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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 9, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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day to you, i am craig melvin. the white house briefing is expected to start any minute now. it will be our second glimpse inside that oval office between bernie sanders and president obama. just a few moments ago, senator sanders telling reporters that he's stay ing in the race at least until the dc on primary on tuesday and he plans to meet with hillary clinton soon. >> i spoke briefly to secretary clinton on tuesday night and i c congratulated here on her very strong campaign. i look forward to meeting with her in the near future to see how we can work together to defeat donald trump and create a government which represents all of us and not just the 1%. >> right now, the vermont's senator on capitol hill is ready to meet with harry reid. a live look outside the senator's office. today's steps towa--
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>> it was a healthy thing for the democratic party to have a contested primary and my hope is that over the next couple of weeks, we are able to pull things together. >> on the republican side, yes, no, maybe? >> republican unity is still hanging on the balance. the presumptive nominee gop nominee, his team holding high stake talks on capitol hill. >> trump came out of nowhere and won the nomination. nobody has ever done what trump has done. >> it is just that simple. he won fair and square. it is not a game for me. >> i cannot go for dividing name calling or somebody that does not really represent conservative principles. >> like many americans, i am struggling with the choices that
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we have thus far. >> i have never even met donald trump. >> all right, our msnbc's team has been covering developments in new york city and capitol hip as we hill as well. we start with peter alexander. within minutes we should be getting that meeting at the white house briefing. >> is your resources telling you about what went down? >> we heard one of them and bernie sanders very clear, he thanked president obama throughout the course of the campaign season. he's sticking around and not going anywhere. this was a pledge. he's going to stay in this race at least through the primary here in washington dc that takes place on tuesday. here in the district saying he does support state hood for the district but some of his
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toughest words were directed at donald trump. as you noted before, he looks forward in the "very near future meeting with hillary clinton." here is what bernie sanders had to say. >> donald trump would clearly to my mind and i think the majority of americans be a disaster as president of the united states. it is unbelievable to me and i say this with all sincerity that the republican party would have a candidate for president who in the year of 2016 makes bigotry and discrimination, the corner stone of his campaign. >> one of the items, of course, missing from these comments and an endorsement, he's going to stick in this race. the two endorsements are out there with americans waiting to
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hear whether bernie sanders endorse clinton before the convention and how soon will they do it. back to you craig. >> metpeter in briefing room. >> chris jansing has been following this every twist of bernie sanders. i know that you trailed sanders to washington today. what are you hear fing from the campaign right now. >> well, nobody is answering their phones to be honest with you. [ laughter ] >> he always said that his conversations are private. if you look back in records back and a couple of things start to come out. first of all, he makes a phone call and his senior aid said to me, they're tired and not doing anything tonight. there were obviously with some intense conversations and i talked to jeff weaver, he would not talk about the substance of
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it. this was a powerful message to his supporters. he went through that issues progressive causes that means so much to them and him and the message was clear, we are going to continue to fight all the way to the convention for the issues. >> did you get a sense that during that speech from bernie sanders that after tuesday he will officially hang this thing up? >> reporter: there will be a lot of conversations between now and then, you heard from geralda, i learned of a list that they put together that the senator wants to talk to. he wants to hear, these ongoing conversations from the clinton campaign and the folks inside dnc. what are the specifics of what this means both for the platform and for him at the convention for some of his supporters at the convention. i don't think there is anyway
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that those critical details had been worked out over our message. it is clear here that he wants to defeat donald trump and he's going to do what he has to do to make that happen. >> i know you live in dc for a number of years and i live in dc for a number of years as well. he did manage to mention the issues in dc. >> is sure to get folks going to the polls of dc state hood. >> reporter: everybody has the right to vote. i was told repeatedly by senior staffs yesterday, there is no way he will make an announcement to stay in or get out of the race or any kind of endorsements until after that voting happens. he's got a big rally tonight. that's something that's very important to him and of the message he stands behind and it does give the opportunity for the two sides to work out some of those details and for him to meet with those people that's been important to his campaign.
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>> kris jansing there. thank you very much. also new at this white house of the senior white house's correspondence. lets turn to bob strum. as we have this conversation at the bottom of the screen. i apologize in advance in interrupting you. >> that's all right. >> lets start with this meeting that's going to be happening between bernie sanders and the minority leader, harry reid and the meeting between president obama. how much way does those two men have over bernie sanders. >> well, i think the president has a lot of sway and he has remained flneutral throughout t process. bernie sanders has run a heroic
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campaign and hillary clinton has handled him and his supporters with great sense of sensitivity and grace. i think you will see the democratic party with president obama helping and senator reid helping unifying in an authentic way far faster and real in terms of people unifying where you will see the republican party talking about a dump trump movement. >> who do you think is going to have more of an impact that we are talking about, are we talking about bernie sanders or president obama on the campaign trail with secretary clinton? >> i think they'll both have an enormous impact. bernie sanders will be out there and he will campaign hard and he's the leader of the movement and not just the campaign. i think he will find it easy to unify around a set of issues and platform agreements with hillary clinton and like the minimum wage and debt free college and
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easy to agree on changes or getting rid of the super delegat delegates. that's a real possibility. and he will be out there campaigning hard. they are both important forces in getting young people and millenials and which i think in the end will happen of voting for hillary clinton. >> in addition to the scheduled meeting between bernie sanders and president obama and bernie sanders and harry reid, now, we are hear thag he's also going to be meeting with chuck schumar and the vice president of the united states joe biden. he added two meetings here at the last two-minute this afternoon. what do you make of that and what does it tell isn't it tryo?
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>> i think bernie sanders is getting the respect and the space and the room to make this decision. i think sitting down with chuck schumer left lane be the ne next -- and sitting down with joe biden and harry reid and people are treating him the way he should be treated. he ran an incredible race against incrediblyimprobale. at some point, he will suspend his campaign and they'll agree on the platform decisions they'll make. they'll agree on some reforms nominating process. he will speak at the convention and the democratic party will be as unify as it will be. it sounds like you think of all
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of this about the democratic party and this risk that may exist, it sounds like you think all of that is much to do with nothing. a lot was created by the media cease and desist kind of natural and some of it was created by the whole nature of the primary process. you go out there and you argue your chaase. i was interested to hear reporters asking sanders, what if you lose in california, nobody is asking that question while they're trying to win california. the fundamental issue her here -- that will make it easier for democrats going forward and donald trump is the unwitting unifier of the democratic party. the last thing he wants to do is to contribute in any way to a
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trump presidency so he will do everything he can to make sure it will not happen. >> bob, we always appreciate your insights. thank you, sir. >> we are asking you to weigh in our pulse question as well. the question is, should bernie sanders and his supporters unite behind hillary clinton? that's the question, the pulse is live and you can join the conversation at the white house briefing is set to guinea moment now. when it happens, we'll go there live. we'll take a quick break here on msnbc. stay with us. sharpness in dogs 7 and older. (ray) it was shocking. she's much more aware. (jan) she loves the food. (ray) she wants to learn things. the difference has been incredible. (vo) purina pro plan bright mind. nutrition that performs. which you are you? be thr your moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.
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these matters and we launched
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this agenda back in january. this isn't response to any one candidacy but to the fact that the country deserves a choice in the fall. >> and the wall? >> we think we should secure the board you. but securing the border iswell, secure the border. but, securing our border is something that is in our national security interest, it is part of our strategy. >> the wall won't do it and other things. >> well, we think we should listen to our experts on the border. there are a lot of things he needs to do to secure the border. >> and banning muslims and even temporarily? >> i don't support that policy as well. i think we should a security test on people going in to this country. >> there are a number of senators who are withholding their support and governor john kasich and others. is it too late for the party to
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find another choice and change the rules and the number of delegates needed. >> he won the delegates fair and square. >> it is donald trump. he won 1237 delegates is what you have to do to win the nomination of our party. >> what will it do to the party? >> well, lets hope that -- the way we see it here as house republicans, i think we can add a rutter to leadership and give directions and give people something to hope for and giving people real choice. we think we can give the country substance and hope and a better way and that's what we are offering here. >> again, my colleague, andrea mitchell, with house speaker paul ryan talking about donald trump and some of the differences between what is going to be ruled out or has been in the process of ruled out with regards to the house. katy tur has been covering the trump's campaign for us now for
10:25 am
more than a year. she's outside trump's tower. these meetings are happening between donald trump and big name donors and reince priebus is also there. katy, what can we expect today and moving to the next few days. >> reporter: we are waiting for those announcements. we are told that he will give an an tie hillary clinton speech. he announced that on tuesday up in west chester and that speech, we believe is going to be in new hampshire and although there is some topics could be down in washington dc of his golf course there. i am told he's being advised to include a portion of benghazi which should not come to a surprise. i am told that people would like to hear him talk more about that and outlining what he believes went wrong and that surrounding
10:26 am
that incident and what hillary clinton did to drop the ball. they think that's going to be a succe successful line for donald trump. they're trying to expand their team and they're trying to go on an uphill battle right now to get the party on board and also to get donors on board. this is going to be a billion dollar campaign against hillary clinton and donald trump is not going to be able to raise anywhere near that according to experts. that's why you are hearing him to come out and making a pivot of what he's been saying that he does not need to raise that sort of money and even though last month he said he's been able to do that. it is not possible and donald trump has said and in this campaign they believe they don't get a fair shake right now. they gotten this far without spending any money. they could continue on with the general election without spending much money. they believe he has a unique power to drive the message and
10:27 am
it is unlike any past politicians. >> katy tur for us, katy, thanks as always for your reporting. we have been notified that the white house briefing that was set to start any moment now. it will now be starting about 45 minutes. the brief is set at 2:15 eastern again. this is the first time we are hearing from someone in the white house since bernie sanders has met with president obama earlier. lets go live on capitol hill now. >> democrats would win control of the senate, he would have an important job. is he thinking about that now? >> we are trying to figure out what is next and what's in the future. >> sure. >> what will it tell supporters here urging him toll fight until the convention and how will he address his supporters' concerns? >> he will look at some issues
10:28 am
that he talked about this morning with the president on the campaign trail for the last year and a half and hope that their issues get discussed this summer and hope that democrats welcoming supporters and millions of people and working family and young people that he brought back to the party. >> looking forward to that. >> i will stick with what he said. >> what would you do to encourage those passionate supporters to get in the effort to see donald trump, i mean, will he -- >> he said he will do everything he can to keep donald trump being our president and it would be terrible for our country. we all have an obligation to tell all the people in the country of what we can do to help working class. >> do you have any plans of his e-mail list or calling his
10:29 am
supporters -- >> did debbie sholts come up in the meeting? >> i was not in the meeting, sorry. >> were there any specifics to the president? >> thanks everybody. >> thank you. that was michael briggs there, spokesperson for the bernie sanders campaign. all of this happened early in the afternoon. we see bernie sanders met with president obama and bernie sanders meeting with harry reid any moment now. this is a live look at the outside minority leader's office. we have words an hour ago he added two meetings. one of the meetings is with vice president joe biden and others is with chuck schumer.
10:30 am
he would become senate majority leader. kasie hunt has spent a fair amount of time covering the bernie sanders, she joins me now from the dc bureau, kasie, it would seen that we are witnessing a pivot in a short order here. >> reporter: it sounded that way to me, craig from the tone that you just heard there and from micha micha michael briggs. you can see the campaign, they feel deflated at this point. this is clearly the end of the road. you can read that in michael brig briggs' body language. he was talking in a positive way of what happens next here. talking about he made a reference to the working family who's been reengaged of the process because of bernie
10:31 am
sanders. bernie sanders has spoken to specifics and constituents in the democratic party as well as well as independent voters but people who are incline to be more liberal and not necessary to be donald trump voters but to be disengaged in the process. there is a recognition of the white house and the clinton campaign that keeping those people in this campaign and going forward is very important to her hopes of making sure she wins the white house in november. they're going to be key especially in a lot of the swing states and ohio and pennsylvania. the rust felt states where people are disillusion and while it is going to take some time for senator sanders to come around for this new reality. you are starting to hear that shift and tone, craig. >> thank you, kasie hunt. >> a live look, we got our camera trained on that office.
10:32 am
first, before we get to michael briggs' comment. has this meeting between senator sanders and senator reid, has it started yet? >> no, it has not started yet. we are outside here. we are not at harry reid's office. you are seeing the live camera pictures we are transmitting next to our colleague that's shooting those. what i was struck by and it is something that happens at this point at any campaign it was not ended in the way it was expected. might cal briggs' director for the campaign, kind of that profound exhaustion and almost al sadness that comes through because it is difficult to come this far and not achieve a goal especially after an extraordinary run. i talked to chuck schumer about
10:33 am
senator sanders and schumer said what sanders has done is moved the country and not only the democratic party but the country to force a conversation about the middle class and encourage ways that the system can be changed and helping people staying in the middle class. chuck schumer also said sanders is "constructive." harry reid is retiring and would not talk about things like who maybe a running mate for clinton and how all of this might affect the democrats and their goals to regain control of the senate. you definitely sense today on capitol hill that this is a time to acknowledge what senator sanders has done and to find ways to leverage and what he's
10:34 am
brought in the conversation and he's getting his moment with meeting with the president and harry reid and meeting the vice president and senator schumer. these sorts of meetings are sort of old friends. senator sanders has been in congress for a long time and it is an acknowledgment of what he's establiaccomplished and ev is treading gently on how to encourage him or wrap up his campaign and how he's transitioning to a new phase that now clinton has been named presumptive nominee of the new phase. >> post elections. senator sanders going back to the u.s. senate, you got to think that the role he's going to play now is much more heighten than it would of had he not managed to pull off what he
10:35 am
managed to pull off the past year or so. >> his national identity is greater. i am sure some where in the conversation he will be having, if not today or down the line, a desire to have a certain chairmanship or the system democrat regaining the control of the senate or top democrat committee speaking of concerns and having a voice in legislation and being a prominent face among the democrats. he represented vermont as an independent but long caucused with democrats meeting with them and voting with them. part of what we'll see post campaign is a national image and reputation for bernie sanders. how might he use that to achieve some of the goals of his candidacy. it is about the transition today and any lawmakers here and understanding how exhausting and difficult it is to go through. at the same time there is an
10:36 am
urgency for democratic unity for not only the hillary clinton campaign and for capitol hill of the incredible -- regaining control of the senate. only democrats have to defend their seats so the possibility of democrats regaining control isra is real and that's where unity is coming in. >> kelly o' donnel is there for us on capitol hill. we got words a short time ago from michael briggs' sanders campaign says he's going to be meeting with senator reid. he will be meeting with senator reid at 2:00 and vice president joe biden later. there are no plans today at least to be meeting with clinton or elizabeth warren. all of that information is coming down a few moments ago.
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live on this thursday afternoon in washington dc. we are waiting for the white house's briefing that's starting at 2:15. in the next two hours or so, senator bernie sanders will be meeting with vice president joe biden. he will be meeting, also, with harry reid, that meeting is expected to happen at the top of the hour here at 2:00. senator sanders, of course, is spending his morning with president obama. we were told that was a cordial meeting, they talked about moving the country forward and talked about a lot of issues of bernie sanders has been working on. more affordable as well in
10:41 am
health care and senator sanders has a busy day on capitol hill. he's not going to be meeting with hillary clinton or elizabeth warren. on the republican side, newt gingrich talking about donald trump. >> not just running for the nomination but actually be nominated. it is a tougher league and you got to be careful and you got to think through what you are trying to say and i think he will do fine. >> he thinks he will get there days after calling donald trump's racial attack on the federal judge is inexcusable. here is gingrich reaffirming for the republican nominee. all of this after trump fired off two tweets one after going with "crooked hillary clinton." and despite calls from a lot of folks inside his own party to stay on message.
10:42 am
>> a former deputy campaign manager for carly fiorina, s sarah, it is always good to see you. i want to talk about this meeting, gotten words there will be this summit in utah and mit romney one o f the original is going to have his former running mate and speaker of the house. reince priebus is going to be at this meeting also. what can you tell us what's going to go down in this summit in utah starting tonight? >> i expected to be a friendly meeting. mit romney and priebus are all friends outside of politics. i expect it to be honest and choice words, alittle bit tense i would say. >> are they going to spend time recruiting another candidate at the 11th hour. >> i doubt they'll talk much about that.
10:43 am
i think what you will have is mit romney trying to explain why he thinks donald trump is dangerous for the future of the republican party and reince priebus and paul ryan trying to push back. it is unrealistic for the folks who think that they can pick someone else at the convention as it was unrealistic for all the people who said donald trump would pivot to the general election as we have seen donald trump is donald trump all the time. >> again, as we have this conversation, we have a camera train outside at harry reid's office where the bernie sanders' meeting is going to be taking place. sarah, we are starting to make that turn at the general election here and super pac is making their case against donald trump using his own words. i want to play a snipet of the news ad and i want to get your response on other side. >> if you are saying he cannot do his job because of his race,
10:44 am
is that not the definition of racism? >> i don't think so. >> donald coming lately does not going to give me mean lessons on republican values. donald trump's words right there. we should note those are words uttered in the last two weeks or so and you have a republican senator, lyndsey graham and mark kirk of illinois there, how much has he made it for the democratic party to disqualify him of his attack against judge curiel. >> the clinton campaign a, had a terrible candidate at the front who's not good at this and b, misunderstand why people are supporting donald trump. the people who believe that donald trump will come to dc, shake things up and fire a bunch of people and surround himself with the best people don't take him out of h is words and they don't think he's a higher so
10:45 am
much as he don't care, anyone but another clinton. i think all that is missing was an ad using donald trump's words. i don't think it is effective as they think. >> you are saying that people who support donald trump, they don't believe what he says. >> i think that's right. when you talk to donald trump's supporters, you know about building the wall for a instance, something of the hallmark of his candidacy. yeah, maybe he will build the wall but really i care about is he saying he's going to do something and he means and change things and does not care about what everybody else says about him. that's hard to over come by. if anything, it is going to strengthen some of his support in that group. >> when is carly fiorina is going to endorse? >> i think you have to ask carly with that. she's been traveling the
10:46 am
country. >> thank you, as always for your perspective. >> we are waiting for the white house briefing. you can see it up there at the upper right hand portion of your screen. josh is expected to take the podium in 30 minutes or so. this is msnbc. it's called predix. it's gonna change the way the world works. ok, i'm telling my brain to tell the drone to get you a copy of my resume. umm, maybe keep your hands on the controller. lookut!! ohhhhhhhhhh... you know what, i'm just gonna email it to you. yeah that's probably safer. ok, cool.
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you are looking on the left side of your screen, that's harry reid's office. we are told that bernie sanders will be meeting the senate minority leader in roughly than ten minutes. this is bernie sanders' off here. that's a live look outside senator sanders' office. after the meeting senator reid, he will be heading over to the observatory to meet with vice
10:50 am
president, joe biden and he will be meeting with chuck schumer. i am joined now by a north carolina super delegate who's supporting bernie sanders. pat, i understand that you were democratic nominee that same evening. what brought you to that? >> well, it was many things. i had been talking to hundreds and hundreds of people, and i kept hearing more people talking about bernie, people talking about trump. but also in north carolina, bernie received 450,000 votes of north carolina's citizens. the way the process is now with the super delegates, it's not really proportional. i thought he deserved at least -- there's one other gentleman so at least there's two of us who will be supporting bernie sanders and giving representation to the 450,000
10:51 am
people who voted for him in north carolina. >> so your vote was a reflection of the will of the people in your opinion? >> well, certainly that, but also on a larger scale, i really believe that the issues that he has brought up and gotten so much support, he's really awoken the country about all of this money in politics. he has raised $215 million without any pac money. i mean, that is historic and that is amazing. i have seen so much problems with pac money and elected officials. i just think we need to look at this again and hopefully overturn citizens united. but it's about the people. it's about the people. >> pat, last question here, what would it take -- what's it going to take for hillary clinton to earn your support? >> well, if she is the nominee, i really believe all of the bernie sanders supporters and
10:52 am
the delegates and super delegates will support her. we will leave there united. senator sanders is right now making conversations with different people in washington. and i know he will lead that. but we will also want to make sure that the issues that we have brought up over the last year will be on. >> pat cotham, thank you so much. some breaking news to report right now. we are getting word that president obama is now going to be endorsing hillary clinton. brian williams is going to be picking up our coverage right now. here's the tweet, by the way, president obama endorsing hillary clinton. i don't think there's ever been someone so qualified to hold this office. brian? >> craig, especially in light of the coverage of yours that i've been watching and listening to for the past hour or so, this was not expected. bernie sanders went to the white house today. democrats have been using words like gentle and delicate to talk
10:53 am
about the treatment he requires and deserves after mobilizing so many millions of americans in his campaign effort. so no sooner had senator sanders come down the driveway and now we see him exiting his meeting with harry reid on capitol hill, no sooner had he come down the driveway of the white house, briefed reporters, gave some of what had become his standard talking points, went up to capitol hill, mostly sanders is talking about the d.c. primary next tuesday, the last contest. it dominated his speech in california after the last tuesday contest. and now this. so the white house is going to get off the bench. the president is going to formally endorse hillary clinton. we will probably see the president coming up here in minutes. but this tweet from the white house given the coin of the
10:54 am
realm these days in putting out a statement, that's what we have to go on, the official wording. president obama endorses hillary, quote, i don't think there's ever been someone so qualified to hold this office. there is a video that is being released connected to this tweet. let's take a look at that from the white house. >> for more than a year now across thousands of miles and all 50 states. tens of millions of -- >> every campaign gets to an inflection point -- and we're at a point right now -- >> making history -- >> being in the position that donald trump is in where he has a chance to change the trajectory of our nation. i mean, what an opportunity is there. -- the opportunity to pivot to
10:55 am
move to the general election. look, in -- >> okay. that attempt we are going to try again. obviously we were feeding two channels of audio, one separate and apart from what the president was saying, an interview with a lawmaker about donald trump. the other, what the president was saying. and obviously pre-prepared and pre-produced video out of the white house accompanying their statement on twitter, accompanying the president's own words perhaps as early as today. there it is, the endorsement of hillary clinton. again, a surprise. most people in the party, most people in politics would have told you, would have put money on the fact that it would wait until next tuesday, next wednesday at minimum. so this is a surprise. we don't know if this is the
10:56 am
result of anything that went astray or went awry or went sideways in the meeting between the president and bernie sanders. but bernie sanders has a crowded calendar up on capitol hill. he's going to meet with chuck schumer who's going to be the next either majority leader or democratic leader, and he's going to meet with the vice president, joe biden. chris matthews, with us from san francisco today. chris, i think you would underscore that this is a big surprise. >> yeah, they used to call these new facts. and now we have a new fact. the president has endorsed hillary clinton. that's new now. you have to wonder what the conversation was between the president and senator sanders. did he say i'm about to endorse hillary clinton in the next few minutes? we'll have to find that later. clearly, what's the president's concern about this election? i think his concern is that he'd like to win big.
10:57 am
he'd like the democrats to win not just an election this fall, but a mandate. that means perhaps taking the u.s. senate, hillary clinton winning by 54%, 55% in the vote. he also i think would like to humiliate donald trump and teach the republican party not to ever do this again. i think he's still angry about the birtherism charge. i don't think he wants that to stay in the public discussion. so i think he really wants a strong merger with hillary clinton. he really wants her to win big. i think the fact he's going to wisconsin next week, according to planning we're getting, tells you a lot. in the bad old days, the best way to break the back of the other party is to take away a state they absolutely know they need. clearly, the whole plan of the trump campaign is to gather
10:58 am
those northern industrial states like pennsylvania, wisconsin, and ohio and take them away from the democrats. if they can go up there next week and put their stakes down and say we're going to hold this part of the country. they're saying that donald trump and to the republican party, you are not going to win this november. >> chris, something you go back to and you're right to do it, and you just did, with the pace of the daily news cycle in this country, the outrage machine that takes a big lungful of air every day and expends it by the next day and cranks up again, people forget. what you call donald trump's original sin. the way a lot of people became aware of him as a political player with an opinion was when he called out the president for his -- where he was born. >> right. and insinuating, if you follow through the logic, if there is anything to it, everyone knows
10:59 am
the president was never naturalized as a citizen. if you follow through the logic that he used against ted cruz being born in canada, then he's basically calling him an illegal alien subject to deportation. it's an outrageous charge based upon no information. the president obviously did present, under political duress, his own full form birth certificate from hawaii which was publicly there all those years. i do think it was stopping a guy -- basically the first african-american president saying let me see your papers. i cannot believe that the president doesn't remember it and would like to teach the country that that kind of behavior is totally out of line in our republic. >> chris matthews in san francisco. chris, thanks. we've just seen a statement on twitter from hillary clinton. this one signed by her. it says, on norred to have you
11:00 am
with me potus, i'm fired up and ready to go, borrowing his famous '08 campaign phrase. this one is signed h for hillary, means it's a tweet from her personal account. i'm told we are ready once again to give this a try, the video released from the white house concurrent to the statement on twitter that the president would indeed endorse hillary clinton. >> for more than a year now across thousands of miles and all 50 states, tens of millions of americans have made their voices heard. today, i just want to add mine. i want to congratulate hillary clinton on making his as the presumptive democratic nominee for president of the united states. look, i know how hard this job can be. that's why i know hillary will be so good at it. in fact, i don't think there's ever been someone so qualified to hold this office. she's got the courage, the compassion,


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