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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 11, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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wrely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business. that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority: you good to be with you. i'm frances rivera in new york at msnbc world headquarters in new york. we begin this morning with breaking news overnight. a popular reality show finalist is shot dead outside a concert
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venue in florida after her performance. new details this morning. in politics, it could be unprecedented. what the former gop standard bearer is saying about the party's current presumptive nominee. that's the ticket. could hillary clinton and elizabeth warren unite two factions of the democratic party in one bold move? we begin with breaking news out of florida. christina grimmie, a former contestant on "the voice" was shot during her concert in orlando, florida last night and died. morgan radford has been following this story in new york. what exactly happened and what led up to the shooting? >> reporter: good morning. police are still trying to figure out all the details. no motive so far. christina grimmie made it big on season six of "the voice." with her she brought millions of followers from her snap chat and social media accounts. she posted on snap chat hours before she was set to take the stage, inviting fans to come see
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a show that tragically would be her last. >> please come to the show if you live near orlando, florida. >> reporter: christina grimmie, cheerful and full of life. the former voice con ses tant released this video on social media before tragedy struck at her late of the concert. >> i'll be at the plaza live. >> reporter: hours after this video was taken, a male suspect approached her as she signed autographs for her fans. >> the suspect walked up and shot christina. at that point we know her brother tackled the suspect and that's when the suspect shot himself. >> the gunman dead, his motive unknown. the attacker had two guns on him. grimmie was taken to a nearby hospital in critical condition, but shortly after her publicist confirmed grimmie had succumb to her injuries writing "it is a heavy heart that we can confirm that christina has passed and went home to be with the lord".
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♪ >> reporter: she came into the public eye on season six as the third runner up competing on adam levine's team. she was also a very popular figure on youtube with millions of fans. the #prayforchristina quickly started trending overnight. semi lovato saying her thoughts and prayers were with christina's loved ones. >> reporter: police say her brother is a hero for stopping anything from happening to anyone else. the orlando police department is scheduled to have a press conference later this morning. "the voice" tweeting we lost a beautiful soul with an amazing voice. >> do we know anything else about the shooter, any indication, the two weapons he had with him? >> police are still trying to figure out if there was a connection. trying to figure out if it was a fan that stalked her. police looking for clues to identify who this gunman is and
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what connection he had. >> so tough for her fans and especially her brother being right there seeing it happen. thank you for the update. turning to politics, donald trump hasn't named his own vice presidential pick. in a rally last night, he put in his vote for hillary clinton's. >> this elizabeth warren. i call her goofy. elizabeth warren is one of the worst senators in the entire united states senate. she's gotten practically nothing done, practically nothing passed. if it was up to her you'd have taxes at 95%. i hope she's going to be chosen by hillary, oh, would that be great. i would love it. >> the massachusetts senator visited clinton's washington home earlier in the day fueling speculation she is on the vp short list. clinton was also on the trail friday appearing at an event for the planned parenthood action fund where she barbed trump's
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record with women. >> this is a man who has called women pigs, dogs, disgusting animals. kind of hard imagining counting on him to respect our fundamental rights when he says pregnant women are an inconvenience to their employer. what does that say about how he values women, our work, our contributions? do we want to put our health, our lives, our futures in donald trump's hands. >> a new poll finds trump beating clinton with one key group of voters, independent. they favor the republican by a ten-point margin. it was an anti trump voter that took a spotlight at game four of the nba finals in cleveland. that's a shirtless man with an anti trump message written on his chest. he rushed the court as cavaliers forward lebron james prepared to shoot a free-throw. the republican nominee is making tracks today with a rally scheduled for 11:00 a.m. eastern in tampa, florida, and another
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four hours later in moon township, pennsylvania. >> i'll move to miami. jacob rascon is there. they're having reports of republican insiders pressuring trump to steer clear of controversies. we'll seen him more on the teleprompter than ever before. is there anything the campaign is doing about it? >> reporter: not that we know of. last night he didn't use a teleprompter in his rally. we're not expecting him to do that today. we have seen six, i think it is, speeches in which he's used a teleprompter that is a bit of a shift in tone. he just is off the cuff, his usual self, when he comes to these rallies. it's not gop insiders but top republican leaders like speaker paul ryan, mitch mcconnell, even one republican senator unendorsing him this week. it's been round and very heavy criticism in all as he now is shifting, trying to shift to be more presidential. it seems to be all because of his own missteps.
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>> what the hell -- >> reporter: donald trump sounds a lot more like himself again. >> we have a president that doesn't know what the hell he's doing, folks, i'm telling you. >> reporter: after back-to-back teleprompter speeches, full attack mode in richmond, warren. >> this elizabeth warren, i call her goofy, she's one of the worst senators. i hope she's going to be chosen by hillary. oh, would that be great. i would love it. >> reporter: something was missing and has been for some time. >> i won every single poll. >> we're leading in the polls by a lot. >> we are leading in every poll. remember that, please. >> reporter: it seems the polls that carried trump through the campaign have betrayed him. not losing to hillary clinton, not much to brag about for a week. trump not as teflon as trump the underdog primary contender. >> the judge who happens to be we believe mexican. >> reporter: his criticism of a mexican judge because of his
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heritage. mitch mcconnell saying trump needs to get his act together. paul ryan calling trump's comments textbook racism. mitt romney hosting what amounted to a anti trump meeting where trump was compared to hitler and mussolini. >> trickle down racism, trickle down bigotry. >> reporter: his bad week even resurrected, four of ten gop insiders supporting a rules change at the convethatntion would open the door to denying trump the nomination. amid all of it, trump predictably defiant. >> we're going to win and win so big. we're going to win bigger than ninos. >> reporter: trump, by the way, tried to explain his recent low poll numbers by saying some of his supporters he thinks are embarrassed to tell pollsters the truth that they're voting for him and encouraged them to be proud. trump is swinging through
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several states in the next week including pennsylvania, new hampshire and texas. he has the planned formal speech focused on hillary clinton on monday. franc frances? >> interesting admission. nbc's jacob rascon, thank you. want to bring you the latest on hillary clinton. nbc's kelly o'donnell is in washington, d.c. following the campaign. good morning. hillary clinton with major endorsements, one from president obama, elizabeth warren as well. what's next for her? >> the interesting thing, francis, it will be pretty quiet in clinton world this weekend. by that i mean public events. that doesn't mean there isn't a lot of work going on behind the scenes. she has clinched the nomination. so she is not doing any big rallies at this point, taking a bit of a break. of course, bernie sanders has not conceded the race. he's still in it and says he will fight through at least tuesday where the very last of the primaries on the democratic side will occur. that happens right here in washington, d.c.
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for clinton, she's really already begun to turn toward donald trump, her opponent in the fall. here is a sample of how she plans to go after him when she made a speech here on friday. >> when donald trump says let's make america great again, that is code for let's take america backward, back to a time when opportunity and dignity were reserved for some, not all. back to the days when abortion was illegal, women had far fewer options and life for too many women and girls was limited. well, donald, those days are over. [ cheers and applause ] we are not going to let donald
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trump or anyone else turn back the clock. >> so democrats who are allies of hillary clinton are anxious to help her go after donald trump. we've seen that from elizabeth warren, senator of massachusetts, who has been very capable of going after trump using twitter or sometimes in interviews or in her own speeches. we also know for the first time we'll see barack obama and hillary clinton campaigning together this week. that will come wednesday, again after the final democratic primary occurs here on tuesday in washington, d.c. we expect there will be more opportunities for president obama to be on the trail in support of hillary clinton, although we won't see them together as much. that first kickoff will happen this week. then, of course, behind the scenes there is work to be done for hillary clinton to evaluate a possible running mate. elizabeth warren has been one of the names that's getting attention. some of what you hear in the
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veep stakes can be a public conversation, people suggesting names. harder to know exactly who might be on the short list inside clinton world. >> she takes a short break from public events, something i'm sure she'll weigh heavily. nbc's kelly o'donnell, thank you very much. for more now on today's political stories, i want to bring in sabrina sad dickey, and alex kingsbury. thank you for your time this morning. sabrina, after you wrote this week about the importance of president obama's endorsement. not something that came as a surprise to a lot of us. what does that really do for hillary clinton? >> it's important for a couple of reasons. first of all, this endorsement comes at a time when the president's job approval has ticked up just up to 50%. his approval rating has been at its highest in recent months since his second inauguration. he can help to galvanize support. hillary clinton has done well among key constituencies of
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democrats. she has struggled, as we know, among younger voters so president obama can energize millennials where he's very popular. you saw quick consolidation behind hillary clinton. it sent a signal that bernie sanders may not have yet conceded but he is on board to help democrats defeat donald trump. of course, you saw that coalescing happen at a time when donald trump was losing support over his comments about judge curiel. >> you have donald trump in the meantime last night tweeting out, kind of digging in at the archives with this attack ad from then senator barack obama. let's listen to that. >> it's what's wrong with politics today. hillary clinton will say anything to get elected. now she's making false attacks on barack obama. "the washington post" says clinton isn't telling the truth.
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she championed nafta, even though it has cost south carolina thousands of jobs. and worst of all, it was hillary clinton who voted for george bush's war in iraq. hillary clinton, she'll say anything and change nothing. >> alex, when you have donald trump who relies on social media tweeting digging up this ad with this strategy. particularly since he doesn't advertise much on his own and doesn't have as much money as hillary clinton to do it, how much does the clinton campaign actually care about that? >> well, listen, donald trump has an archive of research on the clintons he can go back to. we've seen it with the vince foster stuff. i'm not sure how effective that will be as an electoral tool. voters are talking about a vision of the future. if donald trump's path to victory is relitigating the sins of clinton past, i think that's probably a tough road. >> sins of clintons past, but
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factoring in the polling, ten-point lead over clinton. gary johnson even has a one-point lead in that poll over her. sabrina, should that be something for clinton to worry about, to look over her shoulder as well? what can she do as far as those independents, especially now many backing bernie sanders and saying bernie or bust and what can she do to poll them? >> when it comes to independents backing bernie sanders, we had a poll out yesterday at the guardian saying independents who back bernie sanders are six times more likely to go into hillary clinton's column than donald trump's. i think as much as both brrns and donald trump have tapped into working class white voters, when it konls to the controversial remarks donald trump has made regarding race, ethnicity, those are repulsive to bernie sanders who has been a champion for civil rights. as we were talking about
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democratic party unity, it will interesting to see how bernie will have a lot of influence in terms of persuading or helping to persuade his voters to ultimately back hillary clinton even if they might be skeptical because the party at the end of the day wants to defeat donald trump. >> as we look ahead, alex, now we know it's goings to be slated as a speech from donald trump attacking hillary clinton. it's interesting where you see the kind of labeling when it comes to speeches, so that's an attack against clinton. hillary clinton's attack on trump was dubbed a foreign policy speech. we know she's going to make this economic speech. talk about the labeling. regardless of what they're going to be tackling when it comes to policy, ultimately in thend it's going to be an attack against each other on these speeches? >> sure. i think that's definitely an aspect of it. to get back to the beginning of this conversation, what does
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barack obama's endorsement bring for hillary clinton, what it does is sharpen the contrast. you'll see clinton serious and policy oriented and focused on this idea she can be president tomorrow. i think having the sort of power of the presidency behind you and standing next to the president increases her authority in a way and cheapens donald trump in ways it's going to be difficult for him to convince voters he is presidential. >> sabrina, how can that actually hurt? we know the president's popularity in recent months has been up there compared to others. with hillary campaigning now with him, where she's been criticized before as another four years of the obama administration, obama 2.0, how will she be able to walk around that? >> i think it will be important for her to recognize which areas of liss legacy she should embrace as opposed to points of contrast she can make. she's already been doing that. i think she recognizes for the
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most part his economic policies have been popular and there has been a slow but steady recovery under barack obama. that's something she for the most part run on and certainly can also point to the progress that's been made in terms of health care, in terms of rising wages and kind of highlighting that there's more progress that needs to be made. i think foreign policy is one of the liabilities her campaign has recognized she has, for example, tried to distance herself from his administration's response to the syrian civil war, talking about how she was in favor of arming the rebels sooner. we know she's come out against the trade deal, the transpacific partnership. that's something donald trump has railed against, too. for the most part, historically when a president is as popular as barack obama is right now, it's proved to be a boone for a candidate of the party. >> all right, thank you for your time this morning. >> thank you. we ask you, what's the next
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what's in your wallet?
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on next tuesday, in a few days, here in washington you will be having the very last primary of the democratic nominating process. it would be extraordinary if the people of washington, our nation's capital, stood up and told the world that they are ready to lead this country into a political revolution. >> bernie sanders still drawing crowds and spending the message he plans to fight until the end, even as hillary clinton picks up a string of endorsements from
6:24 am
the white house to elizabeth warren. nina turner is former ohio state senator. nina, good to have you with me. as we get started here, you look and in call on what's happened this week after meeting with the president, bernie sanders says he plans to stay in the contest of d.c. and ideally would like to meet with hillary clinton. where does that possible meeting stand? >> frances, there's nothing new about what the senator said. he wanted to make sure everybody in this glat nation had an opportunity to vote and to vote. tuesday is the last and final. he's living up to his promises. i know a lot of people are not expecting or believe that politicians will actually do what they say. senator sanders is certainly one of those. in terms of the senator meeting with the secretary, i'm not sure. we know, in fact, that is going to happen. i believe the senator is going to continue to push for the issues that he has always been pushing for, the things he's been fighting for all of his
6:25 am
political career. he has been fighting for the middle class and the poor people in this country. nothing has changed because he has run a very issues-oriented campaign unlike a lot of folks. all the issues he cares about, social justice, criminal justice reform, increasing minimum wage, universal health care, expanding and protecting social security, protecting our environment, all of those things are vitally important still for the senator. >> when will he do that, continue to make the fight but not as a candidate for president? >> that's up to the senator, frances, and dr. jane sanders. they put a lot of sweat equity and political equity into standing up to the status quo and giving the citizens of this great country a choice to show that you don't have to raise money by super pacs and having millionaires and billionaires to raise money. no matter what happens, we owe a
6:26 am
gratitude because he's shown people can weigh in on their government, the type of future they want to see. all that is up to the senator. i don't live in his head. it's all up to him. >> if you look at the endorsements from elizabeth warren, the president, even politico reporting at this point there are top bernie sanders supporters saying when is this going to come as far as stepping dourngs considering you have the endorsements and also when it comes to this letter, to superdelegates, suggesting and urging switching over and there's a little bit of a question where that stands and you have these repeated calls for people in the party, for people who aren't bernie sanders supporters for him to step down. >> all of his supporters have not called for him to step down. certainly i have not called for him to step down. people have decisions to make. i have a decision to make. his other supporters have a decision to make. this one thing is absolutely
6:27 am
crystal clear. he is still a candidate. he didn't get into this race to stop at the end. just like when people are playing on a sports team, they don't stop at the end just because the score might not necessarily be in their favor. all the reasons why, frances, he got in this race in the first place are still out front and center. people are still suffering. we've got 47 million people in this country living in poverty. another half on the brink of poverty. our young people are being saddled with debt even before they walk across the stage of any college. we still have these important issues remaining front and center, so nothing has changed on that. >> i have to ask you, when you say fight till the end, what is that end ultimately? is that a contested convention? talk about the practicality of that. >> he said all along, news flash, nothing has changed, that he is going all the way to the convention. now, how the senator decides to do that ultimately after tuesday is up to him. but i will say this, he has been
6:28 am
a gallant champion for all the issues that are important to the least of these in this great country and that particular thing has not changed whether he is still a candidate or not, i believe the senator will continue to fight for those issues and so will i. >> let's talk about this. you've been such a diehard supporter of bernie sanders that when he lost in california and new jersey, i'm sure there was a part of you that was a little crushed here. there is what many still call his political revolution, his movement that is in play here. also, we also see you when you say, when it comes to right now this twitter back and forth between donald trump and elizabeth warren, you on a radio show said she doesn't winnie brownie points in your words. what did you mean by that and why was it relevant to even say that? >> because the democrats -- some democrats seem to be purely focused on a back and forth drama. this is not, we are not,
6:29 am
democrats are not going to build and push and excite democrats and the independent voters we need to come out and vote if it's only about the drama between the secretary and mr. trump. we need people who are going to stand up and talk about the issues that matter to people. frances, i traveled all over this country and people are hurting, hurting. all is not well in everybody's household. all is not well in everybody's jobs and their communities. they need someone to step up and talk about those issues. rappers go back and forth on twitter. teenagers go back and forth on twitter. what we need are people that will stand up and talk about the issues. the contrast between the secretary and mr. trump is very clear. let's talk about the those issues and not so much on the drama. the american people are going to be left behind. that's what i mean by that, and i'm an independent thinker. i am a democratic but an independent thinker. like shirley chisholm, i'm
6:30 am
unbought and unbossed. >> you're saying the issues need to be out there instead of the drama, the message needs to be out there as well. can that message and those issues be underscored even more with bernie sanders as hillary clinton's vp? >> well, my god, i'm certainly -- listen, the secretary has every right to pick her own candidate. let me tell you something, the progressives out there, that would go a long way to bring the diehard progressives into the fold to have senator sanders at the secretary's side. i can't say whether the secretary or senator wants that to happen. that's up to both of them. >> and i'm sure something that may be brought up if this meeting happens between the two of them, if and when. thank you so much, nina turner. appreciate your time as always. outrage. what's in today's newspaper raises this volume of calls for the judge's removal in this boy's case. qo :é @d888888@888jj
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graduation weekend at stanford university clouded by a sexual assault case and the 1 million signatures gathered to remove that judge from the bench. ♪ using 60,000 points from my chase ink card i bought all the framework... wire... and plants needed to give my shop... a face... no one will forget. see what the power of points can do for your business. learn more at
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really hard. trane. the most reliable for a reason. welcome back. i'm frances rivera at msnbc world headquarters in new york. new calls for a california judge to be removed from the bench after giving stanford swimmer brock turner a six-month sentence for sexual assault. this comes as the campus prepares for protests during this weekend's graduation celebration. gady schwartz is following the story in palo alto courthouse. tell us how intense these protests are expected to good. >> reporter: good morning, frances, these protests are expected to be peaceful. to give you an idea of what's going on here, this right here is "the stanford daily," the graduation edition. you have graduates here in their
6:38 am
gowns graduating from one of the most prestigious universities in the entire world. on the back, full page, congrats stanford class of 2016. will you join the community of stanford alumni standing against rape culture. read and sign the letter from stanford alumni who stand with survivors. this is a full-page ad aimed at taking the judge off the bench who of course sentenced problem turner to six months in jail. people here in the legal community saying the judge did nothing wrong, followed the letter of the law. this community really enraged at that sentence. so that's something that's going to be front and center tomorrow during graduation for all those people in attendance. >> got to be tough for so many of those graduates and families, not to celebrate fully with that controversy looming over there. gadi schwartz, thank you for the update. turning back to politics. the 2012 nominee mitt romney says he can't bring himself to vote for donald trump or hillary
6:39 am
clinton. what about the libertarian ticket? >> if bill weld were at the top of the ticket, it would be easy for me to vote for him. i'll get to vote for gary johnson better and see if he's someone i could be voting for. that's something i'll evaluate. >> you're not necessarily ruling out that possibility? >> i'm not ruling that out. >> apparently a large number of voters aren't ruling that out either. 12% say they will support libertarian nominee gary johnson. joining me is larry sabato, director of university of virginia center for politics. good to have you with me as we delve into those numbers. your reaction to the poll that shows 12% for gary johnson who was just nominated a couple weeks ago at their convention? >> a couple things. we've had many polls recently with gary johnson included. he ranges from about 6% support
6:40 am
to this, 12%. it haven't seen anything over 12. you have to be at 15% in a series of polls come september to get into the presidential debates which is absolutely critical to any third party's hopes. could he do it? sure he can do it. let's remember that most, not all, but most tend to deflate as we approach the general election campaign and actual election day. >> earlier on gary johnson, when we were interviewing here would say, you know what, when it comes to those who have never heard of him, he needs to be in the polls. now we're seeing more of him, do you think they'll get more traction now that we're seeing more of a divide for those who say they will not vote for donald trump and will not vote for hillary clinton? >> that's the key to his support all right. he is essentially the none dch of-the-above candidate on the ballots.
6:41 am
to the extent people reject both trump and clinton, he will probably benefit. again, remember where we are. it's mid june. the conventions are in the second half of july. let's see where we are at the parties have a chance to put on their best possible show to attract some of their wavering voters back. >> you also consider back in history in 1992 and the impact of a ross perot as a spoiler there. is that something you can see parallel this time around in this cycle? >> well, it's possible. you picked the one independent who didn't follow the usual pathway. that is, he was at around 40% in june before he dropped out in july. he came back into the process in early october in single digits and skyrocketed back up to 19% on election day, the best showing since teddy roosevelt for a third party candidate. so ross perot is the exception
6:42 am
to the rule. he isn't the rule, but you can't rule that out for 2016 in gary johnson. >> when you consider the independent voters here, you have this poll that finds gary johnson is doing slightly better than hillary clinton, as you see those numbers. he's at 23, she's at 22. what could that mean for november and ultimately which party would be most hurt by a libertarian run? >> well, that's a great question. normally republicans are hurt a bit more than democrats by libertarians. i'm not ready to say that yet. i want to see how this pattern settles down because with johnson and particularly bill weld on the ticket, a liberal republican governor in massachusetts, i think it's going to be pretty well split. exactly how evenly split, no one can say. it's early june. >> you also consider the fourth run of the green party's jill stein. is there any impact we can see
6:43 am
from her? >> well, she got, in the last election, a third of 1%. that's 1/3 of 1% of the vote. maybe she'll attract more bernie sanders supporters. remember ralph nader got 2.7% in 2000 and switched the white house from al gore to george w. bush. >> hillary clinton is counting on those supporters as well when he bows out. thank you very much larry sabato. i appreciate your time. >> thank you. retiring after 70. baby boomers facing the reality of working longer. we'll take a look at the negatives and the positives of this growing trend. every time i drive. ...want my number? and cash back for driving safe. and the power to automatically find your car... i see you car! and i got the power to know who's coming and when if i break down.
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a new survey shows more americans are planning to retire after the age of 70. 23% of americans with jobs say they plan on working into their seventh decade. that's up from 16% in 2009. is it the love of jobs or just
6:47 am
financial necessity that's prompting them to say that? joining me is rick newman of yahoo finance. are you talking to mostly millennials here who are working adults or people maybe in their 30s and 40s? who are we talking about? >> probably all of the above. the people thinking the most acutely about it are those approaching retirement age, especially people who may have really gotten crushed during the recession a few years ago because it took a lot of wealth away. a lot of people felt they had to cut into their savings. the data shows many americans are just woefully unprepared for retireme retirement. as it approaches, what's the rashl thing to do? >> it's not really a choice for them saying, hey, i just love working, i want a place to go every day. it's really out of necessity. >> for the most part. longevity is obviously increasing. people are living longer and
6:48 am
living well longer. there certainly is an element of people saying, maybe i'm not ready to retire. we're also sitting a cultural point where some people are saying the idea i'm going to golf for the rest of my life or just sort of be a man or woman of leisure, maybe that's no longer the ideal retirement anymore and people want to stay more active. >> it's interesting because the survey found these employees were less healthy, more likely to feel stuck in their jobs than those who expect to retire earlier. speaking to that point you were just making, is that basically because the definition of the american dream has changed at this point? >> the definition of the american dream has definitely changed. we've been talking about this really for going on 15 years at this point. i think as that changes, people are adjusting. one thing ha is important to adjust is your expectation. so if you expect to have the
6:49 am
same quality of life once you retire that you had before you retire, it takes a lot of money. instead of the old idea that you have to have enough saved to live well for 20 years, now you need enough saved to maybe live for 30 years simply because life expectancy has improved which is a great thing. we're seeing the social security age is creeping up slowly from 65 to 67. there are some proposals say that needs to go higher, maybe push that up to 70. this is complainihanging a lot we think about retirement. remember this word, expectations. do not just assume that retirement in the future is going to be the way we think of it from 20, 30 years ago. >> think about the reality of today, it's interesting, also, this upside to the study, it showed the level of short-term worry has fallen. what is short-term worry? >> probably the ability to pay your bills next month. >> so people can do that? >> well, we've had this very
6:50 am
slow recovery from the recession, but it is adding up to a recovery over time. more people are in better financial shape, but we've got to remember here recessions do happen. it's a natural part of the business cycle. we will get into another recession at some point. many of the people who are trying to -- they think they ar getting in a better position for retirement now, they may face a job loss or other things like this. again, downsizing expectations for retirement can be a very helpful thing. >> very interesting. it's not getting next month's groceries or rent or the cable bill paid, it's way down the road. >> all of the above. >> appreciate that, rick. thank you very much. as president obama gets ready to move on after eight years in the white house, yesterday he witnessed his oldest daughter malia moving on, graduating from school. she will turn 18 next month and will take a gp year before she studies at harvard.
6:51 am
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bernie sanders is keeping his promise to fight for every last vote. the vermont senator has been campaigning in the nation's capital ahead of the last primary of the campaign on tuesday. the vote in california is where we begin today's look at politico's five numbers to watch. want to bring in steven shepherd from politico. good morning. as we start with the number of today, that number is right here. 2,128,194. >> these are the number of votes hillary clinton has won in california. bernie sanders is competing in
6:55 am
the d.c. primary but wants to see the final count in california to see if he can close that gap. california has a lot of late ballots, you can mail in your ballot, post-mark it by election day, have it arrive by yesterday and it will still count. takes a couple weeks to count them. so far in the early count, hillary clinton as of last night has added 188,000 votes to her tally. bernie sanders, only 151,000. he is not closing that gap so far. it certainly looks like hillary clinton will finish with a double digit victory in california. >> next number, 19%. something that may give hope to a third party candidate. >> yeah. i heard the professor talkbout this earlier on your show. that's the number, the percentage of voters in the fox news poll this week who wouldn't choose between hillary clinton and donald trump. they say they want another candidate or wouldn't vote or were undecided. four years ago, that's more than we are saying the same thing in a matchup with barack obama and mitt romney. voters don't know who gary johnson is yet. he has to introduce himself to them. there is an appetite for a third
6:56 am
option that exceeds four years ago. >> next number, 59%. donald trump may not like that so much. why? >> the same fox news poll, that's the percentage of voters who said that donald trump does not have the knowledge to serve effectively as president. it's even worse for him, 62% said he doesn't have the temperament necessary to serve as president. hillary clinton, on the other hand, scored much better on these two measures. 70% say she had the knowledge to serve he effectively as preside. on those two measures, knowledge and temperament, she edges trump significantly. >> the next number representing the gop primary voters in new mexico who did not vote for donald trump. why is that important? >> right. we wanted to go back and look and see tuesday night was -- came at a rough time for donald trump. he was battling allegations of racism so we wanted to see how many republicans who went to the polls on tuesday would vote against him. it was 29% in new mexico. that seems high but we looked back four years ago, mitt romney
6:57 am
was in the same situation. ron paul, rick santorum, newt gingrich had suspended their campaigns. the percentages were roughly the same as far as republicans who didn't get behind the presumptive nominee. >> closing it out with 12%, the last number here, that's a percentage of republicans approving of the performance in congress. as always, thanks for the numbers and breakdown. have a great rest of your day. hopefully you will have a great rest of your day. that does it for me this hour. see you back here at 2:00 p.m. eastern time. "am joy" is next. rachel maddow will talk about her exclusive interview with senator elizabeth warren. using 60,000 points from my chase ink card i bought all the fruit... veggies... and herbs needed to create a pop-up pick-your-own juice bar in the middle of the city, so now everyone knows...
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