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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 9, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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journey to be the first to know that i'm with her. i am fired up. and i cannot wait to get out there and campaign for hillary. i also want to thank even who turned out to vote and who worked so hard for our candidates. this has been a hard-fought race. i know some say these primaries have somehow left the democratic party more divided. well, they said that eight years ago, as well. but just like eight years ago, there are millions of americans, not just democrats, who have cast their ballots for the very first time. and a lot of that is thanks to bernie sanders. who has run an incredible campaign. i had a great meeting with him this week and i thanked him for shining a spotlight on issues like economic inequality and the outsized influence of money in our politics and bringing young people into the process. embracing that message is going to help us win in november. >> and a short time later, hillary clinton tweeted the following.
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she wrote honored to have you with me potus. i'm fired up and ready to go. president obama and hillary clinton expected to hold their first joint campaign event this coming wednesday, it will take place in green bay, wisconsin. in the meantime it was a very busy day as well for bernie sanders here in washington, d.c. it's not over yet. now in this hour expected to meet with vice president joe biden. it will take place at the vice president's residence, naval observatory. earlier today, sanders met with president obama at the white house. the two were behind closed doors for more than an hour. and according to a sanders spokesperson, it was a, quote, wide ranging discussion of important issues facing working families in this country. after the meeting, sanders said he's staying in the race and that he will compete in the washington, d.c. primary which is next tuesday. a short time later sanders arrived on capitol hill, there he is beside harry reid. he also met with the new york senator chuck schumer.
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and here with me now, white reporter for the "post" and the senior white house reporter at politico. nice to see you. we're often sharing seats inside the briefing room and today we're talking about sort of a moment that i think a lot of people thought was coming but didn't necessarily think it was going to happen like this. julia, tell me about your reporting. we know aides telling us that this was taped on tuesday. what about the conversations between president obama and bernie sanders about how ts would happen? >> our understanding is that the president informed bernie sanders on tuesday night that he would endorse hillary clinton will, but the senator requested that he hold off making that endorsement public until after they had had a chance to meet at the white house. and so obviously the president agreed and that's how we saw things unfurled today. >> he held off about an hour and a half after that meeting was over. i want to ask you then if i can about specifically this
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appearance next week in wisconsin. some will say why wisconsin, right? wisconsin seems like a state that the democrats shouldn't have to defend. president obama won it twice. but what do we expect to hear from the two of them as they finally share the stage as a team? sxwlink the main thing that we will see is as close an embrace as possible between them. this is a lot about the images that will come out of this. there should be no question in anybody's minds both are hoping that any of the divisions from 2008 are still there. barack obama wants to say i want hillary clinton to be the president. everybody look at me saying hillary clinton should be the president of the united states. i'm supporting her all the way. and even though that means bernie sanders may not have dropped out by then, probably will be pushing forward to the convention, president saying it's fine, stay in the race, but we're going forward and we're going against donald trump. i think we'll also see a lot of heavy action against donald trump. >> i think that's clear we likely will hear that there both elizabeth warren and joe biden, as well. julia, give me a sense about the whispers that you hear about how
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eager president obama has been it finally reach this moment. he says, hey, my name is not on the ballot, i don't have to vote for myself ever again, or protect his legacy, but in a way it is his legacy is on this ballot. >> he's been dying to get out there. and it's a big contrast compared to two years ago when he was also quite eager to campaign on behalf senate candidates at this point and many democrats didn't want him out there. he wasn't as popular at that point. they came from conservative leaning states. and so he was quite restrained in terms of what he did that year and so as a result, he sees this as an opportunity to both appeal to for example voters in industrial states that might be -- >> places that matter like ohio, pennsylvania. >> exactly. and of course mole liz youbiliz people. so he see this is as his moment
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to both reth-energize the obama compaalition and preserve his legacy. >> and of course he enters into the fray. we did get reaction from donald trump today as one would have expected. he tweeted, obama just endorsed crooked hillary. he wants four more years of obama, but nobody else does. the clinton campaign responded by tweeting delete your account, which is now the most retweeted i think tweet of this entire campaign cycle. how far do you think president obama is prepared or willing to go in his attacks on donald trump? >> i think what we have seen from him so far is a very cutting take on donald trump. making fun of him, saying he's completely redid dick could yid that "tonight show" appearance, he said this is not a reality tv show. that's a line we've also heard from hillary clinton. and that he'll get serious about it. it's that combination of things.
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but there are very few political operators out there better than president obama at using sarcasm. for him donald trump is a perfect target and one that he clearly enjoys taking shots at. >> eric, yao julia, nice to see you. for more on bernie sanders' meetings today, we want to get rice to chris jansing. she's moved from here at the white house where she was just moments ago to capitol hill. how quickly you were able to accomplish that. give me a sense what reaction you're getting from the sanders campaign about the president's endorsement today. he had asked the president to hold off until after their meeting. >> look, they knew it was coming. they knew it was inevitable. and in conversations with folks on the sanders campaign, this is something that in some ways has been very slow, the realization bernie sanders has come to, that his campaign is going to end. but then it all happened very
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quickly in another sense because the california results came in. he lost four of the six primaries on tuesday. the president was calls him. members of congress who had supported him were coming out publicly and saying it's time, bernie. members of progressive groups, organizations, were coming out and making statements and saying it's time, it's over. we have to beat donald trump. and so what he really wanted to do and he's going to be able to do, he'll have his rally tonight, he will run all he can, he will make a big statement for d.c. statehood, he will obviously be on the ballot on tuesday. and between now and then, there will be a lot of important things going on foremost of which we're waiting to see when there will be a face-to-face meeting between bernie sanders and hillary clinton about exactly what role he will play. but in the meantime, as you pointed out just since i left the white house, it's been busy here on capitol hill, he is at that meeting at the naval observatory with the vice president.
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he met with marijuanyorijuan ha is the reaction ever chuck schumer to his meeting with bernie sanders in the last hour. take a listen. >> it was a great meeting. very, very constructive. i've always had great friendship and affection for bernie and if anything, it's stronger. he's done an amazing thing. i told him. he's made our country a better place. he's made our party a better place. and as i've said to you all along, i've always believed bernie is a constructive person and this meeting just reinforced that belief. he wants to make sure that the issues he's pushed for have vitality and help us get those things enacted. >> and he'd love to see obviously a democratic congress. he will do what he can to help to elect democratic senators, that might include those on his donor list. a lot of money could be raised. >> all those donors giving small
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amounts usually under $50 per donation. >> donation to be exact. >> amazing they could reach those numbers. i want to get a sense, you talked to the campaign, you traveled with him. what is that atmosphere like today? this is the in affeeffect the ef a road that i don't think bernie sanders anticipated could reach the heights that it did. >> it's been an emotional roller coaster, but last night he decided that he was going to call his senior staff over, he was at home in vermont with jane, the rest were at hotels. they were hoping to get a good night's sleep and then they get this tone caphone call for a me. and they go to his house and they said, you know, after a day in which frankly he had seemed like he was unhappy, he ignored
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the press and left the airport and really was not available all day which is unusual to him, they said he really was in a good place. and that's the same thing we heard frankly from reid and schumer, that he really is starting to feel good about where this can go, how he can continue this progressive movement. the details, though, will be hard to work out. and that meeting with hillary clinton is going to be critical. he wants commitments froms abou what will his role be at the convention and what is the best way to him to bring in the 10.5 million people who voted for him. many of whom may be skeptical of her. all that stuff has to be worked out. but he has made that transition. and in it was helpful that over the last really couple of weeks as the numbers were becoming clearer and people were talking to him, that he was slowly working toward this even before the california results came in.
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>> and he's not done yet. another big event here in washington, d.c. i imagine the bernie faithful will show up gone in force this evening. chris jansing at capitol hill today, thank you so much. straight ahead, more on the president's endorsement of hillary clinton her 2008 campaign senior spokesman will join us right after this. >> i'm with her. i'm fired up. and i cannot wait to get out there and campaign for hillary. what are you dng?
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we want to keep our community safe. this is our community, this is where we live. we need to make sure that we have a beautiful place for our children to live. together, we're building a better california. we're back now live on msnbc. we're sticking with our coverage of hillary clinton's campaign. president obama has just thrown
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his full weight behind the democratic presumptive nominee. joining us now on the phone, executive of difference dire executive director of politics and her 2008 spokesperson. so you can give us a good read on a day like this. you were with secretary clinton when she lost the nomination to then senator poobama. what it feel like for you to hear heim endorse her? >> it's a big day. and you're right, throughout having been through the entire campaign in 2008, having her run against barack obama, getting beat by barack obama and with her as she campaigned for barack obama throughout the general election, it's been quite the journey.
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and to have him, a guy who i think really represents what the democratic party is and wants to be moving forward, to have him throw his support behind her, it's just a nice unifying moment for the party. >> president obama september nt first fundraising e-mail. so how do you expect him in terms of his activity on the trail for her, is this in effect it's his legacy at stake. is this his mission for the remainder of the campaign season? >> i think that he could be helpful to her in a couple different ways. number one, he is a popular president. if you look at where he is -- where he stands at this point in his presidency, he is more popular than most outgoing presidents are. he can -- >> 51% right now, yeah. >> here's what it takes to do this job. here's what it takes to turn a failing economy around. he can make that case.
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where qui with quite a bit of authority. and the other thing he can to is tell the story of the last eight years, talk about where we were, where we've gone, to help soften the ground a little bit. donald trump has already signaled that he will try to attack her for being part of the obama legacy. well, having the president out there to define what that legacy is so that she can then talk about where to go next, i think is critically important. while the last eight years have been popular and successful and there is a lot to brag about from this administration's perspective, a campaign is always about the future. so by freeing her up to talk about the future, by defining the last few years, i think he can play an incredibly important role. >> you talk about his popularity. and his overall approval rating is better than 50%.
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he's at 51% among democrats. i believe the number is 88%. but perhaps strikingly is the fact that among bernie sanders' primary voters, president obama's approval rating is 82%. that's why a lot of people who are anxious about hillary clinton's struggles at times throughout the course of the primary season felt so strongly that when president obama finally came around, he really could have a significant influence which leads knee what i want to get your sense of, which is bernie sanders' role in this thing going forward. do you think he will be able, be willing to enthusiastically support her on the trail, to be able to draw over so many of his supporters to help her as josh earnest the press secretary told us during the briefing a short time ago? really it's not the president's responsibility to do that, it's hillary clinton's responsibility do that and bernie sanders could an big advocate. >> yeah, look, i think josh is right. i think it is hillary clinton's responsibility and bernie
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sanders' responsible to get hose supporters on board. now, in fairness, there aren't as many of them this time as there were last time. 2008, that race was very contentious between hillary clinton and barack obama. and polling at the time showed that nearly 40% of hillary supporters said there was no way they were going to support barack obama under any circumstance, but they did, they came around. a tfar fewer number of bernie sanders supporters are saying that. so the party has already begun to consolidate. but you still want to get those people to come on board. so i think the coming days and how bernie sanders after the d.c. primary next week, how he reacts and responds will be critical. it is clear she's the presumptive nominee. he needs to come out then and talk about what is at stake and how hillary clinton will do more for the progressive populist movement than donald trump ever
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could. sdl former senior spokesperson for hillary clinton's 20008 campaign, good to talk to you. thanks very much. >> straight ahead, the republican leaders gathering tonight in utah for a retreat hosted by none other than mitt romney. is the it the resurgence of the never truchl movement? truchl mo? ? ? ? ? ? ? never trump movement? he it the never trump movement? e it the r never trump movement? it the re never trump movement? we sent two women into a real guys night out to see if they could find the guy who uses just for men. it's me. >>no way. just for men gives you a natural gray-free look. just lather in. in just five minutes.
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♪ "dinner!" "may i be excused?" get the new xfinity tv app and for the first time ever stream live tv, watch on demand, and download your dvr shows anywhere. we can tell you that bernie sanders is now meeting with joe biden at the naval ob sevener to. sanders wrapping up a whirlwind day. team trump already reacting to the news that president obama is endorsing hillary clinton. trump tweeting obama just endorsed crooked hillary. he wants four more years of obama, but nobody else does. to which the clinton campaign responded, delete your account. the response from rnc cheefr
1:24 pm
strategist and communications director sean spicer was the following, whichever intern just said this doesn't get its not smart for you to talk about deleting anything, cc fbi, a reference to her controversy the scandal surrounding her use of the private e-mail server as well. we will be joined now by katy tur outside trump tower. she's been covering donald trump's meetings with his donor team, many of these individuals who have been reluck tacck tant necessarily to get on board. let's talk about today specifically, though. how will the trump campaign spin this endorsement? we saw the tweet as an example. >> reporter: donald trump tweeting again that they don't have a rapid response unit inside this campaign, so you can donald trump is tweeting it or one of his aides are tweeting
1:25 pm
it, we wochbts sn't see much of response unless they also send out a press release of some sort. with a rapid response team that is in place is at the rnc right now and that's why we saw rieine priebus and sean spaicer tweetig as well. but the trump campaign does not yet have a spin machine in place. >> you've been chasing all over. i've seen you niin like 17 1/2 locations. you're covering the meetings with donald trump and the fund raising team right now. what general impressions with were you will left with? i know you spoke with one of the money managers in effect for a lot of these millionaires and billionaires and he had words of wisdom. what were they? >> reporter: yeah. so the meeting was with about 70 or so donors at the four seasons
1:26 pm
just around the corner. and it lasted about 30 minutes. donald trump went in there and tried to convince them to come to his side. he talked a little bit about the electoral map, talking about the states that he will put into play. mentioning california which is a very blue state. also mentioning maryland which we have not heard them talk about so far. and we're told from sources inside that it was a positive reception towards donald trump, and certainly the campaign came out and said the same. but i've been speaking with money managers today, one spefrgly who told me that he is advising his clients, big name gop donors, not to attend that meeting or if they it attend that meeting, not to he said up giving money to donald trump for a couple attend that meeting, not to he said up giving money to donald trump for a couple reasons. he says it's bad for business because donald trump has come out with what they are calling these racist statements against judge curiel and also the muslim ban. these. >> reporter: sort of things that the big name donors some who have been involved in publicly traded companiesof things that
1:27 pm
the big name donors some who have been involved in publicly traded companies it would not be good to their business if their name came up next to donald trump in any s.e.c. filing. so right now that is what they are spinning with their clients. donald trump though saying as you know that he doesn't necessarily -- i'm going to grab a stick mike because we're in new york city. he's saying that he will not necessarily going to need to raise $1 billion. very very much believe in donald trump's ability to drive a message. i'm going to send it back to you. you can't hear me over this ambulance, i'm sure. >> i hear the response from the emergency folks in morning city. katy, thank you very much. hillary clinton marching toward the nomination with president obama behind her, but some republican insiders are telling the presumptive nominee not to count his chickens before they hatch. i want to bring in the msnbc and political reporter for the "new york times" as well as jeremy peters, also contributor and also a reporter for the "new
1:28 pm
york times." it's team times here on msnbc. the criticism of donald trump's comments about the federal judge, gonzalo curiel's mexican heritage are just not going away. we know the cam aen stakacampai met with officials and they're optimistic that they will reach a truce. is that something that we should expect throughout the campaign, one step forward, maybe a couple steps back? >> i think peter as long as trump doesn't say anything else completely outrageous, offensive and salting over the next five weeks, this does blow over. however, we're talking about somebody who can't seem to go five days without a slelf inflicted wound. >> does it blow over without an apology, though? he said he was done talking about it, but then reverted to form and talked about it in a series of interviews. >> you know, i'm inclined to think that it does just because of the news cycle. this is a guy who has shown this
1:29 pm
remarkable ability to pulverize every single news cycle. and if he doesn't make us forget about it, i think our own attention deficit disorder will. because pretty soon we'll be on to the olympics and worrying about what athletes are getting zika virus. i just don't think in this day and age people have the attention span to focus on anything for more than a quick news cycle. >> for truth in advertising, jeremy peters was my seat mate for much of the romney campaign in 2012. so thanks for your expertise here. nicholas, hugh hewitt this morning called for republicans to consider nominating someone else comparing donald trump i think the quote was to stage four cancer which can't be ignored. does the republican party in real terms have any recourse at this point? a lot of people buzz about this, but is there any exit potentially? >> zero. no exit. i think there is pretty much no practical or achievable way to
1:30 pm
get donald trump off that ballot. partly because, look, he is now effectively the head of the party. he has won the nomination by the party's own rules. p in can th >> can they change the rules in the week before the convention? could they say you need 60% of the delegates or is that a reach? >> this is a party that can't find a single -- or a party elite that can't find a single person to run against him. i can't imagine they would stage a coup. i guess it's possible. >> i think that's wishful positioning on the eyes of some wnk the party. jeremy, on the idea of the retreat, described as a bastion for trump's opponents within the party. on the list we have reince prieb priebus, he was reluctant at time as. paul ryan expected to be there, tom cotton among those in
1:31 pm
attendance. do you see any meaningful political action coming out of the gathering like this? >> peter, i'm with nick on this. i don't see any meaningful step that the party elite can take to block donald trump. they have tried and failed for all of the last year that trump has been running for president. and setting aside their inability to do thinking to thwart him, they can't even rein him in, they can't control what he says. the idea that they will hatch some plan in a back room that this in surveillance video visible happened of the establishment will clutch the nomination from donald trump, i don't see it happening. and that's for getting the fact that 13 million people cast their votes for him. and to deny him tnomination woud be thwarting the public will in a pretty unprecedented way. >> we've seen donald trump as recently as tuesday night appeal to bernie sanders support hes, trying to help them come out of the cold as he said. what happens with donald trump
1:32 pm
in this courtship of bernie sanders supporters? sand aers says he will do everything he can to make sure trump doesn't become president, but a lot of sanders supporters are sick of hillary clinton. >> certainly true. look, if you go online, it's easy to find a core of diehard people whose loathing for hillary clinton is so powerful that they're open to donald trump. they're also people who agree with donald trump on trade, on his attacks on billionaires, on wall street. so there is some crossover. but so far if you look at polls, polling shows that between half and three quarters of sanders' supporters have said that they will back hillary clinton. i suspect what always happens in these elections, peter, is that as election day gets closer, people revert to their partisan stripes, they assert themselves that way. and i'm not sure there is any reason to think it will be a lot different this time. again, some will, but i doubt it
1:33 pm
would be a huge number on election day. >> end of the day, it's a binary choice. gentlemen, nice to see you. thank you. right now bernie sanders has we said meeting privately with vice president joe biden. that is at the naval observatory. and straight ahead, more on the president's role in this campaign cycle. his name is not on the ballot, but in effect his leg gas ciacy. how will he help unite the party. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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1:37 pm
clinton herself, the people around her, very much celebrating this this as kind of a history making moment. and this announcement this particular i think marks a really remarkable set of cooperation really between the white house and the clinton campaign. if you think about it, this is a situation where you have an incumbent president and a presumptive nominee really closer this all ways than we've really seen before recently. both the candidate and the president very much in sync. hillary clinton said that they have gone from being fiercest competitors to friends over the course of the last decade or so as obviously they have both been very involved back and forth. this is also a situation where you have staff members that are very close. up top former white house officials working on the clinton campaign and you saw a coordinated role out here where the white house this many ways deferred to what secretary clinton wanted to do and they worked together to figure out how to talk to bernie sanders
1:38 pm
and to get the party all on the same page. >> the president and secretary clinton as hillary clinton i guess it was her staff that ultimately revealed this will be campaigning together for the first time in earnest next wednesday. they go to green bay. give us a sense about it that there. i think people are asking why wisconsin. it would seem like a state the democrats think they should own. pennsylvania, florida, there may be more at stake in. >> although i think you have to look at this in the context of donald trump's quote/unquote rust belt strategy. and i also position thlalso thi been an important bellwether for particularly progressive excitements. it was a place where bernie sanders was very well received p and so i think that in some ways this is a way to start bridging
1:39 pm
that gap for hillary clinton with the party's progressive left and go also to a place where president obama has been hugely popular and where he motivated great turnout thin 20 and 2012 when he was running. so it also guarantees in many ways that they will get the kind of excitement that they are looking to generate at this stage. this is an event where you want to make a big splash so they know that this is a place where you can send a message to rust belt voters while at the same time ensuring that they get the kind of showing that they are looking for right out of the gate. >> exactly right. kasie hunt, thank you very much. and here with us onset at the white house, senior white house and politics correspondent with bloomberg. there was a poll a month ago that said roughly 20% of bernie sanders supporters would not support hillary clinton if it was clinton versus donald trump. they would support donald trump. so fast forward one month,
1:40 pm
president obama now endorses hillary clinton, sanders' campaign in effect coming to an end. is that 20% number high or low and if it's right, how potentially damaging is that? >> it holds, and it's a huge problem for hillary clinton, right? so there are two things going on. one is that as long as the candidate is still campaigning, of course his supporters will hold tight to him. what the clinton campaign is hoping to do, not only have bernie sanders say that he's willing to support her will, but to tell his supporters if you support me, support her. she's our best chance to carry my policies and platforms forward. and the thinking is and this is certainly true eight years ago when bernie sanders was in hillary clinton's position, the conversations with her supporters many saying i'm not going to support barack obama until she came around and said i'm supporting barack obama and i want you to do the same. that's what this is about, circumstance link the support together, unifying the two halves of the the su
1:41 pm
together, unifying the two halves of the party. obviously they don't want bernie sanders supporters voting for donald trump, but they also don't want them staying home. >> there is new poll numbers that we want to see to get a real sense of where the race stands right now with proper presumptive nominees. but trump it get a boost immediately as the republican party largely coalesced behind him when he secured the nomination. hillary clinton likely to get the same thing now as bernie sanders supporters move over. a pollster told me that's probably good for another five points for hillary clinton in the polls when we see them next. what more broadly do you think this president is willing to do in in the course of these next five months to protect it's not his name on the ballot, he always said i don't have to vote for myself again. i'm a free man. but it is his legacy. >> and i think he's showing now that he's going to do a few things. number one to have the optics of
1:42 pm
america's first black president standing behind the woman who may be america's first female president. a powerful image for democrats and progressives for whom that matters. one. two, a willingness to attack donald trump. and actually an eeagerness. >> some people thought his comments at rutgers recently were a little much, maybe condescendi condescending. other times he's been more statesmanlike. talk about the caloribration effort. because it's a delicate dance. >> this is sort of the practice season. you get to make mistakes and it doesn't really count. but also the context is changing. and within the context of the democratic primary, made perfect accepts for president obama to bash donald trump. it doesn't matter what independents and republicans think in the context of a democratic primary. as you move deeper into the summer and fall, the desire is
1:43 pm
not to so energize republicans that they turn out en masse, not to so depress the middle that they don't turn out for the democratic candidate. >> and there is news we can break first right here on mountain s nbc that tonight the senator elizabeth warren of plas mass massachusetts will endorse hillary clinton. that will happen live on the rachel had doumaddow show. she's had no wretch vaprefrp vag what is on her mind. she speaks directly to the progressive wing of the party that bernie sanders also most closely relates to. >> absolutely. that movement, that arm of the party that considers itself progressive, they wanted elizabeth warren to run herself. this was a big draft movement. at the point where she stepped back and snksly said, hey, guy,
1:44 pm
it won't be me, that gave rise to bernie sanders' momentum and staying power. he was in those early month as proxy for the one they really wanted. >> any chance she shows up on a clinton ticket? the relationship not so close, but is it -- >> it may be getting closer. certainly hillary clinton sees the merits of keeping the hope alive. she said during interviews not only that she's talking with elizabeth warren regularly, but giving her will the theoretical credentials to run as a vice presidential nominee. but the calculation may not personal, it may have to do with whether the clinton team believes that voters in the key states ohio and pennsylvania, will be ready for a two women ticket. >> a calculation they have to consider. margaret, nice to see you. so who will they pick and when will they announce? we'll dig into those veepstakes as we like to call them right after this.
1:45 pm
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♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. we're back live. two pieces of breaking news to share but. the spokesperson for paul ryan is reporting that the house speaker is on his way to the house floor. we will bring to you live as soon as it happens. other breaking news is that we can now report that massachusetts senator elizabeth warren will endorse hillary
1:49 pm
clinton tonight to take place on rachel maddow. kelly o'donnell has more. you're joined by mark murray, as well. should let me begin with you, kelly. on elizabeth warren, this is a candidate who has not had any reservations about attacking donald trump, in effect to his face, doing it very publicly. what more to we expect to hear from her and where does it go from here? >> well, she had been one of the holdout democrats in this primary season, someone with such a national profile, very popular on the liberal left side of the democrat being party, this many ways more in line with many of bernie sanders' ideas and his supporter. so elizabeth warren has been a prize get for the eventual nominee of the democratic party. and now that we know it's hillary clinton, now we also know she plans to throw her support fully behind hillary clinton. i was told the original plan was
1:50 pm
to roll it out sometime next week, but there is also a sense that now that the president has met with bernie sanders, formally endorsed hillary clinton, that they could accelerate the time line. we also know that senator sanders who has come here to capitol hill today, held a series of meetings, also visiting with the president and vice president, is still talking about a time line that is unclear as to when he would exit this race. of course next tuesday the district of columbia is the final voting primary and that would be sort of the actual end of the primary season. but how will he use the leverage of his movement, the support of his voters and so forth. we don't yet know how he would unwind his campaign as to what specific date. so with that in mind, senator warren, who is a vocal person on issues like wall street and she has been able to with a withering simplicity go after donald trump on to wit, one of his favorite modes, as well as
1:51 pm
in front of the cameras. so by going out tonight, speaking on behalf of hillary clinton, it accelerates the pace of the party trying to unify. and that's something democrats are very concerned about, wanting to give hillary clinton as many advantages going forward, but also for the senate democrats who hope to reclaim control. certainly that's something that elizabeth warren has in mind, as well, trying to give democrats in the senate an advantage to perhaps control things next january when there is a new congress. peter. >> and mark murray, i want to ask you about this very same topic. elizabeth warren as kelly reported, the initial plan was to wait a bit, but of course with the president making his endorsement, many democrats realizing there is little time to waste in getting behind hillary clinton to try to tweet defeat donald trump going forward. what is it about elizabeth warren specifically that has made her a powerful voice especially given today's meeting with bernie sanders here with the president earlier and as we speak right now with the vice president? >> one of the big reasons why she was the progressive rock
1:52 pm
star before bernie sanders ever was. and she of course won her senate seat in 2012 had a very big following everyone befon werbef she's seen as a warrior before she started attacking donald trump on twitter, she was going after her political opponents, as well. and so when you are be looking at the veepstakes situation in a lot of ways, elizabeth warren o. you have someone who can go toe to toe with the republican nominee and you can bolster your own progressive credentials. but there are also drawback. you were talking about democrats would probably have to see a senate -- a republican person in that senate seat if she was picked. there is a republican governor. he would get to name a short term replacement and then you'd end up having an election. the other down side to elizabeth warren being on hillary clinton's ticket is that she's not exactly a go along get along
1:53 pm
person. sometimes the vice president while you end up getting to be the attack dog in a presidential contest, you sometimes have to take a back seat on other measures. and there a big question in my conversations with democrats on whether elizabeth warren is really that go along get along kind of person that would normally thrive as a vice president. >> and more broadly, what other names come to mind when you think about this? what other napes withmes within democratic party including tim kaine, those are the flames largely being floated out as people who could work on clinton's behalf.nmjflames largely being floated out as people who could work on clinton's behalf.flames largely being floated out as people who could work on clinton's behalf.flames largely being floated out as people who could work on clinton's behalf.lames largely being floated out as people who could work on clinton's behalf.ames largely being floated out as people who could work on clinton's behalf. t governor of virginia could an strong advocate in this fight. >> tim kaine is most frequently mentioned because he brings a lot of qualities. first of all, he had been the chair of the democratic national committee. he understands how the party works. he's been the governor of virginia. so he has the executive
1:54 pm
experience. could help hillary clinton win a state like virginia that would be necessary for her to piece together a victory. and he is fluent in spanish because he had spent time in colombia. and that is an asset that he can use. and of course terry mcauliffe is a governor, so if tim kaine were to leave the senate, he would likely replace him with a fellow democrat. why that is so important, because even in a state like massachusetts, if governor charlie baker, a republican, were to choose a republican to replace elizabeth warren, even for a short term, why is that so critical? because the first 100 days of a hillary clinton administration would be critical for her to accomplish as much as possible. and that is 100 days that you don't want to see from the democrats' point of view a republican in a blue state when the margin would be so close anyway. so it's so important to look at where is a potential running mate from and what would the implications of them being out of their current job be. that's a part of the calculations. >> a lot of calculations taking
1:55 pm
place right now. kellry oy o'donnell, mark murra thanks so much. again, rachel maddow tonight at 9:00 that is when elizabeth warren will officially endorse hillary clinton. josh lipton with the cnbc market wrap. >> u.s. stocks closed lower nurse. that amid a pull back in oil prices. dow fell 20, s&p slipped more than 3. nasdaq dropped 16. that's it there cnbc, first in business worldwide. it's time got your business entrepreneur of the week. with orders coming in from around the globe, ray had to learn how to export. he was nervous at first, but practice made perfect. he's now shipping his company's handmade rope samples to about two dozen countries around the world.
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we're back here at the white house. boxing legend muhammad ali will be laid to rest tomorrow, that taking place of course in his hometown of louisville, kentucky. earlier on this day, a traditional muslim prayer service was held. eamon, fans, mourners standing it in line for hours for tickets. set the crescene for us there. >> reporter: in fact they were lining up three hours before doors opened today to try to get inside the event. as many as 14,000 people turned out here at this center where muhammad ali had his last fight and as you mentioned, this was at the very core of it a muslim funeral prayer led by an imam, but also representatives from several other faiths. but when you talk about the legacy of muhammad ali, you really see that in the people that turned out today, people from all walks of life, people
2:00 pm
coming from all corners of the world for pay their respects. there was a man who reportedly also shared the name muhammad ali coming from bank aregladesh pay his final respects. but even here where we're standing, the turkish president inside and we've seen a-list movie stars, as with he wiell. so a diverse showing. >> andeamon, thank you very muc. that will do it for us live from the white house. mtp daily begins right now. it's thursday and we know where the bernie sanders story is headed. the democratic party is coming together in full force for hillary clinton today. but donald trump's spring of stumbles might be the best thing going for her over everything else. this is mtp daly and is


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