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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 7, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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all right. good morning to you. i'm steve kornacki. we are now 154 days from election day. topping the agenda right now, an historic moment withdelegates.
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nbc news projects hillary clinton has reached the magic number. she is now the presumptive nominee for president of the united states and the first woman in history ever to do this. >> we are on the brink of an historic, historic, unprecedented moment. >> and this morning, after that news, more signs of democrats closing ranks behind clinton. nancy pelosi, the top democrat in the house endorsing clinton just within the last two hours. clinton, we have learned, expected to call her opponent bernie sanders after the returns come in in tonight's big final contest. and that is the key question for democrats right now. what will bernie sanders do? a defiant statement from him last night. a real chance for him to win california. maybe even a few other states today. is he just trying to buy enough time to get through the final
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primaries, or is he trying to fight all the way to the convention. >> let's assess where we are tomorrow before we make statements based on speculation. >> and rounding out the agenda this morning, trump's mess. this morning the head of the party having a conversation with the presumptive republican nominee over those comments he will not back down from about the federal judge hearing the trump university lawsuit. reince priebus, the rnc chairman, we are learning putting a call in to donald trump as fellow republicans continue to slam him. even marco rubio saying essentially, i told you so. trump reiterating his comments have nothing to do with the judge's race. >> mexican or not mexican, i want him to be just -- all i want him to do is give me a fair shake. >> but we're going to begin with our top story. that historic moment the
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democratic race that went longer than anyone at the beginning would have ever imagined now finally wrapping up, at least when it comes to declaring a presumptive nominee. we want to take you through this. there's probably some confusion. after all, yesterday we were telling you hillary clinton's close to the magic number but not over. there were no primaries yesterday. there were no caucuses yesterday. but here we are suddenly saying she's the presumptive nominee. what happened? let me take you through exactly what it is. take a look here. the delegate board for both candidates. two things happened yesterday. number one happened with delegates right here. pledged delegates. these are delegates you actually win in primaries and caucuses. over the weekend, puerto rico had a primary. the voting took a long time to count there. the primary took place on sunday. but yesterday, they were actually still getting new delegate results in from puerto rico. hillary clinton added a few more delegates from puerto rico. that's one thing that happened yesterday. the second thing, you're
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probably hearing a little about this right now, the superdelegates. these are elected officials, party leaders. there's about 700 of them in total who automatically get votes. they are automatically delegates at the democratic national convention. now they're free agents. at any point in time they can come out and say i've looked at it. i've decided i'm with clinton, i'm with sanders. i'm staying on the sidelines. they can say whatever they want whenever they want. a new batch of superdelegates have now told nbc news that they are with hillary clinton. when you add in those new superdelegate commitments from her -- that she has, to the delegates from puerto rico, our count now puts her at 2,384. and the magic number 2,383. that's one over. that makes her the presumptive nominee. i stress that word right there, a lot of sanders supporters out
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there upset by this. i want to stress that word. presumptive. it means based on everything we see in these numbers, the pledge delegates, superdelegates, everything we've seen before, this is customary to do this. we presume that she will be the democratic nominee. it does not mean that's etched in stone. nothing is ever etched in stone until you have the vote at the convention. but based on everything we've seen and know, she's the presumptive democratic nominee. to show you what is up for grabs tonight. here are the poll closing times in the six states voting. here are the delegates up for grabs. hillary clinton just barely over that magic number in our count. look at all these states. bernie sanders could win some of these. he could win the biggest one of them in california. hillary clinton's overall number is barely over 2,383 in our country. after tonight, it will be significantly over that number. that's what happened yesterday. this is what's on tap for
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tonight. with all of this news floating in the air right now, a top spokesman for the sanders campaign calling that projection of clinton as the presumptive nominee a, quote, rush to judgment but still the path to victory for sanders closing very, very quickly. this morning president obama reportedly ready to come off the sidelines, maybe endorse hillary clinton n move on to taking on donald trump. this after a phone call between the president and sanders over the weekend. "the new york times" saying a public clinton endorsement by the president could come as early as tomorrow. nbc's kristen welker is outside clinton campaign headquarters in brooklyn. kristen, that's the most interesting thing here, i think, besides what sanders will do is what will president obama do? is he going to try to blow the whistle after tonight and say the ball game is over? >> well, white house officials say that depends on what happens tonight. and that's why california is so critical, steve, because if
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secretary clinton wins california, then she essentially takes center sanders last remaining argument off the table for staying in this race. but as you point out, we know that president obama has already reached out to senator sanders. the white house being very mum about what happened in that call, but we know senator sanders was somewhat somber after the fact. we also know that president obama thinks this primary process has been competitive. he thinks it ultimately will benefit the democratic nominee. he thinks this has been a good process, particularly compared to the republican process. it's likely he conveyed some of that in his conversation with senator sanders. i am told president obama cannot get out on to the campaign trail fast enough. he's eager to do it, not only to defend his own legacy but to take on donald trump. this is a candidate who has personally offended him. and it was eight years ago today, steve, that secretary clinton conceded to then senator barack obama. they went from having a rivalry to this partnership. she served as his secretary of
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state. the white house emphasizing that he thinks she was one of the befrt secretaries of state in u.s. history. he's eager to get out there and make the case for her. if she wins california, i think it will just be a matter of time before president obama gets out and endorses her. we're being told no matter what happens, that could happen as soon as this week. but, steve, the president is going to be pivotal to unifying this democratic party now deeply divided, particularly when it comes to the younger voters who support senator sanders. he could be the key to getting them on board with secretary clinton in the fall. >> kristen welker outside clinton campaign headquarters. thank you. with me on set, someone who usually works in that building, robby mook, the campaign manager for hillary clinton. i saw a statement you put out after the news media called hillary clinton the presumptive nominee. seemed to indicate you don't want to declare victory until tonight.
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you aren't happy with this call, at least the timing of it. >> this is a huge milestone in the campaign. of course we're happy. what we're really looking forward to is tonight when all of these votes will be cast across six states. we believe that hillary clinton is going to vastly increase her lead in the popular vote, which is very important. but also increase her lead in the pledged delegates and we'll be able to celebrate at that point, the first woman to be nominated by a major party in our history. that's really exciting. >> this is a statement. we heard bernie sanders himself address this. this is from his campaign as soon as that call was made. his campaign said secretary clinton does not have and will not have the requisite number of pledged delegates to secure the nomination. she'll be dependent on superdelegates who do not vote until july 25th, the democratic convention, and can change their minds between now n then. superdelegates are free agents. they say they're for clinton. we can still win them over. we have the summer to do that. what do you say to that? >> there's a tradition in this.
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she is going to be the presumptive nominee tomorrow. and traditionally at that point, the party comes together and unifies. i'm not concerned about this fact. the threat that donald trump presents to our country is enormous. i'm very confident that senator sanders and president obama will all come together to support the nominee. only one superdelegate has flipped their allegiance. that was from senator sanders to secretary clinton. we don't see any superdelegates talking about changing their support. i don't see that as a likely scenario. what's really important moving forward is the millions of voters, the thousands of volunteers and activists that senator sanders and his campaign have brought intoing th this rae a place in the nominee's campaign. this is a team effort. the stakes are very high and we have to come together to make sure the white house remains in democratic hands. >> in 2008, if there's a parallel here it was four days from the end of the primary process in 2008 to when she said
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i'm suspending my campaign and endorsing barack obama. are you expecting a similar timetatime d timetable here from bernie sanders? >> that's for him to decide. he needs to have the time to reach out to his activists and supporters to talk to them about what's at stake and to bring everybody together. this is a two-way street, too. secretary clinton a campaign, our campaign, we need to reach out, invite everybody into this campaign. everyone to come together in common purpose and make sure this country continues to move forward. we all need the time to do that. that's up to senator sanders. but i'm totally confident the stakes are so high, we're all going to come together. >> do you expect the president to be saying something this week? >> we'll see. that's up to him. you know, i'll let his remarks speak for themselves. >> how important is california in terms of the timing on all of this? if bernie sanders wins california tonight, it's probably not going to change that delegate math we just ran through, but does that embolden
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him to stay in this longer? >> as you said, it's not going to change the outcome of the primary. but part of why we've been reserved today and we want to let this process play out is there are so many voters, so many delegates at stake in california. we really want to let them and all six states that are participating today have their voice heard. if people in california, new jersey or any of the other states have not voted, they need to get out and vote today. we'll let that process play out and then celebrate the result whin when it happens. >> robby mook, thanks for the time. coming up, will clinton's clinching of the nomination have an impact on the votes being cast as we vote. six states heading to the polls. the final big primary day. we're going to go live to the garden staat, to new jersey. the polls have been open there for a while now. n up next, donald trump's, quote, mexican judge comments continue to cause problems as more republicans disavow his statements.
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do you regret making it personal with the judge? >> look, i've had very, very unfair decisions. people said this should have gone away a long time ago in summary judgment. i don't care if the judge is mexican or not. i don't care about mexican, but we're being treated very, very unfairly. >> donald trump on fox last night trying to take the focus off the racial aspects of his charges against judge gonzalo curiel, instead arguing he just wants a fair shake in that trial involving trump university. that seemed to be at odds with the story that came out earlier in the day. bloomberg news reporting that in a monday conference call, trump ordered surrogates to step up their attacks on the judge. according to bloomberg, when some of those surrogates said
6:17 am
trump's own campaign told him to dial it back he said, quote, take that order and throw it the hell out. and then last night trump's campaign manager said the whole story is inaccurate. hallie jackson is following all of this from capitol hill. and hallie, also news this morning, potentially of a phone call, a conversation between reince priebus, the chairman of the rnc and donald trump. any idea what kind of message priebus is trying to deliver there and if trump will be receptive to it at all? >> the two of them talk frequently, donald trump and reince priebus. nbc news has learned that the two did talk about trump's comments on judge curiel. whether the message got through to donald trump is a question that remains to be seen given trump's comments over the last 72 hours as this firestorm has erupted not just on capitol hill but throughout the republican party. no members of the gop coming out and backing donald trump on this. he's facing widespread condemnation. that has not changed. as senators and representatives return to capitol hill, we expect to see more reaction.
6:18 am
some has trickled out already in print in broadcast. senator ted cruz with nbc talking about how he believed those comments were inappropriate yet not choosing to say whether he would or would not endorse donald trump at this point. you had senator lindsey graham in "the new york times" saying at some point, the love of country trumps hatred of hillary clinton which is a fascinating quote to unpack there. so you've got reaction coming out. you have donald trump getting it from all sides now that he needs to back off these curiel comments. yet this bloomberg report that he got on the phone with top surrogates. governors, these people that are out there for him, publicly speaking for him in a very high-profile way, saying, forget what my campaign is telling you. listen to what i'm telling you. i spoke with corey lewandowski. he said that story was not accurate. he wouldn't specify which parts but didn't remember the call went down the way some of these
6:19 am
quotes indicated it did. some pushback given a campaign is turmoil is not the message trump wants to send. there's a new instagram post out from trump quoting him saying something like, anybody who thinks my story is over has another thing coming. clearly trump and his team trying to push back against any idea that his campaign may be crumbling. >> hallie jackson on capitol hill, thanks for that. want to bring in former minnesota congressman vin web ealso a campaign adviser to mitt romney in 2008. this was lindsey graham quoted in "the new york times." he said of trump's comments on his statements about this judge. this is the most un-american thing from a politician since joe mccarthy. if somebody was looking for an off-ramp, this is probably it. there will come a time when the love of country will trump hatred of hillary. obviously graham and trump have had their differences but is he hinting at a possibility here of
6:20 am
republicans who have currently rallied around donald trump unendorsing? is that something you can see happening? >> i don't know what's in their mind. i certainly think that's a possibility. i agree with what senator graham said. i think the thing you have to realize is for people like lindsey graham or me and a lot of other republicans, there is really no argument being made for donald trump. even by his strongest supporters. s there an argument being made that we need a republican president. there's an argument being made against hillary clinton, and as a republican and a conservative, those both matter to me, but there's no argument for trump. and he keeps piling up the arguments against trump. and what lindsey graham is saying is, hey, at some point, the good of the country does trump the good of the party and we're getting close to that point with a lot of people. >> what would your advice be? you have these republican -- prominent republicans out there being asked these questions. what do you think of what donald trump said? is it racisracist?
6:21 am
obviously, they don't want to be answering. what is your political advice for them how to handle this? >> they have to focus on our congressional majorities and say, regardless of what our candidate for president does, and i'm going to reserve the right to disagree with him on almost anything, i support our congressional agenda. paul ryan is putting forward an anti-poverty agenda. he's going to unveil other planks in the republican platform. republicans have to try to identify themselves with the congressional wing of the party and emphasize the importance of keeping republican control of the congress because, clearly, they can't have any influence on what donald trump is doing. >> that's the other thing. it's been more than a month since donald trump became the presumptive republican nominee. i picked up a sense, an expectation among republicans there would be some kind of pivot from primary season donald trump to general election mode donald trump. and a lot of surprise that this is where we are in the middle of june. what have the last five, six weeks revealed to you about donald trump and his campaign? >> i've never been a trump
6:22 am
supporter, so the last few weeks have not revealed anything to me that i didn't already know. i mean, donald trump has not been a big "r" republican for very long. he's using the republican party as a vehicle. there's not much evidence that he's using it as a vehicle to achieve the goals that i as a lincoln, regaagan, kemp republican, to quote paul ryan, i've believed in all my life. the old fable of the scorpion and the frog. the frog agrees to take the scorpion across the river because the scorpion promises not to sting him. n then he does sting him. why? because it's in his nature. i listen to republicans that i have great respect for. senator corker on this morning. one of the best leaders in the senate. saying they're just waiting for donald trump to be something different than he is. he's not going to be different than he is. >> vin weber. >> it's in his nature. >> former republican congressman. thanks for the time.
6:23 am
appreciate it. bernie sanders says ignore the media. he says it's a rush to judgment. his declaration that hillary clinton is the presumptive democratic nominee. what is sanders saying when he says that? what's the exact argument he's making, and does he have a point? we're going to unpack all of that straight ahead. what are you doing? getting faster. huh? detecting threats faster, responding faster, recovering faster. when your security's built in not just bolted on, and you protect the data and not just the perimeter, you get faster. wow, speed kls. systems open to all, but closed to intruders. trusted by 8 of 10 of the world's largest banks. prgea manufacturer. well that's why i dug this out for you. it's your grandpappy's hammer and he would have wanted you to have it. it meant a lot to him...
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dad! stop, please. oh, there's tracy. what! [ horn honking ] [ forward collision warning ] [ car braking ] bye dad! it brakes when you don't. forward collision warning and autonomous emergcy braking. available on the redesied passat. all right. it's another big primary day. another big caucus day. six states voting. one of them is new jersey. democratic republican contest in that state right now. the voting is under way. we'll turn to our man in the field in new jersey. he's in ho-ho-kus. set the scene for us, tony. >> the big question this morning, would people show up? hillary clinton late last night named the presumptive nominee by
6:27 am
the associated press and nbc. people are showing up in bergen county. one of the most populous in the state and democratic. if she can unify the party beginning today if she can win big it's going to be because of success in places like this. this is the ho-ho-kus polling place. there are lots of tiny polling stations like this in the state. we've been talking to voters all morning. the clinton people very pleased their candidate seems to be in the process of locking this up but also concerned. they don't like the rhetoric from bernie sanders, the tenac uts. he's willing to take thus all the way to july. we're seeing some arguments develop. the clinton people say she won this fair and square. and it is time to end it. bernie needs to drop out. the bernie people say the opposite. the argument from the clinton people is she's got the popular vote no mart what primary system you set up. bernie would still have fewer delegates. and he's been inconsistent.
6:28 am
he uses to say superdelegates don't count. don't lead them in your calculations. now he's saying in a statement last night his campaign's plan is to reach out to superdelegates and convince them he's the right candidate. those are the contours of the conversation. clinton people saying, bernie, throw in the towel. you've done great work here but it's time to quit. bernie people say it's not over. they like to point into the camera and say, vote bernie. don't quit yet. this is not over in the field, not by a long shot, steve. >> tony, are you hearing anything from any of those democratic voters about this declaration presumptive nominee? maybe there's a backlash? any sense that's a factor here at all? >> it is empowering clinton supporters to say now is the time. bernie sanders backers, please stop it. get your candidate to drop out. write to him.
6:29 am
spread the word. it's time to unify. we don't want donald trump. there's a certain population ever bernie people and i've talked to them who when they hear that, they say, no way. one young man this morning said not only should bernie not drop out. he should perhaps run as an independent. so stick in the race. drop out of the democratic primary but declare himself independence, peel off votes from trump and clinton and make a play. the media can say what it wants to say. in the field, the conversation is far from over amongst voters. >> tony doukopil. new jersey has some of the best named towns. there's like six washingtons in the state, too. the most boring names to the most creative. i love new jersey. tony, thanks for that. coming up, our most important number of the day. bernie sanders says do not listen to the calls that hillary clinton is the presumptive nominee. does he have a point? we'll get into that next. (avo) i've always been a dog person.
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all right. time for headlines at the half. a recall effort has been launched against the california judge who sentenced a stanford university student to six months to jail for raping an unconscious woman after a frat party. judge aaron perskey who also attended stanford is accused of going easy on 20-year-old brock turner. prosecutors have requested a six-year sentence in that case. today the cincinnati zoo reopening the gorilla exhibit more than a week after a gorilla was shot and killed to protect a little boy who had fallen into that enclosure. it will be secured with a 3 1/2-foot barrier. that's a half a foot higher than before. this comes a day after local prosecutors decided not to charge the boy's mother in that incident. donald trump now says he doesn't care whether the judge in his trump university lawsuit is mexican. he insists he just wants to be treated fairly. trump has been facing intense
6:34 am
chris criticism from republican leaders and others. trump said he should recuse himself because of his race. the last day of the 2016 primary season may be a bit anticlimactic for hillary clinton. she has enough to become the presumptive democratic nominee. that said, bernie sanders is insisting to ignore that's call. he says he can still win. hillary clinton should not be called the presumptive nominee. here's the argument he's making right now. >> according to the democratic national committee, what they should not be doing is lumping pledged delegates, i.e., real delegates, with superdelegates who may or may not change their mind but who do not vote until july 25th. so if everybody knows exactly how all the superdelegates are going to vote july 25th, that's great for them, but i don't know
6:35 am
that. >> that's what's bernie sanders is saying. that's why he's saying this is a premature call. does he have a point? it takes us to our number of the day. our number of the day today is zero. why zero? it's going to take a minute to explain this one. first of all, let's take a look here. we always have trouble with this thing. there it is. this is what bernie sanders says is a problem. he says it's a problem when the media lumps together the pledge and superdelegates. that's how hillary clinton gets this 2,384. he's pointing out there's a difference between these kinds of delegates. the pledged delegates are what you get from winning primaries and caucuses. these are etched in stone. you pick these up in the primary season, they have to vote for you at the convention no matter what. the superdelegates, they can change their minds. they have the option of changing their minds until the convention
6:36 am
if they want to. hillary clinton has an overwhelming advantage. these are superdelegates telling us they're voting for hillary clinton. but sanders is saying, look, she'll not hit the magic number of 2,383 with the pledge delegates that are etched in stone since she'll need free agent superdelegates. this is a contested convention through july. theoretically, he does have a point here. here is the problem. the question is what would it take those superdelegates to change their mind? he cannot say he won more pledged delegates and they should honor that result. she'll have the majority of pledged delegates. he can't say he won more popular votes. she's won several million more than him. he can make an electability argument. i'll do better against donald trump than she will. you've heard him saying that's. twice before we've seen a scenario like this. 1984, walter mondale declared the presumptive nominee even though he didn't have the magic
6:37 am
number with pledged delegates. his main opponent gary hart fought it all the way to the convention n said the same things bernie sanders is saying. walter mondale emerged as the nominee. 2008, barack obama did not have the magic number just with pledged delegates. hillary clinton waited four days after the primary season, then gave up. what did hillary clinton in 2008 and gary hart in 1984 have in common? they switched a grand total of zero superdelegates. zero. bernie sanders under this strategy he's outlining would be to switch hundreds of hillary clinton superdelegates after the primary season to win the nomination. and the two times in history we've seen a situation like this a grand total of zero have switched after the primary season. that's where that term presumptive nominee comes from. it's not etched in stone but we presume that hillary clinton has hit that num are about and that's why zero is our most
6:38 am
important number of the day. when we come back, you'll want to stay tuned for this. dan rather is going to join us. going to talk about the challenge democrats face in uniting right now and the challenge they'll face in taking on donald trump in the fall. dan rather joins us live next. a. except that managing my symptoms was ali was doing. and when i finally told my doctor, he said humira is for adults like me who have tried otheredications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. and that in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief. and many achieved remission. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, cling tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have ood, liver, an nervous syst problems, serious alrgiceactions, and new or worsening heart failure. befo treatme, get sted for tb. tellour doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal inftions are common,
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to the vaccine. common side effects were pain, redness or swelling at the injection se, limited arm movement, fatigue, headache, muscle or joint pain, less appetite, chills, or rash. ask your doctor or pharmist about prevnar 13 today. i am the nominee. i have the votes. i clearly have the majority. i am going to be the nominee. >> if this goes to the convention, it won't be decided until the first or later ballots. >> some classic moments from a past democratic race, 1984. walter mondale, the primary has ended. the superdelegates sided with him. he said i'm the nominee. gary hart his challenger said not so fast. does that sound at all familiar? well, after tonight the question for democrats is, will we see a coming together? will bernie sanders throw his support behind hillary clinton? will barack obama come off the
6:42 am
sidelines and formally do the same or will bernie sanders fight this all the way to the convention? joining us now, we're going to have a man who has seen plenty of races like this before. maybe never one exactly like this before, but dan rather is the host of access tv's" the big interview." and dan's special" legends lost" premieres tonight on access tv. an in-depth look at music legends and the puivotal moment from their career. >> thanks for having me, steve. >> we put 1984 up there. that's the last time i think wooefr h we've had somebody in the exact situation bernie sanders is in. a little in 2008 as well. when you look at this race, can you see a parallel? is there something you've seen before that, yeah, i've seen a bernie sanders-like race before? or is this something brand-new? >> certainly our unique aspects to sanders run, we've never had an avowed socialist, democratic socialist get this many votes.
6:43 am
but there's a parallel to 1984 and 2008 which you laid out so very well. it's very hard when candidates have driven so hard in the primaries and caucuses to accept reality. we're now at a point where that old yogi berra saying, it ain't over until it's over, meets the corollary which is, that's true, but when it's over, it's over. for bernie sanders, it's over in terms of the nomination. now the question is, does the party unite behind hillary clinton? and that's an open question. a lot depends on what bernie sanders does over the next 24 to 48 hours and forward. i'm reminded in 1984 when mondale situation and in 2008 with hillary clinton. it's a corollary, and there's a sort of kabuki dance that goes on here. but reminded that overnight is a long time in politics. a week is forever.
6:44 am
a lot of things can happen between now and the conventions. but it's very difficult to see how it would take a cataclysmic event for bernie sanders to go into the convention with very many more votes than he'll have after tonight. the race -- i've been saying for a long while, i'm wrong a lot of the time as you know, steve. i've been saying over the last year, don't underestimate donald trump. donald trump can win this election. now the last few days would give one pause at that because he's running the risk, this is not my opinion, but he's running a risk of being perceived as a narcissistic demagogue. if that tone if he continues the present tone it will change the dynamics of the race. but it's a given, with me at least, donald trump can win this campaign, and his chances of winning will be helped considerably if sanders holds out and keeps holding out and particularly if sanders, when he
6:45 am
finally does support hillary clinton does it sort of halfway. one other point i'd make, while hillary clinton has the nomination, if she should lose california tonight, that means she goes limping forward, rather than taking a big jump forward. and that's also something to watch. >> i guess the other wild card when you talk about sanders and whether his supporters will unite is, are these -- so many of these are political independences. newcomers to the process. it's not clear what the loyalty here is for the democratic party. >> exactly. and that's the question. and there's a question, do you get the democratic voters out. the sanders voters may not go to the polls in november. that's all hanging in the balance. what you and i know and i think most of your viewers know, just a reminder, somewhere on the order of 45%, 46% of the
6:46 am
electorate is going to vote for democratic candidate if they nominate a sack of cement and 44%, 45% is going to vote for a republican candidate no matter who it is. that means the election is decided by those voters, more of us between the 40 yard lines in the middle. those voters are either declared independents or swing voters. that's where elections are decided. the point being that if sanders doesn't eventually swing behind hillary clinton and hillary goes into the campaign with a divided party, and you have to say, no sanders voter is going to vote for trump, but the question is, will they go to the polls? then what's happens to those in the middle? so again, it's a long time to go. we'll see what happens. >> so while we're here, we're keeping an eye on a situation in
6:47 am
washington. maybe we can show this. there's a podium where we're waiting to hear from paul ryan. this will be any minute. this is an event on poverty. he may be taking questions from the press. you can imagine if the questions start coming he'll be asked about donald trump. he'll be asked about donald trump's comments and his endorsement of donald trump. we're going to keep an eye on what's happening there. if he does start to take questions, we'll take you there. while we wait for that, let me ask you about that. you were mentioning donald trump. the hot water he's gotten himself into the last couple of days. here's paul ryan, the speaker of the house. the most prominent holdout among republicans until a couple of days ago. as soon as he finally comes on board, this is what happens. what do you think paul ryan is feeling right now? >> i think paul ryan, his fing a fingernails are sweating. a leader of the republican party, possibly a candidate for a future presidential nomination. and for, you know, he separate
6:48 am
ed himself from trump about what he said about the judge but this is real trouble for paul ryan. the supporters in the party who believe in paul ryan, many of them say, how in the world can he possibly support a candidate who is questioning a judge who is an american. this judge was born in the states. but time after time, paul ryan has had to make some compromise. this is a very big compromise, and you can bet that he's had -- i would guess he's had trouble sleeping the last couple of nights because he committed to trump and you can say the timing was bad. he committed to trump and within 24 to 48 hours, trump makes this mistake, and it was a mistake in terms of political strategy. attacking the judge. >> could you see a scenario whether it's paul ryan or other prominent republicans. marco rubio i've seen him addressing this. he looks anguished at the same time he's asked, do you still support donald trump, and he says, look, i made a commitment. could you see where a paul ryan,
6:49 am
marco rubio, one of these other prominent republicans retract their endorsement of donald trump? >> yes, i could see that, but that would not be the way to vet it because then it's, well, he goes with the wind. he's a tweener, swings around. very hard to do. for marco rubio, oit's one thin. for paul ryan. you can imagine that, but i don't expect it to happen. however, if donald trump continues his tone, let's see this clearly. it isn't just a tone of talking about judges. talking about how he will punish the press if he's elected president, which he did, what, a week or ten days ago. but donald trump is on the record as saying we should consider pulling out of nato. at least adjusting dramatically with nato which has helped keep peace for so long. talked about the possibility of encouraging the japanese -- the japanese to have nuclear weapons. i mean exclamation point.
6:50 am
so i think it's very difficult for many of these republican leaders who finally have swung in behind trump, but if his tone doesn't change, everyone keeps saying at some point, donald trump will recognize that to win the included, saying at some point donald trump will recognize that he has to change his tone. not only is he changing his tone but he has used the phrase doubling down on things with the judge, when nearly everybody, including newt gingrich, paul ryan and others say it was a mistake to attack the judge, instead of saying some version of, well, maybe i misspoke myself or whatever. he doubled down, he repeated it. if he continues with that tone, the hypothetical you raise, some republican leaders pulling out was very difficult because once -- it's very hard in politics. once you metaphorically give your handshake, you've got to be as good as your shake. >> tough to back out of that one. we'll keep an eye on paul ryan
6:51 am
and if he takes questions from the press, we'll take you out there. i'm going to thank dan rather, access tv. thank you for stopping by. this was a great honor. >> i appreciate it. >> that was a treat. coming up, even more results coming in tonight. hillary clinton already the presumptive nominee. going to talk to a key clinton supporter, someone who's name is also occasionally mentioned with that veepstakes you're hearing about. senator amy klobuchar will join us next. ♪ you should hire stacy drew. ♪ ♪ she wants to change the world with you. ♪ ♪ she can program jet engines to talk and such. ♪ ♪ her biggest weakness is she cares too much. ♪ thank you. my friend really wants a job at ge. mine t. ♪ i'm a wise elf fr faroff shir♪ and sanjay pateis who yousho♪ thank u. seriously though, stacwent a great school and she's really loyal you should give r a shot. sanjay's a team pler and uh...
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hillary clinton in an exclusive interview with my colleague, rachel maddow, last night talked about the effort her campaign is going to face after this primary season to unify. that is the big question for democrats. will bernie sanders unify or will he fight all the way to the convention? joining me now, senator amy klobuchar, a supporter of hillary clinton. thanks for taking a few minutes. >> thanks, steve. >> let me ask you what your take is on this, because we have
6:55 am
hillary clinton declared the presumptive nominee. she's going to pad that delegate number tonight. what's a reasonable time frame in your mind for bernie sanders to unite behind hillary clinton? >> well, i think that is entirely up to bernie. he has made it very clear, two things. one, that he's going to support our nominee and, two, that he will do everything it takes to make sure that donald trump isn't the president. to me that means he'll do the right thing. i think the timing is really up to him. you do look at history. as you know, hillary clinton had conceded to now president obama yesterday, if you look at the dates, during this time period. right now hillary clinton actually has a stronger margin than presidentbama did when he was running against her. so i'm sure he will look at history, look at his strong supporters, and i think the key here is how bernie hands this. so timing isn't quite as important to me as his words and how he handles this. and again, we still have the
6:56 am
voting going on, steve. i'm in the state that's had its share of recounts, so our focus is on making sure that everyone turns out to vote. from my perspective and when you look at the numbers, hillary clinton will be having a good night tonight. >> you say the timing is up to him, though. but the indication we got from his campaign last night, and, look, there's always posturing, things can change. but the sqindication we got fro that statement and what he said is he plans to go to the convention in philadelphia and treat all of these superdelegates, many of whom are considered clinton supporters, to treat them as free agents and to spend the summer, to spend all the time leading up to that convention trying to convince them to leave hillary clinton and to vote for him. if he does that, are you okay with it? >> well, i would like him to make this decision as soon as possible, but i really do, given the kind of strong campaign he has run, the grassroots support he's gotten, this is up to him. but i will say when you look at the numbers here, it's really important to always note that hillary clinton is leading with the regular delegates, as you,
6:57 am
the math guy, calls them the pledged delegates. but it's the regular delegates. she is leading significantly with the regular delegates. and so i think that's why it's a really hard argument to make that a bunch of superdelegates should be going against the will of the regular delegates, if in fact after tonight, as we all believe will happen, she will have a significant lead with the regular delegates. >> what do you think from the clinton standpoint, from hillary clinton's standpoint, what is the most important thing she can do in order to bring about unity? >> well, i think it's, first of all, keeping on her very focused mess annual, which is making sure that we have a country that works for everyone. helping the middle class and taking on donald trump like she did so dramatically last week in that speech in san diego. i urge everyone, if you haven't seen it, to watch it, to read the transcript. she really lays out the reasons why you have to have -- to have a strong america you have to have a strong infrastructure.
6:58 am
you have to invest in health. you go on to things he said on security, not only divisive for our country but as dan rather talked about, he's talking about breaking down nato and nuclear weapons in japan and saudi arabia. there's a strong domestic security argument to make why donald trump shouldn't be president and she has more than made it. i think that's the two things she has to do to get the base with her, and bernie sanders supporters with her, is to make the strong argument about what she wants to do to captivate their imaginations and then continue to make that case against donald trump. >> she'll also have to pick a vice presidential running mate. describe the candidate you'd like to see her pick. >> i think that is entirely up to her. i think coming from the state of vice presidents with hubert humphrey and walter mondale, both distinguished vice presidents, the joke in our state is moms bounce their babies on their knees and say one day you can grow up to be
6:59 am
vice president. so we know a little bit about this. you want to have someone that you can trust and someone that the country trusts. and i think especially with the wounds we've seen with some of the people in our party that want to have those wounds healed with some of the divides, you want to make sure it's someone that has that kind of optimism that will bring people together. >> all right, senator amy klobuchar. your name has been mentioned on that vice presidential list. i know i've asked you about it before, i'll just put that out there right now. thank you for joining us. appreciate the time. >> thank you very much, steve. it was great to be on. a reminder, you can catch full, live coverage of tonight's primaries. it's all going to start at 5:00 eastern time. the big one, of course, california. is sanders going to have a reason to keep the fight going after tonight? we'll find out tonight. that's going to wrap up this hour on msnbc. i'm steve kornacki. jose diaz-balart is up right now. >> and good tuesday morning to you. i'm jose diaz-balart. it is indeed a historic day. eight years to the day after conceding the race to barack
7:00 am
obama, hillary clinton is now the presumptive nominee of the democratic party. nbc news making that call overnight after an influx of pledged superdelegates. it took six months, six months of primaries and some 50 million votes to add up to this presidential race, as we are today. everything appears to be finally set, but bernie sanders saying not so fast. there are still six states voting today, including new jersey and california. a live look here at los angeles where the polls are now open in what is today's biggest prize no doubt. sanders says wins tonight will push him into the convention with momentum that delegates won't be able to ignore. >> we are on the brink of a historic, historic, unprecedented moment. >> let's assess where we are after tomorrow before we make


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