donald trump will or will not release his tax returns regardless of this law passing or not? >> it is hard to really make an educated guess. at one point, he said he would. at another point, he said he would after the audits were done. there's no legal prohibition on him releasing the returns. then, of course, he said at one
1:38 pm
point it's none of your business to some in the press. what i want to do now is make sure that something that all democrats and all republicans have done for almost four decades is comply with. >> as you know here, tax returns are private information. it is protected by law from unauthorized disclosure. why do you think you need to learn something from it and what is it you think you might learn? >> well, first of all, when you run for president, you're doing it voluntarily. you're not being forced to do it. we're talking about an expectation. we're talking about something that is voluntary and nobody is acting outside the norm. what you would learn, for example, is does the nominee even pay taxes. does the nominee park money offshore? is a nominee involved in fancy games, for example, that nobody
1:39 pm
who is middle class could possibly get? it is a real periscope into someone's integrity. when you run for president, you're basically part of a really long job interview. instead of somebody boasting or making one claim or another, the public's got a right to know the facts and that's what the texax return offers. >> bernie has only released one year. is your thought one year is enough to be released? >> my proposal calls for three. suffice it to say, a lot of people think perhaps you ought to offer even more. i think three would at least give some commitment to the expectation that we've had for almost 40 years, since watergate. >> as a democrat, many would say senator wyden, this is a partisan move to try to help the
1:40 pm
democratic nominee in this case. when you look at the numbers, if they do come out, what will you do with them? >> first of all, this is not about party politics. this is about something all democrats and all republicans have done for almost 40 years. i've been one of the leaders in the effort of the united states senate to promote transparency. for example, expanding the access to the freedom of information act, the disclosure of campaign funds. >> what would you do with those numbers? >> first of all, they would be made available to the american people in accord with an expectation that is almost four decades old. they're going to make their own judgment with respect to how they're going to assess those returns.
1:41 pm
i want they want to have that opportunity as they have had for almost 40 years. >> thank you for being here on a sunday. you have a good one. >> thank you. you as well and your viewers. hundreds of thousands of people going weeks without drinkable tap water. it's not only happening to families in flint, michigan. erin brockovich is going to join me to talk about what needs to be done. (stranger) good mornin'! ♪ (store p.a.) attention shoppers, there's a lost couple in the men's department. (vo) there's a great big un-khaki world out there. explore it in a subaru crosstrek. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. don't let dust and allergies get and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance.
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they're all ruined. help yourself! oh no, we couldn...okay thanks. when you hot dog's kosher, thats a hot dog you can trust. hebrew national. we're following a story out of corpus christi, texas. this is the third time in the past year the city has had a water crisis. joining me now is erin brockovich. erin, thanks for being here. as you know here, it doesn't stop with corpus christi, according to the reports. we're hearing 14 texas cities according to the ap with populations exceeding 100,000 have issued at least one boil water advisory in the last five years. and the group that you are
1:45 pm
working with was just on the ground there. what did you see? >> well, you know, unfortunately it's a situation that we're seeing nationwide. it is certainly exploding in texas. this is a community and people who are frustrated. they're under boil water notices. they're scared. they're not getting information. they're having health effects and a great deal of frustration as to what is happening with their water supply and why it is a can't get clean water. >> what is happening? what is the cause here specifically that you learned in terms of the details? >> the cause is specifically in corpus christi, texas, and other communities in texas and nationwide is the use of chl chlormines. we have to chlorinate our water because it has bacteria in it. it can create a kind of methane,
1:46 pm
which becomes a violation because it is a toxic compound. utilities, rather than follow the regulatory rules through the safe drinking act, have come up with adding ammonia to the system. what we're seeing happening with the chlormines is we're seeing more outbreaks of legionella and e. coli across the nation. >> you know flint, michigan, well. we're talking about towns in texas. how broad of a problem could this become from what you know scientifically? >> it's becoming a huge problem as i sit here today. most states are converting to chlormines, so we're working in at least 25 states currently that are having the same issues that you have seen in corpus christi texas. >> i want play a bit of sound here. the question is what is the
1:47 pm
solution. what sort of laws might need to be in place? what practices need to be in place? what regulations potentially? one of the presidential candidates did speak about that with an idea. we'll play that first and then get your reaction. >> we're overregulated. regulation is even more of a problem for people than the taxes, which surprises me, but they're both problems. we're going to lower taxes very substantially, as you know, for businesses, middle income, for everybody. we're going to allow trillions of dollars to pour into the country that are right now outside this country where companies want to bring it in and they can't. we're going to get rid of the tremendous numbers of rules and regulations. probably 75% of which are absolutely terrible for our country. >> where does regulation fit into the solution of chlormines and the threats that might be upcoming to the towns across the country? >> well, you know, there's many regulations out there for a whole lot of things.
1:48 pm
when it comes to our water supply, i think that's one of the most important things that we have to look at. there are certainly plenty of regulations on the books, but what we need to do is just look at having greater oversight and enforcement of those that are on the books that are there to protect our water supply. that's what we have to look at. that is what's most important. there's been a change to the system, and we're seeing outbreaks everywhere. it is very important whether it be the cdc or the united states epa or safe drinking water act to come back in and look at what regulatory actions they have in place that they can hold up to protect public health and welfare because this is a true crisis. we can't politicize our water. we have to take actions on what are the necessary steps to protect and preserve it so
1:49 pm
everybody is being safe and there's deliverable, potable water in the united states. if we're not doing that, we're third world. >> if there's one state that understands the scarcity of good potable water right now, it's nevada. thank you so much. thank you. coming up, breaking down cultural barriers for lgbtq children in asian american and pacific islander families. next, we'll talk to one of the people responsible for a ground breaking ad campaign called family is still family. i stay a. so i need nutrition... that won't weigh me down. for the nutrition you want without the calories you don't... try boost® 100 calories. each delicious snack size drink gives you... 25 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. and it's available in two new flavors, vanilla caramel and double chocolate fudge. i'm not about to swim in the slow lane. stay strong. stay active with boost®.
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and welcome back. lgbt pride month start this is week in june. one organization launching a multilingual ad campaign with a powerful message. the theme they have, family is still family. it features asian american and pacific islander parents speaking about their love for their lgbtq children. the ads area in eight different languages in an unprecedented
1:53 pm
effort to challenge homophobia. joining me now is one of group's responsible for the ad campaign. when you put this together here, mark, what is it you were trying to communicate that is not wildly known about this group? >> lgbt asian americans suffer in silence. it is great we can get married now, but who will come to the wedding? there's depression. there's suicide. there's family acceptance. we are launching a national ground breaking campaign to bring our store to the fore, where we have asian american parents who have lgbt kids telling their stories of love and acceptance on network television. >> what are some of the assumptions you are trying to overcome based on this intersection of generation within this very large group? >> so many asian americans are here as immigrants.
1:54 pm
the parents think that maybe my kid became gay because we moved to the u.s. or they became lesbian because they went to a u.s. college. >> that the u.s. culture somehow influenced that outcome? >> sure. the popular media images of the lgbt community is not as diverse as america. we want to make sure that we bring our stories and our voices to the fore. >> how are your stories similar to the african-american and the latino american lgbtq communities and how do you work together to talk about these issues? >> sure. when parents accept and support their families and their children, we know that children of color, asian, latino, african-american, can be they true selves, they can be their authentic selves.
1:55 pm
they can achieve anything they want. >> you wrote when it comes to lgbt asian americans, who will come to their weddings? it is about the acceptance of lgbt in families. >> if my mom is watching, it's tough. my parents came from the philippines in the 1960s. coming out was really hard for me. i want to honor my parents. they worked so hard for me. our parents work so hard and sacrifice for so many of us. we want to not bring shame to our families, but we want our parents to love us just as much as everyone else. that is the work that we're trying to do in this family acceptance campaign. >> your mom, i'm sure, is very proud of you. along with the information that you have talked about a lot here, there is this. 2.8% of asian pacific islanders
1:56 pm
who live in the united states identify as lgbtq. they have lower rates of employment and academic achievement than their non-lgbt counterparts. that is something you probably deal with very, very specifically. tell me about as you went through that process how did your mom react. >> she said there are no gays back home, back in the philippines. things have changed back home. the lgbt community has tremendously changed and had developed abroad in asia and in latin america and across the world. so many of our immigrant parents came here in the 60s and 70s and didn't see the cultural change. we're doing that work in the united states right now to change hearts and minds so that the full diversity of the lgbt community is fully recognized. >> thanks for coming by today. have a good pride month ahead as it starts on this wednesday and a good sunday as well. >> thanks so much.
1:57 pm
>> for more on this ad campaign, you can go to nbc news asian america dot-com. that does it for this hour. i'm richard lui. we'll see you next week at the same time. "meet the press" with chuck todd is up next. don't you dare. i don't think so! [ sighs ] it's okay, big fella. we're gonna get through this together. [ baseball bat cracks ] nice rip, robbie. ♪ raaah! when you bundle home and auto insurance through progressive, you get more than just a big discount. i'm gonna need you to leave. you get relentless protection. [ baseball bat cracks ] i'vand i'm doing just fine.ion. allergies. claritin provides 24-hour relief of symptoms that can be triggered by over 200 allergens. yeah, over 200 allergens! with claritin my allergies don't come between me and victory. live claritin clear.
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no. charlene. why is she wearing earrings? why is it a she? shh... at, we always find innovative ways to save. get 15 percent off your first order. this sunday, a rough week for both this sunday, a rough week likely for both nominees. for hillary clinton, it was that report contradicting her statements old and new about her e-mails. >> well, it was allowed and the rules have been clarified since i left. >> for donald trump, it was an unprovoked attack on a popular republican latina governor. >> she's not doing the job. hey, maybe i'll run for governor of new mexico. >> this morning my interview with the only candidate still viewed favorably by the voters, bernie sanders. >> would you take the call if hillary clinton asked you to be her running mate? >> plus,


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