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tv   With All Due Respect  MSNBC  June 9, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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that's it. we'll be back friday. "with all due respect" starts in five seconds. "with all due respect" to the revolution which will not be televi televised, this 2016 presidential election, will be sub tweeted. he's with her sports fans today, president barack obama made much anticipated full endorsement of hillary clinton to be his successor as president of the united states. it was much fanfare at the white house. here is the general outline of
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what took place. fresh off a bruising election night, bernie sanders traveled to our nation's capitol stopped at a coffee shop for a historic cone. he met with president obama and spoke to reporters camped out on the white house lawn saying while he will be competing in the d.c. primary, he'll do everything he can to stop donald j. trump, billionaire, from becoming the next president signaling his support for hillary clinton. >> i spoke briefly to secretary clinton on tuesday night. i congratulated her on her very strong campaign. i look forward to meeting with her in the near future to see how we can work together to defeat donald trump and to create a government which represents all of us and not just the 1%. >> a couple of hours after sanders spoke came the big news. clinton campaign released a three-minute video produced by
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them in conjunction with the white house of barack obama expressing his support of his 2008 rival and former secretary of state. >> i want to congratulate hillary clinton on making history as the presumptive democratic nominee for president of the united states. look, i know how hard this job can be. that's why i know hillary will be so good at it. in fact, i don't think there's ever been someone so qualified to hold this office. she's got the courage, the compassion and the heart to get the job done. i say that as somebody who had to debate her more than 20 times. i'm fired up. i can not wait to get out there and campaign for hillary. >> in fact, president obama and clinton are expected the told hair first joint campaign event on wednesday in green bay, wisconsin. this afternoon our bloomberg politics colleague jennifer eppstein interviewed them and had this to say about getting
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her old boss' support. >> it means so much to have a strong substantive endorsement from the president. obviously, i value his opinion a great deal, personally. as i said, repeatedly on the campaign trail, i think he has been a very successful president who's made our country stronger and fairer. it's just such a treat because over the years of knowing each other, we've gone from fierce competitors to true friends. >> so, mark, it's a big day on the democratic side of the aisle. what do you think the immediate implications are of this endorsement for hillary clinton and her effort to unify the democratic party? >> making it much harder for bernie sanders to go forward in any way. makes it much more like the convention in philadelphia is united. it allows hillary clinton to go to wisconsin and lots of
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battleground states to create big splashing news events. it will be difficult for donald trump to match and allow her to raise a lot more money with the president's help. the president did it exactly the way she wanted. the coordination between this president and his successor is tighter than anyone in modern history. >> president obama has been itching to do this. he talked with bernie sanders on sunday. he's wanted to endorse from that moment forward. he would like to have endorsed on sunday night or monday or tuesday. he was very differential as to what the clinton campaign wanted. they wanted this to be done in some degree of negotiation with the sanders campaign. they wanted to give sanders space and time. even so, the urgency of this is pretty high. here we are, 48 hours after the big elections on tuesday exactly where barack obama wanted to be, exactly where the clinton
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campaign wanted to be and senator sanders behaving, we have comments or reports in a pretty cooperative place. i don't think you can imagine this whole thing could have gone any better from hillary clinton's point of view or the democratic party's point of view to be where we are right now just 48 hours after the polls, as we got the result of the california primary. >> all right. it did not take long for donald trump to respond to the news of president obama's endorsement. the presumptive republican nominee turned to his social media microphone and tweeted this. obama just endorsed crooked hillary. he wants four more years of obama, but nobody else does. clinton tweeted back, delete your account, which is considered the ultimate twitter diss. that tweet by clinton has become one of the most retweeted she's ever sent on the platform.
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republicans are minimizing the endorsement saying it's a negative thing. what are the implications for trump and clinton from this endorsement? >> it's worth saying this, mark, there was a long period of time where we all thought that the republican party was in disarray. the democratic party was going to be united easy. then came the moment where it looked like donald trump was united the party and the democratic party seemed engulfed in disarray. the republican party is exhibiting more lack of unity than in many, many weeks. it's bad for donald trump. the president's got over 50% approval rating. nothing about this good for the republican presum tiptive nomin. >> one can be with your last remaining opponent in the race and one can be with the incumbent president. secretary clinton today, because of the dexterity of her campaign in one fell swoop, in one news
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cycle, ended those two potential psycho dramas. >> right. donald trump has been trying to make mischief for a while suggesting bernie sanders should run as an independent and challenge hillary clinton. that's not going to happen now. again, that's another element of why this is -- it's all good for the democratic side and nothing good about this for the republican side. it's happened more quickly. i think i bodes well. you'll see clinton get a polling bump pretty quickly if this comes together on schedule as democrats begin to come home as republicans have for trump. >> has the obama donors who haven't given to clinton will give to her. that's a serious piece of cash. president obama right away. bernie sanders before too long to help her raise money. it puts even more pressure on donald trump. clinton will now have bernie sanders, the clintons, her husband, the biden, obamas all
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out there. donald trump will have surrogates but nobody at the level that she'll have. >> yes, totally right. i think the money thing can't be underestimated. we're going to talk later in the show about trump's fund raising situation. having barack obama and bernie sanders raising money for you, that's a big deal for the clinton campaign. we'll have more from our bloomberg politics interview with hillary clinton, next. what she said about elizabeth warren after this quick break. a lot of ideas look good in theory. but the real question is: how do you make them pay off for your business? at kpmg, we work with you, shoulder-to-shoulder, to turn strategy into real results foyour enterprise. because while theory is great, we work exactly where you do: in the real world. ♪ we work exactly where you do: ♪
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in off the campaign trail, bernie sanders had a busy day back in washington, d.c. today. he talked about the economy and the campaign during that oval office meeting with president obama. after he met with reporters and told them he would do whatever it takes to defeat donald trump in november, sanders went back
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up to where he does his day job on capitol hill and met with the two top democrats, harry reid and chuck schumer. tonight, sanders is holding rally near robert f. kennedy memorial stadium on capitol hill leading up to next tuesday's washington, d.c. primary. sanders says he will compete hard. after the obama endorsement of clinton and as sanders begins to ratchet down his campaign, what does he want and what can he get? >> we have come full circle on the sanders campaign. we're now back to the original impetus that got him into the race in the first place to try to press forward on the progressive issues that he cares about. the way in which it's different and from when he started, he now has profound convictions about how he wants to change the democratic nominating process about the notion he wants to have same day, easy
3:13 pm
registration. he wants to have open primaries and reduce, if not eliminate the role of super delegates. i think hillary clinton is likely and the party is likely to give him what he wants. they recognize the things are necessary in the new age and also because a lot of them don't have stake in holding on to the old system. >> yeah. secretary clinton has gotten to this important point in the campaign having saying that bernie sanders is too liberal and they don't disagree about anything. he is now gotten his issues mainstreamed within her campaign and within the party. raising the minimum wage, true universal health care. reducing the influence of special interest money and politics. i think he's going to be part of helping democrats try to hold the senate, raising money his way for democratic senate candidates. i think if the democrats take control of the senate, he's got a good chance to be head of an important committee. >> i think that's right. he now has a lot of the democratic leadership who, if he
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handles this right, by right i mean in a way that brings the party together as opposed ed d cleaving it in half, he'll have a lot of chips to call in. he'll have a lot of gratitude. he can put himself in position to be a much bigger force in making policy than he's ever been in his career in the senate starting in 2017. if as you suggest, democrats do retake control of the upper chamber. >> the other thing he's got do decide and there's a big meeting of his supporters is how has the campaign, how does he want to get his message out? does he want to continue to do big events around the country, social media. >> hillary clinton is anticipating another big endorsement in the very near future. massachusetts senator, elizabeth warren is expected to back her any minute now. warren's name has long been
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mentioned as a running mate. that's chatter has escalated that others are for the idea of warren being on the ticket. here is what clinton had to say about warren today in that interview with jennifer eppstein. >> i have spoken with her in the last few weeks. we stayed in touch over the campaign. i'm very much looking forward to having her good advice and counsel as we move into the general election campaign. i have the highest regard for her. i also believe that my plan to reign in wall street was the toughest, most comprehensive in this campaign on either side. i'll be consulting with senator warren and others about how we're going to actually implement it. one thing i'm focused on which i know means a lot to senator warren is protecting the
3:16 pm
consumer protection bureau. also, protecting dodd-frank and the regulations that were put on wall street after the great recession from the promise to repeal them by donald trump. >> elizabeth warren is giving a speech tonight at the american constitution society convention in washington where, according to excerpts that her officer released, she will escalate her attacks on donald trump and the republican lead who support him. after that she'll been on rachel maddow where she is expected to offer her endorsement to hillary clinton. whatendorsement, sanders statement and warren's endorsement, what do those things mean for the massachusetts senator's role in the campaign ahead in. >> bernie sanders eclipsed her for that person as spokesperson for that part of the party. she get a chance to be back in
3:17 pm
that mix and go back on top as the key person people turn to. she's been extraordinarily aggressive not just going after trump but she is expected to go after paul ryan and mitch mcconnell. ryan's office has come back at her. she's put herself at the center of democratic heavy weights right under the biden's, obama's and clinton's. i don't think either will be on the ticket. she will be a big player along with sanders in the fall showing what she can do. can she be the kind of activist player that she's been on a different level up until now. >> i have always thought, more than you have, that elizabeth warren could be on the ticket. i still think that. here's why. although bernie sanders is moving into a position where he will be a unifier and not a divider and it's still remains the case that a lot of supporters of bernie sanders will not necessarily do exactly what bernie sanders tells them.
3:18 pm
they will not necessarily flock to clinton. she, hillary clinton, will still have a problem with enthusiasm among millennial voters and she'll have to solve that problem. i still don't see an easier way of solving it than putting elizabeth warren on the ticket. >> we'll see. i don't think so. up next, more on bernie sanders day in d.c. and that hillary clinton interview with jennifer ep eppstein, right after this. because aleve can last 4 hours longer than tylenol 8 hour. what will you do with your aleve hours?
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joining us now are two amazing people, jennifer eppstein who interviewed hillary clinton and bloomberg senior white house correspondent and birthday girl. happy birthday, margaret. you're both awesome.
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we already played stuff from your interview. they're about to head out next week. why are they going to green bay and how does she feel about the prospect of getting back out on the campaign trail with barack obama? >> they're going to green bay because it's one of the states that trump wants to put into play. she's kind of trying to go after working class, white working class people and that's a good place to start with that. it's a specific city that donald trump has mentioned as a place he wants to try to reach out to voters. they're going and hillary clinton said she's really excited about it. she's come from having barack obama be her biggest rival to being friends with him and she seems to be really looking forward to having some fun and joyful times on the campaign
3:23 pm
trail with him. >> a state he won in 2012, even though paul ryan was on the republican ticket and a state hillary clinton lost to bernie sanders. she needs to bolster herself there. margaret, down in washington today, tell us a bit about what you witnessed there with sanders. everybody in the political world watched his statement to reporters, but give us a sense of what the behind the scenes drama was around senator sanders visit with president obama. >> reporter: we did know last night at the end of the day that senator sanders was expected. his aides expected him to come out to the stake out location. you can see that a few hours ago, it's like 75 reporters were gathered outside in the burning sun to wait. it wasn't really clear until this morning when they began moving the press briefing back and back. it was that magic vibe in the air that something was about to go down. this meeting with sanders, which sanders requested was the last remaining obstacle to president obama giving his endorsement. he wanted to several days ago
3:24 pm
when he spoke with senator sanders on sunday. that would have been the precursor to this endorsement. president obama was prepared even before tuesday night but aftertuesday night to get out with this and move things forward. it was the clinton campaign that wanted to wait. it's a matter of talking about the grass roots, talking about senator sanders ideas and how he could best move those forward. talking about the president's experience being the presumptive nominee. what he needed from hillary clinton eight years ago and trying to have that conversation to show bernie sanders a level of respect and inclusion that would sort of best position him to go forward as part of the team. he's not quite there yet officially. things are moving in that
3:25 pm
direction. >> jennifer, talk about the human reality of the advantage that the clinton campaign has with two of its top five officials used to be amongst the top officials in this white house. >> they both left the white house not long before they joined the campaign. it's been this dynamic of you know there's a constant conversation happening. now i think we're just going to see this really seamless cooperation where ever and when ever and however president obama can be used and michelle obama and the bidens can be used to hillary clinton's advantage. this is about the legacy of the people in the current administration being able to carry it on and making sure that things like the affordable care act don't get repeal and anything they are built upon and improved. it's where their priorities lie
3:26 pm
moving forward. >> margaret, hillary clinton is operating as the de facto as the vice president when there's an actual vice president de facto president. what do you know about how biden has brokered this easing bernie sanders out and helping hillary clinton get elected? >> that meeting has been under way. we'll see later tonight senator warren speaking at a gathering of progressive legal activists and progressive lawyers. we're not expecting either to make their endorsement there. we understand senator warren will make an endorsement tonight.
3:27 pm
he wanted to run himself. it's been a slow but steady path for joe biden to come around to being supportive of hillary clinton. he's kept his thumb off the scale. i don't think he will much longer. he may be looking for a moment to make this his own moment rather than get in with the news of the day with president obama and senator warren and everybody else. joe biden's endorsement will be special because it will offer something different than what senator sanders can and different than what barack obama can. it will offer that working class white man's vote in some quarters and some swaths of the country. most importantly in the rust belt and parts of a pennsylvania and ohio. >> we talked about the power of having two of the greatest fund raisers in the history of fund raising.
3:28 pm
>> there's been news trying to get the donors together and take advantage of trump's weakness there. tell us about that. >> there's already been some calls and early meeting. secretary clinton will have another meeting in d.c. at her house with the big dollar bundlers. they're looking at this billion dollar plus total for the democratic fund raising efforts. they want to have a field operation that's strong. the fund raising is all part of that. they can just get obama, sanders and vice president biden and michelle obama out there fund
3:29 pm
raising. that can go a big way. hillary clinton's only one person. her campaign is already started to make it clear they will have her focusing on the stump and not fund raising. >> you both are great. thanks for coming on the show. up next, a very special early edition of hardball cover upcoming speeches. that's starting after the break. hey, ready for the big meeting? yeah. >>uh, hello!? a meeting? it's a big one.
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don't ledust and allergies get and life's beautiful momes. with flonase allergy relief, they won mostllergy pills only control one inflammatory substance flonase corols six. and six greer than one. flonase changes everything. the strength of attack. let's play hardball. good evening. i'm chris matthews in this big day of american politics. president obama bugled charge and played a respectful taps to honor the sanders campaign.
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he seized command of the democratic party's calendar for action endorsing hillary clinton as his presidential successor. he left no room for further int intraparty bickering. his endorsement came this afternoon in a video. let's watch it. >> i know how hard this job can be. that's why i know hillary will be so good at it. in fact, i don't think there's been someone so qualified to hold this office. she's got the courage, compassion and the heart to get the job done. i say that has somebody who had to debate her more than 20 times. i want those of you who have been with me to be the first to know that i'm with her. i am fired up and i cannot wait to get out there and campaign for hillary. >> that was released a short
3:34 pm
time after the president met with bernie sanders. today's endorsement did not come as a surprise to senator sanders. the meeting was part of a very busy day senator sanders had in washington. he did travel to capitol hill where he spoke with harry reid and chuck schumer. in the afternoon sanders met with joe biden on the grounds of the naval observatory. the next hour sanders is said to address a crowd of supporters here in washington. he said he will continue campaigning for the d.c. primary that's next tuesday. he said he will work with hillary clinton to defeat donald trump. >> i'm going to do everything in my power and i will work as hard as i can to make sure that donald trump does not become president of the united states. i spoke briefly to secretary clinton on tuesday night.
3:35 pm
i congratulated her on her very strong campaign. i looked forward to meeting with her in the near future to see how we can work together to defeat donald trump and to create a government which represents all of us and not just the 1%. >> also tonight, senator elizabeth warren will endorse hillary clinton. she'll make that endorsement with rachel maddow. senator warren is said to make a speech taking on donald trump in the very next hour from now. let's begin with chris jansen who covers the sanders campaign. i got the strong sense that the president was acting with brisk authority saying i'm going to take control right now of what i'm going in this campaign. i'm setting my own schedule. more waiting for senator sanders. your thoughts about how it went over with the sanders people. >> you know, i just got off the
3:36 pm
phone with jeff weaver. folks inside the campaign, people who are at his house last night as they came to this realization of what was going to happen say he had been on a slow trajectory towards this. it all moves to fast today and clearly the president who the sanders campaign felt had been treating him fairly, respectfully and he got that respect in the oval office for more than an office, an hour and a half with vice president biden. it was time to move on. they say that by the time the california results came in, bernie sanders himself had come to that realization as well that the letter he wanted to send out to super delegates saying to them, you know, i'm the one who is better against trump really didn't have the weight behind it. the folks at this campaign rally right now are the reason that that upcoming meeting with hillary clinton is so important. i just randomly walked out into this crowd. it's a lot of young people from being in washington all these
3:37 pm
years. it's a very politically savvy crowd. they know everything about what's happened today. there's a bit of disappointment. bernie sanders is going to go over to the other side. talking to a dozen people. seven people said they would definitely vote for hillary after all, we're democrats one put it. not a single one said they would do it enthusiastically. all of them raised a question of her honesty and integrity. one person said he would vote for donald trump and then there's the key area. four people who said that they weren't sure and what bernie sanders had to say, how that meeting goes with hillary clinton, and how wholeheartedly he supports her will impact the way they vote in november, chris. >> sounds like a good poll. thank you. washington post political reporter robert costas. he's been traveling with bernie sanders this week.
3:38 pm
he's up on capitol hill. you were the one that scooped the story that the president would make his move today. what is it tell you? to me it showed attack, control. he was going to set the pace for this whole operation of winning this election this november. he was going to be the commander in getting that done. >> with my colleagues, we've been working on this story all day. juliet was able to get the specific scoop. the obama administration has been planning for days to get behind clinton. there's been a lot of talk that the obama team as has also been savvy with how they reached out. everyone has been in the loop here. it's been about getting everyone on the same page and not having frayed nerves. >> why today? >> in the mind of many top democrats, the leaders in the senate, the race is over. they appreciate sanders. they want to integrate him into
3:39 pm
the platform, but they don't want this lingering on. they see this as his last stand so he can go through the whole process. he's not as defiant as he was a few days ago. >> do you think the president's determination to blow the whistle on this fight and telling senator sanders that early this week, did he put -- was it his pressure that made the sanders campaign relent in their aggressiveness or their own plan to do that by themselves. how much influence did the president have on the course of events this week politicalpolit? >> he had a significant impact. the president has been making it clear to the sanders people and to sanders himself that he's going to go with clinton. the process is important. senator sanders has political capitol. he's accumulated a lot of it. the white house wanted to be careful. it wanted to tread carefully and make sure sanders got the respect he feels he deserves and
3:40 pm
the white house says he deserves. >> thank you. kristen welker covers the clinton campaign. do you know what role secretary clinton played in the timing of the president's announcement or did he do this to establish his own leadership of what he will do between now and november? >> i think it had a lot to do with the timing that the president wanted. having said that, i've been talking to white house officials and clinton officials for days. they both use the same term. they wanted this to happen as soon as possible. i think they believed this was the soonest possible date that president obama could effectively endorse secretary clinton. the white house kept saying he's not going to endorse her until that meeting wraps. it came quickly after that hour and a half meeting wrapped. it underscores the urgency that
3:41 pm
the clinton campaign feels, the white house feels president obama wanting to play a big role in this campaign. taking on donald trump. i spoke with a white house official moments ago. i said is part of this personal for president obama because of the birther issue and because of some of the personal attacks that donald trump has made against president obama. this official acknowledged, he doesn't like donald trump very much but that's not what's motivating him. he wants to protect his legacy and fight for secretary clinton, someone he has worked with intimately. >> good reporting. thank you. chuck, i heard something today. it was a sense of take. the president grabbing with authority the role he's going to play and not as a surrogate for hillary clinton but someone fighting for his own legacy as well and someone on the attack. talk about why they're going to green bay. that's where i had my hour long interview with donald trump that got him into trouble there. it seems to me the classic nfl
3:42 pm
title town, it's the packers. it is that area of the country, the way i see it, is trump's chance to win the presidency, the chance he has to get those football towns like green bay and chicago, not chicago, probably pittsburgh, cleveland, places like that that he needs to win this presidential election. >> look, i am mildly surprised they picked wisconsin. i say that because frankly, i'm surprised they didn't go back to unity, new hampshire. i think she needs help in new hampshire. wisconsin's a state that isn't going to be in the battleground. i think the never trump movement was strong there. >> how did he win? what is on the map snp. >> wisconsin isn't on the map anymore. that's a problem for trump. a lot of states may get off the map. that's all i'm saying about wisconsin. it's definitely the rust belt states. the rust belt mentality.
3:43 pm
the wisconsin, for separate reason s out of reach for trump. it is the pennsylvania. that rust belt corridor that is trump's one opening. that's the opening they want to shut down. that's what obama successfully shut down against romney. obviously, clinton wants to do that. you don't become an era unless you get that third term. the reagan era. he got it. two term presidencies are more successful than one term ones as far as the history books. boy, if you can elect you're successor, that's a big deal. reagan got it. it doesn't happen very often. fdr got it and helped when truman got the first full term. that expanded it even more. bill clinton didn't get it when al gore decided to shun bill clinton who was professionally
3:44 pm
popular but not personally so. obviously, george w. bush didn't. this is a big legacy moment for barack obama. if he gets the third term, it feels as number one, she can protect some things and cement them in. i think it does add to the mystique that he remade the democratic party. this democratic party is not the party of bill clinton. hillary tried to run it with the bill clinton in '08, it didn't work. this is the party of barack obama and hillary clinton embraced that. >> you saw the interview with fallon. the president said he was criticizing the republican party saying they need to go back to being a center right party because we need two good political parties to compete for power and running for country. he said we need a center right party and a center left. to me, i heard him say not a left party, not a bernie party.
3:45 pm
did you hear that? >> i did. it's a reminder, everybody in the democratic party has looked at obama through their own lens. you saw it, i remember in '08, when you would see red state senators endorsing him that were very conservative senators. at the same time you were seeing liberal house members endorse him. he was always sort of that. at the end of the day if you spend time with him, he's a pragmatic progressive is the best way i'd describe him. i think in his bones he is pa s farther to the left than hillary clinton and farther to the left than he's been governing. there's a pragmatic streak to him that strives for that middle. >> i agree. >> the middle in the democratic party. not center but center left is what he's striving for. >> the notching and the nuancing
3:46 pm
is what makes politics exciting. it's not all sweeping differences. thank you so much. >> by the way, a popular outgoing president always matter to the party that is running -- that is trying to replace him. i'll tell you, if he's over 50%, clinton was over 50%, gore won the popular vote. reagan was over 50%, bush won the residency. bush wasn't, and we saw what happened. >> i think he may be reggie jackson come october. we'll see. thank you. i'm talking about the president. who would have known that a year ago. thank you. we're now waiting for bernie sanders to take the stage at rally in washington, d.c. his first event since president obama endorsed hillary clinton. we're also waiting for a double barrel attack against donald trump by senator elizabeth warren and vice president joe biden. that's all coming up within the next hour.
3:47 pm
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what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. welcome back. there's another strong progressive endorsement for hillary clinton from senator elizabeth warren. she will announce her support in an exclollusive interview with rachel maddow. before she does that she'll deliver a harsh speech against
3:51 pm
donald trump. nbc's kacie hunt is there. >> reporter: we're expecting elizabeth warren to make a pretty harsh critique. she will try to tie trump in with paul ryan and mitch mcconnell and the rest of the republican party. we have heard this idea that donald trump is not a normal candidate. elizabeth warren is trying to expand that argument to try to portray mitch mcconnell and paul ryan as also outside of the mainstream partly because they are connected to trump. i think the most interesting thing tonight, she's expected to endorse hillary clinton on rachel maddow show on msnbc later tonight. i think overall, it seems she's very willing to be kind of the
3:52 pm
progressive advocate that hillary clinton needs not just for party unification but because she needs that excitement we saw on the bernie sanders side. elizabeth warren can do that for her. >> she sure can. we'll have the speeches from senator warren and vice president biden here live as they happen in next several minutes. donald trump's also facing plenty of criticism from members of his own party these days. not just from the democrats. ohio governor john kasich growing the support who are expressing strong reservations saying he's still not really to support trump. here is governor kasich. >> right now the divisiveness, division doesn't go down well with me. if you're going to have a reckless suggestions on foreign policy, that's not good. why would i feel compelled to support somebody whose positions
3:53 pm
i kind of fundamentally disagree with. >> trump has always heard that. he retweeted a post on twitter that reads john kasich, the voters have spoken. we want donald trump. you agree to support the nominee. get on board or leave the gop. that's a retweet from trump. this comes as the presumptive nominee, mr. trump, met with reince priebus at the trump tower in new york. nbc reports that while some donors have expressed a p apprehensi apprehension, the campaign called it a good meeting. michael, you first about this thing. is this healing or not? this outrage. i think that's the right word for it, about how trump referred to that judge reviewing the class action suit against trump u? >> i think it's a wound that was cut pretty deep for a lot of
3:54 pm
folks. largely because they're on the hot seat to have to answer for it in some way. they don't want to do that. they would rather focus on their own campaigns or the issues they're trying to promote. it cut pretty deep in that regard. the trump approach to it so far seems to have not been mump more of the healing side of it. it's been more of this is what it is side of it. that's not helpful. the tweet to john kasich again is not way to sort of bring someone into the camp who may be reticent to join on board. there's a lot of piece that is have got to picked up on all sides. this effort to stop trump and try to do something at the convention is nonsense. donald trump also has to recognize he's got to soften it a bit for some of these guys. they're sensitive that way.
3:55 pm
>> he won all the numbers and the minute he did it, he was asleep at the switch. he never really came back and whacked secretary clinton after that inspector general report which was happy hunting ground for him. he just let it go. then he got into the fight with this judge that had nothing to do with the campaign that i can figure. he doesn't seem to be fighting the good fight for his own campaign. can you explain what's going on with trump lately. >> i think that trump doesn't change. we're going to see him fight, fight, fight hillary clinton and it's going to go forward with what he wants to do to make america great again. i think what you're seeing on the democrat side is you're seeing the full house, all the as getting laid on the table.
3:56 pm
this is a woman under a criminal investigatio investigation. >> how do you know that? we don't know that yet. what do you know that we don't know? the reporters haven't reported there's a criminal investigation. tell me what you don't know that we don't know. >> it's out in the media that the fbi is looking into her and clearly that's a criminal probe she's under. that's never happened before with a nominee. she's a weak, damaged candidate. that's why the president and everybody has to come out and try to help prop her up now. in contrast, trump is really tough guy. he's a strong guy. the math shows that the people, the votes, that's really all this is about, is who's pulling the lever in november. the votes are with trump. hillary is doing poorly in the polls.
3:57 pm
>> why did trump, the candidate of the republican party for president of the united states, get into a fight with a judge and then go after his spanish name and accuse him of bias with so little evidence, really no evidence. he accumsed him of being bias because of his background because trump said walls along the mexican border. the assumption he made is this judge is unfairly anger at me because of what i've said about the people he came from as a family. is that okay for a president to talk like that? >> this is really kind of an amazing commentary coming from you chris. isn't this kind of the position of msnbc every single day? >> to do what. >> you look at race and equate perspective with race. that's what the left does. >> i don't think i do. who are you talking about doing that? >> you equate perception and perspective.
3:58 pm
>> give me an example. >> that's wrong. >> give me an example. >> give you an example. >> yeah. of where i have accused a person. >> ferguson would be a great example or the fact you've got a white judge and a white jury and you have african-american who is found guilty of a crime. it's automatic imputed racism. >> when did i do that? i didn't do that. >> white privilege. >> i have never done anything like that. >> flip on msnbc any day of the week. >> give me the day you saw someone do this. when did you see? >> it's the whole white privilege agenda. >> when have you heard anyone say, from this network, a judge is guilty of bias against minorities in a criminal case because he's white or she's white? >> go back and review your tapes from the last week. this is like every day on msnbc. this is what comes up.
3:59 pm
that's why it's so incredibly hypocrite cal the double standard that's being laid on donald trump. it's ridiculous. the reason why donald trump is so successful is he's really made a convincing case to the voter that he's tired of the direction of the country and he's going to shift it so the people have jobs and make more money and the country's going to be in a better place. we're going to be respected. we're going to be stronger. that's what people want. >> michael steele, let me ask you about this problem with this judge. this has legs, this story. you said so a few moments ago. i think it's because if you're a conservative, any american may be concerned about illegal immigration and people have the right to be concerned about a law not enforced. when it looks like a shot and against him on nothing to do with him breaking law. he's a law-abiding, very respected federal judge, social
4:00 pm
security nit's not about being illegal. he goes after him because he has spanish name. it takes away the cover, if you want to be tough about it, of people only being concerned about the law being covered. tell me why the politics breaks on there. >> the politics breaks on this because it's part of a meme that the trump has put out there rather successfully from the very beginning of his campaign. that's fine. here's the rub that i have with this whole thing. this lawsuit has absolutely nothing to do with his running for president. this lawsuit, in fact, doesn't even go to trial until after the election. the question then comes out, why are we having this conversation now, particularly in this between you're securing the nomination and hillary clinton getting it last night. those five weeks were critical weeks in which he could have gone after the 38,000 jobs that were reported, the ig report. he could have gone after the clinton foundation. continuing that


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