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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBCW  June 22, 2016 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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and now hillary clinton. will it be enough to convince evangelicals they're better off with him? and then there's this -- >> messi, 2-0, argentina. >> lionel messi too hot to handle as americas are routed. it's 5:30 on the east coast, and 2:30 out west. this is literally and figuratively "way too early." all right. good morning. it's wednesday, june 22nd. i'm sam stein. now the 2016 campaign has begun to take on the feel of an 18th century warfare. two sides standing out in the
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open just blasting away at each other. today, donald trump has his turn. delivering a speech critical of hillary clinton. he tweeted i will be making a big speech to discuss the failed policies and bad judgment of crooked hillary clinton. and where trump is being criticized in the past for not directly pushing back on her attacks against him, he now is making improvements. his campaign sent out rapid response e-mail after e-mail on tuesday and clinton delivered lines like these. >> you might think because he's spent his life as businessman he'd be better prepared to handle the economy. well, it turns out he's dangerous there too. just like he shouldn't have his finger on the button, he shouldn't have his hands on our economy. liberals and conservatives say trump's ideas would be disastrous. the chamber of commerce and
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labor unions, mitt romney and elizabeth warren. economists on the right and the left and the center all agree, trump would throw us back into recession. he calls himself the king of debt. and his tax plan sure lives up to that name. according to the independent tax policy center, it would increase the national debt by more than $30 trillion over 20 years. that's trillion with a "t." how would he pay for all of this debt? well, he said and i quote, i would borrow, knowing if the economy crashed you could make a deal. it's like he said you know you make a deal before you go into a poker game. well, actually it's not like
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that at all. the full faith and credit of the united states is not something we just gamble away. >> hillary clinton's only right about one thing -- i understand debt and how to handle it. i have made a fortune with debt but debt for this country is a disaster and obama has piled it on and she's been watching. >> all right. clinton is set to lay out more of her economic agenda today in north carolina. donald trump was in manhattan yesterday where he met with evangelical christian leaders. in a video from e.w. jackson who supported ted cruz, he questioned clinton's faith. he said, quote, we don't know anything about hillary in terms of religion. >> i don't think we know anything about hillary in terms of religion. she has been in public eye for years and years and yet there's nothing out there. it's like nothing out there.
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it's going to be an extension of obama, but it's going to be worse because with obama you have your guard up. with hillary you don't. and it's going to be worse. all right. now we haven't seen what was said before that clip was shot, though jackson said it was part of the assertion that republican candidates' believes are examined more closely than democrats. but this is not the first time he's raised doubts about the faith -- he's done it with ted cruz and ben carson and of course barack obama. >> to the best of my knowledge, not too many evangelicals come out of cuba. okay, just remember that. i'm presbyterian. boy, that's down the middle of the road, folks. in all fairness. i mean, seventh day adventists i don't know about. he's a choke artist. i can't believe. are you sure he's a mormon? trump told abc, quote, i
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don't know much about her. somebody asked me the question. i didn't bring it up. somebody asked me the question. according to abc, no one asked the question. "the washington post" reports that trump won a standing ovation in another meeting for his pledge to appoint pro-life justices to the supreme court and fox news reporter todd starns said there was no mention of jesus and some held out from endorsing trump at a press conference. >> some of the people are saying let's pray for the leader, well, you can pray for the leaders and i agree with that. pray for everyone. but what you have to do is you have to pray to get everybody out to vote. for one specific person, and we can't be again politically correct and say we pray for all of our leaders because all of our leaders are selling christianity down the tube. selling the evangelicals down the tubes. and it's a very, very -- it's a very, very bad thing that's happening. >> i guess by a show of hands or
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how ever you'd like to do it, how many of you already or willing to say you'll support donald trump and offer your endorsement? okay. >> all right. with the latest fec deadline forcing candidates to open up the books donald trump's dismal fund-raising numbers have alarmed republicans and spurred him to action. trump sent his first ever fund-raising e-mail on behalf of his campaign, pledging to personally match every dollar donated within 48 hours. up to a sum of $2 million. in interviews last night, trump revived the suggestion he'll personally fund his campaign and attacked clinton for taking big money donations. >> i'll be honest i have never raised money before for this, because i have never done it before. i think i'll be good at it. i'll be happy to continue to self-fund. >> are you going to continue to self-fund? >> i may. i may. >> how much? >> i can do whatever i want. she'll spend $1.2 billion on an election. i'm trying to say where do you
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spend that money? remember this, i spent $50 million and i won. other people that were running against me spent many times that amount and they lost. not even close. when she raises this money, every time she raises money she's making deals. saying could by the ambassador to this, could i do that, make sure my business is taken care of. give me a break. all of the money she's raising that's blood money. >> blood money. now the clinton foundation's computer network is believed to have been breached by russian hackers. it appears to be the same cyber spies who hacked the democrat national committee last week. a spokesperson said they have not been notified of any cyber attack and a clinton campaign official tells nbc news, quote, we continue to have no evidence that our information systems have been breached. however, what appears evident is that russian interests are trying to influence the outcome of the election. three people are due in court this morning after being
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arrested with a stockpile of weapons in their truck just outside of new york city. authorities pulled the suspects brightly colored truck over at a tunnel connecting new york and new jersey. look at that truck. after the officer noticed the loaded pistol magazine on the front seat he searched the vehicle. according to the port authority, inside handguns, an ar 15 and a shotgun, body armor and camouflage helmet with what appeared to be night vision goggles obviously. officials say the incident is most likely not terror related. the three suspects, two men in their 50s and a woman in their 20s claimed they were on a mission to rescue a kidnapping victim. the day after four gun control measures failed to pass in the senate, democratic and republican lawmakers are backing a new bill. senator susan collins unveiled bipartisan legislation that would prevent people on the no fly list from buying firearms. now seven other senators are listed as cosponsors of the bill. lawmakers however have acknowledged that there would be
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likely push back from gun rights advocates. >> i own an ar-15. if you are on this list it doesn't me one bit you can't buy one right away. to my friends at the nra, i understand your concern about denying somebody the right to buy a gun that's a constitutional right. but every right whether it's speech or buying a weapon or any other constitutional right has boundaries on it. turning now to the house, lawmakers in the house have put the brakes on one republican congressman's efforts to keep harry tubman from replacing jackson on the $20 bill. steve king of iowa tried to tack on an amendment to a spending bill that would have prevented the treasury department from using the funds to redesign money. quote, it's not about tubman but about keeping the picture on the 20. he pulled the $20 bill from his
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pocket and he pointed at president andrew jackson and went on, you know, why would you want to change that? i'm a conservative, i like to keep what we have. he added that it was quote, racist and sexist to say a woman or a person of color should be added to currency. there are of course currently zero women or people of color on u.s. paper currency. that's the entire point of adding tubman. all right. california fire officials report progress in snuffing out two major wildfires on the brink of merging in the foothills of los angeles county. officials say that fires burning near the cities were 10% contained as of last night. despite the progress officials say it will be at least one more day before nearly 800 evacuated residents can return to their homes. across the west some 8,000 firefighters are now on the front lines of 20 huge wildfires and the scorching heat isn't helping either.
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>> these are probably the most extreme conditions we see all year. we're double layered. and they're drinking a gallon, two gallons of water in one shift. >> good luck to them. now still ahead on "way too early," investors are still on edge of tomorrow's brexit vote. we'll get a live report from london. plus, is cleveland big enough for the republican national convention and lebron? i don't know. we'll have the story behind this iconic king james sign. it was hard to put up. it will be hard to take down. we'll explain those stories and have a check on weather when "way too early" comes right back.
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hi. >> hi, sam. she gave this in congressional testimony yesterday, and it was a turning point in terms of market reaction to when the fed could be looking to hike rates. as you indicate she did continue with this cautious tone. she also indicated that the fed's ability to hike could very much depend on a rebound seen in hiring. that if that happen, then it essentially means that policymakers they'll be looking at the u.s. economy and will be thinking, well, doesn't look that weak after all. now a rate hike in july, a lot of analysts are saying that's definitely off the table. the question is whether or not the fed will have enough positive data in order to back a september hike that's the next one we're looking for. now, the vote at the polls takes place tomorrow here in britain with the brits going to vote to remain in the e.u. or not. this was called back by prime minister cameron and it's come to the actual day. less than 24 hours, that's when the polling stations open. it's a neck and neck race at this point and a lot of analysts
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there are saying, if we do see a brex brexit, if we vote to go, we could be looking at moves in the pound. many already pricing that in. we have seen the pull-back in the pound, although some of the latest polls have indicated that the remain camp has been gaining. that's why we're seeing a push-back toward the leave side. sam? >> big day in economic news. louisa bojesen, thank you so much. time now for some sports where we begin with breaking news out of the world of golf. four-time major champion rory mcilroy will not be competing in the rio olympics because of concerns over the zika virus. the golfer released a statement earlier this morning say, quote, after speaking with those closest to me, i have come to realize that my health and my family's health comes before anything else. even though the risk of infection from the zika virus is considered low it is a risk nonetheless and the risk i am unwilling to take. end quote. a lot of people backing out of the olympics. now for soccer's copa semifinal, in houston, men's
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team over argentina. alas, not meant to be. the world's top ranked team put the u.s.'s impressive tournament run to the end last night. argentina made quick work of the stars and stripes, scoring a first goal just four minutes into the match. and lionel messi arguably the best player took advantage of the u.s. penalty and doubled the lead on an incredible free kick. that historic score is messi's 55th goal. argentina netted two -- another two goals in the second half. shutting out the u.s. with a 4-0 victory. the americans will close out the tournament in a third place match on saturday night. i didn't realize they do third place matches. argentina will face either colombia or chile. >> maybe we'll get a shot on goal -- >> none of the 0-0 ones. in major league baseball, an incredible grab to show you in
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toronto. the blue jays trailing diamondbacks 3-0 in the top of the fourth. this happens. >> this ball is hit to center. pillar is on the run at the wall. oh, what a catch! >> wow. toronto outfielder kevin pillar never breaks stride to center field, leaping for the ball at the warning track and he hangs on. it was great effort. but alas, came at a loss. arizona went on to beat the jays 4-2. and in arlington, texas, the third baseman suarez gets confused while making a play and the ground ball hit his way. it's in his glove the whole time. slightly embarrassing but ultimately not costly since he beats the rangers 8-2. all right. now get a check on the weather. with the great meteorologist bill karins. he's never wrong. never. i don't think you've ever been wrong. >> not when it's important.
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yeah, we have a dangerous day today. you know, we didn't have a lot of bad tornado outbreaks over the spring so far. now we're into the summer season. they usually occur further north and today the concern is in the chicago area, throughout la crosse and waterloo and quad cities. lot of flash flooding going on, and even strong thunderstorms rolling through illinois. the one north of springfield right near peoria, a ton of lightning. hundreds of them in the last hour. so that's waking a lot of people up. but that's not the main event. the main event is later this afternoon. into this evening. this area of red, the bull's-eye here, that's the strong. it's the second highest category we have for severe risk areas. 61 million people literally almost from minneapolis to washington, d.c., will be affected by the storms in the next 24 hours. but the worst of it, if we get any strong tornadoes in a highly densely populated area, it would be between rockford, the quad cities, chicago, kanka key. this is the area of greatest
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concern. and then ft. wayne into central portions of ohio, lafayette included. after they're done producing tornado they're racing through the ohio valley and becoming a squall line. this is 11 p.m. ft. wayne and well into the night. flash flooding problems here too. so the bottom line is if we get the tornadoes, the best case scenario they're out over open fields. this is the area -- relatively populated. we have to watch that closely. >> 60 million people potentially affected. donald trump ahead, isn't looking -- donald trump isn't the only one looking to dazzle with entertainment at has nominating convention. we'll show you what hillary clinton is up to too, next on "way too early." ♪ one coat, yes! ♪ there is a day, for every number. ♪ ♪ there is a time, for all my slumbers. ♪
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welcome back to "way too early." thousands of people are expected to swamp the area around quicken loans arena for lebron james and the national champion cleveland cavaliers this morning. as they get a hero's welcome. but emblematic of his reign over the city this ten story banner on the side of the williams building. what's planned next for the wall created an internet sized controversy last night. plans have long been in the works for a different sign to go there. meaning the lebron sign must come down.
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here's a mock jud-up of the new banner set to go up to welcome the republican convention. this land is our land 150 years, and it has williams logo on it. naturally we have a controversy. hillary clinton's press secretary tweeted, this should end well. and voters of ohio we support the lebron sign. there is even a petition with 7,000 signatures to keep the lebron sign up. sherwin williams says the new banner will go up after the 4th of july and be up for 90 days and then the lebron banner will return. now is a check on the other morning's headlines. for that we head to the control room and the wonderful and great louis burgdorf. >> never short of controversy, sam. you were talking about the rnc, i'll pick it up with the dnc. several reports that hillary clinton is hoping to book top notch musical acts for the democratic convention. politico reports that democratic operatives have reached out to lin-manuel miranda.
2:55 am
doesn't stop there. "vanity fair" reports that beyonce, katy perry and christina aguilera are all on clinton's wish list. all three singers have performed or gone to clinton events before. you have to admit, sam, that would be a pretty good summer concert. last week a group of broadway elites came together to support the orlando victims with "what the world is love." take a look at the all-star ensemble last night, performing the song live for the first time. ♪ ♪ god, we don't need another mountain ♪ ♪ there are mountains and hillsides enough to climb ♪ ♪ there are oceans and rivers enough to cross ♪ ♪ enough to last, enough to last till the end of time ♪ ♪ what the world needs now
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is love, sweet love ♪ ♪ it's the only thing that there's just too little of ♪ >> an incredible rep dis -- rendition there. 100% of the proceeds will go to the lgbt center in orlando. finally this morning if you have ever been to new york city's times square, you have probably been asked for a photo-op with a character resembling mickey mouse or perhaps elmo. they have been restricted to teal colored activity zones. the city council voted to narrow their range after complaints that the characters were too aggressive when asking pedestrians for tips. the performer nope as the naked cow girl said her tips were down 90%. while some tourists are happy, some new york residents have expressed disdain how sterile times square is becoming. apparently the naked cowboy, the
2:57 am
most legendary of all the times square performers agrees with the measure. if he agrees with it, i agree with it. >> you can't knock the naked cowboy. thanks, louis. that does it for me and "way too early." coming up on "morning joe," ben carson will join us live. and all in the family, when donald trump began his presidential bid he said he handed over the reins of his business empire to his children. after several campaign missteps are his kids running that too? we'll talk about that and much more coming up next on "morning joe." with usaa is awesome. homeowners insurance life insurance automobile insurance i spent 20 years active duty they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call being a usaa member because of my service in the military to pass that on to my kids something that makes me happy my name is roger zapata and i'm a usaa member for life. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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i quote, i'm going to do for the country what i did for my business. so let's take a look at what he did for his business. he's written a lot of books about business. they all seem to end in chapter 11. >> welcome to "morning joe." great to have you with us. willie, quite a day yesterday back and forth between hillary


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