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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 9, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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white house this morning where next hour, president obama will be meeting with bernie sanders to talk about a graceful exit from the presidential race and getting behind presumptive democratic nominee hillary clinton. >> is bernie going to endorse hillary? >> well, i'm sure they're going to have a conversation. >> is he ever going to drop out? is he going to stay in? >> i think it is going to be an exciting time to, you know, bring our supporters together to make a commitment to defeating donald trump. >> senator sanders is due to arrive in washington this hour, there he is, just a little over an hour ago boarding a private charter from burlington, vermont. my colleagues chris jansing and chris walker are available. chris, let me start with you, you're in the briefing room closely following the sanders campaign. what should we expect today? >> that is the $6 million question and the democratic party is watching closely.
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obviously hillary clinton's campaign watching closely. the question is, how is president obama going to handle this, what kind of frame of mind is bernie sanders in, i can tell you having spoken to his folks yesterday because at the end of the day when he came off of the plane in vermont last night, he was expected to speak to the press, there was a podium set-up. a lot of local media there. he is usually extremely gracious. he met quickly with some supporters who happened to gather at the airport and took off without saying anything, but then last night, there was a meeting that he called of the senior advisors staying at the local hotels. a lot had been with him in vermont. he was in a much better frame of mind. i think the key questions, president obama in his search for party unity. is he going to give bernie sanders today a nudge or a shove, so far, publicly, the sanders campaign has felt very good about the way the vice president and the president have addressed this, particularly the idea that they don't want to push him to do something
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immediately necessary. give him time to come to grips with what happened on tuesday night and his losses in the primaries. here is the president from the tonight show. take a listen. >> so my hope is is that over the next couple of weeks, we're able to pull things together and what happens during primary is you get a little ouchy. the main role i'm going to be playing in this process is to remind the american people that this is a serious job. this is not reality tv. >> i don't think you can over estimate the importance of this meeting. this is somebody that bernie sanders respects. they've been talking about this. they've met one-on-one before. this is expected to be a one-on-one meeting. there is a significant amount of time in the president's schedule i'm told but then there is a lot more to come. he is going over to capitol hill, obviously, his office is there but a meeting with harry reid, someone who his senior staffer told me he absolutely loves and has a relationship with for a very long time that he respects him.
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it is possible there could be other meetings added on the hill. he will go back to vermont after a rally tonight. his senior staff have stayed behind. they'll be there through the weekend. they'll be talking through, obviously what happened at these meetings, what the options are, what is tril is all of these issues that bernie sanders has been talking about that have gotten him ten and a half million votes, these thousands of people who come out to the rallies, how does he take this agenda and move it forward, so a lot of this up in the air but there is no doubt about it, this meeting thag is coming up in a short time now, very important moving forward, jose. >> no doubt, chris, thank you very much. we'll check back with you later this the hour today. i want to bring in kristi kristin welker. what are your expectations from the clinton campaign. >> good morning. they feel the president, the vice president, the white house have been handling the situation
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perfectly so far i'm told based on my conversations with the clinton campaign officials. their expectations are what chris mapped out. they're hoping that president obama will in fact nudge senator sanders to ease him out of this race, but they know that the tone is important. they know that it is critical that president obama walk a very fine line because they don't want to alienate senator sanders or any of the supporters. remember, a third of sanders supporters right now saying they're not ready to get behind secretary clinton so she vitally needs them to be rallied around her and in order for that to happen, there needs to be a proper grieving process if you will to this campaign and jose, remember, this there is no one who understands that better than hillary clinton herself. it was about eight years ago almost to the day that she conceded to then senator barack obama. she didn't do it immediately. it took her a matter of days to come around to that conclusion, but once she did jump in the game, she was with him 100 % and that is what the clinton
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campaign is hoping for this time around. they're wanting senator sanders to be out campaigning with her, rallying the democrats, rallying independents, secretary clinton acknowledging she will play a vital role in this process. look at what she had to say to lester. >> we are reaching out through our campaigns to his campaign and i've made it clear that i'm going to do everything that i can to make it possible for him to be a good partner in our joint efforts to pursue these goals that i mentioned and to defeat donald trump. >> now, this all comes alzheimer's secretary clinton is poised to receive a major endorsement from massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. senator warren is a champion for progressiv progressives, she can rally senator sanders supporter. she is proven to be an effective attack dog against donald trump. she will give remarks later today in d.c. and it is
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anticipated she will go after him quite vigorously. the buzz is mounting about a possible warren vp pick. the clinton campaign not ruling it out. elizabeth warren not ruling out the possibility either. it just keeps getting more interesting. secretary clinton will undoubtedly be watching everything that unfolds at the white house. >> good seeing you. i want to bring in doug thornell, former spokesperson for the democratic campaign committee. good seeing you. how are you? >> good. >> what are your expectations for the meeting today? >> i think it is a meeting that senator sanders asked for and it is an opportunity for him to talk to the head of the democratic party. it could be a listening session on the part of the president to hear bernie out and you know, look, i don't think we should expect there to be, you know, a concession by sanders today or tomorrow, i think there is a grieving process that takes place as we remember, it took senator clinton several days before she conceded to president
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obama so i think this is going to be, i think people need to give him that time and his supporters that time to get comfortable with supporting secretary clinton. they've been in a very tough, very competitive primary and it takes a little time for folks who are as competitive alzheimer's senatas senator sanders to support the person who defeated them. >> and as as a matter of fact, that is what the vice president said when our cameras, r or microphones caught up with him. listen to what he said. >> mr. vice president, can i ask you, is it time for bernie sanders to drop out of the race? >> be a little graceful. let the man have his own pace. >> do you think he and hillary clinton can come together and the party can unite. >> i think she will be a great president. >> do you think the vice president could play a role in talking to bernie and maybe helping him unite the democratic party along with president obama? >> sure, i think so. i think vice president biden has great relationships with people
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in the party. i think he is someone like president obama who did the right thing during the primaries. he kind of stayed to the side. let those two compete and i'm sure he is someone who can talk to bernie about the process. ultimately this will be something that comes down to bernie sanders, his campaign and his supporters, they should be given the time to go through this process. because the transferring of support from bernie sanders folks to secretary clinton, it takes a little time and so it is not something that he can flip a switch to do. it has to look authentic. he doesn't want the perception that he was pushed out and forced to support clinton. he wants to do it on his timeframe and make the argument and case to his supporters why secretary clinton is so superior to donald trump in the general election. >> and you know, there are always those people who feel frustrated and let down when their candidate doesn't make it. is it going to be more difficult
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for bernie sanders to get his folks enthusiastically behind secretary clinton and maybe in the past, others that have lost, have been able to do with their supporters? >> yeah, i worked for governor howard dean in 2004 and we had a spirited fight against john kerry, the campaigns didn't like each other, i'm not sure if the candidates liked each other much but in the end, when governor dean dropped out, he endorsed senator kerry and you know, i think that ultimately, his supporters went with senator kerry. we saw a similar battle in 2008, much more competitive and tight where there was a moment where you know it looked like we didn't know senator clinton's supporters would endorse and support president obama but they ultimately did. it takes some time. you're not going to see a reflection in the polls immediately. they're not going to become comfortable with the idea of supporting secretary clinton and that will take time. the alternative, supporting donald trump or staying on the
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sidelines and allowing him to become president is just unfathomable. this guy is completely reckless. >> even though -- but donald trump is saying he is hoping he can get some of the sanders supporters. hey, doug it will be tough. thank you very much for being with me. i appreciate your time. >> thanks so much for having me. >> take care. big meetings for donald trump today. he will be talking with top gop fundraisers in new york at two separate meetings at the trump tof tower and four seasons hotel. some wonder if he can catch up with hillary clinton's money making machine into the election. can the presumption republican nominee convince gop donors on the fence that he can win in november? we'll talk about that next, stay with me. ♪ staying in rhythm... it's how i try to live... how i stay active. i need nutrition... that won't weigh me down. for the nutrition you want without the calories you don't... try boost® 100 calories.
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as far as the campaign, i'm making decisions right now. but probably will work with the republican national committee, raise a lot of money, and go out and beat hillary. we'll try to raise over a billion dollars which is what is going to be necessary. i hear the democrats maybe will get as high as $2 billion but we want to raise up to a billion dollars, maybe over that. >> that was donald trump about a month ago talking about the kind of money he feels he needs to compete with hillary clinton but he is starting in a pretty deep hole as of late may, he had just over $2 million cash on hand compared to nearly 30 million for the clinton campaign. today trump was going to see if he could get help from top party donors and fundraisers as he meets with them in new york city. we have that aspect covered with our own katy to your at the four seasons and we're at the trump tower. good morning. katy, let me start with you. what do we know about the
7:15 am
meetings? >> reporter: we know that donald trump is supposed to be meeting with about 70 big named donors, republican donors here at the four seasons. that includes woody johnson, the owner of the jets. he is also going to be meeting with reince priebus and lou i seen -- eisenburg. i just got off the phone jose with an advisory for a number of the big named clients. it is not a good idea to put money into anything associated with donald trump at the moment. he is saying that the candidate himself needs to prove that he can go more than a day without saying something completely outrageous. those were his words. he also says that basically at this point right now, donating money to donald trump, showing up on fec records that they've donated to a super pac supporting trump or donald trump himself is not only morally reprehensible after the judge curiel comments, it is bad for
7:16 am
business. these publicly traded firms at many of these guys and gals are involved with would not do well and would not be well suited by giving money over to donald trump if that is is on financial records. donald trump has disavowed super pacs over and over again this entire campaign. he has trashed those that use them, say politicians that use the are bee holden to -- beholden to super interests. he says he is unique because he has been self funding his campaign. this isn't about face for him in the general election. him actually going out and trying to court these donors, will that affect him with his supporters, once that have said they like that specifically about donald trump, that he is not beholden, the campaign doesn't seem to think so but we'll see how this plays out in the campaign trail once it becomes a bigger topic of discussion. >> katy, thank you very much. good seeing you. i want to go to hallie jackson. you were on capitol hill talking
7:17 am
to republicans who have been upset with the way that trump has been conducting himself. what did you learn? >> reporter: let's talk about, too, jose, what is happening with some of the republicans, just within the last hour or so, new reaction from not just house speaker paul ryan but also john kasich, obviously the governor of ohio, former rival of donald trump. he was asked if he could support donald trump as president, if he will endorse him. kasich said it is hard to say. there is absolutely a window in which he could go to the convention in cleveland in his home state and not have endorsed the presumptive nominee. the republican nominee for president at least at that point in the convention and this is significant given that it comes from the governor of a huge, hugely important swing state in the general election. kasich said he spoke with donald trump a couple of weeks ago, trump asked him what he would do to support him and kasich said they're like two different businesses with two different visions, two ideas and frameworks. kasich still clearly very much
7:18 am
on the fence, concerned about the rhetoric and some of what he believes is the decisive nature of what donald trump is talking about. house speaker paul ryan was on the radio over in wisconsin that aired in his home state talking about donald trump's campaign, talking about concerns that he still had. we know from sources on capitol hill telling my colleague russert that he reassured house members, reiterating h endorsement. we caught up with jeff sessions, one of trump's political alleys, here is what he had to say. >> well, it would have been nice if that had not been said, for sure, but he has explained that and he feels strongly about this lawsuit. you know, he feels like it is an unjust proceeding and he should prevail and now he says he will let his lawyer handle it and he won't be continuing commenting
7:19 am
on it and i think that is a good decision. >> so what is donald trump's reaction to all of this? to this criticism from gop leadership? he tells time magazine he will move on from it. will the uniting of the party happen before the convention? >> no one walks faster than you. it doesn't matter how quickly you want to keep up with an interview, you keep up with everybody. hallie jackson. developing from syria, bombs from air strikes hit three hospitals in the war torn city of allipo. a build up in the west bank after a terror attack killed four in tel aviv. bernie sanders plane landing in washington d.c. he will be heading to the white house for his summit with president obama. he is on his way. ter set these days.
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israel is building up troops along the west bank and suspending more than 80,000 palestinian entry permits following wednesday's attack at a tel aviv market place. video purportedly shows chaos when two gunman opened fire on diners. four people were killed, 16 were injured. the suspects in custody are palestinian cousins. nbc's grint vincent is live. good morning. what is the next move in this police investigation? >> the police will be seeking to question their two suspects and looking closely at that terrifying video you mentioned of the two individuals in dark suits walking calmly into downtown tel aviv and opening fire on a number of people who were trying enjoy themselves. police will be trying to work out in the first place how the
7:24 am
suspects managed to get from the homes in west bank into israel and past and through all of the security measures and the security barrier which is meant to stop people who will wish israel harm from getting from the west bank into israel but looking at how they got hold of their weapons, the guns they used are known as carl gustav type weapons. known as a homemade gun. it is easy to produce and is done so in the west bank but is of course, no less lethal and capable of automatic fire as we've seen. >> yeah, i mean, the attacks we've seen recently throughout israel have many times been carried out using knives. this is some what unusual that they had access to the automatic weapons. >> it is and of course, the other priority for israel's security forces is trying to prevent a similar attack in the future, but that is really difficult because what happened
7:25 am
in tel aviv last nights has in common with so many of the attacks you've mentioned is that they've been carried out by young people acting on their own. perhaps with minimal amounts of support but certainly not the kind of support you get from any of the palestinian armed groups that are responsible for devastating attacks in the past. that makes them difficult for the israeli forces to anticipate and difficult to predict. >> thank you very much for being with me this morning. unicef is blasting wednesday's bombing attacks on three syrian hospitals in aleppo in three hours. new video purported to be one of the attacks shows the chaos after the bombing. babies had to be taken out of incubators by nurses taking cover. they blame military forces for the forces. bernie sanders is set to arrive at the white house any
7:26 am
minute now for his big meeting with president obama. what is at stake for sanders and his campaign as president obama reportedly prepares to endorse hillary clinton. first, president obama's praise for senator sanders in his interview with jimmy fallon. >> it was a healthy thing for the democratic party to have a contested primary. i thought that bernie sanders brought enormous energy and new ideas and he pushed the party and challenged them. i thought it made hillary a better candidate.
7:27 am
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7:30 am
there you see moments ago, bernie sanders arriving ahead of this morning's high stakes meeting. chris jansing is live inside of the briefing room joined by new york times reporter. good morning to both. as you mentioned earlier, it could take weeks to get this sorted out. >> there is one thing for sure, jose, and that is that bernie sanders told his senior staff, he wants to make sure people here in d.c. have the chance to vote before any decision he makes is made public. i haven't spoken to anybody high up inside of his campaign who thinks that whatever decision bernie sanders makes going forward will happen before then, but i also had conversations where they mentioned weeks, first yesterday, just in the last 24 hours and maybe not coincidental that the president goes on the tonight show with jimmy fallon. this campaign has felt good about the way the president and vice president have talked about this publicly. they have not gone out there and
7:31 am
said it is time for bernie to get out. he is hurting the democratic party. we're starting to hear some of that pro from progressive books like move and democracy for america. we're starting to hear it from people like jeff merkley and people are who have been members of congress who are supporters of bernie sanders. they're starting to make the suggestions. you have not heard it from the white house and they say they think that the clinton campaign, the spokes people have been very respectful on television when they've done interviews about this, so i don't think that weeks is out of the question, but we'll have to see what happens inside of that room, inside of the oval office a short time from now. >> no doubt that will have a major impact. you've been following the sanders campaign as well. what does bernie sanders want? >> what senator sanders really wants is to influence democratic party. he has been saying for a long time now that the party needs to be more focused on working class people, that the party needs to be thinking about how it funds the different candidates so he
7:32 am
wants to fund campaign finance in the country and he has been talking at the rallies and telling progressives that the party needs to open the doors to the new generation of people who don't think his ideas about getting free college or about creating a single pay healthcare system is radical. he wants to have the democratic party reflect his ideals and even though hillary clinton might turn out to be the nominee, she is already the presumptive nominee, i think bernie sanders wants us to be his ideas in some way. >> the fact is that the party is still run by the same folks who ran it before and that he was complaining that all of the debates were set-up at times when least audiences were probably available, the super delegates were in place. he accepted the rules by the way, but the people who put that together are still the ones running the show. >> i mean, what you said is exactly right.
7:33 am
what will be interesting is whether or not debbie wasserman schultz, the chair woman of the democratic party comes up. he says if he was elected president, senator sanderers did, that swhoe no longer be the head of the dnc. if it will see if the list of demands has anything to do with the fact that she should be taken off of her position. bernie sanders might say that and i should say, he has been talking about the nominating process calling it flawed, calling it absurd, he really wants to change the way that things are going there, so i think that is a good point to bring up that he wants to see whether or not he can change the way the future nominee is chosen but i think the other key thing i think is the fact that he really is focused on kind of the platform of the party, i asked him once kind of how, why are you so focused on the platform of the party. is it a nonbinding agreement, he said that is semantics, and a process he believes that granting this platform in a way that is important for him, getting the platform written in a way that other progressive democrats can follow and take the lead for is really important
7:34 am
for him. >> and chris, i mean, could we foresee the day that bernie sanders actively campaigns for hillary clinton and what happens to those millions of people that br so officfervent and are so fervently behind bernie sanders. can you see them going behind clinton? >> the that is key to the meeting and the concept of time. one of the things that he and his campaign have been struggling with, we haven't focused on until after tuesday. is how do you approach that, if your number one priority is to see that donald trump is defeated, how do you make sure if hillary clinton is the nominee, that you bring them over, that you're able to take some of the bernie or bust people. people who have never been part of the process before, who are still, even after they know hillary clinton is the presumptive nominee turning out to the rallies by the thousands. how do you approach them and let them know that all of these
7:35 am
things that they care about like the minimum wage, like free college, are important to hillary clinton and the democratic party, too. so all of that is going to be part of this and i'll just say, finally, jose, one of the things in the meeting that will happen is that there is a meeting of the minds between the president and bernie sanders. they both think, frankly that donald trump must be stopped and sanders has said clearly if he is not the nominee, that he will do whatever he can to support the nominee to make sure that donald trump does not become the next president. i don't think that is in question. it is how he gets there. >> yeah, chris jansing, thank you both for being with us this morning. >> thank you. a new report from politico says the winner will be determined by 11 key states. all of them were battle ground states in the final two elections but several factors are making it a whole new ball game this time around. politico saying, quote, as the state' democratics change and the parties relative appeal among various groups transforms,
7:36 am
some states move toward one party or the other over the long-term. joining me now is steven shepherd from politico. thank you for being here. >> let's show the role of changing democratics and the impact on demographics and the impact on the states. >> five are states where -- that are diverse fying. those states are colorado, florida, which i know you're familiar with, these are states, virginia, north carolina, these are states where looking at electates that feature minority populations. nevada is a fifth. states where you have a lot of, in the case of virginia and north carolina, you combine significant minority population with college white voters. they all voted for george w. bush. four voted for barack obama. they voted in 2008 but mitt
7:37 am
romney in 2012. they're very competitive obviously. they're states where both campaigns are going to compete but they're states that have been moving into the democratic column over the past eight, 16 years. >> you're talking about this movement in the minority population that is african-american and latino. what percentage or where do you see the biggest growth? >> well, you're seeing it among latino voters and particularly looking at florida which has obviously has always had a large latino population. you have the cuban population in south florida. you have a huge influx of puerto rican who can vote as soon as they come in and register, you have, from other central and south american countries, that is changing there. nevada, obviously is a more transient population but democrats in recent elections have been able to register and get latino citizens to turn out there and that has moved that
7:38 am
state again. these are states that voted for george w. bush twice but voted for barack obama twice. >> and he has places like colorado where cory booker was able to win the senate there, but he is someone sm what of an anomoly in the republican party especially in the house of represen representativ representatives. >> cory gardner i should say. >> yes, cory gardner. you had all democratic governors for the past few cycles. has it has voted for barack obama in 2008 and 2012. he got 51% of the vote there. is a state in play and still a state where the majority voters are white and still a state where campaigns will be competing, nine electoral votes. it is very important. >> an interesting demographics change. before donald trump can win over voters, he has to win over the leadership of his own party. can the republican leader she force trump to temper his
7:39 am
rhetor rhetoric? >> he needs to start acting more presidential. he needs to apologize for some of the previous comments that he has made. >> mr. trump needs to make changes and we're under no obligation to support him. >> and a live look at louisville, kentucky, where a crowd gathered for a traditional muslim prayer service scheduled to start soon for muhammad ali in his hometown. much more ahead on msnbc live. we were born 100 years ago into a new american century. born with a hunger to fly and a passion to build something better. and what an amazing time it's been, decade after decade of innovation, inspiration and wonder. so, we say thank you america for a century of trust, for the privilege of flyghigh. ♪ what if 30,000 people download the new app?
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i think i've said several times that i wouldn't say what trump said. i disagree with what he said. >> i don't like this type of rhetoric. i don't do it personally, i don't engage in it. i don't want my kids to engage in it. >> there is time between now and november for them to change his positions and i hope he does. >> that was a handful of republican lawmakers that our own hallie jackson was able to track down in the past 24 hours. it is clear that none of them
7:43 am
were comfortable with the way that donald trump has been handling himself or his campaign in recent days. let's turn to rick tyler, former spokespers spokesperson. let's talk about the process that republicans are going through right now. it is very clear that a lot of them don't feel comfortable with how trump has handled himself and his rhetoric. are they going to try to do something to make that change or is that even possible? >> i'm not sure it is possible. look, the party is in a really terrible situation right now and the campaign seems to be in a downward spiral. the only person that can change is donald trump and donald trump has to change himself but he seems to be incapable of it. he can start by apologizing by the remarks and get it beyond him. he seems incapable of doing that, jose, and today, worst timing, worst timing shaerks he -- and he is raising time for millionaires and billionaires. someone has to pay for the campaign and he hasn't put
7:44 am
together a team that is running a campaign and hillary clinton so far, if you look at the two, if you compare and contrast the two presumptive nominees and the day they came to that, there has been quite a difference. hillary clinton has been mostly untouched during her entire primary battle and donald trump right now is taking on water. >> but here is what i'm thinking, i want your thoughts on this. >> sure. >> if we say something and make a mistake, i was just speaking a few seconds ago about colorado, and i thought about cory gardner and i said cory booker and i said wait, i apologize, i meant cory gardner, that is what you apologize for. if you say things 10,000 times over and over again over a span of time, how do you later come back and say i want to apologize. i don't know how you can do that. >> he could if he had a change of heart. i don't know if he could have a change of heart and people would have to believe that he does have a change of heart. the really, the malpractice about this whole judge is that the voters don't really care
7:45 am
about this judge. they don't care about trump university. they don't really -- they're not paying it much attention to the nature of the case but he brings tup because it is a -- brings it up because is a personal front. he missed responding to hillary clinton's foreign policy speech. there was plenty to criticize in it and in the foreign policy. he missed the opportunity to criticize the jobs report which hillary clinton represents a third term of barack obama and the job's report which was a story. everybody is reporting it. he had no response to it. he missed the opportunity of the campaign to report to the ig report which that hillary clinton miss handled classified information. they were all whifs. >> even though we're in june, is it too late? >> look, i don't know if it is too late but the party has got to get itself out this fix. >> how do you do that, rick, how do you do that when the it is how you describe it. >> i'm afraid if it keeps going
7:46 am
in this direction, donald trump has not demonstrated the ability to change. you can change rule 16-a and allow the delegates to become unbound on the first ballot. that may result in donald trump getting the nomination anyway but at least they would have an opportunity to save the party if he keeps driving his campaign down the same road. >> the problem with that, rick, is in order to save a party, you have to have a savior on standby. >> they would have to pick somebody else. there are other people who ran, of course, my old boss, ted cruz came in second and that would be sort of the natural way to go. but look, as of right now, i don't think that can happen but it could happen and donald trump has to make drastic changes in his tone, his temperament, his staffing, and the way this campaign is run. >> rick, it is always a pleasure to see you. thanks for being with me. always interesting. a controversial new law in california inspired by a woman's
7:47 am
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7:50 am
and keeping an eye on the white house where any minute now senator bernie sanders is expected to arrive for his meeting with president obama. we'll bring that to you live when it happens but starting today, a new law in california will give terminally ill residents the legal right to end their lives with medicine, inspired by brittany maynard, the 29-year-old who put herself and this law into the spotlight two years ago when she went public with her emotional story. legally taking her life after battling a terminal brain tumor. joining me now is msnbc legal corresponde correspondent. >> this is an emotional debate for a lot of people. california passed this right to die people making it the fifth state in the country where this choice is now legal.
7:51 am
hallie jackson spoke to a california woman who was pushing for it, christie o'donnell said she was happy to see that law pass. she did die in february before it took effect. >> there have already been two times where i was walking after chemo, fell down wondering if that was going to be the moment knowing my daughter was going to have to come home and find my body. no one should have to live with that. >> because of the work of miss o'donnell and others, christie allen has the right to make her own choice. this is a woman i spoke with. she has terminal colon cancer, we spoke by phone. she told me, i like my life. i love my children but the treatment she has been receiving, obviously has affected her a lot as she has grappled with knowing that she is terminal. she told me about the fact that her daughter was about to get married and that is when she made a change. she told me, quote, a about a month before the wedding i said
7:52 am
no more, no more treatment. she said she was not sure whether she will ultimately use this option. it starts today, but she views it as a human right. now, i'll tell you a little bit about the law itself, this i is what starts to do so in california. it requires people to be adults, they have to have a diagnosis of less than six months to live, be mentally competent and capable of ingesting the drugs themselves. a doctor can obtain this kind of prescription to end their own life. they can get it without using it. we want to be clear about the debate. there are a lot of people in religious areas and the medical committee who oppose this law. here is what the medical association has done. there is an ethics policy opposing it, saying, quote, allowing physicians to parent in assisted suicide will do more harm than good. it is fund mentally incombative with the physician's role as healer. a poll from last year showed bipartisan support for it.
7:53 am
82% of democra the -- -- the on thing i will share with you. speaking of miss allen it was clear whether or not she does exercise this option, she emphasized to me that in discusses it with her family who you see on the screen and thinking about it, she took comfort in knowing that having this option gave her some control at the end of her life. it is, doctors tell her, the end of her life about when and how this may all unfold sg. >> what a personal decision that is. all of the repercussions that has. thank you very much. >> appreciate it. i want to take you back to the white house where moments from now we're expecting to see bernie sanders arrive as he heads into the white house for his meeting with president obama. we'll carry that live for you on msnbc. we'll be right back. why do so many businesses rely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us,
7:54 am
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like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks. even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee! in means protection plus unique extras only from an expererallstate agent. we go back to the white house in washington d.c. we're expecting to see senator
7:57 am
bernie sanders any minute now emerge from that parking lot area there and head into the white house. you can see the microphones set-up just outside of the entrance, one of the entrances to the white house. he took a plane from vermont this morning to dallas international airport and that ride from dallas to the white house is relatively short. he is expected to arrive any second now. we should be seeing him momentarily. as he heads into a meeting with president obama. the president yesterday and jimmy fallon is in new york city to talk about a lot of other things but also talked about how bernie sanders has been instrumental in making this primary campaign. a lot of people are wondering if the president is going to be kind of asking bernie sanders to begin a transition now to support hillary clinton. chris jansing is standing by at the white house. chris, good morning. oh, we don't have chris jansing.
7:58 am
and we have the possibility that we've alone hearing, the president could be publicly supporting hillary clinton as early as maybe next week. still unknown but clearly a lot of the moves have been toward getting the party united behind hillary clinton. kristen welker is live with me at the white house. >> a high stakes meeting here at the white house in the oval office set to get under way any minute now. so what do we anticipate is going to happen today? obviously the end game is to get senator sanders to concede ultimately but he is not there yet. this is going to be a process and so the tone of this meeting is going to be incredibly important. it has been described as a delicate dance. president obama expected to nudge senator sanders gently during this meeting but he is also expected to do a lot of listening. he is going to listen to what senator sanders would like to see happen in the next steps,
7:59 am
what senator sanders would like to see as part of the democratic platform and we know senator sanders has talked about a lot of issues throughout this campaign so some of them that are top of mind, key for him, things like the minimum wage, trade, universal healthcare, so i anticipate those are the types of topics that are going to come up. i expect that you will hear president obama reiterate some of what he said to jimmy fallon, those remarks that we've been airing throughout the day, congratulating senator sanders on this incredible campaign that he has run, again, ultimately trying to nudge him to work toward party unity. that is the goal here and so critical for hillary clinton moving forward, jose. >> thank you so very much. we will, of course, stay with this story, the arrival of senator bernie sanders any second now to the white house. that wraps up this hour of msnbc live. thank you for the privilege of your time. tamron hall picks up our coverage now. good morning, everyone, i'm tamron hall coming to your live
8:00 am
from our mrvsnbc headquarters i new york. this is the scene of the big meeting between president obama and bernie sanders at the white house. these are live pictures. we're told that senator sanders should be emerging from his vehicle and walking in any minute now. we were looking at the parking lot or a parking lot not very far from the white house at this meeting. president obama is expected to call for party unity and give senator sanders what has been described as a gentle nudge to get behind hillary clinton after that grueling primary fight. in an interview that will actually air tonight on the tonight show with jimmy fallon, the president praised senator sanders and gave a preview of the meeting today. >> sanders brought enormous energy and new ideas and he pushed the party and challenged them. i thought it made hillary a better candidate and t


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