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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 20, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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court session ends. we're live outside the court to bring you those if they happen today. also within the hour the court did decline to review connecticut's ban on assault weapons. the justices left in place a lower court ruling that upheld laws that were passed in response to the sandy hook shooting involving a semiautomatic weapon. good morning, we're also following fast-moving developments this morning in orlando. within the next hour the department of justice is expected to release transcripts of the shooter's 911 calls made during the deadly rampage inside the pulse nightclub. attorney general loretta lynch is expected to visit orlando tomorrow. ayman mohyeldin is following the investigation in orlando. ayman, good morning. what are we expecting to hear in these calls? >> reporter: well, we're expecting to hear from senior members of the investigative team, the fbi investigative team that is here on the scene that continues its forensic analysis of the pulse nightclub. they're going to brief reporters in about an hour's time to give us an update on the
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investigation. not yet clear what direction they're going to address specifically, whether they're going to talk about those transcripts. now, you mentioned those transcripts yesterday. loretta lynch, the attorney general, announcing that they plan on releasing excerpts of those conversations that took place between the crisis negotiating unit or the agents that were here on the ground as well as with omar mateen during that shooting rampage. there was a period of time about two and a half hours worth where he made three phone calls and was able to actually speak to law enforcement. so we're going to get a sense of what those transcripts look like. however, we will not get the full transcripts. that is something loretta lynch said yesterday on "meet the press." >> what we're not going to do is purt proclaim this individual's pledges of allegiance to terrorist groups. >> so we're not going to hear him talk about those things. >> we're not going to hear him make his assertions of allegiance. this will not be audio, this will be a printed transcript, but it will begin to capture the
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back-and-forth between him and the negotiators. we're trying to get as much information about this investigation out as possible. >> reporter: now, speaking about propaganda, isis released a videotape where it tries to opportunistically capitalize on this attack. it has not been independently verified by nbc but it harvests a lot of the news footage as a result of this shooting. they have put it in one of their propaganda videos and also called on trying to incite further attacks. they referred to omar mateen as a caliphate of the soldier. in terms of the casualties, jose, at least some positive news there. numbers of those that remain in hospitals continue to go down. 21 are still hospitalized, though unfortunately four are still in critical condition. jose. >> ayman mohyeldin in orlando, thank you very much. less than a month to go until the start of the
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republican convention and the trump campaign is getting a major shakeup. let's get right to nbc's hallie jackson who's following the campaign. hall hal hallie, what do we know. >> reporter: multiple sources are confirming that campaign manager corey lewandowski has left the trump campaign and in fact confirming a statement from trump spokesperson hope hicks saying that they are grateful to lewandowski for his dedication and for his hard work but that he will be parting ways. this information of course first reported by "the new york times" just moments ago. this is a significant move, jose. here's a couple of reasons why. number one, lewandowski has been part of trump's inner circle from the very beginning, from even before day one. he is part of that sort of original group of trump supporters who were with him since he came down that escalator at trump tower, what, just over a year ago now. so lewandowski there from the beginning has been a very loyal member of the trump team and trump conversely has been loyal to lewandowski, even with some of the issues that came up. as you know, lewandowski has
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been facing charges or had faced charges, for example, for an altercation, an alleged altercation with a reporter. the charges ultimately dropped in florida. trump stood by him then but apparently something has now changed. here the other reason this is significant. as we have been reporting over the last month or so, there had been power struggles within the trump campaign, between lewandowski and paul manafort, the chief strategist, the person who came in a couple of months ago back before trump locked up his position as the presumptive republican nominee to try to i don't want to say professionalize the campaign but to put measures in place in order for trump to move forward as the presumptive nominee. that did not sit well with some of those in the lewandowski camp, and so you have seen, although publicly the candidates -- or the strategist lewandowski and manafort will talk about how they are working together and having conversations. privately clearly there had been and we know that there had been struggles within the campaign. this is a surprising move, jose. number one, lewandowski as
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recently as this weekend was staffing donald trump, was with him at his rallies in las vegas and nevada and texas. number two, even some senior advisers to the trump campaign were surprised when contacted by nbc news to hear that lewandowski was now out as campaign manager, had learned it themselves from media reports, not from within the campaign. so this is a day clearly of turmoil within the trump campaign, as they now look to turn the corner, potentially, into this general election battle. all of this comes, by the way, with more disunity and divisively within the republican party, within reports that there is a free the delegates movement to try to unseat donald trump. the campaign may be in crisis mode right now, jose, and that is why you are seeing this apparently drastic move to cut lewandowski loose. >> hallie, stay with me, i want to bring in mark murray. mark, it's interesting what hallie is reporting, even as early as today a lot of the people in the campaign weren't
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aware of these changes occurring. it does seem like this could have been last minute. and this unexpected for many, right? >> well, yeah, jose. it just goes to show you some of the management issues that the trump campaign has had. one of the biggest reasons why there's been a management issue is the person who's been running the campaign hasn't been corey lewandowski or paul manafort, it really is donald trump. and, you know, these types of moves don't end up happening when a campaign is doing well, when everything is going hunky dory. let me give you some data points. the average of polls show hillary clinton is ahead by six or more points. that's just the average. some polls show hillary clinton is ahead by double digits. you have a trump campaign that the last filing with the federal election commission just had about $2 million in the bank, most of that donald trump's own money, whereas the hillary clinton campaign was flush with more than $30 million. all that is set up for tv ads
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and when you speak of those tv ads, the clinton campaign ends up having complete dominance over the air waves in battleground states versus zero for the trump campaign. you look at all of those metrics, all of those numbers and you see a campaign that is losing and one sign of a losing campaign, and we still have more than four months to go before the general election, is that losing campaigns usually try to switch horses. it's true in politics, it's true in baseball or basketball where you fire the head coach or the manager and we're seeing this with the trump campaign right now. >> mark, so many of the questions, it's true that the election is still a couple of months away, but we're only weeks away from the convention. as you say, the hillary clinton folks have eight key battleground states pretty much blanketed with ads. many of those going to be negative trump ads. and zero, it doesn't seem like they're slow, it seems like they're complete lly asleep in many ways. >> you have to think about what the trump campaign was in the
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primary season. it was about going after 16 or 17 other republicans, often by winning the news media day and going on every morning show, every sunday show, going on cable tv and dominating his opposition that way. really never having to raise any money, never having to have a whole lot of tv ads, although he had some on the late side. now you end up heading to a gem election, which is an entirely different election. you have to win over different voters. you're going up against an opposition that has been planning for this moment. the brooklyn campaign for hillary clinton had a very long campaign against bernie sanders, but for several months now, folks inside the brooklyn headquarters have been focusing on the general election. it's just very difficult for a donald trump campaign that was used to doing a primary election and winning it the way they did and then transitioning and trying to do those exact same things in a general election against a better financed, better messaged, better
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disciplined opposition. >> hallie jackson, remembering that donald trump said that he was loyal to his people and loyal to the end to them, apparently the end came for the campaign manager. what is going forward going to be the structure of that campaign? >> reporter: well, here's what i think would happen, jose, just based on the moves that we've seen inside the campaign so far, and you know that our nbc news team is working on trying to report this out throughout the day. but i would imagine that paul manafort would now take on a top role in the campaign. he had been de facto doing a lot of that anyway. he had been named that chief strategist position. he is somebody who is close with trump. he is somebody who has worked to install people in the campaign to try to work on things like getting out the vote, to try to work on battleground state staffing, et cetera. so i imagine that he would be the one now to be at donald trump's side as he had been already. remember, manafort said right after his hiring that he reports directly to the candidate himself. he did not even at the time
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report to lewandowski. so i imagine that you will see manafort take on an even more visible role. hope hicks remains with the campaign. she provided that statement to nbc news. hicks is another of the originalists, you could say. somebody who had been with trump since the beginning inside that lewandowski camp. but again, what you are even seeing publicly, jose, even in the last couple of minutes are advisers or people close to the campaign tweeting out their reactions, either surprise or in one case at least some relief that you could read into that that lewandowski has left the campaign. at this point it will raise questions, i predict, here on capitol hill within the republican party and elsewhere about what is happening inside the campaign. what must be happening that now here we are mid-june, less than a month from the cleveland convention, and you are, if you're donald trump, now reorganizing fully your entire campaign. so it is significant, it is a significant move and it speaks
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to the chaos that has been unfolding inside the trump campaign. that is not to say that paul manafort if he in fact comes in could not try to reorganize, could not try to make sure that the pieces are in place for trump moving forward, but it's just a contrast now to what is happening on the democratic side. and for trump, something that his campaign is certainly going to be dealing with today in new york at trump tower moving forward. >> i want to bring in msnbc political analyst mark halperin. mark, good to see you. yesterday when we were at "meet the press" together we had a chance to talk about the differences in the campaign structures, right, between trump and clinton. you know, we were commenting on just how small that nucleus of the trump campaign really is. now with lewandowski gone, it's even smaller. how do you see this? >> jose, you get rid of your campaign manager for one of two reasons or both. one is for the symbolism. if you're allies or the media wants so-called page turned, you want to suggest you understand you have a problem. the other is substantive. and despite the denials from
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both paul manafort, the chairman, and corey lewandowski and their allies, things were bad between them. there was a lot of dysfunction between them. this now presumably turns things over to paul manafort to make the kind of personnel changes he wants to make. lewandowski had extraordinary influence over donald trump and you have to give him credit for being part of a very small team that helped to get donald trump the nomination. but with lewandowski departing, there's now a chance for the campaign to both, as i said, turn the page on the narrative of things and say yes, we understand things are not going the right way, and for those associated with paul manafort to make the kind of changes and hiring decisions that they wanted to make. >> and what are some of those decisions that need to be made when you see the difference in the campaign, the strategy. you're seeing the hillary clinton campaign putting up big money in eight key states and the other side zero. what are some of those changes that right now need to be
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implemented in order for this thing to even start moving again? >> well, look, there's plenty of people who believe, and i believe paul manafort is one of them, that you can do what corey lewandowski preached, let trump be trump. take the benefits and skills of donald trump, which are clear. the guy can get a lot of media attention, he can drive a message, he can rally a crowd. take all those things but marry them up to a more traditional campaign. even in this age of everything being done differently and of change, you still need tv ads, you still need to raise money. you still need a consistent message and message discipline. part of the challenge of managing donald trump is he goes out on the campaign trail, rarely did paul manafort travel with him, where he doesn't really carry a cell phone that he uses regularly, doesn't use e-mail and says whatever he wants. and people around the campaign, including a lot of the donors, a lot of people on capitol hill would like to see just a more disciplined operation. that means tv ads, it means better fund-raising coordination, it means most of all driving a message every day
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that's not whatever donald trump feels like talking about, but what actually makes sense. and even down to the level, again, basic for even a senate race, but not been on the trump campaign, coordinating the travel, the message, the surrogate activity based on data about what actually needs to be done to win 270 electoral votes. they were on a track the way corey lewandowski was running the campaign to do things the way they had been doing them. based on the recent polling, based on the panic, not too strong a word, amongst republicans, doing things the way they were doing them was not going to lead to a good result. this gives them an opportunity to build a more traditional structure, again, respecting what got trump this far and there's no doubt in my mind that paul manafort respects that. he just wants to harness it up to a more traditional operation. >> mark, i hope you can stay with me but i want to bring in kelly o'donnell who's been speaking to her sources and has some reporting on this. kelly, good morning from baltimore. >> reporter: good morning.
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what i am learning now is that this move is described as something that was almost inevitable. i am told that there was a phone conversation today, a direct conversation between donald trump and corey lewandowski where the former campaign manager was informed of this change. it is hard to put into perspective how difficult this was for donald trump because of his value on loyalty. personally very difficult for him. i am told that he has great personal affection for corey lewandowski and appreciates what he was able to accomplish during the primary season, but this move is intended as a signal to the republican establishment that, quote, donald trump gets it. that changes need to be made. i've been talking to top sources familiar with how this unfolded, and there was a sense that corey lewandowski was becoming more and more of a problem. why? because during the primary season he had sort of a burn the house down way of operating, when you're up against a field of 17 challengers and kind of
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going through that one by one. very different set of skills needed for a general election campaign. i'm told that there were concerns within the trump family and also a lot of reports back to donald trump that part of what corey lewandowski's job was supposed to be was falling flat, and that is outreach to the gop, to try to bring about unity, to try to bring about those endorsements and supporters, and we've seen unfolding over recent weeks how that has been a serious problem. this is donald trump's effort, according to sources i'm talking to, to sort of right the ship and to let people know that he is in this to win, that he will attack and make changes. he's being advised to hire more people. in the short run i'm told to expect paul manafort to fill the gap, but that does not mean that manafort will be the de facto campaign manager going forward. we're just four weeks from the convention. if donald trump does in fact find other top operatives to bring in and if they are willing
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to come in, i'm told he is prepared to make some of those changes. firing corey lewandowski, very difficult move. mixed emotions i'm told for donald trump. and also this is the kind of thing that i'm told should not be interpreted as a simple win for paul manafort. we know and we've been reporting over weeks there's been tension between paul manafort and corey lewandowski. not as black and white as that may appear. this was really coming from donald trump's own experience of seeing the campaign, quote, off the rails, i'm told. understanding that he's had a couple of very bad weeks, that the party has not been in line behind him, that he's made some of his own mistakes and to try to bring in a more professional organization to assist in this next phase. another thing that i'm told is that for corey lewandowski, his attitude was really better suited for the primary phase. not someone with any experience at the national campaign level for a presidential run. so basically the moment and the
7:18 am
man hit at a point where he just wasn't equipped for this. i'm told that donald trump hopes that this will give comfort to republicans who have been worried, that he is willing to do what is necessary. that's what top sources are telling me. this is intended to be a very clear signal happening on a monday four weeks from the convention after he has seen how bad press has dominated for donald trump and aware that hillary clinton has a small army of people in brooklyn who are a part of her campaign, professional political organization moving forward. now, we don't get a sense that there is a definite game plan of who would step in. so in the short run, it does make the most sense that corey lewandowski's replacement would in fact in a practical sense be paul manafort. but what this really signals is that donald trump wants to win, recognizes he is not performing well as a candidate, recognizes the organization he has put together and has brought him
7:19 am
this far is not functioning properly in a national campaign environment this close to a convention. the republican party that has been at odds with donald trump got its message through to the candidate and he is responding. so some of the areas where corey lewandowski was responsible. this outreach to the gop. even the vp vetting process. now, we know that a law firm and well experienced lawyer is running the checking the vetting as it's called. corey lewandowski had as part of his portfolio handling the vp vetting, so that's a question that comes out of this as well. i think the bottom line is trump is someone who prides himself on loyalty. going against corey lewandowski at this point personally painful, but he recognized this was a professional imperative if he has any real shot at righting the ship and having a professional campaign going forward. jose. >> kelly o'donnell, thank you very much. we'll stay on top of this story and have much more on this big
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we continue covering our breaking news, big shakeup at the donald trump campaign. hallie jackson, one of the key reporters on this, is back with us, hallie. >> reporter: we are learning more about what exactly happened that led to the departure of corey lewandowski from the campaign trail. that the decision was made at a meeting this morning, the ultimate final decision, we should say, because as you know the power struggles within the campaign are something that have been continuing and have been happening for months. our campaign in bed reports that sources are telling her of bedlam within the campaign, of real turmoil within the campaign and number two, while some wanted to see lewandowski gone prior to this moment, it had been difficult to do that just because of where donald trump was when it came to polling, when it came to his position in the media narrative, if you will. over the last couple of weeks, however, as we've been talking about, trump has had some real problems.
7:24 am
if you look at where his numbers have been, his polling numbers have been over the last few weeks, they have sunk. he has opened up a gap or hillary clinton has opened up a gap over him in these hypothetical head-to-head matchups so he didn't have the numbers to rely on. some of the comments that he made particularly after talking about judge curiel, the judge overseeing the trump university lawsuit, his comments on, for example, the muslim ban and other remarks that he made had created some deep concern within the republican party, deeper than what we've seen since he became the presumptive republican nominee. over the last week or so on capitol hill, what you saw were members of his own party simply retufusing to talk about trump all. one thing we know about donald trump, he knows what the media is saying about him. he knows what the narrative is surrounding his campaign. it may have been clear to him over the last 48 to 72 hours that he was in a position where he needed to, number one, calm some of these folks within the party, number two, calm donors, reassure them that he had a handle on his campaign, and so that is why you are seeing now this very dramatic shakeup within his team.
7:25 am
>> yeah, and we don't really know going forward now what the structure is going to look like, do we, hallie, not yet at least. >> not yet although i would not be surprised to see something coming out of meetings that are happening now at trump tower in order to come out and say here's the power structure, here's who's going to be in charge and here's what happens next. it would be a natural occurrence, a natural progression for that to happen. as we've been talking about, paul manafort seems like the logical choice for that position given where he has been in the campaign over the last two months and given his position now as chief strategist. >> hallie, thank you very much. i want to go to kristen welker, who is on the campaign trail. kristen welker, let's talk first about this trump story before we get into the democrats. any reaction from anybody on the clinton campaign to the trump campaign shakeup? >> no reaction yet, jose, and we certainly have reached out to them. what i can tell you is that behind the scenes democrats marveling at the fact that donald trump clinched the
7:26 am
nomination several months ago but seems to be really struggling to make a shift to a general election strategy, whereas secretary clinton off the campaign trail today but as mark murray was reporting earlier, she's up with this ad blitz in key battleground states spending more than $20 million. essentially has the air waves all to herself. the ads mostly positive in nature, aimed at reintroducing secretary clinton to voters, reminding them of some of her past accomplishments, and some of them of course hitting donald trump. now, secretary clinton back on the campaign trail tomorrow. she'll be in columbus, ohio, where she's going to deliver a speech about the economy and we are told this speech is going to be a lot like that foreign policy speech that she gave several weeks ago when it was essentially focused on hitting donald trump. it's going to tear apart his economic policies and his record on the economy, effectively trying to take away one of his strongest arguments. of course he's running on his business record. then today you have vice
7:27 am
president biden who's delivering a speech and expecting to hit donald trump pretty hard as well. so what you're seeing here is the democrats really coalesce and really come together on this and it's a full-court press against donald trump. and again, privately democrats marveling at the fact that donald trump still very much struggling to unify his own party and now of course having these campaign struggles. jose. >> and then as these coordinated campaign attacks are carried out in these eight key states and, as you say, the vice president today, et cetera, really silence from the trump campaign. >> that's right. again, he has been -- the concern when you talk to those within the gop, he's been focused on some of those controversial topics that hallie was mapping out and hasn't really been mapping out his own vision, his own strategy moving forward into the general election. and again, that is what is giving gop donors, fund-raisers
7:28 am
jitters as they approach this general election. and the fact that he's not really engaging with secretary clinton, save for the fact that he, of course, has the daily insult for her, but he's not engaging with her in some of these policy issues because he's getting caught up in some of these more controversial comments. over the weekend reviving his call to profile muslims. so essentially you have secretary clinton up with ads in these key battleground states, having the air waves to herself. donald trump in reliably red states fund-raising there and obviously coming under mounting pressure to get his campaign on the right track. jose. >> kristen, thank you very much. we have some new developments following the tragic death of a toddler at walt disney world last week. nbc news has just obtained the 911 calls placed after the 2-year-old's whose name was lane graves, was dragged into the water by an alligator. disney is responding by making some changes at its resorts. kerry sanders joins me now from
7:29 am
lake buena vista, florida. kerry, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, jose. yes, indeed they are making changes here at disney. they are putting up barriers, which are some sort of fencing. they are also putting up warning signs. signs that show that not only are alligators but snakes also are in the water and could be a danger. now, we have a portion of that 911 call which we can play for you. understand that the person who's making the call is calling it appears from the swimming pool area, which is adjacent to the beach where the 2-year-old toddler was snatched by the alligator. and at this point as this caller is making the 911 call, they're unaware that there's actually been an alligator involved in what took place. listen in for a moment. >> someone drowned in the seven seas lagoon lake. >> during the -- at the pool? >> no, lake. >> in the lake? >> yes. >> you said they drowned there? >> someone drowned. i just play in the pool. please come to the grand florida january.
7:30 am
. >> reporter: 2-year-old lane graves and his family, his parents and 4-year-old sister, have returned to their home in nebraska where there will be a wake later today. understandably the parents are just distraught by all of what has taken place here, but the father was able to release a statement. matthew graves saying melissa, his wife, and i continue to deal with the loss of our beloved boy, lane, and are overwhelmed with the support and love we have received from family and friends in our community as well as from the country. we understand the public's interest, but as we move forward, we ask for and appreciate the privacy we need to lay our son to rest. neither melissa, myself or anyone from our family will be speaking publicly. we simply cannot at this time. and i can't imagine that they are even able to speak to even close friends. i am sure that this is just one of those things that people cannot really fathom actually happened. jose. >> such a horrible tragedy.
7:31 am
you're right, kerry, there's no way a parent could deal with this easily at all. kerry, thanks. good to see you. a deadly heat wave is now blamed for at least four deaths in arizona and at least five massive wildfires across the southwest. this video of the sherpa fire has burned nearly 8,000 acres in santa barbara, california. nbc's steve patterson joins us from california. steve, how is this heat affecting firefighters' efforts to contain the fires? >> reporter: jose, we're in the staging area for the sherpa fire so we're watching all of these hot shot crews starting to gear up and head back to the front lines. it's sort of a good news/bad news situation. the good news is that the winds have been favorable. really what carries this fire throughout that hillside is what called the sundowner winds. we've been watching these the past few nights. they really have been favorable, only hitting in areas that aren't stoking the flames that have already been burned out. the bad news, as you mentioned, is this extreme heat.
7:32 am
we had three firefighters that had to be airlifted off the line last night and it's affecting obviously their operational efforts here with guys in up to 80 pounds of gear. meanwhile these same heat-related sort of incidents are stoking other fires throughout the southwest. there's a new border fire that started. it's already at 1500 acres, burned three structures, injured one firefighter. there's the cedar fire in arizona. 12,000 acres. there's the doghead fire in new mexico, more than 17,000 acres burned. that fire is only 10% contained. not to mention if you just throw out the fires entirely, we're talking about record-breaking, triple-digit heat. already in arizona we've seen four heat-related deaths and we're learning about the victims, that two of them were in their 20s. so it's really affecting everybody, this dangerous and now deadly heat wave. jose. >> steve patterson, thank you very much. this crushing heat is going to get even worse in some areas
7:33 am
today. nbc meteorologist bill karins joins me for that. bill, it's actually going to get worse? >> in a few spots. yesterday was kind of the peak and today is kind of the peak and then from there we'll ease it off a little bit. but you've got to feel for those firefighters. i'm amazed that they have 50% of the sherpa fire controlled. today 100 degrees. you've got all that gear on. it's amazing that they can even go out there in those conditions. the gusts will be up to 30. over the weekend at times they were up to 40. in the days ahead it goes to 88 and 82. weather is getting a little more favorable during the week. there's a lot more to fight. already this morning lake havasu is the leader on the board at 93 degrees. that's what they're waking up to. 91 in phoenix. and as far as the temperatures go into, it will be almost as hot as yesterday in some cases. we did hit 120 in two spots. one was in gilbert, arizona, and yuma, arizona. 115 in phoenix. the record high 122 will stay in the books.
7:34 am
it's just the fact now we're going to go day after day and it's going to add up. even as we go through tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, yuma is still 112, 115, 113, so this is a long duration extended heat wave out in the west. so that's what we're going to continue to watch. t the other thing, we did have our new tropical storm name. this breaks the record for the most tropical systems this early in the season. this is danielle going into mexico this morning. it will not get any stronger than it currently is but it's amazing. we're already on our d named storm. thankfully none of them have been too devastating yet. >> bill, thank you very much. good to see you. up next, we'll head to capitol hill where the senate is set to vote on four different measures to tighten laws on who can buy guns. we'll be right back.
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7:38 am
background checks and keeping guns away from suspected terrorists is expected to get a vote today in the senate. connecticut senator chris murphy who took to the floor last week in a 15-hour filibuster is submitting one of those amendments that seeks to expand the background check system. joining me now is chief legal correspondent ari melber. good to see you. what exactly are these proposals the senate is voting on? >> this is a result of that dramatic filibuster. we are just a little over a week away from those horrific mass murder hate crime attacks in orlando and this is part of the response. let's look exactly at what we're talking about. senator chris murphy wants to close the gun show loophole by requiring background checks in all cases. this is something where everyone has agreed background checks are a good idea. the law has them but then these gun shows where people sell and trade guns don't have them and that's seen as a big problem. another proposal from senator chuck grassley would simply add a more robust mental health check to these background checks
7:39 am
in the database that's currently used under federal law. then you have the terrorist no buy list. this is what i think has gotten the most attention here as people have pointed out that people who are suspected terrorists, who wouldn't be allowed on a plane, can still obtain firearms. senator dianne feinstein has the strongest version of this that would basically say if you're on the terror watch list, you can't buy a gun, period. the republican alternative, which i should mention has come up before as sort of the more narrow alternative republicans have tried to put forward, they want to err on the side of proet te protecting gun owners who may be erroneously on the list, is law enforcement will be notified with someone is trying to buy a gun and they would have three days to stop it. a lot of folks have pointed out three days is not a lot of time to mount and win a terror prosecution. jose. >> thank you very much. more on our breaking news next. a major shakeup in the trump campaign. stay with me.
7:40 am
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back now with breaking news. we've been covering for about the past hour. donald trump firing his campaign manager this morning just weeks before the republican convention starts in cleveland. let me bring back nbc's hallie jackson along with mark halperin, the managing editor of bloomberg politics and co-host of "with all due respect." hallie, a lot of shock by this move. >> it's not completely unexpected given the power struggles you've seen in the campaign over the last couple of months after paul manafort and some of his deputies became involved prior to donald trump becoming the presumptive republican nominee. we can report at least by two sources at the campaign there is a meeting happening at trump tower in which some of the campaign structure will be worked out. one senior source close to the campaign is telling me that regardless of who holds the title, the next title as campaign manager, it is likely that paul manafort will continue to retain the power, which is something we've seen unfolding
7:44 am
over these last really couple of months here. lewandowski as well involved. there's questions as to how lewandowski found out as to how this all unfolded, but we are working to report that out. >> mark, let's talk about this because lewandowski has a very close relationship wh donald trump. we remember the times that trump said he was loyal to people and that's what it was all about. but there is a tie with lewandowski and trump. >> remember, most people run for president have run for lots of other things before. they have gone through campaign managers. they have hired and fired them and worked with different people. this is literally the only person who's ever been donald trump's campaign manager and donald trump for most of the time corey lewandowski was his campaign manager enjoyed a lot of success. early on, i remember corey lewandowski calling me up and saying when he first started the job, hey, take us seriously, could you meet with us. this was an operation people didn't take seriously. donald trump developed that loyally to corey lewandowski over time because following his guidance he got success. the biggest impact here is
7:45 am
twofold. one as hallie jackson just said, paul manafort has a chance to appraise the current staff and bring in new people. part of the challenge bringing in new people before is manafort and lewandowski had turf issues. the second is the ecosystem of the plane. corey lewandowski went on almost every trip donald trump took as a candidate and controlled a lot of what trump said and did, how he reacted to things. trump himself controlled it more than lewandowski to be sure but now there is room on the plane, which is where a lot of the trump campaign takes place, to influence what donald trump says and does. one of the biggest complaints republicans have had over the last few weeks is trump has said things not about hillary clinton, not about bringing change to washington, not about the economy, but about whatever he wantmatoma he wanted to talk about, including controversial comments on a range of issues and the hope is that someone now gets on the plane who influences trump rather than lets trump be trump
7:46 am
in cases where that hasn't worked out so well. >> mark, i'm just wondering if that's actually possible. it may sound good on paper, but when you have donald trump stechistec stepping into a conversation that the campaign is having with surrogates and says don't talk about this, talk about curiel, it just seems as though it may sound on paper that you can get on the ecosystem of the plane and get to him but isn't it all about him and how he decides what the narrative of the day is going to be? >> there's no doubt that if you were betting you would say this will be a difficult or impossible thing to change. but the current polls, which donald trump can read to see things aren't going well. two is those meetings taking place at trump tower, there's a story about those meetings and they involve in part trump's family. his children are very concerned we are told about the direction of the campaign. and so they may have influence. and then go back to a couple of tuesdays ago when trump used teleprompter on the night of the california, new jersey primary and gave a speech that was very
7:47 am
focused and very on message. can he do that every day? can he stop his free flow and talk about stream of consciousness, whatever he wants events? maybe not. but if the campaign can move more towards organization, people will be somewhat comforted and that's why i believe in part why this change was made. >> thank you both for being with me, appreciate it. all eyes are on cleveland. it was a big sunday as lebron james helped the cavs clinch the city's first national sports title. now we're just four weeks before the republicans head there for their national convention. is cleveland ready for the flood of republicans and are republicans ready for trump? that lebron guy, wasn't he on another team before that used to win? i forgot. a manufacturer. well that's why i dug this out for you. it's your grandpappy's hammer and he would have wanted you to have it. it meant a lot to him... yes, ge makes powerful machines. but i'll be writing the code that will allow those machines
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rebound tip taken, final seconds, it's over! it's over! cleveland is a city of champions once again! the cavaliers are nba champions!
7:51 am
>> i remember when miami did that. the city of cleveland finally celebrating a championship win after waiting for 52 years. last night fans flooded the streets and outside of the quicken loans arena after lebron james led them to their first nba title defeating the warriors 93-89. cleveland is shifting its focus from that historic victory to the republican national convention, only four weeks a y away. it's the rock 'n' roll capital of the world. is it ready for the republicans? blake mccoy is in cleveland for us this morning. blake, good morning. >> reporter: jose, good morning to you. they have a lot of work to do in a very short amount of time here in cleveland because they have to transform this arena, change all of the signage and inside completely transform the arena to make way for the republican convention that's going to be here in four weeks now. the rnc tells me normally they have six to eight weeks in order to make a transformation like this but because the cavaliers did so well this year,
7:52 am
republicans weren't given the keys to the arena until last friday once lebron and the cavs played their final game here in cleveland, so it is crunch time right now. we were just allowed a sneak peek inside and spoke to an rnc spokesperson. take a listen. >> we are using every nook and cranny in this space. space is kind of at a premium. what does that mean? well, we'll be using things like the locker room. we'll turn that into production space, into office space. there's a whirlpool room that we've actually built a floor on top of and we'll be using that as office space as well. so there's really a lot of different things that we're repurposing, rethinking ways to make use of every single ounce of square footage that we have access to. >> reporter: some companies have made headlines recently by opting not to sponsor the convention this year because of the inflammatory remarks that donald trump has made about immigrants or others. these are companies like apple, coca-cola, hewlett-packard, or they have significantly lessened their donations this year. i asked what impact that's
7:53 am
having on fund-raising and i'm told that it's not having a big impact at all. they have raised $57.5 million and that outpaces the fund-raising for the tampa convention or st. paul convention so they're feeling pretty good about things out here, jose. >> thank you very much. coming up, the united states of donald trump. his unlikely rise and how he turned the republican party upside down. we'll talk about that, next. will your business be ready when growth presents itself?
7:54 am
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7:56 am
and we have this coming into msnbc. the transcripts of the communications that the shooter in the orlando nightclub had with 911 as well as conversations he may have had with some hostage negotiators during the time he was in the pulse nightclub are being released. you're going to see all of it when an fbi news conference starting up in just a couple of minutes right here on msnbc.
7:57 am
that is happening in just a couple of minutes. but as we learn more about the ouster of donald trump's campaign manager, we're taking a look at just how he got to where he is. today nbc news has a new profile on the rise of the political newcomer. it's a three-part series beginning with the opening installment called "the united states of trump." our digital team uses polling, in-depth interviews to examine trump's success. with me now is msnbc political reporter benji sarlin. how much of a force was the campaign manager that is today out of a job? >> well, it's a little tough to say because donald trump had such a skeletal campaign staff. so much of his success was based on the idea of trump being trump. that was often the unofficial motto, this idea that donald trump should not be restrained, he shouldn't be forced into a normal conventional campaign and i think you really see that when i talk to voters on the road the last few months. these trump voters are not responding to a specific
7:58 am
campaign mailer they got from a campaign or a campaign ad. trump didn't really advertise a lot. they were responding to the candidate himself and specifically the message he was bringing to them. the idea that the system was corrupt. the idea that they wanted someone who wasn't too ideological. the idea that he capitalized on some of their resentments that they felt afraid to say in polite company. so i think it's a minor sideshow to the overall trump phenomenon. >> when it comes to issues like race and immigration, what do you find as far as what kind of voters support trump's vision? >> there's been a big debate throughout about what exactly is driving donald trump's voters. is it the economy or things like racial resentment or resentment of immigrants. we found a mix of both. some of the studies we looked at found that trump's voters were more likely to have harsh views about immigration, to feel that immigrants are bringing down the country. he did extremely well with win voters who want to deport all undocumented immigrants. here's the caveat, though.
7:59 am
most republican voters in exit polls in state after state actually wanted an earned path to legal status for undocumented immigrants and trump won a significant number of those people too so the effect of immigration is still pretty complex in this race. >> benji, thank you very much. check out "the united states of trump" on that wraps up this hour. thank you for the privilege of your time. "msnbc live" continues with my colleague peter alexander. >> good morning, everybody, i'm peter alexander in today for tamron hall. we come to you live from our msnbc headquarters right here in washington, d.c. we're focused on two major breaking stories right this hour. just moments ago the fbi released those never before publicly seen documents in the investigation into the shooting r rampage in orlando. you can see a news conference on the matter is beginning as we speak right now. plus the bedlam in the trump campaign. donald trump's campaign manager,
8:00 am
corey lewandowski, we are learning more about that right now. he's been let go from the campaign, as we learned just within the last hour or so. we'll have more on that soon, but we want to take you right back to where be started. that is the new details we're learning about what gunman omar mateen said and what he did of course we know during that rampage. the fbi is just releasing printed transcripts of mateen's 911 calls from that night. my colleague, pete williams, is joining me now. pete, what more are we learning from these transcripts? >> quite a bit, thomas. turns out that the police negotiators talked to omar mateen for a total of 28 minutes. we don't learn a lot in the back and forth in the transcript of his 911 call that we didn't already know. he pledged support for isis. he identified himself as an islamic soldier. he told the negotiator to stop bombing syria and iraq and


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