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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 20, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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they had with the gunman during a shooting rampage. >> what i can tell you that why the killer made these murder statements, he did so in a chilling, calm, and deliberate manner. yes, the audio is compelling. to expose it now is excruciating painful to exploit it this way. trump's original campaign manager is fired. >> a lot has happened since the primary took place back in january, and february. the circumstances changed drastically. donald trump is going to go down to a resounding defeat and take the republican with him. >> biden's blast today taking down trump and tomorrow, hillary clinton. over the weekend, a preview of chief antagonist of elizabeth
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warren. >> everyday it becomes clear that he's a thin-skinned racist bully. everyday it becomes clear he will never be president of the united states. [ applause ] ♪ >> and good day everyone, i am andrea mitchell in washington where we are following breaking news out of orlando florida. we are hear fing from the gunma in his own words. the fbi released a partial transcript of mateen's phone call 911 at the pulse nightclub. >> the attacker identifies himself as an islamic soldier and says america should stop bombing syria and iraq. that's why he's quote out here right now. when the negotiators asked the shooter what he had done, mateen said, "no, you already know what i did." mateen pledged allegiance to a
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terrorist organization. joining me now with the latest on that event, justice correspondence pete williams and our contributor in charge of the fbi, pete, first to you. >> first to you with the new information that we learned from the 911 call and the hostage team. >> well, the 911 call, we did not learn much about it. mateen made three calls to the negotiators when the orlando police department, one was at 12:48 a.m., that was about 15 or so minutes after the 911 call and another at 3:03 and another at 3:24. a total of 20 minutes with the negotiators. during that time he told them he
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had an explosive vest on. calls from inside the pulse that he said he would put explosive vest on four people as they left. he claims there were explosives in his van. there were no explosives found at the time. there were no shots fired after the initial exchange with the orlando police when he first started the shooting and at the ransom of three hours later when he finally had the confrontation with police after they punched the hole in the wall. they say -- the police during that time were able to pull an air-conditioning unit out of the wall and get more people out that way. what we learned here is largely what the police had been doing is the most complete explanation of what law enforcement were doing after mateen started shooting and 2:00 and roughly at 5:00 when police finally killed him.
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>> peter, i want to ask you something before we move onto what's happening in orlando, there is a now new statement from speaker of the house, paul ryan, saying that the fbi selectively editing this transcript is preposterous. the administration should release the full transcript so the public is clear on who did this and why. you spent so much time with fbi director co the direct on this and you know the language used for this campaign. >> they already responded. this man is a terrorist, he killed 49 people and wounded dozens more. why repeat and give a new implication to his propaganda.
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>> and how does this fit in to the defense of local officials as well as the fbi as to what they did for three hours in between the first assault and the final take down? >> yeah, that was a question that was put to several law enforcement here, the chief addressed that specifically for anyone thinking that they're doing nothing for three hours, they could have been more wrong. the tactical team was preparing their explosive discharge to get in there. they were keeping him on the phone line according to the police chief. they wanted to keep the negotiation going as long as possible as long as anyone is not being killed in that three hour window. at some point, there was a tactical decision to breach the wall while they were continuing to rescue those that was trapped inside. law enforcement continually repeated they should not be
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second guessed. anyone who thinks that law enforcement made any kind of decisions that's second guess, that's incorrect. they have saved lives. they are working on that investigation. at the end of the day, the responsibility of all of those who dies lie on the shoulder of omar mateen who put everybody in this situation. >> the fbi director said he is not going to use the name of the shooter because he's not giving him the publicity that these people seek. >> well, that's true, everybody knows the name of the shooter and they know the name of isis and these other groups he committed this horrific act on their behalf. there is no reason to keep giving them this platform and you know urging others to potentially go out and do something and you know it is in the same fashion.
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i have to agree with the fbi at this point. i understand why people would want to hear every last detail and every word that was said by this individual during this horrific act. >> and it has been criticism from people who say their loved ones were bleeding out from during those three hours when no help reached them. >> this is one of the most difficult, if not the most difficult task for any police department or tactical team. you have hostages inside and they are injured. you have this element of explosives and you know the thing is this person, we talk about negotiations. you cannot even call this a negotiation. it was all one sided. the people, the crisis negotiators, trying to keep this person on the line and get enough time and place for the emergency assault plan to come into play and you know they did the best that they could do under extremely difficult
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situation. i agree, i have been a tactical guy myself back in many i early days, it is very difficult to monday morning quarterback. we don't know the specific moment that's played out at all times. >> they won't say the cause of death or anything else. referring questions to the fbi. thank you to all. >> coming up, shake up, donald trump's campaign manager is out. the campaign confronts an attack from democrats even within his own party. you are watching "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc.
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the bego where you goith you they have weight but are not heavy they teach they inspire and when they happen to you or maybe when you happen to them take these moments for all they're worth only in minnesota there were shock waves today
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in republican politics. donald trump fired his campaign manager, corey lewandowski. the decision runs counter to the premium loyalty that trump has used. joining me now is someone who knows this so well, katy tur outside of trump's tower. katy, first to you, corey lewandowski no longer the campaign manager and paul manafort is solemnly in charge. this is an array of problems two weeks before the election. >> reporter: the issue the campaign was facing that corey lewandowski was trying to under cut his authority by the scenes. today it came to a head on, i am told. the family meeting with donald trump early this morning,
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convincing him it is time to make a change. particularly, a bad couple of weeks for donald trump. he's facing multiple things that are contrary that he said. >> and katy, i think we have a problem with your microphone. while we fix that. kristin welker is here. there is been no reaction from the democrats who are clearly enjoying this. my take away if the lack of message from donald trump would not be pronounced or profound. if the clint-- >> that's a great point and that's where it is happening. they are capitalizing on all of these moments. reached out to the democrats and no reaction yet of the shake up of the trump campaign.
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hillary clinton on the air waves all by herself and spending more r than $20 million and some of the ads hitting donald trump. >> a lot of the super pac money as well. >> uncoordinated. >> yes, exactly. donald trump does not have a counter punch on the air waves right now. he was in texas at a reliably red state, fund raising. and also, tomorrow, secretary clinton is going to be in columbia delivering the speech on the economy but essentially is hitting donald trump. it is going to be like that foreign policy where she uses the speech oen tn the economy t take away donald trump. again, andrea, she sort of all alone in the sense that she has this messaging where donald trump and his messaging has not
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been on track and he's been in a lot of controversial comment that is he continues to make. >> a little more than an hour of joe biden. katy is back with us now, you have been so many reports on this. can corey lewandowski be the campaign manager, the guy who puts the speech texts on the podium if there is a speech text, that's a rare thing. as you know better than anyone. you cannot beat a campaign manager and also be the guy on the plane and you know with the candidate 24/7. it was just a much bigger job than corey lewandowski could ever have done. >> reporter: yeah, i heard much sharper description than that. he was a glorified -- keselowski were the one that is traveled on
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tp road. they were the last line of defense to get messages to donald trump. i am told by multiple sources would block things from going to the candidate, things like press release or endorsements. and latino farmers who wanted to endorse him and business leaders wanted to endorse him. the frustration within the campaign and frustration of the rnc. >> corey lewandowski has been building on it many time. it has been building among the family. they have not been happy with the job that corey lewandowski was doing. the family has been unhappy about him. he was accused of grabbing her and arrested for that. he ultimately was not fired because at the time, donald trump was winning. s the it was not until this week where he started to drop in the
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polls. the family went in and donald trump did finally hear their message and it is time to change things and shape up and get serious and it is time to put somebody in charge who knows what they have been doing. they believe paul manafort is that person. there are a number of those who are still worried. donald trump says what he wants to say. the issue that they have been having with him is his speech on the campaign trail and interviews rather than what corey lewandowski had been doing behind the scenes. >> when we talk later about the program about the gun debate, he was off message and trying to fix it on twitter today. just to give you guys an example of what we'll hear from the vice president president today of remarks well coordinated of what you are hearing from hillary clinton. exerts of joe biden.
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the vast majority of whom at home and abroad are only making the problem worse placing in the hand of extremist. you will hear a lot from the vice president today. thank you, kristin and katy tur, thanks so much to you. a big weekend we should point out for the clinton family. chelsea clinton giving birth to her second child, a boy named aiden. clinton posted this piure of proud grandparents. what a joy of being with our new grandson aiden, so grateful. nice family time. you better believe it. clint the cavaliers come back bringing home the first championship in any sports since 1964, would you
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believe it? lebron james delivering on his promise to bring a trophy back to his hometown team. it was emotional. >> one triple step back puts up a three. final second. [ buzzer sounded ] . it is over, cleveland is a city of champions once again. >> cleveland, this is for you. >> and this is for you chris jansing after hosting the parade celebrating their champions. cleveland will shift gear for their next big event in july. this team is the first winner cleveland produced this summer. is the republican roster still up for debate. coming up, a new charge to dump trump.
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ah, you have a couple of guys that were defeated and they're trying to organize maybe like a little delegate revolved. number one, reince priebus, you know the rnc, no, he's a good guy. the republican national committee -- you cannot do it and you are not allowed to do it. >> donald trump this weekend dismissing the latest stop the trump wave. republicans in colorado are watching this trump effort and they have a different point of view. joining me now regina thomason. thank you for being with us. the odds are against you given the fact that he won the delegates. how do you justify the rebellion at the convention itself?
9:24 am
>> well, we justify it because that's the process of the republican party since its inception, delegates of any conventions other than 1976 have been available and free by the rule of the party and the convention itself to vote. that's all we are advocating for is the delegates to be unbound to vote their consideration and every ballot after that. if mr. trump is still a nominee, that's the way it is. that's all we are advocating it for, delegates taking the right responsibility if they have to vote their conscious. >> the argument is how do you beat somebody with nobody. do you have a candidate in mind to replace mr. trump at the top of the ticket. >> no, we are not advocating for any specific candidate. the delegates are make that selection. if he does not go on the first ballot, we'll go on beyond that who's put in nomination and who
9:25 am
rises a t tt the top and the delegates will make that decision. >> do you think because one is a former congress member from utah and not a big trump fan and the other, we have ron kaufman who come fs g frofrom the reagan/bu. that's what we are finding out now. there are two paths this could take. there could be something coming out of the rules committee that'll be proposed to the delegates large to vote on which could make it very clear that the delegates have got a choice. first of all, the delegates already have that option that they don't need a rule change, although many delegates are feeling intimidated or their state parties are threatening them and other people around them. the conscious clause is being
9:26 am
introduced through the rules of committee really so if these delegates have the extra laiyer of comfort. if the rules committee presents something to vote on, we will. if not, between now and the convention, we introduce the delegate of options that's already available through the rules. >> now, two quick points. do you have support outside the colorado delegation? and, are you in any way reassured by the firing of corey lewandowski today that perhaps the trump campaign is going to change and is going to legislatilive up to the candidacy that you want to see? >> well, i just barely heard the news report of mr. corey lewandowski. it will remain to be seen who he will replace him with and what his tactics will be. for those of us who are
9:27 am
principle conservatives, we personally are not convinced that mr. trump is not the right candidate. we opposed him on so many different issues and it had nothing to do with his campaign style or whether he got campaign managers or a ground game. to us, that's not the issue. it is not who manages the campaign, it is who the candidate is. that's what we are foecusing on. we got supporters across the country. if it was just a few voices, this would not be going anywhere. we are in contact of pockets of delegates and all across the country and almost every state that contacted us and said, we are on board with you and how can we join your movement, we want to help you to talk to other delegates. regina thomason, thanks so much, thanks for being with us. >> coming up, the most detailed information of the gunman's own word of the massacre in orlando. you are watching "andrea
9:28 am
mitchell reports" on msnbc.
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as we reported at the top of the show of new transcripts released by the fbi. the orlando shooter, omar mateen told negotiators, "tell america to stop syria and iraq." mateen pledged allegiance to isis with these calls. it does not indicate mateen had any terror contact with the group. the press conference a moment ago. >> he does not represent the religion of is islam or of the view we know today. we have no evidence that he was directed by a foreign terrorist group but was radicalized
9:32 am
domestically. joining me now is nate -- does that comfort with your information that this was a lone wolf who were self radicalized online. >> there is no science or ideas suggesting he was directly linked with the group or orchestrated this kind of attack and appeared that he took the leadership on his own out of inspiration by the group. >> that is the big concern for the fbi. that's one of the reasons why the fbi director does not want to use his name or giving him extra publicity. we are getting push from paul ryan who says it is wrong to not mention isis and what he claims for his inspirations. >> the deal is justified and this action is pretty crucial
9:33 am
not to play in the recruitment and propaganda play book of isis so not releasing the full transcript or the redacted one. one, out of respect of the victims and the families. if they release the full transcript, it will be exploited by isis and its follower and creating the propaganda to inspire other individuals in the west to walk in his footsteps. >> blake corey, thank you very much for the latest on orlando and what you had said. thank you. >> trump, the nra and the senate democrats, presidential candidates finding themselves in an unfamiliar territory, or is he? you are watching "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. okay... what if a million people download the new app? we're good. five million? good. we scale on demand.
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i stay with people, that's why i stay with this country and that's why i stay with a lot of people that's treated unfairly. >> 84 days after those comments, he has used the word "discarded." >> evidence mounting that the campaign is disorganized and in need of new leadership. joining me now is our daily fix, chris cillizza and maria. >> chris, first to you, the movement comes from the family. they got rid of the person who's closest to him is corey lewandows lewandowski. >> that's right. the guy who told donald trump that he was always right and he did not need the rest of the republican party and he can say and do what he wanted.
9:38 am
that worked and corey deserves credit for that work to get donald trump to the nomination. i didn't think it would but it did. the problem there is that you had a fight built in, donald trump putting in place when he needs paul manafort. you have manafort saying donald trump is going to change and he's a different guy and there is a 2.0 there. that fight had to resolve itself. once corey lewandowski gotten the wrong side of the family for how it is going to resolve itself. nick, does manafort have the support to build the organization to compete effectively with team clinton and joe biden, that we'll see him today the super pacs are already on the air. it has come together since the
9:39 am
san diego speech he had been hitting her group. >> i think it is a mistake to view corey lewandowski as the stumbling block to a thorough campaign. it is true with donald trump. people found it hard to persuade him that he has to do some of the blocking and tackling that a candidate has to do at this level. working closely to party officials. i think the problem there is always been trump himself and the question is whether he believes and he has to do those things to be notorious. >> in fact, to make your point, maria, this is trump on friday talking about the orlando shooting and really going off message. >> if we had people with bullets going in the opposite direction right smack in between the eyes
9:40 am
of this maniac, if some of those people having guns strapped right there and right to their waist or ankle and this son of a blea [ bleep ] comes out and starts shooting and one of the people in that room happens to have it and goes boom, boom. you know what would have been a beautiful sight, folks. >> this is trump is being trump. that's not the kind of speech. today maria, this tweet from tr trump and after the nra arming people in the club who had been cleaning. when i said that in the orlando club, you had people with guns, i was talking about the guards or employees. >> that's not the case. that was not what he was indicating. >> the fact that the nra basically believing in carrying laws in public places.
9:41 am
trump, you gone way too far. i cannot remember the last time the nra has ever said you have gone so far. he does not know how to pick up political cues. that's one of the reasons why you have folks organizing around the delegates. the name itself, really, tregin thomason recently said on the air. it is not whether or not they agree with the presidential organization of his campaign. this is about the candidate himself and what he stands for is really anti-ethical of the republican party flad form. the political party created this idea and now they try to deal with the consequences. that's a bit too late. >> do either of you think chris, first to you if you would that there is any way that this delegate rebellion actually
9:42 am
works? i have pointed out that the rule committees that can be led by non-trump people endorsed him but from the establishment wing o f the party. at this point, would there be chaos in cleveland, more chaos. >> i will put it as unlikely or 15% or less. here is my defense for why. he won fair and square. >> and nick, do you agree fair and square? >> i agree with the wise chris. [ laughs ] the odds are very low. it is very hard for these guys to organize against trump without organizing for an alternative candidate. it is hard to organize people to be for nobody. trump has the legitimacy and having been the winner. it is an up field battle at best, andrea. >> okay. >> chris cillizza, and maria,
9:43 am
thank you. >> mike allen will no longer write this play book. handing over the rings to the next general asian of ttion. coming up, breaking rants after 50 u.s. diplomats criticized for the event in syria. you are watching "andrea mitchell reports," on msnbc. ♪ you should hire stacy drew. ♪ ♪ she wants to change the world with you. ♪ ♪ she can program jet engines to talk and such. ♪ ♪ her biggest weakness is she cares too much. ♪ thank you. my friend really wants a job at ge. mine too. ♪ i'm a wise elf from a far off shire. ♪ and sanjay patel is who you should hire. ♪ thank you. seriously though, stacy went to a great school and she's really loyal.
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so the variance usually are degrees between candidacies, republican or democrat presidents in the past. there is usually a very strong guideline with respect of fundamental values of dealing with refugees and the
9:47 am
fundamental values of protecting people. and, trying to make a difference and i think traditionally, republican presidents or democratic presidents have applied those standards. this is the first campaign that i can think of where there is been as a dramatic variant in some of the proposals without getting specific. >> that was secretary of state john kerry speaking to college students without getting specific, he was clearly talking about donald trump. this has the obama policy on syria is being challenged. protests that's praised by kerry himself. >> i agree with the process. it is a great process. it gives people a chance to express their views and we'll
9:48 am
process it. [ inaudible question ] >> i respect the request very much and i will meet with these people. >> he did just get back. joining me now is senior fellow at the foreign relations. gayle, of the protest mechanism at the state department. we have never seen 50 diplomats using it. this is signed by 50 people saying that we should not be going after isis but after assad, the regime because that's the civil war that produced the isis and the migration crisis is the root cause. you have diplomats arguing for military interventions. the secretary of state is caught in the memo. >> when you talk to folks who are part of this and you have.
9:49 am
>> i know you do regularly. the issue is that this was a long time coming. for them is leadership and leverage and lives. there are senses that american leverage is not helping enough lives because we don't have enough of it. there is no credible threat in their view. it was a tough decision for a lot of people to do this. they did feel this was not the obama administration but setting the agenda for the next generation to come. >> we don't have authorization for regime changes. if you want to do that, go to congress because that's the process. think what is widely known among those of us who covers secretary kerry is he's been frustrated, and his diplomacy of air strikes and september, he's been hammered by a lack of credible military threat from the white house. the price of in action has not
9:50 am
necessarily been waived. for those sympathizes with kerry viewed that the leverage of forcing a diplomatic response is not there. there is not a credible threat of a what if, if a diplomatic would to fail. loo look at where we are now. russia is bombing u.s. forces and it is specifically created to fight isil and it is a tough situation. >> there were military meetings over the weekend. u.s. military protesting vigorously to the military leaders to russia at these latest bombings of what happened last week is intolerable. look, i was there and the start of the year and syrian activists showed me youtube videos of the shot of the hole on the ground where his house used to be. you hear him running to see where his house once was. this has been going on for a
9:51 am
while. russians bombing forces specifically created to fight isis. you could not say it was right or unintended. >> and in fact, with the military, if it were a mistake, it sets volume of how bad the control is. if it is not a mistake, it is more outrageous. >> we had been talking about special operations forces that are in syria and the u.s. special operation forces had been. then what situation you would be in the u.s. and russia. >> thank you so much. great to see you again, gayle, it is such a tough situation. >> pespeaking of this continued tragedy in london. coming in a day where they are supposed to be in session to honor jo cox. she was killed last week. members of parliament on both
9:52 am
sides sit ng tting in the chamb together in showing unity. >> out pouring tributes that we have seen shown an impact of her ma message. cox was murdered a week since. britain should remain in the union she was strongly in favor of remaining. coming up, will congress act, the first vote on the hill for guns of the worst shooting in u.s. history in orlando. you are watching "andrea mitchell reports," on msnbc. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them.
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9:56 am
petition to ban weapons from opener sh ownersh ownership. senators held the floor for more than 15 hours demanding ko cooperations on republicans to our vote on common sense gun safety measure. finish this, please help us finish this. >> vice president is pushing for gun action one week after the worst mass shooting in measuring's his strategies and filibuster demanding for gun violence. >> our experts say don't expect dramatic results. luke russert and halie jackson from the hill. luke, first to you, what are you expecting to come up on a vote? >> reporter: there is a rehashed version of things already gone down on the senate floor. t chris murphy having more strict
9:57 am
contro control or internet sales. instead of having a ban for those in the watch list, it will force of the two hours period making the case they should not be getting weapons. and lastly regarding mental health and putting more money on background checks and a lot of gun control advocates -- all four will go down. they'll look at where will the purple states and republicans running for election 2016 and is there any compromise coming out of this. there are reports of susan colins working with republicans and democrats about trying to put something forward that would take the best of the proposal and the best of feinstein to try to put something forward there and making it work, andrea. >> and halie jackson. these vulnerable republicans
9:58 am
also are getting mix messages from the top of the ticket. if you have donald trump say i am going to work with the nra and he goes off in a tangent of the people you were in the nightclub and showing this tweet saying he of course met law enforcement which is not the way you and everyone else in the arhee interpr arena interpreted. >> reporter: right, looking at restrictions on the no flight or no buy list. and there is that moment this weekend where a couple of rallies he talked about if more of the "wonderful people as" as he put it when he was in houston. honoring club goers and patriots
9:59 am
going to a club late at night whether there is alcohol and defia defiant. trump today tried to walk that back referring to employees or armed guards. it was not clear ed or specifie with his remarks over the weekend. >> halie jackson and luke russert, the team on the hill today, thank you both so much. >> that does it for us for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports," follow our show online and on facebook at mitchell reports. the cavaliers arriving back home with their nba championship trophy to thousands of cheering fans. there they are. there is the trophy, in fact. a celebration of 52 year in the making. chris t kristin welker is picking up our coverage right now.
10:00 am
good afternoon everyone, i am kristin welker. a move that surprised everyone in the political world including some within the trump campaign itself. donald trump's controversial campaign manager is out. corey lewandowski had been by trump since the beginning. he was abruptly let go this morning for multiple controversies involving the presumptive nominee as well as the reports of campaign in siding. this is what the campaign had to say. the trump campaign for is the which has set a historic record in the republican primary having received almost 14 million votes. corey lewandowski will no longer be working with the campaign. we wish him in the best in the future. >> one trump's advisor michael caputo tweeted this image from the


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